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heytheredeann · 2 days ago
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Maybe you could help me some. How?
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assigned-boyking-at-birth · 4 months ago
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clairenatural · 5 months ago
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obsessed with the implication that both Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom are aware of their influence over baby bisexuals and also approve of it [x]
[Image description: a screenshot from a Teen Vogue article. The screenshot reads, “Bisexuality is explored in Heartstopper with the reverence it deserves, with Nick Nelson. He isn’t “kidding himself,” he doesn’t have “one foot out the door,” and he isn’t “secretly gay.” Nick’s lightbulb moment — Pirates of the Caribbean footage panning from Keira Knightley to Orlando Bloom — required permission from both Hollywood franchise leads.” /end ID]
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i’m glad we’re all focusing on what’s important, which is that christopher eccleston is going to be so happy
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thetiredstuff · 10 days ago
holy shit you have got to be kidding me ... fans really figured out ned cheated from some vague blurry videos and his absence and like it was actually him ... he actually cheated
i cannot with this.
this man literally risked everything EVERYTHING for an affair???
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bloodydeanwinchester · a month ago
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DEVIL IN OHIO: 1x01 Broken Fall
i haven't decided if i like this show yet but this fucking scene made me laugh so hard
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greatcometcas · 3 months ago
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Castiel in Supernatural, 4x01 Soldier Boy in The Boys, 3x08
[ID.Two GIFs that compare similar shots in Supernatural and The Boys. In both, Castiel and Solider Boy are shown in profile from the shoulders up, standing under a shower of sparks. /END ID]
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casmick-consequences · a year ago
the hottest disney couple of all time is anastasia and the baker, actually.
Tumblr media
they're thriving.
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forthiswholeworld · a year ago
castiel wants to fuck men
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trekkienatural · a year ago
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casismybestfriend · 6 months ago
it’s officially pirate media trending month
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assigned-boyking-at-birth · a month ago
You really can’t appreciate The Hunger Games when you read it at a young age. Like yes I was obsessed with these books when I was younger but, when I first read them, I was younger than Prim. These characters felt like adults to me. But now, re-reading the book when I’m not only older than Prim but older than the reaping age…it puts the series into a perspective that you never see when your younger.
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seanwinchester · 25 days ago
I saw Nope by Jordan Peele tonight. this is THE movie. This is sci-fi, horror, social commentary, a western and a comedy. This is every praise you've seen on tumblr and more. This is a masterpiece. I beg every horror fan and film enthusiast to go see it. If the visuals and cinematography alone don't do it for you, the sound design will. This is some The Shining level of unsettling. This is a movie you feel for days after.
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splendidcas · 3 months ago
Safe House
Summary: it's been a long time since Dmitri has been with a woman. too long. (also oh noooo there's only one bed for them what ever are they going to do??)
Pairing: Dmitri (Enzo) Antonov x Afab!Reader (with nicknames "princess" and "angel")
Word Count: 2.9k
Warnings: smutty smut smut. reader embarrasses herself bc of course she does, oral (m and f receiving), p in v penetration, creampie, cursing, fluff
A/N: is this plot absolutely ridiculous? ...yes and what about it? also for the sake of plot Enzo's son does not exist in this fic thank u very much. russian translations at bottom of fic!
feedback gives me life!
Tumblr media
You couldn't wait to take a shower.
After almost a full day of traveling in the snow and trying to keep warm on the way to one of Yuri's "many safe houses," you were exhausted, sore, and above all, freezing. A hot shower had been the only thing on your mind since the moment you all escaped the Russian prison.
Well, maybe not the only thing.
Okay, so you'd also been thinking about Dmitri since the second you laid eyes on him. He was unbearably good looking, kind, and he had an air of mystery about him that you just couldn't shake.
When you, Joyce and Murray finally reunited with Hopper, you'd initially been too consumed with Joyce and Hopper's tearful greeting to notice the quiet man behind Hop. But when you did notice him, his blue eyes met yours and he gave you a small smile and a nod, and your stomach fluttered. You knew then--you were screwed.
And apparently, Murray knew it too, which is why you now found yourself sharing a room and a bed with Dmitri in Yuri's safe house.
Shaking the snow off your boots as you walked into the log cabin, the first thing you noticed was the instant relief from the slight increase in temperature. The second thing you noticed was how small the cabin was for the lot of you. The kitchen and living room blended into one, and while there were three small separate bedrooms with very tiny adjoining bathrooms, there were only two beds and two small couches. And 6 of you.
