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The spooky season posting has begun 馃巸
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luffy in amazon lily
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guys guys guys, Im thinking zoro + "there is only one rule: don't break eye contact." HOW DO WE FEEL ABT THJS CUZ IM FEELING IT
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I love these men and their relationships
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The Monster Trio
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That one very lgbt outfit but post ts
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Zoro: Are you crying?
Sanji, sobbing: This book is so fucking sad.
Zoro: ...
Zoro: Curly, that鈥檚 a cook book.
Sanji, sobbing harder: I know, the recipes fucking suck.
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i forgot the earrings in the second pic 馃弮
uploading drawings i did in may
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luffy feeling safe enough to just fucking pass out in battle cus zoro is by his side鈥 love them i love them i love them
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110 cm (roughly 43-44 inches) babyyyyyy
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He鈥檚 sad they didn鈥檛 keep the flag lol
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Mature content - NSFW; 18+
Summary: you were caught doing something you shouldn鈥檛 and in order to keep someone quiet, you make a deal
Warnings : oral (m receiving), fingering, oral(f receiving), squirting, unprotected sex, creampie
Tumblr media
It was a late night aboard the Thousand Sunny. The crew had settled down for the night yet you were wide awake, all intentions of sleeping had dissipated when the sudden urge of hunger rumbled deep within in your stomach. You were aware that Sanji had done his prep for the upcoming days meal, surely he wouldn鈥檛 notice some things missing? Of course he was used to it by now with Luffy on board, the Captain could never quite get his fill. If all else failed, you could easily pass the blame onto Luffy, but you were sure everyone was in their respective rooms for the night with the exception of Brook who was on watch. No matter, you slipped out of your bed and tiptoed out until you reached the kitchen. Unluckily for you the fridge was locked but luckily for you, you knew exactly what the code. With a devious grin plastered on your face you grab the key and place it in the lock, turning until you hear a click. Phew, this was too easy.
You began grabbing some of the prepped veggies and made yourself a small sauce to go with them. But what pushes your luck is the fact you reach for the bottle of expensive Sake that Sanji doesn鈥檛 even let Zoro drink from. He claimed its for a special time and no one was to touch it, especially the marimo. Pushing caution to the wind you uncork the bottle and pour a small amount into a glass. Bringing the glass to your mouth, the sake is just barely touching your tongue when you hear the kitchen door open. Your eyes shot open, panicking on how you were about to hide the fact your eating tomorrows food and Sanji鈥檚 expensive off-limit sake.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 A snicker came from behind you, your body stiffened at the voice you were oh so familiar with. Placing the glass down on the counter quietly, your turn your body to shield your little indulgence from the rude man now stood in front of you. Zoro鈥檚 eyebrows are raised in an accusatory manner, its like a child being caught doing something naughty - which was partially right except for the fact that you鈥檙e an adult doing something naughty. A bead of sweat forms at your brow, threatening to spill down over unless you gather and contain your composure. You look at Zoro with a small smile he can see right through,
鈥淥h uh- me? Oh well- I鈥檓 not doing anything! Made a cup of tea because I couldn鈥檛 sleep ya know鈥 those damn nerves!鈥 You laughed nervously.
鈥淭ea huh? How come the kettle isn鈥檛 on the stove then? I don鈥檛 smell any tea.鈥 He was quick to observe the flaws in this little predicament he stumbled upon. Your eyes popped out of your head a little more,
鈥淥h right! I uh- I haven鈥檛 put it on yet! Yeah I was about to put some on, care for some?鈥 You franticly looked around the kitchen, anywhere but his eye as you were afraid you would break under the pressure of being caught. A small smirk began to form on Zoro鈥檚 face, it was evident he knew the difference of your little lies.
鈥淚 see. So you wouldn鈥檛 happen to know where the bottle of expensive sake went from the wall would you? Speaking of which, I do smell a strong scent of sake from just here, care to let me in on what鈥檚 going on here?鈥 You looked at Zoro as of you were a deer in headlights as you not so subtlety mumbled shit under your breath. Zoro took your stiffened and panicked frame as an opportunity to walk pass you and find out what it is you鈥檙e hiding. And to his hunch, he found a glass filled with the sake and tomorrows veggie prep laid out on a plate behind you.
