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Obey me! Brothers when MC is a single mom Pt.1
Warning: just Fluff
Obey me! Characters
When you arrived in Devildom you were with your 4 year old son and all were a bit shocked especially you.You don't know what to do but for sure you are going to protect your son at all cost in this strange place.
He looked at the form again and unfortunately.. he made a tiny mistake
He asked Diavolo if they could send you back to the human realm but he declined
He is now extra careful and protective over you since he is protecting not one but two humans now.
He got a helping hand in dealing with his brothers
He was still sorry that he overlooked the document he had but to earn your forgiveness he will protect your child
He especially adores him
ESPECIALLY if he is just like him
Your son is well behaved and he likes to take him to his meetings to bond with the kid
He gives him the old documents he doesnt need for your son to draw on
For you, you both act like a married couple
Once you two are in a relationship he is more soft and relaxed when he is with you
Not only because you help him with being the boss of the house but also you just have this radiant feeling when you're around him
He also helps in taking care of your son. Providing what he needs and giving him toys from time to time
Totally husband and dad material(not including satan)
Mad he has to take care of TWO humans
He is a bit mean to your kid honestly just how he treats luke
But that doesn't mean he doesn't spoil your son when you're not around
He bribes the kid with candy, toys and more
He warms up to both of you and spoils you both like he got child support on your son
Your kid often goes with mammon when he's modeling and doing shenanigans around devildom
When you're in a relationship with him he is more protective over you two
Yeah hes a goof but youre both important to him
You three would go to movies, and have road trips in the human realm with his car
Since he is your first man you often see him bond with your kid more than any of the brothers
He often goes to your room, if you're not there hes hanging out with the kid
Omg mammon would be a cool dad to your kid but a spouse not so much
Your kid hates sharing mammon like how kids hate their mom getting close to their dad
But they're both clingy to you so whenever you sleep on the same bed you're not gonna move until both of them wake up
Goofy husband, the best kind
He doesnt warm up to both of you that quickly
He is introverted, he doesnt want to deal with a kid
But one day he found out that your son is an otaku
He is your ticket to talking to Leviathan honestly
It is so cute to look at honestly
Both levi and your son bonding on their shared hobbies
Wait till levi finds out your son likes games too
You barely see your son anymore
Levi is now the father. He owns your son now
You keep telling them to sleep but good thing your son passes out earlier than levi
You try to bond with them by practicing on gaming and watching anime they like
Levi would be a cool uncle like that young uncle we have that you relate to
OMG family cosplay
Levi has been waiting for this his entire life
You three in the cutest outfits going to anime conventions
He makes the costumes for both of you and honestly the sweetest thing ever
Daddy issues.
Well not to say he's bad at children but he doesn't tolerate them well
But your son was very calm and collected and it was a bit of a shock to him
He grew a bond , both you and the child
He often takes you both on outings and the library
Your son always ALWAYS visits often just to borrow some books from him
Satan especially helps if your son is having a hard time sleeping
Why you may ask?
He reads bedtime stories to the little child
Damn you even slept once when he was reading it to him
Once you and satan are in a relationship he comes to realize that he's a good father
Although it wasnt his, he loved your son just as much as you do
Sometimes they're causing trouble like pranking lucifer
Your son is the youngest member of the club
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are they a lover or a fucker?
Tumblr media
an: this idea was pr much taken from what I'm writing on my other blog lmao but here is my version for the brothers. enjoy! and minors do not interact!
Tumblr media
饾悑饾悢饾悅饾悎饾悈饾悇饾悜 is a lover. he wants you to think he鈥檚 a fucker but he鈥檚 a lover. even during the raw and intense sessions as a couple, he will constantly whisper praises and promises of rewards which bring you back to him every time 鈥 it鈥檚 things like these which turn his fucking into loving. he also loves a slow pace. he鈥檒l thrust deep and hard before slowly dragging his cock out only to slam it back in again, causing you to see stars.
饾悓饾悁饾悓饾悓饾悗饾悕 is a fucker but that doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 incapable of loving. even in the more sweet and intimate times, he finds himself struggling to control the slow pace. his body will most likely always take over the closer he gets to his high. he鈥檒l rut faster, harder, eagerly listening to your moans that encourage him to fuck you better than ever before. with mammon, the loving emotions are there, but he鈥檚 a fucker, for sure.
饾悑饾悇饾悤饾悎饾悁饾悡饾悋饾悁饾悕 really values your shared intimate moments. his emotions are at an all time high so he is definitely a lover. his body is extremely sensitized, and his mind is affected on an even greater scale. he often leaves the fucking to you but making love is so much more satisfying with him. everything about it is an otherworldly experience and the time you spend cuddling with him afterwards is just as precious.
饾悞饾悁饾悡饾悁饾悕 is like mammon but the reverse. he鈥檚 a traditional lovemaker, but that, of course, doesn鈥檛 mean he can鈥檛 fuck. when he does fuck, he engraves the memory into your brain whilst also fucking said brains out. otherwise, he is burning the memory in both your brain and your pussy with his slow and meticulous movements. he thrusts so deep that your body remembers every single touch, every kiss and every whisper.