"Uh, Yuri, not that I'm not grateful for a place to stay but...where are all of us going to sleep?" Joyce questioned gently as she took a look around.
Yuri laughed loudly. "Ah, you don't want to cuddle up with your fellow Americans?"
"I know I don't want to cuddle up with my 'fellow Americans'," Murray said. "I'm taking a couch."
You watched Joyce and Hopper whisper for a moment before Hop spoke up. "We'll share a bed."
"I will take the second bed, since I am such a generous host and brought all of you here. It is the least I deserve," Yuri exclaimed with a knowing grin. He loved to see how far he could push everyone's buttons.
"Yeah, uh, no," you protested. "That would leave me and Dmitri with one couch. There's no way we would both fit." Your cheeks heated up at the thought of you and your new handsome Russian friend squeezing together on one small couch.
You didn't see it, but Murray caught the blush on your cheeks. His eyes narrowed, flitting between you and Dmitri before a smirk graced his face. It was time once again for him to play matchmaker. "Then it's settled! Y/N and Enzo will share a bed. Yuri, you're on a couch."
You had opened your mouth to protest, but it was too late. Everyone retreated to their respective bedrooms, leaving you and Dmitri in a whole lot of awkward silence. Your fingers began to fidget, searching for something to say as you avoided his eyes. It's not that you didn't want to share a bed with him, oh no, it was actually the opposite. You really wanted to share a bed with him. But god, were you nervous.
Dmitri suddenly cleared his throat, getting you to look up. He looked almost...nervous? "Ah, I apologize. If you're uncomfortable sharing a bed I am more than happy to sleep on the floor. I've...gotten used to it anyways."
Your heart broke at that. You couldn't imagine the conditions he'd had to endure before your rescue mission. There's no way you'd let him sleep on the floor. "Dmitri--"
"You can call me Enzo," he interrupted quietly, giving you a small smile.
"Enzo," you repeated, returning his smile. "I'm not letting you sleep on the floor. It's really okay, I promise. I'm comfortable sharing a bed as long as you're comfortable."
The adorable little smile stayed on his face as he nodded. "I'm comfortable."
Ignoring the way your heart raced at the thought of sharing such an intimate space with him, you nodded, biting your lip. "Alright then. It's settled."
Which brought you to now. Finally, shower time. Enzo had just finished showering before you, and you inwardly shamed yourself at the disappointment you felt at not getting to see him in a towel.
Peeling your damp, frigid clothes off, you sighed in relief as the steamy, hot air from the shower hit your skin. This is what you'd been looking forward to all day. This, and getting into some comfortable pajamas afterward. You showered relatively quickly as you worried you'd run out of hot water, and you felt loads better. Stepping out of the shower, you wrapped yourself in an old, thready towel and looked for your change of clothes.
And that's when you realized--you forgot to grab your change of clothes.
"Damn it," you muttered to yourself. You had no choice; you'd have to go out in a towel in front of Enzo.
Taking a deep breath, you slowly opened the door and peeked out. "Um, Enzo?"
Enzo was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at an old book when he turned to you, and he swallowed hard at the sight of you in nothing but a thin piece of fabric. "Is everything alright?"
Feeling a bit more confident from his reaction, you took a step past the threshold of the bathroom. "I think I left--ah!" As soon as you took a step forward, a loose thread in your towel caught on the door hinge and caused you to trip...and completely lose your grip on your towel. "Shit!" Before you had time to react, your towel was on the ground and you were completely naked, still dripping wet, in front of Enzo. As soon as it hit the floor you scooped it right back up and tried to cover yourself. This is so not how you wanted tonight to go. "I am so sorry."
Your eyes were glued to the floor, too embarrassed to meet his eyes, until you heard him chuckle. "It's alright, ангел. It has been...a long time since I have seen a beautiful woman's body. I would never complain of such a thing."
You swallowed thickly at the insinuation behind his words, your heart rate increasing by the second. You bit your lip, smirking. "So, you think I'm beautiful, huh?"
Enzo's grin grew, and your stomach fluttered. "I do have eyes, no?"
You laughed, and Enzo loved the sound. The two of you remained in silence for a few moments as you stared at one another with a fire in your eyes, and this time the silence wasn't awkward. This time, the air was different, thick with tension. He rubbed his palms on his thighs, and the dark, heated look in his eyes had you feeling bolder. "So how long has it been since you've...seen a woman's body?"
