kingdaddydaichi · 2 days
Your breath hitches every time Osamu drives his cock into your squelching pussy, the lewd noises of your slurping cunt fueling his thrusts. His fists anchor him to the counter on either side of you; your wrists pressed pathetically between your titties as they drag across the stainless-steel surface.
“Fuck, yer fat pussy’s swallowin’ my whole dick, pretty girl,” he growls between clenched teeth. His pretty grey-brown eyes fluttering as they roll back in his head.
He fucks his needy cock into your greedy pussy a few more times before he pulls out and orders you onto your knees in front of him. “Open yer slutty mouth,” he commands. “Get ready to eat m’cum, sweet thing…”
You squeeze your naked tits together as he looks down at you, thick eyebrows knitted as he tugs on his angry cock. Without breaking eye contact, you stick your tongue out and begin flicking it along his dark, leaking slit. That seems to do the trick if the fact that he throws his head back is anything to go by. Wringing his swollen cockhead in his fist, Osamu’s first thread of hot cum ejects onto your waiting face.
“Fuck yeah, I’ma give you the prettiest facial. Keep that fuckin’ mouth open, babe!” His hot cum continues to streak across your face before he dips the twitching tip of his dick into your mouth again. Squeezing one of his nipples between the fingers of one hand, he uses the other to wipe the last dribbles of his orgasm off onto your pliant tongue.
Tumblr media
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meleth03 · 2 days
Miya 4 as things my friends texted Pt.1
Atsumu: Lovely.
Atsumu: I don’t understand a single thing about it, but lovely
Osamu: Alright, up to this evening it was relatively normal. Now it’s all going to hell.
Atsumu: Wanna know the difference between me and Santa Claus?
Atsumu: He only comes once a year
Kiyoomi: I was supposed to do something productive, but the couch is a too-strong magnet
Osamu about something Atsumu said: Considering his trauma and the tentacles, I’m scared he’s talking about a dildo
Kiyoomi: Depression joined the chat
Atsumu, talking about babies: I mean- they’re cute humans
Kiyoomi, looking at a picture of someone with a furry hat covering his whole face: That’s a demon
Osamu: That’s Atsumu
Atsumu: I could write porn with our conversations
Suna: I am leaving to read some smut, have a good day
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iinoruu · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you for the warm welcome here !! 😳 have some msby osamu !!
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anonne77 · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kisses4suna · 5 months
inarizaki players as your bf ! #
☆ featuring. atsumu, osamu, suna, kita, aran (in order)
sorry kita and arans are short, i got lazy 😭 suna’s part is kinda long bc i love him sm
- your relationship with him is definitely the “she fell first but he fell harder” type trope.
- i feel like atsumu’s s/o would definitely be someone smart, like really smart.
- he loves just watching you do your homework, he finds you so pretty when you focus on your work, and he just sits there with his head plopped on top of his crossed arms, staring at you in adoration
- you guys probably first met when you were assigned to be his tutor. his teachers had warned him that if his grades didn’t start improving then he’d be suspended from the volleyball team, this was the only reason he accepted tutoring.
- at first you guys probably didn’t get along, but seeing him look so determined to study just for volleyball actually made him kinda cute.
- after a while, atsumu had realized he’d fallen for you too- maybe because he couldn’t get you out of his head- or maybe because he actually started looking forward for tutoring.
- he finally asked you out after a couple weeks- and surprisingly to him, you said yes !
- now that you two are dating, you better brace yourself. because atsumu is probably VERY clingy.
- he constantly tells you to come over to watch him practice, and sometimes he forgets you have your own life, cause he just wants you by his side 24/7.
- you guys are definitely the friends to lovers trope !
- osamu would definitely want a partner that’s in love with food just as much as he is- he wants someone that can cook, that can bake, and someone that can finally realize that he is his own person. not “atsumu’s twin brother”.
- he first met you probably at the school cafeteria. (ik a lot of people say cafeteria food is bad but i have a feeling that osamu eats that shi upp 😭 he probably begs suna for some of his cafeteria food cause he actually likes it)
- “hey aren’t you a student? why are you serving as a lunch lady”, he asks. now osamu is a lot of things but most of all- he’s pretty observant. if he sees your face once he automatically knows who you are.
- you told him you volunteered cause they needed an extra hand cooking and stuff and thats when his eyes lit up- you were the one who made the cafeteria food actually taste good.
- he asked for your number so maybe you could talk more about different recipes and different foods you could try together.
- you started talking more and became friends. the moment he really fell for you and realized he likes you was when he asked for you to come over, atsumu was on a run and wouldn’t come back till way later so the house was his.
- when you came over you two just talked casually, and when you started cooking with him, you saw a smile on his face that you’ve never seen before.
- after cooking and eating, you two were cleaning up the dishes, you were washing them, while he was drying them.
- “hey i had a lot of fun today.” he said out of nowhere. “yeah me too, we should do this more.” it went quiet after you said that, and you turned to look at him, he looked like he was thinking hard.
- “this is probably a bad time but i just wanna get it over with, i have a crush on you. its fine if you don’t like me back i ju-“
- he couldn’t even finish his sentence, you turned off the faucet and dropped whatever dish was in your hand and just kissed him. it seemed to sudden but it all felt so right.
- you guys started dating a week after that, atsumu was kinda shocked. he knew his brother had a crush on you, but what he didn’t know was that you actually liked him back. atsumu could’ve sworn you were head over heels for him- not osamu, but then again that’s just atsumu’s big ego talking.
- osamu as a boyfriend is definitely chill- but he’s constantly freaking out in the inside, insecure that you’d leave him for his brother, but he’d never tell you about that.
- suna mfing rintarouuu <333333 (could u tell he’s my fav? hfiajshdak)
- brothers best friend trope with him omgggg !! ur probably the “i hate you” gf and he’s the “i love you too” bf
- imagine being the miya twins’ sister and crushing on your brothers’ best friend !! and him crushing on you backkkk ?!!!?!!
- your brother’s definitely dragged you to sign up as manager, and when you got the position you remembered that suna rintarou is also apart of the boys volleyball team.. yeah you have had a crush on him for a while.
- you first met him when your brothers invited him over to your house, you didn’t think much of him at first, sure he was attractive but he was quiet, didn’t say anything to you, just a small wave when you were introduced to him.
- he started to come over frequently, but still said nothing to you- you didn’t mind though. at that time you haven’t formed a crush on him yet.
- it wasn’t till his 7th? visit to your house that he said something to you that wasn’t a “hey” or “excuse me”. the moment was quite embarrassing however.
- you were getting dressed to go to your friends house, when all of a sudden your door opens with suna rintarou just standing there. it takes both of you a whole minute to process the situation and that’s when embarrassment strikes, “oh my god.. im so so so sorry.. uh i was looking for the bathroom, wrong room sorry..”. he seems calm on the outside but on the inside this man is literally going insane. yeah okay maybe he’s thought you’re kinda really cute, but he didn’t know you enough to like you, so what was this ? a small crush i guess.
- “its uh fine..”, that’s when he closes the door and practically tried to erase any memory of whatever the hell just happened. after that moment, you were finally dressed and when you left downstairs you had tapped the back of who you had thought was one of your brothers, “hey im going ou-“ it wasn’t til he turned his head, you noticed that wasn’t in fact one of your brothers- but instead the man who had just seen you in your undergarments a couple minutes ago.
- flustered still from what had happened, you quickly apologized and told him that you thought he was one of your brothers. he excused it. “hey wait, where are my brothers ?“ you asked, “uhh atsumu’s shitting.. and osamu ran to get snacks in the store.” you giggled at him, and started small talk.
- after that you and him constantly had your little small talks every time he’d come over to hang out with your brothers.
- you both kinda developed a crush on each other because of that..
- when he saw you at the gym, he thought you were there just to watch your brothers practice but when he heard you were becoming the new manager- he saw this as an opportunity to get even closer to you.