饾悁饾悞饾悓饾悗饾悆饾悇饾悢饾悞 invented love making. he can give you a good fucking if that鈥檚 what you want, but he prefers to take his time with you, to truly appreciate the wondrous spectacle that is your body 鈥 patience is a virtue with asmo and he makes every second you wait worthwhile. he douses every part of your body with love, worshipping you like a deity until your heart is about to burst from all the love he鈥檚 feeding you.
饾悂饾悇饾悇饾悑饾悪饾悇饾悂饾悢饾悂 is both. he fucks you like crazy while keeping emotional levels at a high. his pace isn鈥檛 too fast, he very rarely goes excessively fast and hard out of consideration for you. the most important thing is you and how you鈥檙e feeling. he reads your body attentively and silently whilst also letting you do your thing. and he feels good no matter what because that鈥檚 the effect you have on him. he鈥檚 honestly close to a lover.
饾悂饾悇饾悑饾悘饾悋饾悇饾悊饾悗饾悜 is neither. he has his own way of showing you how much he appreciates your body. it鈥檚 a telepathic experience as much as it鈥檚 a physical one. it鈥檚 so dreamlike and precious, it feels as if it doesn鈥檛 happen in this world. his pace is somewhere in the middle 鈥 not fast enough to fuck and not slow enough to make love. you really can鈥檛 put a label on it. sex with him is too intimately unique to be categorised.
Tumblr media
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Asking OM! (Brothers and Dateables) to bend down and kissing their head
鉁 Lucifer
He is naturally suspicious, he has to be with so many brothers trying to cause some type of trouble or prank on him
If you are around others he won't bend down unless you tell him why but if it's just the two of you then he will still ask but fondly roll his eyes and do as you say
鈥淪o, can you now tell me why I am doing this-...oh鈥
As you kiss the top of his head he closes his eyes and melts into the kiss as his heart rate slows down until you pull away then his heart is working overtime to provide the heavy blush on his cheeks
He slowly gets back up and clears his throat still avoiding your eye as he tries to regain his composure聽
If you want to fluster him further ask if he liked it or if he wants another. He might stutter or let out what sounds like a small squawk but will say that he will 鈥榓llow鈥 you to do when you two are alone if that would make you happy
Don鈥檛 worry he liked it, a lot聽
With his already limited physical affection, being the eldest, and representing pride this is definitely the first head kiss he has received
He hates how powerless and vulnerable it makes him feel yet he can鈥檛 get enough
Finds giving the kisses only slightly less embarrassing so will return the favor if you ask and no one else is around
The best time to do it is when he is overworking himself late at night and is too tired to resist
You make him feel so warm and safe so he guesses he can take a short cuddle break to rest his eyes聽
鉁 Mammon
He will complain but easily gives in without resistance altho he will grumble about humans being weird and how this better not be a trick
鈥淥i Human, I鈥檓 doing your stupid request right, ain't I? What's even supposed to hap-鈥
He freezes when your lips lightly press on his head, blue eyes wide and unblinking
Even once you鈥檙e done he pauses for a couple seconds as his brain catches up with what just happened but once it clicks he goes red and scrambles backward shouting
Despite his blush, he can't look away from you trying to sense your reaction and confirm that, yep you just did that
Starts going off, his volume too high as he spouts a strange mixture of questions, complaints, and jealous remarks
If you apologize or say you just won't do it again he is immediately backpedaling, after all, he was just caught off guard it's not like it was that bad and he is your first so you should do this with him instead of one of his brothers
You notice that he starts attempting to casually bend down in front of you more, trying to get you to do it again
Will grumble when you do it but will grumble even louder if you don鈥檛聽
If he catches you giving others head kisses he will demand you give him two聽
Has thought about doing it to you but backs out blushing every time besides he would rather have all your affection than stumble attempting to do something sweet and end up embarrassing聽himself
If you ask him to he will no hesitation stuttering about how of course you want the great Mammon to kiss your head
鉁 Levi
It takes some convincing especially if there are others around that this isn't some 鈥榥ormie tactic鈥 to humiliate him but he gives in with some reassurance
He is naturally flustered and nervous so before you can do anything he is looking at his shoes faintly blushing and stuttering, asking why you're having him do this
The moment you kiss his head he goes still but internally is repeatedly screaming DANGER! 聽
It doesn鈥檛 take long for him to start screaming out loud as he backs away from you and hides his face behind his hands
鈥淲-What- Why did you- It was an accident right, you just, just tripped. 鈥t was on purpose? NO, NO I DON鈥橳 BELIEVE IT! 鈥o! Don鈥檛 worry I didn鈥檛 dislike it or anything, I um really enjoyed it- But I don鈥檛 deserve your affections, I鈥檓 just a worthless otaku!鈥
He finally stops when you 鈥榯hreaten鈥 to do it again聽
Might pass out if you do it a second time but if you hold back he will run away to his room shouting thank you聽
Give him some time to recover even though he liked it he blushes when your hands brush so he feels like he was tossed from the kiddie pool into the deep end
However, by the next day, he is able to talk to you again just even more blushing and avoiding eye contact than before
If you bring it up he will turn red and stutter but mumble that you can do it again聽
If you don鈥檛 bring it up after a while he might get antsy and have you two watch an anime with a similar interaction hoping you get the message
He doesn't have enough confidence to ask for head kisses but if you keep doing it he will start bending his head down when cuddling or after he loses a game to non verbally request it
鉁 Satan
Laughs light heartedly when you request for him to bend down and will raise an eyebrow but lean his head down while looking up at you with a smirk
Don鈥檛 worry he loses the look when you lean over him and his previous attitude is gone leaving a flustered wide eyed Satan in its place