鈥淭ch, you鈥檙e a sneaky little one aren鈥檛 ya? I bet you were gonna let me and Luffy take the blame for this weren鈥檛 you?鈥 You were too stunned to speak so he took your silence as a yes. 鈥淲hat a shame, I鈥檒l be sure to tell the dumb cook who the actual culprit it in the morning.鈥 He pats your lower back and began walking to the kitchen door.
鈥淲ait! Zoro! Cmon, please don鈥檛 tell Sanji! I鈥檒l share the food and sake with you, cmon it鈥檒l be our little secret.鈥 You pleaded with the man who towered over you, you caught his attention as he stood in the doorframe resting against the lip of it. With a shrug of his shoulders and a snarky smirk on his face he peers at you,
鈥淵eah right, that stupid cook will still try and kick my ass and what do I gain? A little bit of food and a little sake? Gonna need more than that to bargain with me, princess.鈥 He turns and grabs the knob. He almost finish turning it when you run and grab his arm,
鈥淶oro, please. I鈥檒l do anything! I鈥檒l do your watch for a month, I鈥檒l clean your swords, do your laundry, I鈥檒l do anything.鈥 Your eyes were pleading with his single one, a devious grin crept up onto his face as he placed his thumb and pointer finger on his chin as if he had to think about your offer. 鈥淎nything you say?鈥 He looks down to you. 鈥淪eriously, anything.鈥 A deep laugh reverberates in his throat, he flashes his teeth as his grin gets more malicious. 鈥淭his is a dangerous game you鈥檙e playing here, Y/N. But if you insist,鈥 he moves his hand from his chin and places it on the top of your head.
鈥淕et down on your knees.鈥 Your eyes once again bulges out of your head, did he just say what I think he said?
鈥淐鈥檓on princess, you said you鈥檒l do anything. Now, get on your knees. I won鈥檛 tell you again.鈥 His smirk only gets wider as you slowly fall to your knees. His demanding demeanour has your heart and cunt fluttering. You place your hands in your lap, awaiting for further instructions. 鈥淒on鈥檛 get shy on my account, princess. I鈥檓 sure you understand where I鈥檓 going with this.鈥 You can feel the heat rise in your cheeks at his innuendo. Still, you push his haramaki further up and move to undo his pants. Zoro steps out of his pants and kicks them aside, his eye moves from you down to his boxers silently telling you to go ahead. You pull his boxers down and free him from his confinements. Your mouth goes agape at the sight of him, jesus he鈥檚 barely hard and he鈥檚 still that big? You curl your fingers around his cock, barely able to touch your palm as you stroke him to his full length. In seconds he鈥檚 hard and heavy in your hand, twitching with anticipation as you run your thumb over his slit, pre-cum smearing all across his tip. You used it as a bit of lubrication as you brought it down around to his base and back. Leaning forward, you take the tip a gently suckle on it causing a groan to erupt from Zoro.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you dare tease me, Y/N.鈥 His voice and eye was stern, clearly not amused by your antics. Smiling to yourself, you open your lips and he takes the opportunity to push himself inside until your mouth is to his base. You choke on it, frantically breathing through your nose as Zoro remains still in your mouth, relishing in its warmth and tightness. You peek up to see his eye close and his head thrown back as he grits his teeth to try and keep his composure. You take this as a sign he鈥檚 already enjoying this, so you add to his pleasure by beginning to bob your head up and down his length. Your lips burn with the stretch as you reach his tip, swirling your tongue around it and then pushing your way back to his base. He gathers your hair into one hand and places the other on the back of your head. Zoro pushes your head all the way down his length, so far your nose was touching the hairs on his lower stomach. You begin to gag, stinging tears quickly begin to form in your eyes. Your throat contracts around him, but he holds your head still. He finally lets up and pulls your head back only to push your further down his cock again.
鈥淭aking my cock in your mouth so good, princess. Bet you鈥檝e always wanted me to do this, huh? Fuck your throat?鈥 Zoro snickers. He pulls away just to push himself back in again, fucking your throat more effectively as he holds you in place. Tears are consistently falling from your eyes as you let him get himself off in your throat, your hands holding onto his thighs as if your life depended on it.
