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lowkey just a first draft, wanted to see how it’d turn out •3•
give creds!
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Onigiri Miya
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᯽⸱៰ ͘ ࣭⸰ 𖥔 ͙ࣳ BIG BEEFY MEN 😵‍💫
Tumblr media
Ft. Bokuto, Taiju, Tengen, Toji, Osamu, Draken
Warnings: size kink x 1727292718, manhandling and lots of it, fem bodied reader, titles used: papa, daddy, sir, overstimulation, edging, implied age gap for toji’s part, mentions of creampie, slight exhibitionism for Osamu, drool, cute pet names like baby, princess, etc, only lightly edited my bad
Note: I had too much fun writing this YEJAJJS, like 😵‍💫, it also took me a while cause every time I would add another guy I would daydream for like a couple hours 🤤 this is multifandom cause there are just too many beefy men to go around, and honestly I could have added more (Daichi, Matsukawa, Todo, Mirio, Sakuna, Benkei… 😵‍💫😵‍💫) but then I’d be at this forever UWJAJ so take this, for now, <333 reblogs, comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Bokuto who works out 6 days a week and still runs on the 7th 😔 he’s always working on his muscles, making sure he’s physically fit and always up to par for volleyball. Iwaizumi keeps him on a strict workout regime and he doesn’t mind that, considering it shows results and makes him feel good. You honestly don’t mind the schedule either, because you get to watch him pump bars over his head, muscles contracting and rippling, sweat dripping in beads along his toned chest. He’s a god really, with a build like that, and your eyes can’t help but stayed glued to him. It’s only when he clears his throat that you realize you’ve been caught, cheeks suddenly starting to burn as you snap your eyes away from his abs and up to his face. That smug look of his doesn’t help your embarrassment, making you bite your lip sheepishly. “Enjoyin the view, birdy?” He asks through a grin, and you don’t bother lying, you’ve been caught away so you nod, heart doing a little flip in your chest when he holds a hand out to you. You don’t hesitate to go to his side, allowing his hand to guide your own over the plane of his abs. Your fingertips trace the defined muscles there, despite how they still contract and sweat and you sigh softly, pupils basically in little heart shapes when you look back up at him. “You look so good, Koutarou….”
He’s got you laid out flat on his workout bench, clothes were haphazardly thrown across the padded flooring. Your slips hang open in a silent cry as he looms over you again, chest pressed right up to your back as his cock bullies its way to the hilt back into your gummy walls. His groan right next to your ear is almost overwhelming, his body swallowing you up and taking over all your senses as his hips hump up against your ass, pushing and pulling his cock shallowly in and out of you. When you let out a hiccuping sigh against the leather of the bench he chuckles softly, teeth grazing against your ear. “Liked bein stuffed like this, huh baby? Wanna be stuffed with cum too, don’t you?” You nod because the words don’t form, becoming lost on your tongue and replaced with whines as soon as Bokuto starts rotating his hips. One thick arm manages to slip underneath you and his palm rests open on your tummy, uncaring of the sweat and slick that makes everything a little messier. “Cum f’me.” His words vibrate against your back, his index finger managing to find your clit to add a steady pressure to the pulsing bud. You would have jolted, but you’re trapped beneath him, so all you can do is let out a shaky sob. “Cum f’papa and I’ll give you exactly what you want~”
Taiju is a busy man, running his successful restaurant was a full-time job that took up a lot of his time. And yet despite this, he always made time for his baby. He’d take you along to special events, and business meetings, but especially to suit fittings. You were the one that made him rekindle his relationship with Mitsuya, knowing that he would be the best person for the job in terms of making a suit that would actually fit Taiju’s size and stature. You claimed you went to talk to Mitsuya, which may have been part of the reason, but Taiju knew why you went along to every fitting. You got to see him almost naked, arms outstretched and shoulder blades contracting as Mitsuya took his proper measurements. He watched you through the full-length mirrors that covered the studio walls. How you’d press your thighs together, squirming in the chair you sat in. How your eyes would get glossy when he’d slip the brand new suit jacket on, testing the fit and how it would look perfect on his frame. The best is when he’d pull the suit pants on for the first time and your eyes were literally glued to his butt, lip bitten between your lips almost swollen. Mitsuya would leave the room as Taiju undressed into his normal clothes, and it’s only then that he’d scoff softly, eyes a bit narrowed as he finally catches your attention. “You’re so obvious.” He states, only making you fiddle with the hem of your skirt a bit more as you try to play innocent. “Staring at me like a piece of meat. Bet your panties are soaked through…”
As soon as the two of you got back to your shared home he’d have you pinned against a wall. If you had it your way you would’ve done it in the car, but Taiju wanted to make you wait and teased you the whole drive. Reminder you that only whores get that hot and bothered so easily, held your thigh in his big hand cause he knew it made you melt seeing how he could so easily grip the fat there. He picked you up at this point, your skirt bunched up at your waist and your panties ripped clean off. His hands gripped harshly to the fat of thighs, holding you up against the wall with nothing but strength as he used the force of gravity to fuck up into you. The slap of his hips was wet from how much you were dribbling, his eyes wide and feral as he watched your head lull back against the wall, a bit of drool leaving your lips that were stuck hung in a silent scream. He grins, lips littering sloppy kisses along your neck, uncaring of the marks he left behind. “Pretty lil dumb thing…” he murmurs, grinding his hips so his cock could thoroughly stir your insides. “This is all you think about, isn’t it? Getting fucked open by my big cock?” That caught your attention, nodding your head as your nails leave crescents into his shoulder. You’re mumbling “yes sir, yes Taiju” as his speed suddenly picks up, loving the feeling of your breasts bouncing against his chest. “Such a good girl.”
Tengen knows he’s attractive, he has 4 wives who all adore him, of course, he’s attractive. He also knows very that he’s built like a god, with muscles that bulge just right, flex and make him look even better. Sure, he got this way from hard work and dedication, but it helps too that he’s naturally flashy, with a good style and personality to go with his looks. He knows that people watch him, he knows that people flirt with him, and rather openly. Most of his wives have gotten used to this, but you? You’re a little newer, can’t help but be a bit protective and a lil insecure when it comes to your partner. So when you see two women flirting with him at a festival, something like jealousy flames within your belly. You can’t even help the way you get upset, lips twisting into a pout. It’s when one of the random women has the audacity to put her hand onto his bicep, giving it a squeeze that you lose it. You cling onto him, basically prying him away from their grimy hands and sending them a death glare in the process. The girls got the memo instantly, slinking away with grumbles and pouts of their own. To make matters worse Tengen is oblivious to it all. He was used to this, people hitting on him, but you acting like this? “What’s wrong?” He asks, the amusement in his tone only making you ten times angrier. Rather than explaining yourself you flip him off, an action that only fuels him further to get an answer out of you…
Your back is trembling against his chest, his fingers so lazily petting at your clit driving you absolutely wild but you can’t do anything about it. Your hands are trapped behind you between your bodies, bound by the silky material of the cord that usually holds his robe together. His cock somehow looks even bigger right now, stuffed within your quivering pussy and stretching it open. His base is covered already in a layer of your sheen that’s been steadily leaking out of you and yet he still hasn’t let you cum. You Yelp from the sudden impact of his fingertips against your swollen numb, fat tears finally spilling from your lashes and onto your hot cheeks. “Why would you ever need to be jealous, pretty? Ever?” He questions you again, fingers going back to slowly rolling your clit. You let out a soft sob, head lulling back into his broad chest as you try to buck your hips along his cock, only for his free hand to keep you firmly in place. “Don’t you know I picked you for a reason? Don’t you know I love you so, so much that I wanted you and only you to join the girls and me in our marriage?” His voice lowers as you start to flutter around his cock again, and his fingers start to speed up, finally. “Won’t ask ya again, tell me, do you know I love you?” You cry out, lips bit swollen as you tilt your head back enough to meet his gaze. He flashes you a smile, the first one you’ve gotten since the start of this punishment and you whimper, nodding dumbly. “I-I know, I-I know daddy, m’sorry, was bein dumb—“ He shushes you with his lips, finally moving his hips. He bucks them up into you, making your whole body bounce in his lap from the sheer size difference. “Not dumb, never dumb Darlin.. ya just forget sometimes…” The knot in your stomach finally snaps as he circles your clit, the squeeze of your pussy making his groan into your open mouth. “Just forget how perfect ya are f’me, that’s all.”
