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Make Multiple Columns in Google Docs with Templates
Columns are useful in everything like writing for a magazine, newspaper, preparing a brochure, newsletter, or a flyer in the Google Doc. You need columns to split your text into two or three parts in the document. This makes everything neat and easy to use. And this is where Google Docs comes in. It offers a built-in function to help you separate parts of your document in two or three columns. Moreover, you can also create Google Docs Templates with columns. So, follow us along in this blog if you want to learn making columns in Google Docs using Templates.
Firstly, we will use the default Google Docs method on the Web.
It is quite easy to make columns in Google Docs. We have provided below an example where we are using a dummy Google Docs document.
Firstly, open the Google Docs document.
Then click on the Format option which is in the menu bar.
After that select columns from the drop-down menu.
Note: Google Docs only offer two or three columns by default to choose from. Then select the relevant options and with that, you can see the relevant changes in the document.
Also, you can select more options through which you can customize the column’s visuals.
Lastly, there is also an option with which you can shorten/widen the gap between columns and can also add a visual line between two columns.
Make Columns In Google Docs in Mobile Apps
You can also make columns in Google Docs using the Android and iOS mobile apps. All you have to do is follow us along.
Firstly, open the Google Docs document in your mobile app.
Then tap on the edit button which is at the bottom and then open the editing interface.
Now move to the layout menu.
Here you can change columns, add spacing to columns, make columns, add a line between columns, and also change column direction.
Note: Also, if you are a power user of the column function in Google Docs. You can create a dedicated column template that you can use whenever required.
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Create a Google Docs Column Template
As we said earlier if you are a power user who uses the column feature in day-to-day life you need to save the document as a template. By doing that you can ensure that you have a template and you can just open that and start writing in Google Docs with your preferred column settings. Follow us along to do that.
Firstly, open a blank Google Doc document.
Secondly, go to Format > Column and then select your preferred style and make adjustments.
Then give the document a name of your preferred choice and move it to a specific place in the Google Drive Folder.
After that select the recently saved Google Docs column Template and do a right-click on it.
Once that is done, select Make a copy from the context menu.
Now Google Drive will make a copy of the document.
Your Google Docs document is ready to go now open it and start firing your words.
Now you don’t need to make any extra adjustments to the document. Now it will automatically create columns based on your saved settings in the template. All you have to do is create a copy of your already made template in Google Drive and it is ready to use.
Creating and adjusting text in columns in Google Docs provides your text with a visual representation of your upcoming magazine and newsletter article. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for reading.
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Recently, a report had emerged that AI-driven technology working in conjunction with something called “swarm intelligence” has the capability of detecting some chronic diseases and also give out better treatment solutions to those diseases. However, there was a drawback, the “swarm intelligence” cannot run if different institutes and countries do not share health research data, which of course is against the rules and regulations of certain geographical locations and fraternities. Now, a recent report has emerged, which alludes to the fact that artificial intelligence can work in the reverse scenario as well, i.e., if the parties want to protect their health data instead of sharing it.
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If you are a fan of fantasy series and the streaming service Netflix, then I have some good news for you. A crowd-pulling series titled “Shadow and Bone” has been made official by the streaming colossus “Netflix.” The series already has some fans, and they are delighted with the fact that the series has been Read more about The Series “Shadow and Bone” Has Been Announced By Streaming Service
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 I am a web developer and software engineer currently living in the United States. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in web development, programming, and writing.
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How Anyone Can Clear Cache and Cookies on iPhone and iPad
Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Apple smartwatch, or a Mac computer, all of the Apple devices come feature-packed and are easy to use for anyone. The gadgets that Apple produces are much popular everywhere and used by millions of people from all over the world. You can perform any task on any of your Apple devices. If you own any of the products of this company, you might be aware of the fact that all of its devices come with limited storage space. And to maintain the performance of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple smartwatch, you should clear cache and cookies on your devices at regular intervals. Also, iPhone, iPad, and all other Apple devices come with some inbuilt functionalities that include the Safari browser. Safari is a user-friendly and easy-to-use browser that anyone can use to have the best browsing experience.
Apple recently rolled out iOS 15, which is a recent iOS update for iPhone and iPad users. This updated iOS version provides a lot of excellent options to the users. Multiple new features have also been added to the Safari browser. Even though the browser works fine most of the time, there might be some circumstances when you face some issues. For instance, there are some iPhone and iPad users who have reported that their devices become slow and sometimes even become unresponsive while browsing the web. If you are also experiencing the slow performance of your iPhone or iPad, you should consider clearing cache and cookies. In the following article, you will see the technique that you will have to follow to clear cache and cookies on your iOS device. So, please go through the entire post.
