#on reason is bc i know me best but i still dont know things about me - like i found out this year i used to go to speech therapy
nightglider124 · 3 days
Maybe it is me but I don’t get the vibe that dickkory’s small convo was flippant on either side (i mean a little on dicks at first cos he be like ViSiOnS dOnT eXiSt) but at the end, Kory was like ‘like you said, to hell with visions’ but she seemed so sad about it like she thinks he won’t accept their shared vision bc he doesn’t want it with her. (We all know he does like duh)
I saw some people annoyed that that is all the conversation was but i think it speaks louder than just what was said. I mentioned it on another post but Brentons acting was real good in that scene bc he seems to really wrestle with what to say and although he just says ‘idk’ i think he feels torn. And they’ve also got much bigger issues than that particular vision at this point. Like we can circle back ya know?
Poor Kory though like the convo with Rachel in the beginning when Rae is like did he not tell you and shes just like no he didnt…
Ugh i want the angst. I am also v curious as to when Kory gets hurt since they’ve left off with Jinx dead (for now).
Other thoughts:
I get now why Lisa posted that stupid ass ig story 😂 bc jinx still be into Dick a little it would seem which back off bitch he has a whole child with Kory on the way so leave 😂 nah but I don’t think that will be explored more - i reckon that is more so a wistful thing on Jinx’s part but nothing will come form or at least i hope nothing does cos lets face it she isnt dead dead 🤷🏻‍♀️
Very curious how Jason will be appearing this season. It was said he is in Joshua and Teagans livestream a couple weeks ago. Not that i want to see him but im curious how he slots in in this particular season 🤔
MY BABY GAR 😭 he is going through it and when i tell you i was cryING when he grabbed Kory in a hug like i needed a GarKory hug more than I realized. 😭 I am extremely interested in Gar’s whole story this season. I LOVE that he is finally getting more. He seems to forgotten in other seasons and that is a crime. I worry about baby boy but am super happy that its getting explored more.
On the note of Gar, I’m assuming Sebastian or Brother Blood now I suppose was the one to send them to another existence or dimension but Gar went to the red so I am guessing Gar is separated from the team to begin with in part two of the season. I am v excited for part two of the season for multiple reasons.
Connor irked the shit out of me. I get it; tis his Lex side and I completely understand why but the attitude is so grating. Joshua plays it so fucking well but my God every time he spoke I was like stfu 😂😂
Rachel got her powers back and became White Raven!! I was v surprised to see the white dress and cloak but I was like OOOOOH. Her powers are gonna be fierce af in the second half of the season. And talking of powers, Kory’s having gone up to 80% has me NERVOUS. I bet that is how she gets hurt. I fucking bet she supernovas and fucks herself up. Like why else would they mention it?? 👀 i am scared for my fave in second part. 😭
Tim and Bernard are cute. Like it was sweet when they had that litte scene. And omg when Tim was like we kissed to the team, Kory had like a lil smirk on as did some of the others and Dicks like oh big night for everyone then - loved it.
Jinx may annoy me cos of the whole Dick history and clearly being into him still but she really does have me giggling. When she got stabbed i was like aw gurl ya took too long with taunting her frozen self 🙄 but I appreciated in the RV when she was like ‘i could take her out, fucking nut her’ feels so fucking British and I greatly appreciated it. I literally hear people talk like that all the time so I enjoyed that part 👀😂
I can’t think of much else now but I liked the episode. Wasn’t the absolute best imo but it will tide me over til second part of the season which I hope is sooner rather than later- anyone know when it’s meant to be returning??
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findingtomarrymort · 2 days
hey! I remember a tomarry fanfic where harry time traveled back to tom's time (I think he was a slytherin with him) and tom starts getting suspicious of him and eventually comes to wrong conclusion that harry is his soulmate bc he speaks parseltongue and bc of harry's horcrux. i remember tom traps harry in some sort of ritual circle ? and talks to him about how he's his soulmate
hello! sorry for like, the loooooooooongest delay in response (i got sick, recuperated, got sick again and did take a break 🙇‍♀️🤣) i couldn't find the super exact fic from the description OP but we really tried 😭 lmk in case you remember anything more! thanks also to everyone who tried to help! (if any of you do know the exact fic please dont hesitate to rb or reply! ❤️)
Bonded One by Stephke23
Summary: As a last resort to believe in love, Tom calls for his bonded one and pulls Harry through time, to him.
I Waited For You, In The Shadows Of Time by watchingvfall_n_drown
Summary: In a twist of fate, Harry is stranded in a time when Grindelwald has just been defeated and First Wizarding War hasn't begun yet. Desperate for answers, he still has the presence of mind to keep himself hidden from all, especially the power figures of the Wizarding World. And then all his carefully built hope and shelter shatters one day, in the shores of the black lake.
Formerly Tom Riddle, now Voldemort comes upon one that captures him with their beauty and magic, stroking the inevitable desire. Like all the pretty things he has collected, this will be no different. Unfortunately for him, his newest obsession has a will of its own and no intention of quietly acquiescing.
Will Harry be able to find a way home? Or a reason to stay? And will the Dark Lord find more than a desire to possess in his heart? Even as the two fated ones find each other again, the world moves on. There is still a Dark Lord and still a headmaster with sharp eyes on the horizon.
Plant Your Fields of Lavender and Chamomile by Araceil
Summary: "Many people have pursued me over the years, but very few have done so with even half of the skill or dedication you have displayed. And then there is your magic.” He had to stop there, feeling it pulse with heat and fire and oh to feel it on his skin, he wanted to wrap it in his own and sink into him - but he wasn’t about to do something so vulgar in a public location.
