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honeymoo-cafe · 16 hours ago
Late Night Comfort
Asmodeus x MC/Reader
Late at night with your love one.
It is 11:00 p.m. and the House of Lamentation is at its most intimate moment. Lucifer is in his office listening to classical music. Mammon enters his room after coming back home from the casino. Leviathan is gaming in his room, cheering and congratulating himself for passing a level. Satan is laughing in his room during his reading time. Beelzebub sleeping in his room and Belphegor is either in the attic or in the planetarium.
You are lying on the pink bed rubbing Asmo's arms. You were sleeping in your room when you got an urgent message from Asmo. He didn't explain why but you came anyway.
You didn't even get to ask him when knocked on his door. He just pulled you to his room and on his bed. He buried his face in your chest and wrapped his arms around you. He curled into you and you felt the wet stain forming on your shirt and seeping onto your skin.
You stayed like that for a while. Not daring to speak, as it is not necessary. He isn't a loud and dramatic cryer as one would expect. No, he is a silent cryer. He never seems to ask for advice in these times. Just need to heard and held.
In the end, you finally hear a sniffle signaling to you that he had let out all out. You reached over to him to grab the blanket and pull it over you both. He nuzzles himself further into you as if afraid you would go. You wrap both arms around him and peck his forehead. He whines holding you tighter and you feel him tremble. You rub his lower back and whisper to him how you are here for him.
"MC," he whined.
"Hmm?" You replied.
He slightly pushes himself off of you and looks up at you. "I love you," he says eyes red and tears threatening to fall.
Now you know what this is about.
"I know," you replied. "And I love you too."
That did it. The tears fell and he choked out a sob. He didn't bother to hide his face. You brush his hair as he sobs.
"MC," he whined.
"Do you want me to hold you?" You asked him.
He nods, and you offer him a warm smile. You turn to your side and wrap your arms around him, pulling him close to you.
"I got you," you say, one hand patting his back and the other brushing his hair. You smile kissing his head. "I got you."
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depressedsilverloser · a day ago
Gender/sexuality headcanons!
MC not included or else they would all be bi-cons lol
These are all my opinions and some I projected on so let me vibe
These exist in their own alternate universe and I will not add these onto my stories and au's.
not proofread
-He/him (cis)
-Has a tendency to never assume gender and just uses gender neutral pronouns for people he didn't know
-Asexual (Sorry not sorry- I just can't see my favourite characters feeling sexual attraction) and Bisexual
-He/him (trans man)
-Was always the "tom boy" in the celestial realm and never let his hair grow longer than shoulder length. He was banned from keeping swords in his room because he would cut his hair with them
-Angel Asmo and Belphie would make jokes all the time about Mammon looking more like a boy which would just feed my manz ego
-Had top surgery probably when baby satan was like 4 or 5
-He/they/she (genderqueer)
-Doesn't really care for gender. They just use because he grew up a 'boy' and they is just there so he uses it. Doesn't like the pronoun "it" because they feel like it dehumanizes themself.
-Found out through characters and her projections and headcanons he made for them
-Told Mammon first
-They/them (non-binary)
-They found out they were non-binary when Lucifer told them to select their gender for a physical exam sheet. Usually they'd have no problem but that is because usually it'd say "what is your sex". Spent a good fifteen minutes just deciding whether or not they should check the 'boy' one. They decided to just rip it up and skip the physical exam
-Told Mammon and Asmo first about the gender thing
-Bisexual (but a big hopeless romantic)
-He/him (cis)
-A lot of people expect him to be trans in some kinda way but what can he say? He's just feminine. Feminine boys exist as feminine boys and don't need to be trans.
-He/they/ze/zir (Bi-gender)
-Found the labels one day on Levi's computer and thought they suited zirself.
-He never understood romance and was always so confused when people would make big issues about crushes. "You like them? Oh tell them.. It's not that easy? Why?"
-Asexual lesbian
-she/her (trans woman)
-She at first felt kinda guilty for being a girl when Lilith passed. Had this unreasonable thought process that she was just projecting or trying to be lilith.
-Was probably the last HOL sibling to come out as trans in anyway.
-Took a lot to come to terms with it but finally accepted.
-He/him (cis)
-Is in love with Lucifer
-Demiromantic bisexual
-he/they/she (Genderfluid)
-any pronouns (genderqueer)
-Only really came out to Barbatos due to fear of the holy god striking him down
-Queer (really down't want to be labelled at the moment)
-he/they (agender)
-They are vibing
This had also just been sitting in my drafts so I decided to post it!
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dicetheroll · 2 months ago
"MC, how the FUCK do you have that many blessings?" Solomon yelled, quickly glancing at you before looking around frantically for a book he'd left on his desk.
The Purgatory Hall bros had been looking into your spiritual energy for "educational purposes" when Solomon had discovered something very alarming.
"Solomon, language." Simeon warned. "MC, have you been in contact with anyone from the Celestial Realm recently?"
