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devildomditzy 2 days
MC asking the brothers which one of them got into an intense fiddle battle with a man name Johnny down in Georgia
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ai-dev 24 days
Lucifer x Stubborn mc
Man I'm on a roll with these animations 馃拑
Got way more ideas coming up now just have to actually do them...
Ik I haven't posted much obey me content in the last couple of weeks(?) But I'm starting to get into it again bc of the fandom ngl
Anyway hope you all have a good dayYy :D
(btw thank you all for the follows and the notes on my last post I really appreciate it!)
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leviathism 5 months
gender neutral reader
鈥淕oodnight!鈥 You shouted down the hallway before you shut your door, unable to not smile after you heard the muffled replies of the brothers shouting back to you.
Climbing into bed had never been a difficult task and today it was no different. With you safe under your covers and your phone to distract you, you were perfectly content.
But, then, of course, 聽Mammon came marching in as he had always done since your first week here. However, you had grown so used to this that it no longer disrupted the peace anymore.
So, you ignored him and simply lifted up the covers for him to slide into.
After a few minutes of DevilTok, you threw your phone onto your nightstand and covered yourself up with your blanket. You were finally ready to sleep.
Mammon curled closer, his face hidden in the blanket over your stomach. You smoothed his hair down, smiling at how he only pressed closer at the touch.
Your door creaked open. You raised your head but you were unable to tell who it was. They settled on the side opposite of where Mammon had gotten in and rubbed your shoulder gently instead of saying anything.
The lamp turned on. It was Satan. You rolled onto your stomach, trying to shield your eyes from the light. Mammon grumbled, annoyed that he could no longer hide his face in your body comfortably.
Your door once again creaked open. You groaned.
Another weight to the bed. Someone had decided to lay on your back. Four people in your bed was too unusual. You peeked an eye open.
Mammon was baring his teeth like a feral animal at whoever was on top of you. You would bet a thousand Grimm that it was Belphie.
You looked to your right. Satan wasn鈥檛 even reading his book and was instead looking at you.
You rolled your eyes. You knew what was happening. Your demons had once again came to the conclusion that you were human with a human lifespan.
You decided to just let them angst this one out.
The door opened and this time, two pairs of footsteps wondered to your bed. 鈥淪orry, hun,鈥 Asmo whispered as he crawled over you and Mammon. 鈥淲anted to see you.鈥
鈥淯h huh鈥︹ Levi took his spot on the outside of your legs, your left calf acting as a cushion for his head. You prayed that you wouldn鈥檛 accidentally kick him in your sleep.
Then you heard the crunching of chips and a crinkle of a bag. You hadn鈥檛 even noticed him walk in.
You moaned into your pillow, exhausted beyond belief. 鈥淏eel, please stop eating. I know it sucks to be told that, but go outside if you鈥檙e going to crunch.鈥
There was an incoherent reply and then silence. The edge of the mattress dipped down. Satan turned his lamp off.
You worked on ignoring all of them, closing your eyes tightly and hoping for the best. Asmo dragged his manicured nails up and down your arm and it pulled you into a sleepy haze. You hummed out your appreciation and Asmo giggled tiredly in response.
You felt yourself rocking in and out of sleep, even drooling with how at peace you were. Maybe it wasn鈥檛 so bad having six demons in bed with you. Maybe it was worth it for this amount of comfort.
And then your door slammed open.
鈥淕et out of their room, now.鈥 A deadly aura made you choke on air, shivering violently. Lucifer was in his demon form and livid.
Belphie jolted awake on your back, making you gasp in pain as his elbows and knees dug into you. Mammon reacted, scrambling to pull you out from under him.
鈥淢ammon,鈥 Belphie growled, easing his weight back down onto you. 鈥淲hat do you think you鈥檙e doing?鈥
鈥淲hat do ya think YOU鈥橰E doing?!鈥 Mammon huffed, irritated. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e hurtin鈥 鈥榚m!鈥
鈥淭hey鈥檙e fine. They can handle it.鈥 He patted you on the head. How were they ignoring Lucifer? You shifted warily under his weight, unable to see anything happening.
Lucifer started stomping over. You shrunk under Belphie, trying to hide.
鈥淲ho do you two think you are, ignoring me?鈥 Lucifer loomed over you three, Levi rolling away to avoid confrontation. 鈥淵ou will all go to your own rooms immediately. The rest of you as well.鈥
鈥淟ucifer!鈥 Asmodeus whined, leaning into a dozing Beelzebub鈥檚 side. 鈥淲hy can鈥檛 we stay? What鈥檚 the harm?鈥
鈥淭hey were just about to sleep but someone decided to wake them back up,鈥 Satan glowered up at Lucifer. 鈥淚 think you should be the one to leave.鈥
鈥淥h my god, Lucifer just let them stay.鈥 You took matters into your own hands, rubbing at your face tiredly. You wanted no more arguing tonight. 鈥淭hanks, but if I didn鈥檛 want them here I would鈥檝e gotten rid of them long ago myself. Stay or leave, I don鈥檛 care just please turn off the lights.鈥
He walked away and flipped the switch, darkness fortunately covering the entire room once again. You relaxed and felt Belphie nuzzle into the nape of your neck.
You heard a chair being dragged on your wooden floor and then Lucifer sitting down. You rolled your eyes. Of course he would choose to stay but not be in the bed.
Now, with everything and everyone finally settled in for the night, you got to thinking.
How could all of them be upset over the same thing at once? You think quietly as you can in your bed filled with eight people and come to a damning conclusion. One that makes your stomach twist painfully.
鈥淵ou had a family movie night without me, didn鈥檛 you? And it had someone dying long before someone else, didn鈥檛 it?鈥 The sound of breathing stops, seven pairs of eyes stare at you, all conveying different degrees of guilt. 鈥淲hat the hell?鈥
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lucidreamer-uwu 3 months
Surprise Trust Falls | Brothers Edition
"Lucifer, catch me!"
Would not catch you.
Would know what you were going for but will only watch you fall on your back.
He'd claim that he had no clue what you were doing but he'd be lying.
Of course he didn't mean anything by not catching you, in fact, he even made it so that your fall was softened so you wouldn't get hurt, without you noticing.
