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michellemiyagi · 8 months ago
Open Your Imagination
As we grow into adulthood, we lose our openness to possibilities and stop imagining how things could be. We surrender to being practical and realistic, possibly veering into pessimism. We limit ourselves without realizing it. A way to counteract this tendency is to engage in activities and visualizations that allow us to experience the world in a different light from a new perspective. We benefit…
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the-laridian · a year ago
The Outer Worlds Journal: beat-up page
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So far this is blank, I have no idea what to put on it yet, maybe I'll print some art and add it? I just really like how it looks XD The gold planet/stars are embossed.
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appaeve · 10 months ago
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permanent emotional damage
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sunshineduo · 2 months ago
we should line up youtubers that have been mean to dream and then let badboyhalo hit them all with the dream bus
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gooseras · 2 months ago
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I think...it would be better...if you opened your mouth a bit more. And it would be better...if you closed your eyes a bit more. 
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write-it-motherfuckers · a year ago
To whom it may concern,
If you have had the misfortune of finding this note, then you are most likely the new owner of this property. And for that, I can only apologise and offer my condolences.
I have done everything within my power to ensure that this property never gains a new owner, but as the years go by and my body and mind begin to fail me, I fear that all of my preparations might have been in vain, as one can never hope to fully prepare for every eventuality. 
As such, all I can do now is offer what little advice I have managed to gather over the years, in the hopes that whichever poor soul is reading this, will be able to avoid the fate that myself, and all those before me, were doomed to. 
1 - Never extinguish or move, the lantern in the attic.
2 - If the lantern moves by itself, do not try and put it back in its usual place. It will return there in due time.
3 - Never use the back door. It does not lead to where you think it does, and it is locked for a reason.
4 - If said reason starts knocking or scratching at that door, do not respond, but be sure to cook a little extra that night, and try to pretend you do not notice when there is nothing left behind come the morn.
5 - Never remove flowers from the garden without having something on hand, to give back in return.
6 - Do not light the fireplace on the north wall. There is something living there, and the flames will be seen as an invitation.
7 - Those are not people by the lake, and they do not like it when you stare.
8 - Do not touch the apple tree. You cannot afford what they cost.
9 - The fourth step will squeak if you step on it during the day. Pay no attention to how it growls, when you do so at night.
10 - Never leave a mirror uncovered when you leave a room. These too, will be taken as an invitation, and not all guests are as polite as the chimney beast.
11 - Mysterious books should be avoided at all costs. 
12 - No, that corner was not always that dark. Do not try and investigate it.
13 - Do not respond to the whispering you hear during the night. They do not only seek to wake you.
Good luck, dear stranger. 
May you succeed, where all before you, have failed.
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fisheem4mmal · a year ago
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I loved this moment SO much
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michellemiyagi · 8 months ago
Open Imagination
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elytrians · 6 months ago
honestly it drives me nuts how many pieces of media i remember experiencing during my childhood that nobody else has any recollection of. i'm just a lost media magnet i guess.
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altruistic-meme · 2 months ago
so you’re telling me that Drottningholm Palace is a tourist destination. so. so Simon could technically just fucking. go to Wilhelm’s house. like casually and legally he can do that.
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sahara4k · 9 months ago
okay i’ve sat with dream’s response about his sexuality for a couple of hours  and i think what really strikes me about this entire situation is just how honest he always strives to be. like for someone with his platform of nearly thirty million – let alone the tens of thousands of people who constantly try to degrade and attack him for every single thing he does – to be so vulnerable and say yeah, my sexuality is unlabelled, because it’s still something i’m not 100% certain about defining yet,` is so momentous and i’m just so proud of him i can barely find the words to express it. regardless of how you feel about him, he’s still upheld as the face of minecraft youtube content today - and the gaming industry and audience is rarely a safe space for lgbt+ creators outside of certain spheres. so while i don’t think we should start claiming dream to be a new groundbreaking lgbt gaming icon (because i doubt he would want that either), i am applauding him endlessly for being completely authentic and trying to share such a deeply personal experience with his fans because he probably knows how much it resonates with a lot of us. discovering and exploring your sexuality is a journey many of us face enough pressure to do in our private lives, and i can’t imagine how he must have felt facing accusations of queerbaiting from people who didn’t even know him. having an ‘ambiguous’ sexuality as a famous content creator isn’t queerbait, and i’m glad that with this response/statement/whatever you want to call it, he essentially told people that it’s none of their business what his sexuality is. “my sexuality is ambiguous, because it’s also sort of ambiguous to me, and that’s okay.” <- there’s no better way to put it. to say this so casually on reddit of all places as opposed to making some grand statement about it is just so quintessentially dream and i’ve never been happier to call him a role model ☹️❤️
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m-chromatic · 17 days ago
i dont think spamton was a tomogachi tbh because there’s already lore about him being the email guy + living among the addisons, if he /travelled/ to cyber city you’d think the addisons would mention it or something. they even say he was the same as the rest of them. Maybe the egg’s a different character who met spamton? 
Context: https://twitter.com/DepressoKnows/status/1571245795256709120?s=20&t=WMz-RkXmibsxBBI_cpCqsA
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firstfullmoon · 5 months ago
It doesn’t do to look too hard into this mystery, which is as far from being simple as it is from being safe. We don’t know enough about ourselves. I think it’s better to know that you don’t know, that you can grow with the mystery as the mystery grows in you.
James Baldwin, from If Beale Street Could Talk
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finelythreadedsky · a year ago
this website is REALLY good at circulating mythological misinformation and alternative narratives presented as fact about certain figures (medusa, persephone, cybele/great goddess types) and honestly i think we could afford to spend a little more misinformation energy on arachne
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ragingtwilight · 4 months ago
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omnificent-orion · 4 months ago
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hope, a seed a lock and key
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jimint · 11 months ago
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"[On his 'Black Swan' solo stage] I think predebut Jimin would be very proud of who I am now. He would have made even greater efforts if he had seen himself now proudly doing solo performances as a member of BTS".
happy birthday, park jimin (95/10/13) ♡ (cr. dwellingsouls, jiminglobal, minimoniT_T) bonus:
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