#obey me! shall we date
samdrawzzz · 8 months
Tumblr media
back on my bullshit guys👍
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Tumblr media
for all your MC desires.
Feel free to use, just credit or tag me! :) my obm blog is @devilishdelights
Three more extra templates in the rbs!
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agoldenluckycat · 3 months
Lucifer: I have to ask Solomon how he's able to motivate Asmodeus so well. He always does favors for him and I can never get Asmodeus to do anything.
MC, taking a sip of coffee: Well, doing things for your lover is much more beneficial than your brother.
Lucifer: WHAT?
MC, realizing his stunned look: Did you not know that Asmo and Solomon have been in an open polyamorous relationship for the past one thousand years?
Lucifer: uh, no.
MC: Did you never wonder why Solomon has a difficult time saying no to Asmo but can easily say no to anyone else? Or why they're always hanging out in Asmo's room with face masks and matching pajamas? Or why Asmo always goes to the Fall on the weekends with Solomon?
Lucifer: yes, I get it
MC: Or why they walk each other to classes? Or why they arrive at events together? Or attend Devildom weddings as each other's plus one?
Lucifer: YES OKAY....I see I have been a bit....unobservant.
MC: hmm...I wonder what else you don't know.
Diavolo walks in wearing a ruri-chan cosplay: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!
MC: I was hoping I'd get to see your updated look!
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im so sorry 😭
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yandere-sins · 3 months
captivity,,, stockholm syndrome stuff is literally my crack sdkfhgsdlfhg idk if that's not your thing but i'll toss it in the ring,,, just in case u wanna
barbatos who is a very patient and practical yandere and he just locks you up in the dungeon until you're feeling more personable. it's dark in there. miserable. boring.
every day you have nothing to do, the only thing you have to look forward to is barbatos bringing you a nice meal, offering you a hug, a kiss, more, and deciding how to reward you for your behavior that day.
you hate it. you're miserable in here. but the things he brings you look so good, you're so hungry, and so cold. you don't know how long it's been since the last time anyone touched you...
Hrhrhrhr, love this.
It’s so humiliating, you know?
You never intended to be thrown into the dungeons. You didn’t even commit a crime! (Had you known this would happen you could at least have stolen something or killed someone, you know?) And yet, you were framed, lies fabricated to justify these actions. No one ever questioned your sentencing and it all passed you by so fast, you couldn’t even object!
And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, Barbatos visits you every day. Sometimes multiple times. He knows you are angry, so when you lash out, he merely confirms you in your complaints while he prepares a nice table for you, with table cloth and candelight, serving you your food while loosening his tie and taking a seat across from you, watching you gobble up what he cooked for you with dreamy eyes.
Even when you start to cry halfway through your meal, he doesn’t punish you or gets angry in return when you can’t finish your plate, rounding the table to hold you. And if it isn’t the best hug you got in a while, then what? You’re just human, who are you to deny your basic needs of food, water, and affection when you are so miserable and lonely down in the dark dungeon. But even when you beg him to help you, he only feeds you with hopes that never come true.
It all changes, however, when a guard interrupts your togetherness, asking Sir Barbatos on how to proceed with this prisoner. As if you were his prisoner, rather than one sentenced by a judge. And Barbatos... he just goes along with it. He plainly tells the guard not to feed you, touch you, or even talk to you. That only he is allowed to take care of you and the guards shouldn’t even be in the hallway in front of your cell and to leave, now! Hell, you had never seen him grow agitated before, but he’s baring his teeth, a dangerous hint glinting in his eyes. It actually scares you.
Of course, you ask him why he’s saying these things and acting this way. That you’d be glad to talk to someone throughout the day or eat more than the irregular meals he provides to you. But Barbatos merely lifts your head to face him, telling you that you need no one except for him. It doesn’t feel right. None about this version of Barbatos feels like the one you knew, and you push him away, appalled that he’d force you into solitude except if its with him.
You try to protest the next few days. Not eating his meals and cowering on the ground in a corner with your back to him, hoping Barbatos will understand how serious of a deal this is for you. That what he’s doing is hurting you. But every day he brings an even better meal, and you mouth is watering, stomach growling, and you feel very weak, especially when he offers to sit on the bench beside you and feed you.
