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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kind of obsessed with the tumblr Twitter account
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will check da inbox soon..just getting on here to say that the scene i just wrote was ....truly humbling..very truly humbling
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: Katie McCabe x reader, arsenal x reader
request(s): ‘could you possibly write something with Katie McCabe x reader? maybe Katie being a hard ass on the pitch and being a softie with reader, perhaps fans shipping them and then Katie confesses to reader after a game?’ & ‘Katie McCabe x oblivious reader where Katie gets jealous and reader finds it hot but is confused’
summary: an oblivious reader and a jealous McCabe, what could go wrong? (nothing really).
warnings: nothing but fluff other than the occasional swear word and my god awful writing
words: 3151
a/n: this is my first time writing for Katie McCabe so i hope its up to standards and is somewhat alright. i also realised i didn’t really focus on the requests and got a little sidetracked but it follows the same concept :)
woso masterlist
Tumblr media
It was clear to everyone that Katie had her eye on someone and that someone happened to be you. Yet, you were the only one who couldn't see it.
It bewildered everyone, hint after hint you still didn’t catch onto Katie’s antics only thinking she was being friendly.
Although Katie really liked you, it was slowly getting to a point where she was starting to lose hope. Desperately trying not to be weighed down by not making any progress.
Deciding to graft extra hard, Katie made it her mission to let you know how she felt and if that didn't work, she wouldn't know what to do.
“Hey, y/l/n.” Katie smiled, walking up to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulders.
“Hey, McCabe.” You chuckled, leaning into the woman beside you as the two of you made your way to the coach where the rest of the team was waiting for you.
“Ready to make North London red?”
“Of course.” You smiled.
“Here come the love birds.” Jen teased, watching as you and Katie approached the team.
“Shush, Beattie. We’re just friends.” You replied, shaking your head and letting out a laugh.
At the little harmless comment you made about being ‘just friends’ Katie dropped her arm from your shoulder and let a stoic expression take form on her face.
You turned your head, wondering why Katie put some distance between the two of you, raising an eyebrow in question.
The Irish woman just shook her head a little, looking down at the floor as she found a seat for herself on the coach.
“What was that about?” You asked, looking back and forth between Jen and the door to the coach.
Jen didn't say anything, instead she just let out a small sigh, sending you a smile before walking onto the coach herself, leaving you even more confused than you were before.
Following Jen, you made your way onto the coach and went to find a place to sit. Walking further down the coach you placed your bag over head and sat yourself down with Katie.
“What was that all about?” You questioned in a hushed tone.
“What was what about?” Katie replied, trying to act like she didn’t know what you were talking about.
“Outside and now, you look sad.” You said, turning your body so you were facing Katie more.
“I’m fine, honestly. Just got the jitters, I guess.”
“McCabe getting the jitters? Wow, something must be wrong.” You teased earning a small chuckle from the woman beside you.
“Ha ha, very funny.” Kate said, trying not to let a smile slip past her lips.
“Of course, I am hilarious.”
“And humble.” Katie said sarcastically.
“Hey!” You said, smacking the Irish woman gently on the arm.
The two of you continued to converse for the rest of the journey to Tottenham’s stadium. The teasing not letting up from either of you, causing you both to laugh harder and harder each time, earning knowing looks from your teammates.
Once you had arrived at the stadium, everyone began to pile out of the coach. You and Katie, however, decided to take your time leading to the two of you being the last ones off the coach.
The girls “ooh’d” as you were followed by Katie coming down the stairs of the coach. You waved them off with a smile, once again saying that nothing would happen between the two of you.
“What were you two up to?” Lotte said, a certain tone underlying her voice.
“Not what you are thinking about.” You replied with a chuckle.
“Yeah, y/l/n here can only dream.” Katie said with a smile trying to hide the painful feeling in her heart.
“Come on girls!” Jonas called out.
You and your teammates eased up on your conversations and followed behind Jonas, walking into the stadium and to the locker room.
Changing your clothes and into your kit, you put on a jumper over the top, ready for the warm up.
The warm up went by quickly and before you knew it you were standing behind Leah in the tunnel waiting to walk out onto the pitch.
Shaking the oppositions hands you had a little team talk before going to stand in your position, waiting for the ref to blow their whistle and for the game to start.
You had won the coin toss and it was chosen that Arsenal was to kick off. Standing with the ball at your feet you took a look at your teammates, determination etched onto your face.
Once the ref blew their whistle, you passed the ball to Beth and the game was underway. The game was gruelling from the start, each team putting in their all from the get go.
Arsenal had a few chances and Tottenham even less. Tackles were being made left, right and centre, each of them becoming harder than the last.
You could feel the fans wince every time someone went down, noticeable grimaces on their faces.
After one particular foul from Ashleigh Neville on Lia, you were prepared to get a yellow whether that's from a tackle or for sticking up for your teammates.
It got to the thirty-sixth minute when Arsenal had a chance. Beth was running down the wing and sent in a weighted ball straight to your feet.
Not having the chance to control the ball due to having two defenders surrounding you, you hit the ball first time, smashing your laces through the ball, you watched as it soared through the air just out of the keepers reach and into the top corner.
The stadium erupted into cheers, the ground practically shaking. You felt someone jump on your back whilst some other girls ran over to celebrate.
The game started up again and it was as if Arsenal had found a new fire from within. For the rest of the first half, Tottenham struggled to keep the ball and found it hard to get it out of their own half.
As a result of this, Sozua managed to get a goal from a corner. The header slotting perfectly in the bottom left corner.
Once the ref blew their whistle for half time you, along with your teammates, made your way back to the locker room with an extra skip in your step.
“Hey, nice goal.” Katie smiled as she sat beside you near your locker.
“Thanks.” You replied, taking a sip from your drink.
The two of you sat in a comfortable silence but you were soon to catch onto Katies nervous fidgeting. Leg bouncing up and down, restless fingers drumming on her thigh.
You gently placed a hand on Katie's thigh, taking her hand into yours and resting it in her lap. You raised an eyebrow in question and silently asked if she was alright.
Getting a small smile in return you were about to pull your hand away when you felt Katie grip onto it harder.
“Are you doing anything later?” The woman asked, nervousness settling back in.
“I think the girls want to go out, whether we win or not and I was thinking of going, why?”
“No reason.” Katie said, sending you a smile albeit it seemed sad.
“I’d like it if you were there.” You said, nudging your shoulder into hers.
“Mhm, if you dont go then I won't.”
“Okay, I guess I'll see you and everyone else later.”
You and your teammates were soon called back out and the game started back up again.
The second half went much quicker than the first and, much to your dismay, the tackles never ceased. Arsenal managed to score a third before you were subbed off for Viv, where you sat on the bench next to Katie.
As the match continued, Katie was subbed on and rather than concentrating on the game you couldn’t steer your eyes away from a certain Irish woman. After Beth got subbed off, the two of you made little comments about certain plays here and there as well as shouting when a player went down.
Expecting no less, Katie was being brutal when it came to her tackles, earning herself a yellow after only being on the pitch for twenty minutes.
Unbeknownst to you, after every tackle, pass and shot taken by Katie she would discreetly look at you. Hoping that you were watching her in some way, smiling to herself once she sees any sign of you looking at her.
When the final whistle blew everyone let out a sigh of relief, thankful for no more tackles coming their way. The game ended with a four-nil victory and it was safe to say everyone was going to go out.
You walked onto the pitch and went around shaking the opposition's hand once again before walking around the stadium to speak to the fans that came to watch.
After many selfies, signatures and short conversations you had managed to get around to almost everyone as well as giving your shirt away in the process.
“You're drooling.” Manu teased as she came up beside Katie, nudging her as she stared at you.
“Shut up.” Katie mumbled, unable to tear her eyes away from your frame, watching as your eyes lit up talking to the fans and smiling after getting praised for the way you played.
“You gonna make a move yet?” Manu asked, sending a knowing glance at the woman beside her.
“She doesn’t feel the same way.” Katie said sadly, finally taking her eyes off of you.
“You don’t know that.” Manu said supportively. “Try and talk to her at the club and if you're lucky you might get to take them home.”
Katie let out a huffed chuckle at the wink the goalkeeper sent her way before walking off and back to the locker room.
“Y/l/n.” Jonas called out to you, making your head turn towards him. “You’re needed for an interview.”
Taking one last photo with someone you sent a smile to the fans before making your way to the interviewer.
“Hey.” You smiled as you approached the woman who was going to interview you.
Throughout the interview a common theme was occurring. The woman in front of you couldn't seem to keep her hands off you.
Trying to laugh her advances off you looked to the side multiple times silently begging for someone to come and save you. What made matters worse was you didn't pick up a coat or a spare top before going into the interview.
You stood in front of a camera and a very handsy interviewer with only your sports bra and shorts on.
It was as if God had answered your prayers once you saw Katie making her way towards you, a coat in hand and a not so happy look on her face.
“You must be very strong to keep those defenders off you when scoring that goal.” The interviewer said as she placed her hand on your bicep and gave it a little squeeze before moving her hand down your arm and onto your stomach, brushing her fingers over your abdomen.
“Okay, that’s enough of this interview.” Katie said as she stood behind you, wrapping the coat around your shoulders, covering your front.
“But we were just getting started.” The lady replied, sending a wink your way and an ugly expression towards Katie.
“That’s a shame, but I really don’t give a shit so bye.” Katie deadpanned, sending a fake smile before walking off and pulling you along with her.
“Thanks for that.” You said appreciatively.
“She should be fired.” Katie muttered, shaking her head, steam practicalling coming out of her ears.
“Hey, it’s okay.” You said, stopping causing Katie to pause as well. You placed your hands on either side of her face, thumbs gently brushing past her cheek bones.
“It’s not, she touched you inappropriately.” Katie huffed, closing her eyes trying to calm herself down.
“How about we forget about it and go celebrate our win?” You suggested.
“Yeah, okay. I could use a drink.”
“You and me both.” You chucked.
It was a couple of hours later and you were with all your teammates in some random club in London. Cheap booze and sweat lingering in the air along with drunken bodies swarming the dance floor.
Making your way over to the bar with a couple of your teammates, ordering for yourselves and the ones trying to find a table for you all.
After spending a little too much on drinks you took as many as you could in your hands and made your way to the others.
After many drinks, shots and poor choices you stumbled over to the bar, choosing to go for a water so you won't be dying of a terrible hangover in the morning.
You swirled the straw in your glass, watching as your teammates did some questionable dance moves. Letting out a soft laugh you turned back to the bar, asking for another water.
“Questionable drink of choice.” Someone said as they sat beside you. “Water at a club, not seen that before.”
“Yeah,” you chuckled, taking another sip, “I prefer not to be half way down the toilet.”
“Very true.” They laughed. “I’m surprised you haven’t recognised me yet.”
“Wait- oh my god!”
“What are you doing here?”
“Wanted to see an old friend.” They shrugged with a smile.
As you continued to converse with your friend beside you, the looks by your teammates went unnoticed by you.
They saw the way you would laugh at something your friend said, hand touching their arm before going back to your drink. Your body position completely focused on the person sitting beside you.
“What do they have that I don't?” Katie asked, completely misreading the situation.
“Oh, Katie.” Leah said softly.
“It’s not fair.” Katie mumbled, her grip tightening on her drink.
“Why don’t you go over there?” Jordan questioned.
“I can’t.” Katie said dejectedly. “They look too happy.”
“Maybe y/n’s just being friendly?” Beth piped up.
“Yeah right.” The Irish woman scoffed, taking a big gulp of her drink before placing the glass back on to the table. “I’m going home.”
“Wait Katie-” The girls tried but it was no use as the Irish woman had already made a beeline for the doors, walking out and onto the streets of London.
It wasn’t long after when you decided to end the conversation with your friend and head back to your teammates. After a quick hug goodbye and an exchange of numbers you walked back over to the girls.
“Hey, where's McCabe gone?” You questioned as you stood looking at everyone.
“She went home,” Jen replied, “how’s your new girlfriend?”
“Huh?” You said, confused.
“You were chatting someone up by the bar.”
“Oh, God no. That was just an old friend.” You chuckled.
When the girls didn’t laugh or send you a smile you were quickly put into a state of utter confusion.