Toji, big big Toji who knows very well that most ladies are attracted to him for his size. He likes to go for the little shy ones. The ones that stare at him with innocent eyes, look at him a little longer than they should and always manage to get caught. He’ll send you a wink, sometimes even wave playfully just to get you all the more embarrassed. His favourite type to go for though, as horrible as it is, are the girls his son is always bringing home. It’s a little fucked up, isn’t it? But Toji knows, knows that his son may try his best, but he can’t please a woman like he can, not yet anyway. So as his father, it’s his job to keep Megumi’s girls pleased when he can’t do so himself. He sees it as helping of course, surely the girl will stick with his son longer if she knows she’ll get a treat every time she comes over…
“Skirts shorter than usual…” Toji muses, his eyes lit up in amusement as his fingers brushed over the soft pleats found in the fabric. His hips are snapping back into your ass again just so your lips hang open, the start of a yelp about to escape had he not shoved the hem of the skirt between your lips. You muffle a whine into the material, fingers curling up against the wall you were currently pressed up against. “Musta wanted me to notice, isn’t that right dollface?” He says between a chuckle, his grin getting bigger as he gets a better grip on your hips, making you stick your ass out a bit more and arch your back for him. This angle allows his cock head to smack into your cervix, kissing it with the tip and threatening to break through. His balls are heavy as they slap against your skin, only adding to the lewd, wet slaps that echo from your cute pussy. He leans closer to your ear, whispering against the soft flesh when you let out a string of sobs about how you’re gunna cum. “Yea? Gunna cum for daddy are ya?” He laughs when you nod, teeth sinking into your shoulder as one thick hand slides over your hips to tease on your clit, helping you reach your high faster. “Go on, make sure you’re loud enough that your boyfriend knows his daddy is fucking you this good.”
Osamu has always been the bulkier of the two twins. Even in their volleyball days, his muscles weren’t as lean as Atsumu’s. He was built bigger, shoulders broader, the baby fat on his cheeks remaining longer. Now as an adult his muscles didn’t go away, oh no, he needs them to lift the heavy bags of rice to and from the restaurant, but he has certainly filled out. Shoulders spreading, biceps bulging. A light layer of fat forms over his chest, the muscles underneath just making him look bigger. The T-shirts he always wears show these off, and although he takes no mind to how his body has changed, you certainly have. It makes you drool when his arms flex as he quickly cuts up vegetables and when he grunts as he lifts a rice bag on his shoulder. The best is when he ties his apron around him, Accentuating just how small his waist still is despite how he’s broadened out. He doesn’t even realize how attractive he is, honestly. You can’t even help yourself when you gawk at him at work, and you certainly can’t help how heat pools between your legs. He starts to really notice when you pout up at him, pretty legs rubbing together on the stool you sit at…
“Couldn’t even wait until we got home.” He’s grumbling his words against your lips as if he’s not happy to have his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. “Too fuckin spoiled to wait.” He added, his reprimanding turning into a grunt when your nails run through his hair, scratching lightly over his scalp just the way he likes it. He latches onto your lower lip, suckling it like his favourite treat as his big hands grab at your thighs. He tenderly squeezes the flesh he loves before gripping it, easily hauling you up onto the countertop he was previously making food on. He’s thankful you’re wearing a skirt today because all it takes is one good tug and your panties are ripped clean off, exposing your dampened lower lips to him and making goosebumps rise on your lips. He clicks his tongue when you start to complain about how those were your favourite pair, one of his palms pressing into your tummy to easily push you back into the cold countertop. “Quit yer bitchin, I’ll get a new pair.” You were about to shoot back, but all your words get lost on your tongue when he spits onto your pussy, two thick fingers locked in and rubbing on your clit. A smirk twitches on his lips, shaking his head as he watches just how easily you come undone for him. He presses a kiss to your hip bone. “That’s it, be a good girl and take what you want, gunna fuck ya real good.”
we all know I could go on for hours about Draken 😔 I mean do you blame me? He’s huge, the biggest of all his friends in both height and build. He’s always been naturally big, the width of his shoulders sometimes making it hard for him to find proper attire that fits him comfortably. Hence why he settles for tank tops a lot, which gives him more space to breathe. Would never admit it out loud but he 100% is very aware when you’re checking him out and he LOVES it. Draken doesn’t like to flaunt himself but when you do it it’s different. Makes his cheeks heat up a bit and his cock twitch knowing how damn lucky he is to have someone as pretty as you obsessed with him like that. So he’ll let you stare, whether it be while he’s working at the shop, working out, or simply when the two of you are out. He’ll let your eyes linger on him, sometimes he’ll even flex on purpose, holding back laughter when you suck in a sharper breath. He will tease you about it, sometimes of course cause he can’t even help himself. He’ll turn and smirk at you, “like what you see, princess?” Or “my eyes are up here, goofy.” But comments like that always leave you in a huff and he’ll have to chase you after to make up for it. Which is fine, but sometimes, he lets you linger, lets you really stare and get yourself worked up, cause that’s when you’ll pounce him. You have such little patience, and it’s so so amusing to your big boyfriend when you try to drag his ass around to get what you desire from him…
As soon as the two of you had returned home from your date you had dragged Draken to the couch, not even bothering to bring him to the bedroom because it had been far too long and you were craving him already. He had worn that tank top you love so much, with the low-cut armholes that show off his toned sides and arms. You just couldn’t take it. You needed to have him. Which is how you ended up straddling his lap, needy whines leaving your lips as your fingers desperately tried to unbuckle his belt, simply settling for pawing at his crotch when you couldn’t seem to get it. He’s grinning, holding back little strings of laughter. “Eager huh?” Normally you would have snapped back at a comment like that, but when his fingers finally freed his cock, you simply sighed in contentment, licking your lips at how it stood at attention, leaking so pretty just for you to sit on. You had already discarded your bottoms, lifting yourself on your hunches and easing yourself easily onto his cock. The stretch was always mind-numbing, back arching and goosebumps forming on your thighs as you slowly work your way over him. The little whimpers, whines, needy noises you made were a melody to Draken’s ears, his hands massaging the supple skin of your thighs as you moved at your own pace. He groaned softly when your pussy started to flutter around him already, your walls being stubborn as usual when first taking him in. “Fuck—“ he gritted out, pupils dilating when you looked at him with teary eyes, lips puffy as you huffed. “Help me, Ken, want all of you.” His hands slid from your thighs to your waist, bearing his teeth in an amused grin as he lifted you up with ease, just enough that his head sat between your walls. He didn’t hesitate when he slammed you back down on his cock, sheathing all the way on his cock, the knock of it up against your cervix making your breath leave you in a gasp. He doesn’t let up from there, using the bruising grip he has on your love handles to bounce you up and down on his cock. “So. Fucking. Needy— and you can’t even take what you want on your own? Really are just a dumb lil baby aren’t you, princess?” You’re sobbing from the brutal pace, head lulling onto his shoulder as he bounces you like you’re nothing. And to him, it’s a simple task, the pleasure of the pretty tight walls milking his cock only making it easier for him to manhandle you. “Fuck—“ he grins, planting his feet so his hips can fuck up into you, further jolting you along his cock. “You just sit pretty, daddy will do all the work—“
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pov onigiri miya sponsors a beach volleyball tournament
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Tsumu and Omi
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and i can be needy, way too damn needy
Tumblr media
“oh, didn’t like what i had to say?” she must have noticed your reaction, feeding off your palpable anxiety. “both of them feel that way, you know. they only really hang out with you because your mothers are good friends. you think they would give you the time of day if they had a choice?”
atsumu too? no, that couldn’t be true. he’s always been your best friend. yeah, your moms were close and it was easy to go to their house after school while your parents were working, but atsumu’s smile always grew wide whenever you walked through the door. surely all of that had been genuine?