There is nothing for you to look forward to anymore. No goals you can reach, no one listening as you sob alone in your cell. But the food is warm, delicious, and you follow the spoon—even as Barbatos draws it away—hungrily. Right into his trap and between his legs if you must for another bite. Resting your head on his thigh as you chew, his hand petting your head as he feeds you into a food coma. Only for him to pick you up and sit you on his lap, wrapping you into a blanket and his arms while he holds you, leaving fluttering kisses all along your temple, down to your jaw and the underside of your head.
Muttering about how precious you are, how you deserve all the attention and love he can give you and how sweet and pretty you look in his arms. Entirely dependant and so, so sad like you are, yet, he still loves you.
It’s so humiliating because you want to nuzzle your face into his chest and grin from ear to ear now that someone finally has some mercy on you.
And at least for a little bit, you are not alone anymore.
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mirlambda · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All the boys together!! These were SO fun to design, maybe I'll do some designs for the other demons and angels sometime~
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iisxpacelslife · 2 months
I love you
Tumblr media
Fandom: Obey Me Character/s: Lucifer Reader: Gender neutral Type: Fluff Summary: Lucifer thinks about the first time he let himself succumb to love.
Lucifer remembered the first 'I love you' the two of you shared. It was a silent night, a few weeks before you had to return to the human world. The two of you lay silently beside each other listening to the song playing from your phone.
The song wasn't one he was particularly fond of. The lyrics were shabby, the melody even more so, but there was something about the song that he fell in love with. Or perhaps it was the smile you showed whenever you listened to it.
Your face was turned towards the roof, eyes closed. Your chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm. He would've believed you'd fallen asleep if not for your thumb slowly trailing over his knuckles.
"I love you"
You whispered the words so quietly he thought he had imagined them. Because there was no reason for you to say them to him. No reason for you to ever hold him so dearly in your heart after all he had done.
You turned your face to him and smiled. His heart clenched and for a moment he forgot how to breathe. You were breathtaking. In that moment he knew that he had never seen anything like you before. And would probably never see anything like you again.
The softness in your eyes hid a sense of innocence. An innocence only you could have. An innocence he felt the need to protect.
"Aren't you going to say anything back?" You whispered.
"You know how I feel about you." That wasn't what he wanted to say. He wanted to tell you how he would pick every star from the sky for you. That he would give you everything. His heart, body, and soul if you so wished. How he would spend the rest of his painful eternity loving you.
But he couldn't say that.
So he turned away from you.
He slid his hand away from yours, placing it on his chest instead. With eyes on the roof, he wondered what expression you made. Was it sadness? Betrayal? Anger? Or maybe it was pity.
You always seemed to know what he felt even when he himself did not know. He hoped you knew what he was feeling now so that he did not have to put it into words.
"I know"
You reached over and grabbed his hand again. No more words were shared that night. None were needed.
Lucifer never argued with you about who loved who the most because he knew he did. There was impossible that your feelings were more prominent than his. He had lived for centuries, loved a hundred times, and grieved a hundred more. He knew love, and the love he held for you surpassed all the love he had ever felt before.
The love he would die for. The love he would kill for. The love he would live for. And the love he would grieve for.
No matter what, he knew he would outlive you. You were human after all. So for the short time you would be by his side, he would allow you to think you loved him more, while he silently let his love blossom.
It grew firm roots that reached deep into his soul and branches that extended to the tips of his fingers.
His love grew wildly and dulled his senses like poison. A poison he drank with a smile and pink cheeks.
Love had taken root in a way that he knew he would feel it centuries from now.
Even when the large roots turned into a small delicate flower, he would nurture it and keep it safe within his heart until he could meet you once more.
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ghibaby · 18 days
MC: WOW, lord Diavolo! I didn't know you could ride a horse!!
Diavolo: you're so funny MC, of course I can, I'm a prince! I can also ride a dragon you know?
MC: can you ride my face?
Diavolo: excuse me??(//////////)
MC: no?