“Wait, do you think I was cracking on with them?” You asked.
“I mean, that's what it looked like from over here.” Lia said, shrugging her shoulders.
“Oh, God.” You muttered, slumping your shoulders and hanging your head, looking at the floor.
“You might want to go see Katie.” Leah suggested.
“Wait, why?” You questioned, lifting your head up from your gaze on the ground.
“Why do you think? She loves you.”
“She loves me?” You repeated softly.
“Yes, now go!” The girls said together.
“Oh. Oh. OH.” You said frantically. “Okay, do you think I should get her something or-”
“Just go.”
“Alright, I'm going.” You said raising your hands in defence and walking backwards before turning around to make your way out of the club.
As you made your way towards Katie’s place the heavens had decided to open up, causing you to become soaked by the rain. Speeding up your pace, you spotted a little shop and you quickly made your way inside.
Searching through the tiny shop you brought some flowers before heading back out into the rain.
You finally arrived at Katie’s place, knocking on her door as you stood on her doorstep, drenched from the downpour you had just walked through.
To say Katie was surprised to see you standing in front of her when she opened her door was an understatement.
“Hey.” You smiled, clutching onto the flowers that you held close to your body.
“Hi.” Katie smiled back, although it wasn’t near enough as big as yours.
“I got these for you.” You said, holding the flowers for Katie to take but now looking at them they looked very worse for wear, water dripping off them as they sagged around your hand.
“Y/n.” Katie chuckled softly.
“They looked better when I brought them, I promise.” You internally groaned as you tried to hide your face in them.
“No, no, I love them.” Katie said, gently taking them out of your hands.
“I’m sorry.” You smiled weakly, looking down, toeing the ground.
“What for?”
“For being oblivious.” You said.
“Yeah, oh.” You mumbled. “If I knew you liked me before then I would’ve made a move.”
“You like me?” Katie asked cautiously.
“Yeah, loads and this isn’t really how I wanted to confess said feelings but it's better late than never and with you being jealous and all-”
“Oh shut up,” Katie mumbled, grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you in for a searing kiss.
You took a hold of Katie’s waist and pulled her into you, smiling into the kiss. Stepping forward, you turned and pushed Katie against her front door.
Katie let out a small whine at the action, desperately tugging at the collar of your top, trying to bring you closer.
Trailing down Katie’s neck, you left open kisses from her jaw to her collarbone. Sucking partially hard on a certain spot, Katie let a whine escape from her lips.
You pulled away, smiling at the expression painted on Katie’s face. Lips bruised, hair dishevelled, chest rising and falling rapidly but still looked like the most beautiful person on the planet.
“I- that was- wow.” You said, struggling to find what to say.
“Such a way with words.” Katie chuckled.
“I really like you and I really don’t want to mess this up.” you admitted, pointing between the two of you.
“I really like you too.” Katie smiled. “But you already knew that.”
“Well, not really.” You said sheepishly, rubbing the back of your neck.
“I'll let you off.”
“It’s ‘cause you love me.” you teased dragging out the ‘o’ in love.
“Not there yet,” Katie smiled, “but how about you come inside and we can finish off what we started.”
“No need to tell me twice.” You rushed out, being pulled by Katie as you kicked the door closed.
It was safe to say you were very thankful for jealous Katie that night, unlike the neighbours.
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All Grown Up?
It’s been such a long time since we’ve heard from our humbled heroines. Surely, you might think, they’ve grown up a bit in that time, grown out of those diapers that they seemed to always find themselves filling. 
Let’s check up on them, shall we?
Tumblr media
For Vanessa, growing up isn’t so easy to do. The former high school queen bee is still well at the bottom of her preschool class, struggling to keep up with the ABC songs and nursery rhymes that she finds her classmates singing. 
Her teacher hoped that she would make it back to pullups this year, but the poor girl can barely even tell when she’s gone potty, let alone have a clue of when she needs to go. Fortunately, her mother stops by the school at lunch everyday, to change her daughter’s poopy pampers before the ‘smart kids’ start making fun of her smell. 
Tumblr media
Bunnie used to make fun of girls like that. But the once-unstoppable blabbermouth can barely string together a word now, as she's still struggling through her second course of regression therapy. 
At first, the nurses were embarrassed by her inability to improve, thinking they had gone too far. But they soon realized that they could use the girl as a shining example - an example of what happens to naughty, haughty little girls. 
Tumblr media
Remember Allie? Allie still wakes up every now and then from her hypnosis-induced stupor, to ask why it is that she keeps crawling around filling up diapers like a helpless infant. 
Of course, Daddy just smiles and reminds her that she is just a silly little baby, and that's more than enough reason for her. So she stops her questioning and gets back to doing what she does best. 
Tumblr media
She’s not the only one who likes being in a trance. Ever since she first downloaded Confusion.exe, Mia has been hooked. She’s downloaded files to disrupt her continence, to induce and condition behaviors, to turn her into a babbling, drooling, diaper-filling mess. 
It’s taken quite the toll on her brain, of course, but she likes it that way. Or at least, she’s listened to enough files to make her think that she does. And in the end, if she’s smiling bright and wide, what difference does it make?
Tumblr media
Even for Zoe, who’s learned quite a bit since we last saw her, it doesn’t seem like being a big girl again is quite in the cards. Oh, sure, she can ask to go to the potty en francais now, but in all that time that she couldn’t, she’s just about forgotten how to tell she has to!   
For her, there was never any need for hypnosis, or magic, or any special substances, to bring her down to where she is now. All it took was for Daddy to speak to her in his language - a language that she couldn’t understand. And in the time it took for her to learn a few basic nursery rhymes and answer a few simple questions, she’s learned just how much she loves being his clueless, silly little diaper baby. 
Tumblr media
Bella used to think a lot about the potty, and how she could earn a gold star if she used it like a big girl. Nowadays, though, she knows she only has to listen and obey to reap the rich rewards. And boy, does she. 
The funny thing is, she doesn’t really need those rewards at all. She loves being Daddy’s good little girl, loves the way he takes care of her and makes her feel warm and fuzzy and safe and secure. 
Tumblr media
Oh, and Vivi? We know what kind of progress she likes to make. She finds new ways to regress every day, from filling up her diapers without knowing, to crawling around the floor, to babbling like the infant she’s becoming more and more. She knows that nothing makes her Daddy happier - and that nothing makes her happier.
See, they never grow up. No, they never quite do. Staying crinkled forever Don’t you wish it was you?
Image Credit (in order of appearance):
Bubblybuns (IG) @anabelleleakygirl @allie-n-daddy Puppiloli (TW) Diapered Online @mybabybea @little-girlxo Thank you all for an amazing, wonderful, magical season of captioneering. I'm not sure when I'll be back writing, but I should still be around to help any of you out there looking to make your own kinky fiction.
Feel free to DM me if you ever want to reach out. And be sure check out my complete AB/DL caption index for many more fun stories!
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More than enough
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary : Feeling a bit jealous after having seen pictures of Chris kissing someone else for work. Could there be more to it than just jealousy? 
Warnings : None. Bit angsty feeling maybe. 
Word count : 845
A/N = No proof reading. A short one, I know I’ve been posting less frequently lately which I hate but the inspiration and the ‘drive’ to write is hard to come by for the time being. 
Tumblr media
Author Note :
I do NOT give permission for my work to be re-posted, translated, or published on other sites than on my Tumblr. Comments, likes and reblogs are however much appreciated and humbly welcomed.
While you’re here: 
Feel free to check out my other stories. Here --> Master List.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the bed in Chris’ hotel room. You’d taken some days off from work so you could go to DC to visit Chris. However, when you got there, you were greeted with less joyous pictures all over the internet. You tried letting it go because you knew that it’s his job and only a job. Still didn’t change that fact that it wasn’t that awesome watching your boyfriend making out with someone else.
Chris came back from filming later that evening pleased to see you’d arrived. He greeted you like always with a long embrace and a kiss just as nice. However, it didn’t feel quite right. Something was off. And as the evening progressed it became very clear to Chris that something was very off. You didn’t seem as happy about being in DC like he’d thought. Normally whenever you’d come see him during filming it was the greatest thing in the world because it was something you both looked forward to and enjoyed immensely. But this time something was up.
So, watching you from across the room, Chris decided he needed to take action. 
"Why the sour face?"
"Shut up."
Chris couldn’t help snickering a bit at your remark. 
"Ohh. Now, I know someone's in a sour mood."
You hid your face in your pillow. You felt the bed dip and became aware of his presence next to you on the bed. You could feel Chris' hand on your lower back rubbing it softly.
"C'mon, bubs...talk to me"
"You're gonna laugh at me"
"Nah, of you? Never."
You rolled over on your side facing Chris. Face still nestled in the pillow.
"I saw the pictures and videos from set today."
"It's just -"
"I know! But still - not the greatest thing to wake up to seeing your boyfriend making out with someone else on a freaking boardwalk. Looking all loved up. I mean, you look like this amazing power-couple. And I know that you got great chemistry from filming ‘Knives out’ and then she couldn’t even keep her hands off you. So forgive me for feeling a bit put off-"
You watched Chris scrunch his face trying to refrain from laughing. You sat up pulling the pillow with you, planting several pillow-punches towards Chris
"See!? You said you wouldn't laugh... Asshole."
"Babe, I'm sorry I just find it hard to believe that you'd be jealous of Ana."
"Oh!? Well sure, why wouldn't I be jealous of someone so gorgeous, funny, smart, pretty, body like -"
"Y/N, seriously"
"Yeah, seriously. Of course, I'm jealous and -"
You took a deep breath as you stared down at your hands folded under the pillow. You didn’t dare to look at Chris as the truth crept up on you. Your cheeks felt warm and you pondered whether or not to tell him the entirety of the situation. 
"I'm not like her or any other Hollywood star...I’m just plain old me. Nothing special or anything over the top.” 
“Chris, you could have anyone and- Yes, maybe it comes off as jealousy but... Sometimes I don’t know if I’m good enough for you or even worthy of your love. I’m just me.” 
“Don’t be stoopid.” 
You let out a small scoff at your boyfriend hearing his Bostonian accent come out. You glanced at him quickly before averting your attention elsewhere. 
But he saw it that very second. Chris' face softened as he saw the look on your face.
You hid your face in your pillow once more feeling embarrassed, upset and now ‘stoopid’. 
“Hey, look at me please.” 
Face still closely nestled in the pillow, you turned your head so you could look at him. You saw there was no goofy smile or grin. He looked very serious. His blue eyes piercing into yours. 
Chris laid down, on his side facing you. 
���You’re not enough-” 
Your eyes turned glossy the second he said the words. 
“- You’re everything and so much...so much more than enough.”
You let out small gasp not realizing you’d been holding your breath. Chris snuggled closer to you, taking your hands in his. He pulled your hands to him, pressing soft kisses on the back of your hands. Your eyes welled up at his words and the gesture. 
“You’re right... You’re just you. And ‘just’ you is what it is. It’s the woman that I fell in love with. That is everything that I want. I don’t want anybody else. Why on earth would I want someone else?”
You couldn’t help the watery laugh coming from you. Chris leaned down, kissing your forehead before pressing a long, soft kiss on your lips. You melted into the kiss inching closer to him. Chris wrapped his arms around you pulling you even closer. You felt him caressing your back as you buried your face in the crook of his neck breathing in his scent. 
“I love you.” 
He whispered in your ear holding you close. You could see and feel the love Chris felt for you.
“I love you. ”
Tumblr media
Tag list 
@ la-cey 
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lemoneyyy · a year ago
💌 7th house ruler in signs and houses 💞
Tumblr media
7th house ruler and what you attracted to (your ideal partner).
♡ Check the degree and planets aspects as well!!! ^^
💗 7th house ruler in 1st/Aries
- you want a partner who is bold, confident and ambitious.
- who can motivate and always inspire you.
- someone who is similar to you in some way.
- you may meet them on an ordinary day, but there's something about you two that attracts each other, can be a "love at first sight", something could happen really fast. A very active place, like a sport field or a gym. Even a place have an accident brought the two of you together :) (actually idk what to say lol >_<). 🐏🔥
💗 7th house ruler in 2nd/Taurus
- you prefer a person who is trustworthy, loyal and have good finances.
