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wtf is happening over there in UK
like what are these tags
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What are your favourite fashion history facts? 馃憖
Oooh this is a fun question!! Thank you for asking! :D
Okay, so one of my favorite things is how undergarments worked, like since before Middle Ages. Till very late Victorian era lowest undergarment was chemise made out of linen, which is perfect material against the skin. It's durable and survives rough washing. It's antibacterial like wool and so won't even get very dirty, very easy to wash and doesn't smell mostly. It's extremely breathable so prevents sweating. Because of it's very nice qualities, it protected the outer clothing from the skin, so you wouldn't have to wash your outer clothes almost ever. Clothes lasted longer and you didn't need that many outer clothes. I don't get why did we stop?? They would even make wearing modern bras more comfortable. I'm in process of making myself several linen undershirts and chemises for everyday use!
Another thing, also underwear related, I find fascinating is that Regency dress is basically underwear. Like it's the same when sometimes it's fashionable to have like these tops that are basically like bras, but meant to be worn as outer garment? It developed from the biggest fashion moment in late 18th century, when Marie Antoinette wore the scandalous Chemise a la Reine (chemise of the queen). It looked and basically was a glorified under dress and went very much against the extremely rigid Rococo fashion of the day, which made it even more shocking. But Marie Antoinette absolutely rocked it and it became a huge hit. It wasn't flaunting wealth like robe a la francaises and other maximalist Rococo dresses, so in the 1780s political climate, where people were very angry at the ruling class for the extreme income differences, it was favorable for rich women to wear. After the French revolution last remnants of Rococo fashion where thrown out basically over night and chemise a la Reine took the place of the acceptable fashion and eventually morphed into Regency fashion. The sexy qualities of chemise a la Reine, which reminded of underwear, whiteness, soft flowyness and sheerness, remained as peak fashion during Regency era.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's also kinda interesting that this underwear becoming outer wear thing has happened other times too. For example Edwardian lingerie dress (the name really tells it all again) is also very much a deliberately drawing association to lacy underwear.
Speaking of 18th century, the pockets were amazing, but my favorite was the trend of pannier pockets, the ultimate pockets of all time.
Tumblr media
Really pocket is an understatement, it's basically luggage. This might be urban legend and not fact, but there was apparently case where some woman stole whole chickens from a party in her pannier pockets, which life goals.
I find Victorian mourning jewelry so interesting. They made all kinds of brooches, bracelets, earring etc. out of dead loved one's hair. It's so amazingly gothic. They were these extremely intricate designs.
Tumblr media
This is hair. Victorians put a lot of importance in hair. Hair was almost seen as part of soul or representation of it. Sometimes they were made even more gothic macabre by adding these wonderfully creepy hands into them.
Tumblr media
One last neat thing I'll mention is that during Renaissance there was no purple clothing. Or I should say bright purple, because they had scarlet, purplish red, lavender and very dark purplish blue. The bright purple associated with royalty was Tyrian purple, also called imperial purple and royal purple etc. The exact color varied from reddish to bluish purple, but all the shades were very bright and deep. Romans are well know for using it. It was pigment gotten from sea snails in Mediterranean in a very labour intensive, difficult and time consuming process. It was very bright and durable. Naturally it was highly desired and extremely expensive, and therefore became color associated with royalty and aristocracy.
After the Roman empire split it was only produced in the Eastern Rome, where there was still capability for it as the Western Rome fell into chaos. So during Medieval era royals and nobles got their expensive purple fabrics from Byzantium, however when Byzantium empire eventually also fell apart in the late Middle Ages, the knowledge and skill for making Tyrian purple was lost until it was replicated in late 17th century. So during Renaissance there wasn't a deep purple available.
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BEING BESTIES W/ SOME JJK CHARACTERS; Yuuji, Megumi, Nobara, Gojou and Sukuna.
Notes: Look. I know we all simp terribly for our husbandos/waifus but I just wanted to write a simple hc about what it's like to be their besties
Warning(s): slight cursing. I indulged too much on Sukuna.
Includes: gn! reader, fluff, chaotic energy, mentions of romance (just light)
Itadori Yuji
He's friends with everyone, says hi to strangers and probably would be besties with every old lady he meets so it wasn't hard to be friends with him.
But the second he becomes besties with you, shit's gonna get borderline chaotic.
3AM and y'all can't sleep? McDonald's parking lot with an abandoned shopping car would sound damned fine. You both remember the moment as 'Chicken Nuggies and the Wind' since he t-posed on the moving cart whilst eating nuggies (you both almost scratched a Ferari).
If you weren't a jujutsu sorcerer in training, he'd still try to sneak you in his room to watch some movies. You with the snacks, leaving Yuji in charge of the movie picking (you can't decide to save your life)
Cuddles! Nothing wrong with besties cuddling. He's extremely respectful to your s/o (if you have one) and are probably good friends with them too!
Though the second you come to him crying, they were already being patched up in the hospital. Won't hit a woman, against his morals, but he will make sure she never speaks to you again.
Understanding, chaotic besties! An arm around your shoulder when someone's obviously making you uncomfortable, he's the one barking when he sees someone slip something into your drink.
The friend to help you find your way out of a frat house. Makes sure you're getting touched with your consent and sober. All you need to do is give him a sign that you're alright and he'll give you a thumbs up before leaving.
Definitely the friend you'd open up to (about anything) and not be treated differently after so.
You told him about your problems a few minutes prior. It was quiet, a bit too quiet. And you were worried he might leave you for it.
"Ey, Y/N. Wanna go to McDonald's again? I think they have that burger you like," He blurts, catching you off guard. You raise your eyebrows before smiling gratefully.
"Sounds great, Itadori."
You guys talk about women with butts all the time. Not out of thirst or anything, it would just be a random thought that comes up and one of you would contribute to the other. You once mentioned something about Jennifer Lawrence and he would not stop talkinf about her. It was hilarious how much he was drooling.
You wear his hoodies and he's fine with it. Thinks you look good in them. Sukuna teases you both about your relationship and Yuji slaps his mouth shut before he says anything more.
"You look great in them, Y/N," Itadori grins, rummaging through his closet to find more hoodies.
"Thank you. They're pretty comfy," You mention the fabric and the fluffiness. He listens to you intently before Sukuna pops out from his cheek.
"Ehhh? This is the one you think about everyday--," Itadori has never slapped his cheek so hard before in his life.
Megumi Fushiguro
Honestly, pretty chill dude.
He has a small group of people he trusts, and a smaller one to which he considers to be his good friends.
So to be his best friend, you must've gained a huge amount of respect from him; saved him, maybe even overheard something you shouldn't have and kept quiet about it on your own accord.
You would have a 'you aren't comfortable with it, so I'm not forcing anything' vibe to which he would be relieved to know. Though even so, you are the more hyper one in the platonic relationship.
Outings would consist of trips to libraries or quiet nights on the couch with your legs entangled together with lo-fi music playing in the background.
Not much talking, Megumi likes to keep to himself and you have no problem with the comfortable silence you both bring together.
Though sometimes it gets too quiet so you annoy the hell out of him to get his attention; cheek poking, soft arm punches, slight pushing.
Megumi ignores this, finding your actions a bit cute. If it gets too annoying, he will get up and leave, having you trail behind him, whining like a child wanting candy.
Yuji would join in. Definitely. Nobara too if she was bored enough.
"Megumi~ I want your attention~," You whine, running after the raven-haired man.
"Yeah! Yeah! Pay attention to Y/N!" Yuji supports you. You clap your hands together, only to be hit with a shoe by Megumi.
He would never do anything outside of your comfort zone. If you had an s/o, they both would be neutral with each other.
If you were to get hurt from said s/o, they would leave your house with a bloody knuckle. He wouldn't hit a girl, but he definitely will destroy whatever life she has outside of your relationship with her.
Parties are a no-go for him, unless his friends force him to. He's the designated driver with three other drunk children (Hint; Yuuji, Nobara and you). He wouldn't carry anyone else but you back to your room.
"Jeez, Y/N. You should know how to handle your alcohol," Megumi sighs, laying you on top of your bed gently and pulling the covers up.
"Nngh. Didn't know it was alcohol," You groaned. He smiles, patting your cheek before getting up to leave.
"I'll get you some painkillers in the morning, alright?"
You can wear his sweatshirts if you annoy him about it (he secretly likes how comfortable you are around him). He thinks you look charming in them, Yuji never shuts up about your friendship. It's the few times he's seen Megumi genuinely smile.
Nobara Kugisaki
Radiates bad bitch energy.
It isn't easy in the first stages since she has standards with friends but the second you both find something similar about each other, it's an immediate ride-or-die friendship.
You would need a major backbone, 'I'm too hot for this bs' kinda vibe (it's canon that the reader is a bad bitch, periodt). You would have arguments with her but it's pretty basic stuff like the perfect colour for nailpolish or whether Maki deserves the Earth or the universe (you both agree it's the universe).
Outings consists of shopping malls and popular cafes. You take selfies everytime you see something relatively new.
Talk about anything under the sun -- newest trends, new food to try out, Maki -- but her favourites are hearing you talk about your day. If you weren't a jujutsu sorcerer, she'd visit your apartment, give you a hug and sit on the couch to listen to you blabber away about something that isn't related to curses or death. She needs time to rewind and you never mention how vulnerable she looks when she's tired.
"Uh-huh and what happens next?" Nobara asked, carressing your hair as you lay on her lap.
