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chronicallylav3nd3r · 5 months ago
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• this system splits often •
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the-jester-bunch · a year ago
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and when you have both, oh fucking boy.
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a-stellar-system · a year ago
Our host is splitting and we can't do reach qim at all, help
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the-brian · 4 months ago
how media portrays dissociative disorders: this man is not one but THREE killers and has superpowers!!! And hes like hella scary!!!
how dissociative disorders really are: blorbo from my shows who is mute fronted and all he did all day was taking a long nap, saying online that he likes ketchup(he put that unholy condiment in MY body) and listening to some pokemon trivia
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pyxsysboxes · 2 months ago
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Some system struggle related userboxes, based on ones we personally experience
(P.S. As a reminder, all systems will have unique experiences overall, and some of the individual things you may experience that make you nervous may actually be more common than you think. It's normal to worry about these things as well. At the end of the day, we are all different, and we don't need to fight to justify our validity in existing, or the validity of our experiences. We are here because of trauma, we don't need to justify our existence to anybody. <3)
[Text 1: This system struggles with worrying that they need to justify splits and alters existing]
[Text 2: This user gets anxious when the rest of the system goes quiet while fronting]
[Text 3: This system has many alters without clear or active roles and is afraid that it makes them less valid]
[Text 4: This system's alters worry about not being able to fulfill a clear role]
[Text 5: This system gets anxious about unusual and/or frequent splits]
[Text 6: This system is afraid that their experiences aren't normal and that others will judge them]
[Text 7: This system is still working on learning self-acceptance no matter their experiences or how their system functions]
[Text 8: This system struggles with worrying about faking but is getting better at avoiding those thoughts and worries]
(Like/reblog/credit if used! ☆)
[Read our DNI before interacting or using, NON-TRAUMAGENICS AND SUPPORTERS FUCK OFF]
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idratherhavecake · 7 months ago
did any other system spend a while being like oh yeah I'm a genderfluid person who changes pronouns and names and also feels completely different depending on their gender! but I am definitely still one person :)
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sophieinwonderland · 7 months ago
Scientific proof that having DID doesn't make you broken
So, we're not a DID system, but there's a really harmful misconception I see a lot about the formation of the disorder and traumagenic alters that I wanted to make more systems aware of.
I've mentioned it before, but always in the context of other syscourse stuff which I didn't want in the DID tags. And I thought it deserved its own post.
From DID research:
The newer theory of how alters are created is that of structural dissociation. According to this theory, alters are created when no existing parts can integrate new materials (e.g., memories, strong emotions, perceptions, attachment styles) because these materials are too threatening or are perceived as conflicting too strongly with what is already held. Over time, these materials are used together often enough that they integrate into a new self state. 
Despite the implications of the term "split," traumagenic alters are new things created, in this theory, from new memories and experiences integrating together into something new.
This is not my opinion. This is the leading scientific theory on the origin of DID.
Whatever hardships you've dealt with, whatever struggles you've faced, I want anyone reading this to know, with the backing of science, that those experiences never broke you. You're not fractured or split apart or shattered. You're just more.
Please don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise.
I realize I'm too late in most time zones already, but I'm going to wish everyone a happy System Pride Day anyway! Love you all. Have a great day! 🫂❤
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system404singletnotfound · 8 months ago
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vriskasupremecy · 4 months ago
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c0rvid-c0llective · a year ago
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We made a meme…
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whiterabbitsystem · 10 months ago
my DID brain experiencing even a tiny bit of stress
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75screamingtoads · 10 months ago
me: oh this is minorly unsettling
brain: I fix!
me: great! How?
brain: S P L I T
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animefictives · 7 months ago
It's okay to be tired of splitting, discovering new alters and so forth- but please, please remember to treat all alters with respect. It will just make the stress of splitting worse and damage relationships in the long run. We know you're hurting too, but please don't take it out on alters who are probably just as confused as you are.
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annielesterf · 23 days ago
i feel like i can't say anything about my DID on radblr because gendies faking it made the stigma so much worse. a lot of people have gone from making fun of people who fake it to straight up mocking the disorder itself, and consequently those who actually have it. i feel like i can't say "alter" or "system" or refer to more than one of us at a time without being laughed out of the metaphorical room. radblr has had an ableism problem for years and i'm sure plenty of us have been aware of that- but at this point, i feel like it's getting worse rather than better. it's starting to push me away tbh. that sense of unity and sisterhood eventually diminishes when you see enough stuff like this.
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anothersystemcomic · 7 months ago
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[feb 18 22]
can't relate to instantaneous splitting, ours always have to drag on for weeks...
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a-system-of-nerds · 28 days ago
Do you ever see art, then your brain goes:
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loud-cloud-fictive · 9 months ago
I know that the holidays can be super stressful for systems, and it can cause dormancy or splitting for many, so to all systems who are going through hard times right now, i just want you to know that youre loved and people care about you all. It may seem pointless, but try to take care of yourselves in little ways, and om proud of you all for getting through whatever you may be experiencing <3
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