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songsofwaterandnight · 5 months ago
The way how they've made 4 One Piece Pirate Warriors games and have made pretty much every character playable at some point but Arlong...
Like I would get it if the roster was small but how did we get a sub-antagonist from one of the least memorable arcs in One Piece(Perona) but not the guy who was the main antagonist in one of the most defining arcs of the series? He's the first major antagonist that Luffy actually had to get serious against; the Zabuza of One Piece, if you will. It just doesn't make sense.
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hellman55 · a year ago
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Playthrough (Blind) Part 22
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mysteamgrids · a year ago
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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3
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growlykidd · a year ago
Got that ass
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therubberfruit · 5 months ago
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ouchpiece · a year ago
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This is my favorite attack in Pirate Warriors 3, not because it’s the most useful, but because it’s the most hilarious. Look at this dumbass. I love him.
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sirbadgerduke · a year ago
Retrospective Thought: Top Ten Games of The Year 2020
Another year, another batch of games have been released to highs and lows, to praise and woes. 2020 May have sucked big time due to COVID and restless political protesting/outrage, the selection of games have been pretty good if a bit middling overall, especially with the beginning of a new Console Generation. Here’s my top ten games of the year, titles I adored and had a blast with. 10) Cyberpunk 2077(PS4/XBOXONE/PC)
A bit of a controversial choice considering the dialogue surrounding it and CD Projekt RED. Needless to say that while it’s downright buggy and unplayable on the base PS4/XBONE versions, Cyberpunk 2077 is still a stellar Immersive Sim with RPG elements thrown in. A great story and a great cast of characters set within a sometimes gorgeous map make up for many of the “shortcomings/Broken promises'' in my honest and trivial opinion. Gameplay is solid/fun whilst needing some fine tuning in areas here and there and the music is top notch to boot. I’d honestly have to recommend getting this later on, after the major big patch coming in Feb as hopefully the bugs and glitches will be cleared(hopefully) by then. Still a great, memorable ride underneath the bugs, glitches and weird design choices, just be cautious if you plan to get it now.
9) Resident Evil 3 Remake(PS4/XBOXONE/PC)
While not quite as fantastic as the Resident Evil 2 Remake and mirroring similarities to the comparison between both original titles, Resident Evil 3 is still a really great Survival Horror Action title in its own right. Obviously it’s focus is definitely more on the action side of things, but while RE5/6 failed to even have a glimmer of horror, here RE3R still has a level of sheer terror in the form of Nemesis both in the beginning and in key moments. Nemesis himself, whilst in the background more than he was in the original, adds a layer of paranoia and dread as you think about where he’ll pop up again ready to take you out. Worth a check if you like the original RE3 game in my opinion.
8) Maneater(PS4/XBOXONE/PC)
A “Megashark Sim” game that could easily be mistaken for a long lost 2005 PS2 game remake or remaster for the PS4/XBONE Generation. Maneater is just pure, unadulterated dumb fun. Growing from tiger shark pup to Megalodon Tier Mega Shark, whilst a little repetitive every so often, is chaotically great, one that really makes you feel like the Apex Predator of the ocean, especially when you take down shark hunters with ease. The story is portrayed as this Reality Show, narrated by Chris Parnum, it takes itself serious enough with some earnest sincerity. If you’re looking for a good mayhem filled fun, pick this title up.
7) Doom Eterna(PS4/XBOXONE/PC/NS
Sequel to the sublime 2016 Reboot, Doom Eternal is one of the best Boomer FPS games to come out in 2020, if not THE best FPS game. An FPS that requires your attention to what weapon you are using and what enemies are currently hunting you down during a hectic gunfight, it often plays both like a Character Action and Puzzle title in equal measure. Continuing and expanding upon the story from the 2016 title, the lore and plot itself go into some both equally dumb and badass levels of nuttery you can only find in Doom. If you love old school shooters and Doom 2016, check it out if you want to rip and tear demons into a pulpy, bloody mess. 
6) Final Fantasy 7: ReMake(PS4)
I haven’t played the original so my experience may be very different to those that have. I enjoyed this title more than I thought I would; from the combat down to the even the music(a strong point of many Final Fantasy games good or bad.)and the story itself is a rather great romp. The Characters, the art style, it all hits the checkmarks I look for in a Final Fantasy game and then some. While it’s not my favourite Final Fantasy, it's definitely in my top tier, even down to the combat which is both really stylish and flashy whilst maintaining a level of tact from the games in the series of yonder. Definitely worth a check out if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy games. 5) One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4(PS4/XBOXONE/PC/NS)
Aah, Musou titles that take an IP and franchise, gives it that Dynasty Warriors coat of paint and goes “that’ll do!” are a treat when done well. PW4 is one such title that does it super well, even to the point of introducing the Manga’s/Anime’s staple Giant Characters as authentic as they can do. What is left is a rather fun, meaty and character varied Musou title that isn’t just “DW but X” like certain others are(cough cough, Fire Emblem Musou). The fact that both Kaido and Big Mom are both playable with their forms makes me so glad that this particular Musou franchise is going strong. Huge recommendation if you’re a OP fan.