“What of it?” the young man demanded defensively, bristling uncertainly.
“Marry me.”
His stalker blinked, mouth opening slightly in disbelief.
He just smirked at him, “Your dedication is incredibly gratifying, and your magic is lovely. You have most assuredly won me over. Marry me. I assure you, I will be a very good husband.”
When Harry Potter found himself stumbling into the 1960's, confused and lost after getting caught in some manner of ritual shenanigans masterminded by remnants of the Death Eaters, he didn't know what to expect. So he did what he did best, he went looking for trouble. And he found it. Tom Riddle should be in Albania, and Harry's determined to find out why before anyone else dies. Even if he has to marry him to do it.
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violentdevotion · 1 year
Tumblr media
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hella1975 · 7 months
i literally NEVER have ideas for soft soukoku even though it's my favourite thing to read in bsd fics bc alas dazai and chuuya are Like That and don't know how to be normal, but like what if chuuya struggles to sleep bc of his ability? what if it's normally manageable but some big event is giving him nightmares? what if when he has these nightmares, his ability automatically goes haywire and he winds up spending a fortune on repairs for everything he keeps breaking in his room? what if after a few days of sleeplessness he's finally out of it enough to genuinely consider asking dazai for help? what if dazai agrees to use no longer human while chuuya sleeps as a JOKE bc 'awww if you're missing me you can just say so~' but dazai finds it helps with his insomnia just as much? what if chuuya waits for the humiliation he knows is going to come from dazai telling everyone about his moment of weakness, waits for dazai to make him regret it, but it never comes? what if that fragile trust between them that got destroyed when dazai left flickers back to life again in these moments when it's just them in the darkness? what if it becomes a mutual agreement, a very reluctant 'this helps both of us' that neither of them are happy about that slowly grows into something more? something they begin to like? something they perhaps even look forward to? what if-
#me looking at the state chuuya and dazai's relationship is in: sex wont cut it you two need to hold each other#hi i dont know where this idea came from but it's plaguing me and i really want to write it#yes im touch starved yes 'literal sleeping together' is one of my favourite tropes keep scrolling#bonus points if the reason chuuya got the idea to ask dazai to sleep with him was bc it's something he had to do when he was younger#when his ability was a lot more out of control but also when there was a lot more trust between him and dazai#('trust' is used in soukoku terms. to a bystander it's all very fucked up and complicated but it makes sense to them)#however now dazai's in the ada and chuuya's in the port mafia and he HATES dazai#but shit chuuya has not slept in DAYS he's practically delusional at this point and very very desperate#like have you ever gone even two days without sleeping? it makes you crazy and if the idea of dazai's ability helping him sleep#was already in chuuya's brain bc they've done it before then i GUARANTEE it would not be far-fetched for him to resort to it again#and dazai agrees purely to make fun of chuuya and exploit a weakness bc this is dazai we're talking about#and if there's one thing i love it's realistic soukoku portrayal where they actually have to work really hard from a shitty start point#but still chuuya is just fucking EXHAUSTED and he doesnt care about the teasing or backlash at this point so he calls anyway#and dazai is there#and the joke gets immediately turned on HIM bc it's the 'best sleep ive had in years' trope and dazai's like SHIT#the entp has harmed himself in his own attack#hmmmmmmmm thinking#bsd#soukoku
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wingedbeings · 7 months
#gahhh. cant let it go#i can always repress things why not this. why are you so dead set on keeping this on the surface#it feels like a cruel joke. i know its not i know you have your reasons but its not supposed to be my purpose#i was here to solve your crap and i know i went too far with that but i didnt have access to this knowledge or feeling. all i saw is#another thing keeping us from stabilising#sighs. im so enraged i didnt get access to this sooner i didnt learn about this sooner and found some communication#yeah it wasnt right what happened to us but neither was it right what happened after when i came into play#blinded so blinded all the time to protect us#so now what. now that i did gain access now that i am more of a formed personality instead of a drone focussing on a purpose#now what am i supposed to do with this. i cant override the defences bc i still dont know everything about it so what its just going to be#on my mind like some sort of haha look what you did you idiot.#sighs#i know the host switch and me existing and me ridding of it all was necessary but its never going to feel right again#even with the worst parts of it#because i dont have their full memory the full picture to rationalise and analyse all i have is how it aches to be without#that.#「and im sorry i left but it was for the best」#「though it never feels right」#「my little versailles」#stars.exe#i'm not good with feeling like you were. but im sorry for how it aches to us both#everything is another reminder and i'm sorry i cannot fix this we cannot fix this
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zkretchy · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the amount of times I have just thought about Arnaghad being tol....and then thought about everyone else in his vicinity (canon or not idc)
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lanshappycorner · 2 years
I hope that when ppl view my account and talk to me online, they view me as just another person with feelings and thoughts, and acknowledge that I am no better or less than anyone else just because of things like follower count or the fact that I create art. I hope that people know that my opinions change and that I am as capable of making mistakes as anyone else and I sincerely hope that everyone takes all my advice and opinions with a grain of salt because in this vast expansion hellhole we call earth, I am just another person with no real importance and I am no one to tell you how to live your life, and you owe it to no one listen to me or like me or even care about me
#late night musings....#it has been a tiring day and i still have work left to do but i am just thinking#bc i have been thinking abt how sometimes ppl tell me things that piss me off bc they assume something about me or misinterpret smth i say#like for example an ask ive received today#and then i stop being pissed when i realize that the other person isnt inherently malicious and that theyre a person#people have their reasons for saying what they do and the fact that someone was angry enough in the spur of the moment to insult me#makes me think abt how much we care abt what other ppl say#because the point they were making was from a good conscience i think. i wont reveal what they said but when aimed at the right person-#-i think they dont have anything to feel bad abt because honestly if someone is being creepy then they kinda had it coming#and they havent sent a follow up ask so i can only assume theyre just vibing now and i hope them the best#they sent the ask on anon and i think thats fair idk ppl usually r like...dont go on anon if ur gonna insult me u coward#but like what if the anon is a minor?? or like just in general i think its fair u dont want ur name associated with drama#at this point if anyone sends any asks i deem rude or overly agressive bc ur typing in the heat of the moment#i will not disclose it. i just won't post it because whats posted on the internet stays on it and i just...would rather not for you and me#anyways im just rambling now because i feel like everything got rly heated for a moment today but it somewhat died off and left me hanging#so now im just vibing and i hope anon is vibing and stays safe#but anyways this is how i would like to end today! if anyone has anymore asks regarding what happened today#just know that i will only be answering non aggressive ones and that i dont want this to run on for too long on this blog#if u send me an ask off anon i will reply privately and if you would like to dm me then even better#but yes thats all have a nice day im sorry the tags are a mile long
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faunina · 1 year
I have NEVER watched spn but you are making the urge to do so very strong.