鈥淵ou look so good like this, on your knees with my cock down your throat. Fuck, you鈥檙e such a good girl,鈥 he praises breathlessly, driving his hips forward, emphasizing each word with his thrusts, 鈥渟uch a good. fucking. girl.鈥 Each of his praises sent pulses of need throughout your core, your thighs clenched trying to relieve the ache. When he feels you gag around him for the umpteenth time, it finally sends him over the edge. He brings your flush against his navel and sends ropes of hot, sticky cum directly down your throat. Zoro pulls himself out of your mouth, a string of saliva and cum connecting the two. You swallow the remnants of his cum, desperate to feel that exact feeling of his cum filling you up in your cunt.
Zoro pulls you to your feet, engulfing your lips in a bruising kiss. He cradles the back of your neck as he forces his tongue through your mouth, tasting himself on your tongue. Teeth clash as he is desperate to taste and explore ever inch of your mouth. His tongue dominates yours as he sucks on the muscle. He tugs on your bottom lip, pulling it till it snaps back. He moves his mouth from yours to explore your neck until he finds that sweet spot where your neck junctures to your jaw and begins to suck on it. A small moan emits from your throat as you move your head to the side to give him more access, your eyes shut tight at the feeling. He bites at the skin leaving a purplish mark left in its wake, marking you in a way everyone knows who鈥檚 making you feel good; showing them who you belong to. His hands are roaming your body, squeezing at the plump flesh as he pulls and kneads at it. His hands wander from your neck down to your waist. He wastes no time in placing one hand on the supple flesh of your ass under your skirt and the other palming at your clothed breast. Moans escape both your mouths at the feeling on Zoro exploring your body, both yearning for more. Zoro moves both his hands to the back of your thighs and swiftly hoists you up onto him, never once missing a beat in kissing you deeply. He walks back towards where you placed your forbidden food on the counter and pushes it aside to place you down onto the cool counter. Zoro grabs your hips ferociously and pulls you to him and that鈥檚 when you feel it; his cock hard and erect again as it grinds against your core. He can鈥檛 help the groan that escapes him as he presses himself further onto your clothed core. His hands push further up into your skirt, sneakily headed towards the waistband of your panties. He swallows your moans as he drags down your panties exposing your heated pussy to the cool air of the kitchen. Zoro notices the visible wet patch on your panties and throws you a smirk,
鈥淚 bet your dripping, huh princess? Can鈥檛 wait for me to touch that cute little cunt of yours can you?鈥 He snickers as he swipes his middle finger through your sopping folds, landing on your clit and rubbing it softly. A small whine comes forth from you as you want nothing more than his fingers inside you, but he just laughs at your impatience. 鈥淥h don鈥檛 worry, I鈥檒l fill you up soon, baby. I鈥檓 gonna take my time and savour this moment.鈥 Just as you go to say something in return he slips his middle finger inside your tight little hole. You tilt your head back at the sensation, 鈥淢ore.. I wan- need more, Zoro.鈥 He鈥檚 nothing less than amused with you, seeing you so desperate for him, it made him feel things he haven鈥檛 felt in ages; a hunger grew inside of him. Granting your request, he slips another finger inside you and the way he curled his digits inside you made you back arch. You could feel your skin breaking at you collarbone where he was painting it with marks yet again as he increased his speeds, hoping to hear more of these pretty noises you made earlier. He continued to pull moan after moan, all sweet and needy as you neared your peak. Sweat lightly covering your body as he was hitting just the right spot with his fingers. But just before you could cross the threshold, he stilled his digits within you. You snap your eyes open to bore into his, 鈥淲hat the-hmph鈥 Zoro launched his fingers in your open mouth, nodding his head at you signalling he wanted you to suck on them. You swirled your tongue around them, hollowing your cheeks as you tasted yourself on his fingers. Satisfied, he pulls them from your mouth and runs them along your thigh. He spreads your thigh apart even more and sinks to his knees, kissing along your thighs and the stopping to catch your gaze,