4) Nioh 2(PS4)
I adored the first Nioh title a lot; it’s locales, characters, weapon selection, enemy variety, etc. Nioh 2 is essentially “Nioh 1 but an actual budget behind it” and I’m here for it. Both a prequel and a sequel to the previous title, you play as a Shiftling, a half yokai/half human as you set out to track down the Yokai that slew your mother. Mission structure, enemy variety and level design has been improved by a huge margin, surprisingly whilst combat is granted with more options and a wider selection of weapon styles to test out with many QoL improvements that help to keep your attention firm and focus on the build you want to go for. 3) 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim(PS4)
Oh boy, where to start with this one helluva trip of a title. Half Visual Novel and half RTS, Aegis Rim is a big Sci-Fi mecha romp definitely worth the praise and more. When I mean a Sci-Fi Romp I absolutely mean it too, not to spoil the plot or story of the game but I’ll just say it never lets up and goes 100% hard into the themes and concepts it presents to you. The RTS side of it is also super fun as a simple yet deep system with plenty of ways to upgrade your sentinels and plenty of ways to fight Kaiju. I honestly would like to go into further but that’s spoiler territory, trust me and get it for yourself.
2) Ghost of Tsushima(PS4)
Another “Samurai” game only less fantastical and more grounded, taking part in an Era of Japanese history many media don’t often go. Not much left to say due to a previous review of this title but here is the surmised version; a fantastic and gorgeous title that takes elements of various other titles and improves on them whilst a surprisingly well done story of honour, vengeance and protection wraps it up in a neat, tidy package that also includes a surprisingly fun Multiplayer component. 1) Yakuza: Like a Dragon(PS4/XBOXONE/XBXS/PC)
Aah, the Yakuza franchise, a franchise spanning more than ten games which includes remakes, spin offs and prequels. A new protagonist, a new setting and even a new combat system with a story beginning a new journey that will hopefully be of quality as Kiryu’s. There’s a lot to say that a series that changes and shakes its foundation in a way that would’ve been too risky for others to even attempt, is attempted by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios and met with success and love.Yakuza 7 presents both it’s protagonist and story in a parallel of Kiryu and the first game but offering a different path and take. Kiryu is a legend, a sorta “god” if you will in the Yakuza underworld, whilst Ichiban is a nobody, a rung in a low level family and whilst Kiryu is a one man army who will fight with conviction and resolve, Ichiban has a party, friends who will pick him up and push him forward if he ever falters. A review is in the works in which I will go into more detail of just why Yakuza: Like a Dragon is my Number One GOTY of 2020.
And there’s my list of the greats of last years(arguably lol) , a shitty year that surprisingly wasn’t a total train wreck of releases, hopefully 2021 fairs much better with many great releases planned fixes for certain titles.
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kluvcomicsnfantasy · a year ago
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Upside just Law and Luffy 😃 down side no Kidd ☹
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300iqprower · 3 months ago
genuinely impressive how much the quality of Pirate Warriors 3 drops post-timeskip. 
All costumes for the Strawhats become obsolete due to their upgraded movesets being directly tied to their post-timeskip redesigns, most if not all of which have no alternate outfits. that aren’t paid DLC anyways This also just inherently fucks me over for not liking Nami, Robin, Chopper, and Franky’s redesigns because I don’t know if people realize this but 90% of the appeal of Musou games is a character you like looking awesome.
There are only 4 missions to cover everything from the return to Sabaody to the end of Dressrosa, one for the reunion, one for Fishman, one for Punk Hazard, one for Dressrosa, at least two of which barely even cover the events entailed.
The entire final level of Dressrosa is basically a bunch of white noise. Because the arc was ongoing at time of release, the story for it is completely original. Rather than take this as an opportunity for a cool original story, though, it’s the most generic filler I’ve ever seen that resolves nothing whatsoever while omitting what is effectively the entirety of the canon. Even the interesting things like “Blackbeard working with Doffy yet Aojiki helping us” don’t interest because there’s a distinct lack of any attempt to merge the story with unique gameplay events unlike previous levels. I think the last time I saw a final level so blatantly thrown together without any resources left was The Outer Worlds.
How is it even possible for a game to go from recreating the source material well enough to bring me to tears, to what is easily the most boring conclusion to any musou i’ve played
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zeromasterlp · a year ago
FINALLY DONE EAST BLUE!!! | One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (PS4) #PowerPlays Part 14
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psycher64 · 9 months ago
List of video games turning 10 years old in 2022:
- Armored Core V - Assassin's Creed III (the final Assassin's Creed in the Desmond Miles arc) - Assassin's Creed: Liberation (the first Assassin's Creed game with a female protagonist) - Asura's Wrath - Binary Domain (a third-person shooter from the Yakuza team) - Borderlands 2 (dear god, Gearbox needs to find some new jokes to tell) - Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - The Darkness II (a solid third-person shooter based on the comic book of the same name by David Wohl, Marc Silvestri, and Garth Ennis) - Darksiders II (one of the last games that THQ made before they went bankrupt in 2013) - Dead or Alive 5 - Diablo III (remember when this game was taking forever to come out?) - Dillon's Rolling Western - Dishonored - Dragon Quest X (only in Japan) - Dragon's Dogma (an action RPG from Hideaki Itsuno, the guy who helped make Devil May Cry what it is today) - Dust: An Elysian Tail (one of the best indie games you've never played) - Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - Far Cry 3 - Fez - Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Gravity Rush - Halo 4 - Hatoful Boyfriend (the visual novel about dating pigeons) - Hitman: Absolution - Hotline Miami - The House of the Dead 4 - Journey - Kid Icarus: Uprising - Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (deserved SO MUCH BETTER) - The Last Story (an action RPG from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy) - Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (the first Lego game to use actual in-game dialogue instead of pantomiming everything) - Lego The Lord of the Rings - Lollipop Chainsaw - Lone Survivor - Mark of the Ninja (another of the best indie games that you have never played) - Mass Effect 3 (and its controversial ending) - Max Payne 3 - Medal of Honor: