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hi, how do you mean prompts and offerings are closed - is this about requests or in general? I'd like to hear your thoughts on something Eddie related but I'm new to tumblr and don't know exactly how it works and I don't want to disrespect your blog rules so I figured I'd ask first 馃槄
Oh you're very sweet and I appreciate you looking out for me! you are absolutely 100% welcome to send me thoughts on Eddie or ask for my thoughts! I adore talking meta, I LOVE interacting with other fans of the things i like, I would be pleased as punch to hear from you :)
Also welcome to tumblr! I'll write the rest of this to hopefully give you an easier time understanding what's up, in case you run into similar things elsewhere!
Prompts (here on my blog and usually in general around Tumblr) refers to creative prompts such as fic prompts or art prompts, which people leave in the askboxes of other users to fill as they see fit. Some folks are open to receiving these at any time, some (like me) only take them when they announce their askbox is open to prompts, and others don't ever take them. General etiquette if there's no note should be to ask before just blindly sending a prompt that requests someone do work for you (even if it's fun work!), sort of like you've done here! You can find my askbox prompts here if you'd like to see what I mean!
Offerings are specific to this blog; I once reblogged a little chain reblog meme for fun asking basically "what would you leave at my shrine" and so many people sent in really adorable offerings that I was answering asks for a very long time. I still have a backlog of them in fact! I answer them with small well-wishes and mundane blessings, and I think we all have a lot of fun with it, especially since there's a bit of a joke around here that I'm... not quite human, I suppose. You can find previous offerings posts here if you want to see what I mean!
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Tumblr media
notes on lazy transexuality - jude francis
[text description:
(in italics) notes on lazy transexuality
the sweat collects under my tits whether i bind or not.
when i wear my hair long it is not in a feminine-wiles-hair-flip-tried-and-true way - it is more
half-sure-all-tired-curls-on-your-neck-glam-rock-pansy way.
hips too wide for mens jeans mean
my waist is drowned in fabric, hiding the curve of ass and stomach, where
soft flesh waits to be gripped by hands like mine, which reach out to
a reflection that must be explained away.
round face and patchy beard, the bikini top i flaunt because shit, i may not want it
but this chest is bangin' and
if you can see the transexuality glinting in my eyes, don't look away.
i have grown comfortable, and too lazy to try and pass
the nonstop examination of the eyes of the world, this interrogation where
there is no alibi, no getaway car or accomplice to bust me out this time.
there is only sweat and flesh and a body to be lived in, and by god
i will live. /end description]
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I don鈥檛 think a lot of witches and pagans in general realize that you can offer actions to your deities
Even though Offering a tomato is a one time thing,
Growing a tomato can be something for ages.
Every single time you water the plant, de-weed the area, etc, that can be an offering
These kinds of things are especially good when you are working in the city, or in a college dorm like I am.
Dedicate a walk to them. Or a meditation if that鈥檚 your thing.
Have a little cactus you care for in their name
Create poetry or read something
You can even sing a song or do a dance!
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Offerings: Why, and How?
There are some spirits and gods in the worlds that really must be approached with the correct offering, or will be very offended if you bring the wrong one. This post is not about them.
Thanks goes to @river-in-the-woods for help proofreading and providing additional perspectives
Spirit and deity work is a huge part of my deal, and therefore so are offerings. When I help people with various spirit issues or perform divination that suggests a spirit wants to contact them, I usually recommend giving offerings as a first step.
This usually creates a lot of questions, like:
I don鈥檛 want to worship them, so I鈥檓 not comfortable with offerings.
I only want to work with spirits I don鈥檛 need to pay.
What kind of offerings are OK? I can't afford to buy extra stuff right now.
I can鈥檛 have a shrine or leave food sitting out so it鈥檚 not possible for me to make offerings.
The reasons why offerings are given change from culture to culture, and situation to situation. I personally see offerings as being one of two things: good manners, or equivalent exchange.
How to do so comes after the saucy radio dialogue and the fairy tale.
Good Manners
Your grandma comes over. She was just on a 5 hour flight to come visit you. She comes in through the front door. You offer her some water and a snack.