He thought it was cute that you were making such a big deal out of him not catching you. He's a sucker for your pouty face. If he was just a little less prideful, he'd give in to pinching your cheeks (If no one was watching, he'd consider doing it).
Would pick you right up from the ground, plant a kiss on your forehead, and carry you elsewhere so that he could pamper you to make up for letting you fall.
"Mammon, trust fall!"
Would catch you.
He immediately gets the idea you were going for when he saw that you shut your eyes, put your hands in the air, and fell backwards.
This boy has superior reflexes due to the many situations he's gotten himself into before, so even when you catch him off guard he'd still be able to break your fall one way or another. Whether it was with his arms, legs, or even his entire body when he wasn't sure he'd be able to make it in time to catch you properly.
You'd be happy and relieved that he caught you, but him on the other hand? He'd be scolding you so much that you'd think that he resembled a certain older brother of his.
He was only scolding you for putting yourself in harm's way though. He didn't want you to get hurt.
He'd also say that you were cruel to put him in a situation like that. What if he didn't catch you? Then it'd be his fault you were hurt! He'd never forgive himself!
Would catch you.
The sound of your voice would alert him, no doubt. But the sight of you dangerously halfway to the ground on your back made him leap towards you.
You have never witnessed the otaku move so quickly.
Confused, flustered, and stuttering, Levi would prop you right back onto your feet and swiftly speed walk away to cool down his face without any eye contact or so much as a sensible word.
Honestly, he's glad that he caught you. He didn't know he was physically capable of moving like that still.
Would replay the entire situation over and over again in his head for at least a week, thinking that it was just like an anime moment, only it was irl.
"Satan, help I'm falling!"
Would catch you.
I have a strong, undying hunch that this mans would be all smooth, catching you effortlessly like how a stereotypical prince would.
Then he'd look into your eyes with a gentlemanly gaze and ask if you were alright.
He'd also tell you that you shouldn't put yourself in harm's way just to tell him you trust him. He'd let you know that he gets that you trust him.
He knows what you were trying to do, and he knows what he was doing. Good luck not having a nose bleed.
"Catch me, Asmo! I'm falling!"
"For me? Finally!"
Would not catch you.
You'd be on the ground before he even noticed what had happened.
You'd frown at him but he wouldn't take the hint. He'd be so happy that you were falling for him and admitted it that nothing else seemed to matter.
He'd genuinely be confused about what you were upset about afterwards. And it'd take him a few minutes to realize what it was that actually happened.
Would initially feel upset that it wasn't what he thought it was, but would try his best to make up for it one way or another.
"Truuuuust faaaaallll!!"
Would catch you.
It doesn't matter whether his arms were full or if he was in the middle of snacking, this boy would catch you 100%.
Maybe it was because he and his club teammates often did trust falls together when they were messing around during practice, but catching you seemed extremely easy for him despite being distracted or being in the middle of something else.
Pouts and says you should warn him next time so that there wouldn't be a chance for you to hurt yourself. (As if. He'd still be able to catch you regardless).
"Belphie, wake up. Trust fall time!"
Would not catch you.
Jumping Belphie with a trust fall almost always involved you waking him up.
He'd be napping on the attic bed this time when you surprise attack him.
As you fall through the air, he'd know exactly what was happening and deliberately roll over to the side so you don't squish him.
"Tsk. I'm sleeping." he'd say in an annoyed tone when you land on the bed beside him.
He'd make it look like he didn't want to be disturbed any longer but when you get up to leave, he'd pull you right back into bed and lock you into a cuddle session.
"Who said you could leave?"
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etcrow 4 months
MC: "I love you, MC" said the evil demon who smashed me to death with a hug
Belphie: I already tell you I am sorry
MC: said the evil hug serial killer
Belphie: *exasperated noises*
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bam-here 2 months
//Obey Me Headcanons//Favorite Positions//
Only did the og cast but if you want me to do the others, let me know and I'll edit this post. First time writing smut, feedback is greatly appreciated.
TW Choking
Diavolo loves looking at every angle of you. He often has dirty thoughts of your tits bouncing in his face, or your ass slapping against. However, his all time favorite view of you is on your knees in front of him, mouth stuffed with his cock. Your cute lips wrapped around his cock as you tear up trying so hard not to gag. Freaky, Deaky, Demon Lord.
Lucifer absolutely loves when you are on top of him. He loves the view of you pleasuring him on his office chair. Your tits in his face as you bounce on his cock. The control you have on making him cum whenever you pleased by clenching your walls around him drives him crazy. Masochist?... Possibly.
Belphie absolutely loves when you let him take control and get on all fours. He loves pushing your face into his pillow as you hold onto it. He loves watching his dick disappear in you as he pokes your deepest spot. Mixed with your muffled whimpers and gasps, he can't help but to just give you exactly what you want slut. Extra cuddles for sleepy demon.
Mammon is the biggest sweetheart ever. He loves seeing all of you on top of him. He loves being able to grab any part of you, feeling your soft skin as you bounce on his cock. Your sexy expressions as you pleasure yourself on him, mixed with your sweet moans make him fall for you all over again. Broke demon is a simp.
Levi is captain super bottom simp. But in the most sweetest way ever. He absolutely loves when you are so expressive with him that the littlest things he does to you gets you both off. Having you on top of him using your thighs and pussy lips to tease his needy cock. He thigh fucks you anytime you wear those cute skirts like the character from that one anime, (insert whole summary as title of anime here).
Satan loves dominating you, no matter who is on top. But he absolutely loves when he is on top, making you hold your legs up to your chest as he chokes you. Your needy facial expressions as he has his way with you and you take it, makes him feel like you two are so connected and trusting of each other. Silent book boy is Dom.
Barbatos is quite tender with you, a true gentleman. So when it comes to intimacy with you two, he gives you exactly what you need. He loves guiding you with his sweet voice on how to suck his cock as he fingers and plays with your soaked spot. Satisfying you, satisfies him. Truly, one hell of a butler.
Asmo loves doing anything that involves no clothes with you. Baths are his favorite way of showing you how much he really desires you. Rubbing and massaging you, to make you squirm so he can slip inside you from behind as he holds you close. His sweet voice praising you as you feel him kissing your spot with each thrust. Sex demon is gentle dom.
Beel loves holding you close to him. When he craves you, he holds you up from your ass and guides you on and off his cock. He loves how you whimper and hold him as his balls clap against you with each thrust up into your wet mess. All the snacks and cuddles after obviously.
