sundewnights · a year ago
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local mean girl meets unfazed newcomer
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stardewcowboy · a year ago
I adore the way you draw da men ,, 👉👈 every time you draw Cal, inspires me to practice even more!
grumpy old man warms my heart huee 💕💕
Aww Vivi!! I’m so flattered I’m able to inspire you, thank youuuu!! 🥲💕
Cal is happy to be your muse ✨
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undeadhousewife · 5 months ago
So my teen was watching a video today when they paused the video and said "why is Shane cosplaying as Harvey??"
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I mean... They're not wrong???
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goblin-craft · 9 months ago
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Stepped out the gate to the defensive wall I'm building to find these three guys... hiding in the shade of the single tree on this side of the village.
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an-b-u · 9 months ago
no okay kiba and shino becoming besties is literally the worst thing for everyone bc now they’re really annoying about it. Like they're already a good team even before they really knew/liked each other but now that they do they're brutally efficient. shino and kiba WILL ruin ur life and they will not feel bad about it. death by insect infestation and also u got mauled :( sucks for u. Also they like to cook together.
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pierregaslyliked · 20 days ago
wait but why did you have to get off of SSRI’s?? it sounds like you wanted to stay on them?
As my psychiatrist says, I’m medical mystery and worst case he has ever seen. (He then went on a rant how it’s not my responsibility to have common symptoms and how he’s gonna work hard to find anything that works around my extremely weird symptoms <3 love him so much). I’m extremely pill resistant and I have fuckload side effects. If the pills DO work (so far in 10 years of medication only 2 have worked ): it’s that bad), I get side effects that shot down my quality of life in different ways ): I need a dr house basically 😂 rn we decided to take me of what I was taking before bcs of headaches I was getting if I missed even one day of medication. We only really decided I need to start something else bcs one week, I called too late and I was on my last pill, he forgot to fill my prescribtion and after 3 days of no pills I was literally crawling on floor, looking for any pill, even one outside a casing, anything to stop the headache and I didn’t call an ambulance only bcs I found 2 pills in a casing under my bed ): next day I went to emergency psychiatrist and after that me and my doctor agreed it’s too dangerous to keep me on cymbalta ): so I’m going from massive withdrawal + side effects from starting new pills (new approach! Idk where it’ll take me!) and just bleghhhhh it’s not gooooooood
But it’s ok!!! Bcs I’m extremely powerful and unsinkable! Ptsd and mdd can bite my ASS bcs we WILL find something that works, something that won’t give me massive side effects and I’m already SO extremely much better then where I was 10 years ago!! It’s a war I will win!! It’s a question of when, not if!!!
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greyias · 10 months ago
#(also lol grey i THOUGHT i heard you mention Greedfall during the stream#but it was that one really loud fight where the music was being ridiculous#obv i’m biased toward encouraging that on your now-free days off#but maybe endwalker queues will have calmed down by then?🤞)
Oh my god that music in that flashpoint was ridiculous, wasn’t it? 😂 But yes, I managed to pick it up on Steam sale the other week, and have been playing it off and on, completely ignoring the main quest and just gallivanting off on side quests.
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glimmerguk · 11 months ago
it will never be wild and funny that people make mods for games but ONLY want people from their own country to use it 
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twpsyn-who · a year ago
Just to make things less confusing
twpsyn-who (ex king-pessimist) : My Main, mostly random things (and I really do mean random), probably not safe for minors (it usually is but I have my moments every blue moon yk), Big Warning For Spoilers (what spoilers? God knows. Is a random blog. One day I post about something American related and the next I'm following the Supernatural drama. Maybe one day one of my mutuals starts watching a new show and reblog things from it so hell yeah I'm gonna do the same. Only time can tell what's going on)
bhnatrashsideblog : only BNHA posts/reblogs, honestly I'm no longer that active due to me giving up on the manga but I do reblog some art from time to time, not recommended for anime watchers only as I do reblog manga spoilers from time to time
sassy-bitch-since-2007 : only Total Drama posts/reblogs, not gonna lie I reblog something every blue moon then act like that blog doesn't exist, let's be honest no Total Drama blog is 100% safe
11037-but-make-it-gay : only Danganronpa posts/reblogs (tho at the time I'm posting this is mostly just Kazuichi Souda), is pretty new so idk what's going on yet, probably not safe for minors just in case
pls-just-let-me-marry-yeung : farm games, but is mostly Harvest Town at the moment. Contain spoilers from the game (EDIT : Now we have My Time At Portia too)
do-not-forget-the-beckoning : choices stories you play sideblog. pretty chill. beware the spoilers. haven't played that app in ages but i'm lowkey back now so might make a new post from time to time idk.
a-sparrow-under-an-umbrella : The Umbrella Academy side-blog. Beware the fact that I'm a multishiper first and a human being at some other point. Also in this house we love and appreciate Klaus.