Offering grandma water and a snack isn鈥檛 a form of worship or payment. It鈥檚 polite and respectful. It took her a lot of energy and effort to come and see you. Her well-being and comfort are important to you (in this hypothetical, of course).
When I drive 10 minutes to see my best friend, she always offers me tea. She鈥檚 not paying me for my friendship 鈥 she鈥檚 happy I came, she wants me to be comfortable, and it鈥檚 a sign of mutual respect. 鈥淚 value your presence; I鈥檒l offer you some tea.鈥
If my friend stopped offering me tea, I鈥檇 wonder if our relationship was doing OK 鈥 and if she explained to me she was out of money, or she鈥檚 doing a no-tea challenge, we鈥檇 be perfectly good.
But if you greet grandma empty-handed and say you don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 your job to provide her meals, the situation feels a little different. It feels to me as if grandma might not be as interested in making the trip to see you next time.
Equivalent Exchange
鈥淗ey, what are you doing here?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 going to bury some stuff. I just did ritual and an important part is burying the remnants at the crossroad.鈥
鈥淩ight on, we鈥檙e the spirits of the crossroad, so you came to the right place.鈥
鈥淵eah, so you鈥檒l be opening the gates of the four directions and delivering my spell to manifestation, right?鈥
鈥淪ure, we can do that.鈥
鈥淎re you going to, uh鈥 pay us for that service?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 see why I should.鈥
鈥淏ut you need us to open the gates for you. We have to spend our own energy to do this work. I mean it鈥檚 not terribly difficult, but still.鈥
鈥淵eah, but I don鈥檛 see why that should be on me.鈥
鈥淣ot even a tip? Have you got some change in your pocket?鈥
鈥淭o be honest, I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 fair to me to have to pay.鈥
鈥淪o you want us to work for free?鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 care what it costs us to do this work for you, you just want to take the fruits of our services without regard for us?鈥
鈥淎nd we should do it because you feel it's unfair to have to pay us for our work?鈥
鈥淵ou got it.鈥
鈥淎nd if others told you that you must donate your labor to give them what they want because it's unfair to give you a wage, this would be鈥︹
鈥淎 huge injustice. This is actually a major problem in my country right now. We are so underpaid for what is demanded of us that it really is hurting my mental health and wellbeing. You have no idea how hard it is to be exploited for someone else鈥檚 prosperity. I kind of feel like one day I might just go off grid and refuse to be a part of their system.鈥
The Quality of Offerings Are Relative
The fairy queen Medb was curious about the humans beyond the Greenwood, so she decided to meet them all, from the wealthiest noble to the poorest villager, and to give a gold coin to the kindest one. Before she left, she cloaked herself in a human disguise and dressed as if she were a hardworking seamstress.
First she went to the house of a rich farmer who owned herds of cattle. She knocked on the door and was greeted by the mistress of the house, Frau Hilda.
Medb said, 鈥淚 am a traveler and the road has been long, may I have some water?鈥
Frau Hilda kindly invited Medb inside. She sat the queen down at her large, clean table in her warm and cozy kitchen. Frau Hilda went to the larder. Medb could see that her larder was overflowing enough with fine wine, cheeses, and sausages to serve an army. Frau and fetched two jugs of milk and two loaves of bread. One of the jugs of milk was thin, and the loaf of bread was dry. The second jug of milk was thick, as if it was pure cream, and the loaf of bread was hot and fresh.
鈥淗ere, have some milk and bread,鈥 Frau Hilda said. 鈥淚t is much better than water, and will restore you from your travels.鈥 Frau Hilda poured a glass of each milk, and handed the queen the thin milk and old loaf. Frau Hilda herself drank the rich, delicious milk and ate the hot bread.
鈥淭his is much better than water, and I thank you for your kind generosity,鈥 agreed Medb.
The two women spoke kindly and politely to each other. Medb learned about the wealth and prosperity of the farmer and his household. They spoke until Medb finished her thin milk and old bread. As she left, Medb thought to herself that the thin milk and old bread, although better than water, were the poorest things in the larder. She kept her gold coin to herself, and walked down the road.