“that’s a lie…” you mumble, wishing for once you could find the strength to stick up for yourself. this doesn’t feel the same as when osamu teases you, that’s something you can navigate. this is uncharted territory. never has anyone else been so callous towards you. usually because one of the boys was there to step in—atsumu to offer a kind word and osamu to throw a punch or two.
but maybe that was the problem. maybe they didn’t want to waste their time saving you anymore.
Tumblr media
this really wasn't meant to turn into anything! i've had this doc sitting on my computer for months thinking nothing was gonna come from it, but you guys really liked the snippet i shared so here it is.
if you were expecting a big confrontation between osamu's girlfriend and reader, sorry! my crybaby doesn't play that way but she does get her comeuppance 👀
also there wasn't going to be any smut in this fic but.......osamu's hot LOL
words: 3.8k
cw: fem!reader, insecurity, name-calling, fingering, jealousy, possessiveness, infidelity mention, minors dni
disclaimer: on this blog, we discuss and explore toxic relationships/situations/ just because i write about these themes does not mean i condone/support these types of relationships nor do i do them in my own personal life.
these are fictional characters in fictional scenarios and nobody should be taking real-life advice or mirror the actions of the characters in these stories!
Tumblr media
You walked into the kitchen expecting to see Osamu with his head in the fridge as usual. Instead, you found something worse, his girlfriend leaning on the counter. A scowl on her face as soon as she locks eyes with you. It’s the first time you’ve ever been alone with her, without Osamu there to make a mean comment at your expense that makes her laugh sweetly, “Baby, you’re being so rude!” she’d say in her shrill voice.
But there’s none of that in her face at the moment. She crosses her arms, eyebrows furrowed as she gets a good look at you. “Of course, you’re here too,” she says, attempting to grumble under her breath but it’s definitely loud enough for you to hear.
You don’t really want to know what she meant, mumbling an apology in her direction before trying to shuffle past her to the stairs. She’s quicker than you, though, blocking your path and almost tripping you in the process. “What the hell are you doing here?” She gets in your face, demanding an answer. It’s only when she’s so close that you take in how pretty she actually is: full, pouty lips, a high arch in her eyebrows, sharp cheekbones, a straight nose.
She didn’t look like the kind of girl Osamu dated, but you figured that wasn’t a fair assumption for you to make. You didn’t really know what kind of girls Osamu liked. Whenever his brother brought the topic up, it usually ended with a punch to the gut.
“Atsumu and I have plans,” you said, hoping she’d leave you alone. She purses her lips, seemingly not satisfied with your response. “Could you—”
“Do you not have friends of your own? You’re always tagging along with the twins, aren’t you embarrassed?” her features twist into a smile, one of ridicule. You’re not sure how to respond, mouth clamping up as you hope for someone to come downstairs and save you. But you’re not that lucky and your silence only pisses her off even more. “Not even going to defend yourself? Samu’s right, you’re hopeless!”
Hopeless? Had Osamu said that about you? He’s said worse things to your face, sure, but never once did you think he spoke about you behind your back. Did he talk about you to her? Complain about you? Of course, you weren’t his favorite person in the world but did he actually feel that way?
You could feel your stomach churning, a bitter taste bubbling in the back of your throat. You had to get out of there, but your legs wouldn’t move. “Oh, didn’t like what I had to say?” she must have noticed your reaction, feeding off your palpable anxiety. “Both of them feel that way, you know. They only really hang out with you because your mothers are good friends. You think they would give you the time of day if they had a choice?”
Atsumu too? No, that couldn’t be true. He’s always been your best friend. Yeah, your moms were close and it was easy to go to their house after school while your parents were working, but Atsumu’s smile always grew wide whenever you walked through the door. Surely all of that had been genuine?
“That’s a lie…” you mumble, wishing for once you could find the strength to stick up for yourself. This doesn’t feel the same as when Osamu teases you, that’s something you can navigate. This is uncharted territory. Never has anyone else been so callous towards you. Usually because one of the boys was there to step in—Atsumu to offer a kind word and Osamu to throw a punch or two.
But maybe that was the problem. Maybe they didn’t want to waste their time saving you anymore.
“Please, do you think they’d say it to your face? To the crybaby that lives next door? They don’t want to hurt your feelings but someone needs to give you a reality check.”
“You don’t know anything about me,” you snap back, feeling the tightness in your chest. Even when Osamu was giving you his worst, he never made you feel so small.
She laughs humorlessly, taking a step forward into your personal space and leaning down. It feels so humiliating. “I know enough,” she claims. “Every time I’m with my boyfriend, he never shuts up about you. What makes you so damn special? Maybe he wouldn’t bitch about you so much if you just fucked off and found friends of your own.”
You wanted to tell her it wasn’t true. That you knew more about the twins than she did, but all the energy you had left disappeared. And, in turn, her words started playing in your head over and over. Maybe it was true. Maybe your friendship with the twins had run its course—or rather your friendship with one of them did. Osamu had never been your friend before, had he?
Right on cue, the tears started running down your face. You could imagine how red and distorted your face had become, your nose becoming runny and mouth growing dry. You’re rushing out of the room before she could say anything else, running towards your house and slamming the door behind you. 
It’s only when you’re finally alone that you allow your sobs to get loud, to feel all your insecurities pouring out into the open. And it’s just so pitiful that your first reaction is to run to Atsumu and point out the person who made you feel this way. What’s most surprising is that, for once, it wasn’t his brother who was at fault. Not even Osamu could make you cry this much.
Your phone starts buzzing every few seconds and through tears, you read out the notifications on the screen.
From: ☀️tsumu☀️: did ya get here yet?
From: ☀️tsumu☀️: thought i heard the front door..
You want to reach out to him, to both of them. But you can’t even bother with a reply. Instead, you turn your phone off, and let your tears flow some more.
You’ve never avoided both of the twins before, but you couldn’t face them after that conversation. It was hard at first, having both of the boys blow up your phone for most of the day was pretty normal. The three of you were always together, whether at each other’s houses, going out, or running errands together. If that wasn’t the case, you’d be on the phone with one of them, usually Atsumu, for hours.
But for the first time, you haven’t been giving either of them your attention—you turned off notifications on your phone, started waking up an hour earlier so you wouldn’t have to walk with them, and you told your parents not to answer their calls.
“Did you get into a fight?” your mother had said. “What did Osamu do this time?” But you didn’t really have an explanation, the real story being far more embarrassing than anything else. 
At school, it was harder to steer clear of them. You didn’t share many classes but you ended up moving your seat in the few you did, ducking out of the room as soon as the bell rang to avoid having to talk to them. Thankfully, volleyball kept them busy and limited your interactions.
There was one incident in the cafeteria where you nearly broke your-self isolation.