鈥淚 wanna taste you, baby. Wanna make a mess outta鈥 ya with my mouth.鈥 He didn鈥檛 care for your answer as he dove forwards, licking a bold stripe along your folds. He groans at the sweetness that hits his tongue, soon moving towards your clit. It becomes encased by his mouth, tongue swirling the pretty nub as he plunges his fingers back into your cunt. Zoro gives your bud a quick nip eliciting a small cry from you. The pain and the pleasure soon became overwhelming and before you knew it you squirt all over Zoro鈥檚 face and hand, cum splattering onto the counter and the floor underneath. Zoro hauls his head away from your pussy and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand,
鈥淗oly fuck, that was hot, baby. I know I told you to make a mess, but dammit you messed up the cooks clean kitchen,鈥 he kisses his way up to your ear, 鈥淚 wonder what he would think about what鈥檚 happening in his precious kitchen now, don鈥檛 you?鈥 He bites your earlobe as you feel the heat rushing to your face in embarrassment. 鈥淛ust as well to continue making a mess, huh baby?鈥 He runs his cock through your folds making sure to hit you clit each time. Weighing your option, you silently nod you head with your lip caught between your teeth as you gaze up into Zoro鈥檚 playful eye. 鈥淚 still think we鈥檙e too dressed, wouldn鈥檛 you agree, Roronoa?鈥 You playfully bat your eyelashes at him in attempt to fluster him but his composure remains devious as he gives you a playful grin. You help him discard your tank top and skirt while he walks backwards far enough to shrug off the remainder of his clothing. You grab his arm and tug him back towards you and slam your lips back onto his in a messy, passionate kiss. His hands once again roam your body, aiming for your now bare chest as he takes the opportunity to pull and pinch at your harden nipples. Zoro swallows your loud moans in his mouth as one hand leaves your breast to grab his length that was leaking once again, bring his hand around to his base coating it in the stickiness. The tip of his cock pressed into your tight hole, stretching you so much it burned. It鈥檚 makes you wonder if it鈥檒l really fit. And as if he heard your thoughts himself, Zoro looks into your eyes,
鈥淚t鈥檒l fit, I-I鈥檒l make it fit baby.鈥 He was slowly loosing his tough guy facade as he pushed himself into your tight walls. Your eyes screwed shut and your chest was tight as you felt the burn and the pleasure coursing through you as he bottomed out inside you. 鈥淟ook at me when I fuck you.鈥 He gritted his teeth and grabbed your jaw, forcing you to look up at him. He pulled himself out and slammed his hips into yours. There was such force behind his strokes, it felt like the wind was about to knocked out of you any second. You reach out to grab his muscular shoulders, holding onto them for dear life. Sweat glistened on his chest, softly glowing in the illuminating candle light of the kitchen. The space was filled with various sounds, the breathiest of moans to the lewd sound of skin slapping against one another.
The build-up you felt before is growing once again as Zoro pushed his body further into yours chasing his own high. He brought your ankles out from under you and placed them on his shoulders as he urged you to lie down across the countertop all together. His strokes became harder than before as he pounded into you, hitting the exact spot you needed him most. He snaked his hand down and his finger began circuling your clit until your back arched and you couldn鈥檛 stop moaning his name. 鈥淔uck, keep saying my name like that princess, let em鈥 know who鈥檚 making you feel this good.鈥 Zoro鈥檚 groans became louder as his primal need for release approached. He wraps his other hand around your neck and applies pressure, enough you can barely breathe. But you don鈥檛 care and neither does he as your walls were clamping down so hard on him he thought he鈥檇 explode right then and there. The added pressure on your neck was the extra thing you needed as the coil inside you snapped and you came around Zoro鈥檚 cock with a cry of his name. Your walls spasmed and sucked him in so tightly that he followed suit, shooting his hot cum deep inside your throbbing pussy.
鈥淪uch a good girl.鈥 He murmured into your ear as he kissed the side of your head and collapsed on top of you. The only thing heard over the hard breathing from the both of you was the waves crashing against the Sunny.
鈥淪anji is gonna be pissed if he finds out what we just did here in his kitchen.鈥 You begin to laugh thinking of how he would react to Zoro compared to how he would react to you.
鈥淵eah well, see if I care about what the shitty cook says, I get to fuck you and he doesn鈥檛 so he can fuck off.鈥 Zoro snickers as he gathers his clothes and places them back on. 鈥淥h you get to fuck me do you?鈥 You inquire with the quirk of your brow as you follow his actions and begin dressing yourself. 鈥淕onna fuck me again, are you Zoro?鈥 He moved his body closer so he was now holding your hips in his hands. He grasps your throat in one hand, 鈥淲ell that depends, what will you offer to keep me quiet from telling that ero-cook what just happened?鈥 He smirked down at you.