"Uhhhh no...?" You stared at the two, unable to grasp the gravity of the situation. Growing slightly frustrated, you whined, "If it's not that big of a deal, can we hurry up? I'm going to go to Ristorante Six with Lucifer after this and I don't want to be late."
"Simeon, I think we have a problem here...
The angel walked over to the sorcerer and peered into the page the latter had been skimming through. Simeon was silent for a while, before the corners of his lips twitched upwards.
"Yes, I see how that would potentially be counterproductive, but..." Simeon shared a look with Solomon.
"But that's not really a problem for us...is it, Simeon?" Solomon mirrored Simeon's slight smile.
"Actually, you're right. Never mind MC, false alarm. You can go back to the HOL now, make sure you let Luke know about your dinner plans!"
"Huh? Oh, okay! See you guys tomorrow then!" You slid off the table and made your way back to the House of Lamentation. You were nearing the gates leading to the entrance when you spotted a young angel holding several boxes of what presumably held cake. "Luke! Hi, need a helping hand?"
Luke's face lit up when he spotted you approaching him, and he set down the stack of boxes to give you a tight hug. "You're coming back from Purgatory Hall already? I was just on my way to give these to you!"
"Awww that's so sweet of you!" This little angel boy was really the only light in the Devildom, wasn't he? You pulled from the hug only for a strong gust of wind to almost blow you away. "Whoa, guess the weather's getting a little dicey, huh? You better head back now, Luke."
"I will!" Luke glanced at his boxes, contemplating whether to pick them up or not. He turned back to you and grabbed your hand, before cryptically whispering, "You better get home safely too, MC. It's not always safe around here."
Suddenly, a little string a light twirled itself around your ring finger. If you hadn't been paying more attention, you would've missed it. The slightly sinking feeling in your stomach disappeared altogether and you felt...more energized. You watched Luke skip away with his boxes, chuckling at how comically large the stack was for his size.
You walked past the gates and into the HoL foyer, heading straight for your room. You got changed immediately, and went back down to find Lucifer waiting in the living room. "Ah, MC. Good, you're right on time. I was just about to call Simeon and ask-"
Before he could finish his sentence, Lucifer's eyes widened. He took a few steps back, cringing, and held up a shaky finger to point at a spot behind you. "W-what in the Devildom? Why is that there?"
"Huh?" You asked, confused. You looked over your shoulder to find nothing and glanced back at the eldest brother. "Is there something behind me?"
Lucifer swallowed nervously. "Wait, don't move." He stormed out of the room, sticking as close to the walls as possible. You blinked, not sure what had him in such a twist. You could hear an array of voices chiming in disbelief outside the room, before the door slammed open. Lucifer stood with Mammon and Levi in tow, standing in the doorway. "Look for yourselves."
Mammon practically yelped before hiding behind Lucifer, while Levi shrunk back, fear evident on his face. "L-lucifer...why is there an angel aura around MC?" Levi could barely get the words out.
"A what?" You asked, feeling very out of the loop. You watched as Mammon and Levi continued to peer at you from behind Lucifer, who was furiously dialing up Simeon.
"Simeon? We have a situation here. Hm? What do you mean you- did you anticipate this?" Lucifer hastily hung up the phone, and glared at you- no, the mystical white light "surrounding" you.
In about twenty minutes, Simeon, Solomon, Luke, Diavolo, Barbatos and all the demon brothers were assembled at the doorway. You wondered why they were so hesitant to enter, until Simeon, Solomon and Luke stepped in without any difficulty.
"Luke...would you like to explain what you did?" Simeon asked Luke gently, shoulders shaking from barely suppressed laughter.
"Huh?! The chihuahua did this?" Mammon exclaimed, glaring at the young angel, who looked slightly guilty.
"Excuse me, but could you explain what's going on here, Simeon? Solomon?" Diavolo chimed, from the doorway.
"Luke, did you, by any chance bless MC today?" Solomon asked.
"Yes, on the way back from HoL!"
"Aw crap, now we can't hang around MC for the next few weeks!" the brothers grumbled and complained.
"Oh, what a shame. I planned on inviting them over for tea today!" Lord Diavolo looked like a kicked puppy, and you wanted nothing more than to give him a hug, but you weren't sure if that was the best idea with...an angel's blessing? On your shoulders?
"Wait, let me get this right. What happens if I get blessed by an angel?" you asked.
"It essentially acts as demon-repellant. None of us, nor Lord Diavolo and Barbatos can get within three meters of you." Satan provided, looking miserable at the revelation.
"But we can." Solomon added, trying not to look smug.
"Do you give MC blessings often?" Simeon pressed, his smile starting to grow into a grin.
"I might've...given MC a few blessings here and there..."
"A few, Luke?" Solomon could barely hold in his laughter. Lucifer glared at the sorcerer, who took much amusement in the situation.
"Luke...you just gave MC their 666th blessing today."
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6mmad · 2 months ago
you fight and send them to sleep on the couch
(but you get lonely and join him)
When was the last time he felt so much dread in his heart?