- this boy broo 😭 constantly flirting with u during practice istgg!!
- he will never do it in front of ur brothers cause for some reason he’s scared of them 😭 ??
- literally gets you flustered any time he can.. like he’ll do that thing where he wipes the sweat by lifting his shirt to show off his abs AHHHHH… and boy does he notice when you look at him .. pls he knows he’s hot and attractive
- this boy is literally WHIPPED for you, even before you two started dating, he did anything to get closer to you. he’d ask to use the bathroom during practice just to end up going to the water fountain where he’ll see you filling up water bottles and ask if you need help!! he’d also block hard spikes on purpose just to get his fingers to get injured so he could go over to you and ask you to tape them. (probably does that on purpose just so you could hold his hand..)
- the moment he asks you out is just out of nowhere. he’s walking you to your class while you tell him about how your day is going, all of a sudden he just stops walking, “anyways my next cla- rintarou? why’d you stop?”, you asked, he begged you to call him by his first name btw. “y/n i like you” he blurted it out of absolutely nowhere. the minute he said that the bell rang and his stupid ass thought you didn’t hear him 😭
- so he pulled you in closer and whispered in your ear, “i like you, a lot, will you let me be your boyfriend.”, you didn’t know what to say, so instead of saying anything you just pulled him in for a long kiss. “yes. duh.”
- dating him is literally SO FUNNN!! he does anything and everything just for you <33
- he’s definitely the type to barge into your class, disrupting the lesson and your teacher just stares at him, “can i help you?” is all she says and he just says, “yeah i just wanted to say hi y/n” its literally so embarrassing but he loves it smm, all of your classmates just go “oohhhhhhh” and you literally whisper “i hate you” even though he can’t hear you, he could read it off your lips.
- he does little shenanigans to try and impress you <333 like he would stuff your locker with little toys and treats and add a note like “meet me in the rooftop pretty ;)”.
- he probably bangs little pebbles against your window in one of your classes, so when you look out the window during class you just see him holding a giant sign thats like, “hi y/n”
- he decided to give hush money to literally the whole school to not tell your brothers you two are dating 😭 and it took your brothers 5 months to find out you and rin are dating, and they only found out when they barged into your room only to find you and suna making out on your bed.
- to say the least- they were not happy about this, and continued to threaten suna (jokingly obvi)
- during the time your brothers didn’t know about your relationship, suna would sneak into your room late at night to cuddle with you, sometimes he’d sleep over and wake up extra early to sneak out of your house, just to not get caught
- this man probably knows about the sidewalk rule !! he is also very hygenic and probably smells like vanilla 24/7 ( i swear i love me a man who actually smells good )
- as a boyfriend he’s probably very clingy, but will never admit it. he just wants to be with you all the time. his love language is probably physical touch and quality time.
- in summary he is very much in love with you and cannot deny it. he is quite perfectly best boyfriend material 😫 <33
- probably childhood friends to lovers !! <333
- you two are like two completely different people 😭 ! kita is more calm and collected, meanwhile you’re a little chaotic and all over the place, but trust me thats what he loves about you!
- you’ve been friends since day one, and probably met cause your moms were good friends, which led to you two meeting at a young age.
- as you two grew older, you stayed friends and you often visited him at his grandma’s, you helped kita and his grandma doing chores. you were pretty clumsy to say the least and you always apologized for it. you’d think that kita was mad about it but he thought it was cute how clumsy you were.
- you both matured throughout time and ended up going to the same schools. it wasn’t till your third year of high school that he finally confessed to you at graduation. it took him so long cause he was VERY nervous- but with the help of his volleyball team, they pushed him to confess to you!
- dating kita shinsuke is an absolute dream come true!! this man will do anything in his power to make you happy.
- i just know that he uses all 5 love languages <33 and especially acts of service and words of affirmation! he constantly reminds you of how much he loves and adores you, and uses the smallest things to remind you that too, like massaging your back after a long day, buying your favorite flowers even if theres no occasion, and overall making you happy.
- aran omfgbsjhdbs he is so fine oml
- i feel like you guys would def be that friends w benefit shit
- you’re ALWAYSSS flirting but whenever people ask u if you’re dating you’re just like “whatttt??? nahhh we’re just best friends, nothing more!”
- i swear to god “friends” my ass BECAUSE YOU TWO ACT LIKE YOU’VE BEEN DATING FOR YEARS !!
- you’d literally drink out of the same cups, cuddle n shit, make playlists for each other and all that couple stuff !!
- every time you guys say you aren’t dating it hurts both of you a little bit. its so clear that you both have feelings for each other, but not one of you dare say anything!!
- the only way you two started to admit feelings was when atsumu got so pissed at the whole “we’re just friends” shit that he accidentally let it slip, “y/n god how stupid can you be?!!?! aran literally LOVESSS YOU.” it didn’t take you long to run over to where he was.
- “y/n do you need someth-“ you cut him off just by saying “be my boyfriend” and thats when he placed his hand on the back of your head, pulling you in for a kiss.
- you guys automatically started dating and let me just say that this man has to be second best boyfriend material next to suna he literally worships you. like he would kiss on the ground you walk on.
- he is so in love w you, like you can’t tell me otherwise.
- tbh your dynamic with him didn’t change, only because you guys acted like you were dating before you did !!
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pecan-pi · 5 months
Tumblr media
pov onigiri miya sponsors a beach volleyball tournament
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tsukina · 6 months
hate sex with miya osamu — mdni
prompt: you hate miya osamu, and he will do anything to make you change your mind. whether it’s with his charm, with his food, or with his cock.
cw; smut [mdni], afab!reader, 1.2k, unedited (forever tbh)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
many people loved miya osamu.
they loved his mellow personality, the way his chest formed within his tight shirt, but mostly his food. if you were to ask any of his regulars, or close friends, they’d all agree. he was a thoughtful, intelligent man.
you however, disagreed.
because miya osamu didn’t charm you with his fake smile whenever you had passed each other, and sometimes you wondered if you preferred the presence of his twin more. in fact, it was a no-brainer for you. he was a performative asshole, and nobody could change your mind.
not the beautifully made onigiri, or the snarky comments that fit anyones humor. not his small glances full of lust, or the soft touches against your arm. you despised him, and he knew that.
and maybe that’s why he was so set on winning you over, but it was to no avail. because whenever he tried to give you a look to have that spark of connection through eye contact, or when he made a small joke he knew you would find funny just to hear you laugh, you never gave in.
so, osamu knew you hated him, and naturally, he hated you too.
and with hatred, comes intense feelings. soon enough, it wasn’t just ignoring each other that fueled the nasty taste he left in your mouth, because eventually you’d become vocal with your venom laced words. it wasn’t planned, it was purely his fault for provoking you — and you were determined to finish what he had started.
“incompetent bitch” his words struck you as you were walking past, the turn of your heel was almost immediate.
“incompetent?” your words came out smooth, “that’s actually the exact words your ex-girlfriend used when describing you in bed.”
of course you didn’t know his ex, but it was a small town and for a second he actually believed you. with a villainous chuckle before walking away, it was clear it wasn’t true. but, he couldn’t help but smirk at your feisty comeback.
see, miya osamu originally wanted to win you over because he couldn’t help but feel smitten by the way you smiled or laughed at anything said that wasn’t from him, but now he wanted nothing more than to make you eat your own words.
as much as you wanted to avoid the man, you couldn’t. living right next to his only shop made it inevitable, but the more you passed his door watching his gaze against your body or the way he’d subtly lick his lips, part of you didn’t want to try to avoid him at all.
but, you hated miya osamu. and he hated you.
you hated him so much that you decided to visit his store one day, only to ask him his suggestions, and to order something else. his facials irked, a vein popping against his forehead as he maintained his service voice, proceeding to tell you the total.
however, you never planned on actually buying the food, just to waste his time.