It was easy for Atsumu to find you in a crowded room, locking eyes with you across the cafeteria. The boys were there with Suna and Ginjima talking amongst themselves and being rowdy as usual. Atsumu waved in your direction, beckoning for you to sit with them and you nearly did. Until you saw her cuddled up to Osamu’s side, a disapproving look on her face.
Osamu’s face didn’t look that pleasant either. “Maybe he wouldn’t bitch about you so much if you just fucked off and found friends of your own…”
Suddenly feeling nauseous, you turned your back on the table. Grabbing your food, you make your way towards the roof and eat there. You could usually be alone up there, without being a bother to anyone else.
“Did Osamu do something to you?” Suna asked one day when you were in the library. It was safe to study there—the boys had been banned in their first year after one too many fights. Suna sat across from you, an unreadable look on his face as he watched you take notes. “You haven’t come to practice in a week.”
You figured there was no use in avoiding him and continued to keep doing work. “Why does everyone think he did something?”
“Something had to have happened. Tweedledee and Tweedledum said you haven’t spoken to them in a while,” he leans back in his chair with his feet up on the table. Even during the worst moments with Osamu, you’d still end up getting dragged to practice somehow. “They’ve been fighting a lot more than usual. Kinda annoying, honestly…”
That didn’t do much to quell your anxiety. It was always nasty when the boys fought but the idea of sitting in the bleachers with her after what she said made you queasy. Maybe it had nothing to do with you. The twins fighting wasn’t out of the ordinary, what made you so special?
“I’m really busy with school, okay?” you motion towards the mess of papers on the table you’re working at. But Suna looks unconvinced, probably thinking back to all the times you’ve either done homework or studied while watching the team practice. “Just don’t tell them that you spoke to me, please?” 
One thing you love about Suna is that he doesn’t pry. If you’re not ready to talk about something, he’ll hold off on asking questions. “Fine,” he sighs, getting up. “Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve got it figured out. But do something quick, ‘cause I don’t know how much patience Kita has left.”
You can’t explain the uneasiness in your gut while watching Suna leave the room. He was wrong, you didn’t have it figured out. There wasn’t a plan or an end goal in mind. But you couldn’t face the boys just yet. And, honestly, whatever was going on would figure itself out with or without you.
“No, no, no, no…” you groan to yourself fishing through your backpack for the tenth time, hoping your keys would somehow magically appear. There was a torrential downpour outside and your parents weren’t home or answering their phones. Like an idiot, you forgot your keys and certainly didn’t have an umbrella, your soaked uniform sticking to you, your body freezing and shivering.
The only people who had spare keys were the twins and their mother. “For emergencies,” said your own mother so long ago but they were never actually used for emergencies. All too often, the boys would barge into your home for snacks or drinks, but mostly for you. They’d pluck you from your bedroom—it didn’t matter if you were studying or sleeping, really—and drag you back to their house to watch a movie or settle an argument.
You asked your mother to tell them you weren't home or hid out in the library until it was too late for them to show up at your front door. But now, you were royally fucked and were running out of options. “Please be here…” you cried, wishing for your keys to end up in your hand.
“Are ya stupid? Yer gonna catch yer fuckin’ death out here!” It wasn’t hard to figure out who the voice belonged to. Osamu stormed to the front of your house, pissed off as he shoved you under his umbrella. “The fuck ya standin’ here for? Yer practically blue!”
You didn’t have the energy to argue or come up with some excuse to distance yourself from him. Not when your crybaby tears were threatening to come back again. “I don’t have my keys,” you sobbed, feeling cold and pathetic.
Osamu grabs you by the sleeve and hauled you next door to his house, cursing with every wet stomp of his feet. You’re pushed through the front entrance, already forming a puddle on the floor. The shoes by the door let you know their mother isn’t home either.
“Dude! Ya were right behind me, what took ya so long—” Atsumu stops dead in his tracks when he spots you, an unreadable emotion on his face but he’s quick to go into protective mode, running towards you and his brother. “What—”
“She forgot her fuckin’ keys,” Osamu grouches, sticking the umbrella in a stand near the door. He turns to you, looking as if he wants to bite your head off. “Go upstairs and take a hot shower. We’ll get ya clean clothes.”
“Aren’t you embarrassed?” her words are in your head again. The twins need to take care of you yet again because you’re too stupid to remember to carry a fucking key. “I just need my—”
“I don’t remember askin’ ya,” Osamu says, pushing you in the direction of their bathroom. “Go.” Your eyes flick to Atsumu but he’s in agreement with his twin. Embarrassed, you start heading upstairs, wishing for all of this to be over.
The boys left clean clothes for you outside the bathroom door after your shower. As expected, the shirt and pajama bottoms were much bigger, completely drowning you. Your wet clothes were thrown in the laundry room to be washed and dried. You’re too nervous to go into the living room and face them, but hiding upstairs would only make the situation worse.
You decide to just rip the band-aid. 
Wringing the rest of the water with your towel, you walk in to see the boys talking amongst themselves. They stop when you enter the room, Atsumu looking apologetic as he leaves room on the couch for you to sit. A cup of tea sits on the coffee table, likely made by Osamu and you’re certain his anger would only get worse if you refuse.
It doesn’t take very long for Osamu to start interrogating you as soon as you sit down. “Why the fuck didn’t ya come here sooner?” he stands in front of you and his brother, grey eyes shooting daggers at yours. 
“I thought I had them,” you lied, letting the cup warm your still cold hands. “I just didn’t want to bother you.”
“But why would ya think yer a bother?” This time Atsumu spoke, his hand reaching out to rub your shoulder. You appreciated the extra warmth. “Better yet, where have ya been lately? Ya stopped talkin’ to us out of nowhere.” You don’t miss the way his eyes glance over at Osamu. He probably thinks it’s his fault too.
“You think they would give you the time of day if they had a choice?” You’re so fed up at this point that her name falls from your mouth before you could stop yourself. Osamu quirks his brow, probably wondering what she has to do with any of this.
So you tell them—You mention all the nasty things she said to you, the cruel looks she’d shoot your way at school, and how you felt too stupid to tell them because a part of you really wondered if it was true. By the time you’re done, there are a few stray tears running down your face that you didn’t notice at first. A frustrated crybaby to the very end, you’re nothing if not consistent.
They’re both angry now, eyes locked with one another. “Did ya know about this?” Atsumu’s tone was accusatory.
“Of course I fuckin’ didn’t, why didn’t ya tell me?” Osamu asked, looking at you, but his brother is quick to come to your defense.
“It doesn’t matter when she told us, what matters is that it was yer girlfriend that said that shit to her.” He snaps, pulling you closer to his frame to soothe you. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Osamu, tongue poking his cheek. “What’re ya gonna do about it, Samu?”
The younger twin rolls his eyes takes a deep breath and walks out the room, choosing not to start a yelling match for once. Once you are alone, Atsumu wraps you in his arms for a hug.  “Please don’t disappear like that on us again,” he says, refusing to let go. “I won’t be so nice next time.” You can hear the dumb grin on his face. You’ve missed him, both of them. Atsumu makes sure you finish the rest of your tea before walking off to set up the futon for you—he suggested you spend the night and didn’t take no for an answer. 
You’re folding your uniform a few hours later after taking it out of the dryer. It should probably be ironed before you could wear it again but, thankfully, there’s no school tomorrow. While you’re there, you decide to fold the rest of the clean clothes there as well, knowing the boys’ mother would appreciate it.
 The sweet silence was broken with Osamu’s heavy steps coming downstairs, screaming into his phone, unaware that you’re also in the room. “I don’t wanna hear it and don’t even think about comin’ here and gettin’ yer shit,” From all the years of knowing him, you’ve never heard his voice get like that. Even when he and Atsumu were fighting and he’s certainly never yelled at you like that.