i dont know whether to say "im so sorry" or "you are very welcome". so anon: good luck LMAO
start this show At Thine Own Risk, if you want to! but let it be KNOWN that i will not be held accountable for any damages or cases of Intense Brain Rot you may incur if you do. the best way to watch it is probably with a friend or two, even if its just some ppl you can liveblog your reactions to. trust me, youll NEED that outlet. other than that, before you start this show PLEASE BEWARE:
- tons of racism - just, so much sexism - any sort of trans-/homophobia u can imagine (and worse, probably) - lots of death and injury and similarly upsetting things (i was never really aware for example just HOW often we get close-ups of someone cutting their arm/hand in this show until a friend who was sensitive to that sorta thing pointed it out)
and always remember that this show was written by Mostly Straight Men in 2005 and onwards. so dont let ur hopes get too high <3 all the best things about this show are unintentional writing choices and fan interpretation anyway
(PS: im PRETTY sure ive seen a Guide or two around about which episodes are skippable and which are character/plot important, so if you decide to get into this show But Dont Want To Spend 13+ Days Of Your Life on it, lmk! ill reblog one or something)
#spn#anon#asked#a personal blogging experience#this all to say! dear anon!! that i am for One not the best person to talk about the Many fuckin hatecrimes this show commits#(i am queer neurodivergent and a woman and thats about all i can claim for myself. so! yeah. other ppl have written up MUCH better Takes#about for example the racism and trans/homophobia baked into this show#and i encourage you to maybe seek those things out first!! esp if you seeing stuff like that might affect you#the Other thing is also that as much as i hate this show for a lot of reasons. i dont really like holding onto negativity too much#bc it just kinda exhausts me. so if youve gotten a positive image of this show from my tag ramblings????#please know that i am a sentimental bitch who likes to pretend sometimes that this show doesnt suck as bad as it does lmao#it was a Big Part of my highschool years so i just. feel some kinda way about it#SO? do i recommend it? yes/no. its a bad show except sometimes it really HITS. its a good show except i hate it intensely#i will recommend it but ONLY on the condition that you know what ur signing up for (a lot of disappointment most likely)#i ASSUME that if uve followed me for any length of time you know im a tag-ranting kinda person and that u should read my tags always.#so if you are still reading these: hi i love you <3#its very weird to hear that i am any sort of parasocial influence on other ppl. but im always happy to spread my brain rot <3#EDIT: ive sat here for like 10 minutes maybe and like. anon if ur readin this: PLEASE feel free to message me or send an ask off-anon#i would LOVE to talk more with u if ur down for that
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transtemic · 2 years
randomly remembered how my dad kicked my cat once and it almost fucked up his eye really bad and i had to put balm on it for like weeks and his eyes are still slightly mismatched because of it </3
#and also how he up and took my cat away to my grandmas house and didnt bring him back </3 WITHOUT TELLING ME BEFOREHAND </3333#like. i understand cats like. genuinely freak him out for whatever reason.#but the deep seated hatred of cats he has and the animal abuse just aren't it luv#like fr? one of the top worse things hes ever done. like its up there w his physical and emotional abuse of my mom and my siblings and of m#just like. dont kick cats????? tf????????? like i can excuse him taking him away even when he was a big emotional support for me#bc i genuinely wasnt the best at taking care of him (since i had to do it entirely by myself as a very depressed 12/13yo)#but if you dont want anything to do with him dont fucking touch him. if he was somewhere he wasnt supposed to still dont fucking kick him??#tho fr since he like. completely justified and rationalised beating his kids to himself. kicking a cat is not gonna be the hardest to do.#god sometimes i think im at an ok place in my relationship w my dad and w my trauma related to him but then boom.#this also speaks to the fact that i have also kinda excused and rationalised and minimised his abuse to myself#like i dont rlly know the full extent of it bc i was a kid and dont remember a lot of it and i prolly never truly will know it#and i have come to terms with it gradually over time through understanding both its effects on me and that my dad is also deeply tramatised#and cycle of abuse and forgiveness yada yada#but i am so deeply enraged every time i think about him hurting my baby. i rationalised it away at the time but looking back. fucking hell.#its also good that he took him away bc hes safe away from my dad now#is what i tell myself bc my grandma has been nothing but loving to me and her cats as far as i remember#but also i now know shes the one who fucked my dad up and heard the shit she put him through so sometimes i do worry but afaik shes changed#and its easier to forgive her for something she didnt do to me directly tho it still indirectly led to my own abuse#........ im getting off track. point is i can excuse past abuse towards me but i draw the line at animal abuse :) gn#ícaro rants#child abuse tw#abuse tw#abuse mention tw#child abuse mention tw#animal abuse mention tw#animal abuse tw#ask to tag#oh yeah also i remembered this bcy friends' cat's eye wasnt doing great??? but shes all better now thankfully <3