Clearing cache and cookies on iPhone and iPad
The task of clearing the cache and cookies on iPhones and iPads is pretty easy for anyone. Doing so will also speed up your iOS device’s performance. Cache and cookies exist on your iOS device inside both internet browsers and apps. Getting rid of them speeds up the app and browser and provides you with a measure of privacy. The reason for deleting cache and cookies from your device can be various, but you will be able to perform this task without any hassles. You must follow the given procedure to clear cache and cookies on your iPhone and iPad.
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Instructions to clear cache and cookies on iPhone and iPad
Here are the instructions to clear cache and cookies on iPhone and iPad:
To get started with the task, firstly, you will launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. You will find the app on the home screen of your device.
After getting to the Settings screen, you will have to find and jump to the “Safari” option from the sidebar menu.
Next, scroll down through your screen and go to the “Privacy and Security” section, after which you will have to tap the “Clear History and Website Data” option.
When a dialogue box appears on your screen, you will tap the “Clear” option, after which the cookies and cache will start to delete from the Safari browser installed on your iPhone or iPad. And that’s it.
If you are a user of the Google Chrome browser, you will then firstly launch the browser on your iOS device to clear cache and cookies.
Tap the ellipsis icon from the top-right corner and then select the “Settings” option from the menu.
Under the Settings section, locate the option of “Privacy” and tap on it to proceed further.
On the next screen, tap on the “Clear Browsing Data” tab, then choose Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Images and Files from the list of the options appearing on your screen to clear cache and cookies.
If you want, you can even clear your browsing history and passwords from a custom time range or delete them altogether.
At last, tap “Clear Browsing Data,” appearing at the bottom of the screen. And that’s it.
So, this is all about clearing the cache and cookies on an iPhone or iPad. This is it for now. If you like to read more posts related to tech, you can go to our official website.
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Source: https://nort0n1.com/blog/how-anyone-can-clear-cache-and-cookies-on-iphone-and-ipad
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You can obtain Norton security login by following the steps above. Remember to keep your password safe as it is required every time you want to access your Norton account.
That's it! You will now be able to login to your norton family login.  If you experience any Norton login problems, you have two options: call the customer support team or email them. There are professionals available to assist you at all hours of the day. Although the steps are simple and don't require any expert guidance, some situations may need to be addressed. Seek professional assistance and resolve all issues related to Norton internet security login. 
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Here’s How One Can Force Outlook to Spellcheck the Emails
Have you ever been in a situation where you sent an email, and then you notice a typo in your sent email? Well, this is a situation that anyone can face while sending emails to anyone. However, if you are sending an informal email, then it might be justified sometimes. But, when you are sending a formal or professional email to anyone, then you need to be more careful with the spellings in your message. And it is also understandable that not everyone can be an expert with the spellings. And, of course, nobody would want their emails to have spelling errors left in them. This can be anxious, especially when you are sending a formal email. So, what can you do to avoid such mistakes? You can run the content of your emails through the Grammarly or any other web checking program. But this would take plenty of your time.
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So, is there any way through which you can notice and correct the spelling mistakes at the time of writing emails? Do you want to know? Well, if you are a user of Outlook emailing service, then surely you can correct the spelling mistakes in your emails while writing them. Do you want to know how you will be able to do so? Are you also a user of the Outlook emailing service? If yes, then to get the procedure for this, you will need to read this entire article. Here, we have mentioned the complete process that the Outlook users will need to follow to force Outlook to spell check the emails before they are sent. Please go through this full post to get to the technique.
The Process to Force Outlook to Spellcheck the Emails Before Sending
Like all other email client services, Microsoft Outlook is also a popular emailing service that one can use on various devices. This app is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. And along with sending and receiving emails, users can also use this emailing service for managing various types of their personal data that might include calendar appointments, tasks, contacts, and notes. Microsoft Outlook comes with a lot of great features that you can utilize. For instance, using this service, one can also sync their personal data with their phone, tablet, and other computers. And you can do much more than that using this email client app. It also includes a feature that enables the users to spell check the emails before sending them. And here, we are going to tell you how you can enable this functionality. For this, you will have to take a look at the instructions that we have mentioned here.
So, it’s time to proceed with the method now.
The Instructions to Force Outlook to Spellcheck the Emails Before They’re Sent
Please follow the below-mentioned steps to get started with the method:
To enable the auto spell check functionality, first of all, you will need to launch the Outlook desktop application on your computer system.
And after launching the application, click on the “File” and then navigate to the “Options.”
And now, you will have to navigate to the “Compose Messages” section, where you will turn on the toggle switch for the option stated, “Always Check Spelling Before Sending.”
And then, you can proceed further by clicking on the “Ok” option that you can see in the bottom right corner of your computer’s screen. And then, close the “Options” panel also. And that’s all.
Now, when you click on the “Send” button on an email with spelling errors, Outlook will highlight the error and will provide you with a chance to correct the spellings in the email. And in case if you notice some errors in the email that the spellchecker hasn’t picked up, you can change it. To do so, click on the “Cancel” option. And then, a dialogue box will appear on your screen that will enable you to cancel sending the email.
