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When I find three other GK stans
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note: I was pretty reluctant to make this work and post it cuz step-siblings fics can have very um... polarizing responses I think? But obviously I posted it regardless and sorta just left it alone even tho I actually have a plot for this story but I left it alone as a oneshot for Todoroki’s birthday. If it gets more reception then maybe I’ll expand on the story but until then I’m also happy leaving it as it is.
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warnings: 18+, pseudo-incest (stepcest), sexual tension, mutual pining (?), oral sex (giving/receiving)
Such convenient timing for you to get your heart broken to start off your summer and your only company is your step-brother who has no idea how to help you through your heartbreak. But anything he does for you, you always tell him, "Thank you Shouto."
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Shouto had always been the youngest in his family up until his mother remarried and he gained a new sister. He didn’t know what it was like to have to be a big brother to someone else since he had always been the youngest. Sometimes he felt like he didn’t know how to interact with his own siblings sometimes, Fuyumi being more accommodating than Touya whereas Natsuo was somewhere in the middle. Their childhood wasn’t the best because of their father, each of them having their own feelings towards him, so he felt like they didn’t have normal sibling relationships.
Everyone was moved out from his mother’s house; Touya lived downtown, Fuyumi was in the next town over, Natsuo just on the opposite side of town, and Shouto was the farthest because he currently lived nearby his university which was about forty minutes away. You lived in the house with his mother and your father while you attended the local junior college to get your general education credits out of the way. All of the Todoroki children visit Rei pretty frequently but their efforts to coordinate all of them being together was minimal and happened on the rare occasion.
You and Shouto don’t have much of a relationship though Rei is trying to encourage him to get to know you more since you and him are close in age, you having turned twenty not too long ago and him about turn twenty-two in just a few months.
“She’s your new sister, it would be so lovely to see the two of you get along!”
He would try for his mother if that’s what she wanted, it was just a question of whether or not you would meet him in the middle.
The way that the two of you formed your bond was during an awkward encounter.
A couple months after the wedding, Shouto did his monthly visit to his mother with the intention of also picking up some of his winter clothes since it was beginning to get colder. Rei had told him that she and your father would be out for just a few hours but that you would be home. He held in his sigh when Rei had told him to try to spend time with you, just robotically agreeing but not having the slightest clue what he could talk to you about.
He entered the foyer of the house, taking off his shoes and then hanging his coat in the closet before heading towards the stairs to let you know that he was there. But you beat him to it, flouncing down the stairs in a loose babydoll dress and your hair all mussed, almost like you had just gotten out of bed. You seemed startled when you found Shouto at the base of the stairs, almost like a deer caught in headlights as you awkwardly greeted him and pulled at the sleeves of your dress. “Shouto! I thought- I thought that you were coming by later, like in the evening?”
“I was… but my plans in the morning canceled. I sent you a text telling you I would be here early, you didn’t receive it?” Shouto asks, noting how nervous you seem in the way you shuffle your feet against the hardwood where you stand. “Are you okay (Name)? You seem-”
“Hey (Name), I gotta get going now so I’ll text you later.” a young man appears behind you, slapping your backside before realizing that Shouto is also present. “Oh shit… uh who’s that?”
You shut your eyes and suck air in between your teeth before answering, “That’s my step brother.”
“Oh cool… nice to meet you.”
Shouto notices how when the young man tries to lean in to kiss you, you turn your cheek away and tell him that you’ll just see him another time. You walk past him with your head down to lead the young man out, sighing quietly before approaching him. He feels just as awkward as you do, not exactly sure what to say to you. It feels like he should reprimand you because it’s pretty clear that you hadn’t said anything about having a guest over to neither Rei or your father. So he starts off with a simple question instead, “Do our parents know that you had a boy over?”
You shake your head back and forth in answer.
“Have you brought him over before?”
You nod.
“Is he your boyfriend?”
Another shake of the head and then you ask him meekly, “Are you going to tell on me?”
Shouto feels like he should, your father is okay with you dating but you shouldn’t be bringing random boys to the house behind his back. He runs a hand through his hair, white and red strands tangling together briefly as he tries to think what would be best. It’s not really his business what you do and all that and to be honest, he doesn’t really want to have kind of conversation with either of the parents. “Look, I won’t tell our parents but you have to promise me that you’ll at least be more careful if you’re going to do this kind of thing.”
“I’ve been careful… I just didn’t check my phone when I was done.”
There’s an awkward silence between the two of you, unsure how to move on from this topic.
“Are you hungry?”
You and Shouto ate cold soba together in silence at the little kitchenette table, quietly slurping the noodles after dipping them in the sauce. It seemed like the only way to move on from what had just happened if Shouto had not only asked, “So… you’re on birth control right?”
You choke on your noodles, forcing yourself to swallow before hissing out, “What?”
“I just want to make sure you’re being safe sexually, especially since that guy from earlier wasn’t your boyfriend.” Shouto reaches for his glass of water and sips on it briefly before telling you, “But if you also got pregnant, I would support you too if you wanted to keep it.”
“Thanks Shouto…”
“So why isn’t that guy your boyfriend?”
“Oh my god, can we talk about something else?”
That encounter had caused you and Shouto to form a bond, though at first you were paranoid that he would go back on what he said and inform Rei and your father about the boy you snuck into the house. But Shouto kept his word and never said anything, though at times he’d be a little cheeky and tease you. For a while the only topic Shouto knew to talk to you about was whether or not you brought the same boy home every single time and if you were being careful to which you would get very embarrassed.
‘I just don’t want a boyfriend right now Shouto, it’s too much of a hassle right now.’ You texted him when he was back at his campus. He was in between classes and just sitting in the library in one of the lounge chairs, waiting for your texts as he stared at the screen. ‘Nothing is serious between me and him’
‘That’s a shame (Name), I think you’d be a very good girlfriend.’ Shouto texts back.
You only respond back a ‘thank you’ and that seems to be the end of the conversation for now, Shouto putting his attention on his current assignments. He doesn’t know how you feel from your end but he liked to believe that the two of you had a good relationship now. When he told his mother that the two of you talk every so often, she was very happy about it, even though the only reason why the two of you speak is because of your secret that he’s hiding from the parents.
Shouto’s phone pings with a new notification from you as he’s eating dinner. He opens the new message, seeing that it’s a photo message from you. He coughs as he sees that the photo contains you in the arms of that boy with his face not visible, thankfully wearing a t-shirt but that doesn’t stop him from thinking that most likely you had sex. ‘Please tell me that you are home alone.’
‘I snuck him in lol’
He replies with a little face palm emoji but he chuckles from his side, adding another text for you to be careful and that he’d hate for you to get in trouble.
Two months pass and you did actually start a relationship with the young man that you’d been sneaking into the house for the past few months. You fell head over heels for him, your texting time moved on to your new boyfriend than towards Shouto though you’d still reach out to him on occasion. You texted him about the dates you went on or the funny joke that your new boyfriend told you about, the occasional selfie of you having a good time that was sent to him. Shouto was happy that you were happy and that was all that he could really ask for.
That is until six months later when you had been dumped right at the end of the spring semester, apparently the boy feeling bad that you were more invested in the relationship than he was so he wanted to do right by you by ending things between you. It hurt your feelings, more than it probably should have because the relationship wasn’t that long but you had strong feelings for someone that didn’t reciprocate them back and that is still crushing no matter what.
The timing wasn’t good, starting off your summer vacation with a heartbreak and right when Rei and your father are about to take a ten day long trip while Shouto stayed in the house to keep an eye on you. Rei had considered rescheduling the trip another day but you insisted that they go on their trip like they had been planning for the past few months and that at least you had Shouto to handle your emotional state of being in the meantime.
Shouto had no idea how exactly to comfort you but all he could tell you was that you deserved to be with someone who liked you just as much as you liked them.
“I just want to be sad for now Shouto, you don’t have to make me feel better. It’s better if I be sad first and then I can start feeling better afterwards.” you told Shouto when he came into your room and tried to get you to get out of bed. “I’ll let you know if I’m hungry or whatever.”
But he still wanted to do something for you, just anything to help you feel better even if it was just a little. He watched you fluff up your pillows and pull the blanket over your body to get yourself more comfortable, setting your laptop in front of you to put on some tv show to probably just distract you for the time being. You want to be alone and just be in your feelings, you don’t want company at the moment even though Shouto feels the need to be by your side because he doesn’t want you to be sad alone.
He respects nonetheless that you need alone time, doing the only thing that he thinks will convey that he cares for you and that he’s there for you. He braces one hand on the headboard of your bed and leans down to kiss a press to your forehead, his lips lingering for a few seconds before pulling back. You turn slightly to look up at him, looking a little flustered but you tell him, “Thank you Shouto…”
Shouto leaves to your own devices and keeps himself busy, still thinking about you the entire time. The first three days you spend mostly holed up in your room, only coming out to eat with Shouto and then shower, sometimes your eyes are red and other times you look perfectly fine. By the fourth day you tell him that you’re not as sad about the break up and that you know that you’re better off. He’s glad to hear it but also says that it’s fine if you want to be sad a little bit longer too.
You smiled appreciatively at him, your hand hesitantly reaching for his and holding it in your own smaller one. “Thank you Shouto.”
The rest of the fourth day you spend sitting next to each other on the couch, putting on a queue of movies with takeout food to fill your bellies. The movie marathon had started off with the two of you keeping a respectful distance but getting progressively closer the darker it became outside. At some the two of you fell asleep, not knowing who was the first or second to knock out. When Shouto had woken up, you were leaning on his shoulder and tucked comfortably into his body. He brings an arm around your shoulder, looking down at you for a few seconds before leaning down to kiss your forehead again. He breathes in the smell of your shampoo and relishes in the smell for a few seconds, gently shaking you awake.
When you wake, it takes a few seconds for you to register that you’re cuddled into your step brother’s body. He just felt so warm and comfortable that you couldn’t help but fall asleep. Shouto isn’t able to read your expression as you slowly peel yourself off from his body and start to clean up all the food you had eaten together. He just cleans up quietly alongside you and asks how you’re feeling before you go to bed. You tell him that you’re okay and that you enjoyed the movie day. “Thank you Shouto.”
The fifth day, he notices that you seem a little tense and once again asks if there’s anything he can do for you. You politely decline and inform Shouto that you’ll be seeing a friend today but that you won’t be out late. “Okay, have fun and make sure to call me if you need anything.”
You come back not too late, just a little before eight and quietly making your way up the stairs and turn on the hallway light just in time to see Shouto walk out the bathroom shirtless and wearing only pajamas bottoms with a towel around his neck to catch the stray water that still drips from his hair. He notes how your eyes drift down, staring just a little too long at his chest and arms and then looking back up at him. “I’m all done with the bathroom, did you want me to run you a bath?” he offers, watching you nod your head and scurry into your room to gather your night clothes.
So he runs a bath for you and is careful to make sure that the water isn’t too hot. He’s not sure if you want bubbles in your bath or any oils in the water, he’s seen your bath products a few times but he’s not particularly familiar with them so he goes to ask you. Without thinking to knock on the door first, he just opens the door to ask if you would like anything in your bath only to catch you naked save for your panties. The little cotton panties catch him off guard and he stares for a few seconds before shutting the door, thankful that you hadn’t noticed that he had walked in on you.
He leaves the bath be and just retires to his bed, trying to forget the cute cotton panties that prevented him from seeing you completely naked. Twenty minutes pass and there’s a soft knock on the door, you peak your head in his room and give your appreciation for him running your bath for you, “Thank you Shouto.”
The sixth, seventh, and eight days pass smoothly, nothing in particular happening… except for the fact that suddenly there’s a growing tension between you and Shouto. The both of you are reluctant to be around each other too long but at the same, you can’t help but linger around one another. Little touches and subtle glances that either end in the two of you jumping back from each other or keeping you closer together.
You’ll lean on his shoulder sometimes, he’ll put his hand on the small of your back, your eyes linger on his arms when he wears a t-shirt, he catches the slightest glance of your breasts when you fix your crop top, you reach up to fix his bangs and he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear.
He’ll look at you and you gaze back at him, this raw feeling in his chest that shoots down to his loins and while he’s good at keeping his expressions under control, it’s evident that you can not. Not in the way you wriggle your thighs together or when you bite your bottom lip while you look up at him.
‘She’s your new sister, it would be so lovely to see the two of you get along!’
Sister… Shouto has to remember that.
The ninth day, he avoids you by remaining mostly in his room. When he hears you shuffle outside in the hallway, he waits until he’s absolutely sure you’re back in your room so that he can go out and do what he needs for himself. He doesn’t see you and you don’t see him, but he can hear you just on the other side of the wall, your room right next to his. Shouto strains his ears to listen to you and he thinks for a moment that you might be crying, he heard your quiet little sobs the first three days he was here but it’s not exactly the same.
He stands up from his bed and approaches the wall that has your room just right on the other side, pressing his ear against it to listen better.
Heavy panting.
Strained moans.
His name.
“Fuck…” he quietly breathes out.
He can’t see it but he can imagine it, you on your bed with your hand in your panties and fingering yourself while you think of him. And here he is, listening to you like a pervert as he tugs down his sleeping pants and grasps his half hard cock in his hand, stroking it slowly to the sound of your voice muffled through the wall. Shouto presses his ear closer to the wall as if it’s going to make a difference, desperate to hear you better but without having to go into your room himself.