He's hurt that you'd even suggest such a thing but he doesn't want to argue more, so he stays silent
Lucifer grabs his pillow and goes to the couch without looking back, regretting it embarrassingly quick
He won't admit it, but he can't sleep without being next to you, much less knowing you two fought
He's sitting upright and contemplating until he hears you sneaking around the living room with your blanket
He's a bit flustered at how fast he shot up from his seat to meet you halfway but if you've come to join him then just maybe there's chance to fix things
"Come here, my love. You got lonely? ...I cant say you're the only one. I can't sleep knowing you're upset with me....is that too honest of me?"
He hates it. Why do you "need space"? He doesn't want space, he wants you!
Grabs his pillow and blanket with a quick "whatever" and scurries out of the room
He's crying, of course he is, but he burrows himself in the couch cushions so that he can stay quiet. What if this is end of your relationship, then what?
Mammon stills when he hears your footsteps, no longer making any movement when he feels you make your way to him
He doesn't move until he feels you slip under his blanket to lay next to him, only them does he peek his head out of the cushions to give you a tight bear hug
"MC, I'm sorry, ok? Im so sorry, let's just.. forget about this. Don't be mad at me anymore..."
Shocked at your request, you're always so patient with him so he knows this is serious
Watches you for a moment to gauge your reaction but when you stand your ground he can't help but tear up
Grabs his stuff and opts to lock himself in his room instead, leaving your room with just an "okay."
Lays in bed and overthinks everything, maybe you were gonna break up with him. Or maybe this is the breakup and you just were being indirect about it or what if-
It takes a few knocks on his door and a small call of "Levi..?" to pull him from his thoughts
Levi recognizes your voice immediately but he feels hesitant to open the door until you properly ask him to please open it
"Please tell me this isn't a breakup, MC"
He'd be lying if he said he wasn't extremely hurt, but he decides to give you space
Gives you a curt nod and let's you stay in his room with all his pillows, goes to the living room empty handed and lays quietly
He decides to just listen to the crackling fireplace to gather his thoughts, not bothering to try with sleep
Keeps sneaking glances at the room to his door, hoping you'll change your mind
To his surprise, his door opens and your eyes meet
"Satan.. I-"
"...Did you get lonely, MC? ..No, I don't care about that stupid argument anymore, it was ridiculous anyway, Just... come here please. I'm sorry"
Refuses to let you go for the rest of the night, worried you'll leave again
Asmo storms out quickly, he knows it's not like him but he can't stand being looked at with so much heartbreak, especially not from you
Instead of going to the couch he goes to his own room and just cries
He doesn't bother with sleep. He knows he won't be able to so he curls up on his bed instead
It takes him a while to get his composure back but he decides that things can't stay this way, he's not sure what he'll say but you're love is the one he just can't afford to lose
You two bump into each-other in the hallway, him on his way to your room and you to his
You're pulled quickly into his room, of course there's a lot of things you want to say but Asmo just holds you tight, some things being better expressed without words.
Beel wants to discuss more, ask you why you feel the need to push him away but he really doesn't wanna make things worse so he closes the door behind him instead
He sits down in the hallway near your room, you asked him to sleep on the couch but it's too far for his liking, and what if you need him?
Maybe he'd go talk to Belphie but you might not be comfortable with him knowing your relationship problems so he stays put
It's already dusk by the time he nods off to sleep, still sitting
The sounds of your door wake him up and he's surprised to see you looking down at him
"You got lonely?...I was lonely without you too...Please let me back in. Im sorry"
He looks angry, he looks livid even, but truthfully he's holding back his tears
He wants to say "no" and maybe even confront you for pushing him away but he has half a mind to grab his pillow and leave
He goes to the attic instead, wiping his tears furiously because in all honestly, your pained face was all it took to get his feelings mixed up
Usually he'd sleep quickly, especially in the comfort of his attic bed but he tosses and turns for hours before settling in
Belphie's eyes open groggily and it takes a him a bit of shuffling to realize you're there next to him, holding him tightly in your sleep
"I'm sorry, MC. This whole argument was stupid, I'm so sorry"
He knows you can't hear him in your sleep but he says it regardless, pressing kisses to your head in between
forcefully spoon feeding you angst
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absolutepokemontrash · 3 months ago
MC gets kidnapped by a cult that worships the brothers, and while the cult leader is monologuing about how MC is going to be sacrificed to the great seven lords of Hell, this poor human is just sitting there like “Damn this is gonna be hella awkward once I summon the brothers during the most dramatic moment”.
Cult Leader: We call upon our seven demonic princes of the Devildom to accept this sacrifice-
MC: Princes? Ugh, I almost forget those bastards are royalty. Though, it does explain why Mammon is always so iffy about doing his own laundry.
Cult Leader: What-
MC: Nononono, don’t mind me, continue on. Sorry for the interruption.
Cult Leader: …ahem. We call upon Belphegor, the Avatar of Sloth.
MC: Pfft, sleepy brat probably isn’t even listening right now.
