#other places I'm sure
Solidarity with everyone who can’t afford to live where they grew up because it’s all second homes now.
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theotherhappyplace · 18 days
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art for the animatic i am making starring our horrible boy Mr. Smiles. (and poor Vinnie having a very bad time) my friends are voice acting it!!! (it’s not going to be animated, just an animatic/story board with sfx and voice acting! i’ll post the video here when it’s done)
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humming-fly · 4 months
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really appreciate how for the 30th anniversary concert they gave meta knight a fake-out saxophone in the promo art only to reveal during the concert that his suite is composed of 99% electric guitar solos
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fiona-fififi · 6 months
Just over here thinking about how absolutely blatant they were in Buck's realization of what love is supposed to be.
Like, not only did they sit this man down and have him describe exactly the way he's spent so much time standing beside Eddie this season alone—and that's not even to mention the way his whole speech plays into so many other moments that belong just to the two of them—as his definition of love.
But they also gave him this realization on the balcony we've seen him on exactly one other time—at a moment when Eddie stood there and helped Buck to realize what love in the middle of that kind of pain means. A realization that allowed Buck to recognize the nuances in intimacy and the way sometimes, even if you love someone deeply, you can't see past the expectations that come with your normal. And he did all this as he literally foreshadowed his own breakdown.
The only other time we've seen him on this balcony was a scene in which, essentially, Eddie stood there and handed Buck the blueprint to his own needs, and Buck held onto every word and stepped right in the moment Eddie needed him.
And then here he is with Maddie, having this realization on that very same balcony, in an episode that blatantly references the Buck and Eddie balcony scene from 5x04—and when I say blatant, I mean blatant. Like, it would have been enough of a callback to "you're the guy who likes to fix things" to just have Buck and Eddie fixing the walls. But nope, they didn't stop there—Buck and Eddie both literally referenced that exact part of the conversation, and when Buck read that as negative, Eddie immediately reassured him with that "hey, comes in handy when you have a bunch of holes in your wall" (which, hello, you helped fix me symbolism). Because again, here, just like in 5x04 and so many times before, Eddie stands there and he provides reassurance—acts as this steady, stable force for Buck that he can be again because Buck listened the last time and stepped in when Eddie needed him in exactly the way Eddie needed.
And then Maddie sits beside him and lays out this vision of romantic (one that is decidedly romanticized, unrealistic, a fantasy that can't provide any kind of real, stable love, not the kind Buck is looking for).
And in that description, Buck finally sees the problems in what he's been trying to create. It's all laid out in the: "I think it's supposed to be romantic. You know, the idea that the guy would work hard every day making her fall in love with him over and over again."
Because doesn't that just sum up all of the problems with the way Buck has tried to find love? Because it shouldn't be about working hard to make your partner fall in love with you over and over again. It shouldn't be about giving everything you have to prove yourself. It shouldn't be about having to work so hard every day to earn your partner's love.
It should be about existing together even at your worst and choosing each other. It should be about being there when your partner needs you. Choosing to stand by their side because you love them, not to prove something to them, and not to earn something from them.
It should be about loving one another enough to stay even when it's hard, not working hard to prove you deserve to stay.
(And as a side note: I find it fascinating the way this is another one of those moments where they're placing major milestones for Buck and Eddie up against Maddie and Chimney—Maddie and Buck on the balcony talking about what love means with a direct callback to "you're the guy who likes to fix things"; Chimney and Buck in the firetruck as they have what is essentially a please stop pretending, you know you're in love talk with a direct callback to "you can have my back any day." I don't have time to dig into this one right now, but it's interesting how the parallels here have shifted to Buck/Eddie up against Maddie/Chimney, when Maddie and Chimney are the couple who fell in love long before they actually realized.)
