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estuaryorange · a day ago
Thinking about how few shits Stede gives about the distress of the crew really makes the bathtub scene hit even fucking harder like Lucius keeled over in front of him and he was just annoyed fuckery rehearsal was interrupted but Ed has a flashback and panics and he breaks open his own fucking door and sinks to his knees beside him and says Ed’s name in the tenderest voice and I am oN fIrE
Oh you’re dying Lucius? Inconvenient and rude. Ed is upset?!?! Fuckery, what fuckery ARE YOU OK EDWARD would you feel better if I tell you that you’re good at maiming people please don’t cry I’ll forgive you for planning to murder me I’ll do anything to stop you looking so desperately sad let me just touch you gently let me make it better
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Rewatching Episode 9 "Act of Grace" (because life is hard and I deserve joy on occasion) and noticed something.
Chauncey has clocked Blackbeard and Stede. He's aware they share a relationship or the least, a deep connection.
We know because he uses it against Stede to force his confession.
"Blackbeard confessed to the crime moments ago."
"He did? (Insert Ed confessing)....But that's not true..."
"Why would he lie?"
And that's the question isn't it?
Stede and Ed shared a little moment on deck with the boot touch, maybe Chauncey noticed, maybe he heard them reassure each other or noticed their inability to take their eyes off each other before Blackbeard was hauled down to the cells and Stede was taken off for questioning.
Stede is told Ed confessed to spare him. But he won't let Ed take the fall and Chauncey is counting on that fact. Why else would he still be questioning Stede if he already had the culprit?
After the Act of Grace I remember thinking it was strange that Chauncey says:
"WHY?! Why do you all show such loyalty to this....nothing?!"
He addresses the question to Stede's crew, not to the most feared pirate on the sea. I was actually expecting him to ask Blackbeard "Why? Why would you give up your life to save him?"
But he never asks and on top of that, doesn't seem shocked when Ed yells "ACT OF GRACE!". He mostly seems pissed off that Ed exercised that loophole.
Chauncey suspects. He knows something is going on between them.
Which makes his accusation that Stede brought history's greatest pirate to ruin all the more devastating.
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sidewalk-scrawls · 2 days ago
Sometimes I wonder how much vitriol we’d be seeing toward Mary if she’d fallen closer to Izzy on the *how to handle breakup* spectrum. Or if she’d been, god forbid, jealous.
Like, a good part of why Mary’s so chill is that she’s much happier without him. She’s been able to build a better life for herself in Stede’s absence, largely because of the freedom that gave her. So when she finds out Stede wants to leave again, of course, she’s perfectly happy to help him fake his death.
For Mary’s character, it absolutely makes sense that she reacted the way she did. But if Stede leaving hadn’t objectively made Mary’s life better (and holy shit could that have had a lot of negative consequences for her personally!), I imagine she would’ve felt a bit differently.
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ourflagmeansgayrights · 2 days ago
so does stede also get to make fun of ed for leaving the crew on the dock or does only ed get to mock stede’s trauma
(anon is referencing this post)
no, but the CREW get to bully ed for the marooning
if ed tries to come up w a plan that splits up jim/olu and lucius/pete everyone is like "wow, ed, again? really?" any time theyre docked and ed stays behind (either by himself so he can watch the ship or with stede so he can [REDACTED]) theyre all like "you'd better not sail away without us again!!" any time ed isn't there for a fuckery (bc idk he's recovering from an injury or smthng) the crew is like "but captain... this is just like that time with the talent show... oh the memory of that island is so haunting..."
lucius ESPECIALLY goes all-in with the jokes. (altho i do think it would take ed and lucius longer to be comfortable enough with the whole Attempted Murder thing for jokes. not because lucius is traumatized/cant forgive ed, but bc we know ed has prior trauma surrounding his own violent behavior and feeling responsible for people's deaths.) any time lucius is in a room alone with ed, whether it be for two seconds as ed passes through the galley or for several hours when lucius asked ed to show him how to do tattoos, he makes sure he's within ed's earshot when he tells another crew member "oh my god, i had the scariest near-death experience just now"
and the way STEDE teases ed is by buying and/or stealing furniture/decor that ed absolutely fucking hates and when ed complains or makes a face stede is like "well, i know it's not as good as what i had before..." or "oh, i'm just so happy to be filling the space again!" or "i suppose if you truly hate it we can always just toss it in the ocean"
(stede doesnt care for these pieces, either, and they DO eventually get rid of them, but he commits to this bit as long as he can stand to)
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menaceanon · 5 months ago
The thing about the “you wear fine things well” scene is like. Let’s take this from Ed’s perspective.