Cult Leader (getting annoyed): We call upon Beelzebub, the feared Avatar of Gluttony-
MC: Oh, shit, you might not wanna call upon Beel, if he finds out you’re bothering me you all might end up as second breakfast.
Cult Leader: AND WITHOUT FURTHER INTERRUPTIONS. We ask Asmodeus, the Avatar of Lust to-
MC: You’re not even going to give Asmo an extra compliment? At least call him the “divinely beautiful” Avatar of Lust.
MC (remembering how the last time they hung out with Satan he started spontaneously weeping because he remembered the sad ending of a book he read): …yeah. Hella scary, that one.
Cult Leader: And the Avatar of Envy, the master strategist, Leviathan!
MC: Master strategist? You know what? I’ll give you that, that one checks out.
Cult Leader: And the Avatar of Greed Mammon-
MC: My first man :D
Mammon: Hell yeah, human! Up top!
MC: Wow, they didn’t even get to Lucifer. How’d you get here so fast, Mam?
Mammon: Oh, I just heard you refer to me as your first man, as ya should, obviously, and I was so happy I decided to pop in and give ya some positive reinforcement. Now where’s my high five?
MC: I’m tied to this alter thing.
Mammon: Oh shit, ya are-
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · a month ago
Solomon: I'm getting a brain scan today
Mc: To check if you have one?
Solomon: …. Thanks for your concern and support.
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etcrow · 3 months ago
MC: "I love you, MC" said the evil demon who smashed me to death with a hug
Belphie: I already tell you I am sorry
MC: said the evil hug serial killer
Belphie: *exasperated noises*
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stulili · 20 days ago
Henry 1.0
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lesson 7-17 Anime: Season 2 Episode #9
My commissions
My Masterlist
The newest episode of Obey me! really got me. Henry was so cute...
Normal resolution:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also, I noticed that there were differences in the anime and what they said in the game, but I think it’s understandable. xd
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books-and-catears · 5 months ago
The Demon Brothers if they turned into Cats
Tumblr media
Is annoyed but stays calm cause you keep him comfy
Will snap and bite anyone except you
Just accepts his fate and relaxes for the first time in 67889 years
Tumblr media
He's not letting that hand go. There is no escape.
Clingy cat syndrome 101
Aggresive hissing if he sees anyone else too close to you
Tumblr media
The only way you can keep him close without him freaking out
If he gets hyper aware of your proximity, he runs and hides for a while
But he never goes too far enough to lose sight of you
Tumblr media
Super cuddly in private. Melts internally when you handle him so tenderly
Develops a meowrse code to communicate with you
Kneads your back or thighs to show gratitude
Tumblr media
Acts super cute and clingy. You legit cannot take your eyes off him
Just crawls into your lap and starts demanding attention with the sweetest meows
Loves being taken to the groomers and cat spas
Tumblr media
Keep LOTS of canned tuna and sardines around for this one. Meows for food every half hour and you cannot deny him.
The most playful and active out of them all. Loves going on walks and behaves super well in public
Bites your fingers in affection and has chewed up a lot of furniture in the house. Scavenges and brings food for you.
Tumblr media
Oh my, look at the clock! Its nap time. Its always naptime. And when he wakes up, he just nuzzles Beel and then goes back to sleep.
You gotta learn to do things with one hand because the other one is his for sleeping now.
Best cuddle buddy for nighttime. His soft purrs are the best sounds to sleep to.
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b-achiras · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐲 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐧𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐬
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬: mammon + leviathan + asmodeus + belphegor
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: receiving nudes, masterbation on video, sending nudes back, slight roleplay(?), lingerie, sex toys, dirty talk, mentions of throat fucking
tokyo revengers edition {pt.1} {pt.2}
Tumblr media
mammon’s intention in sending you nudes was to try and fluster you. maybe he did but not as much as you managed to fluster him back. your reaction to him sending you an after shower nude was you asking for a video. if only you could see the blush that formed on his cheeks. at first he tells you no because he’s too embarrassed but when you offer to send something in return, mammon changes his tune. he’s too greedy not to agree. the next thing you receive is a video of him jerking himself off in the mirror. he wouldn’t have sent it with sound if you hadn’t warned mammon on the consequences. so you get an earful of breathy moans and desperate calls of your name as he strikes himself.
levi would have NEVER dreamed of sending you nudes. the idea of that is way too embarrassing. he’s terrible at taking pictures of himself. the idea of trying to take a selfie naked makes him want to die of humiliation. the only reason he does so is because you ask for them. levi can’t say no to you no matter how much he wants to. he sends you videos simply out of convenience because they don’t necessarily need to be aesthetically pleasing. the video you get is of a whiny levi, filming himself pumping his cock in his gaming chair. “i-is this what you wanted?” he asks you through his high pitched moans. he may even send you a vid of him masturbating in one of his cosplays if you ask nicely.