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clumsyclifford · 2 years
fun that you asked 1 and 2 bc those were the ones I was going to ask you
same hat
1. has a comment someone left on a fic of yours ever made you laugh out loud? oh my god so many yes. the ones @gutsmp3 leaves make me laugh so often i wish i could remember an example?? but anyway she’s just very funny in general. also i think i’ve mentioned this one before but someone once commented on i think spidey fic saying they read the funny parts of the fic out loud to their dog and that killed me
2. has a comment someone left on a fic of yours ever made you cry? uh.........literally actually tear up and cry? probably not, i don’t think so. but like, i’ve definitely felt the emotion that accompanies crying at a fair few comments. maybe TL’s comment on neon weekend, just because i was so nervous to post that fic and then their response was so......Like That. (also we weren’t even friends then!!! they’re just That Good!! all the time!!!!! TL love fest, i love TL). actually also, talking about melia, part of the comment she left on the rilex soulmate au fic said “bella everything u write fucking redefines the meaning of love” and it was about a friendship scene and that just like.........made me feel like everything was Worth It. anyway melia thats my favorite compliment ive ever received in case you were wondering. so like i didnt cry but internally I Was Crying
fic writer asks!!!
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teqiilasunriise · 11 days
-literally threw UP at every Male Love Interest Interaction, Enid making out with Ajax? Literally was enough to make me settle Wenclair as sunk LIKE IT WAS T H A T BAD AND IVE BEEN A HYPED WENCLAIR WARRIOR SINCE AUGUST
-Backtracking a lot,,, that wink Enid gave Wednesday in episode two made my heart ascend. So many Wenclair crumbs in ep 2
-I’m really glad Tyler was the killer bc it gave him some depth, like I kept hating him fer NOT GETTING THE HINT AND LEAVING WEDNESDAY ALONE but looking back his insistence on being close to her was more akin to manipulating her so he wont be suspected so im glad he got interesting near the end
-My heart broke when Eugene got attacked, even before Wednesday declared it I could tell she looked out after him bc he reminded her of Pugsley
-But when he expressed interest in Enid? Fucken Wednesday did not HESITATE to tell him his shot was less than one percent LIKE DAMNNN GIRLIE jealous much?
-“he breaks your heart, I’ll nail his” Wednesday ur so in love u dumbass, literally the first day u met this girl u supposedly hated u end up telling her your most vulnerable secret (crying for Nero)?
-Wednesday fell first, Enid fell harder Truthers rise UPPPP
-Enid walking out of the woods covered in blood and wounds from a super traumatic experience, first thing she asks is, “Where’s Wednesday?” Maam, are you aware how much she means to you?
-Talking to the taxidermed squirrel about how much you’ll miss it rather than directly speaking to Wednesday? Gay gay homosexual gay behavior
-Xavier,,,, no. You’re better than this, like cmon dude. Stop trying so fucken hard and take the hint, LIKE U DONT EVEN HAVE A GOOD REASON LIKE TYLER TO KEEP STICKINNG AROUND
-I demand more Yoko screentime.
-Still giggling on Enid wrecking Tyler’s Hyde ass in order to protect Wednesday like she fucken JUMPKICKED HIM and proceeded to maul him fer hurting her best friend totally
-I will give Xavier credit fer calling out Wednesday as toxic BUT he literally couldve stopped getting involved like WHY were u at the Gates Mansion that night its so,,,, weird
-Speaking of the Gates Mansion, LOVED Wednesday’s little stare when Enid busted the door open when Tyler couldnt, fucken gay gay homosexual gay
-Wednesday in general was so cute with her gift of the snood Enid made her, instead of outright speaking her mind that she dislikes the gift, she tries to compromise with a, “lets save this for a special occasion, like a funeral”
-Small moments where Wednesday is clearly softer fer Enid SUPREMACYYYY
-Another good example was even back in episode two where they ran with the flag together and Wednesday let Enid touch her and wrap an arm around her shoulders and shit as Enid cheered it was SO cute
-Wednesday’s bigass smile when Fester appeared??? I love Fester in general but ARGH I love their bond
-Also love Wednesday’s evolution with her relationship with Thing and his death scene??? Like Enid slayed with telling Wednesday to treat him better i swear Wenclair are just SO GOOD FER EACH OTHER
-Enid’s parents weren’t exactly what we were expecting but they still sucked (yes by just standing there and letting his daughter constantly be shit on by her mom Enid’s dad still sucked a little) and I was a ‘Enid is an only child’ truther but slay guess she has brothers
-The way Wednesday walks kinda pressed up to Enid as she talks about visiting her in San Fran,,, yeah your honor theyre in love and Hunter was right, we beed to fight fer Wenclair I DONT CARE ABOUT AJAX X ENID BEING CANON I DONT CARE ABOUT XAVIERS ASS WENCLAIR ALL THE WAYYY BABBYYY
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magentamee · 4 months
so that van scene... those moments before will brought out the painting, i'm convinced the reality of it from mikes pov happened like this:
mike was sad by wills comment about Nintendo and dnd. he spent the last year playing those two things missing will. more importantly though, he wants this with will too. hes feeling sad bc he thinks it can never be, and also scared because of the lingering thought hes had all year: what if it could???