You’re his pretty step-sister, a sweet yet naughty little thing that brought home a boy without telling your parents at first. And six months later after dating that boy officially, it’s broken off between the two of you and Shouto thinks that this is only happening because you’re on a rebound. You had an intense like for this boy only for it to be cut off so suddenly, the timing of it happening just when you and him are alone together and he’s your main company following the break up.
If you weren’t his sister then Shouto himself wouldn’t be against helping you back up from a break up.
Too bad you are his sister.
Shouto listens to you through the wall, his eyes scrunched shut as he imagines you in his head and what you may be doing to yourself in your room. He wonders how you play with yourself, perhaps just through the panties? Or maybe you like to hump a pillow to get yourself off? How many fingers are in you? He tries to strain his ears harder to listen and thinks that he can hear a low buzzing; you have a sex toy? What kind is it? Just a little vibrator of some sort or maybe that magic wand?
Your muffled moans grow in pitch, getting higher as you reach your peak while Shouto’s own voice goes deeper and restrains himself from letting any kind of sound out. He notices how your voice grows needier, higher in pitch as he strokes himself harder, tries to match the timing of his orgasm with yours. It’d be so glorious for the two of you to cum together, so fucking hot as he imagines your back arching once you’ve hit that peak. Shouto presses his forehead to the wall, mindful to make sure that he doesn’t make a sound, his dual-colored eyes scrunching closed in concentration.
“I’m close… I’m close…!” you whimper from your room, “I’m gonna cum…!”
“Me too… me too…” Shouto whispers the quietest he can, his fist like a blur on his dick as he times himself with you.
He can hear you… just right there… you’re cumming and he’s cumming!
Shouto braces one hand on the wall as his orgasm washes over himself, uncaring at the moment that he’s cumming in spurts against his wall. His whole upper body shudders and he feels so warm, a bead of sweat rolling down his temple as he catches his breath. He feels stuck to the wall as he tries to regain his composure but his whole body freezes when he hears your voice through the wall, not having noticed earlier that your voice was clearer and much closer compared to before. You speak directly to him through the wall, “Thank you Shouto.”
It’s the tenth day and finally your parents will be returning.
You and Shouto clean up the house so that it’s immaculate for when they walk back into the house. You bob and weave around each other aimlessly, sometimes you’ll ask him to lift something for you or he’ll have you do an easier chore in exchange for him doing the harder one. And all the while you two clean the house, neither of you say anything about yesterday.
He doesn’t know when you became aware that he was listening to you through the wall and he can’t bring himself to look you in the eye. Shouto can’t look you in the eye but it’s not the same for you; you can’t stop looking at him at all. He feels your gaze on him and he always turns away from it, he feels shameful about what happened but you just continue to look curiously at him like you were wondering if the two of you were going to talk about it.
There’s nothing to say, nothing to talk about, it’s best to act like nothing happened at all.
“Shouto—” you call out to him but he’s quick dismiss you and make his way back to the stairs.
The chores are done and his mother just texted that they’ll be home in an hour so now he just has to wait until they walk through the door. He’ll stay for dinner, he has to so that he can have some time with Rei, but once he’s helped put away dishes then Shouto will collect his bag and head back to his apartment. He was only there to keep you company so that you weren’t alone in the house even though you had initially insisted that you would be fine on your own.
He hangs out in his room and just lays back on his bed, waiting for the minutes to tick by so that he can get away from you. He puts on some soft music to help the time go by, just a playlist he puts on whenever he feels like he needs to meditate and calm his nerves. It helps ease his tension a little bit and he feels his body steadily unwinding. This is helping, this is working-
“Shouto? Can we talk?”
You came into the room without him noticing, more caught up in trying to make the time go by rather than thinking that you were going to go to him.
Shouto slowly sits up from his bed to lean against his headboard, watching as your warily come into his room. You’re wearing a simple a red, billowy dress with little straps that hangs loose off your shoulder, pulling it back into place but his eyes follow as it starts to shift off of your shoulder again. He feels nervous as you walk forward until you stand at the edge of the bed and take a seat, the echoes of your moans yesterday come to mind and he prays that his body doesn’t betray him in any way.
“You should get some rest (Name), we’ve been cleaning all day.” he says in hopes of sending you out.
“I will, I just want to tell you how much it meant to me to have you here.” you tell him, hands clasped politely in your lap. “I wish I could have been better company to you instead of being sad over some dumb guy that didn’t like me.”
There’s nothing for you to be sorry about, a boy broke your heart so you had every right to be sad.
He wants to take your hand and hold it in his own, he really does, but he’s scared of the gate he’ll open if he chances it. So Shouto keeps his hands to himself and just gives you words of reassurance, “You’re an amazing person (Name). I told you that you’d be a very good girlfriend and you will be for someone else. The right person will realize that and want to stay with you.”
You shift closer to him on the bed and look apprehensive yourself. Shouto should scoot away from you, send you signs that this is not right, that you’re only looking to him this way because of your breakup, you’re on a rebound and wanting to to direct those feelings to the next person in order to heal just a little bit of that heartbreak. He should stop you when you put your hand on this thigh and lean closer to him.
Your perfume smells nice, Chanel No. 5.
“Thank you Shouto-nii.”
It’s so fucking wrong…
You gasp as he pulls you forward into a kiss.
But fuck it’s so hot.
Shouto pulls you onto his lap, untucking your dress for you when it gets wedged beneath his sweatpants and your legs. The material of the dress glides beneath his fingertips and he feels your delicate form beneath it, can’t help but to reach underneath and cup your ass in his hand to roughly grope you. Your own hand reaches underneath his shirt from the back, feeling his back muscles and he groans when your nails lightly scratch at a sensitive area.
All hands and lips and all over each other, Shouto’s moving on instinct as he takes your dress off for you and tosses it into a heap on his floor. No bra but cute white, lace panties underneath where he can see that wet patch just at the crotch. He easily dips his fingers into the band of your underwear and his thumb presses into the fabric, with very little effort Shouto tears apart the lace and throws it somewhere on his floor.
“Oh my god…” you’re breathless as Shouto leans forward and takes a nipple into his mouth, sucking and lightly biting the sensitive little nub. While his mouth is busy, his fingers glide over the lips of your pussy, dripping wet for him and your clit ready to be played with. He experiments with a few light slaps to your clit and you keen for him, scrunching your hand through his hair and pulling his head back away from your breasts. “Fucking shit!”
“Such bad words from that pretty mouth…” Shouto growls at you and grabs you by the bicep. He swings his legs over the edge of the bed and puts you right in between his legs, tugging his sweatpants low enough for his cock and balls to be free. You utter the same curse again but this time in awe of his cock, long and hard and such a pretty pink color at the tip of it. “Don’t use that kind of language in front of me. Speak like a proper young lady.”
You try to dip your head down to suck him off but he’s got you by the back of your head and has your hair fisted in his hand. It’s just right there, you want him in your mouth so bad!
“My mother and father taught me good manners, it’s something so basic that everyone should know. And not only that but also how to articulate and express myself without excessively needing the use of expletives but I like to make exceptions when the mood is right.” Shouto speaks as if you’re below him, like he’s a king and you’re his dumb little handmaiden. He’s got that glint in his eye that he inherited from his father, a dangerous look that makes your pussy weep when he utters to you, “Suck my cock, whore.”
You gag on him as soon as you put your mouth on him, his tip reaching to the back of your throat and you deep throat him. It’s obscene how you drool all over his dick, how it dribbles down your chin and wets a spot on his sweatpants. You bob your head up and down and let your throat be abused by his length, whimpers and little mewls accompanied by the occasional sob as he uses your throat as a cocksleeve.
It’s too good but it’s so overwhelming that you pull back for air, needing to catch your breath and have a reprieve but Shouto tuts at you in annoyance. “Did I say you were done?”
“Shouto-nii, Shouto-nii your cock…” you mewl to him, tears that had gathered in the corners of your eyes falling freely now. “My pussy wants your cock… look how wet I am…”
You raise a hand up to him, he hadn’t even realized that you were touching yourself at the same time. Your moisture gleams on your fingers and he grabs your wrist, pulling it forward as he licks your essence off from your fingers. Your eyes are set on him as he does so, holding your gaze and noting how you bite your bottom lip.
Shouto shakes off your hand and pushes you to lay on your back, a small ‘oof’ from you as he has his turn to go down on you. He has to hold your legs open as he eats you out, you keep on closing them around his head and he’ll decide when it’s okay for you to close your thighs to his ears. You’re wet for him, so fucking wet and naughty, and he pulls back to spank your clit and loves your reaction when you squeal for him.
“Did your ex-boyfriend eat you out like this?” he asks in between licks and waits to hear your answer. “Did he eat out this sweet pussy?”
“N-No… he didn’t like giving me oral…” you admit as you squeeze your breasts in your hands. “He always wanted me to go down on him but he never wanted to return the favor…”
Shouto tuts once again but this time at the thought of your ex and how selfish he was. “When was the last time you got eaten out?”
Your face heats at the question and you turn away from his gaze. It had been such a long time since someone gave you oral sex that you couldn’t recall anymore.
“Shameful that no one wanted to eat you up, idiotic. I love your glaze on my tongue, I can’t help but want more.”
“Shouto-nii… do I really taste that good?” you ask breathlessly. You dared yourself to lick yourself off your fingers one time, not exactly sure how you felt about your own taste. But if Shouto says he likes it…
Shouto keeps your legs wide open and crawls over you, his face aligned with yours as he braces his arms by your head. The blunt head of his cock pushes teasingly against your opening and you squirm for him. Your breaths intermingle in that small intimate space and you clutch one hand at the shirt he’s still wearing. You stretch it low enough where you can see just a peak of his chest, firm and mouthwatering but you look up into his eyes.
“Do you want me to fuck you? You want my cock? Did you think about me fucking you while you were playing with yourself yesterday?” Shouto asks these questions already knowing all the answers but he wants to hear it from you, “Tell me (Name).”
You eagerly nod your head and reach one hand down to grasp his cock in your hand, giving it a few strokes and trying to push it into your pussy. “Yeah, you turn me on Shouto-nii. My nii-san is so handsome, so pretty and smart and athletic and has a big cock… you’re the entire package.”
You would have said more or Shouto would have made you say less, he was ready to breach that line with you, literally just right there to plunge his dick into you…
If only the front door hadn’t opened and Rei called out into the house for the both of you.
Like a bucket of ice water, the both of you are shocked wide awake with wide open eyes and taking in just what you were about to do. The music continues to play while it feels like the world comes crashing down around the two of you. Everything is still and the air feels delicate, the both of you unmoving except for the glances down to your pelvis. He’s still rock hard in your hand, your legs are still open for him to enter you, and if Shouto did it fast enough the two of you could have a quickie and cum before your parents even notice that you haven’t greeted them downstairs yet.
But Shouto backs off, releasing a breath that he hadn’t known that he was holding and sits away from you.
You look upset and flustered, still looking to him and your eyes are begging him to come back over to you. If not to fuck you then at least because you want him close by.
Don’t give me that look.
Rei calls from downstairs again and this time you grab your dress, quickly throwing it on and leaving Shouto’s room without looking back. He stands up and runs a hand down his face, sighing to himself before going up to his closet. His hair is a mess, his clothes disheveled with a wet spot where you drooled on him while sucking him off, and he’s still hard. He discards his current attire for a fresh set, just more loungewear so that he can feel comfortable and his sweatpants a little baggier so that his erection isn’t as obvious. Just a few deep breaths to calm himself and he’s no longer hard, or at least he’s not too hard that he can go downstairs and present himself.
So he joins you on the first floor finally, your parents’ luggage sitting by the living room and he offers to bring it up. Rei tells him not to and that they will be dealt with later, she just wants to be with her family. Shouto hadn’t realized that you had food cooked for them, still sitting warm in the pot and ready to be served by the time they came home. You shoo the parents to sit down at the dinner table and that you’ll serve them.
Shouto insists helping so that he can carry his and your portion of food while you carry your parents’. He stands by as you ladle food onto a plate, you busy concentrating on serving the correct portion while his eyes trail down. Your dress is a little wrinkly but not so much that it looks improper to wear out, the strap still falling down your shoulder that he’s tempted to fix for you, and as he looks down at your legs he wonders if you bothered to put on a new pair of underwear before greeting your parents or if you’re just risking it by being bare underneath.
He’s so curious.
The question still rings through his mind as he sits across from you, right next to his mother as you sit next to your father. They talk all about their trip and how much fun they had, the pictures they’ll show you later, the resort they stayed in, and the souvenirs they’ve brought home for everyone. Shouto wonders still as you sit across from him if you’ve got a new pair of panties on or if your ass is bare underneath your dress.
He feels something against his ankle, his eyes widening just the tiniest fraction as he’s about to eat a spoonful of the food you cooked. Shouto dares to glance up at you and sees that you have your gaze set on him, chewing food in your mouth and acting as innocent as ever as he feels your foot slide up his leg. It’s slow and deliberate the way you press your toes against his crotch, a gentle teasing that rouses his cock and he tries to shift away.
Shouto bites down on his tongue when you press just a touch harder on his cock, your parents none the wiser to what’s going on under the table.
“I hope you bonded with well with your sister Shouto!”
“Yes mom, (Name) and I spent time together.” he states rather blandly, not to the notice of his mother or your father.
“How wonderful to hear! I’m so happy to see the two of you getting along!”
Your foot retreats and Shouto has to take more time to calm himself down again.