the absolute best at taking nudes. asmo isn’t afraid nor ashamed about getting creative. he’ll go as far as to dress in some nice lacy lingerie and set up the perfect lighting before taking pics of himself and is pretty cock. you think when it comes to taking lewd videos of himself asmo might get a little clumsy but he really doesn’t. he’s a certified expert who will even incorporate toys into the vids he sends to you. without even having to ask you’ll randomly get texts of asmo with videos attached of him pressing a vibrator to his cock. meanwhile his sweet moans are echoing in the background. seriously, he’s spoiling you so you better repay him somehow.
belphie is definitely lazier about the way he goes about sending you videos but i promise that they’re just as good. he does prefer vids to regular nudes because he lives to tease you. just the thought of how flustered you probably get from seeing him stroke his cock spurs belphie on. usually you get post-nap videos. when belphie wakes up to a bit of morning wood he’s immediately grabbing his phone and filming himself fucking his fist. his voice his gruff from sleep as he says the dirtiest things to you. “i’m imagining my hand is your throat” belphie groans. “it’s not as wet and warm though. maybe you should come to my room and fix that”.
Tumblr media
2022 © httphaitani — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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lucidreamer-uwu · 3 months ago
Being their seatmate: Dateables Edition I
Link to Part 1: Brothers Edition
Would try his very best to set an example and not talk to you during class but ends up striking a conversation anyway.
Can he copy your notes? He didn't catch that last part. And by last part he means half the lesson.
Gifted you a fountain pen once as an anonymous admirer and thought he was being so sneaky about it leaving it on your desk, telling you that it was there when he got there.
Wiggles his way out of trouble until Barbatos finds out and scolds both of you.
He absolutely loves the idea of passing notes and makes it extremely obvious that you two do it. He gets too excited and makes major reactions to each note you send him too.
Likes teaching you things you don't understand.
Another Mr perfect.
Has the cleanest most organized notes.
His desk is always neat and tidy.
Offers to teach you how to arrange your things too.
Will bring you surprise water bottles of his freshly brewed tea when he starts noticing how you can't focus for too long and get burnt out. He says the tea will especially increase focus and brain attentiveness, which you greatly appreciate.
I have a feeling that he'd watch you panic and suffer for a few minutes when you forget your pen or a sheet of paper or a notebook before he lends you one of his spares. Unlike Satan though, he doesn't intentionally bring extra supplies exclusively for you, he just does because he's Barbatos.
Will tell you not to pass him notes before you even write a single word.
I bet he'd rat you out for talking with or passing notes to anyone other than himself just because he doesn't want you to. If you did talk to him however, he'd still encourage you to pay attention. But that doesn't mean you can tend to others other than him! He finds it unpleasant to see others satisfying you when it should be him doing that.
Alternates from being the one asking for a spare pen and lending you a spare pen.
He accepts and reads the notes you pass him but he only smiles as acknowledgement and doesn't write back because he's trying to set an example :((
Angelic handwriting
Likes to play with or hold your hand to keep him motivated and focused. His hands are warm and super comforting too!
Torn between wanting to sit next to you and not because when he does sit with you, he notices that he often ends up staring at you more than he listens to the lessons and focuses on his tasks. You're his biggest distraction and motivation.
Once when you had free time during class, you taught him how to make paper airplanes and he is obsessed with them. Consequently, he got really into origami and starts to gift you with paper flowers whenever you had class together. Different origami figures will be waiting on your desk every time you had class.
Doesn't remember to put his phone on silent so you help him every time.
He smells like a bakery.
Brings you sweets that he makes every once in a while.
Has cute stationary.
This boy is the living breathing sunshine of the Devildom so he is more than enough to keep you from drifting off to sleep. Heck he even motivates you to do better without saying a thing!
You both tutor each other and help the other out.
Positive vibes all around ~ ! But will rant every now and then about Mammon calling him names again.
Offers to help you with homework after class.
Would doodle cute drawings on scratch paper that you give him.
Interested in every lesson in class so he is focused and is surprisingly quiet despite you trying to chat.
Mischief when he doesn't pay attention in class. You two try to get away with your shenanigans. Being the only humans, you guys felt like you'd been friends for forever. So you have a lot of inside jokes about human world things.
The witty sorcerer WILL try to get you in trouble at times when you two are messing around. He will make noises like fake coughs or just flat out calling the professor's attention for bogus reasons when you try passing him notes. And you do the same with him.
Both of you struggle to understand Devildom lessons so you do wholesome study sessions with each other.
If he gets to class first, he will purposely sit on two seats, his own and yours, just to tease you. He'd say that it's taken and that you had to find another seat. When you give up fighting for your seat back and pulled up an extra chair, you find that he is seated properly in his own seat acting all sheepish and innocent. He's done this childishly more times that you're willing to admit honestly.
You are often his shield from Thirteen's trap attacks. And he feels NO SHAME whatsoever using you like that. He do you dirty >:c
But he'd offer to make it up to you after class every single time.
Will let you lay your head on his shoulder in case you're tired. And may or may not pull little teasing pranks on you while he's at it.