"He wouldn't stop following us! It was so creepy! No means no right? Like why would you waste your energy following a group of friends who aren't interested?" You ranted on. Nobara simply nods in agreement, smiling at your annoyed face.
She doesn't mind your s/o, probably would just say hi before leaving you two alone. She doesn't have a problem about her friends having a relationship, she does, however, gets pissed that she isn't in one.
If you come to her crying about them, she would slither in some 'fuckin told you they were gonna do it' or 'I told you so'. Though it makes you upset, you know she's gonna trash their house the second you leave the room.
Your (now) ex would suddenly be cancelled beyond belief, you wouldn't know what happened to them.
Despite the bad bitch personality, you are the more patient one.
Parties is a yes. She comes in as a self-confident woman and will leave self-confident and drunk. She's the life of the party and pulls you into conversations to keep you company. Even if you don't contribute much to the conversation, she makes sure you aren't out of her sight. She's not the type to bring a friend to a party and leave them the second after. She cares about you even if her way of showing was a bit too pushy.
You share clothes with her and she'll give you comments about it.
"The shirt doesn't fit. No, no. The other one. Yeah, that one."
"Who cares if people say you aren't supposed to wear skirts? Your ass rocks better in those than mine. Just take them."
Personally likes dressing you up, doesn't like dressing you up for dates though. Still doesn't know why.
Gojou Satoru
God, the willpower you have to even tolerate this man is immense.
It's not hard to be his friend, all you have to do is do something that amuses him and he'll keep teasing you about it.
In this platonic relationship, you're the more calm one. People call you to take care of Gojou constantly, and you're the only one he allows to scold him.
He goes for missions half the time so it's rare to see you both go for outings. The most you've been together outside of Jujustu Tech and work hours was in a bar with Nanami (you both bond over the fact that Gojou is terrible to work with). He got too drunk and started slurring his words.
"Y/N~ stohp flirting with Nanamin and talk to meee," He whines, pinching your cheeks as you sigh.
"We are simply talking about your bad work habits, Satoru," Nanami answers whilst shaking his head, downing another drink before he gets up to leave. "I'll take him home, rest well Y/N."
"Noooo, I want Y/N!"
A needy best friend. Constantly asks for attention. If you ignored him, he would only make the situation slightly more annoying -- similar to Megumi's Y/N, the basic cheek poking and whining.
Your s/o would probably hate him, he's a bit too flirty and likes to hug you in public. People mistake you both for a couple rather than the s/o at hand. Don't be surprised if it's the main reason your relationships don't end well.
If you come to him upset because of them, he wouldn't waste a second to zoom to your shared apartment and 'deal' with the person. Would come back with a smile and some takoyaki. No blood on him since he used his infinity.
Parties are alright with him. He's the cool flirty dude everyone seems to fawn over. Would accompany you for half an hour, only to leave with another chick to a nearby bedroom. You never end up partying with him after opening the God forsaken door and he's never stopped trying to make it up to you.
Other than the traumatic event, he'd a bit of a douche but still tries to look for you in the crowd. He waves once he sees you and flashes a reassuring smile before continuing his talk with the others.
You don't share clothes with him simply because it's Gojou. Who knows when the last time he washed his clothes.
Though he's willing to share. You're just more reluctant, really. Finds it cute when his shirts are slightly bigger than you. If you're built bigger than he is, he would like how tight it looks on your body.
"Starting to think you look better in my clothes than I am. And that's a pretty good compliment." He grins.
Hates the fact you never take his compliments seriously. Says it from the bottom of his heart, he really thinks you're charming.
Ryomen Sukuna
God, was it hard trying to befriend this curse of a man. An asshole, he stuck his feet out to trip you over multiple times before cackling like a damned demon (which he is).
Though you're always genuine with him. You liked having conversations with him and listen to him boast about himself for hours. Guess that's when he saw you as a close acquaintance.
Would never tell you you're his best friend. Never. Not once. Him simply acknowledging you was enough for everyone to know he favored one person.
Being friends with Sukuna meant being friends Yuji. Itadori always apologizes on his behalf and you would always laugh, telling him it's alright. Sukuna gets annoyed by this though.
"Stupid human. Who do you think you are being all mush with this useless vessel of mine?" He sneered the second he could pop out. You shrugged, taking some popcorn to feed him.
"He's a pretty good guy. You should cut him some slack," You answered, stuffing some popcorn to your face as well
Will constantly threaten to kill you but you never paid heed. You know you're his only friend. You don't agree with his actions but you find the curse interesting.
Literally the only person who's allowed to tease him. You get away with things most curses would get killed from. You once hand him super hot sauce for his pancakes and he glared at you for the remainder of his time being conscious in Yuji's body. You found the plate broken with a fork stabbed through it.
You aren't allowed to go on outings with Sukuna (obviously) so you both spend your time within Yuji's room. Not allowed to go out since everyone'll freak out seeing Yuji with tattoos resembling the King of Curses.
"Humans are so boring," Sukuna groaned, his head on the bedstand. "All they do is just sit around doing nothing but scroll through their stupid boxes." You smiled at him.
"Not my fault you commit mass genocide for fun. I'd say we're pretty passive."
He would literally never care about your love life. Still has the old man mentality that romance meant sex and that was about it. If they were to meet, the curse would just roll his eyes and turn the other way.
Getting hurt by your s/o results to hurtful teasing and bloodshed. No in-between, no nothing. He wouldn't know how to comfort you properly so he'd send Yuji in his place. Would sit at the back of Yuji's mind getting pissed that he was hugging and rubbing your back gently as if he couldn't have done it himself (literally sent Yuji only to judge him).
Not allowed to go out so parties is also a no-go BUT since this is just a headcanon, let's imagine it's college AU.
College AU Sukuna would love parties -- he throws them, orders his friends to invite hot girls and frat guys. And invites you himself. No one would know you were friends since he never mentions it but will literally choke anyone who looks at you like you're a piece of candy.
Gets way too drunk and probably have railed 3 people to cloud 9 in a matter of 2 hours but still go out just to check up on you. He doesn't necessarily care but he hates having the sick feeling that you were in possible danger somewhere he wouldn't be able to see you.
Stare at you for a good 3 seconds before leaving you alone. You'd never know he was there.
Clothes! His clothes are Yuji's and he barely even keeps his shirts in tact. Does he care whether you wear it or not? No.
Is he pissed? Slightly.
This took me two days, I'm not sure if it sounds canon anymore. Anyways, thank you for reading!
鈾★笌 literate-simp
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Nostalgia聽sells - or does it? About BBC鈥檚 rehiring of a previous showrunner for Doctor Who as a marketing strategy
All, right, this is the one where I deal with my issues about RTD鈥檚 rehiring from the standpoint of BBC鈥檚 business strategy . Brace for passive agression, swearwords, brief history of british television and numbers. So, so many numbers.
Allright, so I already wrote a post about my problem with RTD鈥檚 (re)hire from the creative standpoint (it鈥檚 here in case you鈥檙e interested), but hey, I can bitch about it all I want, but we all know what caused the BBC to make this decision, right? You鈥檝e heard about it for sure. The Dropping Ratings. You鈥檝e read about it on so many posts, lots of them probably oh-so-gladly conflating this fact with their own opinion about the deteriorating quality of the show. (Don鈥檛 worry, we鈥檒l get to that.) So Obviously the execs at the Big BBC Quarters needed to do something about it, and what better way to go than rehire a guy who鈥檚 run at Doctor Who is a warm childhood memory for so many in it鈥檚 fanbase? After all, it鈥檚 what we鈥檙e seeing nowadays: from Star Wars return to wave of 80鈥瞫 nostalgia to every old blockbuster star doing a comeback, there is but a single conclusion - nostalgia sells.
Or does it?
Part One: Moving with the change; or very much refusing to.
Let鈥檚 start this off with some facts about the ratings for Doctor Who. (Well, I warned you there鈥檚 gonna be numbers, didn鈥檛 I. Stick with me, I鈥檓 going somewhere with this I promise.) In it鈥檚 beginnings, in the sixties and seventies , the series flown high, averaging a viewership from 8 up to 10 million viewers per season. Collin Baker鈥檚 series 17 brought in a record of 11.21 milion viewer asses in front of a good ol鈥 TV screen, real champagne opener here. But, as it happens, things were downhill from here. During the eighties, the rating started dropping steadily, reaching an all-time low of 4.15 milion couch-warming bottoms in 1989, the last season of the classic era.聽
Years passed, 16 of those years to be exact, and here comes our saviour RTD. Under his wings, the revived series premiered, bringing in over 10 milion viewers to the premiere episode of season 1, Rose. A viewership this high did not last for long, but still, RTD鈥檚 seasons averaged between 7 and 8 milion viewers per season, which seemed pretty respectable. But then, as the story likes to repeat itself, not unlike the bbc execs just did, along came the decline again. Ever since 2010, the ratings began steadily dropping again, from 7.95 in 2010 to 5.46 in 2017. Then DW experienced an unexpected peak in 2018 with the premiere of Jodie Whittaker鈥檚 first season, which averaged 7.96 viewing asses, but then continued the dropping trend on the next season, averaging 5.40 viewing butts.
So what went wrong?