- you or them may really like to cuddling, a huge ass fan of pda ✨
- someone who can cook, so you and them can cook together. (omg so cute argggg)
- you may meet them at a comfy and chilling place. A place related to beauty, like a spa. Somthing related to cooking and food : restaurant, chef, supermarket,... Somthing about makeup, clothes, perfume, jewelry, looks very nice and luxurious. Money, related to banking and trading. Bull and horns. 🐂💸
💗 7th house ruler in 3rd/Gemini
- commucation is the key here.
- who is witty, highly intelligent, also have a great sense of humour.
- someone who will impress you with their quick mind and courage, keeping you curious about them.
- you may meet them through your siblings or neighborhoods, at school, a fair, a market. Short distance travel. Transportation and social media. Things related to knowledge : books, magazines or newspapers. Talking, reading or writing. Very noisy and funny place, which have a lot of ppl, make you hard to focus. Since it's a dual sign, so you may meet two ppl, a twin, a couple, and there's your spouse :) 📚🧑‍🤝‍🧑
💗 7th house ruler in 4th/Cancer
- you like a sweet, cute partner who can protect you.
- someone in need of a deep emotional connection with you.
- this person can be your childhood friend, someone reminds you of your parents, or a loving person who feels like home to you, makes you really feel peace when ur with them!!
- a homebody and traditional person who always respect older ppl.
- you may meet them through your family, or something related to your family. Very comfy and nostalgic place, reminds you of your childhood (maybe deja vu??). Something related to home and vehicles, a hotel or a car showroom. During a holiday. A place have water like a beach or pool. 🦀🌚
💗 7th house ruler in 5th/Leo
- you like a cheerful, energetic, confident, optimistic, creative partner.
- a person who is the center of attention, very prominent and magnetic.
- someone will boost your pride and ego.
- you or them may really love children.
- you're drawn to playful partner, famous ppl, artistic and very outgoing
- you may meet them at a creative place, where everyone can show off their talents. A very lively and dramatic place. Related to music and performance. Something about romance, playfulness and flirting. "Blastly" atmosphere. Hot/sunny weather, summer. 🦁☀️
💗 7th house ruler in 6th/Virgo
- you'll definitely keep an eye on someone who is humble, pratical and nurturing.
- you like to spend your time with your partner.
- someone who does more than says, always listening to you.
- a person has a healthy lifestyle, clean and organized.
- you tend to enter relationships more slowly because you value long term and commitment relationships.
- you may meet them at school/work, or through a coworker. Through daily routine. You could meet them through a "normal" way, nothing in common. A place related to health, a hospital, gym or a pharmacy. 🏥👧
💗 7th house ruler in 7th/Libra
- you're drawn to a diplomatic and social partner.
- maybe you may desire yourself in a relationship and think about it many times when you were young.
- a balanced, diplomatic, elegant and attractive partner.
- probably someone who has bf/gf material on them ;)
- you want a true love, very passionate and fascinating.
- you may meet them through somebody introduction. Could be a blind date or a matchmaking (arranged marriage). Very polite, elegant, political enviroment like a business or a meeting. Social media. There could be flirting from either or both parties. A library or a court. On a holiday, which could be a lot couples around (valentine or new year's eve or smth like that i guess so). ⚖️👩‍🎓
💗 7th house ruler in 8th/Scorpio
- who mystery and hard to read.
- you want to connect your soul with them, want to feel trusted and understood.
- someone who can accepts the darkest parts of you and satisfies your sexual need.
- someone who gives you intense emotions and make you feel alive again.
- you may meet them at night, dark/heavy place. Can be a love at first sight, ONS, a hookup. Something very intense will draw you two together like a magnet. A very taboo and sexual place. Meet them after a big transformation in your life. Watery place. Spooky and deadly place. Place related to home and vehicles (lmao sounds so scary ☠). 🦂🖤
💗 7th house ruler in 9th/Sagittarius
- your type is someone passionate, curious, funny, quickly, frank and honest.
- a free spirit who can always be with you.
- you may meet them at foreign lands and long distance travel. Higher education like a college or university. You can meet them in the lecture hall, where someone is teaching. At a playground or amusement park, which is funny and exciting. A place that very big, expands. Religious place like a church or a wedding. During a vacation. Related to horse, archery, arrows 🏹🐴
💗 7th house ruler in 10th/Capricorn
- you're attracted to mature, ambitious, successful and responsible partners, authority figures
- you don't need someone who is too romantic, just someone who is realistic and hard-working ����
- somebody who can help you in your career and make you feel more mature.
- your relationships can be quite popular and be due to public eye 👀
- you may meet them at work/office or school. Serious and busy environment. Lots of awards, certificates, trophies, etc. Perharps you meet them later in life. Your father can play a role in this. 🐐⛰️
💗 7th house ruler in 11th/Aquarius
- you want a partner who can be both your friend and lover.
- intelligent, quirky, unique and independent partner.
- a non-binding relationship where you feel most free with your partner.
- if afflicted, you may feel constrained and uncomfortable in relationships.
- you may meet them through your or their friends, or both of you've been friends before. Online friends or social media. At the airport or plane. A modern and technological place. Place that have lots of ppl, like a fandom, community or a group. Waterfall or fountain. ⛲🏞
💗 7th house ruler in 12th/Pisces
- an artistic, dreamy, spiritual, creative partner is your type.
- you may want to keep your relationship secret.
- someone mystery, stand out the crowd.
- who is sensitive and empathetic enough to understand your pains and flaws and gently forgive that.
- this also indicates that you could have a healing or karmic relationship.
- you may meet them through your dreams. At a quite and spiritual place like hospital or church. Foreign lands. Somewhere creative like art museum, movie theater, etc. A place that have a lot of water. Fishy 🐟💦
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cursedcola · 2 months ago
congrats on 1k! i love your writing so much. thanks for keeping the fandom fed in this trying times 🥺 may i request prompt #37 with deucey?
Prompt 37: "You smell so nice”
Character: Deuce Spade
A/N: The greek blood coursing through my veins says that no soul will ever leave my blog hungry. If so then a line of ancestral ghosts will curse every evil eye I own to shatter, and my rice pudding to never have the right consistency
Deuce loves all of his friends with his entire heart. He may be humble about it, but Deuce is the definition of “ride or die”. He’ll be the one causing a distraction when you are late and need to sneak in through the classroom window. He was willing to pull the weight of two stargazers - risk his goal to be a role model student- just so the school shut in would join in for fun festivities. He’s the first his friends call when they need a helping hand despite his tendency to be air-headed. Why? Because Deuce is loyal and always pulls through when it counts. He’s impossible to dislike once you get to know him.
You were one of his first friends at the college. The fellow first-year who simultaneously saved him from trouble on the daily while dragging him into other messes. At first he found you dangerous. Not physically - but to his dream of making his mother proud. He swore off associating with you the moment you were given custody of the demon cat.
Life had other plans for him though. Curse his hot-headed pride and that bumbling red-head. Not even a week in to the semester and he was already in trouble. What would his mother say? What if he was expelled? How would they manage to fix the chandelier? What could two freshmen, a magic cat, and a foreigner do?
Back then, he was determined to stay in the academy and so he became stubborn. Fighting with the people he was supposed to work with and in the end? It was the person he doubted the most that saved them all.
You. You got the stone to fix the chandelier and saved him from being sent home.
You gave him friends too. With yourself, Ace, and Grimm being the first. Not long after your once dubbed “danger,” magnet has given him more experiences and memories than he ever planned to create at NRC. From sneaking into a mer-museum, having culinary escapades, crashing a literal ghost-wedding, playing spell drive - the list goes on but the thing is that you are his best friend.
So when did he want more than that? When did he become prey to your magnetism?
Deuce is known for being the dense-sort and he acknowledges it. Yet he had hoped that he wasn’t so far gone to miss the moment he fell in love.
They smell so nice, the thought broke through one day out of nowhere. He’s thought similar before. Sometimes he might pick up a cologne on one of his friends, or note that you’re trying a new body wash. It’s nothing new or weird. Just an observation.
What’s weird is how your scent made it impossible to focus on his comic. How he began to take deeper breaths to smell it again, and how he desperately wanted to bury his face in the blankets and pillows on the nearby couch. How his heart raced when his mind wandered for a split-second, an image of you in a bubble bath flashing in his head.
Friends don’t think of other friends in the bath. Deuce excused himself to bed early that night, hoping to clear his mind.
It did not stop there though. The day merely being the calm before the storm - suddenly the pandora’s box of Deuce’s thoughts could not be closed.
Your laugh was contagious to where he’d grin even if nothing was funny.
He’d imagine you sitting with him when studying or doing chores - even if you weren’t there. It made him work twice as hard.
There were times he’d hear your voice in his head instead of his own. Scolding him for losing his temper, mimicking your laugh when he’d think something funny, and rerunning conversations you had with him earlier in the day.
Phantom touch took over his senses. At times your hugs would linger much beyond their ending. He’d fall asleep those days still feeling the warmth of your embrace - sometimes calming him and others so flustering to where he cannot drift off.
Your adventures begin to scare him again. Deuce realizes that you are not dangerous and never were in the first place. You are the one in danger. He now feels the need to protect you, actively seeking to involve himself instead of being dragged in by circumstance.
Through all this, he still remains oblivious. His head is screaming that something is wrong yet he can’t pinpoint what.
Friends don’t get flustered by each other’s smell. Friends don’t think of each other in the bath. Friends don’t hear each others’ voices in their heads. Friends don’t think of each other first thing in the morning, throughout the day, all the way until the last moment before bed. They don’t dream about each other every.single.night. They definitely don’t want to…well, kiss, each other. Hold hands and do things Deuce used to cringe at when out with his old gang.
So what is it? You are Deuce’s friend. Why do these thoughts appear about you and no one else?
“Oh my,” his mother’s voice rings over video call. She makes no attempt to hide the gentle yet knowing smile growing from cheek to cheek, “it sounds like you’re in love, dear”
“I’m in…love?” Deuce stares at the screen in surprise, the word coming out a confused whisper. He had told his mother all his feelings in confidence. In hopes she could piece together this story.
His mother echoes him with an affirmation, glowing with pride and happiness for her son.
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sukirichi · a year ago
— just the two of us
Tumblr media Tumblr media
request: I almost read all of your jujutsu kaisen writings and I love it. Your writing is really good! I do not know if a request about a fics🥞 about satoru gojo who is really in love and not very possessive with an oblivious reader. It will be fun to see Satoru try to flirt with her and she doesn't get it🤣
pairings: gojo x oblivious! reader
notes: THIS IDEA IS SO CUTEEE I absolutely loved every second of writing it! thank you for the request and I hope you like this! 🥞 breakfast has been served!
word count: 3.3k
warnings: none, other than this is unedited and written humorously rather than seriously~
masterlist !
Tumblr media
Gojo doesn’t know whether he’s lucky – or completely cursed – over the fact you’ve got no idea he’s so in love with you.
It’s a bright sunny morning, perfect for outdoor training, and he walks with you all the way to school with his hands shoved deep in his pockets. You stretch your arms out in the sky to bask in the morning glow and warmth of the sun, sleeves pushed up to your forearms to “get that vitamin D.”
Satoru snickers at your statement, because you’d totally be getting a different kind of Vitamin D if only you’d notice him. Sometimes he wonders, if maybe you’d inherited the Six Eyes instead of him, would you finally be able to see him – or would you still remain unaware?
He doesn’t even know where it began. A year ago, Yaga introduced you as the newest staff member. You’d been so fidgety and nervous then, unsure of what to do and worried if maybe the kids wouldn’t love. They did, of course, how could they not. Not only were you extremely fun to be with, you’re also caring, fretting and even crying whenever one of the students got injured over a mission.
Shoko reminds you all the time that this should be normal for you by now, but you always cry every time, sobbing that they’re still only kids and should be out having fun.
Yeah, maybe that’s where it began. Your kindness struck a chord in Satoru’s heart, and before he knew it, he was falling for you. Hard. Next thing you know, he shows up five minutes before you leave for work, mock-saluting you before inviting you to breakfast. He does this every damn day, and you still don’t get a single thing.