Enzo stood up then, eyes trained on yours as he slowly began making his way towards you. Your stomach was somersaulting the closer he got. "Much, much too long."
He was right in front of you now, so tall, and with the tightness of his sleep shirt you could see he was all soft muscle. You craned your neck up to look at him, a low heat spreading between your legs at the look on his face. He looked...predatory.
"That--that's a shame," you said quietly, voice failing you at his closeness. "Maybe I could help you out with that."
"Yes," he mumbled, voice somehow several octaves lower than it had been mere moments ago. He lifted two fingers and ran them softly, slowly down your bare arm, sending pleasant shivers down your spine. "Yes, I think you can."
Enzo's eyes searched yours, waiting silently for your consent, and you nodded.
His large hands replaced your small ones that had been barely holding onto your towel. He let the flimsy cloth fall to the ground, and you were bare before him. "Боже мой, ты прекрасна," he mumbled, his eyes glued to your form. His hands went to your breasts first, palms squeezing as his thumbs swiped over your nipples. Your eyes fell shut at the sensation, a soft sigh escaping your lips. Truth be told it had been a long time for you, too, and you were practically vibrating with desire.
He leaned into you then, nose gently nudging yours. "Can I kiss you, ангел?"
"Please," you said, voice pleading.
His plush lips met yours instantly in a heated kiss that sent tingles all the way down to your toes. Your fingers buried themselves in his messy, damp hair as his hands gripped your waist tightly, pulling you flush against him. Both of you groaned into the kiss as your bare pussy rubbed perfectly against the tent in his pants, the friction exactly what you craved. You couldn't remember the last time you felt so needy; your body was on fire from his touch, like you couldn't get enough despite the fact that you'd barely just gotten started. You wanted him in as many ways as you could have him, and from the way he was gripping you, like he was afraid that you'd disappear if he were to let go, he must have felt the same.
"I need to taste you," he mumbled against your lips. He knelt down before you then, his hands sliding down your body as he went. His knees hit the ground, and he looked like a man about to go to worship. Your chest was damn near heaving with anticipation as his mouth hovered over your now-soaked pussy, but you didn't dare move. This was a man who needed to take his time, who needed to drink you like you were his life source. You were completely, willingly at his mercy.
He leaned into you and began pressing tender kisses all along your inner thighs and right next to where you needed him most. "Beautiful," he muttered, almost to himself. And then he dove in, his hot tongue licking a long stripe through your dripping folds. Your knees almost buckled at the sensation, and he gripped your ass and shoved you even closer to him.
"Enzo," you panted, fingers gripping his hair tightly.
His tongue was relentless, licking and lapping at your pussy like a man starved. At the frenzied rate he was going it wouldn't be long before you came, and all you knew was that you didn't want him to stop. Your hips bucked forward in a desperate attempt to somehow bring him closer, and that's when he shoved his long tongue inside you, curling upward.
"God, Enzo, yeah, just like that," you praised, the coil inside your belly suddenly winding tighter and tighter.
Enzo let out a long, approving groan as you began riding his face in a desperate chase towards your high, and as soon as he wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked hard, you were brought over the edge into one of the best orgasms you'd ever had.
You chanted his name as you came down, hips quivering from your orgasm as his tongue worked you through it until you squirmed against him from oversensitivity. Your hands went to either side of his face and pulled him up to you before kissing him hard, your tongue sliding against his.
"You taste divine, ангел," he mumbled against your lips.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing needy kisses to every inch of his skin there. "Need you to fuck me, Enzo."
He smirked, his hands sliding down your back to squeeze your ass and pull you against his thick cock straining against his pants. "Oh? You need me to fuck you, princess?"
You moaned, burying your face in his neck. "Please."
"Well, since you asked so nicely."
You squealed in surprise as he bent down and gripped the back of your thighs, hoisting you up into his arms. His mouth was on yours again in an instant, walking you over to the bed and gently laying you down before joining you. He undressed before you quickly, not missing the way you eyed him hungrily and pressed your thighs together at the sight. He looked like a god.
You sat up on your knees and straddled him immediately, surprising him when you gripped his throbbing cock, now heavy in your hand. He let out a choked groan, eyes shutting tight and head falling back as you began stroking him. His red tip was leaking freely now, and you couldn't resist leaning down and licking him greedily.
"блять," he groaned as he watched you suck and lick at him, his hands gently moving your hair out of your face.