You see, part of the reason that Doctor Who was bringing in such great viewership numbers in the 60鈥瞫 and 70鈥瞫, was that, to put it simply, BBC did not have much competition. Or, to be exact, only had one competitor. ITV was literally founded in order to break BBC鈥檚 monopoly over British television. But in the 80鈥瞫, with the launch of Channel 4 and Sky, the british viewers had more and more options to choose from. So logically speaking, they no longer had to watch BBC鈥檚 programming just because there was nothing else on. There was more and more new programes to boredom-watch. And here鈥檚 something y鈥檃ll need to know about the tv industry: the boredom-watchers, the casuals? That鈥檚 the most important demographic. As hard as it might be to swallow, us hardcore fans, forum dwellers and Ao3 gremlins, we鈥檙e not as big of a group as we鈥檇 like to think. Loving fans are important to the tv execs as providers of word-of-mouth advertisment, but the real numbers come from the casual, everyday viewer who will just put on the next episode cause the other one was kinda fun I guess. Or more fun than the other options, anyway.
And this is why, by the way, when someone is conflating low viewership with the show Dissapointing The Fans, they鈥檙e full of shit. I鈥檓 sorry, but we鈥檙e really not that much of a force here, definitely not enough to make such a big impact on the numbers. Another factor, that some of you probably noticed already, is that the numbers I鈥檓 quoting are from british tv only, while the online fandom is very much international, so our opinions matter even less to the british execs, I鈥檓 sorry again, hard pill to swallow I know, but true nonetheless.
But I digress. So, to sum up the previous paragraph, Doctor Who鈥檚 viewership decline in the 80鈥瞫 was the effect of the changing landscape of the TV industry, with which the BBC struggled to come to terms with.
Sound familiar?
Let鈥檚 move on to the 2010鈥瞫, shall we?
2010 was is actually a good marker of a year to choose, because it marks one important thing that begun a big change in the industry. This was the year in which Netflix expanded their services overseas, from being a DVD rental company to providing VOD services. Over the next decade streaming services grew in importance, from being an add-on to your cable TV that you didn鈥檛 really want but they were throwing it in for cheap, to very much self-sustainable media services you might very well buy instead of buying the cable. And if you look at the numbers for Doctor Who viewership declining over the last 10 years, that鈥檚 precisely what鈥檚 been happening. It鈥檚 not that people don鈥檛 want to watch Doctor Who on tv, they don鈥檛 want to watch tv in general. Do you know what was the most popular channel in Britain this year? Can you guess? Fucking Netflix that鈥檚 what.聽It鈥檚 just slowly-yet-steadily ceasing to be the way we use home entertainment anymore. Again, not much to do with the audience approval, because for that matter, let鈥檚 see about the specific episodes that saw the spikes in viewership.聽
Rose, which i mentioned at the start of it, was for the longest time the unquestionable queen when it comes to viewership, at 10.81 milion. The next episode, The End of the World, pulled in 7.97 - almost 3 millions worth of lost viewer-butts in one week? Is it because it was so much worse than it鈥檚 predecessor? No, it simply did not have the smell of Newness, the Event You Must See, and as such brought forth less of the casual viewers who were simply curious about The New Thing. The next season followed the similar formula, peaking at the premiere, when the marketing was at it鈥檚 strongest, going down during the season, sometimes rising slightly for the finale, sometimes not. The most popular episodes are, of course, the specials - yet again, the vibe of The Event To Be Seen worked here, but one more thing working to their advantage is they often aired in spaces between seasons, serving as both a long-waited Crumbs of Content for the fans, and the basically stand-alones for the casuals. Do you know what the single most watched episode of revived DW is? No, it鈥檚 not Tennant鈥檚 goodbye with the role (yeah I know, I thought it had to be that as well). It was Voyage of the聽Damned, between seasons 3 and 4. The perfect standalone for the casual watcher. And last but not least, you know one more special feature that brought, maybe not as much, but definitely more than expected? The 1996 movie Doctor Who, with 9.08 million. Again, a perfect standalone.
But the standalones aren鈥檛 the only way to grab the viewership. The currently-highest viewing non-special episode of DW? The Woman Who Fell to Earth, Jodie Whittaker鈥檚 introduction. In 2018 no less, in the year when the streaming was the ruler supreme, this episode brought a whooping 10.96 million buts to the good ol鈥 TV again. Let me reiterate: this episode brought in more viewers than Rose did in 2005, while having WAY more competition and way less favorable circumstances of release that RTD鈥檚 debiut did. Not only that, it managed to bring on some numbers for the entire season as well, not as good of course as the premiere (because again, the Event vibes faded), but still brought a better average than the last six seasons did. (Again, let me reiterate: more than the last SIX seasons. More viewership than any series since 2010, since the Streaming Wars.) So clearly, this must be the way, right? Catering to this Weird New Trend, that saw directors notice there do in fact exist other actors than white men, that surely brought in some profit, even Marvel does it now, right? Out with the old, in with the new!
Part 2 The Deceitful聽Charm of Nostalgia
Well, it turns out the whole Doing New Things deal didn鈥檛 work out that well after all, now did it? The second season penned by Chibbnal averaged 5.40 milion, that鈥檚 2.5 million drop from the previous one! It must mean it didn鈥檛 work, right? Well, yes and no. As much as the refreshment of the formula as simple as Let鈥檚 Put A Woman In It absolutely worked for one season, it very visibly did not hold up for longer. An Event-Episode is something that can still happen on TV, Event-Series? That鈥檚 pretty much reserved for streaming now, if you think about it, and it鈥檚 honestly kind of a miracle that Series 11 did as well as it had. Two consecutive Event-Series on network tv? Flat out impossible.聽
So how to make those ratings great again? How to get those butts in seats of the Good Ol鈥? Well, the execs of the BBC have a plan for that. They brought in a devouring beast, and it鈥檚 name is: Nostalgia.
Without a doubt, there is a number of people who feel nostalgic about RTD鈥檚 era of Doctor Who. It鈥檚 a lot of people鈥檚 fond childhood memory, or the series they started with, and judging by the numbers, there should be quite a lot of them. So the new plan, as it appears, is to get to those who maybe lost interest in the show and lure them with the promise of the thing That Is Totally Like The Thing You Used To Love, Remember? (This is why I don鈥檛 actually think that RTD will be allowed to do anything new and interesting, that鈥檚 not what they hired him for. And that鈥檚 why I think this is bad from the creative standpoint.) So there are two questions here: One, will the people be lured? And two, for how long?
Nostalgia as a marketing strategy is something that you鈥檙e probably sick of seeing already (I know I am). But it has very much been effective on many levels, especially the eighties-baiting, Stranger Things style, can bring a new IP up to relevance. But what about old IP鈥檚 that want to have a comeback?聽
It鈥檚 kind of dificult to find another TV show that I could compare to Doctor Who. Most series that have been running for that long are mostly soap operas, that operate on slightly different rules, and are also targeted to a different audience. So as much as the movie series is still not exactly the best comparison, when I think about a big IP, campy sci-fi, family-oriented (at least in theory) on its path back to relevance, I think about Star Wars, obviously. The Force Awakens gambled on that nostalgic feeling and won big, but the next two movies, while still financially successful, were nowhere near the astounding success of the first one. And that鈥檚 because - you guessed it - it created the Event You Must See again, The Great Comeback, but merely two years later, the comeback became old news. So what we can gain from that is that nostalgia can create an Event as well as a new trend, if not better. But the question remains: how long will that last?
That is, after all, the main difference between a movie franchise and a TV series in the traditional, network TV sense of the word: movie franchise must bring in the viewership every year or two, and TV series must bring in viewers every week for at least two months. Is RTD鈥檚 Nostalgia Vibes enough to provide for that?
I鈥檒l say this: I鈥檓 absolutely certain that the 60th anniversary will be very popular. I still don鈥檛 think it will break any records because, as I鈥檝e been trying to explain for this whole post, it is not 2007 anymore no matter how much the tv execs would like it to be. But ironically, the almost-certain success of the special is the very thing that could undermine the effect of bringing their precious Nostagia Boi back onboard. Remember, the first Event Episode is The Big Oof. That鈥檚 the one that gets asses to the Good Ol鈥, if anything ever does. After the first big event one, that鈥檚 the point when things start going down. They鈥檙e wasting their Special Event Boi for something that already would be an event, dear fucking gods, I hate your plan and I would still execute it better. Either have RTD be the Anniversary Guy and then hire someone new, use that hype and keep it going, OR have RTD come in after the anniversary, then at least you get the Event Effect for the premiere of his first return season. Fukin鈥 amateurs.
But even if they did that, here鈥檚 the thing: do you think that the people who departed from the show years ago actually want to watch another three to five seasons of The RTD Show? I mean, I鈥檓 sure the thought warmed some hearts, for sure. A number of people will definitely gladly watch the anniversary, probably the first few episodes of the first return to the basics, but after that? In the world when, due to streaming, they have an easy way to revisit the actual thing they鈥檙e nostalgic towards? I honestly don鈥檛 think so. And you鈥檙e not really gonna get many new people by going back, if that nostalgia factor isn鈥檛 there. And then there鈥檚 casual viewers, the backbone, as we established. And here鈥檚 the thing: lots of those people don鈥檛 even know who the current showrunner is, cause they鈥檙e not Terminally Online like we are, and the second thing? Lots of those people ARE JUST NOT WATCHING NETWORK TV, IM SORRY GARRY. They鈥檙e just. They鈥檙e just not. I don鈥檛 know how to spell it out better. Even my mum has netflix now. Your biggest base is in another castle mate, gotta get moving and gotta get moving quick, cause here鈥檚 another thing: all the nostalgia in the world will not do SHIT for you if your target, people who were kids/teens when the RTD era was airing, PROBABLY DON鈥橳 EVEN HAVE A FUCKING TV ANYMORE CAUSE THEY MOVED OUT OF THEIR PARENTS FLAT AND LOTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE JUST DON鈥橳 BOTHER. Just. I鈥檓 sorry but you鈥檙e trying to resuscitate a decade-deceased corpse there buddy. It just won鈥檛 work. The times have changed and you gotta swim or drown, and it鈥檚 just not gonna be 2005 again, no matter how hard you pretend it is. It鈥檚 not your content it鈥檚 your business model. Just push more marketing for your iplayer or whatever, focus on streaming as your primary not your secondary cause that鈥檚 just what it is now, and maybe don鈥檛 rely on the viewer-counting systems of the yesteryear to evaluate your business. Or else you鈥檙e gonna get stuck sacrificing the creative growth of your show for a marketing strategy that probably won鈥檛 even fucking WORK.