Solomon is such a tease that having control over you in the bedroom is a must. However, he is surprisingly quite romantic. He loves bending you over, as you hold your ankles as he massages his cock slowly into you from behind in front of a mirror. He loves watching your body take him like the good girl you are. Skidaddle, skadoodle, I'm horny.
Simeon is such a sweet angel, obviously. He loves making you feel good and as many times as possible. This in return makes him very lustful for you. Your sweet facial expressions looking up at him from the edge of the bed as he pumps into you standing with your feet on this shoulders. The way he can look at you from that position, so open and exposed to him, is the sweetest thing about having you to himself. Jesus sees all, of Simeon in me.
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tokeythehuman 5 months
in lesson 16:
Lilith: so before you go back to the living can I ask a favor?
MC: uh sure?
Lilith: kick all my brothers in the nuts for me?
MC: gladly
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books-and-catears 7 months
"Could I stay like this?"
Tumblr media
You were exhausted today. Having to manage a whole event, assignments and 7 chaotic brothers was no easy feat. It was only lunchtime and you were dizzy with fatigue.
You must have missed your footing and stumbled a couple of times because someone called out to you. "MC! Are you okay?! You don't look too well..."
A pair of arms held you upright but you just wanted to rest. Without another word, you leaned into him, your head right over his rapidly beating heart.
"Could I stay like this? Just for a little bit?"
"Of course, MC."
He gently pats your head as he leans against the wall on his room. Another hand holds you by the waist, keeping you balanced. The door might be unlocked, one of his brothers might slip in and see him like this with you but he didn't care.
You seemed restful in his arms. He didn't want to disturb you. He stared at you with guilt.
"I'm afraid I've given you too many responsibilities. I apologise, MC. You can take it easier from here onwards."
He whispers holding you tighter. He can hold you like this for the rest of the day if you want.
"Oi, easy there! Hold on!"
Mammon's arms tightened around you instantly to make sure you didn't fall. His cheeks flushed red at the proximity.
He gently makes you sit down on his couch, holding you with one hand and fanning you with a notebook in the other.
"You'll get a fever from so much work, MC! You're acting all workaholic like Lucifer. And you're supposed to ask me for help! I'm your protector remember?"
He keeps fanning you until he feels you are finally cooled down. Is prepared to tuck you to sleep in his bed if you ask.
"Ah! Careful MC!"
He catches you and loses his balance in suprise. Luckily he does fall back against his cushy gaming chair. He would much rather move you to his bathtub where he assumes you'd be more comfy.
"Give me some warning before you do that next time please, MC! *Sigh* This is why I tell you to stay here with me! Look at how they tiring my brothers are!"
He looks down to see wires from his consoles wrapped around both of your feet, binding you together. He blushes as you mumble something and his arms relax on you.
And to be honest when was he next going to find you so close to him, away from his annoying brothers?
"By all means, MC."
He chuckles a little seeing how you clumsily fell on him. He still manages to walk you to his bed, almost carrying you. He's already checked your vitals to make sure nothing is seriously wrong.
Propping you up to his chest, he pulls a thin blanket on both of you. He makes you curl into his warmth as he makes sure you're comfortable.
"No more long nighters for you, MC. And you're welcome to come and rest here whenever you like. Shhh...its okay, keep your eyes closed. You can fall asleep."
He strokes your hair like he does with cats. And with another hand he resumes reading a book, glancing at you every now and then. And he smiles, reassured that you're resting well.
"Oh darling, of course!"
He clucks his tongue and shakes his head in dismay. Clearly you have been ignoring his advice of getting enough rest.
He takes the pillows on his bed and fluffs them up before placing you on them. He wants to get his entire relaxing kit from the bathroom but the way you cling to him has him weak.
"I'll ask Solomon to help at the event this week, so take the all rest you need, MC. Yes, I'll be keeping an eye on you to make sure! Now rest."
He runs his fingers softly around your eyes and then threads his fingers through your hair, pressing them into your scalp. It was the best head massage you'd ever had.
"MC?! MC what's wrong?! Hold on!"
He promptly picks you up princess style and heads over straight to your room. He needs to make sure you're okay at all costs.
Your arms wrap around his torso and he doesn't have the heart to set you down now.
"Have you been skipping meals again, MC? I'll take you to Hell's kitchen after this. My treat. Make sure you eat a lot okay, MC?"
He smiles at you, gently brushing stray hairs off your face and cupping your cheek. If anyone barges into your room, he covers your ears and shoos them away.
"Make yourself at home, MC."
Luckily for you Belphie was already sitting on the common room couch. He laid down, taking you with him, curling his arms around your waist.
"This is why I keep telling you to get more rest. But you never listen do you? *Sighs* Are you competing with Lucifer to see who overworks themselves to death first? I can't allow you to win that."
He traces circles on your back, feeling you relax further into him. Just like Beel, he death glares at anyone who makes noise around you. Which is frequent since you both are in the common room!
"I've got you. It's okay."
Holds you close and drapes his cape around you to keep you comfy. He's eyebrows furrow in worry before he realises it's merely fatigue. He can definitely help you out of it.
You feel the rushing wind in your hair and on your cheeks as he flies you through the air back to his place. He grabs onto you tight even when you're inside.
"Now rest as much as you like. I'll give you some revitalizing potion later. Oh did I move too far away? Can I come closer then? As you wish, MC."
He chuckles as if he didn't desperately want the same thing. He blows softly on your forehead and stroking your cheek with his thumb. Perhaps you should go back to the human world for a while,away from everyone else.
"Oh dear! Are you okay?! MC?!"
Readily catches you, pacing himself delicately so as to cause you minimum disturbance. He doesn't know much about normal human biology only that they're much more fragile.
Sits down with you in the back of an abandoned classroom, your cheeks falling soft and warm against his bare shoulder. He blushed at the sensation.
"Are you not feeling well, MC? Does anything hurt? What can I do to make it better? Just stay like this? Of course, for as long as you need!"
He whispers his worries as he drapes one arm around you and gently places his head on yours, drawing circles on your arm. He's determined to have a talk with Lucifer later - clearly you need to be taken care of better.
"Of course. Hold on tight, MC."
