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anghraine · 4 months ago
Every time I read P&P closely, I’m struck by how carefully constructed it is. The plot is deeply bound up in Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s characters, both supporting and reflecting their character arcs, and the overall story is precisely calibrated to give a sense of balance between them without forcing them to be too similar.
The centerpiece of this dynamic is the first proposal+Elizabeth’s rejection+Darcy’s letter. In this sequence, they both make major mistakes and are allowed to stake ultimately reasonable and moral positions.
Put another way, Elizabeth is clearly framed as right in rejecting Darcy’s awful proposal and denouncing his arrogance and selfishness. But she’s also wrong about his basic underlying character and it leads her into reductive and then outright false accusations.
This puts Darcy in a position to (also rightly!) defend himself, and he does it in a way which does show his faults—thus Elizabeth’s glorious rejection isn’t completely undercut—but also which gradually exposes how deeply mistaken she (along with many readers) was about him. On top of that, he ultimately takes the high ground of excusing her for the worst of her mistakes and wishing her well, so he comes out of the whole thing looking pretty good, too, without any need to sugar-coat his real flaws.
And yes, there are some people who resent the way this doubled structure complicates our sympathies; I occasionally see people arguing that, essentially, Elizabeth bringing up Wickham in her rejection isn’t fair because it gives Darcy a legitimate complaint when he’s the asshole. I think that drastically misses the point of the book and Elizabeth’s character arc (some people really want Darcy to be the only one who grows), but in any case, that definitely seems a minority view. For most people, it’s clear by the end of Darcy’s letter that Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s characters are balanced and bound together in a way that’s immensely satisfying to see wind out through the rest of the novel.
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starcchild · 6 months ago
((I fell asleep with my cat in my room and I woke up to him right next to me
Tumblr media
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thejadecount · 9 days ago
I know it’s severely out of character but I am OBSESSED with the idea of Mikey having Gen Z humor.
Like one day he just goes, probably after an intense mission or the movie: “Hi, welcome to My Life. I’m your host, Michelangelo, and I’m severely traumatized!”
And then him deadass laughing like a maniac.
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storfulsten · 5 months ago
An aftermath of the ballistic whitty?
I'm guessing going ballistic is probably pretty draining so
Tumblr media
sleepy whitty
edit: now without the cringe text bc reasons. still there under cut but hey at least you don’t have to read it lol
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osha-janitor · 6 months ago
So I Found A Bunch Of Neat Rocks In This One Abandoned Lab Behind A Wall Deep In Floor 34, And Some Of Them Taste Like Energy And Souls So They Are Probably Kind Of Cursed Or Enchanted, But Some Of Them Just Seem To Be Rocks. Let Me Know If You Want Any!
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aces-and-kings · 9 days ago
Things to Know if You Rp with Me:
• I've a far higher demand on my spoons than I have supply for. • These days I'm not interested in improving my writing. My rp is like a used car, you're agreeing to it "as is", flaws and all.
• Despite my passion for role-play I have a mile long list of things that might take priority on any given day. Health, family, work; real life comes first. Always. I respect this as well. It's common courtesy.
• You might get a three line reply or ten paragraphs from me. So if you have a length of post requirement I'm not consistent enough to consider. I frequently use the phrase 'quality over quantity' but in truth sometimes flow > quality is just as important to me. • I'm forgetful, easily distracted, and frequently suffer from brain fog. In fact I can't read the previous line without processing fog as frog. On the upside even when I can't write I'm usually happy to discuss the characters or chat about other things. I favor more in a writing partner than just a scene and I've been fortunate with my rp friends. • Most of my oc exist for nostalgia's sake. I hope to find one or two among the lot that spark in-depth and more focused role-play. Admittedly I have favorites among them, currently Thor, Semex and Duke, but enjoy them all for various reasons. My goal was never to have nine 'mains' though, but rather nine opportunities for one or two epic stories to spawn. I crave that immersion and fandom. "Squee". • I have a spontaneous quirk that mandated I write each subsequent note about these "things to know" with an additional line so it maintained visual consistency. It can also be seen in the way I decorate; things have to have a sort of symmetry to them, even though that isn't realistic, but neither are porxie? I've also managed to sort of wear myself out, ware? where... no, it was wear ... right?... just writing all of this. And for what? Oh yeah, I remember, exposure. SEEKING STRANGE AND UNUSUAL BFF TO WRITE MULTIPLE CHARACTERS WITH FREQUENTLY AND SEMI-EXCLUSIVELY! MUST ENJOY THE UMBRELLA EFFECT IN REGARDS TO A COMMON DENOMENATOR UNITING MULTIPLE OC. PINA COLADAS ARE NOT NECESSARY BUT CHARACTERS WHO ENJOY GETTING CAUGHT IN THE RAIN ARE A PLUS. SINCERELY, AN AGING, POORLY EDUCATED WRITER, WITH MORE PASSION FOR ROLE-PLAYING VICE BINGING SARCASTIC BROODS THAN SENSE.