Profile image source : here
TikTok : @twpsynwho
Ao3 : @KingPessimist
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avatarvyakara · 8 months ago
More Encanto ramblings:
You remember that priest? Father Flores, I think his name is in the script? The one who went bald?
How come he never went to Julieta for a cure?
Or is it a bit like Agustín and Mirabel’s glasses, if it’s not a strict bit of damage to the body then it doesn’t count?
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fitzroythecreator · 8 months ago
So in the human AU I imagine that the equivalent of recruiting darkners to go live in PlayerTown would be Kris, Susie and Ralsei recruiting people for the community center?? If that's the case, i think recruiting the equivalent to the secret bosses would be very fun. i imagine the gang comes across this old clown that's apparently an old friend of Seam's and tell him to go work in the community center. He works as the resident jester that gets into a lot of hijinks. I cant even imagine what spamton be like. The gang meets this weird little salesman and he gives dubious advice about how to take spade king down. Sorry for the long ask lol
yeah something like that! i imagine recruitment would be more like getting people to care abt this place and so it starts to see an increase of visitors, volunteers, and the like. which means the building gets repaired, more things become functioning and available, and the community grows stronger. i imagine castle city was once abt the size of hometown and then had some industries (like the auto industry coughcoughSPAMTONBIGSHOTAUTOScoughcough) make factories there which increased the population and grew the town to a small city. but there's still like a core group of residents who remember when the place was a lot smaller and tight-knit, which is why the community center becomes so important. if they lose the community center, they lose the last testament to this city's origin and the vibrant community it once held. that's what ralsei believes, at least.
i Do think it's incredibly hilarious for a bunch of teenagers to hire weird old men to work here tho. i think the secret boss battles would be more like just convincing a very weird man to bring his weirdness to this one place. but it's just Incredibly hard to convince them. jevil works in a traveling circus, so the difficulty there is getting ahold of him before the troupe leaves town. but then he'd be around for the carnival that queen throws!! and with spamton he's just a bit of a deadbeat?? idk. weird little man. he works as traveling salesman (even tho traveling salesmen aren't even a thing anymore) and also at an auto shop. but once you "recruit" him he volunteers at the community center and manages the lost and found!!!
(and by "manage" i mean "attempts to sell you the random crap people leave around the community center")
but i do think they'd also hold some kind of mysterious knowledge bc obvs that's their intrigue in the game. they're meta-bending goofballs who flew too close to the sun. idk i've been toying with the idea that there's this normal world but then every night when kris goes to sleep they have dreams abt the Real dark world, including everyone other than them being monsters. and it's rlly confusing and they don't know Why it keeps happening. but maybe these weird old men know abt it???? hmmmmmmmmm interesting interesting interesting....
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imma-potatoo · 3 months ago
I'm not gonna lie, there's a very strong impulse to just reblog things on my main instead of @potatoo-reblogs
I'm not too active in the Fandom anymore (which is 100% because of the lack of content but whatever) and this blog could be active if I just reblogged stuff here
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the-nomadicone · 4 months ago
The Other Side // Whitechapel
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miss-shydeer · a year ago
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i have a problem and he looks like a tolkien elf who became a business major. and when we spar he fights like akiyama, all the way down to his hands kept lazily in his pockets
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alfredopizzaluver151 · a year ago
Marlon literally said during the flower festival that Marnie was beautiful 🥺 Marnie, please dump Lewis and date a man who will cherish you! 😩
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funkyfreshacidjazz · 8 months ago
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the sky looks freaky today
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ratherembarrassing · 6 months ago
Have you watched arcane?
nope. i was going to but didn't have time when everyone was going nuts for it that week it dropped - i watched like 5 minutes and realised i didn't have the bandwidth. so i blacklisted it to avoid spoilers, and then inevitably forgot all about it.
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