Diavolo: I-I mean.!!(////////)
MC: 👁️👄👁️
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the demon brothers when MC’s last words are outta pocket hcs
a/n: my first post on here yay! :D i hope y’all enjoy, i was talking to @anotakugardener and @bsdparadise about this and well these were born LMAO
characters: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphegor
genre: angst, crack
warnings: death, seggsual jokes😏, mc bein a true chad, they could be possibly ooc
Tumblr media
there was an attack. an unpredictable one, where mc had been cornered on an unsuspecting street. a demon— a hungry and vicious one at that— had taken one look at them and lunged at them. the demon left gashes and teeth marks all over their body, but bolted before they could finish the job; the ominous footsteps approaching the scene had scared them into not finishing their meal.
MC is left bleeding out, laying on the cool cobblestone within the alleyway. one cough spews blood into the air, causing MC to slightly choke on the crimson liquid pooling in the back of their throat. their hearing fades in and out, as does their vision; the sight of the dark sky has frayed edges like a burnt photograph.
so this is it, they think to themselves.
muffled screams, the sound as if their head was underwater. the voice is one they recognize, a voice they’ve grown fond of.
he rushes over, dropping to his knees next to them. he had a feeling something would happen, but not even his gut instincts could prepare him for such a sight.
Tumblr media
- lucifer tries to keep calm, panic never helped a dying man. but there’s so much blood, is there a way to save them right now? his mind was racing a mile a minute, questions whirring past without answers.
- “lucifer,” MC coughs, blood dribbling from their lips, “there’s something i must tell you.”
- lucifer is quick to try and silence them,���MC you shouldn’t be wasting your breath-“
- “no, listen to me,” MC strains weakly, “lucifer i…i know you don’t wash your ass in the shower.”
- he’s taken aback by their comment. he almost doesn’t know what to say, they’re dying and now they’re talking about him washing his-
- “wha-“ he tries to speak, but they cut him off.
- “w-wash your ass, gross musty demon boy…”
- their pulse can no longer be found. and neither can lucifer’s dignity.
- when lucifer returns to the house of lamentation in a gloom and breaks the news to his brothers, all of them are devasted; completely broken.
- “lucifer, d-did they have any last words?” satan asks, trying to keep his voice steady.
- lucifer’s face darkens as he lowers his head, a red tint across his cheeks. he doesn’t dare answer.
- “lucifer? tell me what they said.” satan urges.
- “….”
- satan is beginning to lose his patience, gritting his teeth, “what did they say?!”
- there is no way lucifer can actually tell them, but he knows they won’t stop asking until he reveals the truth. he’s conflicted.
- meanwhile, MC watches from beyond stifling a laugh. will lucifer ever be able to pass on their last message? they may have to spend eternity watching to see.
Tumblr media
**i sent this one to @obeythebutler already but i wanna use it again because i can’t stop laughing at it**
- his human? that's his human? bleeding out in the alleyway? it doesn't feel real, this can't be real.
- words are flying out of his mouth faster than he can comprehend them. chants of their name, pleas for them to stay alive, stutters of disbelief. he wonders if he'd be able to get them human medical services in time, there's no way he's letting them die here! they're not dying on his watch.
-mammon's state of denial as he cradles their head in his lap almost causes him to miss their quiet voice. he gasps, straining to hold back his sob as he looks down at them.
- "mammon...i have something to say, before i-"
- "no MC don't talk! you'll choke-- oh god, it's so big! h-how-"
- MC cuts his ramblings short by calling his name. he instantly stops, his lip quivering and tears running down his cheeks. they cough, splatters of blood landing on their chin. and then, they smile.
- "that's what she said."
- the color fades from their eyes. the smile slowly falls, the muscles in their body in full relaxation. they're gone.
- mammon can feel a laugh bubbling in his esophagus, but what comes out is a mix of a sob and chuckle. they're dead, but even when dying they were funny. how unfortunate.
- mammon goes back to the house of lamentation that night, absolutely heartbroken. the moment keeps replaying in his mind, and the more he remembers it, the harder he cries. but a wobbly smile somehow always makes it's way onto his face at the killer delivery.
- he explains to his brothers what happened, violent sobs racking his body. the brothers are speechless, each of them processing the news in different ways. lucifer, as much as he wants to scold mammon and hang him by his feet, he simply asks if they had any last words.