Meanwhile I'm imagining my character's reading this sort of stuff, all 4th wall, not even having a clue what to do with it like:
Tumblr media
". . . . . ."
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admiralheywoods · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i’ll slither from eden back home to her a mr. & mrs. malcolm neil foxworth story
rating: E word count: 5,184
after burying mrs. steiner, malcolm foxworth leans forward and presses a dry kiss to olivia's mouth.
an au ending for that night.
read on ao3!
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scoopsahero · a month ago
what’s up people, gonna change my url and graphics and be a whole new man pretty soon
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narvvhal · a month ago
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raisedbydirew0lves · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But seriously, that expression change.
The whole time, he fought back, smirking with confidence. He hears the sound Eber makes when they are in pain, turns around with a “huh?” and realized, crap, my friend is in danger. So he acts immediately upon it, face angry, determined to save his friend. Only for his eyes to go wide again and stop when Eber has a knife on their throat.
The healing coven head KNEW what would get Darius to stop, she would have no problem with killing Eber and Darius knows it. The fact that she used their friendship against Darius? She has those two figured out. It’s scary that she instantly went for that method.
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on-stained-glass-wings · 3 months ago
I just started inpatient work today, so I don’t have the energy to say anything but this: Malenia is 99.9999% a lesbian, but if she were to ever get with a guy, it would not be what the average Tarnished OC writer thinks she would go for. You know the type: super buff and sexy; can beat her without breaking a sweat; swoops in to fix all of her problems because obviously he knows better, since he’s on NG+12.
You know the only type of guy Malenia would ever possibly go for? The fantasy equivalent of Clark from Connecticut.
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espercr · a month ago
starter call that i’ll try to get to this week <3 
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dangaer · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
one liner call. specify fandom at least or i will unfortunately not write you a starter!
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lingeringscars · 4 months ago
Yes i haven't watched yet i know i know.
But here's an analysis no one asked for about why the wilds needed to have boys.
It Could Not Have Continued without the introduction of the boys. Very bold of me, i know.
But ultimately...gretchen is a scientist. A really shitty human but she's trying to prove a point. She's trying to say girls are better than boys. And in doing so, she created this entire social experiment to show that when faced with the worst, girls will band together and have a community. If it were girls in lord of the flies, none of that would have happened!
I would be very surprised to learn that people have taken a psych class and not heard of milgram and zimbardo but let me explain briefly anyway. Big names in social psych and two of the reasons why we now have institutional review boards with the standards that they have aka people who have to approve research to make sure it protects humans. Zimbardos prison experiment never should have gone on as long as it did because of the disastrous conditions that arose. Boys were randomly assigned guard or prisoner and very quickly the guards dehumanized and abused the prisoners because of their authority and power. Milgram also tested the role of authority but having someone in a lab coat tell participants to continue to administer shocks to someone even as they complained of heart pain. Suffice to say, many people complied, even going all the way to the death shock.
What's the point of me hashing out these experiments? Gretchen would know them. Gretchen would have learned about them. Hell she might even know zimbardo. And the thing is, as egregious as these were, they also majorly contributed to the field and THAT is why it matters. Gretchen is breaking so many ethical rules but she doesn't care because she thinks this is groundbreaking research and that she's gonna be commended for it. ( ofc she's going to lose absolutely everything when she tries to publish. As she should. I am by no means saying we should be doing anything like this. Most researchers would be like yeah we'd learn a lot but that's gonna harm humans so no. Gretchen said yes ❤️ ).
So what's the point of the boys? If Gretchen's entire thesis rests on this idea that girls are better than boys and will be more cooperative...she needs to compare them. I can get into all the other methodological issues like the fact that she self selected all these participants so she quite literally could have picked people that would give her the results she wanted ( and i would not put this past her ) or the fact that there was no randomization etc. But at the end of the day Gretchen needed a "control" group. The boys are this group. She needed to be like see!!! Look at how awful they are!!! Look at how much better the girls are!!! And without the boys that would be impossible. She won't let her life's work go down like that!!
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thebetrayal · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
 these   were   crimes   against   god   ...................
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grandpa-cephalopods · 11 days ago
Also this weird glitch happened in Salmon Run today.
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fxrtunas · 12 days ago
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