There, I got it of my chest. Feel free to reblog, and also: you somehow got to the end of this, congrats! I鈥檒l make numbers nerds out of y鈥檃ll yet.
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mgopalace a year ago
Things That Come In Three - S.R
Tumblr media
A/N // let me know if I should do any follow up parts to this pls <3
Tags n warnings// Steve Rogers x fem!reader, Bucky Barnes x reader at a push, mentions of alcohol usage, light smut minors DNI, infidelity but not really but also kind of
Summary// you grew up and moved away from your hometown. Now, at the turning point of your career, you meet up with a childhood friend and become reacquainted. A lot of canon information about these characters does not apply but I hope you鈥檒l be able to figure it out by the plot :)
Baby pink plastic with an open toe cut, the bridge from your heel to your toes is almost vertical to the floor as you navigate your way through the crowded floor. One foot in front of the other, hips swaying; you鈥檙e walking like your agent taught you to. The scent of bad decisions and no inhibitions hang in the air tonight, promising the presence of the gospel three: a huge fight, a massive mistake, and a colossal coverup. Make no friends, take no prisoners.
Younger sisters with a tendency to be a little reckless, the first two of the three show up without invite, but always in style. As expected, chaos ensues and at some point their victims remember exactly why they didn鈥檛 invite them in the first place. The last and oldest sister- a colossal coverup- arrives fashionably late to pick up the pieces, though often has a nasty habit of always wanting to be the centre of attention. Never apart are these omens, and never far from a setting like this.
Neon lights flash in strobe, and blind near faded dancers in cut out mini dresses and well pressed suits. Adhering to latest trends, you yourself are in a blush pink silky slip dress, hair pinned half up with a metallic claw clip. According to cosmo, nineties fashion is in right now and it shows in all the guests around you.
鈥淏abe. Baaabe. Babe, listen. I love, love, love what you鈥檝e done with your blush right here.鈥
Lilliana Lagos has been your makeup artist the past two times you鈥檝e been shot for Soledad, the Italian magazine. Always fighting with her girlfriend, you think every time you see her at one of these functions there鈥檚 a new story about how she suspects theres another woman. It鈥檚 getting pretty tiring memorizing who she likes or doesn鈥檛 like... and you鈥檙e pretty sure her real name is Jess.
She has her arm linked round yours as you walk together to the bar, telling you all about how her girl is probably out in the back of a two star club right now, flirting with some second year sorority chick. At least, that鈥檚 what you can make out; the music in this place is too loud to hear anyone speak. It doesn鈥檛 matter anyway; you鈥檙e not here for Lilliana.
Circa 2009, Brooklyn- picture it. Heat waves one after the other, no consideration for the elderly or kids who burn easily in the sun. After the first wave of stragglers had been rounded up and picked apart, all who were left in the park picked a territory and occupied it. Defending your newfound homeland was a difficult feat to accomplish due to the fact that you were on your own. Christine and Kim hobbled home with heatstroke, Jen struck out after a nasty fall, and even April succumbed to dehydration soon enough.
Alone you held your ground on the red plastic swing. Legs propelling you forward, in spite of unholy heat you stayed everyday that week, until you happened upon a new clique. Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers had been scouting the area for a while now. Sandpit, swing set then picnic table, the boys had an agenda for playground domination and needed manpower to pursue it. Tied together you were that summer, and for many more following it.
Tonight being one of your last nights visiting New York before you fly home to Milan, you asked your old friends to join you here at an exclusive fragrance event. Some excuse about how his cat is sick, Bucky passed up on the invitation- not that you can blame him, it鈥檚 not really his scene- so that leaves Steve, who you鈥檙e waiting for now by a mini bar in this overcrowded, overpriced condo.
鈥淎nd then I said to her, 鈥榖itch, if you don鈥檛 get up and walk those knock off red bottoms right out of my apartment there will be hell to pay-鈥
鈥淚s that my buttercup?鈥
Wave of hair sent whipping round into Lilliana鈥檚 face, you turn with a wide smile to greet Steve. Damn. Dressed in plain tac pants, he wears a black sweater with his signature brown leather jacket overtop. He looks good. A few steps forward and you throw yourself into his open arms.
Damn. He鈥檚 never seen you in a dress like this before. You look good.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe it鈥檚 been so long.鈥
鈥淩ight? I tried to connect with you in DC when Buck had that thing, but then I had to go do a thing in Montreal.鈥
鈥淥h don鈥檛 worry about it. You seem really busy nowadays anyway.鈥
He says that last part a little more quiet than before; you barely heard him over the loudspeakers that are shaking the glass top of the mini bar, drinks threatening to spill over. Swimming through the sea of sell outs and wannabes, the pair of you dock at the balcony, a little more quiet and definitely less crowded.
New York skyline cutting through a thick inked atmosphere, Steve catches you up on everything you鈥檝e missed. Apparently, he鈥檚 a bodyguard now for some human rights activist with a price on her head, and Bucky fixes up bikes at the garage. Promotional shoots and advertising is what you tell him your career consists of currently. You can鈥檛 help but think it鈥檚 funny how it all comes back to childhood: sickly Steve, always the victim of some offense, now protects people for a living; Bucky, ever finishing his friends fights for them, now fixes other people鈥檚 messes professionally; and the last kid standing at the playground, whose friends have all stayed home, is a stark mirror image to your figure right this moment.
Fame and fortune does not come without cutting a few heads off. It is a given fact that the players in this game will all have- at some point -their knees broken by a 鈥榝riend鈥 who wants to get ahead. Then, in the true essence of show business, you will stay silent or face being blacklisted. A huge fight, a massive mistake and a colossal coverup: these are the guaranteed gospel three. Make no friends, take no prisoners.
鈥淒鈥檡ou remember when Bucky made us ride cyclone at Coney Island?鈥
鈥淵es! You threw up-鈥
鈥淎nd you two laughed at me!鈥
鈥淵eah because it was funny,鈥 you giggled, hand placed on his bicep as he leans his arm on the cold steel railing. Cold night breeze, but you couldn鈥檛 feel warmer with the way he鈥檚 staring at you.
鈥淚 went again a few months ago with maybe six of the girls from my agency. We kept getting split up and then two of the girls had a huge cat fight in the middle of a ride.鈥
鈥淚 guess good things come in three,鈥 he says softly, taking a sip from the glass he has one hand wrapped around.
鈥淚 guess so.鈥
Promises are rarely kept in your line of work, but threats are always honored. The widely (yet not so fondly) anticipated arrival of the first of the sisters came with furious footwork that left flamed footprints behind, a sure sign of danger. A huge fight- one between you and your not-so-boyfriend boyfriend- ensued as per expectation.
Aspiring actors forming a crowd around you, they took pointers from the way you spat in his face, stamped your feet. Some men who grow up without authority assume it themselves; he demanded your leave as if he had the right to dictate your life choices. You, not ready to go home or say goodbye to a certain old friend, refused, and here was when the sister saw her moment. A dramatist at heart, she salted wounds and poured gasoline on the flaming heap. Her finale was the abrupt storming out of your beau, leaving the crowd to disperse with a parting gift of rumors to spread at their own behest.
At the height of the heat, a hand wrapped around your wrist guides you out of the place and into the elevator. One, two, three floors up. Steve has his arms crossed over his chest as he leans against the wall of the elevator. Stern looks sent your way that you鈥檙e avoiding, checking your reflection in the metal doors.
鈥淲hat was that about, huh?鈥
You shrug your shoulders, plumping your lips with two fingers. Being difficult has become sort of a speciality for you; this kind of industry requires a little willpower if you hope to get anywhere. The silence elicits a sigh from Steve. Doors opening, he follows you out into the corridor where you push open a door, enter a room. Green canvas suitcase discarded in the corner, your clothes are split between a neat folded pile on an expensive looking chest of drawers, and a heap cast into the seat of a tulip chair by the window.
鈥淭his is where you鈥檙e staying?鈥
Twisting the key in the lock behind him, you nod to Steve and kick your heels off by the door.
鈥淎 friend of a friend owns it. I fly back to Milan tomorrow though. That鈥檚 where I live.鈥
Oh no. There he goes with that slow downward cast look, chewing on the inside of his cheek. You can already tell what鈥檚 coming by the way he sits on the end of the bed, lightly like he鈥檚 afraid of breaking it, and pats the spot beside him.
鈥淪teve, I don鈥檛 want a lecture.鈥
鈥淲ho said I was going to lecture you?鈥
鈥淓verything about the way you鈥檙e being right now says you鈥檙e about to lecture me. I鈥檓 fine really, just a little tired.鈥
He pauses for a moment, nodding his head he looks away.