鈥淓hem, that was an, um welcome surprise, although I was caught off guard and believe we should repeat the process. So, if you don't mind, can you uh please do it again?鈥澛
He says this all from behind his fist as he makes eye contact with a scratch on the wall
If you did it in front of his brothers he would be too stunned to speak but his aura gives off the clear warning that he will prove he is the avatar of wrath if anyone points out his reaction聽
Either way just give him a moment to collect his thoughts which are all over the place
He would request you refrain from doing it in public but quick head kisses in deserted RAD hallways or between library bookshelves are fair game
He will do it in return if you ask but doesn鈥檛 think to on his own since the gesture as well as most physical affectionate feels unnatural to him聽
Not bad mind you but new territory聽
Over time he gets used to it and only has a faint blush at your kisses聽
Once his reactions become less embarrassing for him, Satan allows and sometimes encourages your affection in public聽
It feels nice showing others that he is more than the avatar of wrath and he won鈥檛 lie seeing Lucifer鈥檚 annoyed expression makes it even better
鉁 Asmo
鈥淥f course, I鈥檒l happily get on my knees for you. Only teasing, now tell me how I look from this angle.鈥
He lets out a quiet gasp when your lips make contact with his head, nothing sexual just a small suprised happy sound
When he looks up at you with an expression that is so loving and delicate but replaced in an instance by an equally happy but less vulnerable look with only the light blush remaining from before
Expect him to twirl you around, hug you, or demand you do it again if not all three
Asks if you are sure you don鈥檛 want to kiss him anywhere else and if he can show his appreciation with a kiss of his own聽
Rarely asks for them not because he dislikes them or out of embarrassment but because he prefers different physical affections like hugs, leaning against each other, playing with your hair or hands, etc
That being said he is very happy anytime you do it to him聽
It is most effective when he is feeling insecure you make him feel so soft and adored when you kiss his head
After all, he has been kissed infinite times on every body part but this is the first time in centuries he can recall being kissed with more love than lust
This is still Asmo so know he will tease his brothers telling them that you kissed him
It will be up to you to clear things up before Mammon murders him or to enjoy the chaos
鉁 Beel
Confused but won't question you and just bends down
He was quiet before but when you kiss his head he goes silent
Blinks twice before looking up at you with the biggest grin and huge puppy dog eyes聽
鈥淚f you don't mind, could you do it again?鈥 he asks with a slight blush
When you do it a second time he smiles even brighter as he picks you up and spins you both around
He holds you slightly above his head in case you want to do it again
As the biggest brother and big by even demon standards, he hardly ever gets physical affection where he is treaty delicately so he quickly becomes addicted
Is not embarrassed by it and will frequently ask for head kisses either leaning over or lifting you up
Assuming you're ok with it he will return the favor by kissing your head especially when you sit on his lap or when you cuddle with your head on his chest
He just sees the top of your head and kisses it because it makes him so feel loved and he wants you to feel loved too
Might give some of his brothers or at least Belphie head kisses too but you receive the most by far
鉁 Belphie
Honestly, you won鈥檛 have to ask him to bend down since he is horizontal any chance he gets
Out of everyone, he has the most experience with head kisses mainly from Beel but he has received goodnight head kisses from each of his brothers at some point
However, that doesn鈥檛 mean he reacts cool and collected聽
He still blushes and tries to act annoyed at you for interrupting his nap but will insist you do it again to make up for it
鈥淲hat was that? Affection? Disgusting, do it again.鈥
Tries and fails to hold back a smile as he lets the affection slip into his voice
If you continue doing it especially before he falls asleep his brain will start seeing your kisses as an off switch
Like kiss received, meaning we are safe, loved, and ready to sleep, shutting down
He won鈥檛 ask for them normally however if he is tired enough his little shame is gone and he will whine until you give him his goodnight kiss
That being said he has no problems asking for them innocently in front of his brothers but the smug look he gives them (with the exception of Beel) shows his true intentions聽
Honestly doesn鈥檛 care who is around he will happily receive any affection from you
In public, there is a part of him that enjoys how you are subtlety claiming him as yours
Won鈥檛 do it back unless you ask him to just because he doesn鈥檛 think to since he never was on the giving end as the youngest brother
His head kisses are often half hearted and sleepy but always come with naptime cuddles to make up for it
鉁 Diavolo
Assuming you're close he does what you ask without question excited to see what you are going to do next
His mouth forms a small 鈥榦鈥 and he silently tenses at the foreign feeling before leaning into the touch with a boisterous laugh
鈥淚s this a human custom? I see why, such a small act yet so full of emotion. Could I return the favor?鈥
Does not ask you to do it but only because he sees it as something you give not something he receives like a gift and thus would be rude to ask for
Like a gift, he is so happy when he receives them and returns the gesture with just as much love and excitement
Acts like a puppy with big smiles, sparkling eyes, and you swear you can almost see a tail wagging
Thrilled for you to do it any time or place despite Lucifer鈥檚 loud sighs and Barbatos fondly shaking his head
Will always kiss your head in return if you are comfortable receiving them altho sometimes he gets too excited and will pull you into a hug and pepper your face with kisses (if you're ok with that)
It can鈥檛 be helped and will give a bashful apology for getting carried away, he鈥檚 just so happy he鈥檚 able to be close and affectionate with someone since he never got to while growing up
Also enjoys how it makes him feel delicate in a good way because he was either seen as intimidating and feared or fragile causing him to become sheltered and lonely