- "t-they said...that's what she said!" mammon wails.
- belphie, who was trying to muffle his cries, instantly starts snickering. goddamnit, MC, he thinks.
- they watch from beyond, laughing at belphie's conflicted state. at least they left them with a lasting memory of how goated they are.
Tumblr media
- the rare time levi leaves his room, just to have his vision filled with the sight of MC's bloody body. no amount of video games could prepare him for this.
- he's almost scared to touch them, like contact from him would make it worse. the tears fall from his eyes before he can attempt to stop them. he's frozen. what is he supposed to do? they're dying!
- his eyes spot the giant gash on their stomach, causing the color to drain from his already pale face. this is a lot more than what ruri-chan bandaids can fix.
- "levi..." they cough, springing levi from his thoughts.
- "y-yes MC! i'm right here, i-it's gonna be okay!"
"levi...find candice." they weakly say.
- "c-candice? who's candice?" he asks with a watery voice.
- levi doesn't leave his room hOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHO CANDICE IS??
- "f-find...candice." they repeat with a cough.
- "w-who's candice?!" he asks again, a bit frantic.
- "candice...weiner fit in your mouth." MC smiles, a chuckle taking up their last breath.
- levi sits there speechless, from both disbelief and disgust. he can't believe such a lame joke could be their last words, but at the same time he's ashamed he fell for it.
- his tears fall onto their cold skin like a light rain shower and his cheeks burn. how is he supposed to explain this to his brothers? it's both devastating and embarrassing!
- MC watches from beyond, a slight smirk sitting on their lips. they beat him at his own meme game. a victorious day indeed.
Tumblr media
- he's gonna rip them to shreds. whoever did this is not living to see another day. they did this to them...
- satan's wrath was boiling, rising to the surface. he holds MC in his arms, their cold body only making his heat to intense temperatures. he almost doesn't know what to say. there's nothing he could say to make this any better.
- he wracks his brain for any spells he remembers that can rapidly heal someone, but he struggles to remember the ingredients and incantations in his panicked state.
- "satan...it's okay." MC smiles weakly.
- "no! no, MC, this isn't okay at all!" he exclaims.
- he grits his teeth, trying to maintain his composure in front of them. his anger won't help right now, he knows this.
- "i'm gonna die. it's okay, satan."
- "how can you say that?" he practically whispers, a lump building in his throat.
- "listen please. i...need to say something." MC pleads with a cough.
- "stop...talking. please." satan screws his eyes shut, his cries being ignored.
- “i love you, satan. you...and you’re tiny peepee”
- his eyes fly open. they said what?
- they stop moving, their breath no longer able to be felt. satan feels so conflicted; on the one hand he feels completely devastated. on the other, he feels anger towards the demon who did this to them. and on the other other hand he feels offended that they called his dick small.
- the tears continue streaming down his face as he deadpans. that's not what you said last night, he thinks. he quickly shakes his head, no they just died! but my dick isn't small! goddamn you, MC.
- MC watches from beyond cackling. they can only imagine the thoughts going through satan's mind, they can practically hear them all.
Tumblr media
- asmo has never run so fast. he was instantly by their side, shaky hands careful when touching them. his new nail polish color was eerily similar to the color of their blood.
- asmo had found himself rendered speechless around them a couple times, but none of those memories could compare to this one. he always said red was their color, but now he couldn't stand the sight of it.
- "oh MC! oh my god, what happened? w-what do i do?!" asmo's questions were rapid firing, before quickly coming to a halt.
- MC's quiet, straining voice reaches his ears, "a-asmo, unlock my D.D.D."
- asmo's eyes widen, his hands quickly reaching for their D.D.D, "oh yes! let's call lucifer, he can get human medical service-"
- when asmo unlocks the device, his frantic speech is cut off by the loud techno of a song. he freezes. what's going on? why is this song playing? and why can't he turn it off? THERE'S AN EMERGENCY WHAT'S GOING ON-
- "MC i-i can't turn off the-"
- "we're no strangers to loooove, you know the rules, and so do iii~" two voices sing from a small distance behind asmo.