鈥淚t鈥檚 just that-鈥
鈥淪teve! You鈥檙e lecturing me. This is a lecture.鈥
鈥淣o, I鈥檓 just suggesting that-鈥
Lips on lips, you cut him off with a kiss, two hands either side of his face. Knees bend against the duvet, he pulls you closer as you hover over him. The second sister has made her entrance and what an entrance it is. A massive mistake in tow, Steve runs his palms across your back. You move one hand to the back of his head, fingers threading through his hair. He pulls away for air, forehead against yours as his tongue runs over his bottom lip.
鈥淲hat are you doing, hm?鈥
Thumb stroking his cheek, you shrug your shoulders in response.
鈥淪hutting you up.鈥
Sage and citrus scented room, you fumble for the light switch by the bed. From the texture of the sheets as your bare shoulders hit them, whoever owns this condo is loaded. A fine feel, Egyptian cotton perhaps, though you couldn鈥檛 care less about ruining them right now. Painted in hues of electric blue and vibrant orange, the city lights illuminate your body as Steve works his way down it. Light kisses on exposed skin, he pushes your dress up and over your shoulders. Sweater tugged over his head, you admire the shape he鈥檚 in. Sculpted like a statue with chiseled marble that has been polished to smooth curves on soft skin. Deep set scars in small numbers, collected in the corner of his abdomen; it鈥檚 a very different sight to the Steve you grew up with. Stronger and taller now, but spirit still the same. Some things never change.
Fingers move lace underwear to the side, start slowly circling your clit as he planks above you. He hooks his arm around one bent knee, holding it in place and holding himself up. Breath gone ragged, your moans mix with the sound of traffic down below. New York has no curfew, and it proves this in the way red traffic lights are bouncing off glass panes and resting on the ceiling. He maneuvers his fingers in and out between your legs as car engines rev below . It reminds you of hot Brooklyn summers fresh out of high school.
Waiting tables at the Cash-In Club, you鈥檇 come home to Steve most nights. As per his father鈥檚 wishes, Bucky had continued a family tradition of enlisting in the Navy. Two kids alone in the summer, one thing led to another and you and Steve spent many a night together. Autumn brings reality back around, nothing more was ever said about that summer shacked up in a dingy one bed apartment, or the curtains that couldn鈥檛 quite keep out the street lights.
Down below, the traffic lights turn to green and project onto the walls above the headboard. Some things never change.
Clink- the sound of your hoop earrings colliding as your back arches off the bed. A soul who bears the same inscriptions as yours, he鈥檚 studied you well enough to know how to show you stars. Legs squeezed tight together around his wrist. Steve鈥檚 tearing the underwear from your body, reminiscent of summer loving so far out of reach. Returning the favour, you sit up to rid him of his clothes until he鈥檚 overtop of you again. One, two, three kisses pressed to your temple as he bottoms out inside you.
Its times like this that -despite your best intentions- your mind wanders back to Bucky. Long chestnut hair that framed his face had to be shaved in accordance with Navy regulations, and he鈥檇 asked that you be the one to do it. Dead silence despite the busy streets that night, you held back tears as you took silver drug store scissors to his locks. Tomorrow he would be leaving town, training with wolves and huntsmen. Neither of you spoke, but as you swept up the pile of hair from the white tiles, you couldn鈥檛 help thinking childhood was over. It was the end of swing sets and sandpits, and Bucky wanted to spend the final moments with you.
And now, with Steve鈥檚 lips on your shoulder, slow pace set relentlessly and sweat beading on your forehead, that shoebox one bedroom apartment is calling you. Something different from the sage and citrus of this condo, Steve smells faintly of gasoline and cinnamon. When he dips the curve of his face against yours, he tastes like maple syrup and home.
You wonder what life would be like if you鈥檇 never left Brooklyn. The summer of love, one spent with Steve, was soon succeeded with a winter of revelation. The trio reunited by Recruit Barnes鈥 first visit back that November, the three of you celebrated three holidays in one night. Gift giving, a communal meal, and a count down to midnight. You should鈥檝e been concerned about the cast over Bucky鈥檚 arm, but instead you worried about who to sit by. Met with job loss in January, the added pressure of determining where the boys slotted into your life now caused an impulsive decision. Bold career choice, your bags were soon packed and on the way to LA. Steve watched the plane take off; you were gone when Bucky got back.
Nails raking down Steve鈥檚 back, you push Bucky to the back of your mind. Your legs are tightly wrapped around his waist as he rocks back and forth. Minutes on the clock come one after the other, you try not to think about Brooklyn and soon you鈥檙e not able to think about anything. Rigid spine, your breath catches in your throat and then all at once, a release. It鈥檚 this feeling you chase, and no one spurs you on like Steve.
The crook of his neck fits your head perfectly; he鈥檚 laying somewhat on his side, and you leg is hooked over his hip. Held in place by strong arms, you feel the same kind of security that you must have forgot to pack in your case on the way to LA. Unchanging, ever present, it鈥檚 a luxury you can鈥檛 afford in your career. Slow and steady, you feel your childhood friend鈥檚 chest rise and fall while you wait for the arrival of the third omen of the night.
鈥淗ey, Steve?鈥
鈥淢hm, what鈥檚 up, doll?鈥
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 tell Bucky about this.鈥
鈥淚 never do.鈥
Everybody loves a good old fashioned cover up until you鈥檙e on the receiving end. The missing piece, the key to completing the trio has been the victim of a colossal coverup for years.
A huge fight, a massive mistake, and a colossal coverup: these are the guaranteed gospel three. Keep no friends, and take you prisoner.
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tomorrowxtogether a year ago
TOMORROW X TOGETHER: a new kind of K-pop for American teens
Tumblr media
Let鈥檚 play a Google autocomplete game. If you type 鈥渨hy K-pop鈥 into the search field, the first suggestion is 鈥渨hy K-pop is popular.鈥 Two things are for certain: First, K-pop is popular; second, people are curious as to why. For some time, numerous articles, not in specialized K-pop or music journals but in the general media, have tried to answer this question. It often goes like this: The genre marries auditory and visual elements; it draws from almost every major Western musical genre to find catchy melodies; visually, its music videos are conceptual and focus on fashion, choreography, and storytelling; unique, talented artists go through a long training period, but their appeal also comes from presenting their everyday selves in addition to their artistic personas.
Every one of these observations is accurate. However, this is closer to a description of how K-pop has been introduced to the outside world. This is of course because the music excels in all of these categories, which in turn have allowed the genre to enjoy widespread interest and recognition internationally. International articles usually chronical the history of K-pop by starting with Seo Taiji and the Boys, then cover PSY and Girls鈥 Generation, and finally come to BTS. The continuous improvement in quality and the particular characteristics it has developed are key points in the history of K-pop. Naturally, K-pop groups who enter the US market emphasize concepts that capture the market鈥檚 trends along with the previously mentioned factors. But this is not a satisfactory answer to our question. Why is the world鈥檚 most popular boy band a K-pop group? And why do some new artists spontaneously become popular in North America despite having no special promotions targeting the region? Aside from being good, what sets them apart? To find answers, let鈥檚 look back on the extraordinary events of the past summer in the US when racial tensions had been ignited. In response to the music industry鈥檚 #BlackoutTuesday movement, which rallied against racism, hashtags like #WhiteoutWednesday and #AllLivesMatter emerged. These latter ideas are, of course, forms of discrimination. While this was going on, droves of K-pop fans posted videos, GIFs, and photos of their favorite K-pop artists in conjunction with the problematic hashtags to drown out the hate speech. To begin with, this shows the positive effect K-pop artists have. If we peel back a layer, we can see K-pop鈥檚 history of appealing to minorities in overseas markets from its very earliest days. More fundamentally, we see a topic that K-pop has traditionally dealt with鈥攐ne familiar to Koreans but which is in fact not typically handled in popular culture. Comfort and introspection for younger generations conveys a message of loving yourself, and awareness of an absurd social structure leads to interest from the public. This unique situation has been the story of K-pop idols since as far back as H.O.T. This is a gap that has always existed in mainstream US culture鈥攁 vacuum between the dangers of the 鈥減arental advisory: explicit content鈥 sticker and the safety of the Disney Channel. In the US, there are people dealing with that gap in numerous interesting ways, but they are not notable artists, nor can they be seen on prime time TV. On the contrary, it鈥檚 not unusual to see K-pop idols sing about school violence, homogenous education, broken dreams or hellish social inequality on weekend TV. With the most intensive education system in the world and a society that is, right from childhood, infamously competitive, it is perhaps not surprising but nonetheless fascinating for this phenomenon to have developed in Korea. Once combined with K-pop鈥檚 highly polished audiovisual splendor, this ironic circumstance that had come to fruition within the Korean idol industry over two decades was picked up by the younger generation of US listeners. The joke about parents singling out 鈥淒ynamite鈥 during its competition with 鈥淲AP鈥 for chart dominance because it鈥檚 a safe choice has some truth to it.