mike was actually trying to ask will, "what if she doesnt need me at the end of this?" MEANING "what if el and I break up? what then? would there be a chance for us, will? please tell me because I'm too afraid to ask you outright."
when mike goes into the rant about fate and destiny, hes trying to explain to will the reasons why he thinks he should break up with el and why he doesnt feel right in this relationship anymore. mike is trying to work out his reasoning to break up with el for himself and for will. while hoping and praying will is gonna understand what hes saying: "i dont feel like el and i are meant to be" with the implied but not yet asked, "but, Will... ARE WE?"
mike wheeler i know what you are: a boy deeply in love with his best friend, desperately wishing he'd feel the same way you do. also, a boy who has realized he wants to break up with a girl he loves so very much, but not in the way hes "supposed" to. a boy feeling the guilt and heartbreak of that.
on both sides of his two most important relationships, the question is, "can our friendship survive this? will you still need me/want me/love me when you find out the truth?"
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gogolstoelicker · 10 months
We've got like practically a whole chain of BSD characters in Twisted Wonderland. So what if Akutagawa was there? We've got alot of agency members, time to bring Mafia into the mix. Evil ass
Twisted Wonderland with an Akutagawa!like MC
warning(s): mentions of killing, mentions of blood
notes: this is so funny to me bc imagine insulting mc and they just Rashomon everyone's ass
i added everyone bc pain and suffering sounds funny to me /j
You're extremely violent and ruthless when it comes to work, all the while maintaining a stoic and detached figure. Your composure is frequently broken by rage, however. You're quick to lash out whenever something doesn't go your way.
You seem to have a Social Darwinist perspective of the world. You believed that the weak deserves to die and yield to the strong.
ace and deuce definitely learned the hard way not to piss you off LMAO
like they were causing trouble and u just rashomon their ass
esp ace (and grim)
and yknow in the prologue when ace mocked you? yeah
you probably rashomon his ass then
he was scared of you bc AREN'T U MAGICLESS?? WHAT IS THIS??
i mean he sure still bother u here and there after he got over his shock
can't help it man, you're his best friend
trey saw u and go "ah yes. another mentally ill friend🤗" /hj
honestly you're probably a little bit appreciative of trey
only a little tho
mostly bc of those pastries he makes
u try to avoid cater bc hes trying so hard to get ur emo ass to appear on his magicam
u probably tried to destory his phone once
but u got scolded by trey
u listen to trey for some reason?
talking to u is like a landmine bro
cater can ask a perfectly normal question like "do u like dogs?"
and u just go "not really, a wild dog bit one of my friends in the slums before so i was forced to kill all the dogs there"
and everyone at the table just stared at u like 🕴
riddle doesn't like how u do whatever u want
i mean u followed some rules if u think they're convenient but other than that, n o
and control that temper of yours! great sevens, he's getting a headache from the amount of times he had to collar u so u won't destroy heartslabyul or the whole school in general
honestly? while you almost destroy everyone there
i think this kind of mc will get along with ruggie the most
i mean they do both grow up in the slums, so there's a lot of things they can relate to that others couldn't
(bsd beast spoiler: think of that one scene in the beast manga where akutagawa and atsushi are bonding over how their lives were before they got to where they are. it's smth like that)
you would rather die than admit it but you quite enjoy talking to ruggie
there's just something that you guys know that others dont bc you both grew up in the slums
like importance of food, and the fight for a notebook
one time, everyone caught u having a small smile on your face talking to ruggie
literally everyone: 😮😦
ace felt betrayed u smiled at ruggie and not him btw
"iM yOUr beST FRIend🤬🤬"
as for leona? u don't really care abt leona?
like leona is leona!!
but u guys might not get along too well tho
as for jack, you might get along with him a little
he believes u shouldn't do thing halfheartedly and u agree with that
he wants to be stronger, u wanna be stronger
is that u running on the tracks with jack at 5 in the morning?
oh see! u guys are bonding alr!!
if it isn't for your friends, the whole coral sea and monstro lounge would be destroyed
like thank god jack is strong enough to hold u back from lashing out completely
jade thought it was amusing but a bit bothersome
floyd thought it was funny and definitely tries to piss you off on more than one occasion
azul shakes in his seat thinking about the cost he will have to pay if u ever actually destroyed monstro lounge out of rage
and knowing u, u probably won't even help him pay that cost
so he ordered jade to uh
keep floyd away from u
that one time u lashed out is enough warning for him to be careful with you
esp when it seems like u don't even care abt ur comrades and is focused on destroying the things around u and the source as to why things doesn't go your way
honestly? u guys probably don't click KSKSK
kalim thinks you're cool!!
like you're so strong and your ability is so cool!