“oh, i must have forgotten my card! sorry, nevermind!” wearing a plastic smile, you watched successfully as his lips grew larger in irritation.
turning around with a shit-eating grin, you had won. there was no way for him to be able to top it, and the unexplained rivalry had hit its peak. but you had spoken too soon as his grip held your wrist, pulling you back roughly and against his chest. he hadn’t planned for you to fall into him, but unlike you, he wasn’t complaining.
“wait—” you crashed into him, his face held a new mischievous look, “miya, let go.”
“i know another way you could pay.”
and before you knew it, his lips were on yours. if you had known walking in to tease the man would end up with him ushering you into his office to put you face first on his desk, you may have through this more through.
his hand carded through your hair, kissing you sloppily from behind against your neck as if you were his next meal. groping your tits with the other as you grind up against him, buckling at the way his deep moan was played perfectly against your ear.
it was spontaneous as moments prior he locked the front door, flipping the open sign to closed, yet seemed planned. his hard grew against you as he fumbled with your pants, smacking loudly against your tender skin the moment they were discarded.
the sight of your ass, so submissive as you both ignored each other’s faces, had him palming himself through his pants. the belt he wore thrown onto the floor immediately, his words coming out with a huff, “i fucking hate you, yeah?”
“prove it.”
the fire in his abdomen grew as you peered over his shoulder, silently telling him to hurry up with your gaze. he softly chuckled, rubbing your inner thigh while his fingers grazed your clit. a small whine left your lips as your knees felt weak against his touch, the staining of the cloth becoming evident.
he pushed them aside as his hand began to fuck you, your walls tightening against him with a soft cry.
“already so wet,” he mumbled as he licked his fingers, “pretty impatient for a dick you find incompetent.”
removing his cock fully, his hand played with his shaft as he continued to admire the show. placing the tip against your folds, he let out a groan, “fuck, baby,”
his hands gripped your hips tightly, surely enough to leave a bruise, as he watched his length disappear in you with each thrust.
you held your mouth to suppress your gasps that would only feed his ego, but the arch of your back told him enough. twitching inside you, his hips rocked back and forth, moving the table entirely. he pulled your hair, purring in your neck as he left small kisses, giving nothing but mixed signals as he fucked you from behind.
“just like that,” he whispered as you lifted a leg onto the desk, giving him more room, “good girl.”
his finger played with your clit as you folded into him, making circles at just the right pace to build up your orgasm as he continuously hit your sweet spot with his hard.
“you’re pathetic.”
your words gained a raspy laugh on his end, the roughness of his hand increasing to please you. his body against yours filled you with intense pleasure as your eyes rolling back, your walls contracting against him, gushing all your beautiful liquids onto him.
the spasm had him jerking harder in you, one last thrust before letting you milk him completely. breathy words of affirmation were said as you closed your eyes, relaxing against his hold that now wrapped around your waist. his vision blurred as he held you tight, kissing against you as he rested sensitive in your cunt.
many people loved miya osamu, and as his cock found home in you, you still couldn’t help but wonder why exactly everyone was so fond of him. his brother was cuter and his food was mediocre; but his hold was loving, his lips were soft, and his words were addictive, as if he had been planning this moment since the very beginning. and maybe you were subconsciously all along too, but you hated him, and he hated you.
your eyes met, he was longing for confirmation. with an infatuated stare, you placed your head against his.
“i’ve had better.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sugawarassoulmate · 5 months
and i can be needy, way too damn needy
Tumblr media
“oh, didn’t like what i had to say?” she must have noticed your reaction, feeding off your palpable anxiety. “both of them feel that way, you know. they only really hang out with you because your mothers are good friends. you think they would give you the time of day if they had a choice?”
atsumu too? no, that couldn’t be true. he’s always been your best friend. yeah, your moms were close and it was easy to go to their house after school while your parents were working, but atsumu’s smile always grew wide whenever you walked through the door. surely all of that had been genuine?
“that’s a lie…” you mumble, wishing for once you could find the strength to stick up for yourself. this doesn’t feel the same as when osamu teases you, that’s something you can navigate. this is uncharted territory. never has anyone else been so callous towards you. usually because one of the boys was there to step in—atsumu to offer a kind word and osamu to throw a punch or two.
but maybe that was the problem. maybe they didn’t want to waste their time saving you anymore.
Tumblr media
this really wasn't meant to turn into anything! i've had this doc sitting on my computer for months thinking nothing was gonna come from it, but you guys really liked the snippet i shared so here it is.
if you were expecting a big confrontation between osamu's girlfriend and reader, sorry! my crybaby doesn't play that way but she does get her comeuppance 👀
also there wasn't going to be any smut in this fic but.......osamu's hot LOL
words: 3.8k
cw: fem!reader, insecurity, name-calling, fingering, jealousy, possessiveness, infidelity mention, minors dni
disclaimer: on this blog, we discuss and explore toxic relationships/situations/ just because i write about these themes does not mean i condone/support these types of relationships nor do i do them in my own personal life.
these are fictional characters in fictional scenarios and nobody should be taking real-life advice or mirror the actions of the characters in these stories!
Tumblr media
You walked into the kitchen expecting to see Osamu with his head in the fridge as usual. Instead, you found something worse, his girlfriend leaning on the counter. A scowl on her face as soon as she locks eyes with you. It’s the first time you’ve ever been alone with her, without Osamu there to make a mean comment at your expense that makes her laugh sweetly, “Baby, you’re being so rude!” she’d say in her shrill voice.
But there’s none of that in her face at the moment. She crosses her arms, eyebrows furrowed as she gets a good look at you. “Of course, you’re here too,” she says, attempting to grumble under her breath but it’s definitely loud enough for you to hear.
You don’t really want to know what she meant, mumbling an apology in her direction before trying to shuffle past her to the stairs. She’s quicker than you, though, blocking your path and almost tripping you in the process. “What the hell are you doing here?” She gets in your face, demanding an answer. It’s only when she’s so close that you take in how pretty she actually is: full, pouty lips, a high arch in her eyebrows, sharp cheekbones, a straight nose.
She didn’t look like the kind of girl Osamu dated, but you figured that wasn’t a fair assumption for you to make. You didn’t really know what kind of girls Osamu liked. Whenever his brother brought the topic up, it usually ended with a punch to the gut.
“Atsumu and I have plans,” you said, hoping she’d leave you alone. She purses her lips, seemingly not satisfied with your response. “Could you—”
“Do you not have friends of your own? You’re always tagging along with the twins, aren’t you embarrassed?” her features twist into a smile, one of ridicule. You’re not sure how to respond, mouth clamping up as you hope for someone to come downstairs and save you. But you’re not that lucky and your silence only pisses her off even more. “Not even going to defend yourself? Samu’s right, you’re hopeless!”
Hopeless? Had Osamu said that about you? He’s said worse things to your face, sure, but never once did you think he spoke about you behind your back. Did he talk about you to her? Complain about you? Of course, you weren’t his favorite person in the world but did he actually feel that way?
You could feel your stomach churning, a bitter taste bubbling in the back of your throat. You had to get out of there, but your legs wouldn’t move. “Oh, didn’t like what I had to say?” she must have noticed your reaction, feeding off your palpable anxiety. “Both of them feel that way, you know. They only really hang out with you because your mothers are good friends. You think they would give you the time of day if they had a choice?”
Atsumu too? No, that couldn’t be true. He’s always been your best friend. Yeah, your moms were close and it was easy to go to their house after school while your parents were working, but Atsumu’s smile always grew wide whenever you walked through the door. Surely all of that had been genuine?
“That’s a lie…” you mumble, wishing for once you could find the strength to stick up for yourself. This doesn’t feel the same as when Osamu teases you, that’s something you can navigate. This is uncharted territory. Never has anyone else been so callous towards you. Usually because one of the boys was there to step in—Atsumu to offer a kind word and Osamu to throw a punch or two.
But maybe that was the problem. Maybe they didn’t want to waste their time saving you anymore.