“That café was really good,” you muse, fingers stretching outwards and giggling as the sun peeks through the spaces. Satoru sighs beside you, wanting nothing more than to slip his fingers through those softer ones. “We should go back there sometime. Maybe even take the kids with us this weekend so we can all have breakfast together!”
Satoru masks a snicker with a cough. It reminds him of the time Megumi called you mom and dad by accident, to which you happily responded with before tackling the boy in hugs, while the strongest jujutsu sorcerer only flushed in embarrassment.
Him being him though, Satoru played it off cool, flipping his hair before striking a pose. “Huh, a dad?” he smirks, “The only person who gets to call me daddy would be no one else but Y/N.”
The raven haired first year student immediately recoils in disgust. Meanwhile, the innuendo flies straight through you, and you peer up at him innocently with your head tilted to the side. “Daddy? Why would I call you my dad? My father is still alive and well, and I don’t see you marrying my mom or anything,” Just as Megumi nearly howls in laughter – another evidence that you’re really something else to get the usually stoic boy to lose his composure like that – you snap your fingers, the light bulb above your head practically shining. “Oh, I get it! You prefer younger women and you want them to call you that! Kind of like the hype for onii-chan nowadays.”
Hopeless, Satoru wants to say, you’re absolutely, utterly hopeless.
“Hmm, I don’t know,” Satoru shrugs nonchalantly, sending a smirk your way. It usually drives everyone crazy, but you only smile back up at him in the same way you smile with everyone, and he tries his best to not show his shoulders are deflating. Nevertheless, he doesn’t give up. “How about you and I go out somewhere this weekend? The movies, perhaps?”
Say yes, say yes – please say yes.
Really though, he’s waiting for that ‘no’ already. Satoru knows you always go out of town during the weekends to visit your family in the countryside, only coming back on Monday the next week with a basket of fruits and traditional goods that isn’t so easy to find in the city.
But then you clasp your hands together in excitement, lashes fluttering delicately as you beam up at him. “Really? You’d like to go to the movies with me?”
“Of course I would,” Satoru tries not to stutter, hiding the fact that he’s completely taken aback. He’s the Gojo Satoru for heaven’s sake, he shouldn’t be this affected by anyone’s presence. “What makes you think I wouldn’t want to?”
“Oh, nothing, I just thought you were busy. This Saturday, then?”
Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, it’s actually happening – his mind was barely functioning at this point, and he even slapped his cheeks to snap him back to life. “I thought there was a fly,” he lied with a chuckle, “But yeah, Saturday. I’ll pick you up?”
“Yeah, sure!”
Satoru wouldn’t stop smiling the whole way to the school. Even when Yuuji had face planted into the ground and Megumi sprained his ankle from training, he wasn’t able to get rid of the ridiculously big smile that stretched across his lips. He’s floating in cloud nine, flowers erupting from his ears and heart-shaped emojis bursting in his background.
“Well, you look creepy,” Shoko commented in the faculty room the moment you excused yourself, “Did you land a date with her or something?”
“That I did,” he stated proudly, even banging his fist on his chest like a deranged form of King Kong.
“I can only hope Y/N makes it out alive,” Nanami announces from behind the newspaper he’s reading, legs crossed over another before he peeks above the paper, narrowed eyes dead set on the blindfolded man. “Don’t be too wild with her, Satoru. She’s a gentle soul despite being a sorcerer – I humbly suggest you don’t mess with her feelings.”
“Are you kidding me? She’s the one messing with my feelings by being so fucking cute all the time!”
“Who’s cute?”
Shoko nearly spits out her coffee the moment you enter, glancing around the room and sitting down next to a shock-still Satoru. Nanami only huffs in his seat with a shake of his head. It doesn’t take long before Satoru regains his confidence and recovers from his shock – he’s turned to you with his torso completely facing your way.
You bask in the attention, mimicking the gesture until your faces are mere inches from one another. The fact you’re so responsive and attentive to him yet still painfully naïve strikes a mental war of himself debating whether he wants to kiss you or knock your head upside down. Satoru chooses neither options as he leans closer, his smile growing wider when you don’t pull away, and he doesn’t stop moving until his lips are right beside the shell of your ear.
“You’re cute.”
Shoko shudders at the same time Nanami just gives up on everything, folding his paper and lying that he’s got someplace to go with Ichiji. Satoru patiently waits for your reaction; for you to crumble this time around.
You’re silent for a moment, brows almost right across each other when you register his words. Satoru ends up holding his breath for your next words, wondering: is this it? will she finally understand what I feel for her now?
Even Shoko ends up sitting at the edge of her seat, silently watching the exchange with interest barely hidden in her sparkling eyes. Satoru watches as your lips open, his eyes transfixed on the way the soft flesh moves. They tilt upwards, revealing a set of a wide smile – the smile he can never get enough of. “Thank you!” you giggle at his compliment, “You and Shoko are very cute too! And the kids too, especially Toge! Not that I’m saying he’s my favourite—”
“He’s definitely your favourite student,” snorts Shoko who is ignoring the way Satoru turns completely gray beside you.
It turns out you still haven’t figured it out after all.
“The kids this – the kids that,” the tall, lanky man whines, his head falling back on the back of the leather couch. He looks so utterly defeated you can’t help but lean over him to check if he’s okay, but Satoru pouts and hides his face under his uniform instead. “Why can it never be just the two of us?”
“Sorry, what did you say?”
This time, you’ve kneeled on the couch to hover him. You even pluck one side of his blindfold off to see how he’s doing, and suddenly thankful you can’t see the way his cheeks are absolutely flaming right now. 
“Nothing,” he assures, his smile hidden behind his shirt. You look absolutely adorable hovering over him like that – eyes wide and lips pouty – what he wouldn’t give to kiss those lips right now, but it isn’t the right time, and Satoru just needs to find a better way to tell you how he feels. “It’s nothing.”
It’s absolutely not nothing.
Tumblr media
Saturday couldn’t come faster.
Satoru finds himself willing time to go faster. Once the awaited day finally comes, he wastes no time in choosing his best outfit; an oversized black shirt tucked into black skinny jeans before styling his hair up the way he likes.
He winks at his reflection in the mirror, going ooh and aah at how hot he looks. It’s another reason why he can’t comprehend why you don’t like him yet, when, uhm, he knows he looks damn good? He’s pretty funny too – and his strength and power is already a no-brainer. Satoru can’t wrap his head around any possible reason why you wouldn’t like him; it’s basically a life or death mission at this point.
With that end goal in his mind and a spritz of perfume later, Satoru sashays out his apartment. Even though it’s already dark outside and he spent the whole day walking back and forth in his room trying to come up with ways to confess to you, he acts coolly all the way to your apartment.
This time around, he’s more than confident. He’s going to have you wrapped around his pretty little finger, “Wow,” is the first thing he says, pulling his blindfold down just to look at you.
Satoru feels blessed in that exact moment to witness how the heavens took their time with you, creating only the best out of the best and birthing the most magnificent person ever. Suddenly, he grows an urge to run to the countryside and thank your parents for going funky one night and creating you, because you’re an absolutely magnificent gift and it really baffles him how you’re real.
“Wow,” he repeats again, and you chuckle when he shakes his head. “You look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”
“Thank you,” you look him up and down, smiling in satisfaction. “You look very handsome yourself.”
Satoru’s been called handsome a million times before that it’s gotten too much in his head already, but hearing it come from your lips hits different. If he was excited before, it’s nothing compared to what he feels now when you loop your arm through his, dangling off his arm like you were a lover.
He knows it’s not real and this is probably just a friendly date for you – something he intends to clear up later – but it doesn’t stop him from puffing his chest up a bit, almost as if bragging to everyone around you that he was the one you’re with, and that he was the one you’re going to the movies with.
All your babbles about everything goes straight into one ear and out the other. He wants to listen to you, he really does, but he’s so intoxicated with your voice that he just ends up nodding at everything you say; his attention mostly on how sweet you sound and smell.
His feelings only intensify a hundred times more when you finally make it to the theatre. Not only is it dark, but you’re sitting right next to him, arms and thighs brushing against each other. He takes note of every little movement you make, smiling to himself when you don’t pull away from his thigh flush against yours.
In this close proximity, your perfume overwhelms his senses. He finds himself leaning closer just to get a little more taste of it, his arm resting on the armrest beside him and placing his cheek on his open palm.
He doesn’t even know what the movie is about. All he can see, hear, feel and recognize is you – nothing and no one but you. Just as he wanted, it’s just the two of you.
Satoru reaches out to the bowl of popcorn in his lap to distract himself from the need of kissing you already. He was so smug that he’s on this date with you; now he feels like the world is laughing and mocking at him because you’re so close yet so far away. The last thing he wants is to say something weird and have you running for the hills. It’s clear you don’t like him, after all.
You end up reaching for it the same time he does, making your fingers brush. It sends a jolt of electricity down his spine and he immediately retracts it.
Looking up at him with an apologetic smile, Satoru knows he’s messed up. “I’m sorry,” you blurt out, raising your hands in surrender with a nervous chuckle. “I should’ve gotten my own bowl instead.”
Satoru stares at you through his blindfold. You’re close enough that he can count your lashes – both top and bottom row – and he’s so stupefied at this point that he just says the first thing that comes to his mind; absolutely anything just to get your attention. “Cold,” he shows you his hand, “I’m cold.”
“Oh,” you nod and slip your fingers through his. Satoru nearly gasps at how electrifying the sensation is from having your smaller, softer fingers collide with his, your hands fitting perfectly in his bigger, calloused ones. Then, you close your intertwined hands and smush your cheek with it to transfer your heat – completely unaware that Satoru feels like he’s floating in his own Infinite Void right now. “Feel warmer now?”
“Yes,” he replies. “Extremely.”
Something beast-like wakes within him after that. Now that he knows you don’t mind touching him at all, Satoru can’t help but want to take out all his playing cards and just go fuck it. So he does – and he might regret, he might not – who cares? It’s just the two of you, and you’re the only one he ever cares about this much that he’d pretty much let you do anything at this point.
“You know,” Satoru begins, shifting until your joined hands are resting on top of his chest. His heart is just about ready to burst through its confines at this moment, but he holds back. It’s now or never. “Shoko and Nanami are annoyed that I talk about you all the time.”
Your eyes widen at his statement. “Really? Do you talk badly about me or something?”
“No,” he nearly groans in frustration, “You’re really pretty and cool. You’re amazing during missions, too, when you fight, it’s like I’m witnessing a warrior princess. So cool.”
This makes you laugh until the person sitting behind you rudely shushes you. You bow your head in apology, turning to Satoru with a softer smile this time; one that looks reserved and private compared to your big grins. “Oh, no,” he closes his eyes even behind his blindfold, “Don’t smile at me like that. I don’t think I’ll still be cool if I end up stuttering over my words.”
“Satoru!” you whisper-hiss, although your chest is filled with so much giddiness too that you’ve both forgotten about the movie; unaware that the entire theatre was crying over the main character’s friend’s death. “What are you going on about?”
He wants to laugh so damn hard. He thought confessing his feelings for you would end up in a pitiful heartbreak that you’d be weirded out and push him away. For a moment, he forgets it’s you, and that nothing is ever difficult or painful with you – other than, of course, you being oblivious, but that isn’t something he can’t fix. He’ll get you on the train one way or another.
“I have a confession.”
“I was practicing how to ask you out for a whole hour in the mirror,” Satoru whispers, careful to not ruin the melancholic mood of theatre. It doesn’t even surprise him that his world is filled with nothing but sunshine even if the world around you has descended into grief and loneliness. “I also called Nanami on first date tips.”
“Nanami?” you echo with a gasp, “Why Nanami?”
“Because he’s married, that’s why. Mans know some tips for sure.”
“Wait, so,” you chuckle nervously, and Satoru waits, waits for you to pull away or push him back – anything that would indicate discomfort. He’s patient the whole time, watching carefully as you only squeeze his hand and gesture to the both of you with your free one. “This is a date? Our first date?”
“Only if you want to be,” Satoru shrugs, grimacing afterwards at how sappy he sounds. “Well, I actually consider this our first date and I’ve been waiting for this for like forever now, so I sure as hell hope you want this too. I didn’t dress myself up today only to come back home crying.”
