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Alfred and Willem behind the scenes
Spider-man No Way Home (2021) dir. Jon Watts
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-Spiderverse Preferences-
What turns them on?
Peter Parker: Tobey Maguire
Tumblr media
Peter loves it when you wear sundresses, he loves when he can see your curves and see the sun shining down on your body when you two go out.
He can't help but imagine pulling your dress up and fucking you senseless, and then pulling it back down like nothing happened.
Especially when you can tell he gets turned on and you decide not to wear underwear. He'll go crazy.
Peter Parker: Andrew Garfield
Tumblr media
Peter definitely can't help but get turned on when you wear his clothes. He loves when he comes back to the apartment and see you in one of his T-shirt.
He doesn't know but seeing you wear his clothes reminds him that you are his. He loves to pick you up and put you on the counter, grabbing your ass as he kisses you.
Sometimes he'll hide your clothes just so you can wear his. Every time you wear his clothes it always leads to sex.
Peter Parker: Tom Holland
Tumblr media
Peter gets turned on when you have your hair down, he doesn't know why but he loves it when you keep it down.
You always have your hair up and so when you have it down, Peter just imagines grabbing it tightly as he fucks you.
Or when you have your hair down, he combing his fingers through your hair and saying nothing but sweet praises as he fucks you.
Norman Osborn: Willem Dafoe
Tumblr media
Norman gets turned on by watching you dance, when you think your by yourself and you dance like crazy is what makes Norman go crazy.
He loves seeing your body move and doesn't hate to see your curves and boobs move up and down.
It makes him imagine what he would do to you in the bedroom, though he wouldn't mind ripping your clothes right there and pounding into you without a second thought.
And he has.
Otto Octavius: Alfred Molina
Tumblr media
Otto gets turned on when your a tease. Obviously Otto's work is very important to him, so it's hard to get him to take a break.
So it'll usually start by kissing his neck, then escalating it to sitting on his lap, and if you really wanted his attention and he was alone in the lab you would come in topless.
It gets him riled up when he sees you desperate for him, and he won't complain when he takes you into his arms and puts you a table for a little break.
Which usually involves lots of moans and screams.
Max Dillon: Jamie Foxx
Tumblr media
Max can't help but get turned on when he sees you assertive. When someone says the wrong thing or does something rude, you coming in and defending you and Max makes him throb.
He loves having a strong woman being in charge, letting him know that he doesn't need to fight your battles, you can fight them on your own.
.After you finish turning into someone's worst nightmare Max immediately kisses you hard, he'll hold you tight and whisper "I'll definitely reward you for that later."
And he keeps his word.
Flint Marko: Thomas Haden Church
Tumblr media
Flint gets turned on by you singing, he loves when you are with his daughter and you'll sing her a lullaby.
Just seeing you with his daughter makes him imagine having more kids. He wouldn't mind having your belly full and with his kid.
After playing with Penny and taking her home, he'll talk about how beautiful you would look pregnant and definitely would go on a breeding kink with you.
You would definitely feel something in the morning.
Eddie Brock & Venom: Tom Hardy
Tumblr media
Eddie gets turned on when you give him a massage. He loves when your hands roam around his body and touch him in all the right places.
Venom gets turned on by praise so when you massage Eddie and tell Venom how he's a sexy hero, they go crazy.
They'll pin you down on the couch and won't stop fucking you until the sun comes up. Leaving you in a messy state and cream all over your thighs.
Hope you liked this! If you want to give me prompts or suggestions for another preference or one shot let me know! I do Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter! 鉁ㄢ湪
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Tumblr media
FUUUUUUCK- honestly, give me a villain ridden with guilt whos good at heart but can鈥檛 get out of villainy due to the voices in his head/his family/his motives and I鈥檒l suck his dick SO FAST
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obsession (1)
Tumblr media
pairing 鉃 norman osborn x reader
summary 鉃 norman becomes obsessed with his sons best friend after meeting her one evening
warnings 鉃 smut, age!gap, obsession, fingering, oral (m & f receiving), slapping, choking, rough sex, sir!kink, dirty talk, 鈥榣ittle girl鈥 pet name used, unprotected sex, forcefulness
words 鉃 4231
next part 鉃 part two
鉁 鉁 鉁
It was getting late. Harry promised her he would meet her outside his father's home at 7:30 pm sharp, it was now approaching 8:15 and Y/N鈥橲 patience was wearing thin.
She constantly checked her watch, making sure she wasn鈥檛 imagining how long her friend was making her wait. They were planning on going out for the night, some party that he鈥檇 been invited to, and asked both Y/N and Peter to tag along. Peter had already spoken to Y/N about his own tardiness, saying that he has some things to do before the party. Something that was happening an awful lot these days.