The next day, Medb came upon the hovel of a poor woodcutter and his wife. She knocked on the door and was greeted by Frau Brunhild.
Medb said, 鈥淚 am a traveler and the road has been long, may I have some water?鈥
Just like Frau Hilda, Frau Brunhild kindly invited Medb inside. Frau Brunhild鈥檚 kitchen was small and cramped. She went to her larder and Medb could see it was almost empty. It only held a bag of flour, a scrap of bread, and a jug of water.
Frau Brunhild brought out the water and bread. 鈥淚 am sorry I don鈥檛 have any milk for you,鈥 Frau Brunhild said. 鈥淏ut let us share in what little we have.鈥
Frau Brunhild poured Medb some water and gave her one-third of the bread. 鈥淲e must save some for Mister Brunhild,鈥 she explained.
鈥淚 thank you for your generosity,鈥 said Medb. 鈥淵ou show kindness in sharing what you have.鈥 The two women spoke kindly and politely to each other until they had eaten the bread and drank the water. As she left, Medb thought to herself that although it was only water and a little slice of bread, Frau Brunhild had truly offered the best in her larder.
Medb was so moved by this generosity that she returned to the hovel that night, and hid the gold coin in one of Frau Brunhild鈥檚 shoes, and after that the Brunhilds always had better prosperity and fortune.
No matter what you have, your best is your best. You do not need to over-spend, give away too much, or sacrifice your wellbeing to give respectful offerings to spirits. If the best you have is a glass of tap water, that is good enough.
What kinds of offerings can you give?
I鈥檓 copying this over from my neighborly protection post.
Food and Drink: Good offerings include things with strong tastes and smells, foods high in caloric value, milk, honey, all nuts, eggs, and seeds (things which contain the potential for life are very good offerings), all home cooked/baked foods, fresh water (an especially good offering), coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, and juices all make very fine offerings.
Perhaps tellingly, the finest or most necessary offering is simply a glass of fresh water (yes, it can be tap water).
Consumables: Incense and candles both make good offerings. Both should be burned. I am actually more wary of using real resins and herbal powders for spirit offerings, since the natural powers of these plants are released and may affect what I鈥檓 trying to do (or make it easier or harder for spirits to speak to me, or drive away spirits I鈥檓 trying to talk to, or draw in ones I don鈥檛 want to talk to). For these reasons I like to use stick or cone incense for offerings. It is the light and warmth from the candle which is enjoyed by spirits so it can be any type or color of candle.
Artwork, fake paper money, origami, and other burnable stuff can be dedicated (another way to think about this is to gift it to them) and then burned. The point is not destruction; the astral essence of these things is released so the spirits can possess them in their world.
Non-consumables: Coins are very common offerings. Small, delightful objects (especially shiny ones), like shells, little figurines, or toys often make good offerings. The act of devoting a ritual tool or vessel to a spirit can be an offering. Things which can be consumed (like cigars or paper art) don鈥檛 have to be burned and can be given as regular offerings also.
Energy: Your personal energy is a great offering. You don鈥檛 have to give a ton of it away. Try making an energy ball and sending it upwards and away, intending that it reach the spirit you want to give it to. I often like to pattern these gifts into an object, like an energy coin or energy apple.
How do you give physical stuff to a nonphysical being, though?
Lay out the offerings on a clean surface. It doesn鈥檛 have to be an altar or a shrine, although I suspect such consecrated places can make it easier for spirits to access and enjoy your offerings. It can be just like setting out a glass of water and half a sandwich for grandma.
Do something which indicates the offering is for the spirits or a specific being. My friend can make me a cup of tea, but if she just sets some tea down on the table and walks away, I鈥檓 not going to be sure it鈥檚 OK for me to drink it until she says, 鈥渢his is your tea!鈥
What you do can be as simple as standing before the offering and saying or thinking, 鈥淭his is for [names of spirits, or 鈥榯he household spirits鈥, etc], please enjoy! I鈥檒l come clean it up by noon, enjoy it before then.鈥
At a minimum I recommend leaving non-consumable offerings out for fifteen or thirty minutes. If it鈥檚 a candle or incense, they burn out when they burn out (you do not have to let large candles burn completely, but be careful of promising a candle as a gift to spirits, then going back on that promise and using it for something else). Energy offerings are given instantaneously and no waiting period is necessary.