Warfighter (one of the last MoH games before it took an extended hiatus) - NeverDead (not a good game, but such a fun and unique concept) - New Super Mario Bros. 2 (COINS ARE BACK, BITCHES) - Ninja Gaiden 3 (plus its extended version, Razor's Edge) - One Piece: Pirate Warriors (what if Dynasty Warriors, but Luffy?) - Paper Mario: Sticker Star (the one that not a lot of people liked) - Persona 4 Arena - Persona 4 Golden - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - The PlayStation Vita - Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 - Pokémon Conquest (what if Pokémon was a Final Fantasy Tactics game? And crossed over with Nobunaga's Ambition?) - Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask - Prototype 2 - Resident Evil: Revelations - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Resident Evil 6 (yeah, 2012 wasn't a good year for RE fans) - Retro City Rampage (once again, a great indie game that nobody has played) - Rhythm Heaven Fever - Ridge Racer Unbounded (RIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRRR) - Silent Hill: Downpour (the last Silent Hill game before you-know-what happened) - Skullgirls (THE LAUNCH PARTY THAT NEVER ENDS) - Sleeping Dogs (one of the best games I have ever played. Not even joking) - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (what if Mario Kart was better?) - SoulCalibur V - Spec Ops: The Line - Street Fighter x Tekken - Syndicate (an FPS reboot of an RTS series from the 90s) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - Thomas Was Alone (indie games are so good, you guys, JUST PLAY THEM) - Tokyo Jungle - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Twisted Metal (the reboot) - Telltale's The Walking Dead (still not over that ending) - The Wii U - XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Xenoblade Chronicles - Yakuza: Dead Souls - Ys Origin - Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward - ZombiU
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tb280 · a year ago
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hellman55 · a year ago
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Playthrough (Blind) Part 21
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khepiari · 3 months ago
One Piece 1053: The three-Three Billon Bounty Dilemma! And my birthright to comment on it! [Contains Spoilers]
{Okay, I have read chapter 1053. First of all Green Bull is scary. Secondly, Robin is safe, phew. Third, Pulton is on Wano.}
Since last night I have been laughing at Captain Buggy-Sama becoming the New Emperor! Underneath Buggy meme tweets I have been seeing people getting miffed about Luffy sharing same Bounty amount with Law and Kid, and how it makes them angry when Luffy defeated Kaido alone, and Law and Kid defeated Big Mom.
Tumblr media
I am sorry, but you are reading the situation of the bounties wrong. To World Government bounties were never method of power scaling, bounties are a means to judge their enemies’ threat level. They hyped Luffy up with his first bounty of 30 million to catch the attention of bounty hunters, they had assumed Luffy would be eradicated if his bounty was higher, either by them or pirate hunters! But that backfired, instead it gave Luffy the attention that made him an enigma from east blue.
Tumblr media
We as a reader are getting the story told from an aware narrator perspective. But the events in One Piece universe are not linear or widely talked about. We have been with Luffy from the beginning, but the people of One Piece world hear about Luffy only when something drastic happens, and the bounties and the newspapers are the best means to explain this broken information trail.
Since the beginning of story other than us the readers, the only other people who know Luffy’s potential is World Government and Marines. Luffy, took down marines, pirates, kings, warlords within months of his debut on the seas. World Government knows he is a/the illogical invariable in their grand scheme of equations of ruling. Hence they placed the credit of Crocodile’s down fall on Smoker and Tashigi.
Similarly they must have hidden his actions with Captain Morgan, Captain Nezumi and more. By the time World Government realised Luffy was not a easy fly to catch he had already arranged an admirable crew, they jumped his bounty to 100 million, this time to attract other pirates who liked taking down rookies. Latest example of it being Kid trying to immediately eliminate Luffy after learning about his Emperor status!
And the 100 million bounty worked, Blackbeard came all the way to Jaya to catch Luffy, because offering his head to Marines would earn him shichibukai aka warlord title. Marines and World Government have always used bounties to spread the message they wanted the world to see. They hid the D. In Roger’s name, because Germa paid them or used their influence, they removed the wanted DEAD from Sanji’s poster, they can freeze bounty. Each poster is a message and threat and a boast that no matter how powerful a pirate is World Government can measure it in berries.
The world outside Wano will never learn of Luffy’s contributions, very much like, Alabasta, Dressrosa, Thriller Bark or Drum Island. At best Luffy is a legend; Lucy to Dressrosa, a cocky pirate friend of Chopper’s in Sakura, Luffylando to fairies or a warrior from Noland’s world to Skypiea people. The world knows of Luffy more is because of the den-den mushi mishap of Marineford, the entire world got to see him in action on the light scrolls. It is after Ace’s death that Luffy used World Government’s methods to trick them into believing he is ringing the ox bell to start new era, but it was actually to deliver his message to the crew.
Now let’s come to 3 billion berri new Emperor.
World Government wanted to remove the D. from the posters, the photograph printed of Luffy’s was not the approved one. Right now we are witnessing the display of 800 years of utter incompetency of the World Government, lack of communication between the five elders aka the Gorosei and Marines. Marines or World Government actually hired the same guys to print their posters who print the newspapers! A twittering Media Moghul Brid, who has been covering Luffy’s story since Marineford, named him the Fifth Emperor of Sea weeks back It shows us two things, World Government’s own network is broken and they have been in power for so long is all because of Mighty Marine Manpower.
Tumblr media
Luffy, Law, Kid sharing same bounty amount is nothing but an attempt to cover up Luffy’s potential from the world. Why call him an emperor and not the other two or why is his bounty same with other two when he fought thrice them; all these thoughts are redundant when seen from narrative context.
The title of emperor comes not based on who you defeated or what you did, it comes from what your name holds. Blackbeard earned the warlord title, but he became Emperor only when he began taking over islands under his banner. Shanks has territories and allies all over grandline and he can stop WAR. We may laugh at Buggy-Sama, but he filled the arms trade void left by Doffy, Buggy also has cult like followers, may be it is by fluke, but influence is influence.
