#ohhh this is so cool
matchandelure · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
big fan of any character with sun/moon/star motifs
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splxtduxlies · a month ago
"agent 3 is a stoic, kinda badass but mostly emotionally repressed leader" can co exist with "agent 3 canonically has B.O., pats the zapfish plush and may or may not have had a side hustle as an underground DJ named DJ Sango"
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spaciebabie · 2 months ago
kinda wanna start disclosing my autism from the jump so that when ppl interact w/me irl for the first time and experience a complete dumpsterfire of social interaction they understand but also. ppl are mean. and will. infantilize me.
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Tomura: Parlay. My office. Five minutes.
Hawks: Parlay?
Dabi: Pirate code. He wants to meet.
Hawks: So everyone here knows pirate code?
Dabi: I understand it. I can’t speak it.
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fearlessdiaz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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whaliiwatching · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
he still has dimples
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babygirl-ftm · 2 months ago
Ohhh my god I... I wanna date a girl so badly!!!! I would love to be dating another girl 🥺 I wanna kiss a girl SO MUCH 😭😭
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mcnuggyy · 2 months ago
I have never felt like more of an adult than going to my childhood besties baby shower and like buying the baby items and fucking paying for my own flight and talking with all the family members <3 almost felt like I actually have my shit together, almost <33
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magnetic-dogz · 3 months ago
I ngl get very concerned when I see people that were wayyy too young to actually witness 2000s internet back in the 2000s praise it super highly with zero acknowledgement of the very blatant racism, ableism, and homophobia that was prevalent back then.
I was around for the internet in the late 2000s and it was not all just Invader Zim MySpace glitter gifs, Windows XP, DeviantART, Nyan Cat (which I should add was actually created in 2011) and Evanescence Sonic AMVs on Youtube.
As a kid I saw tons of people online throw around the f slur and r slur like they were absolutely nothing, gay men and GNC men were mocked HEAVILY, very often in old fanart and flash animations. There were many memes online back then that mocked black people or featured racist caricatures (Shoop da Whoop/I'm Firin My Lazer literally originated from a blackface edit). And I don't think I need to mention, but I will anyway, that porn was way, WAYYY too accessible online.
Don't get me wrong as someone who grew up during the time I get nostalgic for it too, but it was not the golden age utopian state of the internet I've seen some kids online make it out to be.
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choccymilllk · 4 months ago
Very late for art request but as the creator of Milfboss i just want a doodle of her being happy ^^
a cake for the specialest milf...
Tumblr media
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teashoesandhair · a year ago
The most fun a slightly loopy gay with a special interest in Eurovision can have is talking about it like it’s a sport with their very straight male colleagues
“Iceland are playing in the first half of the second semi-final. They’re not the bookies’ favourites to win, especially given the constraints of play this year, but there’s always a chance they could pull off a chance victory at the last moment. Once they’ve kicked off, it’s pretty tough to predict what will happen on the pitch, to be honest.”
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wowitsverycool · a month ago
hm you know what I’m gonna be honest I don’t think Your Turn to Die deserved the danganronpa treatment
#both in its comparisons to dr and in the nature of its fandom#it’s a narrative with interesting themes that deserves more than typical danganronpa style shipping discourse#or like. judging the characters based on how problematic they are#instead of their merits as characters#not to say “ohhh analysis is a Dead Art#kids these days are SHALLOW and VAPID”#which is a stupid take#enjoy things how you please#not my business#it’s just.. the shipping discourse thing fit danganronpa so much better because it was so character driven#that was its thing with the freetime events and whatnot#but while yttd also focuses a lot on its characters it puts a lot of stock into the nature of people and how they interact#and humanity and how we define it#i wish it was appreciated more#yttd#your turn to die#like remember the qtaro hatred? it seems people only really started considering him as someone to even consider when he “redeemed” himself#which yeah! his redemption is really cool and it’s interesting to see how his character progresses!#but it was SO not fair to the story to before that point just be like “he sucks. I hate him” and have that be the end of it#don’t even get me STARTED on the children’s youtubers playing it#nothing else actually bothers me. for real if you like shipping and stuff that’s totally cool.#but the childrens youtubers relentlessly misinterpreting and simplifying everything to make things funnier#GRRRR….#yttd is already funny! stop making marvel quips for one second goddamnit!#yttd spoilers#anyway. this has been egotistic rant in which I toot my own horn that I’ll probably regret later#see you next time
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eliounora · a month ago
I found a good 50-55% of the first two rings of power episodes subpar but I also thought elrond was so attractive (despite the unfortunate short hair) so my review is??? what can I say I like an angular man
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eijiroukiriot · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
please consider him
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fiona-fififi · 8 days ago
C, Y, and Z!
Thank you! 💚
C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice)
Destiel. Notp of all notps, to be honest. (And that's all I'll say here because it says to be nice)
Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)
So 911 was actually one of them. Everyone on my dash was reblogging it, and I was seeing it constantly, and I finally decided to go back to it after giving it up after season one. Obviously, that worked out.
I don't know that I have any right now, though. A little bit of Stranger Things, maybe, but not enough for me to know anything about it except that the one character is named Eddie, and that sometimes becomes very confusing. All the other stuff on my dash right now I'm at least partially invested in myself.
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go (prompts optional but encouraged)
Okay, so I had no idea what to write for this one, but in light of people being shitty toward Ryan again, I would just like to go on record that I love Ryan Guzman. He seems like a lovely, intelligent, artistic person, who seems to take time to reflect on himself and the world around him in thoughtful and poetic ways. And I personally think the world could use more of that.
fandom meme: come at me friend.
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tarnished-lasagne · 9 days ago
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totallyblooktacular · a month ago
Tumblr media
lost your head
#before i complain for the rest of these tags i should clarify this isnt vent art or anything lol we're cool#the fuckin. entire creative process behind the initial idea for this to what it is now is. 📱💥#the idea came at first on account of connecting the dots between two song lyrics#but when i came up w designs that would properly call back to said songs i was like ...#well this would just kind of look like me n saltwater wouldnt it. so i said fuck it its them#or would be. bc ive also been sitting on this for months i didnt start it until like 2 days ago -_-#also i had to bust out 3d models for this and ohhh my god tryign to figure out how to a) pose them and#b) translate that into a sketch that would reasonably fit my normal art style took. foreever#i ended up sketching the pose out like 3 dif times before landing on the one that i went over for these lines O(-<#and then i Fucked Up the head tilt anyways its hardly even tilted its just kind of awkwardly offset from the neck#oh well. theres other compositions...#n honestly like i think aside from the head (the actual point of the piece ...) i honestly didnt do too bad#definitely most limbs and hands are all a bit janky but like definitely not as janky as they couldve been yknow? which is cool#also enjoy the faces those did turn out particularly well i think. so like that is swag too. but god this is underwhelming#im just sitting here like wow this one rules (still disappointed anyways)#one last tag ijust realized i forgot the hair curl. exploding myslef immediately now#anyways i have to add categorizations now..#my characters#myself#underneath the dock
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