Whenever you return to clean up the offering, it鈥檚 polite to say something like, 鈥渢hank you for coming by, and I hope you enjoyed! It鈥檚 time for me to clean up now. Please return to your abodes; as you came in peace, leave as friends.鈥 I personally like to affirm the purpose of giving an offering - that it鈥檚 because I want to be a good neighbor, I want to have solid relationships with the spirits around me, and that I hope we鈥檙e all going to be friends. I also like to affirm that although I invited them all to the offering, they should go home now - I wanted you for the BBQ but it鈥檚 like 9pm now and we鈥檙e going to bed, so you need to go home too.
I throw out food. I compost it if I can. Whether or not you can eat food already offered to spirits is a whole discussion and beliefs vary. My belief is that you shouldn鈥檛 eat it after it鈥檚 offered.
Other non-consumable objects can be buried if they鈥檙e nontoxic to the environment. They can be left on an altar or shrine, and cleared out on a regular basis (like once a full moon, or on holidays).
To Eat or Not to Eat?
I mentioned briefly above that I don鈥檛 believe you should eat offerings after they鈥檝e been offered. This is a pretty complex topic that does merit discussion.
For example, I sometimes eat the offerings while they鈥檙e being offered. I have a close relationship with various spirits, and sometimes I invite them into my body to taste and experience the food and drink I eat.
The reason I don鈥檛 prefer to eat offerings after they鈥檝e been offered is that my belief is that the metaphysical substance which supports us as living creatures has been removed and taken away from the spirits. I don鈥檛 believe the food would be harmful, but that it also wouldn鈥檛 be helpful. To me, throwing the food away isn't a waste because it already fulfilled its purpose.
However, tons of people believe that you should eat food and beverage offerings. This is in order to avoid waste (because after all, even if I say metaphysically the food served its purpose, I鈥檓 still throwing away totally edible food). I am advised that in Buddhism, offerings given to ancestors, buddhas, and bodhisattvas aren鈥檛 degraded at all, and you can safely eat and drink offerings afterwards (and not doing so would be wasteful). For buddhas and bodhisattvas offerings are just a sincere gesture; the ancestors do get nourishment from food offerings and they greatly benefit from it. Even so, food offered to ancestors is still perfectly wonderful to eat.
In other belief systems, some people think that eating offered food can actually make you sick, especially if it鈥檚 offered to the dead. This may be due to a metaphysical change in the food, or because the spirits don鈥檛 want to share.
Sometimes, whether or not food is eaten after being offered depends on the type of spirit or god it鈥檚 given to; chthonic entities often seem to frown upon their offerings being eaten or shared.
Some believe that food offerings shouldn鈥檛 be eaten but neither should they be trashed; they should be burned or buried.
Sometimes, dedicating a food or drink offering to a spirit is a way to bless it under their power. If I dedicate a glass of water to the Indweller of the Sun, it鈥檚 understood to be imbued with the virtues of the Sun. If I drink it, it becomes a form of equivalent exchange - I gave something to the Sun, it gave something to me, and this ritual action is completed when I consume the offering.
Given all these varieties of belief, it鈥檚 safe to say that you probably can鈥檛 go wrong. If you can鈥檛 or don鈥檛 want to waste food, or it isn鈥檛 counter-indicated by your path, eat food offerings.
If you鈥檙e especially nervous or worried about what might happen to you if you do eat them, then don鈥檛. Or, avoid the problem altogether by just giving energy or incense offerings.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I look at you and I see him, you understand? - Reservation Dogs,聽鈥淥fferings鈥
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Tumblr media
please check out this extremely delightful altar-design picrew
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Types of Offerings
It's important to remember some deities prefer specific types of stuff to be offered to them over others. Always research first or even ask your deities.
With food and liquid beverage offerings it's important to research if you are allowed to eat/drink the offering after offering it to your deity.