You’re the meanest sonofabitch on the seven seas. Everybody knows your name. You reputation alone can win the day before you even fire a shot.
And you are fuckin bored.
So bored that the instant you get wind of some weirdo who appears to not be even a little impressed by you, you run to meet him. And by god, the first thing he says to you and your lustrous black beard is: “Do you work for Blackbeard?”
It immediately rotates your worldview. “Never thought of it like that before. Yeah, I suppose I do.”
But then he tells you about retirement. And you think, yeah. Yeah, actually, that sounds great. How do I do that?
Well, a fuckery of course! A good one, too. Something worthy of Blackbeard, with a tiger or something. But the important part is that there’s a corpse—the corpse of a man you made sure is similar enough to you in height and build to wear your clothes.
So now you’ve got a plan. You’re great at plans! And all you have to do is learn how to be a fancy ponce so you can go live the fancy ponce retirement of your dreams. Easy as that. How hard can it be to learn how to use silverware?
But it all goes wrong, doesn’t it? Catastrophically wrong. You struggle with the basics because you panic, and when’s the last time you panicked? Then you’re laughed out of a room by people who would wet themselves if they knew who you really are, and it occurs to you, suddenly, miserably, that if you go through with this, if you choose this life, you will never have that crutch again, because Blackbeard will be dead.
Worst of all, though, is the blooming doubt that this is what you want. This glittering world is meant to be your scrap of silk writ large. You’re not sure if it is, any more. You’re not sure if a world like that exists.
Now what?
Well. Now, along comes this silly man. You wrote him off as naïve because why else would he ever want to be a part of your world? Why would he claim he wanted to be “like Blackbeard” when he has his secret passages and model ships and summer linens? But you’ve seen what he’s running away from, now. You’ve seen he’s as much a master of that world as you are of yours. And you feel understood. You feel like an equal.
So when he tells you in the moonlight that you belong with that piece of silk, and it belongs with you, you believe, suddenly, that there’s a place in the middle, between your worlds, where you’re still yourself but you wear silk and eat marmalade and talk to handsome men in the moonlight. And Stede fits there, too.
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leithianxx · 5 months ago
i'm just thinking about the moonlight scene and the Jenkins interview yesterday about Stede being an unwitting seducer and it just makes the scene so much more enjoyable to rewatch. From Ed's perspective this guy is pulling the smoothest moves of all time, like the most forward, i'm about to sweep you off your fuckin feet lines, looks him right in the eyes and tells him straight up "i'm gonna make you fall in love with me rn." And it COMPLETELY works on Ed like he can't even breath he's being so actively seduced. And even though Stede isn't doing that on purpose at ALL it's almost even MORE effective because he's being so authentically genuine and truthful that he is just exuding pure kindness and love and insight into Ed's soul. It's just so funny to me thinking about how Stede has absolutely no idea what he's doing to this man in that moment.
And it paints all future interactions with them with a completely different brush because one of them is consciously aware of the VIBEZ and one of them is only subconsciously aware. Ed thinks Stede knows what's up so he is purposefully flirting in all their little moments but hesitates to do anything outright because he's getting mixed signals from Stede, he just doesn't know the mixed signals are because Stede doesn't know that Ed knows that he's feeling a vibe and Stede himself doesn't even know what the vibe even means for himself.
It just really subverts the power dynamic that you would expect from this naive sunshine man meeting his broody hero. Stede holds all the power here and he has NO idea that he has Ed wrapped around his finger. Ed wants to leave bc he's afraid of the intensity of his feelings and the mixed signals from Stede and Stede is like "no <3" and puts on a cute outfit and takes him on a walk and makes Ed stay. Stede says he doesn't like Ed's personality around CJ and Ed is so gutted he leaves FOR STEDE not for himself but to spare Stede from himself. While they're being arrested Stede literally just SMILES at ed and ed signs his entire life away for him. 