“Please, do you think they’d say it to your face? To the crybaby that lives next door? They don’t want to hurt your feelings but someone needs to give you a reality check.”
“You don’t know anything about me,” you snap back, feeling the tightness in your chest. Even when Osamu was giving you his worst, he never made you feel so small.
She laughs humorlessly, taking a step forward into your personal space and leaning down. It feels so humiliating. “I know enough,” she claims. “Every time I’m with my boyfriend, he never shuts up about you. What makes you so damn special? Maybe he wouldn’t bitch about you so much if you just fucked off and found friends of your own.”
You wanted to tell her it wasn’t true. That you knew more about the twins than she did, but all the energy you had left disappeared. And, in turn, her words started playing in your head over and over. Maybe it was true. Maybe your friendship with the twins had run its course—or rather your friendship with one of them did. Osamu had never been your friend before, had he?
Right on cue, the tears started running down your face. You could imagine how red and distorted your face had become, your nose becoming runny and mouth growing dry. You’re rushing out of the room before she could say anything else, running towards your house and slamming the door behind you. 
It’s only when you’re finally alone that you allow your sobs to get loud, to feel all your insecurities pouring out into the open. And it’s just so pitiful that your first reaction is to run to Atsumu and point out the person who made you feel this way. What’s most surprising is that, for once, it wasn’t his brother who was at fault. Not even Osamu could make you cry this much.
Your phone starts buzzing every few seconds and through tears, you read out the notifications on the screen.
From: ☀️tsumu☀️: did ya get here yet?
From: ☀️tsumu☀️: thought i heard the front door..
You want to reach out to him, to both of them. But you can’t even bother with a reply. Instead, you turn your phone off, and let your tears flow some more.
You’ve never avoided both of the twins before, but you couldn’t face them after that conversation. It was hard at first, having both of the boys blow up your phone for most of the day was pretty normal. The three of you were always together, whether at each other’s houses, going out, or running errands together. If that wasn’t the case, you’d be on the phone with one of them, usually Atsumu, for hours.
But for the first time, you haven’t been giving either of them your attention—you turned off notifications on your phone, started waking up an hour earlier so you wouldn’t have to walk with them, and you told your parents not to answer their calls.
“Did you get into a fight?” your mother had said. “What did Osamu do this time?” But you didn’t really have an explanation, the real story being far more embarrassing than anything else. 
At school, it was harder to steer clear of them. You didn’t share many classes but you ended up moving your seat in the few you did, ducking out of the room as soon as the bell rang to avoid having to talk to them. Thankfully, volleyball kept them busy and limited your interactions.
There was one incident in the cafeteria where you nearly broke your-self isolation.
It was easy for Atsumu to find you in a crowded room, locking eyes with you across the cafeteria. The boys were there with Suna and Ginjima talking amongst themselves and being rowdy as usual. Atsumu waved in your direction, beckoning for you to sit with them and you nearly did. Until you saw her cuddled up to Osamu’s side, a disapproving look on her face.
Osamu’s face didn’t look that pleasant either. “Maybe he wouldn’t bitch about you so much if you just fucked off and found friends of your own…”
Suddenly feeling nauseous, you turned your back on the table. Grabbing your food, you make your way towards the roof and eat there. You could usually be alone up there, without being a bother to anyone else.
“Did Osamu do something to you?” Suna asked one day when you were in the library. It was safe to study there—the boys had been banned in their first year after one too many fights. Suna sat across from you, an unreadable look on his face as he watched you take notes. “You haven’t come to practice in a week.”
You figured there was no use in avoiding him and continued to keep doing work. “Why does everyone think he did something?”
“Something had to have happened. Tweedledee and Tweedledum said you haven’t spoken to them in a while,” he leans back in his chair with his feet up on the table. Even during the worst moments with Osamu, you’d still end up getting dragged to practice somehow. “They’ve been fighting a lot more than usual. Kinda annoying, honestly…”
That didn’t do much to quell your anxiety. It was always nasty when the boys fought but the idea of sitting in the bleachers with her after what she said made you queasy. Maybe it had nothing to do with you. The twins fighting wasn’t out of the ordinary, what made you so special?
“I’m really busy with school, okay?” you motion towards the mess of papers on the table you’re working at. But Suna looks unconvinced, probably thinking back to all the times you’ve either done homework or studied while watching the team practice. “Just don’t tell them that you spoke to me, please?” 
One thing you love about Suna is that he doesn’t pry. If you’re not ready to talk about something, he’ll hold off on asking questions. “Fine,” he sighs, getting up. “Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve got it figured out. But do something quick, ‘cause I don’t know how much patience Kita has left.”
You can’t explain the uneasiness in your gut while watching Suna leave the room. He was wrong, you didn’t have it figured out. There wasn’t a plan or an end goal in mind. But you couldn’t face the boys just yet. And, honestly, whatever was going on would figure itself out with or without you.
“No, no, no, no…” you groan to yourself fishing through your backpack for the tenth time, hoping your keys would somehow magically appear. There was a torrential downpour outside and your parents weren’t home or answering their phones. Like an idiot, you forgot your keys and certainly didn’t have an umbrella, your soaked uniform sticking to you, your body freezing and shivering.
The only people who had spare keys were the twins and their mother. “For emergencies,” said your own mother so long ago but they were never actually used for emergencies. All too often, the boys would barge into your home for snacks or drinks, but mostly for you. They’d pluck you from your bedroom—it didn’t matter if you were studying or sleeping, really—and drag you back to their house to watch a movie or settle an argument.
You asked your mother to tell them you weren't home or hid out in the library until it was too late for them to show up at your front door. But now, you were royally fucked and were running out of options. “Please be here…” you cried, wishing for your keys to end up in your hand.
“Are ya stupid? Yer gonna catch yer fuckin’ death out here!” It wasn’t hard to figure out who the voice belonged to. Osamu stormed to the front of your house, pissed off as he shoved you under his umbrella. “The fuck ya standin’ here for? Yer practically blue!”
You didn’t have the energy to argue or come up with some excuse to distance yourself from him. Not when your crybaby tears were threatening to come back again. “I don’t have my keys,” you sobbed, feeling cold and pathetic.
Osamu grabs you by the sleeve and hauled you next door to his house, cursing with every wet stomp of his feet. You’re pushed through the front entrance, already forming a puddle on the floor. The shoes by the door let you know their mother isn’t home either.
“Dude! Ya were right behind me, what took ya so long—” Atsumu stops dead in his tracks when he spots you, an unreadable emotion on his face but he’s quick to go into protective mode, running towards you and his brother. “What—”
“She forgot her fuckin’ keys,” Osamu grouches, sticking the umbrella in a stand near the door. He turns to you, looking as if he wants to bite your head off. “Go upstairs and take a hot shower. We’ll get ya clean clothes.”
“Aren’t you embarrassed?” her words are in your head again. The twins need to take care of you yet again because you’re too stupid to remember to carry a fucking key. “I just need my—”
“I don’t remember askin’ ya,” Osamu says, pushing you in the direction of their bathroom. “Go.” Your eyes flick to Atsumu but he’s in agreement with his twin. Embarrassed, you start heading upstairs, wishing for all of this to be over.
The boys left clean clothes for you outside the bathroom door after your shower. As expected, the shirt and pajama bottoms were much bigger, completely drowning you. Your wet clothes were thrown in the laundry room to be washed and dried. You’re too nervous to go into the living room and face them, but hiding upstairs would only make the situation worse.
You decide to just rip the band-aid. 
Wringing the rest of the water with your towel, you walk in to see the boys talking amongst themselves. They stop when you enter the room, Atsumu looking apologetic as he leaves room on the couch for you to sit. A cup of tea sits on the coffee table, likely made by Osamu and you’re certain his anger would only get worse if you refuse.
It doesn’t take very long for Osamu to start interrogating you as soon as you sit down. “Why the fuck didn’t ya come here sooner?” he stands in front of you and his brother, grey eyes shooting daggers at yours. 