He carries you around like a child on his shoulder everywhere he goes. People keep staring but he couldn't care less. He just glares at them and they stay silent.
You stir a little while he's sitting in the council room, signing some papers. You lift your dizzy head up a little but he coaxes it back down on his shoulder.
"No MC, it's no trouble at all. In fact, it will be more worrisome for me to let you walk around on your own in this state. So please keep resting. I'll have Barbatos and Solomon prepare whatever medication you require."
He readjusts you on his lap whenever you seem fidgety and rocks you gently whenever you try to wake yourself up. He's already preparing to make you stay at the castle this week.
"Allow me to give you some more comfort."
He deftly multitasks while holding you close. He prepares a suitable resting spot on the student council lounge sofa.
He smiles when he sees you refuse to let go of his hands. He sits down first and gently lays down your head on his lap.
"Yes it's really fine, MC. I have no immediate duties to be taken care of. Please sleep and rest your brain for a while if you can. I'll make you peppermint tea later."
He runs his fingers through your hair, combing the tangles out of them, massaging your scalp and the back of your neck in the best way possible. He's honestly really grateful to have you here.
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First Impressions (Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan)
Lucifer took one look at the human, and frankly, thought nothing. A human, as average as unremarkable as they come, or so he thought.
That's when the menace came out, and he realised, this creature fears nothing. Within a week, they've racked up pacts with two of his brothers, and adds a third in the following few days.
(Y/N) is a whirlwind, their presence is unmistakeable in a room, and absolutely impossible to ignore when they spoke up. And yet, not a whisp of magic to them.
It takes all of two weeks for him to go from indifference to admiration, not that he'll ever be telling them that.
Mammon will never, ever admit to falling head over heels for that little human the second he saw them, he'll deny it 'till the end of time and regret nothing.
That doesn't make it any less true.
The second he saw them, dwarfed by Lucifer and Diavolo, tentative, eyes averted, darting all about the place like a rabbit in a lion's den, this unreasonably protective urge came over him. He argued purely out of spite.
Can't say he was too happy when it turned out (Y/N) had a bossy streak. (He was, in fact, delighted, they're hot as Devildom fire when they boss him around).
Leviathan looks down his nose at the measly thing. A slip of creature, his first reaction is to ignore them. He feels a little sorry for them honestly, Devildom knows he wouldn't do well in their place.
In a realm they don't know, with no way of defending themselves from beings ten times stronger than they are, and no way home? Yeah, he'd short circuit.
Not (Y/N), no, the determined little menace goes out of their way to make a solution to an impossible problem. A pact, with him? Why?!
Then, (Y/N) comes into their own, and he's got his best friend.
Satan sees a delicate thing, and an ignorant one at that. Lifespan too short to truly understand the way of the worlds, the weight of this exchange program.
The way he sees it, they'll either be a nuisance, or dead.
Until their first few grades come in, and they'd scored well above the expected platform.
He knows, because he helped design that course for someone who was utterly ignorant to magic and the Devildom. Someone starting from scratch.
Not only had they aced the tests, they'd gone on to more advanced courses in less than half the time it should have taken.
Next time he saw them, he asked how, and they'd merely said: "It's interesting stuff, makes it easy to learn."
Seeing them as a person becomes a little easier after that.
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goblins-writing 7 months
Little Things They Do With You
A/N: This is a little cheesy but I just wanted to write something fluffy and fun. I hope you enjoy!
Pairing: Lucifer x MC, Mammon x MC, Leviathan x MC, Satan x MC, Asmodeus x MC, Beelzebub x MC, Belphegor x MC
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Summary: Different things you do with the brothers.聽
Requests are open!!
Lucifer - Help each other with paperwork/ homework late at night. Curled up next to each other by the fireplace, slowly talking each other through what you're working on.
- Listening to new music together. Swaying in each other's arms, talking about which parts stood out to you.
- Going to the store together. Walking side by side, holding hands, or being tucked up into his side as you cruise through the market. Mammon - Late night drives. Having deep conversations or just sitting in comfortable silence as he drives the two of you around the Devildom.
- Movie nights. Either out at the theater or cuddled up on his couch, moving closer at scary parts and laughing together at the funny ones.
- Sneaking into events together. Stealthily running past security and crashing into each other in laughter when you're in the clear. Leviathan - Gaming together. Beating each other up in Minecraft and surviving with one another in Dead by Daylight.
- Passing notes in class. Doodling on the notes and writing "I love you's", all the while trying not to get caught by the teacher.
- Cosplaying together. Even if you're not familiar with the character, you'd do anything for each other. Satan - Reading together in the bath. Your back pressed against his chest. You're holding the book while he reads aloud.
- Going to animal shelters/ sanctuaries together. Petting and fawning over the animals and taking pictures together.
- Kissing in the rain. Getting caught in a downpour and instead of running for cover; dancing and kissing under the streetlights. Asmodeus - Shopping together. Picking out outfits for one another and then giving opinions on what you thought of the outfit.
- Planning parties, even if you don't plan on going. Getting notebooks and supplies and pulling an all-nighter to get everything done.
- Gossiping in the corner of events. Talking about what different demons have done and laughing together, it might be petty but it's fun. Beelzebub - Cooking together. Looking up recipes online and then trying them. Flinging ingredients at each other and giggling.
- Working out together. Making it a day and going to the gym, never leaving each other's side, and helping when one another needs it.
- Playing rock paper scissors/ coin toss to make decisions. It's childish but it makes the both of you smile. Belphegor - Breakfast in bed. Usually, you're the one to prepare it but sometimes he'll surprise you by waking you up to a fresh meal.
- Doing laundry together. Making a normally boring task fun just by being together and by joking around with one another.
- Hug attacks! Running and jumping into each other's arms. Whether you catch one another or not is irrelevant because you're still together and that's all that matters.
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devildomditzy 2 days
imagine mammon getting him and mc into a serious accident and mc ends up losing an eye or something and he feels so bad but mc still loves him ,, like angst but with a sweet ending :')
Accidents Happen - Mammon x MC
Lol i couldn鈥檛 think of what to name this one we鈥檒l give it a better one in post
Part one of ?
TW: Potential body horror, lots of angst
鈥淧leeeeaaassse鈥, your voice rings out to him from your position where you sat on his bed. Your sweet, beautiful, annoyingly cheery voice.
