#obey me incorrect quote
lilacknights · 8 months
Lucifer and MC in a relationship:
Lucifer: You're the love of my life and my closest companion. I would do anything for you.
MC: I want you to eat three meals a day and have a decent sleep schedule.
Lucifer: Absolutely not.
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mayawastaken · 11 months
Mc: I told my little brother Killua that his ears are red when he lies.
Lucifer: why?
Mc: So I could do this. *Yells* HEY KILLUA DO YOU LOVE ME?!
Killua: *covering ears* NO!!
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ithseem · 4 months
Charming (Obey Me Edition)
Mammon: Is it true that you're a snake charmer?
MC: Sure am. Observe
(Enter Levi)
MC: Hey, Levi!
Levi: ?
MC: You cute as hell
Levi, blushing: SSStop 😊
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beelzebubisbestboy · 6 months
MC: ... *looking at a pack of DevilCashews in their hand*
Beelzebub: Is it not the kind you wanted?
MC: *sigh* When I said I wanted a nut, I didn't mean this.
Beelzebub: ... Oh :(
MC: *smiles lazily, patting his shoulder* but thanks bud, see ya later ;)
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etcrow · 8 months
Mammon: heyyy baby girl
MC & Asmo: HEY
Mammon: Asmo, are you for real?
Asmo: what, I am a baby girl~
Mammon: I will drink holy water after this
MC: *wheeze*
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c4tb0y0 · 1 year
Solomon stubs his toe: ow! Son of a b-
Simeon pointing at Luke: there are children here!
Solomon: biscuit son of a biscuit
Simeon: nice save
Solomon: yeah fucking nailed it
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mocahbutterfly · 9 months
Obey me incorrect quote #2
Scenario: Luke and Mc are watching a kid’s show together when a joke that an adult would get but a kid would not was shown.
Mc: *bursts out laughing*
Luke: I don’t get it. What’s so funny about it?
Mc: *after calming down* You’ll understand when you’re older.
Luke: What? But I’ve lived much longer than you.
Mc: Humans mature faster than angels.
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kazuki-the-simp · 5 months
Nema (my mc) eating Solomon's cooking for the first time: This shit sUCKS HARDER THAN YOUR MOM SOLOMON-
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rainiishowers · 6 months
Simeon: Put. The. Knife. Down. Barbatos: Why? I’m making apple pie. Siemon: Yes, but you’ve made apple pie everyday for the last week. (Credit to this post by @quick-otp-prompts)
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digital-heart · 2 years
Satan: Put on some sunscreen.
Mammon: No thanks; I'm not a little bitch.
Satan: You think you're stronger than the sun?
Satan: The fucking sun?!
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hecatart · 1 year
Mc : HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIFER, I've made a cake for you 🥺 *cuts a slice and gives it to him*
Lucifer : *stares at the slice and then at you* I wish you could have been my today's cake.
MC :
Tumblr media
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lilacknights · 8 months
Lucifer: MC, care to explain why Levi is crying on the floor?
MC: He took one of those 'Which of Devildom's demon brothers are you?' quizzes.
Lucifer: And?
MC: He got Mammon.
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cloviaglade · 2 years
Beelzebub: my stomach hurts when I eat hellfire chips before bed
Belphegor: then don't eat the bed
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ithseem · 4 months
Things My OCs said
Parvana (OM): When I say I've been to hell and back multiple times, it's not a figure of speech
Joanne (COD): I think the writers mistook me for Isabella Swan
Saima (TWST): So where does all of NRC's funding go? Because it sure isn't going to mental health. Or security, apparently
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beelzebubisbestboy · 6 months
Mammon: hey has anyone seen my comically large pouch of coins?
Beel: *cheeks stuffed*
Beel: *big gulp*
Beel: No.
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etcrow · 8 months
MC: this is a playlist that would fit Asmo
Solomon: I am scared
MC: actually it's a Britney Spears' playlist
Solomon: accurate
MC: I know my demon
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