Satoru’s heart – if possible – only beats crazier and sings the syllables of your name when you start laughing harder to the point you have to muffle it by burying yourself in his bicep. He feels like his muscles and nerves could erupt at any moment. It’s crazy – absolutely insane – how you have him wrapped around your finger like this. He doesn’t complain though; he never will.
“I’m glad,” you mumble through his shirt, your erratic heartbeat matching kiss when you take the first tentative step of kissing his jaw.
Satoru stiffens underneath you, a low growl ripping from his throat. He’s feral, wild, drunk at the sight and scent of you. You make him feel like he’s fluctuating between dimensions, all the planets just crashing on one another until the stardust is left in your eyes because what else could be an explanation for what he’s feeling other than a supernova collision of hearts?
“You always make me feel so happy when you’re around that I still can’t believe you feel the same way. I was so worried that maybe you wouldn’t get my hints.”
Satoru groans, “What the hell? How long have you liked me?”
“I guess when you started bringing flowers to Megumi randomly just to piss him off.”
Satoru wants to rip his hair out. That was just a few weeks after you’ve started working with him, meaning you both have liked each other this whole time and he’s been suffering and feeling stupid just for nothing?
“God, Y/N,” he mutters to himself, “You really do know how to make a man go crazy, huh?”
That innocent smile on your face lets him know that as usual, you’re oblivious of everything. Satoru is right; he still can’t decide whether he wants to whack you in the head upside down. With a sigh, he ends up choosing the latter, nearly falling over his seat when you let out a surprised yelp at the feeling of his lips on yours.
It doesn’t take long before you grab onto his shirt and cling to dear life, laughter bubbling through your lips as you kiss. The sound is so precious he wants to bottle it up and keep it treasure for the rest of his life, but Satoru doesn’t rush anything.
With you and only with you is he ever capable of feeling like it’s just the two of you in a world filled with chaos and destruction.
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hyperfigations · 4 months ago
Male!Reader struggling to get his laptop turned on to work on a project, Dylan notices them struggling and finally reveals his actual interest to the reader and fixes their problem, resulting in reader being happy to get to know the actual dylan
A/N: Sorry this took so long 😭😭 getting back into writting is so hard. And getting back to being good at writing is even harder. This isn't my greatest piece LMAO but I hope you enjoy it anyways!
(Dylan x M!Reader)
Summary: Dylan lets Reader get to know him better.
Words: 1,452
TW: None
    It was kind of funny, the way he looked at you. His face was twisted in confusion which quickly turned into a playful annoyance. If it wasn’t for your urgency to get your crap done, you would have started teasing him about his “kicked puppy” look. 
 “Mr.H let you keep your laptop?” He groans.Your lips pursed whilst exhaling slowly.
“Only for like an hour, Dylan,” You roll your eyes. “He’s just letting me finish this stupid college application.”
“That is so lame,”
“Dylan,” You sigh. “Is that a yes or no?”
“For what?”
“OHHHHHH, about using the station? Um, yeah, you can but on one condition.”
You give him a look, one that could kill, but he returned it back. The clock was ticking and all you want to do was to get this shit done so you could go back to your job. 
“I gotta keep an eye on you. Ya know, can’t trust anyone after the Jacob Incident,” Dylan shrugs, crossing his arms over his chest. You scoff out a dry chuckle, remembering a few weeks before when Jake lost a bet with Nick and it ended with him breaking into the station and 2 PA speakers blown. Poor Dylan spent nearly every early morning trying to get those speakers up and running again. “Never again,” He had claimed after fixing up the last speaker. 
Ever since, Dylan was way overprotective of the radio station. He wouldn’t even let Jacob even glance its way. 
“Ugh, Jake ruins everything,” You grumble grumpily. Dylan smirks slightly, gently pushing you with his elbow.
“Don’t worry, I’m not like… ‘babysitting’ you. Think of it as us hanging out but Im like watching your every move making sure you don’t mess anything up,” 
You blink at your fellow counselor, staring at him.
“Fine. But you can’t distract me, I really have to get this thing done,”
“Yeah, I am known for being incredibly distracting,” He winks at you. You couldn’t help but chuckle slightly, shaking your head. 
The radio hut was honestly one of the more peaceful places at camp. Secluded and silent, away from all the screaming campers. Even though this is only your second time in there, you noticed a considerable difference from your first. You couldn’t help but remember how garbage this place looked before. Wood planks, trash scattered all over the ground and it was splinter city. When Dylan and you first scouted out the station, you had been pulling splinters out of your fingers for days. After the first time, you vowed never to step back in there but it wasn’t so bad now. Dylan put all his love into it. And it definitely paid off. It looked a hell of a lot better than it did before. 
“Damn, Dylan. Nice job,” You complemented, looking around in approval. Dylan looked a little shocked by your comment, but a bashful smile creeped up on his lips. He looked down, his shoulders going up slightly. 
“Y-yeah, thanks. It was nothing. Just cleaned it up a bit,”
“Since when were you ever humble? It looks great.” 
Dylan smiles even wider. You sit down on the chair in front of the radio, placing your laptop on the wooden table. A sigh escaped your lips as you opened it up. Dylan makes himself comfortable by leaning on the table facing you. His head tilted ever so slightly as he looks over you curiously. You could feel his eyes on you, but you decided to ignore it. You really need to get this thing finished, and you probably only had 45 minutes left to do so. 
“So what college-”
“Dylannn, I said you couldn’t distract me.” You huff. 
Dylan barks out a laugh, “Sorry.”
The computer lit up with the start-up screen, playing a small little jingle to let you know it's awake. Although your computer wasn’t exactly ‘a new model’ it had always done the job. Sure, it took a little slow to get to where you wanted it to go, but it was a small price to pay for a cheap laptop. Except this time… the start-up screen wasn’t budging. Your lips curve downward as you stare at the screen. Your fingers drift over the keyboard, pressing every button you think would help to make it go faster. Alas, nothing was working. “What the fuck-” you mumbled below your breath. 
In the corner of your eyes, you catch Dylan trying to chuckle quietly to himself. You glare at him, “What.” 
“I’m sorry but the 90s called and they want their computer back, man,” He laughs.
“Would you shut up, I’m trying to get this working, jerk,”
“You’re never gonna get it to work by just button mashing,”
Your face scrunched up in aggravation as you pushed away from the computer in Dylan’s rolling chair, gesturing toward your computer. “Fine. If you’re suuuccch an expert, why don’t you do it.”
Dylan looks at you, then the computer. He shrugs slightly and puts himself imbetween. The hut was caught in silence. Nothing to be heard except the outdoors, the clacking of your keyboard and the low humming of Dylan as he concentrated. You watch him from the back but curiosity  began to take over. You roll the chair to the left to get a view of the screen. You expect your computer to still be stuck in its limbo but it… was already fixed? It was on your homescreen!
    Dylan glances behind himself and gives you the most cocky look you’ve ever seen. The smirk on his face was confident and lop-sided. You were completely speechless. It took him, what? Maybe like 2 minutes to fix your computer. 
    “Um… what the fuck just happened,” You finally got out. 
Dylan smiles proudly at you, “Just my techno magic, are you impressed?”
You were. You were incredibly impressed.
A lie. A bald faced lie.
He knew you were lying because his smile grew wider. More cocky.
"Okay, I'll bite," You sigh. "How did you know how to fix it?" 
Dylan rolls his eyes ever so slightly, chuckling. "I fixed up the Hut and I fixed the PA speakers. This computer was nothing," 
"Dylan. I mean, how did you like… do all that though." 
He looks at you, a little shocked. No one really was interested in "the how" he does what he does. He just… does. That's all anyone needs to know. But you wanted to know more. His heart began to speed up at this thought. 
"Oh. Um… well," Dylan says, turning around back to your computer. So he didn't have to look you in the eyes. It was as if he was embarrassed. You stood up from the rolly chair, sauntering over to where he was to get a better view of him. Dylan's eyes avert you at all costs, making you frown just a little. 
"I mean, I've always kind of.. been into it, I guess?"
"So, you wanna go into techie stuff in the future?"
You stare at him, all ears, as if telling him to continue. Dylan sighs and hesitantly goes on, "Tech is like great and all but I dont know… I guess I kind of want to go into…"
Your whole body wiggles in anticipation, making Dylan's awkward frown become an amused smirk. 
"Quantum Phsyics. Or whatever…"
The silence was completely loud. The chirps of the birds keeping it from being completely quiet. Dylan takes a peak at your expression, which is in total shock. 
"Yeah, I know it's kinda dum-"
"Yeah but-"
Dylan becomes a little surprised when you tippy toe up to throw your hands on his shoulders, squeezing them affectionately.
"That's so amazing man!" 
He stares down into your eyes for just a second longer than he had intended to, butterflies swirling in his tummy. 
"You think so?"
"Dude, that's literally the coolest thing! Im like dead ass being serious."
"Haha," Dylan chuckles, suddenly feeling extremely small. 
He falls quiet, staring at his feet.
"You don't have to hide who you are with me, you know that right?"
You cared. You actually cared enough to ask. Even better, you didn't shy away from him? Even when he showed his Dylan Dylan side. Oh god… he feels his palms became sweaty, his heart was racing at the speed of light.
 In that moment, he realized, he liked you. He really, really liked you.
He always flirted of course but this was it. This was the period of an already written sentence. Dylan liked you so, so much.
"U-um, anyways, you should get that application done… right?"
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bangtanficsforyou · 6 months ago
Crushed (PJM)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Au: Friends to idk what
Genre: Angst, some fluff.
Ratings: 18+
Words: 2.3K
Warnings: curse words
Summary: Your coworker and best friend Jimin is everyone's favourite and for good reason. He's sweet, charming, caring, kind, humble, polite, ha– well shit. There you go making it obvious yet once again, that you're in love with him. But it's all good as long as he remains oblivious right? Wrong. After overthinking for a whole month, you decide to confess and things take an unexpected turn.
A/N: This is an idea i had for quite some time, so yeah. Also, the next chapter of lost is going to take some time because I plan on writing down all the main points for all the chapters before I start working on chapter four. Meanwhile, enjoy this.
Tumblr media
Dear Diary,
You know how Jimin asked me if I think one should confess in case they develop feelings for someone they're very good friends with?
Yeah, it has been a whole month since that. A whole month since, I got hopeful thinking he might be talking about me. A whole month, since my brain, just seconds later, asked me to get my shit together because thinking so, would only cause heartbreak. A whole month, since my brain and heart have been playing this tug of war, where my brain asks my heart to not be a stupid bitch and my heart asks my brain to not be a cynical asshole.
So far, the tug of war has only caused me to feel exhausted, while my heart and brain seem as energetic as ever, still going at it with full force.
Which is why I don't know what to do. I mean, I know what I should do but don't know know how to do it. Had it been anyone else, I would have simply adviced them to confess. Taking so much stress and overthinking this much is not going to do anyone, any good. But that's the issue, sometimes we don't listen to our very own advice.
Everytime I think of confessing to him, it scares the shit out of me. What if he doesn't feel the same and the whole friendship gets ruined? What if he feels disgusted by the idea of being with me? What if he thinks of me just as his little sister or something? Getting sis-zoned would surely hurt way more than getting friend-zoned.
But there is this other part of me, which wonders what if he feels the same? What if he likes me and has feelings for me? What if he has not confessed because he is just as scared as I'm?
Then again, everytime I think along these lines, my brain just....argh.
You know what? Fuck it. I can't take this anymore, geez. I'm confessing.
Tumblr media
As you approach your desk, you spot a mug of coffee with a note attached to it. Smiling, you take a look at what's written on the note, knowing very well who it is from.
Here's a cup of coffee because I know you'll need it. Also, all the very best for today, you'll do great :)
Your heart skips a beat as if it's smiling big and just urging you to go and find Jimin right at this very moment and to let him know of your feelings. Him remembering about your very important meeting, which you had rambled about to him, nervously, making it all the more difficult for your heart to not just combust at the spot.
You find it absurd and funny that you were so scared to confess to him for so long, but as soon you made your decision, you have been feeling this intense rush to just let him know. You don't know why that's the case. It might be because, you'll finally feel lighter and will know what to do with the feelings that have been there for at least two whole years or maybe it's because you just want him to know that you love him, because he deserves nothing less. His sweet little gestures only make you fall for him more.