I just think keeping all of this in mind is so important to understanding why their break up is SO melodramatic. Stede has unknowingly taken Ed on this emotional rollercoaster and he's been at following around Stede at his feet like a puppy dog just WAITING for a sign that this is real and Stede isn't toying with him so on the beach everything finally falls into place for the first time and Ed can finally just RELAX he isn't crazy and the power dynamic has shifted so that they are finally on the same page, he doesn't have to feel like he's just pining anymore, they are equally in love and that is so reassuring and validating. AND THEN HE LEAVES. That is such insane emotional whiplash and he was wrong the whole time and he feels like a fucking idiot and he must be SO FUCKING CONFUSED. Because the moonlight scene it seems like Stede is being so fucking crystal clear about his intentions and how could he have possibly got all of this wrong, and he ws right the whole time because Stede kisses him back and agrees to run away but actually no he was WRONG the whole time but how??? and yet it also goes back to that exact same scene where Ed tries to kiss him and Stede doesnt return the energy where this dynamic becomes so unbalanced and murky
no one touch me, alexa play motion sickness  
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misplaced-mortuary · 5 months ago
so ofmd goes into detail about lighthouses, and how they are guides but mainly signals meant to help sailors avoid the dangers of land; in historical cartography (mapmaking), kraken iconography was used to do the exact same thing. krakens on a map indicated dangerous waters (geographically, territorially, etc) that sailors were cautioned to either avoid or face the consequences, the only real difference between the two symbols being that the kraken is much more outwardly intimidating, whereas the lighthouse seems innocuous and even safe until you've crashed against the rocks do you see where im going with this
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our-flag-means-love · 5 months ago
one of my favorite things about the "stab me" scene is the fact that ed was 100% bluffing because that's not how muzzle-loading guns work.
like okay maybe another "bending the laws of reality" argument can be made here, but it's established in episode 1 that gunpowder in a muzzle-loader is canonically affected by gravity (by pete tilting it down towards himself to look at it and gunpowder falling out), and it's established in episode 8 by jackie that this kind of pistol takes "a minute" to reload (historically more like 15 seconds for someone with practice but same idea).
so basically ed pulls out an obviously unloaded flintlock pistol, because it was clearly facing downwards in its holster, and he's fully banking on the fact that stede just won't know how guns work and will fall for it, and of course he fuckin totally does
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lunaescribe · 5 months ago
A Biracial Reading of BlackBeard
It came to my shock-a lot of white fans of OFMD seem to have not caught up on the fact we're explicitly shown Edward Teach is a man of color from biracial origins in Our Flag Means Death. And that identity, goes so much into how his character is written and reacts to situations. I would argue Episode 4 and 5 are extremely deliberate in their showcasing of how his identity has informed his choices and the way he behaves around others. I want to highlight just a few moments, that stood out to me as a someone who is also biracial and light skinned-that I don't think some people have picked up have a deeper meaning.
From the get-go we're introduced to two sides of Blackbeard. Either as 'the terror of the seas' or an extremely clever-but at times irritatingly eccentric man. There's an element of duality, multiple faces, and most aptly code-switching to him the moment he is introduced. This  post really wonderfully goes into all the elements of performance and multiple identities Ed seems to juggle. Code switching is something many POC learn though-which is learning to behave one way with white people-and another with people of your own race-or other races, and so on.
Tumblr media
We see from flashbacks Ed is biracial, with a white Father and Maori mother (the same biracial make up with genders swapped, of Taika himself). The framing of this shot above is so significant. He and his mother cowering from his white Father (patriarchy, colonialism against indigenous peoples like himself and his mother), and Ed is positioned slightly closer to his mother in the middle of them-another demonstration he is closer to his indigenous/POC side than his white side.
Tumblr media
It's wildly significant the first murder he has to commit is his Father, very much showing that attempt to resist colonialism-as an institution and the side of him descended from it. And it leads to those fracturing identities.
