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sweaterlatethannever · a year ago
BLM is not a trend
One year ago today, George Floyd was murdered.
Although his killer was found guilty, centuries-old racism and hate still stands. Black Lives Matter is not just a hashtag. It is finally giving voice to the marginalized groups who live in constant fear of bastard police and the system, among others. Do not let it fade into oblivion like silly bands and whipped coffee. BLM is more than that. BLM represents lives and a movement to improve the quality of those lives and prevent deaths. George Floyd will not be forgotten.
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“You’ve just been brainwashed by the internet into thinking you’re nonbinary.”
No, the thoughts had long been there, I just didn’t have the words to describe them and was ashamed to say them. The internet didn’t “make” me anything - it taught me to accept myself for who I am.
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mel-loly · 4 months ago
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edtwtbutnot · 23 days ago
being bipolar is not quirky. its nnot fun. its not some little personality that you can switch to whenever you feel like it. its a serious disorder which can harm so many people. its not a fucking joke. this needs to stop.
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sappho-knight · a year ago
"smooth fabric in your hands. red silk around their neck bleeds into your skin.
the love that bites at your fingertips pushes you to pull them in closer;
it's tantalizing, that rush of adrenaline. wordless, you stand no more than inches apart when the gap between you had been metres just the day before.
and you don't wonder what she tastes like, eyes on her lips, seconds before you crash into hers."
- intertwined
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sagevines · a year ago
Here's a website with resources to donate to BLM and some more information of the holiday and why its so important to black people.
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eeyvallah · a year ago
just a lil reminder: FREE PALESTINE
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isabellemontague · a year ago
It’s quite irritating seeing your reality and personal interests turned into a trend. Dark Academia is based on a love of learning. Most of the time it follows the arts (Literature, music, fine art, history, classics etc) however, there are many different aspects of the community such as those that follow STEM. The original members of this community joined it as they previously had interests in these subjects and found a community to discuss said subjects in. People find solace in the sharing of knowledge; they share poetry and literature and music with one another. They teach one another, they help each other study and learn, because that is what they love.
Now, however, Dark Academia had become popular on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram where it’s true meaning has been distorted. People have taken DA and have turned it into nothing but a physical appearance; old school, blazer, loafers. The heavy focus is on fashion and looks instead of the actual meaning of DA; some people don’t even realize what DA is yet refer to themselves as such when they aren’t interested in learning at all. People should dress however they want, however, it’s not right to deem yourself a part of an entire community simply because you choose to dress a certain way. Dark Academia should fit you, you should not have to change to fit it. In all actuality, those who really understand DA know that you don’t have to look a certain way to be DA. You can wear a tweed blazer and be DA just as easily as you could wear a t-shirt and shorts. Why? Because it’s about the pursuit of knowledge, it’s about the intellectual, not his or her appearance.
The reason this upsets me is that now Dark Academia is being represented as a fashion choice. There is even an article that the New York Times did on DA referring to it as a “TikTok aesthetic”. The very essence of the community is being killed off because people who only like the aesthetic are minimizing it’s true meaning.
Those who want to be members of the DA community should love learning; it doesn’t matter what. You can love books, or science, or business. You don’t have to go to university, you don’t have to have money, you don’t have to be a certain ethnicity, you don’t have to have a certain look. It’s a matter of having a thirst to know more. Stop using Dark Academia as a fashion trend.
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Idk if I’m being sensitive, but if people think that getting top surgery to achieve a body that’s accurate to you is just a “trend” to us trans people, what the fuck.
We get top surgery to feel more comfortable about the bodies we have to live in.
I want to get top surgery to hate my self and my body less. Don’t treat it like a trend.
Again if I’m being sensitive than I’m sorry but guess when they said it was a trend I got annoyed.
Also congrats to all of the people who got their top surgery im so happy for you!!!!
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myownhumanbean · a year ago
Tumblr media
On Gender Identity and Sexuality
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daleksydney · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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theofficialeuphoria · a year ago
Tumblr media
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“wHy is eVeRyOnE tRaNs aLL oF a sUdDeN? dOeSn’T tHaT mEaN iT’s jUsT a tReNd?”
No, it just means that it’s become more acceptable (although it’s still a struggle) to be trans and so more people are embracing who they are and living as their true selves instead of repressing their feeling and spending their lives in misery. Also, a lot more people have the vocabulary to express who they are due to education on lgbtqia+ issues, and hence they are able to describe themselves better than they were in the past - there’s finally a word that shows who we are. 
Hope this helps!
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deepestcreationdelusion · a year ago
Anxiety is when I know I've booked the right tickets and I'm on time but I'm constantly stressing and freaking out that I've got the wrong day, the wrong time, from the wrong airport and so on, even though I've checked and reassured myself everyday since I bought the tickets.
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goawaypeskyhumans · a year ago
I am a bisexual woman. If I date a man, I am still bisexual. If I date a woman? Still bi. Someone non-binary? You guessed it, still bi. Single? I'm all bi, myself.
This is not a phase. This is not a trend. I'm not doing this for attention. Do not try to explain my own sexuality to me.
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luxiiien · 3 months ago
Chocolate dragon🐉
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withlovefromolympus · 13 days ago
NASA releases the clearest images of Neptune’s rings in over 30 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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