“I thought I had them,” you lied, letting the cup warm your still cold hands. “I just didn’t want to bother you.”
“But why would ya think yer a bother?” This time Atsumu spoke, his hand reaching out to rub your shoulder. You appreciated the extra warmth. “Better yet, where have ya been lately? Ya stopped talkin’ to us out of nowhere.” You don’t miss the way his eyes glance over at Osamu. He probably thinks it’s his fault too.
“You think they would give you the time of day if they had a choice?” You’re so fed up at this point that her name falls from your mouth before you could stop yourself. Osamu quirks his brow, probably wondering what she has to do with any of this.
So you tell them—You mention all the nasty things she said to you, the cruel looks she’d shoot your way at school, and how you felt too stupid to tell them because a part of you really wondered if it was true. By the time you’re done, there are a few stray tears running down your face that you didn’t notice at first. A frustrated crybaby to the very end, you’re nothing if not consistent.
They’re both angry now, eyes locked with one another. “Did ya know about this?” Atsumu’s tone was accusatory.
“Of course I fuckin’ didn’t, why didn’t ya tell me?” Osamu asked, looking at you, but his brother is quick to come to your defense.
“It doesn’t matter when she told us, what matters is that it was yer girlfriend that said that shit to her.” He snaps, pulling you closer to his frame to soothe you. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Osamu, tongue poking his cheek. “What’re ya gonna do about it, Samu?”
The younger twin rolls his eyes takes a deep breath and walks out the room, choosing not to start a yelling match for once. Once you are alone, Atsumu wraps you in his arms for a hug.  “Please don’t disappear like that on us again,” he says, refusing to let go. “I won’t be so nice next time.” You can hear the dumb grin on his face. You’ve missed him, both of them. Atsumu makes sure you finish the rest of your tea before walking off to set up the futon for you—he suggested you spend the night and didn’t take no for an answer. 
You’re folding your uniform a few hours later after taking it out of the dryer. It should probably be ironed before you could wear it again but, thankfully, there’s no school tomorrow. While you’re there, you decide to fold the rest of the clean clothes there as well, knowing the boys’ mother would appreciate it.
 The sweet silence was broken with Osamu’s heavy steps coming downstairs, screaming into his phone, unaware that you’re also in the room. “I don’t wanna hear it and don’t even think about comin’ here and gettin’ yer shit,” From all the years of knowing him, you’ve never heard his voice get like that. Even when he and Atsumu were fighting and he’s certainly never yelled at you like that.
“Get one of yer stupid friends to pick it up from Atsumu or Suna or I’m throwin’ it the fuck out. I’m blockin’ yer ass after that. Fuck off.” He hangs up without another word and that’s when he catches you kneeling in front of the dryer with piles of folded clothes. His face doesn’t soften as he gets down on your level, eyes scanning your form. “That’s Tsumu’s shirt…”
Staring down at the much too big shirt, you now realize that he’s right. You hadn’t really considered which of their shirts the boys gave since you were more concerned with having warm clothes than anything else. “I just grabbed whatever was there—” Osamu’s quick movements take you by surprise. Next thing you know, he has you pinned to the floor, hovering over you. It rattles you at first, but Osamu’s always been known to push you around whenever he felt like it. “Samu—”
“Don’t keep secrets from me. Ya should’ve told me as soon as she said that shit.” His knee is between your legs and you wonder if his intentions are pure. All of your clothes were soaked from the storm and all Osamu had to do to get to your more intimate parts was wander his hands just slightly underneath your shirt. It had been a while since he did anything like that. Osamu was loyal to the girls he dated. At least you think. So many times he’s trapped you for a quick kiss when nobody else was in the room, it’s possible that you had overlapped with his relationships a few times. 
Maybe that’s why she hated you so much.
“If any of that bullshit was true,” Osamu continues, noticing the apprehension on your face. “I wouldn’t put up with yer sensitive ass.” 
“I’m sorry…” you mumbled, fingers twisting between the fabric of your shirt. You felt stupid, letting your own insecurities and her words get to your head when you know none of them to be true. With all the years you’ve known them, you should have given the boys more credit. “I missed you.”
Finally, Osamu’s face relaxes. At this point, you wonder if he was actually upset with you this whole time, or with himself since it was his ex-girlfriend who had said caused all this. He leans in, pressing his lips to yours. It’s overwhelming, like all his kisses and it feels wrong to be so close just moments after he broke up with her, but it doesn’t stop you from deepening it.
“Such a pretty little crybaby, don’t know why I even bother with anyone else,” his voice is thick while his hands tug at your clothes. “Take this off. I’ll give ya my shirt in a bit, just lemme see ya.”
The sensation of your breasts being exposed to the cold laundry room to Osamu’s warm mouth wrapping itself around your nipple. A sharp whine leaves your lips but you stifle it, remembering that Atsumu is still upstairs. Osamu bites down on the sensitive bud, as one of his hands reaches past the sweats you had on, groaning when he realizes you aren’t wearing underwear.
Two of Osamu’s fingers plunge into your cunt without warning. It gets harder and harder to muffle your noises, eyes welling up with tears. “Wanna hear yer pretty noises, dummy. Been hidin’ from me too fuckin’ long. I deserve ‘em,” he growls, biting down hard on your breast just to force a high-pitched cry from you.
You pray that Atsumu is in his room. The thought of anyone seeing you in such a compromising position—half-naked and humping against Osamu’s hand—would be so humiliating but it has you whining and moaning even more.
“Can feel yer pussy clenchin’ around my fingers. Gonna make ya cum on the fuckin’ floor like a slut,” You can hear how wet you are, juices flowing down Osamu’s hand and it’s becoming too much. His thumb circles your clit as his fingers speed up. You pull him in for a kiss, burying your cries into his mouth. “Cum fer me, stupid girl. Missed this pretty pussy, need ya to cum.”
By the time he adds a third finger, you’re already too far gone. With a final, exasperated sob, you cum around Osamu’s hand. He stares, mesmerized by how sensitive your cunt is when he pulls his fingers out, your essence catching the light. 
Your brain is too fuzzy to notice Osamu wiping his hand with Atsumu’s shirt, too busy trying to stop your legs from twitching. “Samu…”
“Don’t start yer whinin’, I’ll clean ya up,” he warns, grabbing a clean t-shirt to put on you. It’s one of his, of course. “Much better.”
“Don’t mind her, y/n,” Suna says after following your line of vision. The two of you were sitting at your regular lunch table a few days later when you felt someone staring daggers at you. Sure enough, there was Osamu’s ex looking back. Her usually pretty face now red and puffy. As horrible as she was, you still feel bad.
“Don’t mind who?” Atsumu asks as he and his brother join you after getting their food. Osamu feels your body tense up and is swift to see the reason why. Watching his eyes meet with hers brings back that unpleasant sinking feeling in your stomach for some reason.
But Osamu is quick to look away, an arm wrapping around his waist as he offers you some of his food. You sneak a brief glance back at her, just in time to see her storm out of the cafeteria.
It shouldn’t make you smile, but it does.
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2022 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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kyopmi · 3 months
miya osamu breathes out a small “hi” every single time he meets you.
it's the same “hi” he blurted out when he accidentally ran into you when he was trying to exit a coffee shop while you were about to enter (followed by a stuttered-out apology). the same breathless “hi” when he, after finally picking up the courage to ask you out, first laid eyes on you on your first date and was immediately smitten (and he still is). the same “hi” where you can hear the excitement in his voice whenever you stop by onigiri miya and effectively brighten up his day. the same tender “hi” he greets you with when you arrive at his apartment for stay-in dates, right before he's tugging you closer and capturing your lips in his in a sweet kiss. the same “hi” he whispers like a secret when you finally join him in bed and he's gathering you up in his arms to cuddle you to sleep, ensuring only good dreams will visit him.
maybe it's become a silly little habit that gradually smooths over the course of your relationship, but a small part of osamu knows it's because he never wants to say “bye” to you.