He may be the next in line for the throne but he will bow down to you at a moment's notice for some head kisses
鉁 Barbatos
Raises an eyebrow but bows down closing his eyes and awaiting the next order
He was not prepared for you to kiss his head
It takes a minute before he can regain his composure and even once his expression becomes neutral there is still a heavy blush
Will ask if that鈥檚 all you needed while doing his best to look you in the eyes
You have to ask if he liked it/wants you to do it again if you want a proper response
鈥淚t was unexpected but pleasant, you can do it as many times as you want.鈥
If you aren鈥檛 alone he would act the same but keep glancing around聽
If Diavolo saw he just hopes his young master lets it go but prepares for the good natured teasing that will inevitably come
Prefers if you refrain from doing it in public but won鈥檛 stop you
Also prefers if you keep it to just a quick peck when he is working
You notice after a head kiss he continues to work with newfound energy
Won鈥檛 do it back unless you ask him to since her didn鈥檛 want to assume but might ask if you want him to return the gesture if it becomes a habit
Lightly blushes every time you do it because he always gets flustered when you鈥檙e the one showing him affection since he isn鈥檛 used to being the one served
Likes that it makes him feel taken care of even if he isn't used to the feeling
It also helps remind him to take time to tend to himself so when he is stressed trying to get everything done it鈥檚 common for you to pull him close kiss his head and tell him to take a break while you do some of his work for him
Since he is always moving to the next task your actions help him stop and breathe
鉁 Simeon
If it was one of the brothers besides lucifer or a stranger he might hesitate but because it is you he complies with a bow and a smile
He jumps a little in surprise at the unexpected action but relaxes into it with a light blush
Clears his throat to buy himself some time to get his brain functioning again
鈥淚 was not expecting that or its uh effect on me but, it was an enjoyable surprise鈥
When he sees characters giving each other head kisses in human shows or books he will point it out to you with a gleeful smile
You notice his writings start featuring the gesture as well
He just loves it so much a gesture that shows trust and intimacy without being strictly romantic or sexual
He is fine giving them but when he is receiving them, especially in public he gets bashful
That won鈥檛 stop him from bending down when you ask even if he has an audience聽
If anyone teases him or laughs he may get embarrassed and request you only do it in private but will still accept head kisses around others with a whine and furious blush
Another one who doesn鈥檛 ask for them but out of a mix of respect and embarrassment聽
He loves kissing your head almost more than being the one kissed
Anytime or place he will give you a light peck on your head along with a soft smile
If you aren鈥檛 comfortable he will obviously stop but if not prepare for this to become Simeon鈥檚 default greeting and farewell
Don鈥檛 worry you aren鈥檛 the only one subjected to this treatment Luke gets almost as many as you do and even on the rare occasions he will attempt it with Solomon or one of the Brothers聽
You鈥檝e received multiple glares from the others since you introduced Simeon to this but how can you regret anything that makes him smile so bright
鉁 Solomon
At first, he refuses since he has played his fair share of pranks and is worried about you getting payback but if you are insistent he will give a small chuckle and bend over
Raises an eyebrow when you lean over him but just accepts whatever you are planning
That being said he wasn鈥檛 ready for it
Gets back up immediately surprised and wide eyed聽
Then he lets out another laugh altho this one is much more endeared聽
Sadly he is a hard one to fluster so this has little effect on him
He might blush a bit at first but more from the surprise
鈥淐an鈥檛 say I was expecting that but I鈥檓 not complaining. I actually don鈥檛 remember the last time I received one of those so, will you help me make up for lost time?鈥
Sees it almost as a human inside joke so kisses your head regularly unless you tell him to stop聽
Enjoys the brother鈥檚 looks of surprise and varying degrees of jealousy聽
Jokes that if the brothers are jealous he can give them head kisses too
Gladly will do it to anyone if they want it but mostly does it to you, Luke and Simeon聽
Does not see it as anything overly affectionate or special more like a high five or hug
Unless it鈥檚 a big deal for you then he is soft when he returns it and gives your hand a squeeze showing he apricates it
It doesn鈥檛 make him feel small or delicate because he has been around long enough to stop caring about toxic masculinity or what others think so as long as you aren鈥檛 interrupting anything important pull him down in front of the whole school for all he cares
He will give you quick head kisses if he is busy or has to leave quickly聽
Just loves freely and unashamed and this is no different
鉁 Luke (Platonic)
Since he is short you might have to be the one to bend down聽
聽鈥淲ha! Why would you do that, fine you can do it again just not in front of people!鈥
He is blushing an angry red if you do it in public, especially in front of any demons
It's clear he enjoys the gesture but is embarrassed at being treated like a kid
However, if you do it with the others as well he won鈥檛 complain and might start grumbling if he is the only one you don鈥檛 give head kisses to
Might ask you to bend down or he will climb on top of something to give you a head kiss in return altho he is doing this to assert dominance as well聽
Let him have this he is constantly picked on and letting him return the kiss makes him literally glow as he walks with a puffed out chest
Has done it as a power move in front of Mammon before and it worked聽
He enjoys being a lil shit with it and will ask for head kisses innocently before turning to whatever brothers are watching and giving them an evil smirk behind your back
You know what he is doing but its endearing and the looks on the brother鈥檚 faces convince you to play innocent as well
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averyhornyghost 8 months
I read your dirty thoughts post and honestly 馃サ馃憖馃挦
Would I be able to request the characters reacting to MC being a virgin?