#like the only way they could have been more obvious is if this man had added 'like me and eddie' at the end#like jesus christ i can't believe they actually did this#also there's something about how Buck's red over white in this scene mimics the tsunami's coral over white#in the way the coral turned red in the water—something about water and rebirth and change and how the tsunami was the moment#when their little family was born and when eddie first placed all of his trust in buck when it came to christopher even after tragedy#but i don't have the energy to upack that right now but there's something in the way the tsunami led them to#'there's nobody in this world i trust with my son more than you' and in the way#'a few choice words can sometimes be the life raft that gets you home. to be seen. to be found. isn't that what we're all searching for?'#lives in buck's definition of love—how that moment was his worst and probably eddie's too in so many ways but they chose each other#that moment is so powerful because eddie actively chose buck in that moment. even when no one would have been surprised if he had been wary#even if it was irrational of leaving chris with buck again. but he chose to make sure buck knew that he was loved and trusted—that eddie#didn't see failure. only love. that he saw how hard buck tried. that he recognized that never gave up#even when his entire body was literally ready to give out. recognized that in those moments buck chose christopher and he chose eddie??#even at their worst they chose one another and they decided to keep trying even when no one would have blamed either of them for giving up#and actually this is the first time i've thought this through but holy shit they really did bring it back to that love and trust#they showed in one another during the tsunami arc—because that's their definition of love here#anyway. i made myself cry so i'm just going to stop now#buddie#random buddie thoughts#evan buckley#eddie diaz#911 spoilers#911 5x18#buddie meta#buddie + love
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greensaplinggrace · 2 months
i still can’t believe hardison and parker babytrapped eliot with a restaurant lmfao
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shadeswift99 · 10 months
Hey yo so what if I made the most crack-filled crossover fix-it AU for both Hermitcraft and Empires at once. I bet there's a way I can smash em together so all of their individual problems literally just cancel each other out and all we're left with is ridiculous amounts of fluff and chaos, one draft no edits let's gooooooo -
- Instead of each of the server's individual endings happening the combination of dumbass science and magical nonsense just breaks reality completely and the two worlds hurtle into each other at interdimensional warp speed. Everyone's Hermitcraft bases are now on top of/beside/inside/under everyone's empires, it's pure aesthetic chaos incarnate
- Hermatrix Octa Beats Exor's Ass because I say so. Aeor fights the Moon and wins. (Please ignore the fact that I know next to nothing about 3/4 of these entities just let the gods fight it out I don't care about the details)
- Alternatively: fWhip and Jimmy still do the salmon/cod reactor thing but it happens in just the right place so the explosion pushes the two worlds away from the Moon by pure coincidence
- It takes exactly 1.37 seconds for Sausage to start sacrificing stuff to the Boatem hole
- Pix is there and Pixandria isn't actually splorked onto any other bases, but he shows up to meet with the others Exactly Once and then they basically don't see him again for months because he's booked solid making Vigil candles for Scar
- Eventually Joe finds him (tried to use that desert to mine sand for new green hotbar glass) and they have a conversation about philosophy, death, and epic pranks that I would absolutely pay to see while Joe helps him craft all those candles
- Cleo tries to sell them Hive-dr8 for the Vigil but Pix doesn't think that would be very respectful of the dead (he will take several for himself though because that desert is approximately Dry As Fuck and also this high fantasy rp man probably hasn't had an energy drink in his life)
(lots more under the cut, also very interested in extra ideas!)
- Whenever there's two of anybody they have to fight each other. That's the rules. Wizard Gem assumes she'll win the fight easily but HC Gem is a Canadian moose hybrid and absolutely runs her over a la "counterspell THIS, casual" so that's that decided (Gem respawns just fine with nothing harmed but her dignity)
- Pearl v Pearl ends up with Empires Pearl winning, of course, but it's a good fight and they agree to spar lots more afterwards for practice
- Scott and X talk and decide to just swap evil brothers and have done with this already. Scott takes Evil X aside to gently talk about his crippling abandonment issues and EX just decides to quit bothering people before the gay elf man makes him cry in front of two whole servers
- Xisuma lays eyes on our favourite demon Xornoth for 1 (one) millisecond and immediately remembers why he's wearing all that Doomguy armour. Rip and tear. (Whether he gets some kind of a redemption ending or not is really up to people who know and care more about that lore than I do)
- After EX Forcible Therapy Arc he runs across Evil Sausage and they try to go in together as business partners. It's an absolute disaster. Dark!Sausage keeps gleefully murdering all their customers and the place goes bankrupt days after opening. At least they're having fun though!