When dinner is over and his hard on has calmed down, Shouto packs his belongings so that he can drive back to his apartment. His mother has a little container of leftovers for him to bring home with him as well as the souvenir she brought for him as well. But all he thinks about is you playing with him under the table, his cock twitching once more at the thought of you. The clothes that he wore earlier are haphazardly stuffed into his bag, your ripped panties tossed into the bathroom garbage but covered with a bunch of toilet tissue so as not to rouse any suspicion.
He hears your voice and your mother just talking on the other side, Rei’s voice soft and gentle as she asks how you’re feeling. “I’m so sorry about that boy (Name), you must have been so sad about him. I feel like I should have done the proper thing and stayed behind to help you.”
“It’s okay, I’m not sad about him anymore. I know there’s someone I like more than him that will treat me better.”
“How good to hear! I’m so glad! Did you and Shouto get along well? I know he can be a little awkward at times.”
“Yeah, we bonded a lot.”
That’s one way to say it.
The two of you were about to ‘bond’ right there in his room. Not too long ago you were beneath Shouto, ready to be ravaged by him if not for the arrival of your parents.
If only you had come into the room earlier or maybe he shouldn’t have wasted so much time on foreplay.
Shouto mentally kicks himself, berates himself to stop thinking that way.
Your room on the other side of the wall where he listened to you touching yourself. The spot on the wall when he came together with you, already scrubbed clean and bares no evidence of a filthy secret that hopefully your parents will never find out.
Right, that’s how you became closer.
Because of a secret that he kept for you, the little naughty secret of you bringing a boy home behind your parents’ backs.
And now another filthy secret that brings you two closer together but for the wrong reasons.
He’s already said goodbye to his mother and to your father and is already out the door, walking to his car where he sees you leaning against it. The sun is setting with oranges and reds and a slight purple to the sky, and you’re a vision amongst the backdrop. The red of your dress compliments the sky well, the perfect shade of red that matches the left half of his hair. You wear flip flops on your feet and he’s reminded of how you teased him at the dinner table.
You stand up from his car and smooth down your dress, once again fixing the strap as it falls off your shoulder.
Shouto wishes that he could have fixed it for you.
“Long drive?” you ask with a little tilt of your head, standing to the side as he opens the trunk to his car and tosses his bag into it. “Be careful, okay?”
“I will, shouldn’t be much traffic heading back.”
“I was thinking that maybe I wanted to transfer to your university next semester, I’m done with my general education credits and now my counselor is asking what schools I want to attend. Do you think you can show me around whenever you get the chance?” there’s something hopeful in the way you ask him, he knows that what you’re asking is not merely just about school but he says yes to your question.
Shouto opens his car door and is ready to make the drive back to his apartment but you stop him with the call of his name.
He’s still as you make your way over to him, tensing as you put a hand to his shoulder and lean in.
Chanel No. 5, you must have reapplied it at some point.
Not in front of the house, not in front of the house, not-
You kiss his cheek, lips lingering a little longer that indicates that it’s not as innocent as the gesture appears.
But when you pull back, he misses already how close you were to him.
“Thank you… Shouto-nii.”
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fandom-hoarder · a year ago
listen I have so many questions about Stanford Sam, like this kid who was raised in the wild, barely aware of acceptable social conduct arrives with his 2 ectoplasm stained t-shirts at his dorm and like ????? is he very aware of it at first? or does he think he's hiding it well? and like moving in with Jessica?????? he doesn't know how to water plants and that you have to pay electricity bills ??? Like obviously he's not stupid, we know that!! But there are certain things about ordinary everyday life that are just impossible to pick up when you're raised like that. And this is just surface-level stuff, like I feel overwhelmed just thinking about how many tiny things I do in a day, just normal life stuff that I've always done, that Sam would be like ???? so weirded out by, or maybe creepily fascinated ??? Would he try and copy everyone around him maybe??? and then all the odd things that he'd probably do !!! like just basic marine survival nonsense he's dad probably taught him applied in mundane life situations that would make him stand out and he wouldn't even notice !!! And he thinks he's doing fine, people seem to accept him, but then suddenly someone mentions like... TRL or something and he's like ??? and then Dean picks him up and it all falls to pieces, because it's so EASY and ingrained and he doesn't have to pretend and it puts it into perspective how not okay he was doing at Stanford even when it felt like he was ?? god I'm just rambling, like I barely even have headcanons, I'm just so overwhelmed by all the possibilities of how this would play out !!!!
Holy crap, first I wanna apologize if this has been sitting here awhile. The Ask notification location in settings instead of notifications on the app is so weird and I get them so rarely I don’t think to check. (and the website shows that I have 4 but this one is the only one it’ll show? How does tumblr work? Oh yeah, it doesn’t lol.)
Anyway, I have so many thoughts on this! But they’re not necessarily cohesive?! Like first we all know Sam is super smart. He’s curious. He’s inquisitive. But he’s also sheltered in weird ways. There are things he’s known about the world that most people would never know about, let alone kids his age at any given time; yet the existence of those things--and the understanding that therefore potentially anything could be real--also lends itself to keeping him childlike--he had an “imaginary friend” at age nine and believed in the Easter bunny through age eleven, which is much later than the average probably???
By middle school, he definitely would’ve been feeling the strains of his otherness around his classmates, even if they weren’t constantly moving around, but of course the nomadic lifestyle just makes it even harder.
I think Sam is a very observant person, though. He figured out something was up with their dad and The Truth at age 8! So people watching is Sam’s saving grace for getting along in the mundane world. He definitely learns to mask his otherness by mimicking mundane people.
And I get sidetracked here because then I start thinking about exactly how their childhood went. We know John used Pastor Jim and Bobby as childcare/parenting support to some degree. I don’t think we really know anything about Caleb, maybe I’m forgetting something, but my headcanon is that Caleb functioned as a “fun younger uncle” type to Sam and Dean: cool, responsible in a pinch, but mostly not given childcare responsibilities because of his wilding tendencies. (they learn swears accidentally from Bobby and John, but Caleb TEACHES them.) Sam and Dean didn’t even know about Missouri until s1, so she’s off the caretaker list. They had that babysitter they met up with in uhh... Swap Meat! But largely we assume that Dean had a lot of the caretaking responsibilities; maybe with temporary babysitters in other places the same as Swap Meat.
And lbh you just can’t expect well-rounded, informed child-rearing from a kid only four years older. There’s a reason I associate a lot of weechester flashbacks with Sammy watching TV like in Something Wicked, because literally little siblings are A LOT and sometimes you just want them to sit still and quiet and leave you alone for a bit omg.(wait, give me a minute, I’m imagining little 6 year old Dean on the phone with Bobby because John ran out for food supplies and isn’t back yet and Sammy is still asleep but Dean’s creeped out in the longterm room they’re staying in because he KNOWS about the supernatural already. but then bobby gets on John’s case about it--and instead of never leaving Dean alone with baby Sam again, Dean learns from John’s belt not to call anyone when he’s left alone unless it’s an ACTUAL EMERGENCY. Or maybe, because marine, John doesn’t use his belt; maybe he uses PT instead and every time Dean thinks about calling Bobby for that reason again, his abs ache from the memory of punishment situps, or his arms get suddenly shaky thinking about doing pushups til he just couldn’t anymore.)
I haven’t read all of John’s Journal, and I know it’s not actually canon, but IIRC the bits that I’ve read from the wiki show John and the boys staying with a family friend in Lawrence for a few weeks, MAYBE a few months before John visits Missouri and everything STARTS. I think if he hadn’t picked up and left with them then, the family friends would’ve been contacting CPS because they’re starting to think John’s grief is making him unhinged. (I really want to read the journal tbh--there are bits I’ve seen that make me fantasize even more about boyking!sam storylines... but I’m getting even more off track.)
So we’ve got this weird/interesting dichotomy of kids that are groomed with these hyperspecialiizations, too weird to really fit in with other kids but sheltered from the actual hunter life also--like the fact that there ARE other hunters, like as a THING, not just their dad’s rando friends that, as kids, they may just assume know about the supernatural because their dad told them! (jfc they’re SO PRIMED to be each other’s entire world omg I’m gonna die)
So like, by being quiet and observant (an imaginative kid, by nature and by nurture as John starts to take Dean out more and leave Sam alone with his own thoughts), Sam would pick up a lot of things. But they’re never anywhere long enough for him to fully grasp everything and he would definitely suffer a bit from the Dunning-Kruger effect--not having enough knowledge about a thing, but having just enough that you don’t realize you don’t.
Let’s say Sam observes and picks up some things about normal residential life by being around a few mundane babysitters. The nature of John’s “work” would mean that, even if they were in a more in-home-daycare-like situation, they’d be likely to be the “after hours” kinds of kids that are still there when everyone else is picked up and the babysitter would normally be doing their normal life stuff: changing clothes, cleaning up from the daycare kids, making dinner, etc (sam and dean would definitely help, either out of kindness or duty or because it’s agreed that if they help out John will get a discount on their care costs--don’t mind me, just projecting my childhood onto the winchesters hahh. I’m NOT going to go off on a tangent about Dean already having so much experience caring for babies cuz of Sam. He definitely doesn’t have all the under-4s following him around begging for attention while he burps one of the three babies their babysitter cares for after a bottle. it DEFINITELY didn’t make Sam (age 4, 5, 6 maybe) jealous enough to repress the memory so that over a decade later he would claim that Dean doesn’t even LIKE kids.)
Uhh... what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Sam. Observing normal life. Anyway so maybe after things settle for the day, sometimes a babysitter will sit at the dining table with the weekly bills and their checkbook and do the bills. And Sam kind of loves things like this: it feels like something important; it feels like playing school before he was old enough to go (quick aside here: John totally enrolled Sam in school early, both because that’s the only way his age works with canon timeline and because it would make life easier if Sam was in school just like Dean--more cost-and-time efficient.) And maybe Sam goes and sits at the table and just. Watches.
And then he asks questions. When he’s curious, he doesn’t keep his questions to himself as a child (unless the subject is expressly forbidden: see Dean’s reaction when Sam brings up Mary). But his age would inevitably limit the scope and understanding of those questions. Adults are generally disinclined to fully explain the adult world to children, especially when it comes to finances, and in the 80s and early 90s?? With most of the adults of that time that I knew, those kinds of questions were considered rude and nosey. He might understand that adults have to pay bills; he may even understand something about utilities; but he wouldn’t necessarily understand all the requirements and frequency.
Though their nomadic lifestyle wasn’t stable by any “normal” definition, one thing to be said about mostly living out of motels is that your power is never cut off, or your water, or your heat. There’s always television, usually with cable. And the only form of payment you see going on is dad handing over cash or plastic at the front desk--one and done. My headcanon usually disallows the idea that they would’ve squatted in empty houses when Sam and Dean were kids (John makes plenty of bad decisions but I just don’t see him staying in a place without power or water with CHILDREN. Teenagers? SURE.) They would learn how to clean house and make proper beds even when it wasn’t always necessary with housekeeping available--both because of John’s military parenting style and because John would be most likely to opt out of daily housekeeping to lower the risk of having people ask questions.
So yeah, there are so many little intricacies of the mundane world that Sam wouldn’t be conditioned to even think about. Even the realization that he doesn’t know enough about regular life, as he grows up and longs more and more for that very thing because he’s never had more than a glimpse of it, wouldn’t necessarily be enough.
Would his natural curiosity lead him to ask those questions? He can’t ask John because he already asked Dean and got a dismissive answer because ‘what does any of that matter, Sam? we’ll never have to worry about that shit.’ and if Dean seems borderline offended by the sheer audacity of the questions in the first place, he knows John will be worse.
In the 90s, life skills were still kind of a thing in most U.S. schools. But in a really inconsistent way. Sometimes it was in health class curriculum; sometimes your math class would actually do a short focus on balancing a checkbook and banking if there was a chapter, but a lot of times those parts get skipped. You never use the whole textbook. Sometimes life skills was only in Home Ec, but H.E. was completely elective in my area when I was in middle school (the same exact years Sam would’ve been in middle school) and I’m assuming the same for most of the U.S. Sam may have taken it, or he may have taken something else instead (wood shop or computer class were the alternatives in my area). Maybe the nature of school hopping meant that he HAD to enroll in Home Ec, because resources for the other electives were finite, but somehow always managed to miss the bills and budgeting portion. Maybe he couldn’t even take Home Ec due to class size or resources and they just put him in a study hall for that period. (Maybe they put him in the computer class, where he mostly does book work until he gets a turn on the PC he has to share with his classmate.)
As an observant person, Sam totally would’ve known about TRL, I think. There’s no way at least one group of kids in the halls or lunchroom wasn’t talking about it every day in high school, especially with the advent of Britney Spears and Eminem and Jesse freakin Camp. Maybe he goes to someone’s house to try to hang out or to study and they turn it on and Sam watches raptly because it’s such a strange phenomenon and he hardly ever gets to hear new music, much less watch the videos. But he can’t actually get into it because the fangirls are annoying and his analytical mind won’t let him suspend his disbelief about how the voting works. (Maybe he tries giving it another shot in their motel room sometimes, but Dean vetoes that bubblegum pop shit IMMEDIATELY--no Sam, look, that shit isn’t REAL music; most of them don’t even play instruments. And it’s really not fair because Dean TOTALLY watched MTV’s The Grind in the early 90s for his fix of suggestively gyrating bodies before he figured out how to access porn without getting caught.)
Sam and Dean actually make a LOT of pop culture references, which always fascinates me. I imagine they did a lot of TV watching and VCR/movie renting in the times they weren’t working on a case with/for their dad (projecting again; my dad’s house was a very boring place on his weekends). The nature of Dean’s idolization of John and disinclination to let Sam have his own separate likes means they have a mix of age-appropriate pop culture knowledge and a lot of Boomer-era TV and movie knowledge--Dean more than Sam, maybe when it comes to things like cowboy movies and TV lol.