Luffy at this point is the most chaotic element in the world; a walking god that can communicate with sea kings and a cursed depressive elephant, a D. with a Grand Fleet of reputed captains with 5640 people, an Island under his flag, three allies from worst generation, a handful of kingdoms who are supportive of him, a diabolical grandfather, a criminal father, a dead notorious brother and another revolutionary brother, has amicable alliance with two worst generations. As for crew members he has a woman the only one in the world with knowledge of poneglyphs, an exiled prince, a former bounty hunter, a cyborg who knows the mechanics of Pulton, an ancient musician who has mysterious past, a liar who swayed the population against Doffy. These are few feathers on Luffy’s hat.
Tumblr media
But World Government also doesn’t want Luffy to stand out much, and their intel collection is flawed. They believe what they hear and photographs they received. In their eyes, three worst generation rookies teamed up to defeat two emperors. Not only that, it is also a way of discrediting Luffy’s name, he maybe an emperor but he is not any better than his fellow peers, they have been trying to co-opt Luffy for their propaganda for days. But the initial aim of this decision backfired, the poster was meant to convey Luffy is just another Pirate who shot up the ranks, by omitting his D. and using his regular photos. Now people can clearly see he is not another rookie from his white bright as bulb, photo, people who know about DFs will understand he has awoken and people and creatures who have been awaiting the return of Joyboy/Sun God Nika might connect the dots! So new allies and new enemies will both come for Luffy now!
The three sharing same bounty amount is not Odachii undermining Luffy, it is World Government who has been repeatedly trying to erase Luffy from the existence of the narrative they have been trying to tell. Justice belongs to the victor, Luffy has with a steady speed been countering the story, it began with Marineford, the world saw there is no good or bad in violence. World Government and marines are meant to protect people, but throughput the story they have proved otherwise their goal is to maintain power, it never mattered if a country was brought to ruins. Fujitora is the first to accept responsibility of World Government’s failure, negligence and incompetence, the doubt in justice began with Kuzan, Koby wants to protect true justice that’s why he joined marines, Tashigi cried when she realised her job to protect people of Alabasta was done Pirates, the marines who care follow their own code of justice, biggest example being Garp. There is going to be a fall out between the World Government and Marines in coming days, as the ruler and the execution bodies are no longer in sync. The three billion bounty poster is a last desperate attempt by World Government to control the narrative.
Tumblr media
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rowan-rites · 5 months ago
Your headcanons are... *chef's kiss* Simply amazing and great! Love Ace, love Marco, love all the WB pirates from what I've read from you! <3 They deserve all the love! "If he falls asleep and you take a nap on him, he’s buying you a ring. Nap buddies for life you cannot escape the monster you created." Legit makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And "Portgas D(umbass) Ace" is like... you made me laugh really hard there. You give me drabble ideas with almost every line you write! <3 So yes, please, more Ace&Marco&Thatch and all those dorks! <3 Maybe if the mood ever strikes you with xfemale Reader who is very happy about having accidentally eaten a devil fruit that is the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Kitten (so basically, embarassing as hell when you want to be a fierce warrior of the sea)? :D
I need to get used to writing the white beard pirates because I'm like brand new to the fandom.
Also, reader turns into an orange tabby (and somehow ended up gender neutral solely because it wasn't mentioned) just absolutely milks everybody for love and affection. I'm glad I've got them somewhat down before this. We were talking about the white beard pirates earlier but you didn't specify a character(s) so this is all platonic. Warning: OOC characters, Momfriend!Marco the pineapple
.7k words and I'm willing to go further into detail/make an OC because the concept is that fucking funny to me. Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss bestie.
Tumblr media
Nobody expected a devil fruit to show up. To just magically pop into existence and fall out of the sky into your lap. Or onto your head. It must have dropped from a tree, rolled down a roof in some coincidental Rube Goldberg machine formed by the urban landscape. But here it was, in your hand. You look over at Ace.
“Oh. A devil fruit.”
“What do you mean ‘oh. A devil fruit’?”
“I ate one of those once, I burp fire now,” he says, uncharacteristically calm.
You toss the fruit at him, and he catches it. He gives it a one over, feeling the peach like skin and bright orange red and white stripes. He holds it up and confidently exclaims, “it’ll give you fire powers. We’ll match!”
You look at him. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Finder’s keepers.”
“Shouldn’t we take it to Pops and have him look at it?”
Ace looks over at you for a second. “You know I’m starting to feel awfully hungry right now.” His lips pull into a mischievous smirk. “It’d be a shame if I just-“
Somehow, you jaw manages to unhinge and you swallow the whole thing in one bite. “Ace you are fully aware you can never eat more than one devil fruit in your life! I can’t believe you’d even…”
Ace looks over at you in your sudden pause, and notices you frozen in shock, eyes widen as dinner plates, taking in everything around you. “Are you okay?”
“Ace. Why is everything so loud?” You go to put your hands on your ears, only to find smooth flesh. You look over at him, five or so feet away, mouth covered trying to stifle laughs. “Ace, where are my ears?”
His hands goes to the top of his head, and yours mimic the motion, only to find cat ears perched where your hat should have been.
You wake up in the infirmary, with Marco leaning over you with stethoscope. “Why weren’t you drinking water?”
“Jeez, not even a good morning,” you mutter, and sit up. Everything feels different, bigger, sharper, brighter somehow.
“I hope you know that I can’t understand you as a cat- yoi.”