“Get one of yer stupid friends to pick it up from Atsumu or Suna or I’m throwin’ it the fuck out. I’m blockin’ yer ass after that. Fuck off.” He hangs up without another word and that’s when he catches you kneeling in front of the dryer with piles of folded clothes. His face doesn’t soften as he gets down on your level, eyes scanning your form. “That’s Tsumu’s shirt…”
Staring down at the much too big shirt, you now realize that he’s right. You hadn’t really considered which of their shirts the boys gave since you were more concerned with having warm clothes than anything else. “I just grabbed whatever was there—” Osamu’s quick movements take you by surprise. Next thing you know, he has you pinned to the floor, hovering over you. It rattles you at first, but Osamu’s always been known to push you around whenever he felt like it. “Samu—”
“Don’t keep secrets from me. Ya should’ve told me as soon as she said that shit.” His knee is between your legs and you wonder if his intentions are pure. All of your clothes were soaked from the storm and all Osamu had to do to get to your more intimate parts was wander his hands just slightly underneath your shirt. It had been a while since he did anything like that. Osamu was loyal to the girls he dated. At least you think. So many times he’s trapped you for a quick kiss when nobody else was in the room, it’s possible that you had overlapped with his relationships a few times. 
Maybe that’s why she hated you so much.
“If any of that bullshit was true,” Osamu continues, noticing the apprehension on your face. “I wouldn’t put up with yer sensitive ass.” 
“I’m sorry…” you mumbled, fingers twisting between the fabric of your shirt. You felt stupid, letting your own insecurities and her words get to your head when you know none of them to be true. With all the years you’ve known them, you should have given the boys more credit. “I missed you.”
Finally, Osamu’s face relaxes. At this point, you wonder if he was actually upset with you this whole time, or with himself since it was his ex-girlfriend who had said caused all this. He leans in, pressing his lips to yours. It’s overwhelming, like all his kisses and it feels wrong to be so close just moments after he broke up with her, but it doesn’t stop you from deepening it.
“Such a pretty little crybaby, don’t know why I even bother with anyone else,” his voice is thick while his hands tug at your clothes. “Take this off. I’ll give ya my shirt in a bit, just lemme see ya.”
The sensation of your breasts being exposed to the cold laundry room to Osamu’s warm mouth wrapping itself around your nipple. A sharp whine leaves your lips but you stifle it, remembering that Atsumu is still upstairs. Osamu bites down on the sensitive bud, as one of his hands reaches past the sweats you had on, groaning when he realizes you aren’t wearing underwear.
Two of Osamu’s fingers plunge into your cunt without warning. It gets harder and harder to muffle your noises, eyes welling up with tears. “Wanna hear yer pretty noises, dummy. Been hidin’ from me too fuckin’ long. I deserve ‘em,” he growls, biting down hard on your breast just to force a high-pitched cry from you.
You pray that Atsumu is in his room. The thought of anyone seeing you in such a compromising position—half-naked and humping against Osamu’s hand—would be so humiliating but it has you whining and moaning even more.
“Can feel yer pussy clenchin’ around my fingers. Gonna make ya cum on the fuckin’ floor like a slut,” You can hear how wet you are, juices flowing down Osamu’s hand and it’s becoming too much. His thumb circles your clit as his fingers speed up. You pull him in for a kiss, burying your cries into his mouth. “Cum fer me, stupid girl. Missed this pretty pussy, need ya to cum.”
By the time he adds a third finger, you’re already too far gone. With a final, exasperated sob, you cum around Osamu’s hand. He stares, mesmerized by how sensitive your cunt is when he pulls his fingers out, your essence catching the light. 
Your brain is too fuzzy to notice Osamu wiping his hand with Atsumu’s shirt, too busy trying to stop your legs from twitching. “Samu…”
“Don’t start yer whinin’, I’ll clean ya up,” he warns, grabbing a clean t-shirt to put on you. It’s one of his, of course. “Much better.”
“Don’t mind her, y/n,” Suna says after following your line of vision. The two of you were sitting at your regular lunch table a few days later when you felt someone staring daggers at you. Sure enough, there was Osamu’s ex looking back. Her usually pretty face now red and puffy. As horrible as she was, you still feel bad.
“Don’t mind who?” Atsumu asks as he and his brother join you after getting their food. Osamu feels your body tense up and is swift to see the reason why. Watching his eyes meet with hers brings back that unpleasant sinking feeling in your stomach for some reason.
But Osamu is quick to look away, an arm wrapping around his waist as he offers you some of his food. You sneak a brief glance back at her, just in time to see her storm out of the cafeteria.
It shouldn’t make you smile, but it does.
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2022 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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luvring · 6 months ago
— when they're asked about you in an interview
gn!reader | timeskip bokuto, kenma, atsumu, osamu, suna, sakusa note from nia: oh to have a famous boyfriend who's hopelessly in love w me even on camera for the world to see o)-(
✧* BOKUTO's eyes light up (even more than usual) at the chance to gush over you. "is it safe to assume you're excited to go home to your partner after this win? how's our favourite couple doing?" he grins and his grip on the mic tightens a little, "i am! we're doing super great and i still love them as much as usual, which you probably know by now." the crowd laughs a little at his comment, but he seems to ignore them and the camera flashes while he continues with a love-struck gaze, "i miss them and eating dinner together and seeing them when i wake up and, y'know, just being with them. they texted me after the game you know?" bokuto looks up suddenly. his eyes flicker between the cameras, "baby! i know you'll see this eventually so i just want you t'know i love you! i promise i'll treat you to something when i come back!"
✧* KENMA blinks, "my—? ah, uhm...we're alright, yeah." to be honest, all he wanted was to be home with you right now, but he's never been super vocal about your relationship—he kept most comments and news to streams where fans might see your head pop in sometimes. he's gone through enough interviews that he doesn't usually slip up on it, but sometimes they'll ask about something specific and he can't help himself. "in your recent stream, i saw you guys were talking about them playing with you and some other pros. are you excited about it?" a soft smile forms on his lips at the thought of your face when he proposed the idea, "yeah, we wanted to do something like a charity stream, maybe. we don't usually get the opportunity to do something like this together so i hope you all look forward to it."
✧* ATSUMU may love talking about himself and how well he spiked the ball near the end of a match, but talking or thinking about you is second to nothing. "my partner? they're as great as they usually are. still bringin' me lunch and kissing me goodbye before practice, thank god," he sighs dramatically, grinning when he's met with laughter. "lucky catch, huh, miya?" atsumu's never been the best with words, but he wishes he could tell everyone on the planet about how right the interviewer was, "the luckiest." and he knew not every interviewer had honest intentions—that they were just doing their job—but atsumu couldn't help but mentally thank them for what he got to do at the end of the interview each time. "babe! ya better be ready to give me a dozen kisses when i win this next match, alright? love ya!"
✧* OSAMU has a hand on his hip while the other scratches the back of his neck, "well, they're not in right now, but sometimes you'll catch 'em helping me out around the shop." he doesn't know how many times he's talked about how you got together and what opening the restaurant was like, but he never minded small questions about you. "better than having to talk about my idiot brother," he'd say while leaving a kiss on your temple. the interviewer says "they must be lucky to have you and your onigiri, huh?" and he lets out a small laugh, "oh yeah, they better appreciate me and my craft." his smile softens as he turns to glance at the store front, "but, uh, no, i'm the lucky one. don't know where i'd be without 'em, to be honest." he takes a mental note to save some of your favourite for dinner tonight.