Anyway, as the realization that he doesn’t really know how anything works crept in, maybe Sam would try to lowkey create situations where he could ask his friends/his friends’ parents those normal life kind of questions. But maybe after his first few tries, he’s become so uncomfortably aware of how weird he is to even need to ask that he stops asking. Maybe he starts to tap into his specialized skills and starts snooping/creeping around their houses to try to glean knowledge. Maybe he scours the library for books on ‘what you need to know for life’--I have the urge now to do a google search on actual titles of books on this subject that may have existed at the time, but I’ve already spent a lot of time on this without going into research spirals. lol Maybe he can’t find exactly the things that are pertinent--still doesn’t fully realize that, though--and in the meantime his cache of esoteric knowledge continues to build.
So he gets to Stanford and he mostly understands how the financing works; enough to get by with enrollment and stuff. He understands that he’ll need to get a job of some sort to make ends meet because he’s there to be normal and normal people don’t pay for everything with scammed credit cards and billiards money; he knows that much. But he doesn’t really know about wages, minimum wage, freaking payroll taxes, etc. (I feel like Dean would’ve had odd jobs as a teen, some legit some under the table, but that the nature of John (and Dean) wanting to keep Sam home and safe would’ve made the subject of Sam working through high school a banned topic. And anyway, much as I’m not a fan of the characterization in Drag Me Away (From You), what Dean said to Sam about the impossibility of getting into college with the way his academic career would look is accurate. So Sam would’ve probably spent most of his free time on academics so he could get the fuck out, rather than trying to get a job.
Maybe having to buy his textbooks would be a surprise? John probably always qualified for Sam and Dean to be on free lunch/free book programs in public school, not to mention the likelihood of the records being at least partially counterfeit. But at the same time, John was probably very hands off with their school enrollment crap once the boys were old enough to handle it themselves, so Sam would at least have an inkling.
Sam would be a weird mix of no-boundaries and too-secretive, and his first attempts at acting normal would be a bit too put-on. He’s got experience acting per 1x16 (oh, maybe he did drama instead of home ec somewhere lol), but acting on stage is so much different to acting in a more personal setting. On stage you have to exaggerate your movements to project all the way to the back. Early-Stanford Sam, I guess, is a bit like Soulless Sam. He knows there’s something off about him compared to the people around him, and he just does his best to pretend he’s the same as them without calling attention to his differences, which ends up coming off robotic. A little Stepford. A little uncanny valley. He learns to bite his tongue every time he’s about to let something normal only to his family roll off it; learns to be even more vague than he used to be, because now he’s around strangers ALL THE TIME.
At some point, Sam has a little-but-big breakdown about a payment he missed or the fact that he had to steal shampoo because he didn’t even have toiletries in his budget and couldn’t even afford a bottle of White Rain or Suave, so since he was stealing anyway he got the special brand he really likes and then feels too awful to even use it and doesn’t wash his hair for a week. Brady takes pity on the cute but hapless puppy-boy who is a physical and academic behemoth but has obviously been living off-grid on some kind of militia commune for the past forever--at first the rumor was that he was Amish on rumspringa but the amount of times Sam has busted out some supremely random survival knowledge in casual conversation changes that rumor quickly--and has no understanding of the world. And by the time he moves off-campus with Jess, Sam has this masking thing down pretty well; he can almost forget he’s not normal sometimes and Jess only knows about his previous helplessness in a cute, anecdotal kind of way.
And then Dean comes and gets him and Sam’s all “you and Dad still doing credit card scams?” and Dean’s like “well hunting doesn’t pay the bills.”
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celerystarz · a year ago
Allow me a rant, cuz some realisations really really hurt rn. And I'm naming names because nobody reads my stuff anyway, and I really need to talk it out because I literally have no friends to actually talk to about anything.
That's actually what its about.
So I went on insta for 2 seconds sometime ago to check something for keressa (that's a story too, but another time). While I was there I skimmed through some notifications.
I saw a message from someone "hey you ok?". I haven't been on instagram for some months because it just doesn't feel like a safe space thanks to my ex (good job narin, good job). Avi you have my phone number. You message me on whatsapp some months ago about some meds. You see me not active on insta so you message there but don't give a shit enough to simply text me on whatsapp? I could understand people who don't have my number, but this makes no sense to me.
Secondly, on the same topic of people I call "friends". And this one has been going on for quite a while now. When I ask to hang out, the rare moments I do, keressa is either two things: "yesss we totally should" or "ummm lemme get back to you on that nuh, I doh really feel like going out".
Valentines last year (or was it this year, I not even sure of timelines anymore) we talked about TGIF's "Galentines" special. She's like yea totally, she finishes work at 3, we'll go. The day comes and I don't hear anything from her, fine ok normal. I text her to find out what's the plans, nothing. Somewhat normal, but a very annoying normal. I believe I called because I needed to know if to get ready.
She forgot we had planned and agreed to go.
So I'm like well ok, if you don't want to that's fine. I always try to be understanding with her cuz I know sometimes I just don't be feeling to human too. Plus that first time we had a big fall out...well second (there's that one time she wanted help with something and I told her it doesn't make sense doing that thing to begin with and she got pissed because I helped Ryan with something even tho he wasn't acknowledging my existance other than that. Understandable reaction really), she told me I'm too selfish and I don't care about anybody else and their problems, only mine (in retrospect that whole situation had its fair points but also fair share of gaslighting)
But that's my problem isn't it? I try to understand why people do and say the things they do, even if its actually disrespectful or hurtful to me. And I wasn't always this understanding, Aamir taught me that in 2016. I WANTED to BE more understanding, maybe that's why all my relationships prior to that didn't work, I was expecting too much, being too selfish right?
But that hasn't been working out for me.
So she's like "well I rel tired and I didn't sleep last night, but I hungry anyway so I guess we could still go".
Did I find that statement weird? Well yea but hey we still going and that's cool.
So we go and yea she's visibly tired the whole time, and ngl I felt bad because I felt like I was forcing her but also I know she always says she needs people to give that push and make that decision to go.
She was also visibly bored af, on the phone (which is kinda normal at this point, I just no longer find it....nice). It went 50-50 if I'm being honest. Like yea we talked but the whole time I'm wondering if this whole thing is just forced, but I tried not to make it a big deal.
But what gets me about these whole things is....its so easy for her other friends to get her to go places, that dude from tinder she doesn't forget etc. How do I know this? The posts after. I see them and wonder "they even get posts, and she seems happy about it".
I really be that disposable friend. Especially once I get sad, no one wants to hear about it,no one finds it interesting to talk to me, and that's the time I need it most.
Talk to them about it and I'm DEAD sure I'm gonna hear "well you don't ask about me, you only care about yourself", "well if you think so then ok".
If I make a post asking "who really thinks of me as a friend?", the first assumption ij 90% of peoples minds reading that is "she just looking for attention", I really do wanna know tho.
Avi replied once and said him, he also replied another with "yes you made an impact, you made me wanna dye my hair too". Ricardo replied with "yes you're important" but at the end of the day, where is everyone? Not even family really gives a genuine shit, but don't get me started on that topic.
I don't want to kill myself for attention, I want to kill myself because I realise I don't even need to be here. I'm only the main character or an important character in my own head in my own story. I'm barely even noticable in everyone else's, the people I call "friends" when referring to them.
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volleychumps · 2 years ago
I frfr forgot if I requested earlier but Getting matching tattoos with Kenma maybe reader getting a controller and Kenma getting a mic. Cuz both are famous ig like he’s a famous YouTuber and she’s a singer but there relationship is private but they are seen in public as friends so like ppl peep both tattoos and start speculating. And they accidentally get exposed when she comes on his stream not knowing he’s live
I love this concept?? So much?? And it’s my first Kenma single work???
The Secret (Kenma Kozume x Reader)
The one in which you’re a famous singer dating the pro-gamer on the down low and accidentally expose it to the public
Warning(s): like a TINGE of nsfw themes like super light 
“All done?” 
“It’s rare to see that you are.” 
You smile at the sight of your boyfriend leaning against the doorway of your in-home studio, humming contentedly as you slip your headphones off. As you turn off the recorder and fiddle with the buttons, Kenma approaches you tiredly, running a hand through his hair let loose out of it’s small bun. The red hoodie he was wearing was loose around his frame, the bags under his eyes signalling that the stream he had just finished up had been a long one as he unscrews the lid to a water bottle. 
“I heard you from the other room. Real pretty voice.” 
“Sure you weren’t scared your viewers would hear?” You tease, accepting the water as Kenma scoffs, rolling his eyes before you feel him approach you from the back. 
“Can we not just bask in this rare moment of freedom we both have? Please?” 
“You love gaming.” You protest, feeling Kenma push your hair to one side of your head to expose your neck.
“And you love singing, but it doesn’t make it any less tiring after hours on end.” 
You turn off your ring light as Kenma’s arms droop lazily around your waist, the gamer digging his face into your neck tiredly while breathing against your skin. Your fingers find one of his hands resting around your middle, stroking the ink on the skin of the side of his thumb with butterflies in your stomach at the sight of the simplistic microphone inked on his skin. 
“I still can’t believe we went through with it.” You whisper, feeling his lips curl a little against your skin. 
“How’s yours healing up?” Kenma murmurs into your neck, lifting his head slightly to catch your own hand and examine the tattoo of the controller on yours. You wince a little bit when he rubs his thumb over it distractedly, the skin still risen a little bit from how fresh it is. 
“Stinging. Yours?” 
“The pain is worth it.” 
“Shut up.” You laugh, turning to face him as Kenma clicks his tongue, murmuring something about how that wasn’t what he meant before you place a kiss on his temple sweetly. 
“Dinner? We can order in.” 
“Right. Like we can actually go out.” Kenma rolls his eyes as you nudge him slightly, feeling a twinge in your chest. The idea to keep it a secret had been your initial thought, but Kenma still agreed that the two of you needed to play your cards right for the sake of your careers. 
“You know it would be a hassle if our viewers knew. And since when do you ever want to go out?” 
“Have you not been on your phone? They’re already kind of on to us after someone digitally enhanced our recent photos to see our tattoos.” Kenma ignores your little jab at his indoor tendencies as he arches a brow. 
“What?” You blink, a surge of panic rushing through your chest as you go to grab your phone. “Already-?” 
“Hey.” Kenma tightens his hold on you, and you still as the setter places a quick kiss on the top of your head while attempting to ease your worries. “Let’s not freak out. Not now, at least. Just...hang with me?” 
You relax, Kenma’s rare words of affection making the panic replace with warmth as you turn in his hold, arms wrapping around his middle tightly as his clasp at the small of your back. The scent of him fills your nose as you mumble into his chest, a wave of tired washing over you as Kenma hides a small, relaxed smile into your hair. 
“Alright, love. Sushi okay?” 
“Order me ramen.”
“Right! My viewers sent me in some apple pie, I almost forgot- Kenma, wait for me!” 
“You should have said so sooner.” 
The TV was still blaring on some random episode of a netflix series when you wake up, Kenma’s hoodie hanging around your groggy figure as you wake up warm yet alone, tiredly sitting up to switch off the TV. You blink once, and then twice again before smiling to yourself. 
Kenma had applied petroleum jelly to your tattoo for you, an open bottle of water already unscrewed and waiting on the clean living room table. 
The plates from dinner had already been taken and now laid on the drying rack along with the apple pie neatly put away in it’s box next to it. You had to hand it to him, Kenma made it hard for you to be annoyed about waking up alone. Wiping your eyes with the loose sleeve of your boyfriend’s hoodie, you check the time only for your eyes to widen a little bit. 
It was now nine in the morning, meaning that you had slept through the night without even realizing it. You sigh, going through your phone while still waking up before frowning at the influx of notifications and messages blowing up your device, the dms in particular being the most annoying. 
Are you dating Kenma Kozume?!
Back off, hoe. He belongs to his fans. 
Omg omg is my ship sailing??????
From: Asshole 
Are you two lovebirds trying to get found out?
You narrow your eyes, shooting a text back. 
-Kuroo, it’s too early for your bull. 
Listen lovely, it’s never too early. And matching tattoos? He wouldn’t get any with me:((
-Wonder why.
You snort before stretching tiredly, putting your phone down and wandering into your spacious bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth, a giddy feeling in your stomach at the fact that Kenma was supposed to finish up his live in less than twenty minutes. However, you stall, gaping at the mirror in disbelief. 
A groan slips your lips as you raise a hand to your neck, eyeing the dark bruises littered up to your jaw as you hang your head and sigh. You couldn’t believe you had forgotten that Kenma had gotten a little carried away last night, your heated makeout session on the couch turning into a little something more, hence the hoodie you now adorned. 
You blush as you begin to remember, shaking your head of such thoughts before tying your hair up. Oh well, nothing some concealer and color corrector wouldn’t fix- maybe a scarf or two. You begin to make breakfast after clambering into the kitchen, a nutritious breakfast of soup and fish with rice being carefully plated onto a tray almost half an hour later. 
Hey, is Kenma done with his stream? 
You sip some soup, tasting it as you type away on your phone. 
-Should be, Kuroo- why? 
Oh, his fans were blowing up his comments asking about you and I’ve never seen the poor boy so flustered. Hug him, will you? 
-Bringing him breakfast now. 
