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tovezza · 7 months ago
I KNOw we couldn’t spare the time for it in CK but Jesper has such “grew up with sisters“ energy that in my heart of hearts and the good Aus aditi is alive and Jesper has at least three annoying kid sisters
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oc-cafe · 6 months ago
Introducing The Royalty Representation Project
Ever feel like your culture hasn't been represented enough in media? Or maybe it's usually misrepresented? Or you just want more rep?
We may be able to help.
Well technically we can't do very much. BUT it's something!
The Royalty Representation Project is kinda like the Disney Princess lineup, for lack of a better explanation, but not??? It's mostly aimed towards marginalised and underrepresented communities. And it’s mostly gonna be people of colour. 
Basically we’ll be making more people like her, from other cultures and communities too!
Tumblr media
As mentioned before, we can't do much. What we CAN do is provide a drawing/a story or drabble starring your character, and this time they're represented in a sensitive way.
How do I know that? You'll be helping! Tell us about your culture, little things you want to see represented, heck, even send in some stereotypes and we'll make sure to make it the opposite of that! You can also send in the body type you wish to see, or LGBTQ+ leads/subplots. Rules and important stuff:
You can send in requests at any time
You can send any writing requests to Mod 🔥.
You can send any art requests to Mod Sam and Mod Ares
We will refuse/put off any requests we find too complicated, or time consuming. We are doing this in our free time.
If you want to help us, feel free to send in an ask, we’ll be happy to have more people!
If possible, send clothing pictures of the monarchy of your culture? Google is only showing us european stuff :,) 
If you have an requests, you can either send it here through an ask OR you can send it in on discord
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spencerreidat3am · a month ago
not my library’s system saying i picked up three books i had on hold that i have not picked up?? i have five books out rn and i only have two of them😭😭 hopefully they’re just on the shelf and they thought i picked them up😭😭
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pistolslinger · 9 months ago
jesper will never ever admit that the little family of 2 he and his father have formed is.......lacking in any way, bc he’s defensive of his upbringing, and of his father. but uh. it’s telling, just how much he clings to the dregs — to the crows. jesper is not someone anyone would look at and think “he’s lonely” but, he is. the kind of isolation that comes from hiding yourself away “for safety” and because “other people won’t understand you, so you’ll be in danger” is hard to scrub away, and he is happiest in a crowd & happiest when he doesn’t have to make himself small and unnoticeable BECAUSE he is afraid of loneliness. 
and whether he realises it or not, jesper does have a tendency to gravitate towards other people who are isolated feeling / cut off in a way, even if they act like they’re happier alone ( kaz & wylan being good examples of this!! ) and whether it’s intentional or not, he does have a habit of befriending and charming the lonely himself, if only to make them. less lonely
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moontines · 10 months ago
na jaemin best boy 😔
thank you for sending an ask and yes, na jaemin best boy </3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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w-existential-fear-e · a year ago
What if…… don’t hate me, but.. what if someone wrote a fic about Jesper realizing that he could have saved his mother. He could have pulled the poison from her veins and she would have lived. Imagine his pain, how he feels responsible, he knows that she would have wanted to be there, fighting by him. His life would be different, but maybe he wouldn’t have met his true family, maybe he wouldn’t have met Wylan.
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reidyoulikeabook · a year ago
you are literally one of my favourite people on this site. i just wanna wrap you in a blanket and give you tea and beans on toast and timbits because i adore you so much. you're such a genuine person and i cannot believe i have been bestowed the honor to be your friend. i do not know why but every day i think about how grateful i am to know you. i feel so comfortable with you and everytime i get a notification that you post i drop everything to see it. my day feels empty if i go even an hour without being blessed with your presence.
good evening i am in fact crying (this is ... the 2nd time today something you've written has made me cry) and i do not even know how to process it. you are so kind to me and i love you so much and being your friend is one of my favourite things !! i am SO SO gratefulk that you turned up at my askbox shouting about spencer one day because now i have a bestie i speak to everyday and who sends me DANG LOVE LTTERS :( goodness i adore you so much ew ARE actually eating timbits right now and i am giving you a forehead kiss
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Their date left Hiyoko wanting to see Putri again, and who was gonna deny Hiyoko from what she wanted? She trotted to the door with a small, poorly wrapped gift in hand as she rang the doorbell. Impatiently waiting for an answer
Tumblr media
While Ivory was preoccupied, and Putri was still stirring awake from the impact, Aditi looked towards the door. She quickly got up and made her way over, peeking out and spotting Hiyoko. Great. Lovely. Aditi didn’t waste time, smoothly pushing her way outside, and shutting the door behind her so Ivory could intervene. “... Now is not a good time. We have unexpected.... unwelcome company. I don’t wish for you to get caught in the crossfire. Why don’t you return later?” She offered gently, trying to explain in a way the dancer could agree with and not get too curious over.
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Bollywood songs from 2007 and 2008 hit different.
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enbyprentiss · a year ago
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buns-up-sunshine · a year ago
🌸 ⭐ put this star into the inbox of your favorite blogs. it’s time to spread positivity! ⭐🌸
Aww thank you Aditi
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bluejaem · a year ago
wHaT that's so cute ! 🥺🦋
you're not at all awkward omg you're adorable !
and noooo pls don't cry 🥰
I find your emoji use so cute for some reason bYe💀
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oc-cafe · 2 months ago
Masterpost for The Royalty Representation Project Works
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spencerreidat3am · a year ago
why does snoop dogg always carry an umbrella?
…fo’ drizzle
it rained yesterday so i told this joke and got yelled at
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scxrs-will-fade · a year ago
Angie is really not having a good day, huh?
Tumblr media
“It’s only going to get worse for her, don’t worry.” Aditi stares into Angie’s eyes as the smaller girl struggles and kicks to get free. Her grip tightens, the nails are ready to embed into Angie’s neck, and burst her like a ballon. Her bloodlust is eminent. It can’t be quenched. Not with-!
Aditi feels something knock on her head, hard. She growls and reels back, turning her head to look behind her only to see and hear...
Tumblr media
“Audi! Come get me! Nana nabooboo!” Fay sticks her tongue out tauntingly, blowing a raspberry before darting off down the corridor with Mortie guiding and running along side her.
Tumblr media
Aditi snarls tossing Angie aside like a ragdoll, the artist hitting the wall hard and falling to the ground as Aditi gave chase to Fay. “.... mmm...” Angie groaned weakly, feeling blood trickle down the back of her head.
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naksatravrsti · 2 months ago
i need this for scientific reasons is aditi the type of character to make 'your mom' jokes
hmmmmmm i think rekha is more the type but aditi is an opportunist, if the stars have aligned she will
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floraljae · 10 months ago
*reporter voice* and now we're watching aditi have a perfect meltdown :D
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