✧* SUNA reaches for the bracelet on his wrist at the mention of your name, "mm, i've been away from home for a while now, to be honest. i just hope they haven't started stealing and using my things more than they already do." his lips quirk into a smile when he thinks of you watching, probably doing exactly what he says he fears the most. he hopes you can tell it's a lie by his voice and the way his eyes flicker to your initials on the bracelet you gave him months ago. "what are you going to do when you finally see them again?" suna's mind seems to hesitate, trying to choose between making another joke or being sincere. ultimately he lightly sighs and leans back before responding, "just drag them to bed so we can sleep, probably. i miss that more than any of the other stuff."
✧* SAKUSA is quick to respond, "we're doing fine. i'm happy with them." your relationship isn't something he's afraid to talk about—sakusa just enjoys his privacy and is always looking out for your own safety. his teammates look at him but he refuses to meet their gaze, knowing full well they'll try to tease him given the chance (though he can feel their stares burning holes through him.) the interviewer only continues, "their birthday's coming up soon, isn't it? will you make it home in time to see them?" he hesitates for a second, not because he's unsure of his answer but because he suddenly remembered he has to check on your gift. sakusa nods, the only thing on his mind being your smile when you see what he has planned, "that's not even a question—of course i will."
@devilgirlcrybabiey :) [waves] HLEPL
my taglist form if u'd like to join !!
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oooobokuto · 7 months ago
You guys remember frat boy!osamu?
Well, you guys broke up.
It was stupid. You spent maybe half an hour yelling at each other. Just because Osamu wasn't like his frat brothers didn't mean he wasn't a frat brother, and fuck, you just wish he would say something to the dozens of girls who threw themselves at him daily. It hurts! How doesn't he get that?!?
After a couple of months, Atsumu begs to you come back around the house. Just because you and his brother stopped dating doesn't mean that Atsumu had to lose someone he now considered his best friend.
After the blonde twin blows up your phone with invites to a party at the frat house, you decided to say fuck it.
You show up in some tight jeans and a lace-up cami. You don't necessarily want to impress anyone; all you're going to be doing is talking to Atsumu and drinking a couple of beers, but it's nice to dress up sometimes.
You expect to see Osamu in his room like he usually would be. Even before you dated, he never participated in a party, but 20 minutes after you arrive, you see him walk into the house from the backyard with a girl on his arm. Atsumu tries to place himself in front of you to act as a human shield, but it's already too late, and you're making your way out of the house as he yells for you.
Once back at your dorm, you check your phone and see a snapchat from Suna, but you don't bother to open it. Instead, you wash off your makeup and cry yourself to sleep.
You don't get to sleep very long though. A loud knock at your door wakes you, and you check the time to see that it had been an hour since you'd left the party. You assume it's Atsumu trying to make you feel better, so you open the door.
"'Tsumu, I appreciate your efforts but-" You stop talking when you see who it really is.
"Wrong twin," Osamu says, running a hand through his gray hair. He holds out his hands. "I, uh, the store didn't have yer favorite flowers, but I thought ya'd like these ones..."
You only stare at the flowers. "What do you want, Miya?"
"Can I come in?" He asks. "I just want to talk, and if afterwards, ya never want to see me again, I understand."
You let him in, and he thanks you. After he sets the flowers on your desk, you flick on the lights. You gasp as you see a bloody nose and bruised eye. "'S-Samu..."
He chuckles. "It's okay," he reassures you. "It was just 'Tsumu. No big deal." He waits for you to calm down a bit before speaking again. "I miss ya," he tells you. "And I'm so fucking sorry for what I did to ya. I love ya, and I can't believe I ever allowed myself to let ya feel insecure. I should have just told all those girls to back off. If the situation were reversed, I'd want the same."
Your eyebrows furrowed in frustration. "I don't get it 'Samu," you say. "Why did it take you months to get it? The girl you were with tonight was one of the girls who I asked you to tell to back off!"
He puts his head down in shame. "I know," he admits. "And I..." He takes a deep breath. "I overheard 'Tsumu and Hinata talking before the party, and 'Tsumu said he invited you, and Hinata said he was excited to see you again, and I just... I guess I got upset that ya were hanging out with my dumb brother, and I wanted to make ya jealous."
"You're a fucking idiot," you tell him.
"I know, but I do love ya and miss ya," he says. He walks over to you and holds your face in his hands. "And I promise to be better for ya. Just give me one more chance."
You look up at him, your gaze softening as your hands reach up to brush under his bruised eye. It'll need to be iced in the morning. "You really promise? I can't let you in just to get shattered again, 'Samu. You're the only man I've ever loved."
He nods in response. "And if I break my promise, which I won't, I'll let ya beat me up with 'Tsumu next time."
You laugh at his words and lean up to kiss him. "Okay," you whisper. "One more chance."
Osamu grins like a kid on Christmas and picks you up to spin you around before pulling you in for a passionate kiss. "Ya won't regret it."
He sleeps in your dorm room that night. You lay on top of him with your head on his chest as he plays with the ends of your hair, and he falls asleep with a smile on his face.
The next morning, Osamu sits on your bed, holding a bag of ice up against his eye. He's got a childish pout on his face.
"Ya can stop watching it now!" He grumbles.
Meanwhile, you're standing across from him, gawking at your phone. "Damn, baby, 'Tsumu really got you this time," you tell him. You wince as you watch Atsumu's fist makes contact with Osamu's nose. "Suna's a great camera man."
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2022 oooobokuto.tumblr.com - do not copy, modify, repost, or translate any of my works. any action to do so will be considered plagiarism.
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juniperarts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello Haikyuu!! fandom I bring memes
Based completely off of these:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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heich0e · 2 months ago
osamu doesn't tell atsumu when you start having contractions.
it's 10:30 in the morning and the day is well underway, but it's 4:30 AM in Paris, and the olympic opening ceremonies are set to begin in a little more than half a day's time.
so, even though osamu has never felt like he needs his twin more, he says nothing--and instructs the rest of his friends and family to do the same.
because he knows. knows that no matter how many arguments (from petty squabbles and silent treatments to all-out brawls) the two of them may have gotten into in the past three decades, his brother would drop everything--forsake the red jersey he wears, the gold that he hopes to bring back with him to japan--and come home to him. to you. to his family.
osamu paces around the hospital by himself for a while. you've been in labour for what feels like an eternity, with no significant changes, and it's only given osamu's anxiety time to swell. only allowed the pressure to build in his chest like a storm that threatens to sink him. so when you finally manage to close your eyes and get some rest after more than 12 hours at the hospital, he slips out from the room and takes a walk to compose himself.
he doesn't feel ready, doesn't feel qualified for such a massive responsibility. he's been so happy, so excited up until this point, but now that it's finally here and happening and real he's terrified.
he wishes atsumu was with him.
no, his brother is never someone you'd want to have in a crisis--too dramatic, too rowdy, too loud. he's, objectively, probably the last person you'd want around in the midst of any sort of pandemonium.
and osamu has never wanted to see his stupid face more.
he knows that if atsumu was just here he would somehow feel better. less frightened. more sure.
he crouches down in the middle of the waiting room he's wandered into on his aimless excursion, his hands tangled in his messy, greasy hair that's been trapped under an old Onigiri Miya hat all day, and fights to calm himself.
it's after 3 am, and whatever corner of the hospital osamu had journeyed into is mostly abandoned save for the occasional rattling of a cart passing through the hallway or staff bustling past. it's a tiny room, with uncomfortable chairs and the drone of a television that rests mounted on the wall in the corner.
he glances up just in time to see the japanese olympic team making their entrance to the opening ceremonies.
he spots his brother there almost immediately in the sea of red and white athletic wear. it's just a glimpse. a fleck of peroxide blonde amongst crowd of athletes. the nation's best.
atsumu must know what it feels like to carry responsibility on his shoulders, osamu thinks then, knowing that the flag of their country is literally on his back. atsumu must understand the burden of taking on a role that sometimes feels too large to bear, but that he devotes himself to earnestly.
osamu watches the television screen as tears well in his eyes, and he feels overwhelmingly proud. proud to be atsumu's brother. inspired by him in ways he'll never tell him (unless one of them is about to bite it--in which case he might make an exception). grateful to have had him by his side for his entire life.
it's a privilege to miss atsumu in this moment--spoiled by having had him there with him for every other important moment and milestone--and it's an honour to be his twin.
and osamu smiles, watery though it may be, while he watches his brother join the rest of the olympians representing their country half-way across the world.
he stands and makes his way back to you with a newfound surety.
the next few hours will be hell. the coming days too, though the hardest-fought battle will be over. but he'll have you. and the baby.
and he can't wait to tell atsumu all about it.