Food and liquid beverages
Drawings (painting, sketching, digital)
Sculptures, designing/making clothes, etc
Dancing/singing to a song that you connect with a deity to
Herbs, incenses, candles, essential oils
Writing stories
Jewelry, crystals, rocks
Prayer (can be out loud or not)
Plucked flowers
Plants (should be taken care of daily)
Shells, acorns, etc
E-shrines / online altars
For daily actions such as cleaning or giving to others, thank your deity
For any grimoires and/or wands dedicated to any deities, make sure to thank the deity you've dedicated them to
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Devotional Journaling
Tumblr media
I cannot express the importance of daily (or weekly) devotional and gratitude journaling. Writing letters to the Gods and expressing my devotion and gratitude for them directly connects me to them in an unexplainable way. This is great way to offer devotional acts.
Some things I like to include in my journal:
鈥 Prayers
鈥 Poems
鈥 Reminders of them
鈥 Drawings
鈥 Printed Pictures
鈥 Letters
鈥 Gratitude
鈥 Pressed Flowers
鈥 Polaroids
鈥 Manifestations
鈥 Affirmations
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Offerings for Lucifer
Tumblr media
Fruit and anything made of fruit - especially apples, pomegranates or whatever your culture pictures as The Fruit. Strawberries for Venusian (Morningstar) associations, citrus for Solar. Cider, wine, juice, kompot, fruit teas. Cakes and other sweets made with fruit.
Strong spirits - often associated with the Devil.
Roses - Venusian. You can also give him rose water, alone or mixed with vodka.
Dandelions - for their chaotic, wild, untamed, unconquerable spirit.
Any plants associated with the Devil in your culture. Research your local lore and especially folk names to find them. Check their biological properties too - many of them can be poisonous so be careful.
Snake imagery - pictures, figurines, photos, any kind of arts and crafts. You can even make something yourself. As well imagery of goats and other animals associated with him.
Star imagery - especially Morningstar and falling stars.
Shed antlers - for Lucifer in his horned Devil of The Forest aspect.
Sunflower seeds - Solar.
Perfume or oils, especially of scents associated with him (apples etc.)
Your art of any kind dedicated to him.
Picrews of them - they enjoy it in my experience.
Queer symbols - Lucifer is a nonbinary shapeshifter.
Cakes, cookies and chocolate - just a delicious UPG.
(Made for Lucifer the Devil, offerings for the Roman Lucifer may vary.)
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On Low Effort Offerings:
Low effort offerings can be great, but in my opinion they can鈥檛 be your only offerings. I see these posting going around, talking about how the gods and spirits and ancestors will love whatever you can give them, and they will, up to a point. Take me for instance - I just had COVID, you can bet your ass that in the worst of it my gods just got a cup of the same tea that I was drinking, and a promise of something more substantial when I was better.
But imagine this: You are in a relationship with someone, either a romantic or platonic relationship, it doesn鈥檛 matter, and it seems like they never put any effort into the relationship. Every hangout/date is the equivalent of Netflix and chill. That may be okay, maybe you鈥檙e a homebody and don鈥檛 and don鈥檛 want to go out. But in addition to that every meal is take out fast food, they never take you to a nice restraint or ever make you a home cooked meal. On top of that every gift giving occasion is met with a drug store card. Not even a nice home made card. Eventually you would start to feel unappreciated. Our entities can eventually feel unappreciated too, if we constantly ask for their help, or blessing, or guidance, and all they get is our 鈥渟elf care鈥 or the occasional glass of water or tea.
It鈥檚 one thing to dial back effort to when we鈥檙e ill, or going through a difficult time. But consistent lack of effort can make the people and entities in our live feel taken for granted and unappreciated. Now I鈥檓 sure that these posts on 鈥渓ow effort offerings鈥 aren鈥檛 trying to say that the offerings they鈥檙e suggesting should be used all of the time, but I rarely see them discuss the fact that low effort should be the exception, not the rule. As always balance and communication is the key.