That damn smirk on that damn swordsman was going to be the death of you.
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Tumblr media
It鈥檚 me again, back just to give you this and then vanish! Bye!
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Tumblr media
Monster trio + Smoker and Crocodile gn!reader, SFW cw: mentions of murder, mentions of blood (all metaphoric), PDA, jealousy
Tumblr media
Sanji Vinsmoke:
At first he鈥檚 really incredulous, still shocked his feelings are mutual. So instead of his usual over the top antics, you get a smitten clumsy boyfriend who stumbles upon everything he does and says.聽
鈥淏onjour app茅tit", 鈥淚n this dress you look like a swamp, eh-... A SWAN! I MEANT A SWAN!!鈥 - yeah, he鈥檚 a mess at first
In fact, he鈥檚 so anxious and nervous that the Strawhats suspect someone might have kidnapped him and they are sharing the deck with an imposter, because for a few weeks he undercooks, oversalts and burns every meal. You decide to step up and put an end to that chaos, sitting him down for a long reassuring talk.聽
When he gets used to his new status as a taken man, it鈥檚 like watching a flower bloom: he鈥檚 confident, attentive, his strength grown tenfold.聽
Expect a lot of touching. Kisses, hugs, cuddles: his head on your knees when you chat with Nami on the deck, his fingers interlaced with yours as you indulge in reading, his legs intertwined with yours as you both doze off at night. This boy has been touch starved for years and you鈥檙e the one to make up for all that hunger with.聽
You鈥檒l definitely be waking up to fresh flowers every morning, even in case the ship has been cruising for days without a speck of land in sight. Don鈥檛 ask him how he does that. There are secrets only to be shared between a gentleman and his fridge.聽
He鈥檒l be super inquisitive about EVERY detail of your daily routine. This precious baby needs to know everything, from the ways you do your hair to your toothpaste preferences and favorite聽islands in all the seas.
If you have dietary restrictions for whatever reason, throw those at him without hesitation. It鈥檚 no disadvantage, but a challenge to him. Lactose intolerance? Hell yeah, prepare your nipples, oats and almonds. Vegetarian? Eat up your steaming veggie stew. No garlic and onions? Fuck those, vampires are hot!聽
Never misses a single important date or event. I personally hc him as someone who has a tiny notebook in his pocket at all times, so everything that matters is written down, ingrained in both his brain and paper.聽
Zoro is grateful for your existence since now his quarrels with the cook die down way faster and cost him way less bruises and nerves than before. And he gets to nap longer.聽
Which leads to an unexpected outcome: on yours and Sanji鈥檚 dates and outings you never get interrupted because the mosshead is secretly guarding your calamity from afar, keeping all possible troubles at bay.聽
On a sadder note: I believe Sanji is a rather self-conscious guy around those he loves and values the most. So it鈥檚 hard for him to stand his ground and state his boundaries, since he鈥檚 scared of being 鈥渢oo much trouble for you鈥 or 鈥渟caring you away鈥. You gotta be patient and weave the truth out of him. It does get better the longer you are together, but at first you should be on guard for the little tell-tales of his discomfort.聽
His jealousy is not obvious, but it is there. It stems from the same fear of losing you, so you gotta be the one to initiate the talk in this regard too. Since his adoration and love are pure, and his respect to you is immense, it doesn鈥檛 take much explanation convincing that when you鈥檙e making Zoro laugh or talking to some other man you still love him and him only.聽
His flirtiness towards other people dies down a lot when you start dating. He doesn鈥檛 turn into a stone-cold robot, of course, still treating women gallantly, but his heart eyes are for you only now.聽
Most thoughtful gifts ever. He has a special compartment in his brain dedicated to information about you, and his imagination never runs empty on how to make you smile and kiss him in excitement.聽
Overall score: absolute husband material. Even though he does have flaws, he鈥檚 open to growth and listens carefully when you express your discontent with something.聽
Please treat this baby with patience and care, and don鈥檛 abuse his love. He deserves the world.聽
Roronoa Zoro:聽
It might seem like Mr Bushido doesn鈥檛 undergo any behavioral changes when you two start dating. It might seem so. He does though.聽