This was getting ridiculous, she thought. She stood on the street, staring up at the Osborn mansion wondering why she didn鈥檛 just go and knock on the door.
Harry had one rule with Y/N, don鈥檛 come inside his father's house. She never understood why, Peter was allowed over whenever he wanted.
鈥淲hy can鈥檛 I come over again?鈥 She鈥檇 asked, never getting straightforward answers.
He鈥檇 always come up with some excuse, the only constant one was something to do with his father. 鈥淗e doesn鈥檛 like strangers coming to the house鈥 or 鈥淭rust me, you don鈥檛 want to meet him鈥.
She knew of Norman Osborn, not just from Harry but from the fact that he was incredibly well known for being the founder of Oscorp. She had that he was a proud man, intelligent and confident. Harry had a different description of his father, one including judgmental and callous. She was prone more to believe her friend, but she couldn鈥檛 help but be intrigued.
She checked her watch once more, 8:30 pm. It was getting ridiculously late now, she didn鈥檛 care about Harry鈥檚 stupid rule anymore. With slight frustration in her step, she approached the large wooden door of the Osborn mansion before ringing the doorbell.
She waited a moment before ringing again, too annoyed to care if it pissed Harry off. Another moment passed still with no answer. She went to ring the bell again when the door opened before her. Her throat went dry when instead of Harry standing there, it was Norman Osborn.
He looked angry, as if he had just gotten into an argument. His eyebrow was narrowed accentuating the lines on his forehead. He looked down at her, eyes instantly fixed on hers.
鈥淗i,鈥 Y/N coughed, all bravado she held before escaping her. 鈥淚鈥檓 a friend of Harry鈥檚, I was supposed to pick him up at 7:30鈥 she fiddled with her watch.
鈥淗ave you been waiting here this whole time?鈥 He questioned, his eyes never leaving hers. Y/N nodded, too intimated to speak. Norman sighed, stepping to the side allowing her to come inside.
As she stepped through the doorway, Y/N was greeted with a large 锟糵oyer. The staircase was made of dark wood that complemented the dark walls well. It was an older building, signs of modernity 锟糳isplayed every so often. It was beautiful, mentally cursed Harry for never allowing her over.
鈥淚 apologise on behalf of my son鈥 Norman spoke from behind her, 鈥渉e didn鈥檛 tell me he had plans tonight鈥.
Y/N turned to face the older man, a soft smile on her lips. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 alright,鈥 she spoke, 鈥淚 know how Harry can be鈥. She tried her best to hide the fact that she was annoyed, which was becoming harder to do as each second passed.
Norman chuckled at her comment, his eyes scanning her body. She was wearing a tight dress that 锟糰ccentuated her curves, it was short enough to expose everything from the top of her thigh down. Y/N suddenly felt uncomfortable knowing this wasn鈥檛 the most appropriate outfit to be wearing when first meeting The Norman Osborn.
鈥淲e鈥檙e going to a party鈥 She spoke, allowing an explanation for the way she was dressed. She played with the hem of the dress, trying her best to pull it down.
Norman's eyes met hers again, a smile across his face. 鈥淲ell you look lovely,鈥 he said, Y/N unable to tell if he was being sincere or not. Nonetheless, his comment sent heat to her cheeks.
鈥淗arry!鈥 He called out with a loud voice, 鈥測ou have a visitor鈥. He hadn鈥檛 turned away from her the whole time he was speaking, as if he was entranced by her. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 your name, darling?鈥 He asked, the pet name making her shiver.
鈥淵/N鈥 she answered quickly, 鈥淚鈥檝e been a friend of Harry鈥檚 for a few years鈥.
Norman cocked his eyebrows. 鈥淚 wonder why Harry hasn鈥檛 mentioned you before鈥 the question seemed to be more of a thought spoken out loud, like he was asking himself and not Y/N.
Just then, Harry came rushing down the stairs causing both his father and Y/N to turn their attention towards him. He seemed flustered, face puffy as if he had been crying.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry, Y/N鈥 he spoke softly, pulling her into a hug. 鈥淕ot distracted鈥
Y/N smiled as they pulled away from each other, 鈥渨ell you're ready now, we should probably get going before Peter thinks we鈥檙e dead鈥 she joked causing Harry to laugh.
Harry turned to his father with a nod, grabbing Y/N鈥檚 hand and leading her out the front door. 鈥淚t was nice to meet you, Y/N鈥 Norman called out, his eyes still fixated on her.
She smiled back. 鈥淵ou too, sir鈥 she responded before disappearing behind the large wooden doors with Harry.