I've said smth like that many times alr i am very sorry kalim!
jamil tries his hardest to keep kalim away from u cause like
you're very likely to kill him
like there's a 90% chance you would
5% you would try to avoid before killing him bc you got annoyed
4% you would do it when jamil's not around
and 1% that you wouldn't
jamil doesn't trust u at all
not that u cared ofc
kalim, however, always followed u around if he saw u walking down rhe hallway
like oh!! is that the prefect?!?!????
and then he dropped everything and ran up to u
better start running if u don't want him to bother u abt ur ability
smile will u?
vil said when he saw u
like he had never seen u smile at all! you're gonna get wrinkles that way, smile!
rook, however, isn't too bothered by this
you're beautiful the way u are!
like ur ability, the way u carry urself, ur appearance overall
its all simply BEAUTÉ😍
epel doesn't mind much
but you're so strong damn‼️he wants to be like that too‼️
and the way u do whatever u want no matter what the faculty or dorm leaders told u?
he's shaking, wanting u to take him as a student or smth
uh oh someone pls stop him
you're from the mafia? who cares!
ok maybe he cares a little
being from the mafia sound scary
but hey! all that matters is that u won't kill anyone here right?😁
ah yes, emo with the emos
like idia gloomy and you're gloomy too
probably don't even acknowledge each other
like if you guys encounter each other in the hallways, u guys just walked past each other
maybe a small head nod as a greeting but other than that, n o t h i n g
u got into fights alot
and u have a lung problems so u were coughing all the time
one time u even coughed out blood
so ortho tried to look out for u!!
u almost lashed out at him since u don't want to be pittied(how do u spell)
but u got used to it over time!!
like he rushed over to u to help and u just
let it be
like stay there and let him do some treatment and analysis
mostly bc u know no matter what u do, he'll insist on doing this
ah yes, emo with the emos(2)
u think u and sebek could get along well bc of that hatred for humanity (well not really for sebek)
but in truth, it just sparks fights between the two of you
bc you're still a human and sebek is ❌anti human❌ apparently
lilia have met many kinds of people in his long life and during his travels
so he have probably met a few people like u so he knows how to deal with u!!
you're about to lash out? well better not try to lash out on him, he was a general yknow^^
silver is always on his guard with you
and esp knowing that you're from the mafia???
yeah he's def on his guard
malleus doesn't really care what or who u work for
he wants a friend who doesn't fear him
you dont fear him but u seem to have no interest in being his friend
he's pouty about it
if u look his way, you can see him sulking abt u not wanting to be his friend
this is a threat. be. his. friend.
Tumblr media
oh grim def got his ass chop chop
the three ghosts too
you're probably the boss there now LMFOAOAOA
well i mean, you are a prefect. its only natural that u are one in ramshackle
but grim and the ghosts are definitely scared of you
like damn u almost destroyed the whole dorm and for what😔
but it's all good!! you warmed up to them one time!!
and it's now their core memory
like the prefect??? who almost killed us multiple time just protected us and told us not to die???
and they even suddenly started helping around??
what's next?? are the sun and moon gonna come out at the same time??
and idc what anyone says, you'll probably get along well with grim too
maybe you would just brush off the ghosts and their pranks
and even tho grim kind of makes u wanna do several capital crimes, i would say you two would get along well since you both grew up in the slums
talking to u is a landmine(2)
the ghosts asked what do u do for a living and u said smth abt killing people
they asked abt ur friends in the slums and u said they all got killed except for u and ur sister
everyone in the dorm:😱😱😱
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ronancebuckley · 4 months
wait but now i want a detailed description of each of the girls’ rooms,,, at least some aesthetic pictures to capture the ~vibes~ maybe???
okay so!! im gonna go with words bc finding pictures is not my strong suit. also i was picturing robin and nancy sharing a room bc they are The married couple. but for the sake of it im going to right ahead and also describe what their individual rooms would be like if they started out in an apartment with 4 bedrooms instead of 3
Robin's: everyone thinks it's a Mess™ (affectionately), but she does actually has a very particular system! it's organized (Robin's version). she can find anything in her bedroom, including but not limited to: vickie's favorite book she borrowed two years ago, a picture of chrissy when she was four years old, and nancy still asleep under the covers. she has more musical instruments than she knows how to play, she started to paint a wall a different color and gave up halfway, warmest room in the apartment for some reason? cuddling central in the winter. movie posters in the walls, and is that a cardboard cutout of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley?
Nancy's: she burned down the aggressively pink room of her childhood and accidentally went overboard and made it too boring, it's a detective's office. the desk is as big as the bed, it's a little scary. she requested help from the girls to brighten up the place, so Vickie framed a bunch of Robin's paintings, Chrissy gifted her Christmas lights, Robin spends all her time there, it works. the thing about Nancy is she is organized, or she wants to be, but she's a busy girl you know? she has things to do and places to be and mysteries to solve! who needs to clean up her work papers off the bed when she can just sleep in Robin's much comfier bed?
Chrissy's: that's a escape room, in a good way. like it looks good, objectively it's the prettiest room in the house, she cares about making it as pleasant as possible, and she's in charge of the candles in this home. it's a dreamy white girl bedroom. but it's also... Chrissy since when do you have a hamster? Chrissy should we be concerned about that thing that looks like an urn that totally wasn't there last week? Chrissy is that a voodoo doll? Chrissy where did your door go? Chrissy I swear this window wasn't here when we left? Chrissy did you exchange the hamster for a parrot oh no the hamster multiplied Chrissy!!!