Marco looks at you with both his eyebrows raised. “Well, I’m glad you’re getting into character for an orange tabby but I’ll need you to turn back into a person.” He gets up a puts the stethoscope down. “My first transformation was rough but if you just picture being a person doing person things, you’ll be able to do it- yoi.”
He looks at you expectantly, like in some flash of light you’ll be able to do it like he does. And when you don’t, he picks up a stress ball off his desk and throws it at you. In a poof of smoke, you’re back as a person, holding the blue piece of Styrofoam.
“Ace told me to eat it.”
Marco just sighs into his hand. You watch his shoulders deflate with the deep exhale. “I’ll tell pops to add cat food to the supply list.”
The entire fleet could hear your shouts of disgust at the thought.
As it turns out, being a cat had it’s perks on the ship. Especially being the only cat. You got a lot more espionage missions, and they were a lot easier to do. It was easier to stay up at night for watch, and your vision and hearing improved drastically. Throwing away your glasses was probably the happiest moment of your life.
There were some down sides. Mainly the teasing. But you made it work.
You waltz into the kitchen on all four paws like you own the place, dodging between the legs of chefs just trying to do their job, making your way to the 4th division commander, Thatch.
He looks down at you, only to scoop you up into his arms like a baby. Its embarrassing, partially, but the rest of you enjoys the attention his cooing earns you. But that’s not what you’re here for. You don’t come to the kitchen for attention. You’re here on a mission: for snacks.
Thatch looks into your big green tabby eyes. You can see him fighting himself before his firm, “no. I feed you an hour ago, lunch for everybody else is in fifteen minutes. You can wait and I’ll just give you a bowl of milk.”
He struggles with himself for a moment. “Okay, maybe one cat treat.”
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ggukkiereads · a year ago
Hi 💓
It is the month of Ramadan and I want to avoid reading any smutty/steamy fics for the month. Which is why I was wondering if you have any Jungkook or Taehyung non smut fic recs? It can be fluff or anything just no explicit sex scenes. Thank you for your recommendations you are literally my favorite page on this platform 💜✨
🌷 Hello @dhabatae101. First, I wish you and other followers a happy, safe, and blessed Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak! ✨
I decided to answer this right away so I tried compiling my reblogs (plus those fics I haven’t reviewed yet) and authors that “specialize” in fluff/angst. However, the list went on and on 🤭. So, I will split this post into two:
Part 1: authors that have more SFW content in their catalog (you are here)
Part 2: non-smut fics (my reblogs + other recs) - Taehyung | Jungkook
Tumblr media
(Fluff/Angst) Smut-less Fics | Taehyung & Jungkook
🌷 Part 1 (Recommended Authors)
Tumblr media
@jimlingss - Kina’s masterlist is just a dream. No two stories are the same and every fic is just memorable. A truly prolific and consistent writer. Usually witty, fluffy, and charming but the angsty fics are also deadly. I posted my fave JJK and KTH fics -  the Worshipers Series can be read independently but better if read sequentially to better understand the “universe”. The Slice of Life Series  is also a must, but you can read the KTH and JJK fics on their own but I seriously love ALL 💖.
Worshipers of the Sky - KTH | series [3/3] | 35k | God AU, Goddess!OC, Sacrifice!Taehyung, Worshipers Series | F, some A
Worshipers of the Sea - JJK | one shot | 16.3k | Pirate AU, Mermaid AU, God AU,  Worshipers Series  | F, A
President’s Son - KTH | series [20/20] | 80k | Bodyguard AU (reader), Slice of Life Sereis, Slow Burn | F
Sugar and Coffee - JJK | series [23/23] 101k | Patisserie School AU, Best Friend AU, Enemies to Lovers (slight), Slice of Life Series | F
Love So Shallow - KTH | series [3/3] | 34.8k | College AU, eventual Roommate AU, Best Friend AU, Humor | F, slight A  ⭐ #holygrailfic
Black Waltz -  KTH | two shot | Butler AU, Historical AU | F, A (ah I love Taehyung’s characterization here)
Moirai - KTH | series [8/8] | 46.9k | isekai au, fantasy au, reborn as a villain in a video game | F, A
Rent a Boyfriend - KTH | I noticed this is a crowd favorite, it might end up yours too =)
A Fairy Crime - KTH | one shot | Fairy godmother OC to grant someone a happy ever after  | F, A, crack
Date in a Box - JJK | one shot | 9.7k | Date Planner (like wedding planner but make it a service for dating) | F, F, F
His Name - JJK | series [8/8] | 52.4k | Multiple Personality AU, based on Kill Me, Heal Me (this is one of my favorite Korean drama series so I really enjoyed this fic series too) | A
A Piece of Moonlight - JJK | one shot | 22k | Warrior AU, Mulan AU | really angsty though
*didn’t include Chess of Ice (since this is in the Jungkook Jock AU list)
@inktae - If you’ve been following me I always rave about this author. Mostly her work is of fantasy genre but has a slice of life tone. Her fics are just masterpieces - just beautifully written and viscerally gripping. They remind me of Ghibli films for some reason (like the tone). You can check their fics here (just avoid those with M, usually with sexual content but honestly it’s not explicit). I love everything but if you want to start somewhere, you can try:
Blue Orchids, Moonlight, Home After Rain -  JJK Soulmate AU, Hanahaki AU, Angst  ⭐ #holygrailfic
First Light - KTH x R x JJK | raved about it here (angst)
Away From the Sun - KTH | soulmate AU
The train of lost souls - JJK, feat JHS | fantasy AU | A
The swirling Ways of Stars - JJK, fantasy | A, F