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sunaslvt · 7 months ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 - 𝐟𝐭. 𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐤𝐢
tags: afab! reader, degradation, praise, daddy kink, hair pulling, slight public sex, size kink, mentions of nudes + fucking in front of a mirror
# bro i literally came while writing the suna one hes so hot 😞🙏
Tumblr media
# atsumu miya
♡ bro hes so cocky
♡ will say “uh huh?” or “yeah?” almost every time you moan
♡ he’s so needy though — he’d shove his whole mfing cock in your poor pussy right away if he could
♡ he’d fuck you anywhere and anytime you wanted
♡ man sometimes pulls you aside at parties when you look fine as fuck just to make you squirt all over him
♡ absolutely in love when you try to stop yourself from being so loud but you can’t help it his dick is just too big :(
+ “come on” atsumu grumbled while grabbing your wrist, dragging you desperately through the sea of people. he pulled you into a small laundry room and pushed you up against a washing machine. your arms rested on the top of the machine, your hips innocently grinding on his hard cock — although, it wasn’t quite as innocent as you had led to believe. “what’s up ‘tsumu?” you questioned, acting clueless. he let out a sharp laugh. “fuck babygirl you know,” his hand wandered down the curve of your ass, “i gotta fuck this pussy right now” you smiled and your eyes look up at him pleading through your eyelashes. “yes please daddy” you bite your lip as your hands pull up your short dress, your bare pussy out. he chuckled breathily at the given pet name and unzipped his jeans. “fucking whore”
Tumblr media
# suna rintaro
♡ < nudes 3 he will send you a video of him moaning your name like almost every day
♡ secretly horny as fuck and will fuck you literally whenever he wants
♡ HAIR PULLINGGGG omg it doesnt matter the length, he will pull it no matter what
♡ doggy is his fav because he can pull your hair and hold your arms back
♡ fucking you in front of the mirror is his fav thing ever because he likes making you watch yourself cum
+ “r-rin- feels so good” you cried, hardly able to hold yourself up from the intensity of suna’s thrusts. “yeah? you’re taking my cock so well arent you?” his fingers laced themselves through your hair before pulling you up harshly so he could whisper in your ear, “you’re such a pretty slut for me” your eyes rolled back, hand going straight for your throbbing clit but he slapped your hand away. he let go of your hair to grab your wrists instead. the position change was deeper than before, a strained moan falling from your lips. “r-rin fuck” you sobbed. he laughed meanly but it was interrupted by a pool of pleasure forming in his stomach. he threw his head back, your fluttering cunt eliciting a low groan. “god you got me fucked up baby”
Tumblr media
# osamu miya
♡ his fav position absolutely loves cowgirl
♡ he likes when you ride him its so cute seeing you struggle to fuck yourself on him
♡ he also rly likes missionary. he’s not vanilla he just likes to see your face twist in pleasure when he puts it in
♡ he likes seeing how much you love getting stretched out by his cock, even if you dont say it
♡ although its not like you could, you already get so fucked out from how big he is
+ “s-samu please” you squealed, crossing you legs in pleasure. his eyes watched your eyelashes flutter and your pretty mouth fall open. “thats it pretty baby,” he bit his lip, tensing up, “so gorgeous like that” he could honestly cum right there and then from just praising you. his thumbed at your poor clit which in turn made you grip his forearm and digging your fingernails into his skin. “s-samu don’t i- please you’re g-gonna make me cum” you sobbed. your back arched to the sound of him moaning loudly at your cunt clenching around him. “come on lovely, cum all over me. you’re doing so good all for me”
Tumblr media
© 2022 sunaslvt. please do not plagiarise, repost or translate any of my works and layouts and do copy onto any other sites.
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sweetdreamlandstuff · 7 months ago
Haikyu men thinking of you while masturbating
NSFW / Minors don’t interact / female reader
Summary: Pretty self-explanatory lol. For Kageyama, Ushijima and Osamu. Hope you enjoy :)
Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4
Tobio Kageyama
Kageyama sits on his couch, watching a volleyball game on TV. Sadly, he isn’t able to fully concentrate on it. His thoughts always start to wander to you; his sisters’ friend. The magnificent woman he just saw leaving to go to a party with his sister. This is bad… He knows it is. He only just met you. But when he laid his eyes on you, he swears, he felt emotions he has never felt before.
He is aware of the fact that his sisters' friends are off limits. Also, you are probably a few years older than him so that would be weird, wouldn’t it? What would you do with a young man like him? “I don’t know her at all, why am I thinking about her. There is nothing to think about…” he tries to reason with himself.
But this doesn’t stop his hand from traveling to his phone, that is laying on the couch next to him. He knows your name so he proceeds to stalk you on your social media. He finds out your age; you are just a year older than him. “Thats all right” he concludes. He looks at the pictures you have posted of yourself. He stops at a recent picture of you. It’s just a selfie, but Kageyama inspects it with such a scrutiny, like he normally would only a volleyball match.
You look straight into the camera, your head is tilted to the side. Your lips are parted just slightly, they look glossy and so soft. What would they- Tobio takes a deep breath. He shakes his head slightly to get rid of his sinful thoughts. He looks at your eyes and can’t help the slight tingle in his stomach from appearing. It’s like you’re staring right at him, seductively. God- just like you have looked at him earlier. He throws his phone away from him like it's poisonous. The back of his head meets the couch as he sighs deeply. You look so cute. You’re so beautiful, magnificent, unbelievably hot. You’re everything. “No no no” he scolds himself “Enough with these thoughts.”
He gathers his strength and tries to redirect his attention back to the match playing on his TV. But he simply can’t. It’s worse after he has stalked you, after he looked at your pictures. His mind is taken up by you, the beautiful friend of his sister.
He wonders what you are doing right now. Are you chatting to someone at the party? Are you dancing with anyone? When these images are coming up in his mind he feels a sting of jealousy.
“Shit” he mumbles to himself. “I shouldn’t think about that. I don’t have a right to be jealous. I should think about other things." And then the image of you in your party outfit pops into his mind. Well, that is certainly positive. He sees the memory of you standing in the apartment, waiting for his sister to be ready. Every little thing his famished eyes drank up off you replays in his head. The mole on your collarbone that your low-cut top exposed to him; the way your tight skirt hugged your tiny waist and curves just so perfectly; your glistening, full lips; your beautiful bright eyes sparkling at him…
And just with this memory of you he can feel a tent in his pants rising. His cock is straining hard against his pants. He doesn’t even notice it at first. He keeps on thinking about you. And the more he thinks about you and your body, the harder it gets, his dick - and his will to restrain himself from touching himself to the thought of you. His head lays on the head rest of his couch. His eyes are closed as he concentrates on the clear image of you in his mind.
He just can’t help to wonder how your lips would feel on his or how your tongue would explore his mouth. He swallows thickly. Or how soft your thighs would feel if his hands would caress them. Or your ass, your beautiful plump ass, if he could only squeeze it, knead it. He sighs deeply and without any willpower left, he pushes his pants down eagerly. His cock springs free, already leaking and twitching, and he grabs it, starting to stroke softly.