Vickie's. i'm assigning Vickie the braincell of the group for this and you can't stop me. Vickie's an old soul, Vickie is into knitting and embroidery and arts and crafts of all kinds and the others dont know how she does it! it's a grandma's room and a museum and a safe space and she got there first so she picked the room with the best view, where the sun hits just right, and she gets to have the prettiest healthiest plants on her window sill while the other girls mourn whatever they try to keep alive in the rest of the house. if Robin got the warmest room, Vickie got the opposite, and it's an oasis in the summer, where the other girls will all hang out in the bare minimum of clothing because god gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers
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omi-anime · 24 days
Okay thank your for answering that one question of mine and i would like to request
TSUKINAGA LEO like reader (and maybe has ADHD, you dont need to add that if you dont want to) (he is litaraly me in game ver. /srs) but instead of song he paints them or do a rough skecth when they get a random idea and most of there painting is of the overbolt gang + ruggie bucchi (bc i love him), i would like to know how the overbolt gang would deal with him and maybe they find a painting that just feels sad like leo's trauma put into it (in this case reader's trauma) and finds out what they had gone tru
~Overblot gang + Ruggie with Tsukinaga Leo like s/o~
Author notes: Aww ofc! Hope you like this Hon <3. Done three requests today I'm on a roll lol. Also yes Jamil part is the longest... he's my favorite.
Tumblr media
In all honesty he considered you very childish, your overall really loud and he noticed that you never seem to sit still. Before his overblot he definitely told you that it was improper or whatnot and he definitely tried to get you to act a more accordingly to the rules and just in his opinion proper etiquette.
However when he learn the reason behind you being as fidgety and not paying attention most of the time was because you had ADHD he definitely apologized. However he that doesn't stop him from reprimanding you from whenever you break a rule or are close to doing so.
He was curious on why you always seem to carry this book of some sort with you, not to mention how often he sees you writing or doing something in it. He was fascinated when he came across it noticing you left it at your desk and it had a good amount of rough sketches and drawings of people. However he noticed there seem to be a lot of rough sketches and even completed sketches of him. He is curious on what the random sketches of things he doesn't recognize is though.
He probably asked you about it and learns that that's what you do to get creativity or even when you just have a spark of creativity. I do think he would feel a little honored that you get so much creativity of him especially considering a lot of your sketchbooks was sketches of him.
He probably asked what a couple of them meant and that's when he got on one he didn't understand. It in fact wasn't a sketch of a person or animal. It had a lot of shapes and random colors to it and he didn't quite understand what it meant he thought maybe it was an abstract piece of art but you went tense when he mentioned it.
When you told him what it meant and translated it to the I guess trauma. He was shocked he can't say he entirely relates but that doesn't stop him from trying to comfort you to the best of his ability. He may not fully understand but he does know it's traumatic and if you don't want to talk about it more he does not but he does let you know if you ever need comfort that he's always there for you. He does spend the next while probably cuddling with you considering he probably brought up a traumatic memory.
In all honesty as long as you're not too loud around him he's really chill with you. He doesn't really mind that your childish (in some people's eyes) although it's really you're just I guess loud and rambunctious.
He tries to help you the best he can when you're forgetful although if he doesn't know anything about it don't expect him to be any help. He does try and help you remember and if you don't seem to stay focused on things he tries to help you remember to stay on task but he himself doesn't always.
He's probably really chill that you have ADHD he doesn't mind it too much and if you have medication for it he tries his best to notify you to take it.
When he found your SketchBook he was very interested. He probably looked through the entire Sketchbook before he got up and confronted you. He did ask why there were so many sketches of him and when you just answered it was in a moment of creativity he definitely teased you a little bit.
However when he learns you also have multiple paintings of inspiration of him. He will endlessly tease you it honestly is just something he finds amusing mostly when you make those funny expressions in his words. However he does ask what some paintings meaning are if it's not obvious. That probably brought up the topic of that painting.
When you slowly explain it to him what it means he notices that it's not just a simple one it had more meaning than he thought behind it. He isn't the greatest at comforting people but he does tell you he's there for you and probably takes you to have a nap with him so that he can cuddle you and you get comfort. If you do want to talk about it he does tell you he's there to listen and if you don't he also understands.
He doesn't mind your personality especially considering the fact a lot of people are surprisingly like that that he knows. If you are a little childish he will tell you sometimes, although he doesn't mean to sound as blunt as he does.
He doesn't mind your ADHD he may even have some tactics to help you not be as distracted. If you do also have medication for it he does make sure to have multiple reminders so that you do take it and not forget it.
When he learns you sketch and paint him he was shocked. And he doesn't mean that in a wow more like why would you paint him out of all people. He most likely because of his past bullying doesn't understand why you would want to paint him he he's not special in his eyes. He probably asks why you would and he was shocked when you genuinely thought so sweetly of him.
I have a feeling when you explain the background to that one painting he understands 100%. Well for a certain part of it anyway, the bullying is completely understandable I mean he went through it too so he does understand and comfort you.
In a certain aspect he can understand the bullying. Or at least being treated the way you were in school. And for that it makes comforting you way easier he does tell you he can understand and I see the two of you seeking comfort in one another more often because of that you understand one another better and always help one another out whenever uncomfortable even if it's not obvious.
You're literally Kalim 2.0 to him... you're both very loud and energetic and not to mention you're both kind of airheads. Now he doesn't mean that in a rude way he just knows for a fact that he definitely is exhausted whenever Kalim and you meet up... literally.
However he does notice how you always Point things out about people and you analyze and are extremely aware about a lot of details and things he didn't think you would be.
Not to mention that you always seem to understand his emotions quite well even when it looks like he's just has a blank expression. Deep down he's thankful for that especially when you pull them away from situations that stressing him out.
In all honesty he does understand when you're I guess being impulsive and blunt he has said things before that he didn't mean to be offensive and hurt someone but it just happened. It does make it a little easier to explain a situation when he understands that that's just how you are on occasion.