I’m so glad he met you:’) 
-Buzz off:’)
You ignore the snarky response from Kuroo before lifting the tray, not even bothering to knock or say you were coming in as you push the door open to Kenma’s gaming room after ascending the stairs, figuring that the stream was supposed to end ten minutes ago- 
And oh boy did you wish you had knocked. 
You almost drop the tray, stilling at the sight of Kenma’s stream still ongoing, the cat-like boy pushing back from his monitor in shock as he whips his head to look at you from his gaming chair- 
You, his hoodie draped hanging off your figure with no pants underneath, simply exposing your bare legs and your hair tied back messily, a tray of breakfast in your hand that signalled you had spent the night together-
and not to mention the hickies ever so evident on your neck. 
You squeak, stepping out of the door and slamming it shut behind you just as Kenma’s comments explode across the monitor. You were in for it now. 
The tray gets slowly lowered in front of the door before you make a mad dash to your shared bedroom, ignoring the now increased influx of notifications on your phone from Kenma’s hoodie pocket before throwing it across the room and face-planting onto your bed. 
How could you have been so careless?
Heat tinges your eyes as you muffle a scream into the sheets. 
What’s gonna happen now?
You flinch at the sound of someone else entering the room, refusing to look up from your spot as a familiar figure sits next to your teary one carefully. A feeling of guilt and wishing you could turn back time weighs on your chest as Kenma strokes a hand through your hair. 
“Don’t panic.” 
“Don’t panic?!” You sit up, Kenma eyeing you evenly as he watches frustrated tears brim your eyes. “I just walked into your live!” 
“I know, I was there.” 
“Kenma!” You whine, and surprise etches onto your features when Kenma stifles a laugh into his palm, looking off to the side before taking your hand in one of his carefully. The other one wipes moisture from your eyes as Kenma stops teasing you, looking at you seriously through golden irises. 
“We’d have to let them know eventually, you do know that- right? Or did you want to keep us a secret forever?”
“I know, but...” You sniff, Kenma using his finger to tilt your chin up slightly to tilt his head. 
“I don’t want to...ruin your career.” You finish quietly, and you gasp when you suddenly find yourself on your back, Kenma now looking at you with a hard edge to his eyes as he stares down at you from his position on top. 
“Well, isn’t this familiar-” your cracked voice tries to joke. 
“Shut up.” Kenma rolls his eyes before leaning down so his nose is almost touching yours. 
“Would I have gotten this ink permanently drawn onto my damn skin if I thought you’d ever ruin anything for me?” 
At your loss of words, Kenma sighs before taking one of your relaxed hands- the one with the controller on it- and bringing the side of your thumb to his lips so he can mumble against it. 
“And this? This tattoo of yours means that you’re mine. Didn’t we get these tattoos because we knew we’d reveal it anyway?” 
“Kenma, you’re speaking too much calm down-” 
You stop with your antics as Kenma’s voice softens, eyeing you seriously. “Don’t you...want to be together?” 
“God, what kind of question is that?” You frown, lifting your hands to cup his face as you look up at his pretty features. “You know I do.” 
“Then I’m happy you walked into my stream.” Kenma turns his head into your touch to kiss your palm. “Because now all those damn pretty boys in your dms know you’re taken.”
“Kenma, they saw hickies.” 
“I can’t with you.” You roll your eyes before releasing a breathy laugh, glancing at the phone screen from the floor across the room as it turns off and on, lighting your screen up with notifciations. “I’m taking it the press is eating this up?” 
“Like a damn buffet.” Kenma sighs, lazily beginning to trace patters into your exposed thighs. “You know what I can eat up though?” 
“The breakfast you stepped over on your way to pursue me?” You blink innocently, laughing when Kenma shoots you a tired stare. 
“Sure. Let’s eat breakfast.” 
“Kenma-” You begin to whine, only for your boyfriend to kiss your lips in a chaste manner, lips lifting ever so slightly when you blink doe-eyed up at him in response. The phones become ignored as Kenma throws his behind him, the press now forgotten as two phones now blow up beside one another.
His thumb strokes yours as the ink on both of your skin traces over one another, the slight sting of the tattoos unnoticeable as Kenma’s hands slide further up his hoodie. 
“Use that pretty voice of yours and tell me what you want then, princess.” 
“I’m starting to think you did this on purpose.” You murmur against his lips as Kenma scoffs in the midst of trailing kisses down your neck. 
“There’s a reason my stream didn’t end when I told you it would, love.” 
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spideyyeet · 2 years ago
Party Girl
Tik tik au
Peter Parker x avenger!reader
Summary: You and Peter are tik tok famous, and Peter’s been seeing a recent trend lately, so he decides to hop on it without a second thought. Little does he know everyone will lose their absolute shit.
Warning: language, fluff, funny hehe, tik tok duh
A/n: because u all insisted....
Tumblr media
⚠️READ THIS FIRST: ok this is not complicated maybe just a little but there are three tiktoks I just want y’all to c em all cuz I’m gonna combine them forgive me: Tik Tok 1 / Tik Tok 2 / Tik Tok 3 — The song in tiktok 1 is the one used in this fic but the third one is for the backflip cuz of that one ask ;) ENJOY!
The sun was beating down. Sweat dripping. Mask covering half his face.
Peter exhaled, slowing down as he saw the compound in view.
Tony had finally allowed the team to go on runs that weren’t restricted around the compound. Peter had been running around the suburbs and towns in upstate New York, miles away from the compound. Just to get some fresh air.
Peter rested by the empty side of the road, slowing his pace as he continued to make his way to the compound just a distance view away.
Peter pulled his red cap off, pulling his mask down and bringing the end of his shirt up as he wiped his sweaty face. Pushing his curls back and putting the hat on backwards and pulling the mask back up he continued a light jog.
“Aw fuck.” Peter groaned, stretching out his muscles from his hours long run. He’d asked you to come with him, but you only groaned and pushed him off the bed. He should’ve known, you were NOT a morning person so he should’ve expected you to hate the idea of a morning run.
Peter pulled out his phone from his shorts pocket. Checking his notifications. It wasn’t much, except for a few texts from Tony and a call from Ned. Licking his lips, airing out his sweat stained white T-shirt, Peter opened tik tok.
Since you’ve started posting, Peter rarely ever posts on his tik tok, except ones of you being an idiot. Or of him messing with Sam or Bucky. The main reason he has about 26 million followers is because of your 49 million and the many many many tik toks you pull on him and the avengers.
But other than that Peter just uses his tik tok to like each and every one of your posts. And maybe occasionally scrolling through his for you page. Like he’s doing now.
Peter kept his light jog as the tik toks songs played in his earphones. Then he saw it. The party girl tik tok. Peter bit his lip as his legs slowly started to come to a stop.
He doesn’t do tik tok dances. Not unless your begging him too. But this looked funny. And it could be payback...kinda. You’ve been doing all these sexy ass, throw it back, tik tok dances and the comment section was filled with thirsty people checking you out. Now he wanted you to know how he feels. So let’s do this.
It was partly as payback and well partly because....he secretly liked doing these dances like those cringy ass, egotistical, self centered, low life, types of tik tok boys (y’all know who I’m talking about, they really think they’re that hot, like bro chill tf out smh)
Peter finally came to a stop on the side of the road. His eyes scanning for any cars. None. So he did it. He bit his lip as he watched a few other videos just to know what the hell he’s doing. And he happened to like that backflip, because why not?
Peter chuckled to himself, realizing what he’s about to become if he does this. But it’s a one time thing. Just a fun stupid dance after a morning run.
Peter set his phone on the floor letting it lean against the road railing. Taking a few steps back to see if he fits the screen. Peter took his hat off running a hand through his sweaty curls before putting it back on.
“Let’s do this shit.” He said clapping his hands before clicking play.
Everytime I’m calling she say she gon call me back
Peter did the moves his mask up, hat backwards, sun beating down his face.
I told her call me Rocky, she said she not gon call me dat
Peter chuckled as he flexed his muscles.
You say you come wit a lot, we’ll baby I want all of that
Lil mama a party girl
Peter did the back flip, his hat falling off in the process. His curls a mess his mask still intact covering his face, just as the lyrics played...
She just say she wanna have fun too
And just like that ones of Peter’s legs lifted off the ground slightly as his hands came back, hips thrusting into the air. Before laughing and dancing stupidly until the rest of the song ended.
Peter didn’t really think much about it except about you. And if you’ll think it was too much or if it was dumb and he should delete it. But he posted it anyways with a caption that read just bored :). Not another thought crossing his mind as he jogged back to the compound.
“Hey,” Steve called out as Peter came into the kitchen, chest heaving.
“Hey, thanks.” Peter said taking the cold water bottle from Steve.
“You’ve been going out a lot, for hours, anything on your mind.” Steve asked as he rounded the island sitting down in the stool with an apple in hand.
Peter quirked a brow as he continued drinking before pulling the bottle from his lips, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
“No, just—clears my head I guess. Dunno really, why am I acting weird?” Peter asked confused. Steve shook his head chewing on his apple.
“No your fine, just been running a lot and not everyone likes that.” Steve chuckled making Peter smile.
“Clearly. Is y/n still asleep?” Peter asked closing the cap of his bottle.
“Look at the time, your lucky if she’s even nice at this hour.” Steve said before getting up and making his way out of the kitchen. Peter shook his head lightly as he made his way to his quarter. 1:53pm
Peter stretched his neck as he closed the door behind him. The floor to ceiling windows giving him a view of the lake and you tangled up in his navy blue sheets. Peter bit his lip smiling as he set his water down and plugged his phone in the charger.
“Morning sunshine.” He mumbled as he leaned over your body, arms planted on the sides of you as he leaned down to kiss your cheek softly.
“Gonna wake up any time soon?” Peter asked kissing your jaw repeatedly, his eyes focused on your face as his hand came to rest on your stomach shaking you lightly.
“You needa shower.” You grumbled, nose scrunched up at the smell of his sweat. Peter chuckled rolling his eyes. Your face smooshed on the pillow.
“Needa wash your face baby, drooled everywhere.” He said with a light laugh as he pulled away from you and made his way to the curtains opened them up wider so the sun hit the bed.
“Fuck Peter,” you groaned covering your face with your hand to block the sun.
“Ran for like 2 hours today. Probably the longest, I think.“ Peter said stripping off his shirt and shorts, tossing them in the hamper.
“Mmm very....nice.” You sighed, rolling onto your side curling up.
Peter chuckled shaking his head as he went into the bathroom, clicking the way too advanced shower tablet, letting the cold water shoot out.
“Y/n, wanna shower with me!” Peter shouted, kicking his boxers off.
“You shower in cold water, so no.” You said making Peter click his tongue, stepping into his freezing cold water. Peter shook the chills away as he continued his shower.
While you were groaning and stretching on the bed, getting frustrated as you kicked the bedsheets that were annoyingly wrapped around your legs.
“God!” You groaned finally untangling yourself. Sighing as you laid on the bed, the cold breeze from the air hitting your legs and arms. You rolled over grabbing your phone eyes squinting as you scrolled through all the social media’s. Grabbing Peter’s water bottle and drinking.
That’s when you noticed the many tags you got on tiktok. And just when you stumbled on your boyfriends tik tok. You choked on the water, coughing violently as the water spilled on your shorts, T-shirt, legs and the whole fucking bed. You watched it again. And again. And again—
“Peter!” You shouted already up and going over to the bathroom—“Peter!—“
You collided into his soaking body. His eyes alert, hand instantly holding the side of your face checking you, the other holding the towel he quickly put around his waist—
“What—what’s wrong?!” Peter pushed you into the bathroom as he looked out of the door expecting some intruder or any sign of danger.
“What is this??” You said from behind him. Peter brows furrowed as he turned around.
“I thought something happ—oh—“ he said with a light chuckle as his eyes caught your phone.
“Oh??— since when do you do tik tok dances??—a-and since when do you do these fuckboy dances, Peter???” You were so confused, horny, jealous, no confused.
“I was close to the compound and I was on my phone and I saw it and it looked fun, and it was, it’s nothing.” Peter knew it wasn’t nothing, he could tell it wasn’t nothing.
You scoffed, laughing as you opened the comments section, beginning to read them.
“Oh my fucking god did not see that coming! One said. Now I understand why y/n’s dating him 🥵🥵(thirsty emoji), THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS, I wanna pull his hair fuc—, I need this man to d me down!, is there any chance you and y/n broke up?—“
“Y/n, are you jealous baby?“ Peter started with a little smirk on his lips.
“No.” You scoffed, only having Peter look at you closely. You huffed shoving his chest back making his head go back in laughter. “Shut up, you get jealous by one comment with a heart on my videos, b-but yours are, there are so—Peter your mine!”
Peter couldn’t help the blush on his cheeks hearing you claiming him. Peter stepped towards you, lifting your chin as he pressed his lips against yours.
“Of course I’m yours.” He mumbled, you hummed kissing him back more deeply. Peter pulled away, moving to kiss your cheek. “It was just one dance, no biggy—now come shower with me I’m lonely—“
You shook your head. “I showered last night, and I told you I don’t like cold showers.” You said patting his wet chest. “I’m gonna go get some food.” You said before skipping out of the bathroom.
Peter’s brows furrowed. You let it go so easily. That’s not what he was expecting—not at all. Was he really more jealous than you?? Peter shook his head getting in the shower.
Peter flipped his phone in his hand as he walked down the halls. Fresh out of the shower, hair still damp, wearing some clean shorts and T-shirt.
“Where were you!!???” Sam shouted startling Peter.
“Christ!—was in the shower.” Peter said passing by Sam who was holding his controller.