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pondering-the-kaiju 7 months ago
IMO, it鈥檚 helpful to think of offerings in terms of acts of hospitality. For example, when you have a guest over, it鈥檚 customary to offer them a drink such as ice water, tea, or perhaps something stronger if you have it and they like that sort of thing. Now of course you don鈥檛 want to be miserly with your offerings and you do want to give your deities something they actually like, but the聽idea that something like, say, a glass of ice water just聽can鈥檛 be good enough聽because聽your offerings must be this exact expensive/inaccessible thing聽is just spiritual gentrification. Water might seem awfully unremarkable, but it鈥檚 one of the most basic necessities of life and that聽is why we offer it to guests; because they might be thirsty聽after their trip to your home. And sure, it鈥檚 nice to offer guests something fancier if you have it. But I think we can agree that water should be acceptable to to your guests聽if it鈥檚 what you have. What constitutes hospitality could also be used to inform what else you might offer your deities. Perhaps you could offer them a chair to sit on. Perhaps you could offer them a homemade cookie or even just a mint candy. Of course there鈥檚 going to be no one-size-fits-all answer here, but thinking of offerings as a matter of hospitality can still give you some idea of what might be appropriate.
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broomsick 12 months ago
Simple devotional acts for the 脝sir & the Vanir
A concept which I blatantly stole from Bunny and adapted to norse faith like I said I would (love u bun)
- learn a cool fun fact and tell Him about it
- change itineraries from time to time, explore your neighborhood and spots you鈥檝e never seen before
- learn about the runes!
- watch a documentary on something that interests you
- read the H谩vam谩l
- list things that you love about yourself
- talk to Her about your problems of the day and thank Her for listening
- random acts of kindness
- Feel yourself!! Wear your favorite clothes and blast music that makes you feel powerful
- Take pictures of stuff you find beautiful and offer them to Her
- take a moment to appreciate Her motherly presence, as well as mother figures in your life
- admire the sky, Her weaving of the clouds
- learn about divination or astrology
- spend time with family or friends!
- tell Her good morning & good night
- step in for your ideals
- pour Him a glass of alcohol along with yours, share a drink!
- hold back comments which you know aren鈥檛 useful/are going to cause conflict
- listen to others鈥 opinions, try to see both sides of the coin
- put some stormy ambient noise during meditation/before sleep
- write a letter praising Him
- read His stories or listen to them from audio books
- thank Him for protecting humankind
- meat eaters share some of you steak with Him, like seriously
- burn stuff. For real do it /gen/srs BUT BE CAREFUL!! MIND FIRE HAZARD
- make that funny comment, don鈥檛 hold back!
- prioritize your mental health above all
- leave Him some of your morning coffee ^^
- tell that one a**hole what you actually think of them and cut them out of your life if need be
- enjoy a piece of calm music (I associate Him with classical a lot)
- light a bunch of candles and close your eyes, feel His presence and light fill you
- appreciate the world鈥檚 beauty in your everyday life
- get creative for Him with poems or art
- bath meditation >:)
- light a candle for Narfi and Vali
- speak your love for Her, give words to it and offer Her your sincere admiration and encouragement
- practice kindness on the daily
- work to improve your mental health little by little through affirmations, daily self care, etc
- small gestures to help your loved ones
- open a window and enjoy the outside air
- witches: collect dirt and whatever cool rocks you find, try to incorporate them in your craft!
- tend your plants/garden
- thank Her for the food She blesses us with before cooking something
- develop a new eco-friendly habit!
- the air鈥檚 getting colder? Take out the gloves, scarves and hats, try to welcome winter with a positive frame of mind!
- snowstorm asmr >:)
- close your eyes on windy days, feel Her presence
- drink a hot drink in Her honor (hot cocoa, chai tea, mulled wine...) they also make great offerings
- stand your ground and fight for yourself
- celebrate the end and beginning of the harvests (spring and autumn)
- thank Him when it rains: the ground will be fed
- care for your body, treat it well
- encourage local farmers and businesses
- learn how to bake!