- Optional: after X uppercuts the corruption directly out of Xornoth he joins the Evil Business Trio and actually makes it halfway make sense (he is now the least evil person there and also the proud owner of at least one braincell which I find hilarious under the circumstances)
- Joel figures out that he's exactly 0.5 inches taller than Bdubs when they stand perfectly level with each other. His complete refusal to let Bdubs forget it has started 17 wars already. (In reality they get along great still though, because Bdubs does things with terracotta that would make any builder weep tears of joy and also he's wearing moss -)
- Zed's mountain is now home to zWhidaph's Laforgeboratorylands and he is NOT happy about it, this is not in keeping with his antisocial habits at all, there's this guy with wings running around unionizing all his villagers and there's weird deepslate redstone spikes everywhere and - OOOO wait he can study that stuff! Everything is perfectly okay now. Zed is in science heaven
- Gem's dragons make friends with False's giant eagle
- Grian keeps challenging Scott to increasingly risky flying challenges and Scott keeps ending up head-first in a tree in a very un-kingly way
- The number of deaths in Boatem meetings + the number of deaths in WRA meetings...they have a combined meeting Exactly One Time before Pix says that if they ever die that many times at once again he's holding candle making classes at swordpoint for the whole group
- Wormman and Poultryman get brought back just so they can be a superhero trio with the Codfather
- Lizzie and Cub become the next villain duo through sheer force of pun alone (they try to teach the axolotls to dig through the mole tunnels but they don't seem to want to cooperate)
- Ren and Sausage hit it off immediately because of course they do (also Bubbles loves the big friendly dog man, he smells like sticks and gives good scritches)
- Most importantly of all, Joel, Sausage, and Zedaph come together to host the greatest game show Hermempirecrafts has ever seen: Is That Blood Sheep Looking At Me!
That's all the ideas I have for now! I lied about no edits, I'm actually probably going to quarantine this in drafts for a couple days after the finale so the irreverent tone doesn't get me Seven Million Unhappy Replies for posting during the grieving period, but I'm personally really liking the break from all the seriousness to just fling wild ideas at the wall and see what makes the most good brain juice. :] I'll probably come up with more later!
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jfleamont · 11 months
the irony of andrew garfield singing about turning 30 in 1990
guess who else turned 30 that year
you got it, it's remus
I swear this guy must have played remus in a parallel universe
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bitimdrake · 4 months
on the subject of people pushing back on fanon so hard they go non-canon in the other direction I would like to log: I don't think there's any indication in the comics that Tim hated school, never cared about his grades, or that he would have wanted to drop out without extreme outside circumstances.
annoying canon: N52!Tim is a super genius; various comics with terrible writing and reductive characterization dub Tim "the smart Robin" (a subjective criteria with the bonus effect of unfairly denigrating all the other Robins; also not in line with his original/post-Crisis characterization)
pure fanon: Tim can be squarely categorized as a nerd (a huge exaggeration from the above, plus the canon of him having some nerdy interests)
backlash to fanon: actually Tim isn't a nerd at all, in fact he hates school and was thrilled to drop out; [insert Robin of your choice] is the real nerd
actual canon: As far as I remember, Tim never expressed particular excitement and enthusiasm about school nor particular dislike of it.
As a kid he had consistently good grades. In his early years as Robin, he tried to do everything at once, which resulted in his schoolwork suffering from his limited time and sleep as a vigilante, despite him not intentionally de-prioritizing it.