He鈥檚 now more careful with his words, which only you, Nami and Usopp pick up on at first. He鈥檚 well aware he can be brash and rough around the edges, so even though he鈥檚 simply trying his best to be better for you, he perceives being more attentive to other people鈥檚 feelings as a way to train this new trait. Wrong route - correct destination. Whatever works, works.聽
Since you prefer to take your naps on the actual bed and not just shove your body in the corner on the deck, he now does the same thing. Zoro is happy since he gets to sleep with you. You鈥檙e happy since he鈥檚 treating his body with more care. Chopper is happy since Zoro doesn鈥檛 get colds and sore back anymore. Win-win-win situation.聽
Trains even more. He views himself as your main protector, and although he knows you can stand your ground just fine, he would never forgive himself if something happened to you.聽
Might forget important dates and details, but does make up for that. It鈥檚 not for the lack of attention, but more so of his usual unawareness of temporal and geographical context.聽聽
Absolute shit at giving gifts though. He鈥檚 not very materialistic, opting for asceticism in his belongings, and he subconsciously transfers the same thought process onto other people. If you need something, it鈥檚 better for you to get the thing yourself. If it鈥檚 not a necessity, why even buy it?聽
Eventually (with Nami鈥檚 help, Sanji鈥檚 patience ran thin here) gets the concept of cute little nothings like flowers, candy and trinkets, but still opts for things of use. Lost a hairband - he鈥檒l buy you the prettiest one. Need a clothing article - let鈥檚 go shopping. Your weapon broke down? He鈥檚 already at the blacksmith鈥檚 with the remains.聽
He鈥檚 not a very touchy person, and absolutely not into PDA. All the signs of affection are happening in private, please and thank you.聽
Being a pirate with a huge bounty over his head, he鈥檚 careful not to show his infatuation with you, since he doesn鈥檛 want his enemies to use you as a way to get to him.聽
But being a loner, he surprises you with propositions to do things together all the time. Training, eating, hunting, picking up food and utilities for the trip - you name it. You鈥檙e doing it together.聽
Even the crew doesn鈥檛 know you鈥檙e dating for the first couple of months. Luffy was just looking for Zoro once and barged in on two of you making out, quick to announce his discovery in his booming voice. Saving Luffy鈥檚 ass from drowning became Usopp鈥檚 responsibility for the next few weeks, your boyfriend just watching the captain sink with bloody revenge in his eyes.聽
His jealousy is more of a 鈥減rotect the territory鈥 type. He sees outsiders as danger, and is quick to assume the worst intentions. Deep-rooted issue which he dutifully works on with your help.聽
He spent most of his life alone, relying on no one and needing no one. Joining a crew was a huge step for him, and opening the deepest bottoms of his heart and soul to you is even bigger. He鈥檒l be cautious, awkward at times, rough around the edges, but if he ever hurts you he鈥檒l make it his life mission to make up for that and to never repeat the same mistake again.聽
In the world where he鈥檚 not bound to any land, floating in chase of his dream around, you鈥檙e his little anchor that reminds him how precious here and now can be.聽
Captain Smoker:
Absolutely horrified at the thought of doing something wrong and letting you get too close at first.聽
Does eventually find great comfort in you, making it his priority to be as open about his feelings and hesitations as possible.聽
Not very much into PDA, he has a reputation to uphold and begs you to understand that the 鈥淲hite chase Smoker鈥 should stay a bloodhound with a foaming mouth to every single pirate out there. Bloodhounds don鈥檛 hold hands with beautiful angels like you. Please. PLEASE.聽
Allows the crew to see how he kisses you hello and goodbye. Those fuckers should treat you like royalty and serve you tea the second you鈥檙e around. If anyone dares to look at you the wrong way, he鈥檒l growl and bark till they piss their pants.聽
Luffy knows about you.聽
When in private, melts under your touch and looks at you with bloodpuppy eyes. He worships the ground you walk on, kisses your hands when you鈥檙e in his lap, nuzzles his face into your neck. The setting of his job is rough and brutal, cold and has no space for intimacy and love. Smoker gets every ounce of those he can from you.聽
Let him vent to you about the higher-ups. There might be a lot of swearing, but after he鈥檚 done for the day, he鈥檒l hug you tight and mumble sweet nothings into your chest.聽