In November, TOMORROW X TOGETHER鈥檚 Minisode1: Blue Hour reached number 25 on the Billboard200. It is the best charting album for a K-pop artist in their second year after their debut鈥攁n impressive record, considering K-pop artists have been unable to perform in the US due to COVID-19. With widely recognized artists having an advantage on the charts before the pandemic to begin with, it鈥檚 clear how much this group鈥檚 fanbase has expanded since its debut ranked 140 on the Billboard200. Most of the songs on their debut Japanese album, Still Dreaming, are in Japanese, yet at the time of its release it was the most spotlighted K-pop album within the US. The lead single off the album, the Japanese version of 鈥淏lue Hour,鈥 took off as the most important new song in the K-pop sections of Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal alike, and was pushed up on related playlists. It is unprecedented for a Japanese language track to receive such attention, even if it is sung by a popular K-pop artist. This phenomenon, in which a K-pop artist鈥檚 debut Japanese album draws the attention of US music consumers, is in some ways to be expected with TOMORROW X TOGETHER, who have from their inception made teenage emotions and relationships a focus of their work. They also deal with the impact of COVID-19 on teenagers鈥 school lives on their latest album with songs like 鈥淲e Lost the Summer.鈥 Idols are naturally drawn to themes of teenage excitement and anxiety, but such themes also represent an untapped demand that is not easily filled by love songs. K-pop reached new heights when PSY generated interest in a trend that transcends language. Now, it has expanded to take on emotions that are universal, regardless of language, but which are often brushed aside. This is why the K-pop of 鈥渢omorrow鈥 isn鈥檛 about more lavish production, but more thoughtful observation and consideration. Teens are looking for songs that they feel help them see the world 鈥渢ogether,鈥 no matter where they are.
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joy-world a year ago
Master Social Engagement to Master Success in 21st Century!
Tumblr media
Social Engagement as a Business trend!
In the past, only few businesses utilize social media as part of their business operations. Few businesses use it as a marketing tool, others use it as a two-way communication tool or seldom both.
Due to this Covid-19, we are unable to connect with our customers physically and this impacted not just in the business industry but also the rest of the world and the 21st century is demanding the entrepreneurs to adapt in the new normal.
21st Century
As rapid changes occurs and the demand of social media in business industry arise. Social media plays a vital role in business, because almost everyone and everything happens is in this particular platform.
Nowadays, focusing only on offering a high-quality product or service is no longer enough to stay competitive in this 21st century, you also need to keep your customers interacting with your brand to create a loyal relationship. As a entrepreneur, your priority should not only focus on gaining profit but also in creating a great customer relationship.
This might sound overwhelming for other business and fails to adapt the sudden change but this is an opportunity for other business to master success. One of the biggest factors that separate successful companies this 21st century from those that fail is an excellent social engagement strategy.
To master Social Engagement, you must figure out what it is and how it works!
Tumblr media
What is it?
Social engagement is the involvement of a business to their customers in an online setting. Platforms such as social media, blogs, forums and your own website that connects you to your online community.
How it works?
You need to actively work to build a relationship. Social engagement is a long-term relationship with your customer and just like any relationship it takes patience and commitment to make it work.
How does Social Engagement impact your business?
Why businesses do it?
Social engagement plays an important role in stabilizing a business profile online. Based on Sprout Social鈥檚 Q2 2016 Index, they said that social media was considered to be the most preferred channel for a customer to engage with a brand. It does not guarantee that you'll have a 100% return in sales when you increase Social media engagement. A study that I found in the internet said that companies that engaged with customers increase in sales by 40% upwards. Furthermore, the Increase in Social Media Engagement will also result to an Increase in Brand Loyalty.
Reasons why you should master Social Engagement.
Tumblr media
why should you do it?
Have an abreast of the market trends (Collect consumer data).
Acts as a Competitive Advantage (Flexible and approachable)
Acts as a Marketing tool (You reach large audiences)
In order to master it, AGAIN! it requires commitment and patience. Once you effectively done it, you will reap what you sow and more!
Speaking of effectivity, in order for you to Master Social engagement you can create a specialized team.
Tumblr media
why should I form a specialized team?
This might sound too much but trust me it works. Having a team who focuses on different angles is a way to make sure you鈥檙e doing everything right. As the saying goes, "two heads are better than one". You should build a team that consist:
A person who focuses on making contents.
A person who focuses on increasing sales
A person who handles negative feedbacks and hostile customers.
A person who focuses on increasing your audience.
Remember! You can personalize your own team. You should be creative in planning well how to maximize and utilize the use of your people and machines.
Tips on how to do it well
Tumblr media
Start conversations or reach out
Be true. Share your story with your customers to give them a glimpse of your life and journey. be your own brand ambassador. Make sure to post things that are relevant to your audience. . Ask questions or give industry knowledge related and relevant to your business.
Participate in the latest topics and happenings, Jump on relevant topics and join their conversations. This will give your brand the view that you care about the current happenings. Engage with your customers for example, whenever they mention you, or message you make sure to have a feedback as soon as possible.
Adapt to current trends
Throw contests and create a giveaway. Make sure you are aware of the trends and adapt it.
Be consistent
Commit yourself to a scheduled routine to make sure you are doing everything on time. Remember to reply, whenever a customer messages you, always make sure to reply even if it is a good or bad message.
Invest in knowledge towards Social Engagement
Train your man power to master this business trend by attending webinars, Team Meeting, etc., and other programs that are related to social engagement. This will definitely help you monitor and protect your brand.
Those are the starting key points you should remember when starting social engagement. eventually, if you keep doing it creatively and consistently, there's no doubt you'll master it in no time.
Now, Let's move on to the advantage and disadvantages of doing Social Engagement.
Tumblr media
These are some advantages that you will gain when you do social engagement.
Opportunities in Paid advertisements offer
Builds brand Recognition
You drive traffic to your website - this is an opportunity to your business to be widely known by a larger audience.
Ability to assess your performance - easy for you to track your progress if you're making profitable returns.
You can create viral content - your followers can share with their followers which gives you a wider reach (with lower cost) than a traditional marketing campaign.
There are also disadvantages in doing this, what's important is you'll know how to cope up with it.
Negative feedbacks are inevitable - People use social media to share their experiences either good or bad. If someone had a poor experience with your business, or just hate your business it opens a door of opportunity for them to share their poor experience with others. No matter how bad the review is addressing the issues can speak volumes about your company and its values so always reply..
You can embarrass your company - Using wrong hashtags, making unnecessary post and many more will always reflect in your business. Think before you click. Always do your research before posting content on social media.
Social Media Engagement isn鈥檛 something done overnight - Social engagement is a day to day task that needs patience and dedication. Just do your best to maximize your resources to expect great returns.
You must constantly create contents and interact with your customers. As mention above this is a daily task, which means you need to look for content everyday and keep searching for relevant knowledge towards your business. You can find for a company t5hat offer social media engagement service.
You don鈥檛 see immediate results. You must be patient and wait a few weeks to see results before you can adjust your campaign. Be patient
To wrap up our discussion you should know how to measure your social engagement activity. This will not only help you keep in track of your strategies but also help you derive new ways to do it effectively and efficiently.
How to measure social engagement
this will help you know if you're doing enough for your business
Data that is the results of your social engagement can help to highlight whether your social engagement strategy is working and if you have to create new strategies. This will make you create a deeper understanding with your customers. This is also useful in making the right business strategies and decisions. you need to set goals in your team to measure achievement. Always keep in mind that your goals should be relevant and realistic to your business strategy.
This is a way to measure it!
Facebook 鈥 Likes/reactions, comments, shares, messages, clicks, and followers
Twitter 鈥 Retweets, favorites, Tweet replies, direct messages, clicks, and followers
Instagram 鈥 Likes, comments, messages, clicks, views (Stories and Live), and followers
LinkedIn 鈥 Likes, comments, shares, messages, clicks, and followers
YouTube 鈥 Views, likes, comments, shares, clicks, and subscribers
Over all, If you manage to utilize your resources such as time, money, man power and machines effectively and efficiently in social engagement, you can expect to increase your brand name, customer relationship, much better strategies, and achieve the objectives of the organization and beyond. Even if you encounter some hurdles along your way, make sure to adapt and be flexible. The facts mentioned above shows you no reason to not do social engagement. This will highly benefit your business and brings you closer in mastering success. So are you ready to master success this 21st century? what are you waiting for?
Thank you for reading! I hope i helped you gained knowledge in this topic.
Credits to the owner of the photos:
Photo 1: (Republic world, Forbes, vector Stock, Lime survey, Time Magazine, The James G. Martin academic Renewal)
Photo 2: (Faith on campus)
Photo 3: (Financial Times, INSEAD Knowledge, and EVR Advertising)
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Photo 5: (Ballantine, Science how stuff works, Robert Harding, Entrepreneur resources, Impact Branding Design, The free dictionary)
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howland-ryan1 a year ago
Social Media鈥檚 Influence on Life
For me personally, social media does not have a huge influence on my everyday life. I do not care to consistently post or update others on my life or about my daily activities. However, I do use social media platforms each day for news and entertainment. Generally, I will check up on the trending news around the world each day and check on many different sports clips and highlights. Having the internet constantly available in my life has been critical to I can only imagine. I try to fathom living without it sometimes. Always being able to find the answer to almost any question being asked is huge.聽 I found the聽鈥楤efore the Internet鈥 article by Emma Rathbone to be very interesting at the least. The article obviously focuses on what many would do before the internet came around, however I grew up with the internet as did many of my peers. Reading the article, I did not relate to it much but rather learned from it. There is a line in the article that mentions something along the lines of聽鈥渋f you wanted to see an old friend again you鈥檇 send a letter and hope they get it鈥. To this day it still baffles me that communication was once like this. What happened with urgent messages to ensure that they were delivered and received properly and timely?聽 The video of Max Stossel speaking caught my attention in a few different ways. While it was interesting to hear about how social media can be distracting and addicting, I think of it much like fast food in that the consumer has just as much responsibility as the creator. If you uncontrollably eat fast food, you will gain much weight. If you let social media consume your day, social media will consume your life and thoughts. To go more in depth on this, within the video Max mentioned a quote that Kyrie Irving had received a lot of criticism for. Being a sports fan, I was interested in what Max had to say about this quote given by Irving, but instead he focused more on how people received Irving鈥檚 message and their response to it. Irving had claimed that the world is in fact flat, and Max focused on the response that the supporters of the flat world idea gave. They mentioned that the internet had allowed the聽鈥渞ound earthers鈥 to crack Irving. To me, Irving did this to himself in that he let the comments of social media users around the world get to his head. This is a key reason why I do not care for social media.聽
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techhub100 a year ago
Why You Need Digital Marketing: The Topmost Reasons
A few years ago, nobody knew much about digital marketing and how it can accelerate their business growth. It was only a different and new way to peddle goods and services to market. But, with time, digital marketing has become an integral part of the business. Business owners and organizations started understanding and implementing digital marketing鈥檚 importance to acquire new customers and retain them. Digital marketing is all about achieving marketing goals through applying digital media and technologies.