@gukyi - for your enemies to lovers needs. This is one of my favorite tropes so I just love that there is a writer that ‘specializes” in this. Please check their masterlist and take note of fics with (smut). Try:
Four Weeks - KTH, College AU, stuck in campus for four weeks during Christmas
Good Luck Charm - KTH, roommates, actor AU
Moonlight Melody + Part 2 - JJK, fake dating, orchestra AU | F, A
Coffee Shop Contract - JJK, fake dating, college AU | F
If I Told You - JJK, college, unrequited love/pining | F, A
Midas - JJK, magical realism | F, A
Love Project - JJK, comedy, photography assignment | F
@koorara - ugh I just adore their writing. Tooth-rotting fluff seems effortless with her drabbles/short stories. You can check their fics here. My faves:
Driving Me Wild - JJK, demon au, roommate au, ongoing drabble series but you can read it (not cliffhanger-ish), soulmate au | my review (tooth-rotting fluff)
His Dandelion - KTH, someone sent an ask about this you can read the description | A
Down and Down - JJK | MMA fighter, slight making out | A, F
The Pitter Patter of the Heart - skip the drabble with mature content, husband au, lecturer jungkook, this is super cuuuute | tooth-rotting fluff
@suhdays - it’s just amazing to find a writer with a non-smut catalog. Writing is just pure and focused on the plot and emotional/character development. Please give their masterlist lots of love. My faves:
Access Granted - I like hacker Jungkook. SMAU format
A Cinderella Story - JJK | also based on the movie | F, A
Wherever You Are - JJK | vampire, ceo (I love this) | A, F
Terms of Endearment - JJK | poet jjk x artist reader | F
Bucket List - JJK | friends to lovers (this is adorable! my review of this is still in the drafts like the rest of the fics 😥) | F, slight A
Camp Crush - KTH | brother’s best friend (this is funny like I was just smiling all throughout)
Made of Honor -  KTH | SMAU, recently completed! Like the movie
Baby I’m a Fool - JJK | Fake Dating, Co-worker AU, E2L | F, A
@vanaera - her Yoongi coworker E2L series is something I’m always waiting for and  I don’t think her other fics contain smut. Please check The Prince and His Rose (bestfriend AU, College AU, childhood friends, football player x writer!reader Jungkook, fluff/angst)
@namjoonchronicles - so I recently binged on this author’s writing (still bingeing on her other members’ fics). Their catalog has a lot of Domestic AUs which are beautiful slice of life pieces. It could be as simple as folding the laundry but it would be so meaningful. I said in one of my reviews that their domestic fics has same vibes as illustrator Puung’s Love is in Small Things. I would like to post my favorites here but I think I recently just reviewed/reblogged tons of their work (you can search my blog for the reviews). Please check their masterlist. Granite Glow is my ⭐ #holygrailfic
@rosaetae​ - if you like angst that hurts but it all makes sense why the situation had to be angsty, then her masterlist is something to binge on. Not all are angsty, just mind the tags for pure “fluff”. My favorites:
The Bedtime Contract - KTH, roommates, enemies to lovers, sort of cuddle buddy?, fluff but there’s slight angst | F, A
Dream a Little Dream of Me - KTH, soulmate au, could hear soulmate’s voice, waitress x songwriter | 
Lavender + Vanilla - KTH,  a story about a boy who had forgotten his memory of you
Chrysanthemum Effect - KTH (JJK has a side story too), Hanahaki AU
Among the Evergreen  - JJK, Christmas AU, E2L | F
Sweet Apple Biscuits - JJK, receives letter from their future self asking to save one boy ⭐ | A, slight F
Best Thing He Never Had 01 02 03 04 05 06  - JJK, bestfriends to lovers | A, F
Better Late Than Never - JJK drabble, exes AU, fake dating (I love this scenario, there’s one funny moment here with Jungkook saying his feelings through a door) | A, F
@justimajin - another favorite of mine - her fics actually try different genres/scenarios and are usually series. I find it fun to wait on episodes weekly. A consistent writer too. See masterlist here. Selected works:
Catching a Case of Doctor Blues - KTH, medical AU, enemies to lovers, slice of life
Swapped - JJK, body swap, really fluffy! I reviewed it before and screamed at how fluffy this is 😍 | tooth-rotting fluff
A Lone Wolf’s Howl - JJK, werewolf AU, sort of enemies/rivals, hunter AU, bestfriend. Note: there is a chapter with smut, you can skip that portion | A, F, S
@bubmyg​ - oh wow her works are just tooth-rotting fluffy goodness too (especially the Yoongi drabbles/one shots). But please check her fics for Tae and Koo. My picks:
Can’t Fake a Feeling - KTH, F2L, Fake Dating, College AU, Fuckboy (not smut)
Extra Cheese Sauce, Please - KTH, F2L, College, friends keep setting them up
Strawberry Boy - JJK, I just reblogged this weeks ago so you probably have read this | tooth-rotting fluff
Wonder - pool boy!jungkook x journalist!reader | F
Not a Date - JJK | one shot + drabble series, kinda E2L. cute |  tooth-rotting fluff
Dare to Begin - JJK | college au, idiots to lovers, broke college students |  tooth-rotting fluff
gcfguk + idcilh - a youtuber!jeongguk drabble series | F
you can check their masterlist for the other drabbles and fics I haven’t read/included
@cupofteaguk - a writer whose fics end up in my fic rec lists regularly. When I get asked about certain tropes, I always remember one or two of her fics. Their Reputation Series is binge-worthy but they also have plenty of scenarios/tropes to choose from. You can find a lot of KTH or JJK fluff-based fics here (or other members too):
the maze to you - KTH |  soulmate au | angst
along the boardwalk - KTH | skater boy/college au | fluff
it’s all fun & games - JJK | fake dating au | fluff
say you won’t let go - JJK | soulmate au | fluff