As you glance at the note, you decide to shoot a text to thank him.
You: Thanks for the coffee 😋
You're about to exit the chatbox when another thought pops into your mind.
You: meet me at the cafe outside during lunch?
If the meeting goes the way you hope it does, you'll confess at lunch.
Tumblr media
The meeting went exactly how you had planned for it to go. Everything worked out smoothly and the authorities were quite impressed with the presentation you had made. All of which, are currently making you feel confident about yourself.
Taking a glance at your watch, you find there are only five minutes left for lunchtime. Quickly taking out your phone, you check if Jimin has replied to your texts. Thankfully, you find out that he has.
Jimin: Hush hush, it's not a big deal Jimin: yes, sure but here's to hoping that the place isn't too crowded during lunch😬
Jimin: All the best, you'll rock 👍
The last message, which he had texted just five minutes before your meeting started, makes you chuckle at the absurd choice of words. Nevertheless, you guess you did rock.
Now you can only hope, that you don't chicken out after seeing him. There's a difference between imagining it in your mind and doing it. You're scared that the moment you see Jimin's smiling face, your heart will do the regular and skip a beat and make you nervous as fuck.
Yep, you can very much imagine that happening.
This is why as you head towards the cafe, you practise your lines and imagine the scenario in your head.
Hey, Jimin, this is a long time coming but I like you. More than a friend, that way, you know? I understand if you're shocked and all so please take your time. I just wanted to let you know of my feelings because I haven't slept properly since you texted me that day–
No, no, no. You can't say that. That is not how one confesses.
You had it all right when you practised it yesterday, in front of your mirror. Now though, you seem to be messing up with your lines and you can't have it. Trying to recall your lines, you make another attempt at repeating them.
Jimin, I like you and have had feelings for you for quite some time now. I apologise, if it's too sudden for you, please take your time. It's just that, the conversation I had with you about a month ago, had helped me realise that I would rather confess than keep it all inside. That being said, I hope my feelings for you do not hamper our friendship, irrespective of what you feel for me.
That sounds better, you guess.
Now you have just got to do it right in front of him.
Speak of the cute lil squishy heart-owner, and he shall appear.
You turn around after hearing your name only to spot him approaching you, seemingly all excited. His excited smile causes your lips to quirk up, as you wait for him to catch up with you.
"How did the meeting go?" He asks, out of breath, his cheeks slightly red from all the running.
"It went great." You quip. Perhaps, a little too excitedly in hopes of hiding the nervous butterflies in your stomach. "They seemed very impressed with my presentation. A part of me still can't believe it went this smoothly."
"That's great. I told you, you'd do amazing." Jimin smiles, his usual smile. The one where his eyes crinkle in the corner and his slightly crooked teeth are put on display.
You feel warmth spread through your whole body at his words. There's no way you're forgetting the way he helped you when you were full-on panicking on being informed that you were assigned the responsibility of such a crucial meeting. Jimin had remained by your side until you had calmed down and told you that he knows you're capable of it. He had told you how much he believes in you and how there's no other person he can think of, who can do the task better than you. It was his words which had given you the courage to give your best.
With the warmth that spreads through your body, you also feel your heart rate speeding up at the thought of finally letting him know how much he means to you and how much you love him.
"I need to tell you something." You blurt, without any further thoughts. If you're going to do this, there's no point in stalling.
Jimin nods at your words and a gleeful gleam enters his eyes. "I've something to tell you as well."
Your curiosity peaks and you start wondering what it might be about but then decide against it. You are going to take a huge step, that's definitely out of your comfort zone. You do not need to worry your brain, which is already stressed, about what he might have to say. Instead, you decide on letting him speak first, for you think that's the better way to go about things.
"Okay, then go on." You urge.
He shakes his head. "First, let's head to the cafe, the treat is on me."
You give him a confused smile. He seems more satisfied and happy than you are. Whatsoever the reason for that might be, you assume you're going to find out soon. So, instead of querying him about his reason for giving you a sudden treat, you decide to follow him to the cafe.
Walking in, Jimin walks straight to the small two-seater table at the corner, knowing that's the table you usually prefer. As you approach the table, he pulls out the chair for you to seat and once you're seated, he takes the opposite seat.
"It isn't too crowded after all." He rubs his palms together before lifting the menu card. "What do you want to eat?"
You scoff. "You know what I want to eat."
Jimin's response to your words is a muffled groan. "Seriously Y/N? Get a little more diverse."
"I've gone diverse and it's after that, that I've concluded that pizza is the best junk food out there." You reply with a smug smirk on your face.
He shakes his head in disappointment, as if he's done trying to make you understand. "Well then, pizza it is. The usual toppings?"
Although he asks the question, he doesn't bother to look up knowing the answer already and the hum from you that soon accompanies, proves his point.
Jimin calls a waiter and places the order. As soon as the waiter leaves, he directs his whole attention towards you. "So what was it that you had to tell me?"
You softly shake your head at the nervousness that resurfaces. "I will tell you but I'd rather hear what you have to say first."
Jimin squints his eyes at your weird behaviour, trying to figure out what is it that you had to say. Seeing you roll your eyes at his attempt to read you, he decides to not start an argument. Instead, he decides to comply and start with the very important thing that he is all so excited about.
Because honestly, he can't wait to tell you.
He clears his throat for the dramatic effect "I finally managed to grab the courage to ask out Rach"
Oh no.
"And guess what?"
Oh god no. This is not happening. Not now of all times.
"She said yes!"
Well fuck.
"Congratulations." You manage to say with fake enthusiasm and immediately cringe at the tone of your voice.
You sound pathetic even to your own ears.
Thankfully, Jimin doesn't notice anything, perhaps because of how ecstatic he feels. On the other hand, you feel just as miserable. All the feel-good hormones that were flowing through your veins, because of how successful the meeting has been, are now replaced with stress hormones. Stress hormones that are currently making the inside of your mouth turn bitter, so much so, that you even find the freshly made pizza that the waiter places in front of you, unappealing.
Biting the inside of your cheek you wonder what you should do now. You don't want to cause any suspicion. Without even having to confess, you know what the answer is and thus, you don't want to seem pathetic by confessing your clearly unreciprocated feelings.
"You know when I had texted you that day asking for advice about whether one should confess or not?" Jimin asks, still oblivious to the storm of emotions, raging inside you.
Scared of sounding just as pathetic as you sounded a few seconds ago, you simply nod instead of replying to him verbally.
"Your advice actually helped me so much. It was then that I knew that I wanted to confess but it took me a whole month to find the courage to do so." He chuckles as if finding it amusing. "Should have done it sooner, you know? That way we could have possibly been out on so many dates by now."
You hum, half-heartedly.
"But what's done is done. What matters is I get to finally go on a date with her, which reminds me of, you gotta help me plan the date." He continues rambling, excitedly.
This time he's met with no response. Which is what causes him to take notice of the blank look you're aiming at your pizza.
No response.
Again, no response.
"Huh?" You look up startled.
"Are you okay?" He asks all traces of excitement now replaced with a concerned frown.
Surprisingly, enough you chuckle. You chuckle at how absurd the situation is. Here you were trying to confess to Jimin, were feeling so elated about finally having some weight being lifted off of your chest but then things took such an unexpected turn, that now you find your heart breaking.
Jimin never looked at you that way. When your heart was blooming with hope that maybe, just maybe he reciprocates your feelings, he was preparing himself to ask someone else out.
You just feel plain stupid.
"I'm as fine as I can be, I guess." You shrug.
"What's that supposed to mean?" His frown deepens.
"Nothing." Sighing, you shake your head. Fuck you need to be alone, right now. Which is why you come up with a lame excuse. "Jimin, I need to go, I just received a text and I need to collect some files."
He looks at you with surprise. "Now? Lunchtime isn't over yet."
"I know but you know duty calls." Saying this, you don't give Jimin any other opportunity to enquire you any further. You get up from your seat and shoot him a small smile before heading towards the exit.
Jimin watches your retreating figure with worry, wondering what the fuck just happened.
Tumblr media
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sitp-recs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
By the Grace by @letteredlettered
Harry/Draco (endgame), Harry/OMC, Draco/OMC (2020, Teen and Up, 140k)
Harry is an Auror instructor. Malfoy wants to be an Auror.
“Everyone should get a chance to change.”
“In society,” Kavika said. “Not in your heart. You don’t have to learn to love Draco Malfoy, Harry. You don’t even have to accept the new person that he is.”
This rec has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time - I had made my peace with never posting it despite spending hours searching for a decent tree pic because I struggled so much trying to write something coherent and concise that could adequately convey just how important this story is to me. Eventually I accepted that I’d never make it justice and left it at that, until I finally interacted with Lettered for the first time this week and she mentioned that sometimes, like all of us, she also struggles with confidence. Reading that made me realize that nothing could ever be more “adequate” than just… putting my feelings out there. It doesn’t have to be perfect or particularly well-written, just real. It’s funny to realize that I’ve written so many recs at this point and yet the thought of being perceived still scares me to hell 🤡 so here’s my humble and tentative rec, self-aware and imperfect but coming from the deepest part of my heart. Special thanks to @tackytigerfic for being the best wingman and looking this over!
What to say, where to start? I haven’t felt as overwhelmed after finishing a fic since Far From The Tree and I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts about this all-encompassing fic into something (hopefully) coherent, concise and mildly adequate for months. I see now it’s impossible to find the right words but I never erased this draft and I really like that banner so here we go, inadequate, all-over-the-place kind of rec and all. BtG has changed me forever. I began reading it in early 2020 when the first chapter was published; it was the second WIP I decided to jump into after Bixgirl’s In the Dark and it was before I created the blog, which now feels like a lifetime ago. I don’t remember much besides being immediately intrigued by the unique tone and by Draco’s unusual voice, so completely different from anything I’ve read before or since, including other Lettered fics that I adore. Even through Harry’s skeptical, wary eyes, I found this aloof and earnest Draco absolutely captivating, pitiful and complex but fierce; a puzzle begging to be figured out not only by Harry, but by us, the readers. He was the first reason that made me fall in love with this fic.
The second was Harry’s journey (boy, do I love myself character-driven stories!). His introspective POV makes for such a powerful narrative voice, naturally biased and unreliable but incredibly compelling and relatable. His strength and vulnerabilities create a fascinating character who’s both inspiring and flawed, and therefore very real. It’s so wonderful to watch Draco develop over the years, both as a student and as a person, through his eyes - sometimes it feels like we’ll never grasp Draco’s true essence but that’s because we’re actually learning Harry through him, not the other way around. I found myself particularly invested in his side relationships: his commitment to teaching, the way he challenges his colleagues and superiors, the camaraderie and comfort he searches in Ron and Hermione, his achingly tender devotion to Teddy (who, by the way, is just as perfect in this fic as he’ll ever get), his growing generosity towards Draco despite not loving him back — yet.
This fic is a Drarry triumph and one of the most intimate, nuanced, sensitive and emotionally satisfying rides I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience in these 20 years of fandom. In my humble opinion this might be Lettered’s very best work - or at the very least the most challenging - among a collection of already excellent classics. The contemplative tone brings a subtle and original layer to these characters and a complex yet exciting political discussion that doesn’t take anything away from the character development, nor from the slow (and I mean, veeery slow) burn. As it should be, it takes years of therapy (and I cannot stress enough the importance given to therapy in this fic, it’s so refreshing to see!), growth and self-awareness to get to the romance. Long before being a love story, this is mostly a poignant and breathtaking tale of healing, understanding, hope and self-forgiveness. Here love is generous and resilient, and an active choice instead of something disorienting, ruining, inevitable. This love brings edification instead of tragedy, and self-forgiveness instead of redemption. It’s the love story of a lifetime, impossible to comprehend or recreate, and when you’re finished you finally realize that every little thing happened exactly the way it was supposed to be.