Tumblr media
With the increasing influence of the internet and digital marketing, it becomes crucial for you to tap its potential to grow and thrive your business. Regardless of, you have a small business or a large one, you can use digital marketing tactics effectively and make your business a huge success. Here鈥檚 why you need digital marketing for your business.
People Don鈥檛 Need to Reach it; It Reaches People Of All Ages and Groups.
An average user on the internet keeps at least seven accounts on different social media platforms. It was just 3 to 5 years ago. More than 97 percent of adult users in the USA under the age of 65 use social media at least once every month, and a vast majority of users use it every day. Social media can be preferred as the best means of customer care. However, most businesses ignore over 87 percent of messages sent by customers. Look at some of the interesting facts about social media that play an essential role in digital marketing.
More than 25 percent of the world population uses Facebook.
More than 62 percent of the US population is on Facebook.
More than 75 percent of Facebook users use it every day.
More than 50 percent of users active on Instagram use the platform every day.
More than 30 percent of users active on social media mention a particular brand when they refer to milestones in their lives.
Gen X seems to interact with brands on different social media platforms than millennials.
According to the latest trend, ordinary people spend more than 2 hours every day on social media, and the spending time is more than 9 hours.
More than 56 percent of millennials admit that they find the ads on social media more relevant.
Looking at this data, it is crystal clear that social media has been assimilated into our everyday life. Whether it is school, college, entertainment, or hanging out with colleagues and friends, social media is everywhere in people鈥檚 lives. You don鈥檛 need to make much effort to reach people. They are available everywhere, and you need to tap only their potential with your digital marketing strategies.
Opens Up New Opportunities for Small Businesses
Digital marketing has established itself as the beacon of hope for small businesses. It is the same for almost every small business, whether it is personal brands, e-commerce, brick & mortar, etc. Digital marketing allows small businesses to hold top rankings in the search engine result pages and increase their website visibility. It exposes you to a broader audience, even on a much smaller budget spent on advertising.
Target Oriented
Digital marketing can dissect a vast and wide range of demographics. Whittling down digital marketing tactics into your targeted groups can help you focus on the specific segment of people who can further purchase your product. When you reach this level, you can create a highly relevant ad to your target market, thus connecting on a level that often more general advertisements fail. You can target people with a specific education level, goal, challenge, profession, and many more.
Can be Highly Personalized
Digital marketing has various aspects. Email marketing is one of them. When marketers use emails to target people at the individual level, it is called segmentation. In some cases, when you strictly reach the individual groups, it is called personalization. More than 72 percent of customers prefer email communication to be used by businesses with them. In this way, they get a sense of control and comfort to sign up for your emails and buy products from you. They can unsubscribe you if they don鈥檛 like whatever you have sent to them. So, whenever you send content, it should be relevant to your users. When you send them relevant content, they prefer to stay on your list and buy your products repeatedly. You can use a more advanced approach to reach your customers, and that has proved its ability by providing various advantages such as.
Increase in sales, customer satisfaction, and open rate.
Higher email click-through rate
Lowering Down unsubscribe rate
Increase in returning traffic on websites.
The advanced approach of digital marketing includes email automation, segmentation, and personalization. Segmentation includes collecting data about every email subscriber and using it to categorize your list based on some specific behaviors and traits that analytics has identified. Automation tells you about the optimal time to send your content and achieve the desired result. Finally, personalization involves recognizing a customer on an individual level and recommending the best and most suitable products to home as you know that individual鈥檚 purchase history.
The Power of Automation, Segmentation, and Personalization
No doubt, automation, and segmentation are much more powerful to get you higher conversions. Businesses that use automation and segmentation got advantages in various ways like
Automation increases the chances of over 133 percent to send highly relevant content.
More than 75 percent of revenues came out from the campaigns based on segmentation.
More than 70 percent of customers prefer to open automated emails.
Automated emails achieve click-through rates of over 50 percent.
Segmentation increases by 11 percent.
Customers who receive segmented emails spend much more.
Marketers have seen revenue boost over 760 percent due to segmentation.
Advanced Analytics
You can track many things about your viewers and customers using Google analytics. It gives you an insight into who is interested the most in your ads, what people like about your ads, and what compels them to take quick action. You will also get to know what your audience does when online, which segment of your audience is easy to convert, what terms your audience use to find you online, and many more.
Easy to Adapt & Scale
Digital marketing is easy to adapt, even for small businesses. You can quickly scale your business growth with its various tactics. With search ads, display ads, and social media campaigns, you can easily choose your budget daily and get to know how much the particular campaign will cost you.
To get the best results from digital marketing, you need to remain relevant online. To stay relevant online, you need to
Have at least one active profile on any social media network to engage with your customers.
Have a user-friendly and well-designed website.
Have investment in SEO to make you appear in search engine result pages
Have some paid advertising such as Promoted Tweets, Instagram, or AdWords.
Have Integrated touchpoints and reputation management.
Besides, transactions on mobile are increasing every day. So, you need to integrate your marketing efforts with mobile technology. Your business needs digital marketing to compete with the modern economy. You know customers are everywhere on social media platforms and the internet. The only thing you need to do is to gear your efforts towards implementing digital marketing strategies.
Source: Why You Need Digital Marketing: The Topmost Reasons
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yuliiaantonova a year ago
Twitter and Democracy: A New Public Sphere?
Twitter and Democracy: A New Public Sphere? by Christian Fuchs explores the notion of Twitter as a public sphere and fundamentally concludes that Twitter is not a public sphere.
The concept of the public sphere itself was coined by German philosopher and sociologist J眉rgen Habermas. According to Habermas, the public sphere consists of political communication and political economy. Political communication essentially refers to critical public debates whereas political economy is a study of power relations regarding the production and trade of resources. However, Habermas was not applying his public sphere theory to the Internet that practically did not exist for the majority of the civilian population back when the theory was published.
One of the key characteristics of the public sphere is that all citizens have access to it. Whereas it is fairly easy to access the Internet nowadays, Twitter requires certain knowledge and skills to use the technologies and the social network itself. The statistics show that the average Twitter user is an urban middle-class person aged from 18 and 34. Therefore, Twitter rather excludes workers, farmers, and elderly people creating a social stratification.
Another factor that proves that Twitter is not a public sphere is that politics constitute only the minority topic on the network whereas the predominant and most popular subject is entertainment. This, in turn, results in celebrities, especially from the entertainment industry, being the most followed and retweeted profiles on Twitter making it hard for ordinary people to be heard. Another aspect of Twitter's inequality is inherent to its business model which is based on targeted advertising. This means that Twitter promotes tweets, trends, and accounts of its advertising clients which once again contributes to social stratification by favoring 鈥渆conomically powerful actors over everyday users鈥. Furthermore, the very notion of critical debate, essentially a two-way mode of communication, is almost absent on Twitter which is instead used as a tool of information, rather than communication. Therefore, Twitter users simply retweet information engaging in one-way interaction only. In sum, even though Twitter is a participatory network, it is, first and foremost, an information tool where the mouthpiece is given to the privileged class.
Tumblr media
Another aspect of Twitter that was highly criticized by Fuchs in this chapter is the techno-deterministic quality (meaning that technology unconditionally shapes society) attributed to Twitter in such events as the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and the Arab Spring in general. Fuchs states that calling the Arab Spring a Twitter/Facebook/social media/Web 2.0. revolution diminishes the social, economic, and historic contexts that have shaped the Arab societies for decades and, most importantly, neglects people鈥檚 will. Moreover, as the statistics have shown, the social media were far less important for the revolution than face-to-face interaction, phones, TV and other traditional media. One more fact that was omitted when heralding the Egyptian revolution a Facebook revolution once again concerns聽the statistics: in 2011 only 26% of the population had access to the Internet and only 13% used Facebook. This made me think of the Rohingya genocide mentioned in the documentary The Cleaners (2018) where a major role in the genocide was given to Facebook and other social media. However, despite the nationwide character of the genocide, in 2016, the year when the crisis started, only 25% of the Myanma had access to the Internet and only聽20% were Facebook users.