鈥淵er not comin鈥, MC. Like I said this place is dangerous for demons, let alone some little human like you.鈥
Mammon doesn鈥檛 spare you a glance as he continues grabbing miscellaneous items and shoving them into his bag. Increasingly becoming frustrated with his lack of attention, you hopped off the mattress and skipped your way over to his closet, where the second born scoured through his belongings. When he turns towards the sound of your footsteps, he is met with the saddest pout you could muster.
鈥淧lease Mammon! I promise I can handle it!鈥, you whine, blinking up to him with wide, puppy dog eyes.
鈥淕ah! Don鈥檛 look at me like that! L-like I said, it鈥檚 for yer own good!鈥, he blushes, eyes looking anywhere but at your pleading expression.
Gently, you reach forward and grab his hand, running circles over his knuckles. The way he tenses up at your touch is not lost on you. A few touches and the right words could make the avatar of greed putty in your hands.
鈥淚鈥檓 not just some regular ole human, I鈥檝e survived down here long enough!鈥
You read his features, still finding him less than convinced. Time to roll out the big guns.
鈥淧lus, if I鈥檓 in any danger.. I know The Great Mammon will save me. You know, being my first man and all鈥 he鈥檚 so powerful and strong and-鈥
鈥淥kay! Fine. You can come with me, ya spoiled brat.鈥
Sweet, sweet victory.
While you spin around and do your small happy dance, the demon before you can鈥檛 help but smile widely at your antics. Of course you鈥檇 be fine, you鈥檝e some how managed to survive down here in the Devildom just fine. You鈥檝e somehow managed to make pacts with him and all of his brothers. You鈥檝e charmed everyone here, even the demon prince himself. What鈥檚 one small trip to the depths? And it鈥檚 not like he wouldn鈥檛 be with you every step of the way.
Really, what was he worried about in the first place? He should have told you to pack a bag as soon as Lucifer told him about the 鈥渇avor鈥 he was asking (forcing) him to do for Diavolo. Just maybe he wouldn鈥檛 let Lucifer know he was bringing you along鈥
鈥淎lright, go pack yer things and meet me back here in ten, alright? If your comin鈥, yer gonna hav鈥檛a listen to every word I say, capeesh?鈥, he questions, eyes narrowing in on you as you raise one hand to your forehead in salute.
鈥淎ye aye, Captain!鈥, you giggle before running off towards your bedroom. Your not exactly sure what Mammon is venturing for yet, he鈥檚 kept it pretty vague as to not pique your interest. When will he learn wherever he goes the human is sure to follow, you think, smiling to yourself. Plus, no way you鈥檇 pass up a chance to see Devildom territory previously uncharted by yourself. This was the chance for adventure! A chance to not be cooped up in the dorms! A chance to skip class!
Not knowing exactly where you are going or what you are going for aside, you shove what you assume might be useful in a 鈥渉ostile environment鈥 (hairbrush? toothbrush? the mace Asmo gave you for downtown? an extra pair of shoes?), and haul your bag and yourself back to the bedroom door of your first man, finding Mammon staring down at his D.D.D impatiently.
鈥淵a know, you take forever gettin鈥 ready鈥, he complains, not braking eye contact from the device. 鈥淥h, says the boy who takes forty-five minutes on his hair every day!鈥, you tease back. Mammon鈥檚 face shoots up at that comment, expression hurt as he feigns offense, 鈥淭hat was supposed to be our secret!鈥. He brings a hand up to defensively splay across his chest, turning his face away from your direction. 鈥淐an鈥檛 believe ya. I鈥檓 offerin鈥 to be yer tour guide and this is how ya treat me? I outta charge ya.鈥 鈥淗ow鈥檚 this?鈥, you ask, rolling onto your tippy toes to place a chaste kiss to his cheek. Just like clockwork, his skin flashes a bright pink and he begins stuttering. 鈥淗-hey! Ya can鈥檛 just do that outta nowhere! T-trying to distract me n stuff - We got a very important mission ya know!鈥.
You smirk up at your very flustered first man, 鈥淏y all means, after you鈥, gesturing towards the hallway that leads to the front door.
Flying was a sensation you鈥檇 never get used to, you think to yourself. Ever the showboat, Mammon has taken to the Devildom skies with you in his grasp many times before, but each trip felt new. The bristle of the cold wind against your skin, the pit that formed in your stomach when you glanced down. It didn鈥檛 help now that you wore both your bags, your backpack strapped against you and Mammon鈥檚 duffel bag across your side. They felt weightless with the way he carried you, but your mind couldn鈥檛 help but wander to the notion of how much faster the extra pounds would make you plummet towards the ground had you fallen from this height.
He picks up on your nervousness quickly. He wasn鈥檛 born yesterday, and while he isn鈥檛 the smartest of his brothers, he knows your anxiety when he sees it. 鈥淛ust hang on tight鈥, he reassures, yelling over the roar of the wind, 鈥淚鈥檝e gotcha. Wouldn鈥檛 let anythin鈥 happen to ya either.鈥 You notice the grin that plasters across his face as you tighten your grip around his neck, but decide not to tease him. After all, he could tease you right back for the warmth spreading across your features.
You don鈥檛 know how long you鈥檝e been flying for, but you do know the atmosphere has taken a turn for the worst. The air has become thick, almost like a fog that was hard to take in. The landscape below changed drastically, as the bustling city began to disappear and buildings became fewer and fewer, until all that was left was pointy, jagged cliff formations and cracked rock stretching for miles. You fail to think of anything the Demon Price could possible need from a barren wasteland like this. You鈥檙e ripped from your train of thought as Mammon鈥檚 begins your descent down.