Tumblr media
Being biracial puts one in a position-you are not as excluded as darker skinned people of color who have very limited access to white spaces in this time period-but nor are you ever seen as belonging in those white spaces either. We know he grew up in proximity to whiteness hence having access to even see things like the red silk in the first place-but he never felt allowed to be part of it. It puts Edward in a place where he is both an outsider with other POC and in white spaces. So how do you cope with that? Do you soften yourself as much as possible to be non-threatening enough to pass in a white space? Or do you lean into white perceptions of your 'otherness' and play it so you can't be further mocked or excluded-you are choosing your own isolation and denying them the chance to do it to you. Hence Edward's need to make himself a larger than life fearful 'monster like' figure like the Kraken. However it’s the fact he is light skinned-that privilege that has probably lended himself to be able to become as successful he is-capable of earning respect from white pirates (Calico Jack, Izzy) and those of color (Ivan, Fang, and many on his crew). 
Tumblr media
Which doesn't mean he enjoys that image at all. Becoming "The Kraken" began as an attempt to fight off white violence and has continued so long into life. Especially where we meet Edward in the series-he's grown weary of being so stereotyped as the 'beastly POC'.
Tumblr media
When Edwards' shown this image-he gets especially upset. It's worth noting he's referred to as a "Devil" in the image too. And while yes it is a scene of him exhausted of the weight of reputation of "Blackbeard" it's also an image of a man of color being shown a racial stereotype of himself.
Tumblr media
The fact he calls himself a 'vampire clown' and is frustrated at the amount of guns he's shown to carry-he's showing outrage over how he is stereotyped as an othered monstrous and hyper-violent caricature- something men of color are often forced to deal with. The fact he is a man of color-is probably what has allowed his reputation to become so fearsome. White people will automatically assume he is more violent because he is brown. All the more significant his bathtub confession that he personally dislikes the act of murder-and rarely personally ends a person's life. It's only because of this racial stereotype that rumor has been able to grow so large that he is killed HUNDREDs like Black Pete says in episode 2.
It makes all the more sense in the next episode he is very anxious for an attempt to join a white upper-class party. Especially after being called a "donkey" when attempting to learn about dinner party etiquette. Another example of white people excluding him due to his mixed race status.
The fact he is mixed is part of the reason he's even able to get into the room with the rich aristocrats rather than be confined to the servant's quarters-or immediately othered like Frenchie and Olu are ('you're so much better than my african servant!')
Tumblr media
However it's extremely significant he only becomes popular and gains the attention of the white aristocrats (and he is the only person of color in the entire party) when he makes a joke about violence. From the get-go they're laughing and amused because he is again (Not realizing it this time) playing into their stereotype of him. A violent man of color-but presenting it in playful manner they feel un-threatened, much like white people watching minstrelsy shows in the 1800s-but still being so afraid of black men they had numerous laws to keep them separate.
And immediately, when Edward catches on they're not amused by him as a person-but by the caricature they see of him he's humiliated and leaves the party. It's an example of a lesson he learned long ago. He has to be either extremely non-threatening-a joker-if he wants to be tolerated in a white space, or he can be extremely threatening, play into their stereotype-and use their fear to avoid being further hurt. We see a touch of that in episode 4 when he dodges Izzy’s questions by being especially eccentric and difficult to read-making jokes and random statements than give sincere straightforward answers that can be mocked. It’s very deliberate he takes out his knife when answering Izzy’s threat/demand he needs to make choice-it’s a refusal to be openly intimate-and a reminder not to tread too closely. 
Tumblr media
Edward's not stupid/or socially inept for not realizing he was being mocked from the start-he had really believed Stede's lessons and clothes had given him practice to blend into a white space. So the first thing he does when realizing he's being mocked is code switch back into violence-pull out his pistol. Stede talks him down-but it only works because he knows he's outnumbered in this scene. If he showcases any violence or anger as a man of color he would be jumped upon immediately and thrown in that ships holding cell.
It's all the more significant Stede is a white man too-when he leaves Edward in the end of episode 9. It's not just a break up, it's an example of Ed once again feeling not good enough-and excluded from the society Stede chose to return to. Part of the reason Ed fell in love with Stede is Stede was willing to see Ed as a whole person-he admired his anger AND sensitivity-and as a person who has also been an outsider due to his very overt queerness-Stede can form a kinship with Ed due to their mutual ostracizes from society.