In his later years as Robin and then Red Robin, he was filled with survivor's guilt and unwarranted feelings of responsibility over Gotham, which made him struggle to justify spending time on anything that wasn't saving lives. The two times he dropped out of school were each directly caused by a father dying: the first time because he felt he needed to make Jack's death "mean something" by focusing in on his Robin work, and the second because he was determined to prove Bruce wasn't dead at all.
Had he never become Robin, there's every reason to believe he would have continued to do well in school, and could easily have carried on to higher education. Had he not suffered such an intense string of personal losses in a very short time, there's every reason to believe he would have at least finished high school and have been happy to do it.
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This is just a headcanon but I feel Professor Turo/Arven could be French/Kalosian, because when you last see Turo he says adieu and when you visit Arven's dorm in the post game he calls it Chez Arven. Geographically France borders Spain as well so it probably works similarly in game
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magicky-hands · 9 months
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Ok I have more post game cringe here you go
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casmick-consequences · 8 months
do you think pete desperately wants others to believe that he’s worked with blackbeard because he feels like he needs to compensate with the rest of himself? 
he’s probably come to terms with his sexuality at that point knowing full and well he’ll get judged by it, maybe even been bullied all of his life by the people around him for the way he speaks, and hanging onto that one thing that might help him stand out and earn other people’s respect which he’s so desperate to get is just so important to him. 
and we see it less and less when he starts to develop a relationship with lucius. there’s no more pretending to be the biggest guy, there’s no fake bravado that he’s putting up with lucius (bc lucius is the smartest man aboard the ship, there’s no fooling him and even pete knows that) and yet even when he’s himself, and he allows himself to be soft and open, lucius doesn’t back away from him and pete must’ve felt so f*cking free after all that time. like he’s finally able to breathe.
the blackbeard admiration is still there, obviously, he’s idolized this man that he’s been told stories about for years and that doesn’t suddenly go away, but he slowly stops pretending because he finally found someone that doesn’t look down on him or sees him as a lesser person. he finally found someone that loves all of him. and i think that’s pretty damn neat. 
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I think a lot about all the “hahaha how did stede not realize he’s gay” posts, because as a 32YO who didn’t realize that 1) I’m actually solely into girls and 2) I’m not entirely cis, until roughly the ages of 1) 29 and 2) 31, I have a lot of thoughts on this.
Because Stede grew up in an environment with probably no other queer people, or if there were, they would be used as an example of what not to be in Respected Society. There would be no queer characters in his books, nothing to compare his feelings to, especially not on an island like Barbados, where he’d probably have to ship his books in from further away and they’d go through a lot of hands of people who know him, personally, before they reach him.
On top of that, there’s of course his peers and his parents, bullying all other-ness right out of him and making him try so, so hard to conform to what’s expected of him.
As someone who grew up in a small, very religious town in a rural area with a very limited library, limited access to internet, and no openly queer peers, I kind of know the feeling. (In fact, if someone as much as hinted at possibly not being straight the entire school would know and not shut up about it for weeks - and not in a positive way. I am unfortunately speaking from personal experience here.)
I’m not at all surprised he might confuse romantic feelings for friendship, might not fully realize what’s going on until Ed kisses him, might not allow himself to feel what he’s feeling (and revel in it).
Even if Stede did figure out what his feelings are, even if he did understand that at least half of his crew is queer as fuck, with all the bullying and the conditioning he’s gone through for all that time and those intense feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem, he could very well be pushing it all away, because not only is someone as amazing as Ed liking him back near impossible to fathom, actually acting on any of these feelings is a whole different matter too.
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thy-lovelylionheart · 5 months
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alphagirl404 · 10 months
Here’s a Zelda take
A good portion of everything that happened in the series after Skyward Sword is beyond Hylia’s control and not her fault…
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storfulsten · 5 months
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(based on this post bc lol)
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ecoplasma · 11 months
me reading a single negative comment about Fandaniel after playing through ew msq:
Tumblr media
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