on the road (to you) - JJK |  road trip/strangers to lovers au | fluff
new romantics - JJK | hogwarts au, quidditch player, enemies to lovers | F, A
@crystaljins - another writer with fics that have well-developed plot, great angst and great endings. I recommend all (check other members’ fics here). Extra love for:
Take a Chance - JJK | series [7/7] | 63k | Hanahaki AU, Coworker AU, Boss!Reader, Wedding Planner AU | A, F | My review  ⭐ #holygrailfic
Schemes and Tricks to Win Her Heart - KTH | series [5/5] | 22.5k | Fake Dating, feat Chaebol/Rich Seokjin, Taehyung is Jin’s Little Brother, and OC is Tae’s bestfriend
I haven’t read the new Taehyung Christmas fic yet but give it a spin =)
@springbean - I love her story concepts and ideas! When I discovered her, I just binged on their work and I enjoy every new fic she releases. My personal favorites are listed below, but you can also check her masterlist here:
Onyx - JJK | cyberpunk AU, abo dynamics (it is sooo interesting to use abo dynamics this way. Usually abo is associated with werewolf aus but this is like a social classification system in this fic. It is still ongoing but it’s the type of story you can read and remember easily so in case it gets updated you can jump into the next chapter)  ongoing | A, F
Wolfsbane - KTH | Werewolf AU, college, soulmates (included in my KTH werewolf fic recs)
Cursed - JJK | Prince x Mage/Witch, Fantasy, Medieval, E2L, action (basically has all AUs I like) ongoing
Enshrined - JJK | this is new! fantasy, fae world, isekai, childhood friends, eventual smut (?) but since we’re not there yet you can still read it smut-less  ongoing
@army-author - another prolific writer with a catalog you can binge on. I recently reblogged/reviewed some of my favorites but believe me there are more (I am just lazy with reviewing and such). Personal faves:
Gamomania - JJK | childhood friends | tooth-rotting fluff, slight S
X and O - KTH | fake dating, single parent, teacher AU
A Monster Crush - KTH | childhood friends, angst, fluff, horror, implied S   ongoing
All This Stigma - KTH | fwb au, unplanned pregnancy, arranged marriage, divorce, really angsty but I love it!
The Village Idiots - JJK | soulmate au, childhood friends, they’re soulmate-less (or are they?) |  tooth-rotting fluff
The Alchemy of Amor - JJK | fantasy au, royalty au, enemies to lovers (new) | F
Fire and Ice - JJK | oh this is probably the first I’ve read from the author, E2L but make it fluffy rivals (he’s fire and she can yield ice), fantasy au, magic | F
Black and White Christmas - JJK | Office AU | F
@thedefinitionofbts - I love how emotionally invested I get when reading their fics. Most of their fics are smut-less but deeply rooted in emotions so I remember the story a lot even if I’ve read some years or months ago (I said in my werewolf fic rec list that there’s this Jungkook fic of theirs that’s really sad and I still imagine him waiting for OC.) Just powerful storytelling. You can check their masterlist and mind the fics with smut. I wanted to list my favorites here but I’ll end up listing everything. If you want to start a fic, I recommend:
A Story that We Paint - KTH x R x JJK | Sci-fi, College AU, Lucid Dreams AU | A, slight F
Our First and Last - JJK, VMIN | Soulmate AU, Sci-Fi | A, F
Kingdom of Crystal Snow - KTH | Christmas, Royalty (yay something purely fluffy)
Corner of the Universe - KTH | Reincarnation AU
other fics I like have S content or too sad
@threeletterslife - I love her fics because they make me dwell and ponder on things but themes are very heavy (I think she has one crack fic though). No smut and you can try all her works if you are in the mood for angst, some pondering, etc. Masterlist here. You can read the Love Chaser Series (though you have to read the Yoongi series first before reading Jungkook’s, it’s one universe).
Whipped with a Cherry on Top - KTH | friends to lovers, crack
The Time Traveler’s Playbook - KTH | time travel AU | F, A
Cuss Out - JJK | High school AU, crack | F
@artaefact - just feel good scenarios and I love her drabbles! I’ve reblogged and oohed aahed over the drabbles that are short but powerful scenarios.
incandesce + warmth drabble - JJK  (safe to say, you can read all their drabbles) | F
Aeturnal - KTH | fantasy au, royalty au (I loooove this. it has inexplicit S though, you can skip)
A Letter in Roses - KTH | husband au, valentine au
Calling You Mine - JJK | College AU, S2L, tooth-rotting fluff 
@augustbutwinter - a writer to watch out for. August delivers so much even with minimal word count; they can get you emotional (fluffy or angsty) and it is so easy to visualize the image she is trying to describe. Just wonderful. The words just flow easily too so the fics are not difficult to read/imagine. I recommend the ff:
My Tears Ricochet - KTH | ghost AU, roommate AU, fluff (sometimes angsty), drabble series ⭐⭐
Rose Coloured - JJK | post college AU, some sort of reunion with an old flame | F
@akinnie75 - What a wonderful storyteller. I would binge on her fics for their plot/storylines. Usually it feels as if you are reading a tale. Several of their fics ended up in my #holygrailfics (the namjoon and jimin ones). You can try:
Ghost Marriage - JJK | fantasy, idol au, kind of arranged marriage | A, F
Until Spring 1 | 2 - JJK | Romance, Fantasy, visited the Freesia Island for Spring but taken for Arranged Marriage instead | A, F
Moonchild - KTH | a tale about the legendary Moonchild, a mythical creature known for its ability to heal life of all sorts
Tumblr media
I’d also like to recommend checking the fics in each of the reading lists and Fic Recs by theme. You’ll find these lists in the NAVI page. Fics/Titles included per list are usually tagged for A/S/F content.