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Can we get a teen mc who sees Mammon as their big brother figure?
Tumblr media
At first, Mammon would try to take advantage of this.
You are now his new sibling.
Couldn't you lend your big brother some money?
Lucifer stops this before it even starts.
Mammon wouldn't mind this at first.
He would even find it annoying how you follow him everywhere.
But as time goes by Mammon softens a bit.
He's starting to think you're cute.
Especially when you imitated him.
You have started imitating his gestures and the way he talks.
Also, you have started "borrowing" people's credit cards.
Lucifer is not happy about this.
Surely he will talk to Mammo about how he has to behave more responsibly now.
Mammon is a surprisingly good big brother.
He is really caring and encouraging.
Definitely beats anyone who messes with his smaller sibling.
I mean if it's you.
Mammon should encourage.
One of those people who shouts to everyone how great you are
Of course only when u can't hear it.
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jellymoonbear · 4 months ago
sparkles and sunshine
Tumblr media
when mc has a sunshine personality. gn!reader, all brothers, sfw
when you were new to the devildom, he showed you his strict and serious side because that’s how he wanted you to perceive him. and immediately, it turned into the grumpy x sunshine trope
you’re always cracking jokes and smiling, making funny comments about him and heaving from laughter while he stands there unamused at your teasing
and it only spurred you on more. your laughter brought a light to his life, something he never experienced before. he didn’t mind being the butt of all your jokes if it meant he could bask in your fits of giggles
though, being so sweet and optimistic meant you hung out more with his brothers because lucifer would push you away and he realises how silly he was to dim your light
he regrets it immediately. he pushed you away and there’s no chance you’d want to be around him anymore. but he gets his second chance. he sees how pure your heart is to still want to speak to him after the way he treated you
it wasn’t intentional - when you’d bake him cupcakes, he’d tell you to stop wasting your time and study instead because he’s used to saying it to his brothers. when you wanted to spend time with him, he’d tell you to leave because he was too nervous to be around you. when you made friends and talked to others, he’d treat you indifferently because he was jealous
so when you creep into his study one night asking for help with your homework, he ushers you in while trying so hard not to explode with glee. he sits you down next to him and goes over everything you’re struggling with thoroughly, and when you get up to leave after finishing, he timidly asks if you’d like to share a pot of tea together
your smile when you say yes is enough for him to make the best damn tea you’ll ever have because he needs you to keep coming back for more
in the beginning, he doesn’t understand the hype around you at all. he’s similar to lucifer, but not as bad because he doesn’t push you away
he just doesn’t get what the big deal is but you’ve somehow made the entire devildom fall for your charms???
hell no, he doesn’t trust your sparkly personality at all
does that stop him from hanging around you like a lost puppy? not at all
mammon would be purposefully rude and a little bit mean to try and set you off. he’s been tricked before so he’s worried you may be hiding an ulterior motive under your pretty smile
he knows his limits tho. he will never go too far, especially after realising how consistent your kindness is. even when he speaks to you rudely or orders you about, you comply with him as best you can, but there are times you stand up for yourself and he realises how much of an ass he was being
you were always so nice to him without expecting anything in return and you never talk down on him like his brothers
the truth is, he really likes you. it took him longer than the others to realise how great you are but that’s a him problem, not a you problem
and you were still kind and generous to him. he feels undeserving of your affection. you’re so bubbly and sweet and he’s a confused mess
he’s pushed by his brothers to apologise but he doesn’t know how. he starts of by doing subtle nice things for you, like making food you mentioned enjoying on the days he has cooking duty, or secretly watching your favourite shows from the human world so you have something to talk about about him
and when he has enough courage, he’ll take you out on an obligatory guardian–human date to do and see all the things you’re excited about
he’s forever grateful to you for letting him show you his good side, especially after seeing his worst
he admires the heck out of you, he just doesn’t have the capability to put it into words so it shows more in his actions
the one thing he loves most is how you harbour the energy of a sun. your positivity reserves are endless. he didn’t think someone like you could exist but you do, and you’re standing right in front of him!
he crashes often – due to his flip-flopping emotions and the caffeine from his energy drinks. he thinks you’re complete opposites and he even tells you to hang out with the others because he thinks he isn’t good for you
but you still choose to spend your precious time with him and it means the world. he’s secretly gushing and jumping over the moon
he could just combust from how cute you are playing video games. you’d lose ten times in a row and still be convinced you’ll beat him in the next round. he scoffs and sniggers at your attempts to win against him but that only encourages you to try harder
your time together is filled with lots of excited chatter, yelling at each other playfully and giggling so hard
he indulges himself in your presence. when you are with him, he feels truly happy. not in the same way as when he opens a new video game, or when he scores tickets to see his favourite idol group, or when he finishes making a cosplay outfit from scratch
this is different. he feels this joy right down to his bones
you also help him open up a lot. you’re someone he can be honest with and while he feels ashamed to unload his issues onto you, you accept him with open arms
he also appreciates the way you get him out of his room more often. dragging him on walks in nature, joining extra curricular clubs at rad and even urging him to join competitions to showcase his talents
he’ll follow you anywhere because you’re his source of courage
there are now two suns in the devildom and it’s too much for everyone to handle. there are demons reducing to ashes because together, you and asmo are so bright that you could burn down cities
you are admired immediately. from asmo and the brothers of course, they will always adore you. but asmo has more publicity than them all so when everyone finds out about asmo’s new friend, everyone is in love with you!
