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fishscalesky · 2 days
buckle up it’s ball scene time (not that one, this one)
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First thing Wille does is make Marcus comfortable, putting them on the same level.
He meets Simon’s eyes quickly but looks away as soon as he does— this conversation isn’t really about Simon himself, is it? It’s about Wille letting go of staring at Simon, willing him to look back, trying to send signals. The only signals he’s sending are okay. This [he] is what you want. I understand.
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He’s doing everything he can to put Marcus at ease, complimenting him, (smart to dress as a waiter) being jokingly self-deprecating (these wigs hurt like hell // puffy pants aren’t your style?), making eye contact when he asks a question. These are royal manners, guys. It hurts to watch this because we know he’s not feeling how he’s acting at fucking all. He got to the ball with red eyes from crying, for fuck’s sake.
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Back to the scene. Simon is confused— obviously we know all about how he’s feeling cause of epic analysis posts, but Wille cannot focus on him right now without breaking apart and we know that too.
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This bit here I have so many thoughts about. He looks to Simon and asks if he would shoot with them— including him, but casually, as if no one there is aware of their history. This is almost disregarding the closeness they’ve had, for Marcus’s sake.
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Look at Marcus, bro, motherfucker is probably thinking “he doesn’t know Simon like I do” and patting himself on the back for being such a stand-up guy.
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This face and nod Wille does just screams “oh, my bad, I guess I don’t know him that well, he’s not even my boyfriend, he’s yours.” He 100% knew what Simon’s answer was going to be, and he only asked the question to get Marcus feeling even more comfortable and vindicated as Simon’s #1.
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He asks Marcus to hand him a spoon and says something else about them dancing, Marcus specifically making himself comfortable at the ball, and sits down in the room with them. See how not a big deal this is? I can give you so much space, emotionally, I don’t even need to physically. I’m so fine with this, I’m so okay and distanced, I don’t even have to flee.
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This entire interaction is about backing down, showing Marcus he’s backing down, showing Simon he’s backing down. And he did it fucking perfectly, performed down to the minutiae, read the room and wrote himself a script that worked because he knows how to do that and he’s better at it than it sometimes seems. Absolutely none of it was real, though.
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You only see how hard it was for him to do that once they’re gone, when he leaves the party, when he’s alone and no one’s watching and it hurts. He can’t hide away for the rest of the night, he’s got to face the music. He's so strong and I wish he didn’t have to be.
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ppkritts · 2 days
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barrowsteeth · 2 days
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are there even words to describe it? the magnetic space of two souls being drawn together. the space that whispers, "come closer. move deeper." the space that pushes all other thoughts to the side and slows the passing of time. --unknown
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royalsomar · 2 days
Omar’s horror movie confirmed!!!!🥳🥳
“The production company behind the cinema hit FEED, Scandinavian Content Group, has started filming a new horror film titled KARUSELL, which takes place in Liseberg after closing time. In the roles we see Wilma Lidén, Omar Rudberg (Young Royals), Amanda Lindh, Embla Ingelman-Sundberg, Emil Algpeus and Ludvig Deltin.
Directed by Simon Sandquist, who previously made Den Osynlige, Possession and the Oscar-nominated short film Victor.
KARUSELL premieres in theaters in October 2023 and is distributed by Nordisk Film. This is the second film in a new collaboration between Nordisk Film and Scandinavian Content Group.
Synopsis: Park worker Fiona is tasked with taking care of some former friends who won an exclusive private sneak preview of Halloween at Liseberg - a whole night, all alone in the empty park. But cotton candy, fun rides and lots of laughter soon turn into something completely different, as they realize they are not alone in the park. And the night of dreams quickly turns into a true nightmare.”
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babeofthe80s · 2 days
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Welcome to another episode of Edvin Ryding being the ultimate Wilmon stan.
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royaledvin · 7 hours
Wille's way of showing love: performing acts of service
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grapehyasynth · 2 days
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he's so in love i could die
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elicc · 2 days
It's me🥰
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levok · 2 days
Also, the fact that some people ignore the importance of the scene where Simon finally shows some vulnerability and actually cries (or at least, we saw evidence of a some sort of emotional release) in front of his friends! The only other time we see him tear up was when he broke up with Wilhelm, and even then he had to remain strong.
sorry, my Simon-stan heart is Simon-stanning hard tonight.
Simon rants are always valid and welcome!!! Simon is broken, but so closed up. I need need need him to open up in season3 and let it all out.
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thaliasthunder · 1 day
wille: *to his mom in a call* cant talk right now im doing hot girl shit
wille: *shoots august head*
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tagalongifyoudare · 3 days
Omar Appreciation Post
Welcome to the December "Advent Calender" of Omar! I thought I would start this month off with a gif for you all 🫀
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Enjoy darlings! @missmeganlee @nicksmile @darktwistedgenderplural @voldiebeth
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js8dhbed · 3 days
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almostliving84 · 1 day
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i'm just trying to move on [ S2 Ep 4 ]
a moment I could talk about until i run out of oxygen because of how it makes me feel.
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OBVIOUSLY this scene is absolutely insane, the tension and chemistry is literally chill inducing.
BUT a specific moment I want to talk about is right after the first kiss connection, this beautiful moment.👇🏻
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Where Simon has that beautiful furrowed brow, showing how much passion he has for Wille and the love they have.
PLUS the small glance through the lashes to see if Wille was feeling the same way? PLUS the way he's yearning for another kiss, like he actually can't stop.
that yeah Wille said he thinks Simon doesn't love him, but Simon is HERE TO PROVE THAT POINT LITERALLY COULDN'T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.
STOP I can't.
Specifically, the movement from Wille. This extremely gentle and loving motion of rubbing noses together.
The way he is just so relieved in this moment, that he loves Simon so much he can't help but reach back out at him in the most endearing way?
I literally can't shut up about it and I will talk about it nonstop if presented with the opportunity.
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royalsomar · 1 day
This is so adorable stoooopppp🥲🥲🥲
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