I will update this once I remember other authors that focus on A/F
Part 2 (Fic Recs) - linked top of this post
Tumblr media
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artseniccatnip · 7 months ago
the wanderfell (working) plot post
I like to keep this au more open ended for people who feel like putting their own spin on it and then I have my own ideas for it LOL so this is my basic plot (as in this doesn’t have to be canon it’s just what I think) Read more cause this is LONG
1. kiwi does not get the sword, they rage and demand to speak to the overseer of langtree to find out who got the sword, the overseer doesnt know, they give kiwi spirit language to ask the spirits, upon summoning the spirits through song they’re like “we’ll tell you information if you relay a message to our family” (instead of the world dying it’s information about how they miss them uguu) and then theyre like “we dont actually know lol but there’s an overseer in delphi” they have to WALK to get there
2. delphi is still sad but they don’t care, they meet miriam here who hears them ask about the overseer song and hears them speak spirit language and explains that she wants overseer power and they should team up, kiwi’s like “ok sure” upon summoning ash’s mom to ask her for the overseer song she’s basically like sure ill tell you the song but only if you help my kid come out of their shell and theyre like HOW THE FUCK- before they hear what mannys trying to do and piece the parts together (also kiwi manages to just run from the trolls here)
3. after the wind queen is ALSO like “idk who has the sword lol” miriam is like ok ive heard of a fortune teller on this island who might know something so they go to tatango w the STONER PIRATES....and ask calliope who is like oh youll meet the sword wielder if you kill the chaos queen so the two are like cool ok and they do the same shit to get the mermaids tear and go into the spirit world, miriam is with kiwi this time and they attack the queen only to be stopped by Audrey, who came when she felt like the overseer was in danger, they try to take her sword but she’s strong and sends them out of the spirit world 3.5 this is where you’d play as audrey and instead of attacking shit you talk to the overseer and try to figure out who the fuck these two bozos are trying to kill overseers
4. kiwi is just enraged rather than sad in this act, annoyed they couldnt do anything against audrey even with miriam, mim is mostly annoyed but says they should just try to kill an overseer without the sword, the nexus point isnt blocked here or anything kiwi just wants to ruin christmas for fun, they go into the overseer castle and try to kill queen order and audrey comes back and they wound her really bad but get hurt too so they cant kill the overseer or take the sword yet
5. they arrive in between the 2 kingdoms in the middle of their war, they go to mohabumi first and happen to land the same night as some rulle warriors were going to murder hala, and stop that from happening through completely unintended shenanigans and are hailed as heroes, this is where kiwi learns their singing can enhance miriams magic and the queen willingly gives them her piece of the overseer song
in rulle they have to lay low, being hailed as heroes in chandeesh means they were enemies to rulle, but they run into the hero who was looking for them actually and she tries to convince them to stop because what they’re trying to do will literally end the world, they don’t believe her and she continues hanging around them trying to convince them, they also kind of use her as a cover so no one knows who they are. kiwi lies and says they’ll consider but want to speak to the king, once they get there with audreys good graces they basically reveal they’re the chandeesh heroes and to give them his part of the song or they’ll KILL EM (they wouldn’t actually), and then he does, audrey gets mad abt this obviously and kiwis like its not my fault they have two different song pieces, its almost like the kingdoms used to be united or something, whatever. This doesnt change anything but the king does overhear that and start to think about it
This where shit gets tough cause they get into the spirit world and, now knowing that kiwi’s singing enhances mim’s music actually manage to kill the sun AND moon overseers, miriam gets a power boost and uses it to hurt audrey real bad but it was too much for her and she kinda just collapses too so now kiwi is kinda just sitting here like uh- they try to take audreys sword while she’s unconscious... but! it’s too heavy! their entire world view kinda crumples around them with this one simple realization but they push it away and are like nah its fine its fine maybe i’ll steal the power of the next overseer... and ill be strong enough to lift it...
6. on mt ichor mim is still with you :] there’s more people in the village and the monks know the overseer song, kiwi says they’ll go ahead (she cant fly up the mountain) she’s still kinda overwhelmed with the power of the last two overseers so she’s like ok fine you do it, (but really they just want to try n kill the overseer alone) but they get stopped at the peak by a very weak audrey who cant aim correctly and accidentally causes the cave in, the two talk and evil kiwi does have a moment where they consider maybe not doing this, and they promise not to end the world (OHOHOHO) if she gets them out of the cave, so she does but they obviously betray her and show up in the spirit world anyways, she follows them in and is like there’s nothing you can do without your friend anyways, but they manage to like sing and manipulate whats around them to make her shoot at the overseer herself. (rip) kiwi steals the power for themself and then steals her sword :^) they go back down and reunite with miriam who is PISSED TF off that they took even one overseers power and leaves them stranded at mt. ichor village
they start to realize that maybe friendship IS the way but they’d never say that, audrey obviously comes after them and they’re still not as strong as her even with their new strength, and she tries to understand what they actually want and why they’re doing this but they’re too sad about miriam now, so she’s like ok fine let’s go make up with your friend 
the two make it back to delphi and kiwi reunites w miriam who realized they kinda went overboard being mad at them and doesnt want to take over the world unless its Together :)! audreys like wait i thought this was going to be an important lesson friendship- and theyre like NOOOOPE <3 so basically it turns into a song and dance of audrey having to stop them from getting any of the remaining overseers, as well as finding a way to restore the lost ones while they still try to get the sword, though the experience left them kind of scarred and they don’t actually end up trying very hard to kill anymore 
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