Tumblr media
While there's been multiple good readings about Izzy pining for Ed, and Izzy's frustration against Stede being driven because he is a rich person invading a working class space-as this post pointed out, Izzy is still a white man asking Ed to behave as that hyper-violent caricature that has been carved out for him. That is where he sees Edward's worth. The fact Izzy immediately begins mocking him for missing Stede-it reminds Ed so clearly, he can not drop his act around white people. Or he will be harassed, mocked, and threatened. 
Tumblr media
Edward has to become the Kraken to survive in his mind. Hence why he uses a caricature image of himself as inspiration. To survive heartbreak, to survive the white people who would rip him apart if he isn’t threatening, to maintain control of his life. There’s a reason he has to kill Lucius-who he revealed too much of his heart to, vulnerability is not an option for him. When you’re biracial-the closer you are to whiteness, the more acutely you will be held up for failing at it. It is much easier for him to be guarded, threatening, and give into the perception of him-rather than have his heart broken over and over-told how he is not good enough-too sensitive, 
Tumblr media
Which is why this Kraken image-Blackbeard-it’s all a tragedy. Edward knows-as much as being Blackbeard makes him safe-it makes him painfully lonely. And it’s an identity he has only fallen into because it was assigned to him-and because he feels convinced at the end of this season there is no space for him, as a queer man of color to have life full of love, softness, and emotional availability.
I certainly hope this reading is enlightening for folks who never read Edward or the show this way! I think it may cause people to rethink how they characterize Edward in their own writings or artwork, since the amount of people who seem to love leaning into an element of making him monstrous, well that’s exactly why he is suffering in the show. He doesn’t think a man of his identities has any other choice.  
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glamaphonic · 5 months ago
I keep seeing I LOVE THAT HOMOPHOBIA DOESN’T EXIST IN OFMD and HOMOPHOBIA JUST ISN’T SOMETHING THE CREW HAVE TO DEAL WITH and that is [Siegfried voice] patently falsssh. And it’s extremely important to the overall themes of the show!
OFMD is fundamentally a show about masculinity and toxic masculinity, in particular. Homophobia is an inextricable part of the exploration of those themes, especially in a show that’s centered around the romance between two gay men.
The show takes care to gentle this so that the audience isn’t constantly being bombarded by it in a way that can be harmful or triggering, but it’s still undeniably there.
Stede Bonnet is a flamboyantly gay man and homophobia is the clear subtext of much of the derision he receives from representatives of toxic masculinity like his father, the Badmintons, Calico Jack, and Izzy. He’s soft, he’s weak, he’s not a “real” man. Nigel Badminton excoriates him for crying all the time and picking flowers, for fuck’s sake. He’s a “fop,” a “ponce,” a “namby-pamby.” Derogatory terms absolutely meant to imply unacceptable homosexuality without hitting as “hard” slurs for a modern audience.
Stede makes the Revenge a place where piracy (read: masculinity) doesn’t have to be abusive and toxic, which, in turn, allows for authentic expression of emotion, including queer affection and desire and that is part of why the toxically masculine find it such a weird and/or unbearable place ("What the fuck kind of pirates [men] are these?"). Stede, for all his faults as a leader, creates a space where it’s safe for Lucius, who explicitly talks about bearding and was implicitly expelled from his previous life for being gay, to find and be openly affectionate with a boyfriend and be beloved by his peers! A space where Pete who starts off with pretensions of toxic masculinity can shed that and be in a loving gay relationship. A space where Jim can say that they’re Jim and that’s the end of it. Stede helps create a space where he can “ruin” history’s greatest pirate by making it safe for him to be flamboyant and emotional and fall in big, sweeping, first, last, once-in-a-lifetime love with another man.
And you go “oh but Jack and Ed used to fuck” and “oh the subtext is that Izzy is gay for Blackbeard” but that doesn’t magically remove the homophobia they perpetuate!