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Tumblr media
there now i cant be bullied for yellow on white. it was like that cause it was originally going to be put on the hands but ended up being placed under them. i saw that it looked dumb but didnt want to risk changing it and losing all the likes. idk why this of all my posts blew up but thank you all. and no i didnt forget about aku and atsushi. theres only so many hands i could spare. and i only wanted one person from each ship on an arm. if i put aku down it would be uneven and two people would be on one arm.
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miifay · 29 days
Tumblr media
shelter 🌧
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the-haikyuu-trash · 1 month
Tumblr media
m. osamu || tranquillity
summary : in which (Name) throw curses at Osamu Miya for being the reason she’s in pain.
tags : pregnancy labor, (name) pushing out the baby, soft fluff, mentions of sex, cursing and crying, (name) being an absolute menace
a/n: don’t ask me why i created this, idk why, i dont have baby fever ok i just find it hilarious on tiktok when the wives are saying the most out of pocket words when delivering a baby 😭 anyways quick one shot because I haven’t written anything
Tumblr media
Fat tears were strolling down (Name)’s cheeks and nothing hurts more for Osamu Miya to know he’s the reason for her pain.
“You did this to me!” (Name) screamed in pain, her hand curling around Osamu’s large one, trying to comfort his wife in labor, ignoring her iron grip that could tear out his hand away from his body, trying hard to supress the pain appearing in his features because (Name)’s obviously having it worse. Yes, she’s pushing that baby with all her might, trying not to dissapoint the doctors who’s helping her trying to get her baby out of her.
“You’re doing amazing, my love.” Osamu whispered, eyes looking at his wife’s feature, even she looks like a messy teenager who got her first heartbreak in seventh grade, she’s still so breathtaking especially she’s the one who carried his kids. Alas, even with words of encouragement, he married a dragon.
“Fuck you, Osamu! We’re never having sex again!” Another whimpered was dragged out to her lips, more fresh tears coming out. “Oh my God, this baby better be cute!”
“I can see the hair—!” The nurse exclaimed but (Name) was quick to retort. “I don’t care! Get her out, I don’t think I can do this anymore—“ another scream of pain shot out through the room. Yes, that’s the woman he married that he can’t help but smile at her lovingly, he wonders if their baby would look like him or her, but he hopes the baby would look like her mother, (Name)’s beauty is a timeless one that he wants their baby to have one, she could get his personality and torment her uncle Atsumu, that would be quite a sight. “Osamu, holy shit you better make me food after all this.”
“We’re about to meet our baby! Few more push, love, you can do it.”
Soon, a small cry could be heard and (Name) slumped down on the bed, exhaustion finally taking over her body. “I’m so proud of you.” Osamu said, his lips pressing her knuckles and (Name) finally calmed down, a tired but small smile graced her lips when she spotted the nurse placing the baby between her chest, she feels so small.
A peaceful feeling bloomed on his chest, seeing his daughter and wife, his family completed, he couldn’t help but fall in love again and harder for Miya (Name) who made his dreams come true, and he promised— all of her hardwork, he will make it up for them. His eyes searched for hers and she looked back at his grey ones with the familliar warmth and love, her hand never letting go of his.
“Look at her, she’s so beautiful.” Osamu whispers and (Name) hummed, eyelids growing heavy. “And heavy too, must got it from you.”
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adoringhaikyuu · 4 months
can u do the “wearing a men size sweater n they think ure cheating” with suna iwaizumi osamu n atsumu?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: iwaizumi + osamu + suna + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: i've been meaning to do another long hc again, it's been a while. i already did atsumu in part one! + iwa's is set in a college au but they are all adults in every one!
part one | part two | part three
Tumblr media
honestly blame oikawa sfdgfhjk
he really didn't mean any harm by it, he was just being annoying as usual, but in a lighthearted way you know
he made a comment to an already stressed iwa and that's just a recipe for disaster
"you know iwa-chan," oikawa choosed to ignore the glare his friend sent his way, continuing to pester him with a sing-songy voice. "i think it's unfair how you don't let me wear your sweatshirts, but let y/n do." he tilted his head, "although, i'm sure they probably look way better in it than you do."
iwaizumi was about to smack his friend on the back of his head when he paused, hand in the air, confusing him.
he cringed, dramatically waiting for the impact. "if you're gonna hit me just do it already...i'm not a fan of the suspense, iwa."
iwaizumi frowned deeply, dropping his hand, weirdly scaring the other boy even more. "what are you talking about? i didn't give..."
instead of giving oikawa a chance to even react, he stormed off to find you, an uneasy, dark feeling growing in the pit of his stomach when he found you talking to some guy outside your class. luckily, you both had class in the same building today so it was easy to find you.
he stood there for a moment, just watching you, taking you in. you looked cute, but that pissed him off even more, and lit a fire on the spark of insecurity in the pit of his stomach.
were you cold? was that it? if so, then why didn't you ask him for his sweater? did you think he would say no? was he a bad boyfriend?
he was so caught up that he didn't even realize you were walking up to him, a sweet smile on your face. you grabbed his hand gently, your smile turning a bit more curious when you realized he hadn't noticed you approach him.
"hey haji." you squeezed his hand, "you okay?"
he blinked, his tense body immediately loosening up at your presence, but when he looked down at your clothing again, he frowned.
your brows furrowed. "what's wrong?"
he kept his eyes on your sweater. "you and that guy are pretty close huh?"
you looked even more confused for a moment before it clicked. "oh you mean that guy from my class? i mean..." you paused, thinking back to your interactions, trying to determine if you would consider you guys as close, but your boyfriend only took your silence as confirmation for his insecurity induced delusions. "no, not really."
his lips stretched into a smile that looked more like a grimace before dropping less than a second later. "then when'd he give you this?"
you tilted your head, "give me what?"
he pressed his tongue to the side of his cheek, his tell that he was pissed off, which only confused you further. he looked into your eyes, glanced back to your sweater and back to your eyes again.
you looked down as well, the confusion clear on your face as you looked back up at him, a feeling of unease sprouting inside you. "he didn't give me this?" your response came out more like a question and iwaizumi raised a brow and crossed his arms.
"well i didn't."
you looked at him plainly, "you know i have money of my own, right? i bought this myself." you crossed your arms as well, feeling defensive. "why on earth would he have gotten this for me?"
his mouth suddenly felt dry, and guilt washed over him. "i..." he sighed, letting his eyes close. you then realized how stressed and worked up he seemed. "i'm sorry. i was being a dumbass."
you stepped forward, a knowing, worrying look in your eyes as you placed a gentle hand on his arm. "haji you can't keep stressing yourself out like this with no breaks, you know the irrational part of your brain feeds you crazy information when you're like this."
his shoulders sagged embarrassingly as he grunted out a response. "i know."
you narrowed your eyes, "you're lucky i'm more understanding than most. if not i wouldn't have forgiven what you just accused me of."
he looked at you with guilty eyes, pulling you in for a hug by your waist and burying his face in the crook of your neck. "i'm sorry, baby." he mumbled against your sweater, gripping you tight.
you rolled your eyes fondly, patting his back. "yeah yeah. let's go. you need a nap."