He notices your Habit to Doodle and constantly just draw or write in your sketchbook. He probably was curious and just asked about it and that's when you showed him with no hesitation. He was definitely shocked when he found a lot of the sketches at least 90% of them were of him. He is a little shocked but he also admires your work especially when he finds out you actually have paintings too.
I have a feeling he understood a tiny bit of the picture even if it was abstract he noted that there seemed to be more to it than meets the eye I guess you could say.
He didn't expect that to be what the painting meant, however that doesn't stop him from trying to comfort you and I know for a fact that he's really good at it.
Whether it be because of his little sister or very chaotic friend shall I say he tries his best to comfort you and does tell you he's there for you as well as notify him if he can help you in any way. Be it make you feel more comfortable in a situation just anything that could help you feel better.
I think at first he would try and get you to act more appropriate and how he thinks you should. Basically stop being so loud and energetic because he considered it childish. However he noticed whenever he told you and try to make you stop you never listened. He is proud that you don't care what others think but it irritated him at first until he just learned to go with it.
When he learns of your ability he does find you a very good painter though he does think they're accurate if they're realistic and when they're of a person they also look quite realistic. He may ask you to paint him a couple times mostly because he loves your artwork.
In all honesty he's shocked how many paintings you have of him but that doesn't stop him from thinking of course you would. However deep down ignoring his ego he definitely is happy that you painted so much of him you clearly love him dearly if you have that many paintings and sketches of him.
He definitely saw red when he learned of your past through that painting. He probably didn't understand it so you did have to explain even though you seemed a little uncomfortable doing so. I definitely see him wanting to get back at the people wreck the reputation on the internet but decides against it when you seem like you want to forget it as best as you can.
He does comfort you and if you ever feel low self-esteem because of it he does tell you you're wrong and if you really don't like how you look or something then why don't you go on a shopping spree or go to the hair salon or something to make you feel better about yourself.
He's really chill with you in fact I see the two of you probably playing pranks with each other on a lot of people. It definitely is funny for you too and you probably even bonded over it a little bit. However you are a little loud sometimes and he does tell you at least when it hurts his ears anyway.
Honestly he doesn't care that you have adhd, he's not going to bring too much attention to it he is going to act like you're a normal person. However he does help you in remembering if you forget to take medication.
That's Sketchbook of yours has a lot of good details to it, he notices that you seem to notice small details when you're sketching or painting things. He definitely admires your ability at art considering not a lot of people are that talented at it.
I have a feeling that he tells you you could probably make a career out of all the paintings you make especially because he thinks they look really good. No he's secretly not trying to get you into a business to make money with him. Going back to the original when he notices that one painting I have a feeling he could tell something was off about it.
I see him not understanding why someone would do that to another person, he just sees it as plain horrible and he knows that it's not a situation to take lightly.
He does tell you if you want that he could mess with them if they're still in your life but if not then he just comforts you the best you can if it's a distraction or even talking about the topic whatever works best for you. Or even cuddling if you want.
Tag list: Want to be added? Let me know and what fandom! Genshin, Twst, Obey me, and Haikyuu.
@apyrose @crimson-maze
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oni-tengu · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay this idea kicked my ass and i wanted to do all 12 beta trolls but i got this far and i was DONEEE. anyway.
kind of an excuse to draw them how i'd style them, kind of got away from me when i started to fantasize an AU for them lol. basically how it'd be if i made a homestuck earth C spinoff /MSPFA
info about the AU below (gamzee w scars at the bottom)
this is very self indulgent so read at ur own risk hahah
its all the kids, calliope, beta trolls and dancestors n its one of those "what if trolls lived on earth from the beginning" things so not TECHNICALLY earth c but maybe it is??
the trolls as a species migrated to earth before the beta trolls were "born" and a lot of their history got muddled so theyre not really 100% aware that they have any ties to the ancestors EX) signless. theyre still relatively new to earth though so its still in the age where theyre trying to integrate humans and trolls together in society n humans dont know much about trolls and their culture etc
overall it parallels canon but i get to choose the ships and everyone's alive (: dancestors n beta trolls live with their respective "relative" and the beta trolls' lusii. the larger and more dangerous lusus, like vriska's spider-mom is a tarantula sized lusus, feferi's is able to fit in a 20 gallon tank, and gamzee's is more like...human sized. ETC.
the humans have altered relationships to each other, and their parents aren't ecto-clones or whatever the fuck but just. people. parents. bro sucks n dave goes to live with dirk n his dad at 12 y/o. some are half-siblings, some are cousins, some are step-siblings, etc.
calliope i haven't totally figured out, except that she's the dominant sibling and caliborn is just in the back of her head but she doesn't let him come out. also callie and roxy r dating <3 (:
my bias is toward karkat and the alphas basically, so i mostly focused on them but my style is ALSO very slice-of-life so everyone gets a little drama (: there's some dave + karkat and karkat + gamzee drama 4 sure mhmm
beta humans and trolls are 3 years younger than alphas, alphas are three years younger than dancestors. so when john is 13, jane is 16, and dancestors are 19.
they also have awareness of SBURB/SGRUB and have dream selves. literally i just wanted derse and prospit lol but if i had to make logic for it, maybe its just that this IS earth C and the reason the trolls left alternia was bc SGRUB blew it up. i dont know. dont look at me im doing my best.
thats all i wanna share thanks for coming to ted talk
here's gamzee with scars just bc this was an alternate i made i guess
Tumblr media
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