It took me over a year to put my thoughts into words that still don’t feel adequate or enough, but as I said before this is me trying to establish a new rapport with my reccing and this might as well be an exercise in embracing the feels and letting go of perfectionism. Dear Lettered, I know this fic was an immense challenge for you and it might not have happened the way you expected or envisioned at first. But please know that somewhere out there, at least one person still thinks daily about the line “Have I taught you, then, to want things for yourself?”, someone who found this story deeply cathartic, transformative and thought-provoking, someone who’s incredibly grateful that you decided to tell it and share with the rest of us. Thank you 💜
Read on AO3
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holdingforgeneralhugs · 22 days ago
hi, emma! how are you?
can I request a headcanon with Speirs, Winter, Luz and Liebgott about a reader who falls for them but it's unrequited? I need all the hurt and angst, thank you!! <3
Hello dear anon, thank you for the brilliant request this is gonna be such a heart wrencher to write for me because I love them all so much 😩
Note: I did in fact cry several times writing this, and I'm pretty sure my heart cracked in half.
Ron Speirs
There'd always been something about him that drew your attention, something dangerously alluring.
The others would actively try to avoid him because "he's absolutely terrifying" but you went out of your way to bump into him. That was made a lot easier when he joined Easy.
Once you got to know him you realised that beneath the scary facade was a deeply caring and kind hearted man, and you fell head over heels for him.
Many hours between Hagenau and Zell Am See were spent chatting quietly together about everything from the weather to philosophy. You could talk for hours and never get bored. There was also plenty of sarcastic jibes thrown back and forth, but always in good spirit.
You thought he surely must have known how you felt, it was the worst kept secret in the company for chrissakes.
Eventually you built up the courage to tell him, you just needed a stiff drink first. Your heart sank when you walked into the bar and saw him with his arm around a pretty nurse. You wanted to run but you were rooted to the spot, hardly able to breathe.
Unfortunately that's when he spotted you, and he grinned brightly at you and waved you over and what could you do only go along with him because damn that smile.
"Hey let me introduce you to a good friend of mine," he said, and it was like a dagger being slowly pushed into your chest, inch by inch. Because that's all you were to him, a good friend.
Dick Winters
It was almost too easy to fall in love with him.
You'd always looked to him for motivation to keep going, and had always admired his determination and sensible leadership.
It was only when you got promoted and started working with him that you truly saw the real him.
He was wonderful. He was compassionate and humble and so so kind. But he was also sharp as a tack and delightfully funny in the most understated way.
You found every excuse you could think of to spend as much time as possible with him because it was one of the few joys you had in an otherwise miserable time.
He also started to seek you out more often, and you couldn't supress the little flutter of hope you felt in your chest that maybe, just maybe, your feelings might be reciprocated.
He'd talk of the farm he hoped to own if he made it home, and you couldn't help but imagine yourself right there with him in a quiet little corner of the world.
It was actually Nix who unintentionally burst your bubble one fine summers day in some German Town.
"C'mon Dick we're almost finished over here," Nix sighed dramatically, "You've got to find yourself at least one nice European lady before we head home."
"Who says I haven't already?" Dick laughed, his cheeks redenning. You almost choked on your drink but just about managed to keep it together, though you could feel Nix's heavy gaze resting on you.
"Have you met the future Mrs Winters then eh?" Nix asked coyly.
"No not yet," Dick shrugged, "I think that can wait until we hopefully get settled back home don't you?"
You bit your tongue so hard you almost tasted blood, but it was better than letting any tears spill over. Clearly you'd been wrong. He had no idea how you felt, and you were nothing more to him than another wartime friend. But you couldn't blame him for it. It wasn't his fault you'd misconstrued his friendliness for something else.
George Luz
George really was your best friend. Nobody could make you laugh the way he did.
You were the ultimate double act when you were together, always entertaining the others even in the worst of times.
But you also trusted him more than anybody. Whenever you were feeling down or needed a friendly face you'd seek him out, and vice versa.
It was bound to happen that you'd fall in love with him, I mean how could you not? He was your best friend, the most amazing person in the whole world.
You knew he didn't love you in that way though, and it broke your heart every day. You'd hear him tease the others about being too chicken to make a move on a girl they liked, and how he wouldn't make that mistake. He'd talk about how if he had a girl he'd treat her to all the finest things in life. It was obvious he didn't see you as anything more than a best friend, because if he did he'd have made his move already.
Joe Liebgott
You and Joe clashed quite a lot in the beginning. He was a total hot head and he drove you absolutely insane. Barely a day went by without you two throwing barbs at each other.
Somewhere along the line those barbs into flirting, and before you knew it you had some sort of flirtationship going on with him.
It was all fun and games until you were all out at a bar one night and you saw this pretty blonde approach him. The gnawing feeling you got I'm your gut was impossible to ignore, and you had to admit to yourself that you had a teeny tiny crush on him.
That teeny tiny crush grew exponentially the more time you spent with him. He was a total idiot half the time, but he was caring and he could be so sweet and so funny too. It hit you like a tonne of bricks that you were totally in love with him.
Of course you didn't say anything, that would be totally embarrassing. And anyways there was no way he'd have feelings for you.
But then he'd put his head on your shoulder, or give you a cheeky smile, or brush your hand in passing and try as you might you couldn't help the bubbling hope that maybe he did have feelings for you.
That bubble of hope was violently burst as you sat on the back of a troop truck on your way through Germany. Your heart grew painfully cold as you sat beside him and had to listen to him talk all about the dream woman he was going to find for himself when he got home.
Taglist:  @tvserie-s-world @geniedocroe @generousdreamlanddestiny @sofietargaryen @cagzzz107 @stolemyspoons @alejodi0nysus @sunflowerchuck @now-im-a-belieber @delreyleclerc @50svibes @eugene-emt-roe @pennyllane @televisionboy @francois-ceverts @ask-you-what-sir @parajumpboots @mads-weasley @tetragonia
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badamtssh · 10 months ago
Joining the quest to reclaim Erebor
A/N: Hello! This is my first ever Hobbit HC but I got inspired by reading tons of great Hobbit / LOTR fics! I got especially inspired by @jangofctts ' brilliant writing!
How would you join Thorin's company? What would lead you into their acquaintance?
Romantic pairing: Fem! reader X Fili
Warning: this is supposed to be a little funny so don't take it too seriously XD I'll most likely write a part two to this! Let me know if you wish to be tagged!
Tumblr media
You're a human they stumbled upon in Bree
You had minded your own business at the Tavern when a blond dwarven man stumbled upon you and spilt his ale all over you
He profusely apologises
You tell him it's not a worry, that dress was old anyways.
It wasn't.
You just thought he was insanely handsome and you couldn't think of anything better to say
He begs you to let him make it up to you
You can tell he's a little bit tipsy
"Well, if you insist. You can buy me a drink."
He buys you a drink and the two of you stand by the bar and chat for a long while
"So what brings a dwarf like yourself to Bree?"
He tells you every detail of the quest. You know, cause he's drunk.
"oh wow."
Fili brings you back to the table with the rest of the Dwarves. Kili is amused at his brother for already having found such a gorgeous lady – Thorin is not so impressed
A familiar voice suddenly speaks up
"Gandalf!" you smile
The rest of the company is surprised to hear that you had once helped Gandfalf out with another quest. You had a clever mind and had managed to lure some goblins away for long enough so that they had a clear passage through their caves.
"I owe this lady a great deal-" Gandalf spoke humbly
"Gandalf, you owe me nothing." You had tried to kindly remind him.
You joined the dwarves, the hobbit and the wizard around their table and drank with them.
You were sandwiched between Fili and Bilbo. Kili sat next to Fili.
Kili constantly leaned over Fili's side so that he could ask you questions.
Mostly questions to figure out how available you were
"So, doesn't your husband mind all of your adventures?"
Fili glaring at him.
Way to be subtle.
"Oh, I am not married." you laugh
"Not even close? A fair maiden like yourself can't be far off!"
Fili wraps his arm around his brother, slapping his back harder than a friendly pat.
"He's joking! Don't mind him, he's had a few drinks."
You laugh once more. "Not a worry! No, I don't have any suitors."
"Neither does Fili! Wow, you have so much in common."
Fili mentally facepalms.
Your cheeks turn red but you laugh it off.
You don't know how it happened, but after drinking more than you thought you could handle with the dwarves, it was suddenly settled that you would join them on their quest, Gandalf having stated that they might need your cleverness.
"You might need my what-now?" you ask with wide eyes.
"It will be very good for you." Gandalf spoke, to which Bilbo gave you an apologetic look
"He said the same thing to me."
You turn to look at Fili and Kili, who both look extremely excited
"You're not scared of trolls or goblins are you?" Fili asked you in a playful tone
"No, but I am scared of arrogant dwarves" you responded just as playfully
After that night, your life would never be the same. All because a certain "arrogant" dwarf had spilt ale on your dress.
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fruitcoops · 10 months ago
hi you know that tiktok trend where people list the times that they’ve been atrociously humbled, could you write one of the lions doing that trend??
This was so much fun to write, you don't even know. SW credit goes to @lumosinlove!
“If anyone was thinking of buying tickets to the next Lions game, how about you don’t,” Finn said as he took the camera; someone off-screen was giggling. He scrubbed a hand down his face, then through his hair, and finally sighed. “Actually, no, that’s how I get paid. Do I really have to do this?”
“Yes,” several unseen voices chorused.
“The team has unanimously voted that I won the ‘Ego’ award this year, which, fuck you guys, I’m not that bad.” Protests tripped over each other until he waved them off with a mock glare. “In honor of my landmark win, I have been charged with the annual punishment. These are the top five times I have been atrociously humbled on the Lions hockey team, ranked in order of sheer agony.”
He pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket and sighed again. “Number five, going for a coast-to-coast goal in my rookie season—and making it past everyone—only to trip on my skate and knock myself out less than three feet from the goal.
“Number four, still having voice cracks at age 23.” He grimaced slightly as he looked to the camera. “Nothing like meeting the Arthur Weasley and sounding like a rottweiler’s favorite chew toy.
“Number three…” Finn trailed off and leaned his head back against his stall as more snickering broke out behind the camera. “You guys are the worst. We shouldn’t even have this award.”
“You seemed to think it was pretty funny when it was me,” Dumo remarked.
“Number three,” Finn continued, scrunching his nose up. “We’re getting into the painful stuff now. Playing the Tampa Bay Lightning and following my brother, Alex O’Hara, to the wrong bench not once, not twice, but four times throughout the game. This was unfortunately the end of my second full year in the NHL.”
“He hasn’t let you live that down,” Logan said gleefully.
“Shut the fuck up,” Finn half-laughed. “Number two, foolishly listening to my best friend’s French tutoring and—I don’t wanna say it.”
“Them’s the rules, Harzy,” James snorted, ignoring Finn’s pleading look.
Finn closed his eyes, a red blush creeping up his neck. “I foolishly listened to my best friend’s French tutoring and told the captain he—ugh—he had a nice ass instead of a good game.”
Cheers erupted throughout the locker room as the blush reached Finn’s face and he pressed the paper over his eyes. “Number one! Number one! Number one!” they chanted.
“I’m never doing anything for you ever again.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose as if it would help decrease the vivid redness of his face, then gave up and turned back to his notes. “Alright, number one. This happened about two weeks ago, if anyone was making a timeline. I came to the rink early to run some drills, and while I was in the shower I started singing along to the music I had put on—”
“He can’t sing, by the way,” Leo noted offscreen.
“Couldn’t carry a tune if he had a bucket,” Remus added.
Finn raised his eyebrows at them. “Is this your story? No? Then shut your fuckin’ mouth. I started singing along to my music because I thought the place was empty, but when I left the showers about three songs later, I came face-to-face with the entire 7 am men’s water aerobics class.”
Judging by the sheer volume of applause that followed, the entire team had come to witness Finn’s ordeal. “Congratulations on one more year of the ‘Ego’ award, Lions,” Dumo said around his laughter as he took the camera. In the bottom corner of the frame, Finn curled up on the floor and laid there with his eyes closed. “You can find the past years’ submissions on the Lion’s hockey website under our ‘media’ tab. Hopefully, we’ll be able to mop Harzy off the floor before the next game.”
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made-by-jade-222 · a month ago
Especially Spoiled
Kaminari has spent the past few weeks at his grandmother’s house. And he’s her very favorite and only grandchild. Coming back to UA after being especially spoiled is...well...hard. And Kaminari doesn’t like it. Not one bit. 