So, this way, you can force Outlook to spell check the emails before sending them. Anyone can try these steps easily and quickly. And if you want to know more about the hidden features of the Outlook emailing service, you can check out the website.
I am extremely passionate about blogging, running websites, and creating content. I have managed to turn my passion into a profession, and blogging has managed to teach me a lot about technology and myself. I write blog posts, instruction manuals, news releases, and technical descriptions, and reviews for many websites such as norton.com/setup
Source: Here’s How One Can Force Outlook to Spellcheck the Emails
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Surfing the net on your device may pose various online risks to both your device and the data stored on it. Several viruses,
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Looking for ways to factory reset your PlayStation 4 console? Want to reinstall system software on your PS4? Click here to know how to reset a PS4 console.
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The internet is a dangerous place. This is particularly true for those who download lots of videos, games, movies, software, and so on. You are more likely to download movies and series if you love watching them. But are you sure that the site is authentic? You don't! Is that right? This is where an antivirus can come in handy. Norton can't be trusted when it comes to antivirus. It is one the most trusted security providers, protecting your device from online threats. You can feel confident that your data is safe and secure if you have Norton antivirus log. My norton login provides you with full security for a minimal monthly fee, even though other antivirus programs are available.
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The Irregular at Magic High School: What Makes Tatsuya Shiba Special?
Trained from his childhood to become a living weapon, Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School is a cold and calculated warrior that must not be underestimated. One can make the mistake of thinking that he is weak because of his quiet demeanor, but nothing can be further from the truth. Tatsuya is a dangerous fighter with impressive powers that are often hidden behind his chilly demeanor. Although he is an important character, there are many mysteries surrounding him and his powers. Today we look at the aspects of his personality and his qualities that make him the fierce warrior and the talented magician. 
Tatsuya’s Magic
Although Tatsuya’s magic and his abilities make him seem invincible sometimes, surprisingly, he cannot always use his full potential. The activation of his potential and powers depend a lot on his sister Miyuki. He is limited in the use of his Psion reserves because of the Pledge created by Touka Tsukuba, which acts as a seal. Since Miyuki’s powers are used for the Pledge’s limiting power, she also suffers from the drain of her magic reserves. However, when the situation demands, Miyuki can temporarily allow his brother to use Psion reserves, which gives Tatsuya unbelievable powers. 
Tatsuya’s Emotions
Tatsuya’s powers to use only regrowth and decomposition magic was not acceptable in his family of prized magicians. To help Tatsuya use any latent skills that he might have, his aunt and mother used Outer Systematic Magic to alter his consciousness. Their experiment was done to add an Artificial Magic Calculation area; however, Tatsuya’s childhood experiment came at a high price despite getting so much access to more powers. The experiments’ alterations clashed with his limbic system, and his ability to form strong bonds with people was harmed. 
Moreover, the family’s expectation that he will now finally wield strong enough magic was also not fulfilled, which means that he ended up losing an important aspect of his personality for little improvement. But his limited emotional range made him ideal for military and combat matters. It ended up making him the cold and taciturn warrior with a chilly demeanor that he is known for. 
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Ninjutsu Master
In the world of magicians, where physical abilities can be bolstered artificially by magic having physical skills might seem unnecessary. But Tatsuya was able to get out of many dangerous situations using Ninjutsu. He is the student of Yakumo Kononoe, a Ninjutsu expert. Tatsuya is so skilled that he can inflict significant damage on his adversaries without using his magical powers. Moreover, his training made him more aware of his surroundings, which proved crucial in many of his fights. 
High Psion Count
The artificial Magic Calculation Area limits Tatsuya’s ability to use Systematic Spells. Although it puts him at a disadvantage, he has the highest Psion count, giving him access to Gram Demolition counter magic and resistance to powerful magic attacks. It allows him to compress Psion particles into a cannonball that can blow away magic activation sequences, hence demolishing every record of magic. Gram Demolition is dangerous because physical obstacles cannot slow it since it lacks a physical presence; moreover, it repels the effects of Cast Jamming. Therefore, this hazardous attack that requires Psion Count gives Tatsuya incredible powers and puts him ahead of all his enemies.
Supernatural User
Tatsuya’s ability as a Supernatural Magic User gives him a significant advantage over his adversaries, who need more time to activate their sequences. Although Supernatural powers come at a cost and affect the Systematic magic versatility, it is the price worth paying. Even though the Supernatural Power users face prejudice, they are still a step ahead in certain aspects. However, Tatsuya prefers CAD even though he is well aware of the advantages of Supernatural Powers because his Psions are more effective this way. CADs are also more stable than Supernatural Power; therefore, it is understandable that Tatsuya prefers it over his other ability. 
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