“Well hurry we have a mission—“Sam said causing Peter to whip his head around.
“Mission! I thought Tony sai—“
“Call of Duty, calm your panties.” Sam said pointing at the tv. Peter rolled his eyes, before walking to the kitchen to get something to eat.
“Do you know where y/n is?” Peter asked from the kitchen as Sam tried to set up the game.
“Um, think she’s out on the patio with Bucky and Steve.” Sam said—“but you need to set this up for me, I don’t wanna mess it up like Buck did.”
Peter jogged over taking the controller from Sam and setting the game up, resuming it, handing it back to Sam.
Peter peeled his orange as he walked around back to the patio and that’s when he froze. Because there you were in your shorts and his T-shirt, dancing way to hard to your phone. Bucky and Steve playing chess on the green grass.
But you. You were doing this tik tok dance.
“Y/n.” Peter was staring you down and you only smiled as you went hard until the video ended. You smiled turning around.
“Peter.” You said to him with a sparkle in your eyes. Peter knew what you were doing.
“Bucky. Steveee why did you let her do that dance—d-didn’t you hear the lyrics! And the moves!!” Peter whined, making you chuckle.
“She said we can cook instead of her if we let her...so yeah.” Bucky said, eyes not leaving the chess board.
“Don’t post it.” Peter said stepping forward just as you took one back. Peter took another forward, and you went back. Until Peter was chasing you as you ran around the field while posting the tik tok with a caption that said was just bored ;)
It was a matter of time before the comments were filled with: this was funny asf but i also gaspeddd. LMFAOO Peter staring you down. You went so HARD DAMN.
Peter however was not going to let you win. So while you were playing chess with Steve because Bucky lost and was watching you closely. Peter had been lying on the grass on tik tok.
It was scorching hot outside, Steve was airing out his shirt every minute. Bucky had pulled his shirt over his head, but his arms stayed in the sleeves like a jacket and Peter just tossed his shirt aside.
And then he found the perfect tik tok. Quietly standing up, not to alert you as you bit your lip thinking of your next move. Peter set his phone on one of the benches, letting it rest against his water bottle. Dancing shirtless to this tik tok. 
Bucky caught Peter, his eyes flickering to you and Steve still playing then back to Peter. Scrambling up, he went over to Peter in the middle of his dance and started going along with it making Peter laugh.
“Checkmate BITCH!” You shouted hands up in the air, waiting for Bucky to be happy or Peter to say congratz. But Steve only fell over laughing when he caught what was behind you.
You whipped around, mouth agape as you saw your shirtless boyfriend and Bucky dancing. “No Peter!” You shouted, groaning as you fell over knowing what this meant.
So it went back and forth. You posted another tik tok, then Peter, then you, then Peter. It lasted for days. And everyone in the compound loved jumping in whenever they saw either one of you dancing.
You both gained so many more followers, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to make the other really fucking jealous, which doesn’t sound that great, but you will not lose—
“Okay y/n no, you have to delete that one.” Peter said as he walked outside seeing you laying on the grass reading.
“I don’t know what your talking about.” You shrugged a little smirk playing on your lips.
“Your not wearing any clothes!” Peter shouted as held his phone down at you showing the tik tok you made a couple minutes ago with Nat after your training in the pool.
“Actually I can clearly see that I’m wearing a bikini...is there a problem?” You said lowering your book so you can see Peter’s jaw clenched.
“Yes there’s a problem. Your boobs are all bouncy and your throwing it back—y-your ass is like everywhere!—and the comments y/n, the comments!! They should be blocked!!!” Peter exhaled, his eyes tracing over the sun hitting your beautiful face. Then down to you in just your shorts and bikini top, your hair still damp from the pool an hour or so ago.
“Well you should see the comments when your shirtless...” you said with a shrug going back to your book—
But Peter was already throwing your book aside as he leaned over your body, lips crashing into yours. His head tilted your chin up as he forced your mouth open slipping his tongue inside causing a moan to come out of your lips. Peter pushed your legs apart, moving between them, lips still attacking yours.
Peter held your thigh, grasping it high up his waist as he bit your bottom lip causing you to whimper and pull his hair. Peter pulled away to catch his breath, leaving open-mouthed kisses around your neck and collarbone.
“Does this mean I win?” You asked with a smirk. Peter lifted his head, catching his breath.
“Y/n.” Peter started, exhaling as his chest heaved.
“Your definitely more jealous.” You giggled, making Peter break out into a smile shaking his head.
“Leave me alone.” He said, going back to kissing you.
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allthephils · 2 years ago
Where Our Heart Is
Rated G Word Count: 1613
Written for @phandomficfests​ bingo for my forever home square
Summary: Dan is in France when their dream house goes up for sale
Read on AO3
Dan was in France when the listing went up. He was meant to be spending time with his family, away from the internet. He was meant to be taking a break from everyday life, focused on nothing more than relaxation, decompression, and reconnection. There was internet in the town though and the whole family would pull out their phones over coffee, modern togetherness. After checking Twitter and Instagram, Dan couldn’t help but do a little house hunting and there it was. The house ticked all their boxes; good neighborhood, big windows, private garden, every single one. 
  He knew Phil wasn’t looking. He just didn’t see the point.. Every house in their price range was highly in demand. It wasn’t like they were going to put an offer on something without Dan seeing it. It seemed masochistic to fall in love with places that were bound to slip between their fingers. When he sent the listing, it was immediately followed by a calendar notification for the showing appointment the same afternoon.
  “I watched the virtual tour. It’s amazing. If it’s just as good irl, this could be our dream home.”
  “So what if it is?” Phil said, “What then?” 
  “Then we make an offer. Fucking quick too. They’ll be a dozen offers by tomorrow.”
  It didn’t feel right but Dan assured Phil there’s always a way out after the inspection. He was adamant that they not let this one pass them by so Phil agreed and booked an Uber to drive him to the house.
  “I’m going to text you a play by play the whole time I’m there.”
  “That’s fine. I’ve got my phone. I’ll stay in town for the signal.” 
  Their estate agent, Cam, is waiting outside when Phil arrives. He’s dressed in chinos and a slim button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He always looks like a businessman who’s pulling an all nighter. He also always wears a smile, always. It must be exhausting. When Phil gets out of the car, Cam rushes toward him, grabbing his hand for a two handed shake. 
  The house is beautiful, modern but not too modern, probably mid century but Phil doesn’t actually know that sort of thing. It sits back from the street so there is potential for a privacy fence if it becomes necessary. Phil stands back and takes a photo for Dan. 
  Cam is droning on about architecture and styles and roofing materials. Phil should probably listen more carefully. He’s stared at the house for a good few minutes but now he’s facing the other way, eyeing the park across the street. That would be a great place to have a run or just an evening stroll with Dan. It would be a good place for Dan to take a walk when he needs to be alone. A park in such close proximity would be especially useful if they have kids. The weight of that thought sits heavy on his chest for a moment and he breathes deep.
  They could have kids. They could have kids and raise them here. Phil scans the park for a play structure and sees one off to one side. He can’t make out the ground material form here. This street is a little busy and there’s foot traffic. Would their kid be able to cross safely to go play when they’re old enough? Is this too visible? Maybe they should be looking in a gated community where no one could spot them and take photos of their family outings. Phil’s heart is pounding when Cam’s hand lands on his shoulder and he jumps.
  “Woah, sorry there buddy,” Cam says, “you ready to head inside?”
  There’s a tight smile on Phil’s lips as he follows Cam to the front door. This part is always so weird. The houses are all staged, furnished like someone very successful and very boring lives here. Phil would actually prefer to view a clean slate but that doesn’t happen in their price range. 
  After an exuberant tour, Phil is fully briefed on every impressive feature the house has to offer. It’s nothing he didn’t already know from the listing. He’s standing in the garden with Cam. It’s lovely and private, big enough for a dog.
  “Cam,” Phil speaks up in a rare quiet moment, “is it ok if I walk through the house alone?”
  He moves slowly through the house, room by room. He runs a hand along the dark wood cabinetry in the kitchen, opens the fridge, turns on the faucet. If Dan were here, he’d be pushing buttons on the very tech looking oven and Phil would come up behind him and kiss his cheek. He’d tell him this is a perfect place for Dan to make him breakfast. He tries to picture it but he’s not sure. Maybe Dan would prefer painted cabinets, maybe the dark wood isn’t modern enough.
  There’s a big space for a table, not quite a dining room but not quite in the kitchen either. They could entertain here, have game nights. The lounge has a gas fireplace, wood would be better. On the other hand, neither one of them is going to want to haul wood into the house. The windows are pretty incredible. You can see clear across the park and Phil bets it would be even better at night. They are exactly what he always wanted, at least he thinks they are. Maybe big windows would be better upstairs, maybe they’d be better facing the garden. His thumbs are hooked in his pockets to keep himself from chewing on his cuticles. His skin feels restless, like it could take off running any minute and take him with it. He sighs and carries on.
  The office is just a big empty room with a window looking out to the garden. It would be good for filming, they could have a few permanent spaces set up, for Phil and for live shows, for gaming. They could make content together again, once they’ve settled in. 
  Wandering upstairs, he finds the master bedroom. It’s nice, the en suite is nice, the bathtub is nice, Phil feels absolutely nothing. His fingers are curled around his phone now, gripping too tight. He’s snapped a photo or two in each room and he sends them now, hoping Dan can give some input, and hopefully, bring some clarity. Phil’s head feels muddled and his heart is just confused. 
  Dan texts as soon as the last photo sends. Looks pretty great Phil.
  I guess 
  There’s a big cushie velvet chair in a very Instagram worthy shade of teal and a bed with a luscious looking white duvet. Phil sits down on the floor.
  You guess? Is there something I’m not seeing? Cuz it looks perfect to me. I think we should do this Phil.
  We’re choosing our home, Dan. 
  I know that Phil.
  We can’t rush it. Phil hits send and then leans back onto the bed behind him and lets out a long slow exhale before typing again. I’m just not sure Dan. It’s too much pressure.
  I trust you Phil.
  I know you do, but I don’t trust me.
  The phone vibrates in his hand. “Dan.”
  “What’s wrong?”
  “I don’t know, I can’t tell if it’s right for us.”
  “If it’s right, you’ll know. It’ll feel like home.”
  “It doesn’t feel like anything. I don’t think it can feel like home without you here.”
  “I know. I know I’m being sentimental and impractical but I want to hold your hand and look out these windows.” Phil’s says wearily. “The kitchen opens onto the garden. I kept thinking about how our dog is gonna run around in the rain and track mud all over the floor. I wanted to say it out loud and see if your eyes crinkle.”
  Dan laughs gently into the phone. “If my eyes crinkle?”
  “Your eyes crinkle when you get feels.”
  “They do?”
  Phil hums a yes. A few moments of quiet pass. It’s a comfort just to have Dan’s soft, barely there breathing in his ear.
  Eventually, it’s Dan who breaks the silence. “Our dog, huh?” 
  “Or our kids,” Dan adds.
  “I just want you to love it, Phil. If you love it, I’ll love it.”
  “Right,” Phil says, “and I don’t know if I love it. I need to see your face light up. That’s how I’ll know.“
  Dan’s laughter is sweet and Phil just knows he’s shaking his head. “We really are co-dependent.”
  “Guess I can never leave you then,” Phil says.
  “Don’t even think about it.”
  “I miss you.”
  “I know. I miss you too,” Dan says, “Guess we’re letting that house go then.”
  “Guess so.”
  “They’ll be others.”
  “There will.” Phil stands up and heads out to find Cam.
  “Tell Cam to set up some viewings for when I’m home?” 
  “I will,“ Phil says.
  When he gets outside, Cam is on his phone, talking fast about percentages. He nods to Phil with a signature smile and wink. 
  Phil responds by whispering, “I have to go, this isn’t the one. I’ll email you.”
  Cam pouts and starts to end his call but Phil hurries away, escaping an awkward conversation he isn’t ready for. He doesn’t order a car. It’s nice out so he walks to the tube by way of the park, looking back for one last glance at the house before he gets too far.
  From here, it does look like something they’d design in the Sims. It kinda is their dream house. They aren’t looking for a dream house though, they’re looking for a forever home, and they can only find forever together.
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bigskydreaming · 2 years ago
#38 for the fic ask meme?
38. Talk about a review that made your day.
Oh man. SO many. You have no idea. Like, I have been lucky enough to get a number of extremely uplifting and moving reviews from people on various fics over the years, and its really hard to pick out just one. I mean, literally any review is great, no matter how ‘generic’ or whatever - like I’m not saying that a single one line “I really liked this” review is going to impact me in the same way as a personalized, three paragraph long review, but each and every review IS an impact, and they all add up. 
Like, a lot of times writing fic (especially when you tend to focus on side characters, controversial fandom takes and rare pairs as much as I do, lmfao) - I mean, a lot of times it can feel a bit like just shouting into the void where the only way you even know if anyone’s reading is by the hit count, but when combined with a total lack of comments, that can like….be counter-productive and make you go oh shit, does that mean everyone read it and just went meh? 
(Personally, I’d rather have someone hate something I wrote than be apathetic about it. The former means I at least reached them on some kind of level, even if it wasn’t the way I ideally would like, lol).
So I mean, I have so much love for any and all reviews I get, there are fics that I’ve left just sitting unfinished for years and years and only went back to and ended up finishing because someone commented saying they really hoped I would come back to it someday, even when it’d been like four years since I updated last, when they left me that comment.