A low moan escapes his lips when he imagines that it isn’t his hand, but yours that is wrapped around him. How your soft, dainty hands would look around his hard and big cock. How they would feel dragging up and down his throbbing cock. He drags his fist up and down his cock slowly, pumping into his swollen tip.
Your lips, your plush, soft, glistening lips; how would they feel wrapped around him. Your tongue traveling up and down the base of his dick, you; sucking on his sensitive tip lustfully. Your beautiful eyes staring up at him, as you take him in fully, deep in your throat, succumbing yourself to him. Letting him cum into your mouth as you swallow everything he gives to you.
A quiet grunt escapes his parted lips, his hand dragging along his shaft faster now. He imagines your breathless gasps as he sinks his thick cock into your wet cunt for the first time. Your loud moans and pants as he would quicken his pace, as your walls suck him into you. And before he can picture all his fantasies, all the scenarios he would like you to play out with him, he can feel his release nearing.
His fist squeezes even tighter, pumping faster into his sensitive tip as he cums with a staggered groan and a drawn out moan of your name. His hips jerk into his hands as his cum shoots out of him, dripping down his sensitive dick and balls, painting his hand white. He continuous dragging his hands up and down for a few seconds, the image of your tongue awaiting his cum on his mind.
Osamu Miya
Osamu thinks it’s unfair; completely unfair. You’re his favorite customer. The regular that makes his heart flutter every time he looks up from the counter and sees you entering his shop. He is sure he can already tell when you’re coming, without having to look up. It’s like he has your steps memorized. And your voice. Your beautiful voice; so soft and clear when ordering. When he looks into your eyes he feels like time stops. They suck every reasonable thought out of him, every clear thought. Suddenly he can’t form an onigiri anymore. You come by often. And with every further visit of yours his thoughts get wilder. Until now, he thought he did a good job in suppressing his dirty thoughts about you.
But today he snapped. The reason: You in your skimpy summer dress. It just fits you so well, hugs your body so perfectly. The way your dainty hand brushed against his own shortly, probably unintentionally, when you were paying for your food. The way your short dress rode up your thighs as you set down onto a chair, exposing more of your beautiful skin. How you bit into the onigiri, a soft and quiet moan escaping your lips. He knows it tastes good. If only he could get a taste of you. The way you licked your lips. The way you smiled at him as you said goodbye. Fuck.
He quickly excuses himself to his employee after you have walked out of his shop. He takes long strides towards his office in the back of his shop. He closes the door behind him and sits on his chair. A long sigh falls from his lips, as he hides his face in his hands. This is so wrong, he tells himself. But a part of him doesn’t care. He just can’t help it.
He sighs defeatedly, opening his pants. He can see his dick already straining hard against his boxers. He tugs them down quickly. His cock is already leaking, throbbing, urging to get a release.
He watches his hand wrapping around himself, his thumb dragging over his leaking slit. He has to suppress a quiet whimper. Then he drags his fist up and down his shaft, letting his head fall back. His eyes close as he thinks of you. Images of you come into his mind. Your short dress. The way it hugs your ass so perfectly. You licking your finger, sucking on them softly while looking at him inviting. His pace picks up, his hand now working faster. He imagines you walking over to him, your dainty hands caressing his back reassuringly. You, whispering dirty things into his ear, your plump lips hovering above his earshell.
The way his hands would grab you, pushing you forward. Bending you over the counter, flipping up your dress, revealing to him that you weren’t wearing anything underneath. “Filthy girl” he mutters to himself low-voiced, as his fist continues pumping into his increasingly sensitive tip.
Fuck, your pussy is already dripping for him. The way you would let him fuck you, hard. Your pretty moans, your walls spasming around his dick as you cum for him, his name falling from your lips. He squeezes his cock harder at the thought, feeling his orgasm nearing. He pumps faster and faster until he cums with a deep groan. His pace slows, he shallowly pumps his cock as his cum shoots out of him, painting his hand and cock white. He breathes in deeply “fuuuuck” he mutters, seeing the mess he made - all because of you.
Wakatoshi Ushijima
“Wow she’s beautiful” Ushjima mumbles to himself, as he watches you standing along the other reporters, asking Kageyama a question. He instantly sees all heads in the room moving towards him, eyes fixed on him. He raises his eyebrows “Uh... did the mic just pick that up?” He wonders surprised, although his voice stays steady as ever.
“Uhm yes” a reporter says. Some are nodding their heads, laughing. He can feel a slight blush appearing on his cheeks. His eyes drift back to you - the person his comment was referring to. His blush is nothing compared to yours.
You’re blushing furiously and your mouth is slightly opened out of surprise. You avert his gaze when you catch his eyes. Kageyama saves the situation by answering your question and the moment is forgotten after a while. But Ushijima doesn’t forget it. No.
When he is back in the locker room with his teammates, you’re the only thing that is on his mind. He has been lusting after you since he laid his eyes on you. Your voice is just so beautiful. He could listen to you asking questions for the whole day. He can’t help but wonder how your voice would sound, whispering sweet nothings to him…
He finds himself alone in the shower; his last teammate leaving to discuss the game in the team meeting. “I’ll be right there” Ushijima calls out. He just has to cool down a little.
He lets the stream of the shower head drum onto his sore back. Droplets run down his muscular body, his olive hair clinging onto his forehead. He turns the water more cold, but he can’t help feeling warmth traveling through his body, as the image of you reacting to his compliment pops into his mind again. The way your innocent eyes looked at him so surprised. Those eyes. You’re just too cute. And the way your mouth has hung open. He wants to make you blush like this again. He wants to tease you, to trigger such a reaction again.
He feels heat traveling down to his cock. He sighs, turning the water even colder. But no amount of coldness could wash away his hot thoughts of you. He takes ahold of the shower gel, rubbing his large hands on his abdomen, over his muscular arms, trying to distract himself. But he can’t help wondering how your dainty hands would feel, traveling up and down his body, feeling him up. The way you would look so tiny next to his large frame. The way he his hands would travel over your body.
He sighs, feeling his increasingly hardening cock throbbing at the thought of you. He has to do something about this, he just can’t calm it down. His hand travels down to his dick. He takes it into his hands, gripping on it tightly as his fist starts to pump up and down his shaft. His other hand steadies him on the wall as he looks down at his thick dick in his hand.
He imagines you standing here with him; water streaming down your naked body, making you so wet and slippery. His hands could encompass you, caressing your perfect body thoroughly. His hand continues dragging along the length of his twitching cock, feeling the lust taking completely over his body. The way he could explore your body. His large hands kneading your pretty boobs, your ass. He wonders what your pussy looks like, how you would taste, how wet you would be for him. Fuck. The thought of the taste of your arousal on his tongue elicits him a deep groan.
His fist squeezes his cock tighter, his bicep flexing as he increases his pace. He imagines him kneeling behind you, kneading your ass, spanking you as he eats you out, tasting you, making you cum for him.
He closes his eyes, imagining sinking himself deeply into you; your soaking walls fluttering around him. How your innocent eyes would roll into the back of your head as he thrusts into you, hard and fast - not so innocent anymore.
His eyebrows furrow as he feels his orgasm nearing. His hand focuses on his swollen tip as he pumps faster. He imagines your walls spasming around him, as he cums into you, spilling his semen into you, filling you up. A low grunt escapes his panting mouth as his hips thrust into his fist a few times until his thick cum spills out of him. His hot semen is instantly getting washed away by the stream of water, seeping away, down the drain. He lets go of his thick dick, having to clean his body of his spent. He can't wait to see you again.
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