He sets you on your feet gently, stepping back to give you some room to bush yourself off. Your hands shoot up to flatten your fly-aways; You still wanted to look good in front of him, even if you were in the middle of a stretch of desert. 鈥淲e鈥檙e almost there, it鈥檚 just about a mile up ahead鈥, he points outward, and your eyes follow the direction of his finger. 鈥淲hy aren鈥檛 we flying in鈥, you question, almost innocently as you continued to fix your hair. 鈥淐uz,鈥 he responds 鈥渢hey like to shoot things out of the sky.鈥
Beginning to worry that maybe this journey wasn鈥檛 for you, you keep close to Mammon as you both set pace for a larger crack within the oranged Earth beneath your feet. 鈥淲hen we get there, just follow my lead 鈥榥 stay quiet, got it?鈥, he instructs. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 have ya steppin into any deal makin鈥.鈥 You figure now would be as good a time as ever to ask, 鈥淗ey Mammon, what exactly does Diavolo need you to get anywa- Woah!鈥
Your train of thought is cut short as the opening you both were seeking comes into view. Now, peering down into the large gash in the rock you see a large, bustling city. Market stalls line the streets for miles, shrouded in darkness, attended by people who seemed less than savory. You feel a hand touch the small of your back as Mammon takes a breath. 鈥淏e careful when we go down, n鈥 don鈥檛 leave my side for a second.鈥
Through twisting turns and back allies of disheveled buildings and litter lined streets, one thing is clear: your first man knows his way around these parts. 鈥淪o, do you come here鈥ften?鈥, you ask honestly, ignoring the irony of the statement. Ever his cocky self, you receive a 鈥渃ourse ya wanna use a pickup line of The Great Mammon! But uh鈥 I usually only come here on business.鈥
鈥淥ooooh, so there鈥檚 illegal casinos around here?鈥
鈥淥-Oi! I never said that!鈥
鈥淏ut you were thinking it, right?鈥
鈥淪hut it, half pint!鈥
A little bit more walking leads you both to what seems to be his desired destination, a wide street lined down the sides with various booth and vendors of all different shapes and sizes. You curiosity wants you to ogle and browse every table in site, but Mammon鈥檚 iron clad grip finds its way onto your hand, seemingly knowing your thoughts before you could even say them. 鈥淭his ain鈥檛 the type of place to be window shoppin鈥. They鈥檒l con ya out of all the grimm ya have. Hell, once they see yer human, they won鈥檛 stop til they con ya outta yer soul.鈥
With that notion, you decide it best to let him lead you straight on, sucking your head down as to not make eye contact with strangers that were suddenly finding you very interesting and very out of place. You walk for a minute or two before Mammon鈥檚 pace comes to a halt in front of a crowded table filled with various bottles and potions, specimens and creatures enclosed in cages. The bubbling of the entire table would have distracted you, if not for the more interesting character behind the booth.
Standing behind his wears sat what appeared to you as a walking reptile, a lizard on two legs - wrapped in a cloak and blinking his large, orb like eyes on at a time at the two of you. His tongue shoots out of his mouth, licking his eye before he speaks. 鈥淎aahh, Avatar of Greed - What a pleasant surprise! To what do I owe the honor?鈥
Mammon rolls his eyes with distain for the title as opposed to his name before responding. 鈥淵up, it鈥檚 me. And ya already know what I鈥檓 here for, alright?
The creatures eyes look off into two different directions. 鈥淏ut of course! I was hoping maybe this time it鈥檇 be different. Perhaps, you鈥檇 like to trade鈥 that is a fine specimen you brought with you, Avatar.鈥
It takes Mammon a minute to realize the 鈥渇ine specimen鈥 the shop keep was referring to was you, but once he does, you can tell he enters attack mode.
鈥淗EY! The humans not for sale ta鈥 you, or anyone else in this damn dump, got it?!鈥
The shopkeeper laughs to himself as he turns his back to you and Mammon, disappearing into his tent before re-emerging with a slender bottle filled with swirling, silverish liquid. 鈥淩elax, Avatar of Greed - It was merely a joke!鈥
鈥淵eah? Well i鈥檓 not laughin鈥!鈥, Mammon barks out, hand coming down to snatch the bottle from the lizard-like creature鈥檚 hands.
The merchant continues to laugh before speaking once more. 鈥淎aahh, it鈥檚 always a pleasure, Avatar of Greed. Do give the Demon Prince my humble greetings鈥nd be careful with that potion鈥recious cargo and all鈥︹, he ominously trails off.
鈥淵ea yea yea, I got it. An鈥 quit callin! me that!鈥, Mammon snarls as he shoves the bottle into your hands. His annoyance getting the best of him, Mammon doesn鈥檛 realize just how much force he shoves the bottle with until he hears a crack and looks over at you.
Standing dazed for a split second, you register the feel of the liquid splashing over you. The first thing you feel is the burn. It covers your hands where Mammon tried to hand you the glass bottle, your chest where it had splashed up on you, and your eye, your left eye where it hurt the worst, where you reached a burning hand up to clutch it, only worsening the potions spread. You scream in agony.
鈥淥h, that鈥檚 too bad鈥amaged specimens never sell for much鈥, the shopkeeper trails off, seemingly now losing interest in you as you writhed in pain. It takes a second for Mammon鈥檚 feet to catch up to his brain.
Running forth he grabs you, pulling you into his embrace, ignoring the liquid which now splashed onto him, burning the surface of his skin. He could heal just fine, you on the other hand鈥
At your wailing of his name, Mammon turns to shop keep, claws out. While careful not to hurt you worse, the fire in his eyes was unmistakable. 鈥淲HAT THE HELL WAS IN THAT VIAL!鈥, he spits through his barred fangs.
鈥淥h..It appears I may have gave you the wrong one鈥ittle accident is all, Avatar of Greed. Allow me to grab you the correct vial,鈥 the lizard like creature continues, seemingly unaware or uncaring of your intense pain.
Holding you in the grip of one arm to his side, Mammon reaches over the table with his clawed arm, grabbing onto the shopkeepers shawl and lifting him slightly into the air. 鈥淭a hell with the vial, get me some kinda healin鈥 potion! Somethin鈥 to stop their pain!鈥
The shopkeep seems unfazed by his behavior. 鈥淢y my, looks like someone wants to draw a crowd! Unfortunately there鈥檚 nothing I can do to reverse the effects of the silvervine鈥檚 serum.鈥
鈥淵a better find somethin鈥 or I鈥檒l hurt ya twice as bad as they鈥檙e feelin鈥 right now!鈥, Mammon growls, aura shooting in a such a threatening way you鈥檝e never experienced before.
The creature begins to look meek at the threat. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 do anything, but I can tell you the name of a sorcerer who may be able to assist.鈥
Mammon鈥檚 grasp quickly looses on his robes and he shoots his attention towards you. 鈥淪olomon!鈥, he exclaims.