And then there’s one fic I wrote in one of my extremely random fandoms, where like, its literally the only thing I ever wrote in that fandom and yet I still get comments every once in awhile and it just….reminds me of that fic and what I was thinking about/feeling when I wrote it, just kinda takes me back to that headspace, and that can be really welcome at times.
Which brings me to something that rarely gets mentioned when talking about reviews, actually…..for me at least, timing also has a lot to do with what reviews stick with me longest. Like, its not just about the contents of the review or anything the reviewer is likely to know anything about, but my mood when getting a particular review or my headspace or what I’m just going through in my life at the moment, like…all of those can mix with the actual review itself and make it especially memorable for me, even if that same review, if I’d gotten it at a different time, like, might not have made the same impact.
I bring that up because personally, I don’t think any reader should ever feel obligated or guilted into leaving reviews….no reader owes me anything anymore than I owe readers anything other than whatever I choose to give them ie publish or post. BUT, I know people often feel self-conscious about leaving reviews, or getting too…specific or personal in a review, stuff like that (I mean, I do the same thing as a reader myself)….like, I just mean where sometimes people aren’t sure if a particular review would be welcome, or if there’s any point when its been years since a fic was posted. And I say, if you’re ever on the fence about leaving a review, my vote is always gonna be for going ahead and leaving it. You never know when you might be the person to say just the right thing at just the right time to really reach the fic’s writer as much if not more than their fic reached you. 
*Shrugs* Tbh, because my memory is weird as fuck, I’ve literally forgotten about writing fics in certain fandoms and stopped getting notifications for them years ago cuz I changed emails or something…..and a couple of times, I’ve come across my own fics that I’ve completely forgotten writing, lmao, but then I check the comments and find a whole bunch more that were left long after I moved on from that fandom, and its just like, a cool little…..feel goods stockpile, just sitting there in case I ever came back to it or stumbled across it, like I ended up doing.
Anyway, back to the question, if I had to pick just one, there’s one that I’ve actually mentioned a couple of times before, enough that I probably make the reviewer feel weird about it at this point, lmfao. But it was a review on one of my Teen Wolf one-shots, Howling Like Real People Do, and it was a fun, really sweet review, but more than that, I think its like I was just saying, about how timing can play such a large role……the reviewer left that comment like a year or two after I’d written that fic actually, but it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I got it at a time when I was seriously contemplating just moving on from Teen Wolf fandom in general, because I was getting a ton of constant harassment from S/terek anons, and my two ‘big’ multi-chapter fics that I’d poured a ton of time and effort into were getting anon hate comments on every new chapter I posted, that had nothing to do with the fic itself and were all just aimed at me, lol, but y’know…..it kinda made it all feel like a waste of time and energy, and I was all….ugh, what am I even doing here at this point, this isn’t fun for me and it doesn’t seem like its worth it. 
But then I got that review just when I was actually looking for reasons to stick around, and it did exactly that, it was proof that there were still at least some people out there looking for the kinds of things I was writing (and it really helped that it was on Howling too, because Boyd is a criminally under-utilized/prioritized character in fandom, and so I was always kinda like…..’is anyone even gonna care about this Boyd POV character piece’…and then hey, they did)….but I mean like…..I’m actually a pretty simple/bare bones kind of guy. I love validation as much as the next guy, but it takes surprisingly little validation to motivate me, lol, and so I mean, that one single review then and there probably did just as much to motivate me to stick around and stay posting and present in fandom, as like….a dozen equally thoughtful reviews on one of my more frequently read fics. *Shrugs* Right time, right place, right words. 
So yeah, there’s your answer. The one review that’s probably stuck with me the most and made my day the most is that one Howling review years after I wrote the fic, because for as much as I bitch about TW fandom, it was a big part of my life for awhile and where I met a ton of really great friends and so its not actually something I regret and I’m glad I ended up sticking around instead of moving on from the fandom back then. *Shrugs*
Like I said, you never know when the review you feel self-conscious about leaving might have a far bigger ripple effect than you ever thought it would, so if you feel enough of a reaction to a fic to write or even just think of a review you might want to leave….just go ahead and hit post too. It could be the review that writer really needs, just in the way their fic maybe was the read you really needed too. Fanfic and reader comments are a kind of conversation, IMO. Go ahead and take the opportunity afforded by it and talk back to a writer, if their fic gave you something to say.
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aharris00britney · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
random stuff, some facts about me, some sims questions, video requests, hair sneak peaks, umm and other stuff too…. also I am 10 candies from being able to evolve that dumb fish so wig
Anonymous said: Do you have a car?
Anonymous said: Hi wcif the shirts in your coming soon in June update ps I love your cc x
hey! for any WCIFs for that stuff, I am probably going to wait until the posts for the hairs are up because I know that people won’t check when the hairs are posted for my old wcifs.
@angelamariacalle​ said: you could make a WIP the eyes that you use in your post with ice cream?     
i have no idea what you were trying to say ;-; the eyes I used are my default ones which you can download here
@ayoshi-sims​ said: Once you get this SHARE 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favorite blogs ✨
I still play pokemon go (fight me)
I think that pop music was the best in 2007-2011 (One of the Boys, The Fame/The Fame Monster, Circus/Blackout, Animal/Cannibal, The best damn thing)
I am a super middle child! (two older siblings, and two younger ones as well)
I keep all my kpop albums on my dresser, with my Red Velvet one hanging in a red/white flower crown I own :)
My favorite food to snack on is either a tuna kit, or pickles
I am a bottom XD
Anonymous said: When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy! Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity!
aaaaah okay um
my kpop girlies i stan
my angel rocky (my old af pug)
my friends (irl and online <3)
the concept of love is always something that makes me happy omg i know that is cheesy but like… imagine finding someone that is perfect for you will always be there when you need and like just GOD I NEED A MAN NOW
charli xcx music umm yeah it’s 5 in the morning
Anonymous said: Hello, I was wondering if you have your sims on the gallery? Thanks for your time. :)       
Yeah! I have a few sims for download on my origin which is SPOTHARRIS I also have them for download on this page
Anonymous said: Hello!! Just wondering wicf the freckles from the discontinued model in your older posts (e.g. momo buns) thank you!!! BTW I love your stuff soo much! :)
Hey! I no longer have that file or even know where I got them from :( Here is an OLD af wcif I answered of them though
Anonymous said: Where are you from?
I am from Virginia, which is on the east coast of the United States :)
Anonymous said: Hi!! I feel like this is such a silly question but oh well I’m a noob. If I use your Quartz eyes V2 will they be inherited in the next generation if my sims have kids? Same with your hair colors as well?
I honestly have no idea how any of that stuff works :( I’m sorry! I assume it should but also maybe not? ;-; again, sorry!
Anonymous said: omg the hair with the flowers in it! *-* i love!! will you also make a version without the flowers? I also wanted to say I’m really happy your life is going well and congrats on the 30k followers
thank you so much!! and I the hair will obvi have no flowers :P the flowers should be accessories if everything works out. There are some clipping issues rn but I think it is fixable :) here is a pic without the flowers. If you guys have any recommendations about then pls send them my way
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: Would you ever consider doing really long curly hair like the singer Sza’s?
I personally don’t like super long hair in TS4, it just doesn’t look well with most clothes and has clipping/weight issues :( I’m sorry!!
Anonymous said: Do you know what happened to SimpleSimmer?
I don’t, no. But I am sure she is fine :) sometimes people just take breaks
Anonymous said: Hi! So, i really love your sim with the dark brown hair (for your hair cc) and i was wondering if you could ever share that sim! Because she has a beautiful face. Also i am wondering which skin overlay (etc) you are using! You can find me in the gallery under the name: xThisGirl (if that is an easier way for you to respond :)
Hey! You can find her download here, along with all my other sims :) I am glad you like her <3
Anonymous said: Hey! I know you probably won’t read this as fast but I wanted to ask, how do you shift the hairline to the side or any of that? Like your daisy hair, briana hair, and that one wip you had in a tutorial video of yours! I really want to do that but I just don’t know how :(
I will maybe record something for this! No promises bc I have to get someone to edit the videos for me and I don’t wanna bug him but I will see if he can edit it for me if I film it :) It is pretty simple to do once you get the hang of it
@sims4storiesandstuff​ said: I just wanted to say, your hairs are the shit! Absolutely stunning. I rarely use the EA hairs anymore! I think you deserve every follower you have.            
Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate stuff like this <3 I don’t play the game myself much so it makes me happy knowing that my hairs make other peoples games so much more enjoyable uwu
Anonymous said: hello can you make please a video when you make a hair and upload it?
I would like to! I just do so many random things while doing a hair like showing pictures to friends and getting their advice. So I will have to see, would you guys mind if the video had conversation stuff in it? As I said earlier, someone edits the videos for me so I don’t wanna get him to do more work for it by editing them out :( I will look into it for sure though!
Anonymous said: That hair wip in your lil video tutorial is absolutely beautiful!! Can’t wait until it’s released !! 🧡🧡
thank you so much!! Here are some more pics of it:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anonymous said: are you korean? If not, how can you like kpop if you dont understand it?
I am not korean haha, but music is about more than understanding. It is about the feelings it vibes you get from it and the moods it puts you in. People love screamo music even though it is hard to understand, and music like instrumentals and dubstep heavy are just… what the music makes you feel. I listen to ‘normal’ pop, kpop, instrumentals, artists like grimes that mumble their songs a lot with production heavy stuff. I think that as long as the music is something you enjoy, you shouldn’t be judged for liking it. I know you aren’t trying to be rude with this ask so don’t think I am attacking you please! I am just trying to give you some insight into why different music interests people :)
Anonymous said: I’m so happy to see that you’ve made a patreon account! you really make amazing CC and that’s such a gift to the community, I’m happy that now I get to feel like I can give something to you haha :) have a great day/evening!
thank you so much! and thank you for supporting <3
@lesyatim​ said: Hello,  it’s not ask. I only want to say that you make very beautiful hair and  THANK YOU! I Love You💕💕💕💕💕 P.S. I’m from Russia and I don’t now English very well♡)
thank you so much!! Спасибо большое (that is suppose to say thank you in german lmao)
Anonymous said: When did u make a skin?
it is a hidden gem :P It is mainly to fix the collarbones bc I use multiple skin overlays so I that is why is was never posted :)
Anonymous said: Congratulations i hope you have a happy family 😄
@dangerouskindofmind said: I actually don’t have a question! I just wanna say you are one of my favorite sims 4 creators out here. Your hairs; snatched. Your clothes; beautiful. Your sims; amazing. And your personality looks just as good lol. I’ve probably downloaded like 99.9% of your content and I just wanna say thank you for all you do to make my sims 4 experience loads better. I also hope you’re having a great day
thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it a ton, I love that my content makes people love this game more <3
Anonymous said: Just wanted to say that literally all of your CC is beautiful and from what I’ve seen, I absolutely adore your personality. Keep it up my dear, you’ve got crazy talent. Much love <3
thank you, thank you!!! My personality irl is kind of shitty lmao I am really shy and like reserved ;-; and it is just memorizing how to do some editing to hair meshes, not much talent involved <3 thank you so so much again though!! I love getting these kind of messages
Anonymous said: Are you gonna make an outerwear cc pack when the seasons expansion pack releases?
I don’t make much clothing CC so I highly doubt it. I am working on a swimsuit that I might post later this month though! We will see what happens though :D
Anonymous said: thank you very much for a playlist that you shared with One Shot,Two Shot,I’m totally in love ur the best
yesss BoA is such a queen, listen to the full mini album if you can! It is one of her best releases in my opinion.
Anonymous said: aharris00britney awnsered me,cuz I remember my question and it’s on the asks recent post AND i’ll shake this print in all my enemies face thx,I asked about the patreon and I’m doing it right now bby <3            
hehe thank you!! <3 you show them enemies
– just so the eating ass juicy booty ask so yep that is all I have gotten in the past month that I can answer :P
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rt-reader-inserts · 4 years ago
Pairing: Trevor Collins x Reader
Word Count: 2,391
Description: You find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day, working after hours on editing with nothing better to do. That is, until a certain someone walks in. (This was a commission for @trevc0, thank you so much!!)
Warnings: None!
It is… somewhat disheartening to see all your coworkers leaving the office, either with their loved one, with gifts from/for a loved one, or with plans to see their loved one when they get home. Meanwhile, you’re just staying after to catch up on some editing, seeing as you had the time for it. No partner means no plans so, it’s not like you have anything better to do. Work’s better than staying in, watching netflix, and thinking about how nice it’d be to be with someone tonight.
That doesn’t stop those thoughts from lingering in your subconscious.
With a deep breath, you try to keep you entire focus on your work. Balancing the audio levels of six microphones, finding the best footage to switch to at different points in the video, it’s at least an easy thing to get fully absorbed in.
So it startles you when you feel a tap on your shoulder, and you look up to see Trevor standing behind your chair, shooting you a smile as you take your headphones off. “Hey, (y/n), is there, uh, a reason you’re still here? Office hours ended like, ehh two hours ago.” You check your phone to see that it is, in fact, seven o’clock, and it surprises you how fast the time went by. (It’s not surprising, however, when you see your only notifications are from Twitter and Tumblr.)
“I just stopped by to grab my jacket, wound up leaving it since the weather was so nice, and then I saw the light was on and… there you were, editin’ away.”
You laugh under your breath, shaking your head slightly before replying, “I dunno, figured I could get some work done since I have no plans; plus, you dorks aren’t here to interrupt with your ‘shenanigans’ so…” You shoot him a grin, and he rolls his eyes.