"Actually... I'm a virgin..."
Warnings: Mentios of virginity, mentions of being claimed, first time, theres nothing described explicitly but the insinuations are there.
A/N:Honestly theres something very erotic about losing your virginity to a demon. I mean they are demons, so having a corruption kink is just part of their nature. Also I have no idea where I was going with this, some are more creative than others, some are really bad.
I didn't specifie a gender for Mc but I did write it with a Afab!Reader in mind.
Intro: You and your favorite were getting more intimate with eachother, you were kissing eachother getting lost in the moment, when you feel his hands dip inside your pants as he begins to rub your sweet spot.
"W-wait!" he stops hi ministrations. "I-I'm actually a virgin, I've never done anything like this before, so... please be gentle..."
*Cue Lucifers signature smirk* "Is that so?"
Out of all the brothers Lucifer has the biggest corruption kink in my opinion.
He'll treat it a like a very special occasion, it's not every day you lose your virginity.
"Did you know that virgins are especially tempting to us demons?" He'll whisper in your ear. Don't worry Mc you are in very good hands, magical hands that'll make you feel everything.
Honestly Lucifer is one of the best at aftercare, he'll make sure your comfortable and cared for, whatever you want he'll do it for you.
It takes Mammon a few seconds to process what you just siad, but when he realizes he looks at you and smirks.
"Oh..." he says as he goes back to rubbing you, "So my little human has never been touched here before?" he has a mocking tone to his voice but his face gives away his tre feelings.
Although Mammon tries to put a "I don't care" facade, the fact that you are comfortable enough with him to let him take your virginity makes him feel all warm and fuzy in a way he never felt. "Don't worry, I'm yer first, I'll' take goo care of ya"
Mammon is not very gentle but he is very romantic, he'll whisper words of praise in your ear, tell you how much he is enjoying being your first and how much you mean to him.
He'll make sure you both cum toghether in the end, and for aftercare he'll pamper you like royalty.
Levi.exe has sopped working, too much cuteness.
"I'm a virgin to..." Oh GOD DID HE SAY THAT OUTLOUD?!!
He feels like his heart is going to explode, not only is he losing his virginity, but hes taking yours as well, thats too much pressure for one guy!
But then he looks at your face and all his anxiety goes away. It's just you and him now, discovering eachother. It's a bit clumsy and akward in the beginnig, but after sometime you manage to find your own special rithym together.
Aftercare consists of Levi and you cuddling together talking about how you both enjoyed it.
That was the hottest thing Stan has ever heard, he feels so proud of himself for attaining this type of intimacy with you, it's like theres only you and him in the universe and nothing else matters.
"As you wish", Satan is happy to share this moment with you and he want to cherish it.
He'll be so sweet, constantly asking you how it feels, if you are comfortable always making sure your plasure comes first, even tho you can't form coherent senteces anymore.
He is a curious demon, so he wants to explore your body to the fullest, he'll test a few things with trying to achieve the best result for both of you.
By the end of it your both tired and out of breath, he'll turn to you and ask how you liked it, then cuddle up with you. "If there is anything you need just let me know".
"Oh...! Well then, I am honored to being your first!", Asmo doesn't hesitate he keeps rubing you, watching your face contort in pleasure. "But you've touched yourself before, haven't you?" you nodd your head "Good, very good"
You chose the right demon to lose your virginity to, hes going to make this a very special momment, a night to never forget.
Asmo is very gentle at first, prepping you and whispering words of praise into your ear as he makes you cum. But as the night goes on he'll have you screaming his name.
Aftercare is a relaxing bath with him, talking about all the exciting things he wants to try out with you.
Oh wow... is it weird that he is turned on by it? Because he is.
"Don't worry MC, I'll be very careful"
Beel is a very big boy and he knows it, so he takes extra care prepping you and making sure you're ready to take him.
But all the prepp in the world couldn't prepare you to the feeling of him entering you for the first time. Beel takes his time finding the right pace for both of you.
He wants to make sure you're comfortable and ok with everything going on. Hes always asking you for reassurance.
For aftercare he'll bring lots of snacks for the both of you to share and cuddle, he'll listen to whatever you want to talk about.
His eyes go wide as he stares at you genuine suprise on his face, he thought one of his brothers had already claimed you by the time he got out of the attic.
"Cute." is all he says, the truth is Belphie is happy to be your first, it means you trust him.
Belphie will be gentle very gentle, he'll be thrusting lazily into you until you beg him to go faster. "But I thought you wanted me to be gentle?" he mocked. Don't worry just be patient and he'll give you exactly what you want.
After your both done, he'll lay next to you a pull you into his arms and ask how you feel. You both fall asleep right after.
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leavesandflowers 2 months
MC arriving in devildom and being introduced to everyone: "Ok let me get this straight. First; You take me from my home and all my responsibilities. Second; You make me live in this big fancy house.... For free with food and expenses paid for. Third; My 7 roommates are all beautiful men. And fourth; My only tasks are... And let me get this right... Watching and coordinating dance battles between you all?"