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mealpepper1 4 months ago
Trend And How That Has Influenced The particular Society
The world is now too very much conscious about vogue. Virtually every day a new new trend tends to make headlines and people soon start following it. There is very much influence of typically the western culture almost all over the planet from hairdressing to styling their foot. Another thing that offers grown could be the make use of of technology using fashion. Fashion Online Shop provides a larger palm in influencing the fashion. This is mainly because whatever one gowns up they get a photo of it and post them on their personal social media information. People that like them would surely emulate the look when these people get ready. Fashion has not just influenced the common people however it features inspired any office goers too. They also try out to maintain a popular look though in their formal wears. Yet , there are a couple of sorts of people within the society. 1 group would be the fans like we include mentioned earlier plus the other group would be the ones who possess little to carry out with fashion. That they follow their individual style and include a different deviation to the continuing fashion trends. Even that will sometimes becomes the trend which other folks intend to follow. What fashion genuinely means? Fashion is not related to hair or makeup. Neither it is usually about the cosmetics. This is the appearance the charm that certain adds to their or her character by wearing anything they like. Most that matters is the fact how one clubs up the accessories plus the footwear along with their dress. It does not possess to be the most costly clothes and equipment. A casual one particular can work amazing things if accessorized in the right method. What are the trends? Fashion styles keep changing every single season. They have also undergone an enormous transform from the earlier times. Earlier the particular English women applied to wear long gowns and lavish dresses with the hat on. At this point the trend has altered to jeans and even tops. Fashion utilized to be part of an actor's lifestyle but that features now become some sort of part of typically the everyday life. Fashion provides become a large source of making money. Most of the youth adults are making cash by becoming vogue experts and offering people advice. They can be making channels found in YouTube and web hosting shows on the particular television. If a person want to end up being a style diva you can stick to their tips plus dress up accordingly. Quickly people will commence acknowledging your impression of style and definitely will take advice from you for styling.
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fahrni 4 months ago
Saturday Morning Coffee
Tumblr media
Om: 鈥漁kay, I didn鈥檛 mean to be so dramatic. Or use a clickbait headline, but in reality, what used to be Instagram is now dead.鈥
It sounds like a lot of folks are really disappointed with Instagram today. But what should you expect from Facebook? All of their products are built to leverage you, the user, as a revenue generation machine. They inject ads into your stream hoping for that click, they bombard you with people they think you should follow, and they chase every new trendy application related to images or video.
Instagram has turned into the worlds biggest A/B test. A playground for trends.
I still have my account but I stopped posting to it. I started posting my pictures to my blog. I mean, why not? It鈥檚 public, I don鈥檛 need to worry about Instagram bugging me to follow others, and there are no ads.
Bottom line, own your content.
Alberto Betella: 鈥漁ne of the reasons why Anchor, and later Spotify, flourished in the podcasting industry is the open nature of podcasts. RSS was key to the success of podcasting because it addressed a potentially complex challenge with a very simple solution. RSS empowered the podcasting industry so everyone could focus on what really mattered: creating great content and building the best user experience.鈥
All the more reason places like Spotify shouldn鈥檛 call their short form audio stuff podcasting. As far as I know you can only get their premium audio through their app. Part of the joy of open formats is being able to use any application you鈥檇 like to discover and play your favorite podcasts.
I reminded myself of Bloom this morning. Such a great iOS app. It comes from a time when the platform was new and was full of promise and potential. Sadly, looking back now, it鈥檚 clear that Apple has completely botched its longterm stewardship of iOS as a developer platform. https://t.co/wJV0NlXDLy
鈥 Ken Kocienda (@kocienda) July 17, 2022
This is telling coming from one of the engineers on the original iOS development team. Heck, the man is responsible for the iOS keyboard I鈥檓 using to type this post.
Perhaps someday Apple will make sweeping changes to the App Store to cull out all the scammy apps and help real, bonafide, app developers flourish. You know, the indies, the folks that put so much care into the apps you love and use everyday.
htmx: _鈥漅EST must be the most broadly misused technical term in computer programming history.鈥漘
This was an eye opening read. I always understood websites and HTML as the prime example of REST. What I didn鈥檛 understand is to be truly REST means the format has to be self describing. Most developers receive data from an API in the form of JSON which are usually not self describing. Applications have built in knowledge of the thing they expect to receive and have code that understands how to use and display the data.
But it doesn鈥檛 matter to me if everything I鈥檝e built isn鈥檛 REST. It鈥檚 completely reasonable and pragmatic to have services that return data specific to their intended use and have apps purpose built to display and interact with that data.
If we went around writing self describing JSON from every service we use we鈥檙e just building another form of web browser and we already have those.
Pragmatism wins.
MYTH: We don't have a solution to nuclear's "waste problem" REALITY: Nuclear waste isn't a problem. In fact, it鈥檚 the best solution we have to meeting our energy needs while protecting the natural environment! Here's what you need to know:
鈥 Madi Hilly (@MadiHilly) July 21, 2022
This is a really neat thread about how nuclear fuel is stored.
Hawaii Reporter: 鈥漇pam is considered solely lower class food in almost every other state. Ask any Hawai鈥榠 local if they like spam, and he will either 1) give you stink eye and assume you鈥檙e a tourist for asking the question, or 2) at some point in his answer mention how good the 7-11 spam musubis or Zip-pac are.鈥
One could say we didn鈥檛 exactly have a lot of money when I was kid. We had a lot of ground beef and Spam, and I honestly still love the stuff to this day. You can put it in or on anything and it works. I like it with eggs, in breakfast burritos, on a sandwich, and prepared as Spam musubi at my favorite Hawaiian food joint.
The stuff is delicious, I鈥檓 moving to Hawaii. 馃い
CNN: 鈥滳alifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed a bill into law that allows private citizens to bring civil action against anyone who manufactures, distributes, transports or imports assault weapons or ghost guns, which are banned in the state.鈥
I guess if Texas can make terribly cruel laws around Womens health care California can do something similar (although not cruel) to help quell the gun violence we have in our nation.
Not to mention being a safe heaven for womens reproductive rights.
Governor Newsom for President. 馃嚭馃嚫
A Brief History of Nobody Wants to Work Anymore 馃У
鈥 Paul Fairie (@paulisci) July 19, 2022
Super funny thread of the same people are lazy commentary through the years.
Each generation seems to think their generation was tougher, harder working, than the next.
Gen X is definitely the toughest, hardest working, of them all. That鈥檚 just fact. 馃
The Verge: 鈥漌elcome to this week鈥檚 edition of This Week in Chancery Court! Delaware鈥檚 moment in the sun continues as the fight between Elon Musk and Twitter shifts from fiery tweets鈥 to fiery legal filings.鈥
It really does seem that Mr. Musk will have to either pay $54.20 per share or will face some monster penalty somewhere between $1B and $20B, depending on the difference in stock price from today to his $54.20 offer.
Talk about screw around and find out. Ouch. 馃
P.S. musk.social is waiting for you.
Fistpump McRunpants. https://t.co/I6AaVtbBXX
鈥 Rachel Maddow MSNBC (@maddow) July 22, 2022
Rachel Maddow is a hero of mine. She also drops some pretty good Dad jokes on occasion.
Oh, yeah, Josh Hawley is a coward and a caca-doo-doo-head.
Enjoy your coffee and have a wonderful weekend.
Tumblr media
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casualwomentops 5 months ago
Laid-back Women's Clothes : 5 Reasons I want Them
Tumblr media
Boho dresses
I can't refute that high trend is amazing. It's a really form of art not surprisingly, and leafing via the copy of Style is highly striking. But when it comes to my own everyday life, that mad life that I head with a fully packed up schedule, taking care of your offspring and of the house even though working almost daily, I just can't visualize wearing anything besides casual women's gear.
Boho dresses
Still not confident? Here are my significant reasons for sticking with laid-back women's clothes:
one They are comfortable! As i value comfort previously mentioned almost anything else, together with although I don't believe one should necessarily lose style for convenience (we'll get to that style factor later), I am unwilling to help sacrifice comfort with regard to style. So when a piece of clothing is usually amazing and 100 % flattering, but is in addition restrictive in any way, I will not buy it.
two . Casual clothes are generally practical. I like to use clothes that can be cast in the washer (ideally in the dryer too) without giving the idea a second thought. Can be done that with the majority casual items, and not with tailored, sophisticated pieces that need to remain hand washed (like I have the time! ) or dry rinsed (as if I enjoy the budget).
3. I want clothes that can be exchanged easily. Let's are up against it: as a occupied mom, my clothing never last a long time. I play using my kids, My partner and i go with them to this playground, my small children spill things across me at least once every week. I just can't dress yourself in something so costly that I won't be capable to replace it when (when! ) that gets ruined. Typical items are inexpensive, which is a huge and for me. Even if a product or service gets ruined, I often easily replace the application with something else.
several. I need clothes that will not restrict my move. I'm busy! We run around considerably. I work, I actually run errands, As i play with this kids. My days to weeks are long and additionally there is absolutely no way I'm able to wear clothing that will make me come to feel restricted or distressing. As much as I think that will wool pencil dresses and high-heeled squeezes are fabulous, I just can't picture average joe wearing these items every single day for several hours on a daily basis! That would be way too less than enjoyable.
5. I believe that the woman can be sophisticated AND comfortable. "Casual" should NOT be confused by means of "frumpy! " Recreational fashions can be very lovely and in fact several casual items usually are well-fitting and look really fabulous, which is why I love to say that "casual is the new great. " The modern lovely women, the woman who activities an extremely demanding way of living and has to put on so many different hats every day, need not wear fashion that are uncomfortable and restrictive. She ought to be fill her cupboard with women's clothing that unite loveliness and style along with practicality and coziness.
So , do I do not ever wear anything except casual women's clothes? Of course I do. My partner and i own several customized, highly structured items which I wear by using high heels, mostly to look at go out at night. I鈥檓 a sucker for the way I try these items, but I have to confess: after a several hours wearing these, I can't wait to obtain back home, take him or her off and come back to my casual, fluffy, fabulous clothes.
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