“Wow, you walk in on flinchless kickie doo one time—”
“It hit me right in the face, Trevor; and I had a fuckin bounce house dropped on me one time?”
“ —alright well, yeah, but it’s not like that really interrupted anything. Just… delayed things a bit.” He fires back, crossing his arms with a slightly guilty expression.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night,” you tease, sitting back in your chair as you look up at him. “Is there a specific reason for tonight’s interruption? Outside of curiosity, of course.”
“Well, uh, since you don’t have plans or anything,” he rubs the back of his neck, gaze darting over to a random spot in the room before looking back at you, “would you, like, wanna go get dinner?”
As if to answer his question, your stomach rumbles, and you both laugh. “Yeah man, I’m absolutely down for dinner.” It doesn’t occur to you until after you’ve already answered the question, but you realize you have no idea what the connotations surrounding dinner are.
Well, too late now.
He shoots you another smile, moving to grab his jacket from the couch. “Better save your work then, cuz I’m a hungry boy,” you can’t help but snort at that. You’re a dork, that’s what you are. “And, judging by the whale noises, I’m guessing you’re in the same boat.”
“You know I’m the hungriest boy around,” you shoot back, spinning around in your chair and quickly saving what you have. “Honestly, I would devour the entire McDonald’s menu right now, and I don’t even like McDonald’s.”
“Dammit, there goes my plan for good ol’ MickeyD’s.”
With a slight eye roll, you sit and wait for your computer to shut down, placing your headphones on your desk.
You can’t help but let out a surprised gasp, almost squeal, when your chair suddenly begins moving backwards. “Let’s get movin’, kid,” Trevor says as he starts rolling you toward the door, unable to keep from chuckling at his own dumb antics.
With slight difficulty, you jump out of the moving chair, quickly stepping to the side and laughing as he stumbles through his momentum. “Hang on, dude, I can’t leave my bag behind,” you tell him as you walk back to your desk, “and I can walk on my own, thanks.”
“Well, if you insist,” he retorts, sliding your chair back to your desk as you pick up your bag. Tossing your phone inside, you turn back to him, and he smiles. “Ready to roll?”
“If by roll you mean walk, and not take my chair out in the parking lot, then yeah, let’s roll.”
“I mean, there aren’t any cameras around, so I think we can leave the safety violations at the office tonight,” he replies, walking backward toward the door as he waits for you to follow.
With a combination of a laugh and an exasperated sigh, you walk after him, hitting the switch on your way out.
The two of you wind up at a hole-in-the-wall Italian place, one that your coworkers have been raving about (and that was thankfully small enough to not be completely booked on Valentine’s Day). You’d felt somewhat embarrassed when you’d had to admit to Trevor that Steffie was normally your ride home, and you’d been planning on taking a Lyft home tonight. Of course he assured you that driving you home was no problem, and that it made things easier anyways, not having to figure out what to do with two cars.
He had a point, but that doesn’t stop you from being anxious about inconveniencing him.
However, the weird conversation you find yourself in does more than enough to distract you from that anxiety.
“Wait, wait, so hang on,” Trevor speaks through suppressed laughter, “you’re telling me— that you were afraid of swimming pools until you were nine??”
“Listen, it was a valid fear!” you defend yourself, crossing your arms in a slightly exaggerated manner. “I mean, at least at the time. Of course I knew that sharks probably didn’t swim in public swimming pools, but was I one hundred percent sure? Nope, and I wasn’t about to take that chance.”
“Had to wait until you were at least ten for that.”
“Now you’re getting it,” you shoot back with a grin, which he cheekily returns.
You’d been at the restaurant for only twenty minutes, when suddenly the waiter sets down the appetizer in front of you; it looks nothing short of amazing. Of course, neither of you are surprised, suggestions from the podcast crew rarely let anyone down. In all honesty, it’s really just the price makes the quality astonishing.
“Jesus christ, I could eat that entire plate in two seconds flat,” Trevor absentmindedly mumbles, and you’re drawn back to the present, quickly grabbing a ravioli as you narrow your eyes at him.
“You better fuckin’ not.”
He holds his hands up in mock surrender, fork still between his fingers. “Hey, I said I could, not that I will. You think I’m gonna pull something like that when you have a fork and knife at hand?”
“I mean, we have the same silverware, you could technically defend yourself, if it came to that.”
He rolls his eyes, leaning back against the booth, “Please, I was born to fence with silverware. I would crush you, easy.” He can only keep up his cocky demeanor for another small moment before cracking, shooting you a grin.
“Oh, is that so?” you raise an eyebrow before sinking your fork into the toasted ravioli on your plate, twirling it around as you hold it up. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”
You take a bite of the ravioli, and he’s quick to retort, “Are you challenging me to a duel? In the middle of this refined establishment?” His voice is practically dripping with faux shock and horror, and you can’t help but let out a small laugh.
“I’m just saying, you gotta be able to put your money where your mouth is, Collins.”
He smiles, grabbing a ravioli for himself as he replies, “Well, maybe sometime when we aren’t surrounded by innocent civilians, I’ll prove my fork dueling skills.” After a quick bite, he adds, “Besides, I don’t think that old lady would be too thrilled about it, our laughing was offensive enough.”
You glance over to where he subtly gestured with his fork, and see a very old couple. It’s almost as if the woman can sense you looking, because she immediately turns and meets your gaze, with a glare that you think could probably kill you. You return your eyes to Trevor, trying to hold back a laugh as you say, “Holy shit, yeah, no, let’s hold off on this duel for now.” He doesn’t have time to respond before you add, “She also definitely caught me staring so… pretty sure I’m on her shit list now.”
Trevor locks eyes with you, deadly serious as he tells you, “You better watch out, pretty sure that red wine she’s drinking isn’t actually wine.”
You mimic his demeanor as you lean in closer, whispering, “Can you see her reflection on any of the silverware? Is there any color in her cheeks, like, at all?” He quickly glances over, and shakes his head. “Well, fuck.”
“Listen, you’re cool and all, but if you’ve got a vampire after you, you might have to find your own way home tonight.”
Your eyes are still locked as you stay quiet for a moment, the two of you almost daring each other to break the stare, but then the corner of Trevor’s mouth quirks. You can’t keep from laughing at that point, and neither can he, neither of you paying any mind to the dirty look the same woman throws your way.
“If we get kicked out of here before my pasta shows up, I’m blaming you.”
Trevor laughs under his breath, grabbing another ravioli as he replies, “I mean, you’re the one staring at harmless old ladies.”
“You told me to! And I’m not sure how harmless she’ll be when she catches me in an alley, ready to snap my neck; did you see the look she gave me?” You try your best to keep your voice accusatory, but the smile on your face immediately betrays you. God, how could you not smile when this man was smiling right back?
“Eh, you’re a tough kid, you’ll manage.”
You laugh as you chew your next bite, swallowing before adding, “Thanks for that vote of confidence.”
“Oh, anytime.”
You’re not sure how someone’s smile can look so smug and so sincere in the same moment.
It’s surprising how easily the conversation flowed between the two of you at dinner. Sure, you talked to each other at the office, got on fairly well, but that was usually with other people around. You never expected to spend so much one-on-one time with someone and not fall into an awkward silence at some point.
And yet, here you are, in the passenger seat of Trevor’s car as he drives you home, the silence between the two of you something comfortable, safe. He hums along to whatever Spotify playlist he has going, tapping the steering wheel, and you watch the Austin city streets go by in a blur of lights and nightlife.
“I had no clue you were in the same neighborhood as me,” you break the silence, “but I’m glad you don’t have to go too far out of your way to get my dumb ass home.”
“Hey, I wouldn’t have minded going out of my way to get your dumb ass home,” he fires back, shooting you a grin. You roll your eyes with a laugh, and he adds, “For real though, don’t sweat it; Lyft fare is bullshit, and I’m more than happy to help.”
You smile over at him as you reply, “Well, thank you.”
He pulls his car into the one available spot outside your townhouse, meaning one of your roommates is out for the night, and he parallel parks with an ease you can’t fathom. As he puts the car in park, you unbuckle your seatbelt, turning towards him to say, “Thanks for the ride, and for the company. I definitely had a way better time than I thought I would tonight, working after office hours on Valentine’s Day.”
“Hey, anytime!” he says as he opens his door, and you get out of the car as well. “I had fun laughing at old ladies and disturbing the peace with you.”
“I mean, the latter is Achievement Hunter’s specialty, isn’t it?”
“Gotta represent the brand,” he adds as the two of you make your way to your door, both exchanging dumb smiles.
“So, can I ask a dumb question?” you ask, standing in front of your door, shifting on your feet slightly.
“Hit me with it.”
You know you’ll probably regret asking, but you’ll also regret not asking so, might as well. “Would you wanna, um, go out again?” Before he can even respond, you’re quick to add, “I understand if this like, wasn’t a thing, though; I just, figured I’d ask.”
He laughs under his breath, smiling down at you. “This definitely was a thing, yeah. I would’ve asked you out legitimately weeks ago, but I kept second guessing myself; and when I saw you in the office tonight, I finally kicked my own ass and said something, though uh… clearly not well.”
“Hey, we got there eventually, and I had a great time so, I’d say you did well enough.”
Your smile is incredibly teasing, and honestly, he looks like he wants to kiss you right there. But, instead, he settles for kissing your forehead, and you can’t fight the blush that rises to your cheeks. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Bright and early,” you reply, unlocking your front door, “and I’m taking that as a yes, you do wanna go out again?”
“You’re a nerd.”
You stick your tongue out at him as he smiles, kissing your cheek before continuing, “But yes, that’s one hundred percent a yes.”
You’re practically beaming as you say, “See you tomorrow, Collins.”
“Bright and early,” he grins before walking back to his car, stopping before he opens the door. “Goodnight, (y/n).”
As you say goodbye and close the door behind you, you can’t keep from giggling to yourself, still blushing. Maybe, maybe Valentine’s Day was kind of okay.
If it was with him, anyways.
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justkarliekloss · 3 years ago
I sent you a dm on Instagram about what fashion forums etc I should follow that have new Karlie content or just rare videos/pics or news and you haven't replied yet, like I'm sorry if I'm annoying you I just want to know more info so I could start my fanpage and I've sent the dm about a month ago and I was wondering if you got it cuz I was like maybe she doesn't check dms
I always answer my dms there if they come from real accounts that aren't spam or that look fishy, or if they have more content than just a reaction to my stories, but I don't remember anything like that 🤔 Maybe ig ate it like tumblr does with some asks? This week someone sent me something, but the notification kept disappearing, and when I was able to open it, it said there was nothing. And I think a couple of years ago I blocked people from sending dms because ig didn't allow you to delete the messages, and I thought the option they gave was just deleting 🙈 I hope your account wasn't one of those, and sorry to those I blocked. It was all my fault 😅🙈
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kevshi77 · 3 years ago
Interview with Ken Tong
How are you today? Pretty bad. Cuz I overslept and was late to the class.
What time did you sleep last night? Around 1.
Had a good sleep? Yeah I guess so. 
Sounds good. Let’s get to know about yourself, what do you do in your spare time? Umm, I go out to eat a lot. I like eating food. Also, I like to take photos and to swim.  Oh, I like listening to music and podcast. I do those stuff quite often.
So would you consider yourself as an outdoor or indoor person? More indoor, but I still go out sometimes. Kinda half I guess. 
Do you have a job? No I am a full-time student.
Would you consider yourself a light sleeper or deep sleeper? Deep sleeper maybe. Just from most of my experience from the past, I haven't woken up easily.
Have you ever found struggled to fall asleep?  Definitely, but not recently. I guess it because of the early Uni schedule. I can't think of anything specific at the moment but maybe like in holidays when I have nothing to do. I felt struggled to fall asleep. Probably I took naps during the days. Also, when I stressed out. Stress is definitely the main thing that makes me not fall asleep easily. Like if I am nervous about something, I just think about it all the time. 
Where you get your stress from mostly? Probably cuz I am a shy and introverted person. I think maybe in situations where like I have to meet people that I unfamiliar with. Or if I have a presentation to do, I just think a lot about what to say when laying on the bed. Or even like near assignment deadline, I be like ‘ shit, why am I sleeping?’. That stuff usually keeps me awake for a couple of hours.
Oh, so how long does it usually take you to fall asleep? Lately, its about 10-15 mins. 
What about the holidays? It depends on what I did on that day. If I was really tired on that day I will just fall asleep really quickly. But otherwise, I just can't fall asleep cuz I wasn't tired.
Do you have a regular daily schedule usually? Umm yeah recently. 
What do you do before sleep? I usually do my homework nowadays. Go on social media talking to people on my phone quite often. Sometimes watch the videos.
What do you do after wake up? Check my phone first hahhah. Like, check the time and notifications for like 5mins. Then go take a shower, get ready for the day.
Where do you usually keep your phone while sleeping? Next to my bed.
Do you listen to music during sleep? Very rarely, because I usually get asleep naturally. If I can’t fall asleep, I try to control my breath and count my heartbeat. Sometimes it works pretty well.
How would you recommend if someone complains about their sleep quality? I know that when I am struggled to fall asleep, I usually put music on or podcast. When I go to sleep every night, I usually fall asleep listening to like a podcast. Sometimes it helps because of the background noise. But sometimes it doesn't cuz I tried to focus on the what it says.
Do you listen to an App? Podcast. It's on iPhone. Or Spotify. It helps me.
How do you feel when listening to those? I put it in really low volume. So it is not that loud. Kinda relaxing and natural for me. 
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