Once outside and out of sight of his father, Y/N turned and smacked Harry on the arm. 鈥淥uch!鈥 He said, rubbing the spot his friend had just hit.
鈥淔uck you for making me wait an hour outside, your lucky I didn鈥檛 get kidnapped鈥 Y/N snapped, all the annoyance from before bubbling out.
Harry laughed, 鈥渘o one was gonna kidnap you, Y/N鈥
鈥淪o, you gonna tell me why you were running so late?鈥 She asked, arms crossed across her chest.
Harry sighed, diverting his eyes to the ground. 鈥淪ee you鈥檝e met my father鈥 he changed the subject, his tone shifting to one softer than before. Y/N nodded, understanding that maybe he was the reason Harry was late. 鈥淚 guess that means I can invite you over now, got no reason to hide you now鈥 he looked up, a smile on his face. Y/N looked offended at his comment causing Harry to laugh. He threw his arm around her shoulder, 鈥渓et鈥檚 go get drunk鈥.
While Harry and Y/N made their way to the party, Norman Osborn sat on the couch in front of the fireplace in his living room. He rested a glass of bourbon in his hand, sipping it every so often. Deep in thought, he couldn鈥檛 keep his mind of the girl he had just met.
She was stunning, beautiful. Her voice sounded so soft, shy as if he made her nervous. He wondered why Harry had never invited her over before. Selfish of his son keep her away from him, he thought. He took enough sip of his drink, his free hand reaching under the waistline of his pants. Her name echoed throughout his head, Y/N.
A few weeks passed since Y/N met Harry鈥檚 father, something that wasn't a significant event to her now that days had passed. Norman, however, had not stopped thinking about her. It was as if she consumed every waking moment of his life, the voice inside his head echoing thoughts of wanting her.
At first, he tried to ignore the fact he thought so inappropriately about his son's friend, but after she had come home with Harry and Peter one afternoon he let himself be consumed by her.
She had been sitting in the kitchen with Harry and Peter, laughing at some joke Harry had just made. 鈥淕ood afternoon鈥 Norman spoke as he walked into the room, his eyes only fixated on Y/N who gave him a soft smile.
鈥淏oys, could you help me with something in my office鈥 he spoke, recovering a grunt from his son.
鈥淩eally, dad?鈥 Harry huffed, 鈥渨e just got home鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, Mr. Osborn鈥 Peter chimed in, placing his arm around Harry鈥檚 shoulder as a way to comfort him, 鈥渨e'll help鈥. The boys walked out of the room, Y/N standing up to follow them.
Norman placed his hand on her shoulder, the touch sending a shiver up Y/N鈥檚 spine. 鈥淵ou stay here, darling鈥 he spoke softly, never lifting his hand from where it rested. 鈥淵ou just sit here and look pretty, the boys will be back soon鈥 His compliments made her nervous, just like they did the first night they met.
Y/N smiled again, not knowing how to respond. Norman nodded, slowly running his hand down her arm before leaving the room. His touch made her feel weak, and she didn鈥檛 understand why. However, instead of thinking about it too long, she pretended it didn鈥檛 happen and waited for the boys to come back.
After that day, Norman became absolutely obsessed with the girl. His thoughts only of her and what he would do to her if he had the chance. Harry brought her over whenever Peter was there, the two never hanging out alone. Norman wondered if there was a reason why? He found out, through peter, that Harry and Y/N only hung out alone when they were at her apartment. Jealousy swirled throughout him thinking what they could possibly be doing.
The thought of his son touching her made him sick. He knew Harry wouldn鈥檛 be able to make her scream like he could. She needed a man with experience, not a boy who doesn't know his lefts from his rights.
鈥淵/N鈥檚 coming over tonight鈥 Harry spoke softly, snapping Norman out of his daze. 鈥淧eter has a date with Mary-Jane so it鈥檒l just be her and I tonight鈥 Harry didn鈥檛 look up once while talking, fixated on the table in front of him.
Norman smiled, knowing this would be the perfect opportunity to get Y/N alone. 鈥淲hat time?鈥 He asked, his tone neutral.
Harry shrugged, 鈥淚 think around 8鈥.
The rest of the day went by quickly, 7:30 displayed on the clock. Harry waited patiently downstairs, perched on the couch. Norman approached his son, determination in his step. 鈥淗arry, I need you to down to the store on 4th for me鈥 he spoke confidently and with command.
Harry looked up at his father, eyes frowning. 鈥淲hat? Right now?鈥 He questioned, 鈥淵/N will be here soon鈥.
鈥淗arry, now鈥 Norman raised his voice, 鈥淚鈥檒l greet your friend when she gets here鈥.