Diavolo: "Yes. That's correct"
Lucifer: "Any objections?"
MC: "Oh no, none at all thanks."
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kind-himbo-beel 8 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lucidreamer-uwu 4 months
Being their seatmate: Brothers Edition
Link to Dateables Edition
Would be strict with you, saying that you should take class seriously every time you so much as look away from the professor.
Would take secret glances at you every once in a while. You were his motivation during the long days of school after all. And every time that you catch him staring, he brushes it off as "checking if you were still paying attention".
Secretly happy whenever the class is assigned to work in pairs with their seatmates.
Would stare at your other seatmate until they were uncomfortable whenever you start to talk to them instead of him in between classes. He was already sharing you with his brothers and even then you didn't spend as much time with him than the others because of the amount of responsibilities he has to take care of.
When you get bored and attempt to pass him notes, he takes it but immediately shoves it into his pocket without so much as a second glance your way. He thinks that you're cruel for making him hold back on reading what was on that single, flimsy piece of paper that you so inappropriately passed during class. If you were anyone else he'd burn that note right there and then. But it's you we're talking about. He can only resist you for so long. Only his pride held him back from breaking.
In the rare moments that you try to cheat in exams, looking oh so innocently at his paper, he will pretend not to notice.
ALWAYS passes you notes.
More often than not is the one who gets caught and sent to detention. Sometimes you both get detention. In those occasions, you spend the time devising plans on how to weasel your way out of Lucifer's punishment afterwards.
You two are basically partners in crime trying to beat the boredom that your classes brought you everyday.
You two would also both try to get the other in trouble by being noticed by the professor as a game.
You'd both play tic tac toe, sos, hang man, any paper games you could think of from the human world and from the Devildom.
When you introduce him to truth or dare, he goes dare all the way just to avoid the chance of having to admit his feelings for you that way. If you were going to find out then he didn't want it to be this way! (spare him the embarrassment of already knowing, the poor bb might overheat)
Despite all the mischief you two make, he always at least tries not to distract you too much.
WILL shamelessly glance at your test paper for test answers. At times that you too don't know the answers, you share the single brain cell you both combined have into passing the exam.
He's one of those seatmates who takes your notebooks or any stationary you have and use it as if it was his own.
He likes to doodle anime characters on his notebooks. When he runs out of space, he takes yours. He also likes asking you what you thought about them. Your opinion means a lot to him after all. Even if he doesn't always admit it.
Tries to listen and focus in class but fails often and starts to daydream about anime and his games. Sometimes you catch his gaze landing on you too.
Passes you notes like Mammon but not as frequent.
A lot of times ends up playing games on his devices behind the subject's book and asks you to cover for him. He's been to detention once before when he asked Mammon to keep watch and he didn't want to receive Lucifer's punishment for it again. Unlike Mammon, he knew that he could trust you.
He rambles on and on about how your setting could be an anime scene because of the cliche deskmates to friends to lovers trope he always watches when you two first sat together.
WILL talk your ear off about manga, anime, cosplays, events, conventions, and the sort every chance he gets. And will definitely turn to you every single time to make anime references, which leaves you both giggling in the end.
Forgot your pencil? He's got you. Ballpoint pen? He brought extra just in case. Pad papers? An extra notebook? You can count on him. He also brings extra project supplies just in case you forget you needed some. He is a mega life saver. BUT he gives you a sermon about being more responsible every time. Not as much as Lucifer does though. And you're thankful for that.
He's had episodes of throwing a fit whenever the people that sat around him made him lose focus so students often avoided sitting near him. You knew this yet you choose to sit by his side every time. It makes him happy in the very least. And that's mostly why he liked to make sure to bring extra things for you. He didn't like the thought of you asking for anyone else's help either. He was afraid to lose you, but he never showed it.
MASTER AT TAKING DOWN NOTES. You know those times when you just can't keep up with scribbling your class notes while listening to instructions and trying to understand the lessons all the while making sure that you were still properly learning? While you're in that state, this perfect Mr. Smart feline addict is breezing through like it was nothing. He handles it like a pro. If anything, he was rather bored still, considering that he's already learned all the lessons beforehand.
Passes you notes in the event that it is related to the anti-lucifer league.
Has missed a class or two on account of cats involved.
91% of the time is staring at himself in his compact mirror or phone camera trying to fix his make up, adoring himself, or taking pictures.
Asks you to take notes for him and make it look pretty so he could post it on devilgram.
Will also ask you to take selfies with him. He has to convince you that taking a few photos together won't be too bad that it'll get you both in detention. And if it was, then he'd just charm the professor into letting them off with a warning.
He rarely pays attention in class and often drifts into his own world. He also likes to pass you notes that contained LOTS of hearts and a single kiss mark with each one.
Makes plans for after class with you before the class even starts.
When he gets caught passing you notes, he resorts to texting you, making your phone vibrate in the pocket of your uniform.
Talks A LOT about make up and beauty products. Will also rant about how hard it is to be so perfectly stunning.
His phone is always blowing up with notifications from devilgram and his chats among other applications. It wasn't loud enough that the professor could hear it, but it was loud enough to distract you. And you've asked him to switch it to silent mode but he's always had some excuse to keep it on.