- asmo's head darts to the opening of the alleyway expecting to see the owners of the voices. they sounded oddly familiar. he watches the shadows grow on the cobblestone, but before he can see anyone appear, he feels a weak hand on his cheek.
- he turns back to MC, the tears in his eyes making it very hard to see them. their voice fills his ears, but he doesn't really know how to feel about it.
- "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, n-never gonna run around and...desert you..." they sing, their eyes slowly closing.
- their hand drops from his face, the cold feeling of their skin leaving his cheek. he sobs; he can't believe they're gone. in utter disbelief and immense grief, he hears the two voices from earlier grow closer. he turns his head towards them and his eyes widen at who it is.
- "never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna-- woah woah asmo what happened?" solomon asks, looking down at MC.
- "they're dead! and this stupid song hasn't stopped playing!" asmo wails, gesturing to the discarded D.D.D
- "oh my goodness, stay here asmo! we'll grab human medical services!" simeon exclaims before he and solomon run out of the alleyway.
- the song finally stops playing for some reason, leaving asmo to grieve in silence. his sobs fill the air as he pulls MC's lifeless body closer. he can't believe they're gone...at least the song stopped, though
- or so he thought. another song plays instead, the techno once again filling the air.
- "i just died in your arms tonight~"
- asmo starts wailing even louder
- meanwhile, from beyond MC struggles to hold in their laughter. they didn't necessarily mean for that song to play, but the irony was too rich.
Tumblr media
- no. no, not again. oh god, not again!
- those are the only thoughts running through beel's head when he finds them. his vision narrows and all he can see is MC and the blood pooling around them. please, not them! not another, he thinks.
- his hands immediately start applying pressure to the biggest gash on their body as he frantically asks them what happened. a conflict in his mind of wanting to hear their voice, but not wanting them to speak and instead save their breath. the questioned slipped out his mouth before he could finish processing it.
- "i-it was ligma, beel." they reply weakly.
- ligma? were they a new student at R.A.D? he's surely never heard of them. beel shakes his head, those thoughts don't matter right now.
- "d-don't speak anymore! save your breath MC!" beel frantically exclaims, seeing the blood continuing to spill through the cracks in his fingers.
- "it was ligma." they repeat, coughing up blood.
- "ligma?" he asks, assuming the name is important.
- "yeah, l-ligma...ligma balls." MC practically whispers, their last breath stolen with the wind.
- "MC? MC! no, please no!" beel cries.
- their last words struggle to process in his brain. ligma balls...whoever they are, they won't go unpunished.
- for the first time that beel can recall, he's not hungry; not in the slightest. the grief swimming in his stomach has consumed every square inch. ligma balls, you won't get away with this.
- from beyond, MC watches with a smile of amusement. they know beel would be a bit too dense for the joke, so they look forward to seeing what events will take place due to the mysterious ligma balls
Tumblr media
- he must be dreaming. yes, that must be it. another nightmare, but this time about MC and not lilith. yes, it's all a nightmare.
- but if it's a nightmare, how come he can clearly feel the silkiness of their hair, and the blood coating his hands when he tries applying pressure to the large gash on their chest. no nightmare could feel this real, out of every one he's ever had, it's never been so surreal.
- the disbelief makes his mind spiral, blaming himself again for yet another death. if he would've went with them tonight then he could've protected them, and he wouldn't have to sit here with this annoying lump in his throat.
- only one thought in his mind remains a constant; vengeance.
- "w-who did this to you?" he asks shakily.
- "belphie it was-" they pause, coughing up blood, "it was joe."
- a name. belphie can feel his hands shaking, but he can't tell if it's from his anger or his panic.
- "WHO'S JOE? I'LL KILL THEM-" belphie grits his teeth, but they cut him off.
- "joe mama..." MC says, breathless.
- the rise and fall of their chest stops, water droplets mixing with the blood splattered on their face.
- belphie's shoulders shake, his sobs mixing with a silent laugh. what kind of person makes a joe mama joke while they're dying? MC, apparently. he can't tell if he's more impressed that they pulled off the joke or pissed that he fell for it.
- damn MC, what a chad. you'll be dearly missed.
- they watch from beyond with a smirk, they finally fuckin got him. if the circumstances were different, MC would be rubbing it in his face.