Tumblr media
honestly your relationship was fairly new
and he'd rather die than let him know, but atsumu's teasing jokes about his twin needing to hold you tight so you don't go find someone else better did get to him
and he was tired, he'd had a long day at the restaurant
you were meeting up with him for a late dinner after he closed up the restaurant for the night. nothing special, just a quiet evening for the two of you. you got there a little earlier just cause you were excited to see him, honestly. when you reached the door, you nearly bumped into a man walking in at the same time, the both of you too distracted to notice one another.
you both laughed it off and he opened the door for you, letting you walk in first. you just assumed he was being kind, but nothing more.
unfortunately, from osamu's perspective, the two of you looked very familiar with each other. a million thoughts started running through his head unwillingly, his gaze frozen on you smiling up at this man he'd never seen before. his heart dropped when he noticed the sweater you were wearing. it looked like it could fit the man next to you.
had you really already met someone better? but why would you bring him here? to end things?
you and the man continued to have your conversation as you approached the counter, and a very annoyed (and slightlyvery hurt) osamu.
having had enough, he cleared his throat and spoke up in a very monotone voice. "can i help you?"
you both perked up and looked towards the sound, and you smiled recognizing the man you came here to see. the man next to you spoke up, "oh i'm just here to pickup an order."
your boyfriend put both hands on the counter, spread out on either side in front of him, slightly flexing his muscles as he stared the man down. "what are you, the delivery guy?"
the man laughed, "no, man, just picking up a meal to bring home." he pointed towards the bag of takeout on the counter, "i think that might be mine actually––unless it's for you?" he turned to you questioningly, but before you could respond, osamu did it for you.
"we're eating together, actually. as soon as you leave." he raised a brow, daring the man to say something else, but he got the hint, giving an awkward smile to your boyfriend and thanking him for the food before greeting you goodbye and exiting the restaurant.
as soon as the door closed, you furrowed your brows towards osamu, slightly amused. "what's with the attitude?"
he crossed his arms, "he was being too friendly." you rolled your eyes and he tilted his head, looking you up and down. "what's with the sweater?" before he could say the next words that came to mind 'you replace me already?', you spoke up, looking down at your clothing.
"got it for three dollars at the thrift store." you looked up with a smile and his face dropped in realization, only for a complete different reason than you thought. "what's the matter?" your smile turned more mischievous. "don't like the thought of me wearing another man's clothes?" you batted your eyelashes playfully and he scoffed, shaking his head, before letting it hang.
"you have no idea..."
concerned, you made your way around the counter, placing a questioning hand on his back, gasping when he turned around and pulled you into his arms without a word.
"what's the matter, samu?" your voice was soft, careful as you hugged him back.
he simply held you tighter, burying his face in the crook of your neck. "nothin." he mumbled. "m'just never letting you go."
Tumblr media
suna's was a little more understanding? i suppose
he was taking a nap when you got to his place
you were at that point in your relationship where you would come over all the time, you even had your own key
and you knew that he was probably taking his after work nap so you decided to come over and order food when he wakes up
but unfortunately during his nap he had a dream (more like nightmare) that you were cheating on him
he woke up, dazed, unsure of his surroundings and overwhelmed by what he just witnessed. he honestly couldn't tell if it was a dream or not because everything looked so real, his house was exactly the same as well. was it a memory? he was so confused.
he'd heard you on the phone talking with your friend about your problem. how you were cheating on him and you didn't want to hurt him, all the while you were wearing this other man's sweatshirt.
his heart rate picked up when he heard you in the living room, talking to someone. he slowly and as quietly as possible, made his way out of his room, practically tip toeing down the hallway to peek around the corner. you were talking on the phone...exactly as you were in the dream. maybe it was a premonition? then his eyes fell to your sweater...it looked exactly like the one he saw.
he went back to his room and got back into bed. maybe if he slept this off, everything would be back to normal. maybe this was the bad dream.
he was tossing and turning but he couldn't seem to fall asleep. so many thoughts were plaguing his mind.
a few minutes later, you made your way into the room. as he heard you coming, he contemplated pretending to be asleep, but he decided against it. he had to face this, right?
you smiled at him sweetly, being quiet so as not to disturb him. you know how cranky he gets when his naps are interrupted or if he's woken up before he needs to be. but when you noticed he was awake, you plopped down right beside him.
"hi baby." you leaned down to kiss his forehead and pulled back to look at him curiously when you felt him tense under your touch. "are you okay?"
he stared at you for a moment. "who were you on the phone with?"
"oh you heard that?" he narrowed his eyes. that was a suspicious answer.
"i'm sorry, i thought i was being quiet, i didn't mean to wake you." okay, maybe not. "i was talking to atsumu. he said he's been trying to plan a reunion dinner and you keep ignoring him." you looked at him pointedly and he rolled his eyes.
okay so you weren't talking to your friend. and you definitely aren't cheating on him with atsumu of all people. but there's still the sweater...
he had to be strategic about this.
"are you cheating on me?"
or not.
he blinked at you, shocked by his own words. you blinked back.
"...are you still asleep?"
he blinked again. "no?"
"are you sure?..."
he narrowed his eyes again. "answer the question."
"babe, i think you need to go back to sleep."
"that's not an answer..." he muttered.
you placed a hand on his cheek and sighed. "no i'm not cheating on you." you tilted your head as you looked down at him. "i'm gonna blame the fact that you're disoriented from your nap for this ridiculous question."
he looked away, suddenly embarrassed at the realization at how dumb he sounded. his voice was small. "then who's sweater is that?"
you rolled your eyes. "mine, dummy. it's just oversized."
his cheek heated up under your touch and you stifled a laugh. "i should take a picture to remember this."
he glared at you halfheartedly. "fuck off."
you laughed for real this time. "oh come on, you're the one accusing me of cheating cause of my sweater-"
he cut you off, pulling you into his arms. "yeah yeah, take a nap with me then. this way i'll know you're not running off with some other guy while i'm asleep." he teased, a hint of a smile in his voice.
you smacked his chest playfully, shaking your head in disbelief. "you know maybe i should ban you from taking naps if this is the outcome. insane accusations."
"i'd like to see you try." he squeezed you tight and pressed his temple against your forehead. "i'm sorry. wasn't thinking straight." he kissed your forehead. "my dream just messed me up. couldn't tell what was real."
you glanced up at him, hearing the sincerity in his tone. if you were in his position, you would feel conflicted too. "it's okay rin. just know that that could never be our reality, okay? i love you." you kissed his cheek and he smiled.
"love you too."
Tumblr media
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iinoruu · 29 days
Tumblr media
miya twins !!!
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sunaslvt · 10 months
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 - 𝐟𝐭. 𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐤𝐢
tags: afab! reader, degradation, praise, daddy kink, hair pulling, slight public sex, size kink, mentions of nudes + fucking in front of a mirror
# bro i literally came while writing the suna one hes so hot 😞🙏
Tumblr media
# atsumu miya
♡ bro hes so cocky
♡ will say “uh huh?” or “yeah?” almost every time you moan
♡ he’s so needy though — he’d shove his whole mfing cock in your poor pussy right away if he could
♡ he’d fuck you anywhere and anytime you wanted
♡ man sometimes pulls you aside at parties when you look fine as fuck just to make you squirt all over him
♡ absolutely in love when you try to stop yourself from being so loud but you can’t help it his dick is just too big :(
+ “come on” atsumu grumbled while grabbing your wrist, dragging you desperately through the sea of people. he pulled you into a small laundry room and pushed you up against a washing machine. your arms rested on the top of the machine, your hips innocently grinding on his hard cock — although, it wasn’t quite as innocent as you had led to believe. “what’s up ‘tsumu?” you questioned, acting clueless. he let out a sharp laugh. “fuck babygirl you know,” his hand wandered down the curve of your ass, “i gotta fuck this pussy right now” you smiled and your eyes look up at him pleading through your eyelashes. “yes please daddy” you bite your lip as your hands pull up your short dress, your bare pussy out. he chuckled breathily at the given pet name and unzipped his jeans. “fucking whore”
Tumblr media
# suna rintaro
♡ < nudes 3 he will send you a video of him moaning your name like almost every day
♡ secretly horny as fuck and will fuck you literally whenever he wants
♡ HAIR PULLINGGGG omg it doesnt matter the length, he will pull it no matter what
♡ doggy is his fav because he can pull your hair and hold your arms back
♡ fucking you in front of the mirror is his fav thing ever because he likes making you watch yourself cum
+ “r-rin- feels so good” you cried, hardly able to hold yourself up from the intensity of suna’s thrusts. “yeah? you’re taking my cock so well arent you?” his fingers laced themselves through your hair before pulling you up harshly so he could whisper in your ear, “you’re such a pretty slut for me” your eyes rolled back, hand going straight for your throbbing clit but he slapped your hand away. he let go of your hair to grab your wrists instead. the position change was deeper than before, a strained moan falling from your lips. “r-rin fuck” you sobbed. he laughed meanly but it was interrupted by a pool of pleasure forming in his stomach. he threw his head back, your fluttering cunt eliciting a low groan. “god you got me fucked up baby”
Tumblr media
# osamu miya
♡ his fav position absolutely loves cowgirl
♡ he likes when you ride him its so cute seeing you struggle to fuck yourself on him
♡ he also rly likes missionary. he’s not vanilla he just likes to see your face twist in pleasure when he puts it in
♡ he likes seeing how much you love getting stretched out by his cock, even if you dont say it
♡ although its not like you could, you already get so fucked out from how big he is
+ “s-samu please” you squealed, crossing you legs in pleasure. his eyes watched your eyelashes flutter and your pretty mouth fall open. “thats it pretty baby,” he bit his lip, tensing up, “so gorgeous like that” he could honestly cum right there and then from just praising you. his thumbed at your poor clit which in turn made you grip his forearm and digging your fingernails into his skin. “s-samu don’t i- please you’re g-gonna make me cum” you sobbed. your back arched to the sound of him moaning loudly at your cunt clenching around him. “come on lovely, cum all over me. you’re doing so good all for me”
Tumblr media
© 2022 sunaslvt. please do not plagiarise, repost or translate any of my works and layouts and do copy onto any other sites.