Plays with your hands under his table, tracing the creases in them and circling around your palm. He does not care if it was your dominant hand he was playing with when you were trying to take notes. He WANTS to play with your hand and you can't do anything to stop him.
Constant crinkling of snack pack wrappers, chewing noises, stomach growling, and "MC you should try this one too, it's really good"s every half minute of the class.
You almost never get to focus when you sit next to the poor starved sixth born, but you can't blame him.
Crumbs WILL end up in your backpack, in between your notebooks, everywhere. It's not that he wasn't being considerate, he really does try to give you your space, but the poor bb can't help himself 馃様
He's extremely happy that you sit with him despite his messy nature. So to show you his gratitude he always gets you your favorite drink or snack. He makes sure to bring lots just in case he can't hold himself while you were yet to arrive though. Sometimes you'll receive it and sometimes you'll receive an apology, followed by plans to make it up to you after class with a trip to hell's kitchen.
Absolutely LOVES it when you accept any snacks from him and vice versa. And when you agree to eat with him even during class, he couldn't be happier. But he didn't want it to get to the point where you both would get in trouble. That's the last thing he'd want.
He usually uses his backpack as a pillow, but since you're right next to him...
Uses your arm as a pillow. He makes sure that he steals your dominant hand's arm so that you wouldn't get the chance to pay attention in class. He wants all that attention for himself despite being asleep.
He has been pampered all of his life by his brothers and he's sick of it. But when it came to you, he wanted to be the center of attention 24/7 365.
He is mega needy for attention so he doesn't let you split it for even the class. His brothers have already told him off because of this behavior but being the little rebel he is, ignores their every sermon.
Will encourage you to take naps with him too. Especially when he notices that you haven't had a good night's sleep prior to class time. He says that he'll cover for you too. He knows how horrible it feels to not be able to get enough quality sleep, so he's willing to sacrifice some of his non-Lucifer classes for napping just so you could. (Awww the bb loves you鈾)
He tutors you how to listen and understand the lessons while you're asleep so you could finally get more nap time together.
Has drooled on you before.
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adrianasunderworld 5 months
If I was Mc while the brothers were in the human world, I would just take them to do the most mundane shit. There's enough variations between the Devildom and the human world that they're gonna be fascinated. Like taking them to Target. They're going to get lost the second we get the card. Asmo is already in the Starbucks so he can get a drink for the Devilgram. Levi has fucked off to the back of the store and is beating some kid at Mario Kart on the switch display. Lucifer is the only one that remembers what we went there for to buy.
Then I want to set them loose in Chuck E Cheese. I know they do cards now instead of tokens, but for the sake of it let's pretend they still have tokens. Imagine the brothers impatiently waiting while Mc and Lucifer evenly sort out all their tokens into the little cups and then running off and vanishing into the sea of children. Beel is already inhaling the salad bar and buying himself a bunch of bags of cotton candy. No one knows where Belphie is, but they find his shoes in the cubby of the play area. Looking up, they can see him in one of those little clear sections, napping away while some random little girl is putting stickers all over his face. Satan somehow ends up befriending someone at the birthday party and is chilling with cake. Mammon swears he's going to win Mc one of the big prizes but ends up only able to win enough to get some stuff from the small prize case. Meanwhile Lucifer is just sitting at the table like the other parents, the mom at the table next to them is making polite conversation.
"Yeah, my kids are over there playing skiiball. Which ones are yours?"
"Those 6 grown men running around are my kid brothers."
"Oh... Wait, so your brother is the guy my daughter found in the playscape."
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62watermelons 1 year
Tumblr media
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shmaider 3 months
Sonic memes..But, instead of Sonic, I replaced him with the Obey Me demon brothers.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ Some Bonus photos, because why not?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credits to EliteSonicFan for the original memes 馃檹
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saphirdevil 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lucifer spam
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midnightsunnyday 11 months
*stands on podium* to the artist who draws Lucifer with the gray DILF streak. I don't know who you are, but thank you. Your service is appreciated.
Tumblr media
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zac-n 13 days
Tumblr media
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MC: Goodnight moon.
MC: Goodnight trees.
MC: Goodnight creepy voice from the attic beckoning me to free him.
Lucifer: What-
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averyhornyghost 8 months
Get Your Head Out of the Guter.
The obey me brothers and the dirty thoughts they have about you.
A/n: This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, is not that bad for my first headcannon. I might write the Datetables version later. Meanwhile enjoy!
Warnings!!!: this post conatins, sugestive/explicit writing, thoughts abot vaginal sex, mentions of male masturbation,mentions of female masturbation, fingering, petplay, oral(both fem and male reciving), mirror sex, a little bit of objectification, degrading, public sex, dirty thoughts in general. Minors DNI!!!
鉂わ笌猸 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰
Lucifer likes to think he is above such noughty things, that he has self-control and he tries to keep his mind clear most of the time. But sometimes...
When he is alone with his thougts working late again, he just can't help but think about you wondering if you're awake, you you're maybe thinking about him as well and maybe... just maybe you might be touching yourself to the thought of him-
Ok Lucifer doesn't have control of his thoughts, especially the ones that involves you.
You coming in his office, telling him to take a brake and offering to suck him off.
The sounds you would make as he touches you in places you've never been able to reach before, begging him to just fuck you already.
Maybe you wore a more revealing outfit today, and he imagines himself taking if off of you...