Tumblr media
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unknwnrm · 6 months
MC: Lucifer is unaware of how hot he is.
Lucifer: Thank you.
Lucifer: But I am aware.
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samdrawzzz · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
choccy milk
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belphiebub · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tried drawing belphie again hehe ✨ so cute
👉🏻Let’s be friends at instagram @belphiebub where I do polls for the next fanart. (Mephisto won last time)👈🏻
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hello amazing talented writer!!!! i believe ur requests are open right now (if they aren't pls ignore this) !! i was wondering if you could do head cannons for the obey me brothers with an mc who really wanted to show them how much they loved them, so they give them the biggest bear hug possible and keep telling them how much they appreciate them? idk if there is a character limit, so of you want to include the dateables that would be marvelous! thank you for having such an amazing blog and working so hard 💖😌
Brothers with a Lovebug GN!MC (Headcanons)
A/N : This was so cute! So cute! I loved writing it! All the brothers deserve love and appreciation. Thank you so much for requesting it and thank you thank you thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them and I appreciate you <3
He wasn’t completely touch starved, well.. Not anymore since he met you, but hugs still kind of threw him off sometimes. He just wasn’t used to it, no matter how many times you hugged him, although he did love the feelings.
When you came up to him and hugged him this time, it was different than most of the other hugs, it was tight and warm, and it was almost as if he could feel all of your love for him pouring out in this one single hug and… well… he loved it. He loved the feeling of it. It made him feel warm, it was… strange but endearing. But then you started telling him how much you appreciate him, and while he already was aware that you did (that’s just him being prideful though), he loved hearing it from your lips. It was enough to actually make him smile, and he was so wrapped up in the warmth that your words and his touch made him feel that he almost forgot to hug you back… almost.
His arms snaked around you, holding you closer against him. He didn’t want to lose the warm feeling that you gave him, he didn’t want to let you go.
“Thank you, dear. Please, don’t hesitate to… do this more often.”
If there was anyone who deserved this, it was him. He’s so under appreciated in the house, he’s always getting picked on, the guy can never seem to catch a break. The only time he actually feels like he’s noticed for the good things that he does is when he’s with you, hence why he’s always following you around and trying to be as close to you as possible. He just really needs it.
The bear hug was, needless to say, very unexpected for him. Sure, he’s used to being hugged by you, and yes, he loves being hugged by you… But this hug was amazing to him. It was tight, and it wasn’t just any regular hug, it was like you were holding onto him, and this may have just become his preferred method of hugs. These kinds of hugs are by far the best hugs to get. He almost couldn’t focus on what you were saying until he realized that you were telling him that you appreciate him… and… wow. That was the only thing he could think when he heard you, and it didn’t seem like you were anywhere close to being done.
He held you tighter, resting his head on top of yours, and yes, he did start crying although he’s going to deny that he is… just don’t bring it up.
“That’s really sweet of ya, babe… And I ain’t cryin’... yer hair jus’ got in my eye… tell me more?”
He is very touch starved, and although people around the house appreciate him, he’s always down on himself anyway. He’s always down on himself, and even when you are there to tell him why you love him, his thoughts are just very pessimistic. He needs this just as much as Mammon does.
The sound he made when you first wrapped your arms around him was a mix between a scream and a squeal. He definitely wasn’t expecting it, but he wasn’t against it either. He didn’t know that he needed it until it was already happening, but he really appreciates the hug. When you started telling him that you appreciate him and how much you appreciate him, his face turned the brightest shade of red. It was strange to him because he didn’t really know that he did that much for you to even appreciate, but he really liked hearing you say it. At least he knows that he’s doing something right and that he’s making you happy.
He’s so happy, it’s off the charts, and he doesn’t want the hug to end, ever. It’s the best feeling in the world to be appreciated.
“I-I’m… Thank you… Y-You’re the best… Really… I-I appreciate you too…”
Being loved and appreciated never seemed important to him before. These were things he could live without, he was thriving off of being hateful and unappreciative towards Lucifer. Deep down though, even if he didn’t ever want to admit it, acknowledge it, or even know about it… He needed these things.