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thetableintheback a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hot wheels - jude francis
[text description:
(in italics) hot wheels
a man rolls into a bar, four wheels and a pair of legs, sweetest voice
you ever heard with a neckline
pulled low enough to get what he wants
from men who won't look hard enough to know better.
his beard is barely visible in the low light but his chest is front and center,
which is what matters tonight.
the guy at a nearby table stands, tucks in his chair, asks
"can you get through okay, miss?"
so our man smiles and mouths a "thank you", sends it off with a bat of his lashes.
he tucks himself under a table not built for legs like his; drops his hands to
the sticky wooden surface, drops the act, too, like slipping off a coat -
one that only fits in certain lights, one that used to be his, but really it belongs
to a girl he used to know.
later in the night he'll slip past that same character from before
this time too tired to pretend, and
thank every crossdresser and cripple in the world for the sterile neutrality of disabled bathrooms,
where he is not forced to choose between fates heralded by stick figures.
back to the table now and back past
the other men, entirely unlike him.
a man rolls out of a bar, and back home
to where his voice is
nothing but his own. /end description]
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woedans 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Home is where we worship.
@woedans / ig: woedans
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phae-undergrove 7 months ago
Tumblr media
for deities, spirit guides, ancestors, universe, angels, gods & goddesses (whatever you believe in and work with)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
charged waters
herbal teas
baked goodies
fruits and veggies
Bones from food (chicken/ribs)
Acts of kindness
Bites of food
Anything that is homemade, handmade or comes from your own personal garden is fantastic!
If you have anything to add please do! And again please don鈥檛 hesitate to reach out if you have any questions鉁煉
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spellbookbitch 5 months ago
I think a lot of people forget that many(I'd even venture to say most) gods do not exist within capitalist views, those who worshipped them first did not exist under capitalism. For many, this leads to the "offerings in, blessings out"(magic vending machine) treatment of deities we see in modern witchcraft circles.
According to most anthropologist, prior to capitalism, many groups relied on the concept of Generalized Reciprocity("gift giving without the expectation of an immediate return"), rather than a barter system as some theorize.
We still see examples of generalized reciprocity(from here on referred to as just "reciprocity") today, as some cultures have maintained this method despite capitalist pressures. Mostly, however, reciprocity is seen between close social bonds, such as friends and family.
In these relationships, often gifts or favors are given with the expectation that it will be repaid later, though it is rarely, if ever, officially recorded, and are not expected to be of equal value. This is generally expected to be part(or even a symbol) of a long-term relationship.
Though your relationship with your deities is your own, this is definitely something to consider. Are your offerings "payment" for their blessings, or are they symbols of your appreciation of your relationship?
(this turned into more about the historical and anthropological aspects, I got too into my research, sorry)
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noctivague a month ago
Incense blends for the Gods (part 2)
Tumblr media
Link to part 1 here.
Link to my post about incense in ancient greece
Haven't done this in a whiiiile but I'm running low on my incense stocks so I'm starting to think about those blends again.
Once again, this is partly historical and partly UPG, so use this as an inspiration if you want and get creative !
In the months to come I will probably put some of these to the test and review how they feel and smell, because ultimately what matters is that the scent is pleasant to the gods and that you took time and effort to craft something special !
Dragon blood - she is often associated with snakes and dragons, one of her epithets is drakaina, so naturally my mind wantered to this resin. So yeah, a poetic association. Plus I love the scent.
Saffron - this one is more historical as this spice and its color is associated to the goddess
Cypress (leaves or wood) - a tree associated with death which I picked due to Her psychopomp role
Yew - historically put around the neck of bulls ready to be sacrificed to Her, also burnt on funeral pyres
Labdanum - a thick and resinous product with a very instense and intoxicating scent
Pine resin - his thyrsos has a pine cone at the top so pine resin seems really fitting. Of course would be better to use a mediterranean pine but I think you can broaden a bit
Frankincense/Olibanum - as per the orphic hymn
Bay Leaves - connected to the meanads
Oak (leaves of wood) - sacred to Zeus
Sage - it is said that he was raised under a sage bush
Storax/benzoin - as per the orphic hymn (see my other post)
Frankincense - as per the orphic hymn
Violets (dried or scented incense) - she was plucking violets when she was captured by Hades
Lilies - same reason -> could work with roses as well
Patchouli - a rather odd combination you make think but to me it has a really earthy and nostalgic/sad scent to me and one that goes well with flowers
Benzoin/Storax - a ceremonial scent that would fit her role as Queen of the Underworld
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