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osamusriceballs · 2 months
Waking up
Osamu x fem reader
Warnings: NSFW
Words: ~1,2k
About: Waking up next to Osamu after a night out~
A/n: Happy belated Miya day! I’ll post Atsumu tomorrow! <3
It’s warm.
Warm and comfortable when you wake up.
Surprisingly, your head is not hurting, and you don’t feel like throwing up, even though you’re pretty sure that you drank a lot last night. A low groan leaves your lips when you slowly force your eyes to open with sheer willpower, and you’re met with comfortably dimmed daylight in a foreign room. 
Your confused brain tries to collect the memories from last night, at least enough to remember how you got here- without success. You recognize your clothes on the floor right next to the door, and a longer gaze around the room tells you that you’re probably in a hotel room, but that’s about it. You shuffle a bit on the bed- and realize that there is not only a warm blanket around you, but a very masculine arm as well. An arm that you recognize after staring intently again. 
It’s Osamu’s.
It’s Osamu Miya’s arm wrapped around your waist.
And the shirt you’re wearing is Osamu’s as well. 
You remember him wearing the black shirt when you went clubbing last night, faint memories of you and him and a few shots coming back to your mind but then-
No memories, no pictures, nothing. 
You have no idea what happened last night after you arrived at the club, but it somehow ended up with you being in Osamu’s arms- which causes your face to heat up. 
Even though you two have known each other for quite some time, and you definitely feel attracted to him, you never dared to make a move on him. You never dared to tell him that you like him, you just kept respectful distance as a friend- and now you ended up with him in one bed. You can just hope that you haven’t accidentally told him about that secret crush of yours.
A deep groan leaves his lips, and he suddenly pulls you closer- his hand sloppily moving under your shirt and caressing the bare skin of your stomach, causing a shiver to run down your spine. He must still be asleep; you can’t imagine that he’d let his hand wander like this if he was awake- and you involuntarily arch your back when his hand comes close to your boobs- which are definitely naked under the shirt you’re wearing. A sleepy hum leaves his lips that are dangerously close to your neck and with no further warning, his hand is now cupping your left boob. 
Your jaw drops, your body heating up at the sudden foreign feeling of him squeezing your tit and holding your close, a low rush of arousal running through your body when he presses your back against his chest and lazily brings his knee between your legs.
You want to say something, make him stop and tell him that it’s you that he’s holding close and touching- but it feels just so right, so good to have him close, his big hand still slowly massaging your breast and rolling your nipple lazily in his hand.
Your breath slightly fastens, and the tingling sensation between your legs gets more intense, especially when his thigh presses harder against your pussy. You’re not even sure if he’s awake, or if he is doing this subconsciously but you don’t have it in you to stop him. A shaky breath leaves your lips, the sound breaking the silence between you two, and you feel him stop for a second, hesitating, but his hand doesn’t leave the spot on your chest. 
His movements seem more controlled while he starts kneading your chest again, no words exchanged between the two of you, but you can hear a low sigh and how his breathing pattern changed- from relaxed and deep, to shallow and flatter. 
You enjoy the way he’s touching you, the way his hand slowly wanders down on your body, over your stomach again, leaving goosebumps wherever he touches you, and then he’s toying with the hem of your panties. The very hands you usually watch preparing Onigiri or write down new recipes that he wants to try out, these very hands are now dangerously close to your pussy.
He’s hesitating.
Unsure if he should continue, silently waiting for a sign from you- and you’re quick to press your hips against his hand, rubbing yourself against his palm when he keeps his hand completely still, not daring to move, only slightly retreating his knee to gain more access with his hand. 
A low whine leaves your lips, and that’s when he finally reaches under your panties, the pretty lacey ones you decided to wear yesterday, his fingers now searching for your clit and dragging a burning hot path on your wet folds. This is definitely crossing the walls of friendship you carefully build around you, but you don’t care- you can’t care when Osamu starts rubbing your clit, a low groan leaving his lips when he finds you already wet for him. 
He slowly keeps on rubbing circles around your clit, and you hear his deep breaths, comforting and making you feel safe and secure in his arms. It’s comfortable, it almost feels like you’re an established couple that has had sex numerous times, it feels so intimate- and you softly gasp when one of his fingers moves to your entrance. You’re wet, soaking wet for him, soaking wet from the way he has been touching you- and his finger easily slides inside of you, causing a shaky breath to escape your lips. He experimentally thrusts one time, softly moving his fingers and gauging your reaction- but when you rut your hips against his palm, he’s quick to add another thick finger and to start pumping them both in a slow but steady pace. He is working you up, slowly bringing you to your orgasm with the way he’s curling his fingers and pressing his palm against your clit. Your fingers grab the sheets, your head slightly falling back against his chest in pleasure.
You want to moan, his name, tell him not to stop, that he’s making you feel so, so good- but no words escape your lips, just both of your heavy breaths filling the silent room along with the wet sound of his fingers, pumping slightly faster and deeper now. He’s fingering you so well, you close your eyes and fully get lost in the feeling of him getting you closer and closer to your high with every strong thrust of his fingers. 
Your mouth silently falls open when you finally cum around his fingers, your body squeezing him, squeezing his fingers inside of you, all of your muscles tensing and relaxing a few times before your breathing evens out and you relax in his arms again. The feeling of his lips against your neck sends shivers down your spine, and a whimper leaves your lips when he pulls his fingers out of your overstimulated cunt. 
You’re not sure how to react in this situation- you just got finger fucked by Osamu Miya, who is supposed to be nothing more but a friend- and now you’re still laying in his arms. 
Should you thank him? Return the favor? Pretend that nothing happened? Your mind is running with thoughts, until you feel his hands on your hips, slowly turning your body to face him. His pupils are slightly widened- you’re not sure if it’s due to the bad lightening or because he is actually needy- but he looks devilishly handsome with messy bed hair, his bedroom eyes and his bare, exposed chest. You want to touch him so bad, you want to ruffle his hair, feel his body under your fingers- and you instinctively lean in when he cups your cheek wordlessly and makes an attempt to kiss you, your lips only inches away from each other-
Until a violent knock on the door forces your eyes to open again, both of you staring at each other intently, your lips still impossibly close when you hear a loud yell after someone impatiently bursts into the room.
“Samu? Y/n? What the heck are ya doin’ there?”
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