You wrapped your lips around his tip and sucked hard several times before taking him all the way, his cock hitting the back of your throat. Ignoring your gag reflex you continued the motion, mouth bobbing up and down on him and reveling in the delicious sounds he was making.
"блять, ангел," he grunted, his hands cupping your cheeks to gently pull you off of him. "If you keep doing that I will finish before we've started."
You grinned wickedly, pulling him in for a kiss before hovering your hips over him, your heart beating wildly in your chest with anticipation as you lined your entrance up with his cock. He watched you in wonder, his hands sliding all over your body, desperate to touch as much of you as he could. And then you sank down onto him, both of your mouths falling open at the blissful feeling of him stretching you perfectly. You moaned loudly as he bottomed out, and his hand was quick to cover your mouth.
He quirked a brow at you. "Don't want your 'fellow Americans' to hear what we're getting up to, do we?" You shook your head, eyes wide and innocent. "Will you be able to keep quiet, ангел?" You shook your head again, and he grinned. "I will just have to make you stay quiet, then."
He moved the hand covering your mouth and instead put two fingers inside your mouth, and you groaned around them as he bucked his hips up into you, his cock hitting you deep. "That's it, ангел," he cooed, continuing to fuck up into you as you sucked on his fingers. He set up an easy rhythm and you began meeting his thrusts, driving his cock deeper and deeper into you until you thought you were going to see stars. "Look at you," he grunted as he began picking up his pace, his free hand gripping your hip tightly. "You take my cock so well. Like it was made for you."
You whined around his fingers, matching his quick and deep thrusts as the familiar heat began to build inside you once more. He bit his lip as he watched you ride him, your tits bouncing with every thrust, drool building around his fingers. Your eyes practically rolled back into your head when he started driving faster and faster into you. You couldn't keep up with his pace anymore, completely at his mercy as he fucked you with abandon.
Enzo groaned low, his hips starting to stutter as he neared his release. "You want me to come inside you, ангел? Want me to fill you up so good you feel me for days?"
You nodded desperately, tears stinging your eyes as you got closer and closer to your release. The blissed out look on his face was almost your undoing, but you held on for him.
"Come, princess, I want to feel it," he groaned, his thumb pressing into your clit.
You cried out against his fingers, the dam inside you finally breaking as you shook around him. Drool fell from your chin as tears slid down your cheeks from the intensity of it, and that was Enzo's undoing. He grunted something in Russian that you didn't understand before spilling inside you, his chest heaving.
He pulled his fingers out of your mouth as you both caught your breath, and you collapsed onto his chest, his softening cock still inside you.
"You are incredible," he spoke softly, his fingers gently moving a loose strand of hair behind your ear, the action making your heart flutter.
You looked up at him and shared a sweet smile, kissing him gently. "Can I tell you something?"
"I've wanted to do that since I first saw you."
Enzo laughed loudly, and the delightful sound had you chuckling with him. His smile, his laugh, everything about him was so wonderfully infectious. "All you had to do was ask, ангел," he teased.
You grinned, laying your head back down on his bare chest. A few moments of comfortable silence went by, and you couldn't hold back any more. You cleared your throat. "So, when we go to America...are you staying here?" Your fingers traced nonsensical patterns onto his chest as you awaited his answer, the rhythmic movements of his breathing calming you.
He sighed. "I...do not know. I believe there is nothing here for me anymore."
You looked up at him, and you saw the worry, the trauma, the sadness in his eyes. "Come with us then." He turned his head to look down at you, his eyes questioning, so you continued. "I mean...maybe there is something in America for you?" You looked hopeful, eyes pleading with him to understand what you were really saying so you didn't have to say it out loud.
His face softened, his hand cupping your cheek. His thumb rubbed against your skin affectionately.
"Yes, ангел, I think there is something in America for me."
Enzo was beginning to realize then that it didn't matter where he would go as long as you were there; you were his safe house.
ангел - angel
Боже мой, ты прекрасна - my god, you are beautiful
блять - fuck
блять, ангел - fuck, angel
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thetiredstuff · 10 days ago
here i was thinking i was fucking up my life but at least i'm not fucking it up as badly as ned formerly known from the try guys
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deancasology · a year ago
Tumblr media
this is the last day you can reblog this
fuck it : you can reblog this to your heart's content
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i-can-show-you-my-world · 4 months ago
This is exactly what I want to see during eurovision San Marino gets the assignment
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