With that, Mammon carefully cradles you in his arms and flies faster than he ever has back towards R.A.D, back towards Purgatory Hall.
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ai-dev 1 month
Inspired by this post made by @mc-san !
Tumblr media
I might animate more stuff this got me out of my art block lol
I might animate moments from fics or what if scenarios but I just don't know where to start tho
Have a lovely day everyone:D
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leviathism 4 months
Tumblr media
side characters x gender neutral reader
Diavolo rushes to your side. He feels so guilty that he couldn鈥檛 have caught you when you slipped. He immediately tells you that you鈥檙e off school for the week and staying at his castle to be under supervision to heal, even if it just is a sprained ankle.
He treats you like royalty, bringing you breakfast in bed and tending to every single need you have. He is just so, so guilty.
Barbatos pretends he didn鈥檛 see anything to protect your dignity, despite the loud yelling and repetitive thumps of your body slamming on each step. However, pain medication appears randomly in front of you.
Now when the two of you go down flights of stairs together, he links arms with you.
Thirteen laughs so hard that she cries. She also somehow caught a video of the last part of it and sent it to the one person who she knew could and would pass it around quickly. Asmodeus.
Your disastrous fall is documented on the Devildom Central News the next morning. There are rumors that you didn鈥檛 make it out alive. What will Diavolo do without the human exchange student? Devildom Central News is panicking for him.
However she does kiss the big bruise on your forehead to make it up to you.
Solomon takes it serious for the most part by helping you up, making sure you weren鈥檛 seriously injured, and helping take care of your bruises and aches.
For the other part? He鈥檚 relentlessly teasing you once he鈥檚 sure you鈥檙e perfectly fine. He鈥檚 merciless, even bringing it up in front of Prince Diavolo for a quick laugh and giggle.
Simeon babies you for the next three days. He cannot forget how his heart dropped and how hurt you were at the time. Devildom staircases go forever and human bodies are just so fragile.
He鈥檚 a bit worried about how you fell down but he gets over it relatively quickly when you鈥檙e back to normal. He just watches you a bit more closely to see if you鈥檙e walking fine.
Raphael doesn鈥檛 overreact at all. He helps you up, makes sure you didn鈥檛 break anything, and lets you go on your way. He doesn鈥檛 mention it to anyone, doesn鈥檛 watch you extra carefully, he understands it was a freak accident.
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mamsvi 8 months
mc giving the brothers + dateables an (un)expected back hug.
fluff 鈥 gn! reader.
Tumblr media
amused at your attempts to catch him off guard.
he was making dinner in the kitchen when you decided to sneak up on him.
lucifer had already sensed your presence before you wrapped your arms around his waist, thinking that you got him. "boo!"
you're extremely dissappointed when he doesn't react at all so you pout and huff.
when the older brother looked over his shoulder, he saw your sad face and chuckled.
"better luck next time, darling." he smiled as he petted your head in attempt to comfort you.
please go easy on this man, he could have fainted.
he was rummaging through one of your closets for inspiration on what gift to get you next before getting the scare of his life.
the demon let out a scream and almost flew through the ceiling. he only calmed down when he recognized your voice and the arms around his waist
"mc! are you tryin' to give me a heart attack?! tch.." mammon sulked. you detangled your arms around his middle but he grabbed your wrists and pulled you back in.
"...i didn't tell ya to stop hugging me.."
absolutely. not. prepared (2)
you two were hanging out in his room and levi was setting up one of his anime figures. an evil grin appeared on your face when you got the idea of giving him a back hug.
you had guessed that he'd get really flustered and you were right.
his body froze and the grip on his figurine tightened, almost breaking it into two. the third oldest didn't dare to look over his shoulder because he wasn't prepared to face you.
he felt like the main character in a romance movie where his love interest gives him a clich茅 surprise hug, and then they would share a sweet ki鈥
...he ascended.
you two were in an almost empty library when the idea popped up in your head. your boyfriend told you that he'd be in the fiction aisle a few moments ago.
you saw him standing there, reading the back of a book.
satan noticed someone staring at him, but he didn't really react until he felt a pair of arms tightly hugging him from behind.
he chuckled at the cute gesture and placed his hands on top of yours, not letting you pull away from the hug.
"you're really full of surprises, aren't you, mc?"
the fifth oldest had lost you in majolish since he got a bit too distracted by the cute asscesoires upstairs.
you were currenty hiding behind a pile of clothes, waiting for him to turn his back towards you.
asmo wanted to turn around when he heard your swift footsteps, but was too late as you wrapped your arms around his waist.
he's a sucker for pda and didn't mind that other people could see the both of you sharing cute moments like this.
the demon giggled when he felt you trying to bury your face in the back of his shirt.
"you're too cute for your own good, sweetheart~ let me turn around to give you a kiss!"
please do this more often it makes him feel so loved.
he was in the kitchen, trying to grab a can of soda that was stuck between all the other stuff in the back of the refrigerator.
you then decided to grab your chance by pressing your body against his back.
beel stopped his movements, confused at first but completely melted into your touch when he felt your hands resting on his tummy.
the cold air from the refrigerator didn't help cool his blushing face at all.
".. can we stay like this for a bit longer?"
belphie was on his way to take a nap in his room when you had passed him in the hallway.
you two only greeted each other and quickly seperated ways afterwards so he didn't think you'd run back and give him a tight hug.
a bit startled at first, but his entire body relaxes after he heard your muffled laughter.
he decided to get you back by turning around and hugging you until both your bodies ended up on the ground.
"want to continue cuddling in my room?"
oh please the man melts whenever you pull adorable tricks like this.
one moment he was admiring a painting in the hallway of his castle and in the next he would be in your embrace.
grabs onto your arms so you would have no chance to pull away.
both of you became a laughing mess when you tried to wriggle out of his grip even though you knew you couldn't do so.
"not so fast, dear. i have no intention of letting go so you would have to give me your best excuse to get out."
believe me: he knows when you want to do such a thing but he finds it charming so he lets it slide.
one time he was cleaning the dust off a vase at the castle when he noticed you slowly creeping up behind him.
the butler lets out a low chuckle when he felt your warmth against him. he also couldn't hide the faint blush on his face.
he grabbed your hand and started placing kisses on your skin, working his way from your fingertips to your wrist.