Great, now he can't concentrate on work anymore, damn it Mc! Do you even know what you do to him!
But despite all those dirty thoughts clouding his mind, Lucifer never lets it show, you'll never know whats on his mind.
Mammon tries to keep his thoughts in check, but he always fails miserably. He can't help! I mean have you seen yourdelf, you're just to hot!!!
Just the thought of you, lying down, legs spread open, begging him to stuff you full.
Fucking you against the chalk board in an empty classroom. You calling his name so sweet. Just letting him rail you as much as he pleases.
The sounds you would make for him, just being an absolute mess just for him.
Sucking his dick while he counts money from a recent scheme.
Riding him inside his car after he took you for a joyride around the devildom.
Mammon is not good at hiding his thoughts, if you're not around he'll just blush and bite his lips. But if you're around, he'll blush like crazy, avoid all eye contact and pray you don't notice the tent in his pants.
Ok ok, I like to headcannon that Levi is as dirty as Asmodeus, the dude probably watches a lot of hentai, so he must have some werid kinks.
Levi doesn't want to admit it but hes been thinking about you a lot lately. Y'ou're just so... cute!
He started watching demon x human porn and imagines himself doing thoses things with you when he masturbates.
What he wouldn't give to have you doing those faces for him.
You in a cute cosplay, posing all sexy and cute for him to take pictures. Exposing your preety pussy for him to touch and discover.
You in a cute maid outfit, legs spread open giving the perfect view as you touch yourself for him.
If Mammon is bad at hiding his feelings then Levi is an absolute mess.
He is hard, he is sweaty, he doesn't know how to speak anymore he just wants to go to his room and rub it out. It doens't matter if you're around or not, hes going to avoid eye contact with you for days.
Satan is a romanticist, he doesn't have sirty thoughts that often, but when he does, they just come out of no where.
You're both at a cat cafe, when a cute little cat runs up to you and meows at you, so you meowed back. And that cute moment was ruined by satans mind.
He pictures you on your knees meowing at him begging to suck him off, a pretty colar of your favore color around your neck, it has a little bell on it so everytime he trhust into you it-
He has other fantasies as well, like fucking you on Lucifers office, making you squirm and call his name for everyone to hear.
Making out with you in the RAD libary, telling you to keep quiet or someone will notice you.
Making you a book out loud as he eats you out, and don't you dare stop reading.
Satan can hide his thoughts pretty well, I mean he literally hide his wrath everyday so dirty thoughts aren't a challenge for him.
When is asmodeus not having dirty thoughts?
Every time he sees you he thinks about what you would look like riding him.
Just bouncing onhis cock, telling him you are tired and can't take it anymore, and he just caresses your cheek and tells you to keep going, that you are doing so good for him.
You both in a hot bath as he massages you and tells you how beautiful you are.
Fucking you in front of his mirror, admiring how beautiful you both look at this vulnerable state.
You would look so pretty with your eyes rolled up and your mouth falling open, chanting his name like a prayer.
But those are his most tamed thoughts, Asmodeus is called the avatar of lust for a reason.
All the positions he could fuck you, all the pleasure he could give you... Mc you are driving him insane!!!
Asmo is really good at hiding his thoughts, he is always horny so hiding it has become second nature to him. But he doesn't really like to hide things from you.
Whenever those thoughts pop up and you're around, he'll just hug you from behind and whisper "Oh Mc~, if only you knew the things that I wanna do with you!~"
Beel is a very chill and wholsome guy, but that doesn't mean he id innocent.
He sees you licking a popsicle and thinks its cute, then he wanders if you'd suck his dick in the same way, of course his dick is much bigger than the popsicle, so you'd need both hands to help-
And now he is red.
Thoughts like these just pop uo at the most random times, and our poor Beel does not know how to handle them.
Just ride his cock, crying about how big it is, how full you feel, begging him to fill you up...
Let him eat you out, let him taste you and make you feel good.
Thats what Beel wants, for you to feel goos, good and full of his cum.
Just fucking you in any surface at the House of Lamentation. In the kichen, on the dinning table, on the sofa, the bad, the walls, the floor.
It might be his natural instincts, the need to mark you so that other demons and potential threats don't come near you.
Beel, can hide it when he has these thoughts, he blushes and his gentle smile for drops for a few seconds, then it returns and he just pretends like it never happenend. The problem is hiding his erection, he has no choice other than so the walk of shame to the bathroom and "take care of himself".
Belphie is to busy sleeping to have dirty thoughts, but he has dirty dreams.
Dreams so vivid and real that he feels dispointed whe he wakes up hard and lonly.
Oh, the thought of waking up to you grinding against his erection, having dirty dreams of your own.
Bephegor just wants to see you ruined, you rinding him, whispering praises to him, telling him how much you love his dick inside of you, how much you love pleasuring him.
Just lazily fucking you as you beg for him to go faster, deeper harder.
Belphie is willing to share everything with Beel, his food, his room and even you. He thinks it would be so cute to have his cock stuffed in your mouth as Beel fucks you from behind.
Belphie is very good at hiding his thoughts, he is very chill about it, bat then he makes eye contact with you and remembers his dreams, he blushes a little bit and that's it.
鉂わ笌猸 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛 鈰嗏瓛 鈰嗏潳锔庘瓛
Oof this was a trip. I regret nothing.
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