Might easily miss the important dates due to his line of work. Buys you a small snailphone and calls you the second he鈥檚 free to talk if he鈥檚 away on the job. If someone dares to disturb the call, they risk getting murdered, dried into thin paper and used as a filler for his cigars.聽
The one to call you his husband or his wife the week after you start dating.聽
Tashigi is now getting her degree as a marriage counselor by the way. Make sure to remind him to cut her a little slack from time to time, the poor girl was not expecting this when submitting her job application.聽
He struggles with loving words or elaborate gifts and surprises, but when those happen, they stun you for life.聽
To your surprise, not a jealous type. He鈥檚 confident in his partner and knows that you both value trust and loyalty in a relationship. Even if someone advances you romantically, Smoker won鈥檛 interfere, just watching from afar amused as you kindly reject.聽
Sir Crocodile:
Big thick daddy 3000 gives no shit about someone finding out he has a significant other. He鈥檚 a fucking warlord, wealthy and powerful man, and it鈥檚 his whole damn right to parade you and show you off to everyone around. You鈥檙e his prized possession, his love, his one and only.聽
In fact, he shows you off so openly many people find it straight up obscene and indecent. He has you on his lap in all his meetings, his huge hand resting on your hip or even on your ass. When he wants to highlight how little he thinks of his collocutors, he鈥檒l purposefully feed you berries and fruit from his hand, not even looking at the person speaking, but listening intently. He does it so openly that it鈥檚 them who get flustered and embarrassed.聽
Huge sugar daddy energy. He earned his wealth, he can allow himself to splurge on whatever it is you want. Clothes? He鈥檒l have a separate warehouse built for your wardrobe. Jewelry? Baroque works get overtime to find the rarest pieces. You want to visit some new restaurant? It鈥檚 closed for other customers for the whole evening. And don鈥檛 even think of getting out of bed with him if you want to eat something, just snap your fingers and everything will be brought to you on a silver platter.聽
If he misses an important date, no he doesn鈥檛. He鈥檒l only care about remembering your birthday though, other things like anniversaries and whatnot being moved around to fit his schedule. Sorry not sorry.聽
Takes you with him on every trip. His big ass ship is a fortress, and is fit to accommodate any of your needs and desires.聽
Does like venting into your neck about his day, please listen to him mumble and whine, it鈥檚 a rare sight.聽
Is very rare to get vulnerable with you, but when he does you know it鈥檚 his earnest feelings and emotions being shown to you. Make sure to cup his face and look him in the eyes when he鈥檚 in that state, and he鈥檒l go above and beyond to never lose you.聽
The realization that he loves you dawns on him when he takes off his hook before joining you in bed. He never cared for such consideration before, but with you he just does it on autopilot. He then later extends the 鈥渘o weapon鈥 rule to any situations where he鈥檚 in your presence.聽
It鈥檚 hard to make him jealous though. Like really really hard. What did you think, he鈥檚 a mature weathered man with a bottomless bank account, confident in himself and in your infatuation with him. So no, whatever advances someone might try on you won鈥檛 ever make his heart sting.聽
Overall, being in a relationship with Sir Crocodile gives you a very clear sense of stability and security. He鈥檚 a lifetime partner. You two are mates for life.聽
Monkey D. Luffy:聽
He hasn鈥檛 changed a bit since you started dating. Well, of course some habits come and go, some new rules and skills are learnt, but overall Luffy stays the same old Luffy.聽
He just announced it to the Strawhats one morning, casually chewing on Sanji鈥檚 artwork. 鈥淲e鈥檙e together now. We love each other. Is Zoro still asleep?鈥. And that was it. You do in fact feel like you鈥檝e always dated, because it feels only natural to have him wrapped around you at night, to have him holding your hand, to have him kissing you in the night.聽
Spends a little more time with you, but since he always liked your company, it doesn鈥檛 feel like a change. Although again, if he鈥檚 off to do something stupid, he forgets about everyone, including you. That is something to work on, and he鈥檚 trying.聽