He heard you coming. Let’s be fair, this man memorized the sounds of footsteps of everyone in the house so he can act accordingly based on whoever was even coming close to his room. He was ready for you to come in, the smile already on his face, his book already set down to welcome you with open arms. What he wasn’t ready for was the bear hug that you rushed in to give him. He was not ready at all, but damn if he didn’t love it. He loved hearing your words of appreciation too, and he was going to memorize every single thing that you said, just so he could think about it later.
He really did need this, as someone who mainly only ever feels wrath, hatred, annoyance… You’re the only thing that really brings him pure happiness.
“You’re making me soft, kitten… Not that I mind it. I’ve got all the time in the world to keep doing this.”
The complete opposite of Satan, love and appreciation are so very important to him. But, he receives these things all the time from strangers, and sometimes, well, most times, it never feels genuine. These things have lost almost all of their meanings to him, it almost seemed pointless because of how repetitive it’s become.
There was something different receiving love and appreciation from you though. It was real, there was emotion behind it, something that could never be picked up or trusted over the internet through random comments. Of course he loved the hug, the tighter, the closer the better. He wasn’t actually… used to getting hugs like that. It felt special to him, and when the words of appreciation came, he felt special. Being loved by the entire Devildom will never feel as good as being loved by you. You made him feel like more than just his avatar, and that means so much more to him than looks or likes.
Yes he cried, and no he didn’t try to hide it. He wasn’t ashamed of his emotions, and he wanted you to know that what you said made him feel good enough that he actually cried.
“Oh… You’re… I’m gonna mess up my face but… It’s okay. You’re so sweet, I could just kiss you, darling.”
He knows what love is, because he loves you and he loves all of his brothers. He knows what appreciation is because he appreciates you, and appreciates everything that his brothers do for him. He’s pretty sure that his brothers love and appreciate him back, and he knows without a doubt that you love and appreciate him… especially after the hug.
The hug, which was nice, and really cute to him. He was always the one giving you the bear hugs, so to be on the receiving end felt really nice. It’s not something that he’s used to, but his eyes, his entire face even, it lit up. Being told that he’s appreciated though, it’s way different from just feeling appreciated. Those words meant so much to him, he probably won’t be able to stop smiling about it for weeks. He’ll probably tell all of his brothers about it too, well, not even probably, he’s definitely going to tell all of his brothers about it. This is a really big thing to him.
He’s just so happy, beyond happy, ecstatic even. He loves and appreciates you so much, and feeling that same amount of love and appreciation returned, it’s amazing, it feels like he just won a football game.
“I’m happy you feel the same way, honey… You’re really special to me… I love you.”
He puts on a big front that he doesn’t care if anyone loves him or appreciates him, but he just doesn’t want to be seen as weak, and feelings to him are a sign of vulnerability. Plus, those feelings just make attachments stronger and if something bad were to happen, it’ll be harder for him to move on and get over it.
Hugs were weird enough to him, so bear hugs weren’t any less weird, it caught him off guard. He just stood there for a second before finally relaxing in your arms. He loved you, and while he didn’t say it as much as he probably should, he realized that sometimes words weren’t needed to get that feeling across. He could feel all of your love through that hug, and it made him feel… good. When you started telling him you appreciate him… and just how much you appreciate him… that was shocking. He didn’t know what you could possibly be appreciative of considering everything that’s happened and how he was towards you. He’s always felt like a fuck up, like everything bad that’s ever happened was his fault, so to hear that he’s appreciated was strange, he almost couldn’t wrap his head around it.
He wasn’t going to cry, not in front of you, but he definitely felt like he was about to. He’s gotta make an excuse to get you out of the room long enough to get the sniffles out without you noticing.
“You’re such a dork… Go get your pillows and blankets from your room. I want to cuddle with you.”
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agoldenluckycat · 3 months
Lucifer and MC sitting at his desk doing paperwork. MC’s phone is resting between them on the table.
MC’s phone rings suddenly, catching Lucifer’s attention and the caller ID says “Daddy”
Lucifer, chuckling softly: It’s quite adorable you still call your father, “Daddy”
MC, picking up the phone with a smile: Lord Diavolo , I’m so glad you called.
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imagine mc having a rat familiar…
imagine barbatos’ reaction…
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