heck, even asmo gets a little jealous because you’re all for him but now there are hundreds of people asking you to go shopping or visit a cafe or go on picnics and he gets a little possessive
he has to literally shoo them away, you’re for him only. he won’t allow anyone trying to steal you or your sunshine
he often jokes that he needs to wear triple layers of sun lotion around you, and he loves how shy you get when you blush from his comments
your timid smile paired with your fluttering eyes, and the shade your cheek turn is so adorable, he could bite them!
and he definitely lays on the petnames! his favourites are sunshine, my little sparkle/sprinkle, glitter bunny, diamond - literally anything that encompasses the way to shine so brightly and how sweet you are
asmo would be the most possessive out of the brothers if you had a sunshine personality and it’s because after so long, he’s found someone he can relate to. but the thing is, you are much more pure. you see only the good and while he’s ashamed of his darker side, he protects you from all the bad in the world. he vows to let nothing taint your angelic smile and you inspire him to be a better person
he will also rely on you a lot. you become his source of energy when he runs out of his own - because it happens a lot more than anyone realises. simply being in your presence works, but he also loves cuddles with you, he loves taking walks in nature with you, and domestic things like cooking or watching movies together, he loves anything as long as it’s with you
he is probably the most averse to your personality. he doesn’t think bad of it nor does he treat you any differently than he treats anyone else. but he’s a little confused whenever he’s around you
he’s a known socialite and networker. and the brothers he lives with are a weird bunch. he’s met all types of personalities but when you come along, he doesn’t know how to act
he may come off as reserved and even stuck up. he talks to you normally, but he might sound too formal because he’s stuck in a “can I be myself with them or should I reserve my comfortable side until later?” mindset
but you are more than comfortable around him which makes him feel better. it definitely loosens his nerves and slowly but surely, he’ll begin to feel as if you’ve known each other your entire lives
you guys go on many outings together. usually he’s the one doing the talking but it’s nice to stand back and watch you converse with all of his friends. it’s a natural skill and you might even be better at it than him. he feels so proud of you
from that point on, he takes you everywhere with him. which you love because spending time with him is so relaxing. social events or private dates, you guys will always be together
some may even speculate you being a couple from the very early stages of your friendship due to your inseparableness
over time, he tries to make you spend time with him alone rather than going on outings with groups. you’re generous with your smiles and he loves that about you. but he feels a little greedy and wants to save them all for himself
he tries really hard to impress you. he wants to woo you every second of the day. he doesn’t realise how obliviously romantic he is but you see it all and as much as his brothers tease him about it, you’re the only one who gets to see this side of him
he takes a liking to you immediately. you’re much easier to be around compared to his brothers who are constantly bickering and causing trouble – although he is often caught up in that trouble with them
but you are like a gentle breeze compared to the storms he’s used to being around
he loves your optimism. when you come across anyone who is feeling down, you inspire them with your hopeful attitude
beel isn’t excessive with his words. he says what he needs to and saves the special words for special moments. but you are so expressive in every way, shape and form. it’s like you can adapt to any love language
if someone wants words of affirmation, you praise them to no end. if someone feels to shy with words, you’ll show them how amazing they are with your actions instead. you have so much joy and love for everyone, he doesn’t want to see it ever run out
but he also feels something tugging in his chest. while he is happy to see you make such a positive impact on others, a small part of him wishes there was a special place in your heart for him
you guys do many things together, and it’s rare to see you run out of energy. but when you do, he’ll always be there for you to fall back on. maybe you pushed yourself too hard today and feel exhausted, so he’ll piggyback you home. you were too focused on other people that you didn’t eat and now you’re lacking energy, so he gives you the lunch he was saving for himself
he acts like your guardian, your best friend who’s always looking out for you. he worries you won’t understand the way he feels because you like to give everyone else the attention he wants all for himself
but he soon discovers in the sweet whispers you give him, in the home-cooked food you make him, in the honest smiles you share with him alone, that he does have a little home in your heart
you’re like a fizzy pop full of vibrant flavours and energy, and he’s like a cup of dark, bitter tea
opposites attract never felt so relevant. he tries to stay away from you but the funny thing is, he can’t. no matter how hard he tries, he likes being around you. you give him all the sunshine he never usually receives
he won’t admit it tho. he’ll pretend to be sleeping on the couch but in reality, he wants to be there to listen to your gentle chatter and soft giggles. he wants to secretly learn more about you
he starts to feel envious of his brothers because you get along so naturally with them. but with him, the ice still needs to break
he’s waiting on you for a long time, for you to approach him and ask him to walk to school, and eat lunch together and maybe watch the stars together in the planetarium. but you never do
it frustrates him a lot and he knows if he wants it so bad, he should ask you first. he imagines the scenario many times in his head but he’s not so bold in real life
you finally find out his true feelings when he makes a little comment, something along the lines of “you never ask me to go with you” when you were proposing a shopping trip with the others
it’s then when you confess that you always wanted to ask, but you thought he wouldn’t be interested. he figures he’s to blame because he’s never actually showed an interest in you, but it still hurts to know you could have been so close if he hadn’t avoided you so much
he makes sure you’re not the one to ask. he’s come this far so he wants to be brave and break the ice himself. shopping doesn’t sound so fun but if it means he gets to spend time with you, he’ll put up with it. 