Absolutely no jealousy. Like none, what鈥檚 that? When you鈥檙e chatting away with someone and Nami asks if he鈥檚 jealous, Luffy鈥檚 like 鈥淗uh? Why? We鈥檙e together, remember? 鈥.聽
Doesn鈥檛 understand what PDA is because if he feels like kissing you, he鈥檒l do that right away. What do you mean there are people around? They probably kiss too from time to time.聽
Might easily say something stupid and hurt you. Needs a lot of explanation on why that was hurtful, but even if he fails to get it, he knows that 鈥渋f it hurts it鈥檚 no go鈥. So just tell him it was not a nice thing to say and he won鈥檛 do that again. Baby鈥檚 clueless to social subtones.聽
Also might easily forget the important date. Again, he鈥檚 really not aware of his surroundings, and that includes date, time, location. The guy fell asleep when chasing Crocodile and has thrown Zoro off the ship accidentally more times than anyone can count. He just is not aware. So in this regard, please tell him right in the morning that it鈥檚 actually your birthday or anniversary, and he鈥檒l bring you the most unexpected and heartfelt present ever.聽
Have beef jerky on you at all times and you鈥檒l be best at finding him when he鈥檚 lost.聽
Relationship with Luffy is a journey, an adventure, You鈥檙e in for a good time and you live today. Tomorrows mostly don鈥檛 exist. Carpe diem.聽
He loves you with all his heart and soul. If something happens to you, the world is over. Everyone鈥檚 fucked. Villain Luffy arc ensues.聽
MDNI, reblogs and comments are welcome, wish everyone finds their love
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zorokinniemoment 20 days ago
Face between boobs but with Zoro! Good god I love your writings so, SO much. HOPEFULLY YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY 鉂わ笍
Hope you鈥檙e having a great day too 鈾
Shanks Law Ace Sabo
Tumblr media
鈥淲hat do you mean you don鈥檛 know the way back?!鈥
鈥淚 followed you because you seemed so damn confident don鈥檛 give me that look!!鈥
Two men with rifles over their shoulders halt their movement, their heads slowly turning toward both of you.
鈥淐APTAIN SMOKER! Roronoa Zoro and L/N Y/N have been spotted downtown!!鈥
Zoro鈥檚 calloused hand wraps around your bicep, brusquely dragging you with him as his feet relentlessly slap against the wet pavement. Your limps instinctively wrap around him, but you don鈥檛 even pay attention to the position you鈥檝e ended up in.
鈥淭HEY鈥橰E GOING TO FUCKING SHOOT-鈥 your screams were fading out in his mind, he was still running but there was nothing but darkness in his vision. His cheeks were squished by a particular plush, a warmth and a scent of a certain person鈥檚 skin. You.
Rough hands dive into your waist, forcing you back away from him. Effortlessly dodging bullets with you held tightly in his arms, preventing you from falling or getting hurt.
Boobs? He blinks a few times in confusion.
Oh yeah boobs. He nods.
BOOBS?! That was the last signal in his brain, sending an electric shock through his nervous system.
He almost shrieks like a high school girl in love. A deep red of a blush traversing from his neck, and coating his cheeks along with his nose. As if he were a controlled motorcycle, he turns around the corner. Big mistake. Now both of you are stuck between two buildings, in a tight, tight space. His face stuffed between the softness that he adored so damn much. A muffled groan vibrates against your chest making you squirm at the feeling, only pushing yourself more into his face.
鈥淭his is your fault, how are we gonna get out of here now.鈥
鈥淏mfh mfhmh.鈥
He inhales your scent sharply through his nose, putting all his strength into his neck to force his head away from your chest. You stare at him, quirking a brow at the green-head who was now grinning as if he had drank more than he can hold. 鈥淗onestly, I鈥檇 rather stay here.鈥
A smoke emerges on the entrance of the tight space, Captain Smoker was now standing with his arms folded against his chest as he glowers down at both of you. 鈥淭sk. You really thought you can hide in here?鈥
鈥淕o away fried lungs, we鈥檙e busy here.鈥 Zoro smiles smugly. His fingers giving your ass a taught squeeze, causing your back to arch, and a guttural moan escapes you- to which you quickly clamp your hands over your mouth.
Smoker yields back, a flustered expression crossing his features and the cigar between his lips threatened to slip away. 鈥淵ou pirate scum. I鈥檒l come back to get you both.鈥 He quickly disappears into white clouds of smoke.
鈥淪ay, let me take a nice lil nap on you when we鈥檙e back on the ship?鈥
Tumblr media
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