"promise me that you will not change this playful side of yours any time soon, love."
he feels all of his problems vanish whenever he is in your arms so he greatly enjoys it when you hug him randomly.
the angel was opening the windows after he woke up earlier than you.
he expected you to still be asleep in his bed so he was quite surprised when you suddenly wrapped your arms around him.
he could have sworn that he fell in love once again when he heard your sleepy voice behind him.
simeon held onto your arms while you stayed like this for a few more minutes, simply enjoying each other's touch.
"you never fail to drive me crazy you know that?"
one time he scared the shit out of you when he gave you a surprise backhug so you went to get him back.
you saw how concentrated he was on the potion he was brewing and you knew that it could go wrong if you surprised him in the process, so you waited patiently until he finished.
the sorcerer was about to turn around to grab his papers when you basically sprung on his back, holding him tightly.
he let out a quick yelp and you were more than satisfied with that reaction.
solomon chuckled when you swayed both of your bodies back and forth in a form of celebrating your victory.
he turned around to hug you, relaxing his muscles in your embrace, which was exactly what he needed to regain his energy.
"you got me, but don't think this is over, mc. i'll get you back on that one too!"
a/n: heres some fluff to get your mind off of that angst i posted
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etcrow 3 months
Hihii! If you're still taking requests, could i ask for some mammon x reader where the reader/mc confides in him a lot for comfort since he was basically the only one that cared when belphie killed them? (Perhaps the whole event caused trauma and the brothers raising their voices or threatening them causes them to sorta attach themselves to mammon for comfort and safety). Gn mc with established relationship pretty plss 馃檹
A crow inside the closet
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff
Characters: GN!MC x Mammon
Universe: Obey me
Warnings: estabilished relationship, mention of anxiety and panic attacks
A/N: I HC that Mammon helps MC during anxiety or panic attacks so this ask is marvelolus, thanks for requesting
Summary: Mammon takes care of MC everytime someone or something scares them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After the incident with Belphegor, your anxiety has increased a lot and your panic attacks have become more frequent. Whenever someone raises his voice or makes sudden movements, you stiffen and clam up, especially if Belphegor is too close to you. Mammon is the only one of the brothers capable of calming you down when you have an attack, which has become quite frequent now.
You are eating your dinner, sitting at the table with the brothers. It is a day like any other. Asmo is talking about his live on DG, while Beel chews noisily and Belphie sleeps at the table. Mammon sits next to you and watches you from time to time, conversing with Levi who tries to propose a night game of Apex. The demon, caught up in the heat of the moment, leans toward you and in a somewhat high tone of voice asks if you would like to join the game.
You flinch, blinking, and Levi brings a hand to the back of his head, embarrassed. Mammon looks at him sternly and he apologizes under his breath, rephrasing the question in a friendlier tone of voice. You nod, looking at the demon, and he winks at you, eager to start the game. You go back to eating your dinner, when Satan slams Beel for the noise he is making while eating and Mammon immediately casts a glance at you, reassured by your calm expression.
Dinner seems to be going well, no one has caused any harm. You get up from the table along with Asmo and Satan to collect the dishes, and Beel heads to the kitchen with Belphie to wash them. You are just crossing the threshold of the kitchen when Belphie appears in front of you and shouts 'BOOO', nearly knocking the dishes you are holding out of your hand. You blanch and stiffen, staring at the demon in horror as you barely support the dishes, shaking.
Beel gives him a slap on the back of the head and he murmurs an 'Ouch' holding up his head. You set the dishes down on the table and, trembling, try to get out of the kitchen, bumping into Mammon who looks at you and, noticing your expression, asks if everything is all right. You don't know what to say and noticing Beel's and Belphie's glances he frowns and clamps his mouth shut. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he yells at his younger brother, who stares at the floor like a wounded puppy. Beel shakes his head, unable to defend his twin, and remains silent as you, panicked, run away, causing Mammon to suddenly turn around, calling your name to make you come back.
You run desperately to your room and lock yourself inside the closet, beginning to breathe heavily from panic. You hear the door to your room open and Mammon's voice calling your name as he searches the room for you. He is almost about to leave when he thinks you might be hiding inside the closet and slowly opens the door, finding your hiding place.
He finds you crouching in there and leans toward you, taking your hand. "Breathe easy, count to three with me, come on. 1, 2, 3..."
You count along with him, breath by breath and slowly feel the air enter your lungs, regaining your composure. Mammon still holds your hand tightly and you squeeze his in return, keeping your eyes closed. A little later you can breathe normally again and Mammon sighs. "Would you like to come out of the closet...?"
You shake your head and he brings a hand behind his head. "Make room for me then."
You squint as you see the demon enter the closet with you and then surround you with an arm and pull you toward him. You snuggle against him and let him hold you as he rests his head on top of yours. "Feeling better, little crow?"
You nod, resting a hand on his and stay that way for a few moments. His DDD vibrates and he stares at the screen, sighing. "...Levi wants to know if we're going to play Apex later."
You take his phone and take a selfie with him, sending it to Levi with the description 'Little crow in the closet. We're solving the problem'
Levi sends a sticker with a confused and worried look and Mammon replies that he will let him know within an hour. You stay hugging him and the demon leaves a kiss on your forehead. "You know we can't sleep in here, right?"
"Tell me."
"Thank you."
He remains silent for a moment, then smiles. "That and more for ya, little crow"
You lean toward him, kissing him softly on the lips, feeling really lucky to have such a boyfriend, even if sometimes a little dumb. He hugs you tightly and opens the closet door, taking your weight. You look at him with a look full of confusion and he chuckles, holding you close to him. "Match in Apex and then a good night's sleep in my room?"
You laugh, nodding and holding on to him. Mammon is really wonderful.
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bam-here 2 months
//Short Sexy Obey Me Headcanons//
Still writing my longer hc list but here's one of just the brothers for now.
Lucifer likes to grab your chin and tell you that you are his and no one else's.
Mammon tells you how much of a good girl you are when you give him head.
Levi can't help but to whimper when he's close to coming all over your breasts.
Satan adores the way you look up at him as you obey his command to suck him off.
Asmo loves pulling your hair back to expose your neck and lick all over you.
Beel loves hearing you moan in his ear as you squeeze around him, coming.
Belphie loves hearing you say how good he feels in you and when you're ready to cum.
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