#not that i can keep up with the bullshit
academic-insomaniac 10 days
wtf is happening over there in UK
like what are these tags
Tumblr media
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missingexaltation 3 months
Steve proposes to Eddie waaay before marriage equality comes to the USA, and (despite being a contrarian anarchist fully against the status quo) Eddie immediately says yes, because duh. It's Stevie.
They have the ceremony surrounded with family and friends, cut the cake, do the first dance, the whole shebang, and when asked, Eddie's completely fine with it being somewhat traditional as it's 'his illegal wedding to his unlawful husband'.
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lovesomehate 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Travis+Laura moments (out of order) 24/?
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kitamars 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
so i watched Cars (2006) the other day. you know the drill
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cuyahogafalls-ohio 11 months
I saw a post about JK Rowling and how she's discriminatory towards trans men and nonbinary people too and it actually made a very good example of the problem i have with the "transmisandry is a thing" discourse
So JK Rowling wrote an essay about how trans men and afab nonbinary people, especially! those with autism! are like lost little lambs who are just following a trend and don't know what's best for themselves. How ironic! people decry. The terf is using misogynist arguments regarding the inability for afab people to stand up for themselves and their "inherently female" people-pleasing tendencies to argue against their self determination. Maybe the real misogynist was the terf all along. Etc
Who do you think that JK Rowling is BLAMING for this? Who do you think is the group JKR is implying is DOING the brainwashing?
To act like JKR is "also!" attacking trans men and nonbinary people because she has some kind of special hatred in her heart towards them and NOT because her transmisogyny is so deep that she believes the Evil Trans Women are brainwashing the Poor Innocent Female Children is disingenuous at best and transmisogynist at worst.
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oifaaa 3 months
No no see Jason isn't immortal death just does not want to deal with his BS
I still count that as immortality but also this reminds me of I think isn't it Constantine who sold his soul to several different demons so he couldn't die unless they want a war between all these demons
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arlo-venn 2 months
Guess what! I got food stamps back!
Literally the only way we were able to make this happen is by finding out that one of Tyrell鈥檚 friends works for job and family services鈥 so she was able to arrange some phone calls for us and got me through! So food for Remy is now covered for a while :鈥)聽馃コ
But we could really use聽some help with a bag of Arlo food ($15-$40ish size depending), and I鈥檓 6 days late on my $80 monthly doctor bill.聽Arlo鈥檚 held over for now but it鈥檚 running low.
It鈥檒l still be a couple of weeks before this litter of rats is ready to be homed. Tyrell鈥檚 been out of work herself this week healing from an injury so it鈥檚 a little harder for her to help this month. If you can spare any, ... 馃檹馃徏 Venmo: @remywolfe CashApp: $remywolfe PayPal: [email protected] or paypal.me/wolfstephollow ApplePay: 4805199559 kofi: ko-fi.com/remywolfe
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bpdamn 2 years
i鈥檓 the problem. i鈥檓 draining to be around. i turn everything good into something toxic. i can鈥檛 stop myself from ruining everything, no matter how hard i try. i鈥檓 the only one to blame. i鈥檓 poison to everyone around me, i destroy everything i touch
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irlkenku 2 years
Tumblr media
My friend said "what if the darksaber was evil and made Din haunted, but also what if Boba was just kinda chill with it"
inspired by this comment from @keldabekush
Tumblr media
and the AU was created by @kyberpistol
boba ref here bc it made me laugh
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bambirex 1 month
Finally gathered the courage to see a therapist seeking an actual diagnosis, got told to just stop being gay.
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mettywiththenotes 3 months
I find it funny how BNHA is one of the most popular anime/manga and yet people seem to forget almost everything that happens. like how.
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the-busy-ghost 1 day
The utter fury of reading about a character in a Victorian novel who is frankly described as聽鈥榰gly鈥 and googling them only to find out that absolutely every tv adaptation portrays them as聽鈥榖rown haired but otherwise conventionally attractive to the 21st century鈥
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ailuromantic 4 months
is aging up characters bad now am i gonna get canceled for my earth c adult meowrails au where they open a tea shop & raise a couple of kids
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fierrochaseist4t 2 months
i already made several tweets bitching about this, but aging jon kent up like that was genuinely such a SHIT decision to make, from both a fandom and writing perspective
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blackgumball 1 year
I am so mad about how they characterised Viv this season. Unforgivable.
#she was such a good friend last season! and now she鈥檚 throwing Jackson Under the Bus at every opportunity. it鈥檚 not right.#not to mention I truly believe her new boyfriend and her conniving attitude were 100% to distance her from Jackson to make room fr new love#interest. it鈥檚 like they weren鈥檛 even friends anymore.#and by the way the worst thing about this fandom is that y鈥檃ll refuse to acknowledge how much they were setting up Jackson and viv for#a romantic relationship. and it could鈥檝e been great. they were honestly a lot more compelling than Otis and maeve and Eric and Adam#they were quite honestly the relationship to root for.#and MISS ME WITH THAT 鈥業M GLAD THEY R SHOWING THAT MEN AND WOMEN CAN JUST BE FRIENDS鈥 BULLSHIT CAUSE I KNO U WLDNT SAY THT IF SHE WERENT FAT#like the best relationship to keep platonic is Otis and maeve if we鈥檙e all being clear glass best crystal WINDEX transparent#she knows Jackson鈥檚 history with pressure and yet she swoops in to take something that means a lot to him away.#I just refuse to believe she would care more about a teacher than a friend#like sure keep the relationship platonic be fatphobic Whatever but you knew what you were doing when you assassinated vivs character like#that. you were shoving ha aside to make room. I鈥檓 so fucking mad.#now even if they pursue that relationship later on(they won鈥檛) it won鈥檛 be good cause they fucked up vivs character this season#sex education#jacksonviv#writers of that show r cowardlyyyyyyyyy#she speaks
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mmmthornton 1 day
god, there is not enough stakhemy content out there... >:(
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