and maybe after the long day, he’ll invite you to the planetarium so you can finally watch the stars together
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beels-burger-babe · 16 days ago
You never think - a.k.a Mad Mammon
I was thinking this with Tears of Themis earlier, but now I'm thinking about Obey Me and-
Mammon. Mammon right? Mammon the moron who we love who would do ANYTHING for MC and who canonically got super upset when MC got hurt in the Levi Arc in Season 1 because he wasn't there to protect them.
And MC. Crazy ass MC who is the most reckless motherfucker there is and constantly gets involved with other people's business.
So I raise you this:
MC notices someone is in danger, and similar to the Beel and Luke v. Lucifer situation, steps in and gets seriously injured.
Mammon is by their hospital bed when they wake up. But he's not sad, or fretful, or scared, or over bearing, or happy.
He's furious — his tusndere "I don't know how I feel right now so I'm just going to be angry" ness is shining in it's full glory and he is fuming.
"What were you thinking?" he'd hiss, his eyes still downcast to the floor.
"No! No. Shut up, and listen for fucking once! You jumped between two feral demons who were in the midst of attacking their prey!"
"They were going to kill them-"
"WE'RE FUCKING DEMONS MC! Killing things is our jobs! But you! You're a human! A stupid, squishy, mortal, human that doesn't seem to have inherited any of the god damn self-preservation that your species is supposed to have! FUCK! Do you ever use that pretty little head of yours?! You could'a died, MC! HELL! You would've if I hadn't been lookin' for ya! What would you've done if I was too late, huh? I'll tell ya, what, nothin'! Because you'd be gutted, shredded, and skinned with nothing left of ya but a splatter of blood and few bones left in the halls. Is that what ya want? Huh?"
And yeah, he's harsh, and vicious, but he doesn't know how to process all the over flowing concern and terror running through that his human almost died a second time. He might regret saying some it later, but in that moment, he can't even fully process what he's saying.
The argument will leave with him storming out of the room to gather himself, only to collapse in the hallway in tears.
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6mmad · 2 months ago
oldest obey me brothers as annoying boyfriend activities
a/n: quick writing for the oldest three bc i love them
Leans his head over to look at what you're doing on your phone and refuses to admit to it
Buys you clothes that are very clearly his own taste but he just wants to see you in them, just don't say that out loud or he'll threaten to return them (since you "clearly don't want it")
Once he offers to help fix something there's no getting him away, yes he's been taking 5 hours to fix the hot water in your shower but NO he will not call a plumber when "he's got it"
Will cut a kiss short just to see you get frustrated (but god forbid you do it back)
"Oh!.... I see, no it's fine, MC.... I didn't say I was upset"
Stalks your social media to make sure nobody is flirting with you under your comments (absolutely loses his shit on them when he actually finds someone dumb enough)
Everytime you two lay down together he manages to pull your hair/bonnet/ or elbow your head. Every. Single. Time (literally just goes "lol damn sorry")
Tries to cop a feel and when you catch him he gets defensive cause CLEARLY he miscalculated the distance from your ass and hip.. jeez!
Will wake you up mid-sleep to ask you something unimportant
"Babe....babe have you seen my white towel...? Baby?..... i can't find it babe wake-"
Never remembers your friends names and makes you remind him every time you have gossip about them
Will be on voice chat in-game while on the phone with you and yes it will be confusing as hell
"MOVE YOU IDIOT- no henry, not you, i wouldn't call you that.. ARE YOU STUPID-"
Knocks on the bathroom door to ask if you're done (not cause he has to go, he just wants you back)
Asks "what if" questions to test your love (he just wants to test the limits, mc, what if he were to actually turn into a snail and-)
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absolutepokemontrash · 5 months ago
So, you guys know those absolutely ridiculous tabloids with all the fake celebrity news written all over the cover? Okay hear me out, the Devildom has those… but the brothers are often the main feature.
Asmo reads them REGULARLY.
Asmo: GASP! I’ve fallen out with Satan?! When?! *grabs magazine* I must know!
Lucifer: Asmo, those things are trash.
Asmo: it says right here that Lord Diavolo rejected your marriage proposal.
Lucifer: *snatches the magazine* I proposed?!
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