Brief Lers! Class 1-A
Brief Lee! Kaminari
Length: 🧁
(A/N: My first day back and my first fic! I hope you enjoy! I went with something more emotional and fluff based rather than tickly, because that’s what I heard from a lot of people that they liked the most. Comforting stories ❤ Not to worry though! I have plenty of tickly plans for the future coming up soon! Enjoy!)
Kaminari had been rather difficult as of late, and Toshinori just couldn’t figure out why. He’d been sullen, obstinate, and dragging his feet everywhere. He did his school without much argument, but he neglected most orders during the training sessions. This really didn’t seem like him.
“Oh yes it does,” Aizawa said, glancing up from his cup of coffee. “You should have seen him when he first got here.”
“What do you mean?” Toshinori asked.
“He’d just come back from spending half the summer at his grandmother’s before starting school here. She spoils him rotten apparently. He’s only been gone for two weeks now, but with the way she let’s him do as he pleases, it’s no wonder he’s sulking around.”
Yamada, who was also at the table, scribbled his signature on a form and said, “Well he’s her only grandchild!” 
Aizawa raised an eyebrow. “Doesn’t mean you should completely forgo boundaries.”
Toshinori, who’d been watching Kaminari and the others play outside the window, frowned. “Hmm. Look at him sulk. I wonder what’s bothering him.”
“He’s sulking?” Yamada asked. 
“Yeah. He’s just sitting there under that tree, not playing with the others. Though, I suppose with the attitude he’s had lately, I wouldn’t want to play with him either.”
“Funny. I would have expected this from Aoyama, but not Kaminari.”
Toshinori allowed himself a small smile. “Aoyama’s not really as spoiled as he lets on.”
“Agreed,” Aizawa said. “I’ve met his parents.”
Yamada shrugged and went back to his paperwork. “Well, whatever’s wrong with him, it needs to be fixed. And soon.”
“Just leave it to me,” Toshinori said. “We’ll have our bouncing ball of electrical energy back in no time.”
When UA didn’t have a charity event to help out with, there were smaller scale social “workshops” of sorts that the students had to do. These things went in cycles, so the students could plan around their schedule, and it just so happened to be that Kaminari’s turn was coming up after Jirou. However, based on the present circumstances, he switched them.
Said workshops were really just a Sensei helping a student take over a staff role for a week. Not only did it provide them with small skills they could use almost anywhere, but it also helped expand their perspective, build compassion, and humble them.
“You’ll be helping me take over for some of the construction staff this week.”
“Awwww man!” Kaminari whined. “Why me?”
“Because it’s your turn. And quite frankly I think you need it.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” the teen asked, pouting sullenly.
“Well, it’s obvious something’s been bothering you. Some hard work will do you good. Help you get all that negative energy out.”
Kaminari sighed and folded his arms. “And if I don’t?” ‘What does it matter?’ he thought. ‘I’m not special.’
Toshinori frowned. “Then I’ll give you detention and have you write some reports for me.”
Seeing as he couldn’t argue, Kaminari nodded.
The construction work was pretty simple, nothing hard to do. And with the experience Kaminari had from previous helping around the school, he did quite well. But it was hard work. Hero training was one thing, building repairs were another.
“You sure you don’t want those gloves I brought you?” Toshinori asked. “I don’t want you to hurt your hands.” 
“I’m good,” Kaminari insisted, then winced in pain as he got a splinter.
“You alright?” Toshinori asked, trying to hide an amused smirk.
“Just. fine.” 
Kaminari pulled out the splinter and kept working.
A few minutes later, they broke for lunch.
“I’m not hungry,” the teen grumbled, sitting down to rest on a rock.
“You sure? It’s Yamada-Sensei’s loaded summer salad!”
“No thanks,” Kaminari sighed. “I’ll just rest.”
“Well if you’re not going to eat, might as well keep working.”
“But you just said–”
“I said it was lunchtime. Either you sit down and eat, or you keep going.” 
Kaminari wanted to complain that he was being cruel, but he knew better. He was allowed to rest and take water breaks. And to be fair, that salad did look awfully good. Everyone loved Yamada-Sensei’s salads. 
But, his stubborn pride wouldn’t let him. So he took another swig of water and kept working, the storm cloud of unhappy thoughts over his head growing bigger by the minute.
‘Just get to work. What do you expect? You’re not special anymore. It’s all about everybody else. It’s all about the team. No one cares about me.’
It only took a few more hours of work, but by the end of the day, Kaminari was nearing the breaking point.
“Denki…” Toshinori whispered, his expression filled with concern.
Kaminari sobbed and tried to run away, but Toshinori stopped him. “Let me go!”
“It’s dark out, and I don’t want you going alone!”
“No! Leave me alone!” Kaminari cried. “No, no no!”
Toshinori hugged the boy to his chest and held him tightly. Surprised by the impact, Kaminari froze for a moment, and then burst into tears.
“Shhh, shhh, shhh. There now. I’ve got you. Here, come over here. We’re just going to sit under this tree and talk a little bit. Theeere we go. It’ll be alright.”
It took a few minutes but Kaminari eventually calmed down enough to talk.
“There,” Toshinori said, keeping an arm around his shoulder. “Now, what was all that about?”
“Because…because I’m not special anymore…” the boy mumbled, sniffling.
“Because I’m here!” Kaminari snapped. “No one cares about me, specifically! It’s all about the team! It’s all about everybody else!”
“Of course we care about you! Why would you think otherwise?”
“Because everyone treats me like everybody else!”
“Well of course,” Toshinori said. “Your quirk is special and unique to you, but we can’t let you get a big head and think that you’re better than everybody else, son. Do you know how many heroes have fallen on their heads, or asses–”
The corners of Kaminari’s mouth turned up a little.
“There’s a smile,” Toshinori teased. 
“Shut up…” Kaminari tried to grumble, hiding his face.
“Not until you stop grumping,” Toshinori said, poking his side a few times and making him giggle. “So, why do you think no one cares about you specifically?” 
“Because why?”
Kaminari shrugged.
“Because we don’t spoil you like your grandmother?” Toshinori asked, sobering.
The boy looked up, shocked.
“Quirks aside, everyone is special in their own way. You, for example, have a big heart, and you’re a very hard worker, among other things. Your value is determined by who you are as a person. But just because you have intrinsic value, that doesn’t mean you can get away with having bad attitudes or treating your friends badly just because you’re upset that you’re not getting your way all the time.”
Kaminari had the good decency to blush. “You’re right Sensei…I’m sorry,” he said. “Will you forgive me?”
“I forgive you,” Toshinori said, lightly ruffling his hair. “It’s alright.”
“No…it’s not. I just…as humiliating as it is to say, I got used to being spoiled. And then I got upset and moped around and snapped at everyone when I couldn’t get my way.”
“Well, I’m proud of you for saying that, and admitting that. We’d better get inside and get some rest, we got a full day tomorrow. And if we hurry, I’m sure you’ll have time to make up with your friends before bed.”
“Thanks Sensei.”
“Anytime, my boy.”
They walked back inside, Toshinori with his arm around Kaminari’s shoulder. Thankfully it wasn’t too late in the evening, so they didn’t have to go to bed immediately. 
After a shower and getting ready for bed, Kaminari found everyone downstairs waiting for Aizawa to come read them a story. A silly, but well-loved tradition in class 1-A was their twice a week storytime where one of the Senseis would read them all a bedtime story or two.
Kaminari squeaked out a nervous apology and everyone could clearly tell he was sorry and he meant it.
“Are we gonna get the old Kami back?” Mina asked, frowning slightly.
He gave two thumbs up and flashed a grin. “You’re never getting rid of me!” 
“Then yes! We forgive you! It’s unanimous!” she cried, jumping over and lovingly tackling him.
“Oh sweet! DOGPILE!” Kirishima shouted.
“Wait! Guys! Noooooo!”
The rest of the class tackled him - what that they could, and then someone *cough cough* Bakugou *cough cough* accidentally tickled him.
Kaminari shrieked in surprise and instantly everyone caught on.
Toshinori walked in a few minutes later, pleasantly surprised to see Kaminari tickled to death by his classmates, a bright smile on his face. The ones who weren’t tickling him watched, highly entertained, or they started their own tickle fight.
“Haha! We gotcha Kami!” 
“Damn Pikachu, are you still this ticklish?” 
“It’s about time you smiled! You've been mopin’ all week!”
“It’s great to have you back bro!” 
“Ahahahahahaha! Greheheheheat to behehehe bahahahack!” Kaminari giggled.
“Alright, alright children. Settle down.” 
Aizawa walked in, unable to keep from smiling, just a bit. He gave a slight nod of thanks to Toshinori before he sat down in the big comfy armchair and picked up the book they’d picked out.
“Once upon a time…”
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hologramcowboy · 18 days ago
List of things I am, gathered from my haters:
Condesceding - I get this one often, you've been warned. Nevemind how atrociously condesceding the ask I was responding to was, nevermind that I may be responding to a death threat or simply being assertive towards someone rude, I am always, always, always condesceding. Because, after all, how dare I reply to an ask I got sent? I mean who the hell do I think I am?
Hypocritical - Because I run a gossip blog I guess? You do the math on that one cause I'll confess my head hurts, anyway, consider yourself officially warned and nevermind the three very legal disclaimers on this site. lol
Ugly - Especially in Jensen's eyes! They can read minds, hearts and bodies and they know what Jensen likes! Oh my! ;) ;) I am extra amused by this one though for the love of Thor I can never share why.
Arrogant - This is true, I study a whole damn lot which mean yes, at times I am arrogant but I think in this case they mean God like level arrogant so please play my ego up, K? 🤣 Think female version of Thor meets Old Hollywood Diva. Let's accept nothing less than that.
Crazy - Nevermind how I go to therapy frequently despite excelling in my life because I take care of my well being, no, I disagree with Jensen so I must, in fact, be crazy. In fact, based solely on the fact that I'm a woman stating a controversial opinion I am, by default, crazy. You' ve been warned.
Bitter Jared Stan - Jared is at the moment more successful than Jensen on every level but apparently I'm "bitter"? Cause that word so matches my personality. 🤣 Anyway, this one is a huge compliment. I consider Jared an Ambassador of Humanity which is what a real Artist is, I deeply admire him so I'll be your Bitter Jared Stan, baby! ;)
AA - That's right, not only am I am bitter Jared Stan, I am also an Ackles Army member, even though I never joined nor subscribed to this particular sect and even though I am the patron saint of roasting AAs. I guess it's one of those Bitter by night Star by Day type of things?
Jensen Hater - Left the best one for last for logical reasons, look at the one above, yeah, make it make sense.
To summarize, I'm like the female version of Soldier Boy but hotter, with Thor hair and old hollywood glam vibes or as some poor AA once tweeted "why do they write like a James Bond villain". 🤣
Now, all kidding aside, just wanted you all to know that sometimes, in some moments of life, I am all of those things: sometimes I snap at people and am rude it I haven't slept in days or am in a high tension situation with jerks ,etc, sometimes I am arrogant because I focus too much on my strengths and ignore my weaknesses just like other times I am scarily humble because I do the opposite, sometimes I am crazy because I run with unrealistic expectations and forget to balance my perceptions, sometimes I'm ugly because I have a bad day where I look bad, pick a horrible outfit or I'm in a terrible mood so I lack charisma, sometimes I'm a Jensen hater because he honestly does some pretty mean, short sighted, inconsiderate things sometimes and in those moments I hate him, sometimes I'm at the same level as an AA with the infatuation I generate towards him, I'm always a Jared fan just like I'm always a Jensen fan. My point is, depending on context, situational awareness, dynamics, I absolutely can be these things, I am human, after all.
There is no human that is always kind, always light, always good( that would truly indicate insanity because it would indicate unbalanced perceptions and mania), we all have moments and moments, it's how we handle them that matters. Hypocrisy is stating otherwise.
I know I started off funny and ended on a serious not but I just felt like saying that I'm far from perfect but this blog doesn't pretend to be anything it's not, I'm very transparent so if you disagree with anything on here please unfollow. There is never any reason to expose yourself to content that doesn't resonate with you.
Sending everyone lots of Love and I hope that, while we have fun on this blog, you also focus on your own personal legend rather than getting caught up completely in the stars you admire because you also have a contribution to bring and it is unique, please always remember that. I know fandom can get pretty toxic, please stay in touch with your core. 🤍🤍🤍
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