Homophobia isn’t just “MLM bad, the end.” It’s Izzy’s subtextual unrequited feelings for Blackbeard being forever unspeakable and inexpressible except through the veneer of horrific masculine violence. It’s the idea of m/m desire being purely sexual. Men just fuck and that makes it not “really” gay. Jack thinks that “anything goes at sea,” that “dalliances” are fine and to be expected, but Ed’s genuine affection for Stede is inexplicable, anathema to what he understands about being a pirate (read: being a man). Izzy hates Lucius’ open gayness and the fact that everyone else DOESN’T hate him for it, and he literally thinks that Ed being in love with Stede is brain damage. (“He done something to my boss’s brain.”) Izzy also thinks that Stede, as a flamboyant gay man, is a pathetic creature that needs to be put down, and that Ed “corrupted” by him into a similarly open and flamboyant gay would also be better off dead. This mirrors Chauncey’s diatribe about Stede not being human and needing to be wiped from the world. It's all textbook homophobia!
And you sell the show short by pretending that it isn’t engaging with these things, because it is and it’s doing an amazing job of it.
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edandstede · 5 months ago
we have not talked nearly enough about stede jealously saying that jack has nice hair and olu immediately telling stede he has nice hair too. and while we’re at it, i just love the atmosphere stede has cultivated on his ship. the way olu casually slept on stede’s couch all night and sleepily talks to him, the way lucius wanders in and speaks with olu and then with stede - and the little comforting touches lucius always provides, to stede’s knee in this scene but also to stede’s chest when he’s impaled in the ship’s mast. they’re all very openly affectionate and complimentary of each other, including physically, and it is incredibly refreshing between male characters and i just love it so so much
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admiral-derbyblossom · 5 months ago
Genuinely amazed that Our Flag Means Death was able to take the one element of Homosexuality that has consistently been used as a symbol of disgust for bigots: ‘Buggery’ or male on male penetration; and make it poetic and romantic.
Thusly destigmatising, romanticizing and beautifying homosexual intimacy with the same respect and dignity that heterosexual intercourse has been afforded in symbolism.
The ‘run me through’ scene and other examples of Ed and Stede being penetrated in symbolic and poetic ways serve to subtly imply that it’s OK to be penetrated. To let your guard down, to be a different kind of man and not require toxic masculinity. To be penetrated by another man was always implied to have your masculinity taken away. But one of the biggest motifs in the show is the benefit and beauty of gentle masculinity.
Not to mention the fact that it (penetration) is something that needs to be learned; (an element of anal sex and the homosexual experience that is often under discussed and ignored in fiction) that there is a right way to do it, and to be careful. That Stede asks “did I do it right?” After getting penetrated by Izzy’s sword, almost like he’s asking for re-assurance during sex.
Additionally it was Ed, somebody more confident and clearly aware of their Queerness, teaching Stede; somebody who is still in the closet (again something literally symbolized in the scene where Stede shows Ed his secret closet) how to safely participate in gay intimacy. Which is another historical element of the Queer experience. Finding other people who help guide you through your identity and often for men one (typically older) partner taught the other how to engage in intimacy (at least before the internet and comprehensive sex education)
Maybe I’m reading into it too much but this show had so much symbolism and poetry in it I can’t think the creators didn’t at least consider the implications of two men ‘sword playing’ a euphemism for gay sex, and literally teaching one another how to safely be penetrated…
Like come on?
There was no sex scene in the show but I think the ‘run me through’ scene was the shows sex scene, it was very intimate. Ed looked pleased that Stede had gone through with it, and Stede had the nervous jitters of somebody loosing their virginity.
I refuse to feel shameful for reading into this scene so much, the entire show was just packed with symbolism, it’s absurd. So much queer history and imagery conveyed through theme, metaphors and poetic imagery. A silly pirate comedy does not deserve this much heart, soul and intellect, but it’s so amazing. I’m actually obsessed.
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not-nervous-jester · 13 days ago
just had (evil) thoughts
so Ed gets rid of the silk first, right? He lets it go to the wind. then he gets rid of Lucius, then all of Stede's nice things, then his crew (save for Jim and Frenchie).
he puts on the Big Bad Scary Kraken persona and says this:
"Farewell Bonnet's playthings. Onto the next."
does that. does that mean he views his red piece of silk as one of 'Bonnet's Playthings' as well?
does that mean that Ed thought his heart was being toyed with? but does that also mean that he nevertheless believed it still belonged to Stede?
like yes, you may have been reckless with it, but it was yours anyway.
and maybe that's part of why he abandons it. maybe he didn't think it belonged to him anymore. maybe it became Stede's the moment he held it with both hands and treated it with care despite how 'tatty and old' it was.
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mikimeiko · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I haven't seen this scene discussed much, and it's weird because it sent chills down my spine when I first watched it.
Of course it's because it's straight after the confrontation with Izzie, but I don't think it's just that. Maybe it's the "Eddie" that is a bit too much. Maybe it's the chanting. But this is the sound of men who don't have an ounce of fear left of you, and MAYBE you thought they were caring and happy but WHAT IF they're actually just moking you? Are you a joke now? Are you ok with being a joke?
Maybe being the monster made of smoke with burning eyes, the ferocious pirate with nine guns on him, wasn't so bad after all.
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avelera · 5 months ago
David Jenkins was a playwright before he was a TV showrunner and it so clearly shows in how OFMD was designed as a stage play. Indeed, our logistical questions around how Stede managed to find his crew with just a dinghy or why distances don't matter only come up because we can see the ocean and the distances thanks to the power of CGI movie magic and wouldn't even ping our collective consciousnesses if this was all happening on a stage as the story in its bones was clearly meant to, in this essay I will...
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chaotic-neutral-knitter · a month ago
Look, I love Stede Bonnet but so many fanfics and aus make him way too nice. Like sure he reads the crew bedtime stories but also when he heard the Swede's teeth were falling out he was like “idk thoughts and prayers I guess, I’m going on a date.” He made Lucius wear an all white outfit to the Republic of Pirates and got mad at him when it got dirty. He insulted Roach’s cake!
Stede isn’t nice! He’s insane! He almost faints when his crew is getting ready for a raid but then when Blackbeard’s crew does a raid he’s like “oooh Lucius note the gusto” as Lucius nearly throws up next to him. He willingly picks severed noses up off of the ground but wants to know if the army has less scratchy blankets. Twice he finds out someone was going to murder him and both times that makes his relationship with them better.
He’s insane! He’s a huge bitch! I love him!
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captain-flint · 4 months ago
can we talk about these ed/stede scenes? i’m dying to talk about these scenes
i haven’t seen (or i missed) people discuss some of these, but i dont have time to write an extensive meta or make a separate gifset to point out each so here’s a short list of scenes that are currently making me deeply insane
1) ed literally falling asleep next to stede (and leaning towards him) even though he’s known him for a single day. the most fearsome pirate on the high seas trusting so quickly and easily that stede, despite his kind nature, isn’t going to use the opportunity to just kill him bc he’s blackbeard. he said i’m gonna take a nap right here on this stranger’s soft shoulder while he handles sharp cutlery and my gun and knife that i gave him while i remain entirely unarmed and unguarded. true love right there
(i’m also 80% sure this was just taika falling asleep on set as usual)
Tumblr media
2) during the kraken scene there’s a lighthouse in the distance and the light spins as it should until it lands on ed and his father and then stops and illuminates them like a giant spotlight. i can’t even begin to interpret that my brain will snap in half. it’s stede literally shining a light into edward’s dark past 
(crying and reciting flint’s ‘in the darkness, there be dragons’ quote)
Tumblr media
3) ed, terrified, flinching when stede bangs on the door and it being immediately paralleled by young ed flinching when his father smashes a plate against the wall. im pretty sure this was pointed out somewhere already but this glass tastes delicious so i’m bringing it up again. 
im gently caressing his head, this bad boy can’t fit any more trauma. we are at full capacity
Tumblr media
4) this face ed makes right before he has to kill stede :)
Tumblr media
5) and lastly did you notice stede’s thumb is pressing firmly on ed’s while they hold hands because i didn’t until recently and i'd like to expand on that but all i can come up with is boiling tea kettle noise
Tumblr media
okay that’s it, feel free to discuss or add more
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