Harry went to protest but he knew where that would lead him. Norman gave him a list of things they didn鈥檛 need, knowing this was the only way to get Harry out of the house. Harry mumbled something under his breath before storming out of the house, slamming the front door behind him.
Norman waited upstairs in his office, door ajar so to hear the front door open. Harry had told Y/N to walk in whenever she wanted, no need to knock as he would be waiting downstairs for her, a conversation Norman had overheard a few days previously.
A few moments passed and Norman could hear a soft voice coming from downstairs. 鈥淗ello?鈥 Y/N called out, 鈥淗arry? Are you home?鈥.
鈥淗arry鈥檚 down the store,鈥 Norman called out, 鈥渉e鈥檒l be back in an hour or so鈥. Y/N huffed at the news. She knew Harry was like this, yet she still got annoyed every time it happened.
Norman came out of his office and to the balcony that peered over downstairs, he looked down at Y/N. She was wearing a loose-fitting summer dress, hair framing her face perfectly. 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you come upstairs and wait until he gets back?鈥 He asked with a smile, 鈥渕ight get a little lonely down there鈥
Y/N smiled, and although nervous at the thought of spending alone time with Norman by herself, she obliged and made her way upstairs.
Once she made her way to the top of the stairs, Norman guided her into his office. It was exactly how she pictured it. A large wooden desk stood towards the back of the room, two bookshelves stood on either side. A black leather couch to one side and a fish tank on the other, papers neatly stacked everywhere.
Norman walked over to a small bar cart that stood next to the couch, pouring two glasses of bourbon. 鈥淒o you drink?鈥 He asked, facing away from Y/N who was standing by the door that Norman had closed behind him.
鈥淪ometimes鈥 she responded, not sure where to look. Her eyes scanned the room, anywhere but the older man before her.
鈥淚 understand why Harry kept you away from me鈥 he chuckled, sending a shiver down Y/N鈥檚 spine. He shook a step closer, offering her the drink he had just poured. She took the glass with a soft thank you.
She brought the glass to her lips, taking a sip of the brown liquid. It burnt her throat as she swallowed, coughing at the sensation. Norman laughed before taking the glass off her, 鈥渕aybe bourbon isn鈥檛 your drink鈥.
鈥淪orry鈥 she whispered, wiping her lips.
Norman smiled, placing both his glass and hers back on the bar cart. 鈥淣o need to apologise, it鈥檚 a strong drink if you鈥檙e not used to it鈥 he spoke before taking another sip from his glass.
鈥淎re you sleeping with my son, Y/N?鈥 Norman asked, his eyes looking down at the liquid in his glass.
鈥淚-I鈥檓 sorry?鈥 Y/N stuttered, surprised by the question just asked.
Norman placed his glass back down before looking up, eyes locked on Y/N鈥檚. 鈥淟et me rephrase,鈥 his voice was low and serious, 鈥渉as my son ever fucked you?鈥.
鈥淣-no鈥 Y/N answered honestly, 鈥淗arry and I are just friends鈥.
Norman smiled, 鈥済ood鈥 he whispered. 鈥淚 would hate to think you weren鈥檛 getting fucked good鈥. Y/N didn鈥檛 know how to react, she tried to think of something to say but her mind was blank.
鈥淒o I make you nervous, Y/N?鈥 He asked, stepping closer to her. Y/N shook her head, worrying if she spoke it would give away that she was lying. Norman chuckled, it was obvious to him how he was making her feel. Powerless.
He was now standing inches away from her, enough for Y/N to be able to smell the bourbon on his breath. He looked down at her, his eyes never leaving hers. Her breathing was uneven, loud enough for him to hear. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so beautiful鈥 he whispered, reaching his hand up to caress her cheek. She melted under his touch, letting out a soft sigh.
His hand quickly moved down to grab her waist, pulling her body into his. She jumped at the roughness of his action, staring up at him with doe eyes. His grip tightened around her, his eyes never leaving hers. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna have my way with you tonight, if you鈥檒l let me鈥 the question came off as more a demand, but for some reason, Y/N didn鈥檛 mind. She wanted this, although she hadn鈥檛 admitted it until now.
She nodded her head in response. Norman's grip tightened again, his lips now inches from hers. 鈥淯se your words, daring鈥 he spoke, soft yet dominant.
鈥淵es, sir鈥 she managed to say, her voice cracking as she spoke.
The way she addressed him made Norman unable to restrain himself any longer. He pressed his lips into hers with force, his tongue already finding its way to hers. Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing easier access to their kiss. It became messy quickly, Norman鈥檚 hands grabbing at every part of her body that he had access to.
He pushed her back, their lips not breaking until they reached the back wall of the office. Her head hit the wood as he began kissing her neck, a soft sigh left her mouth as he did so. The straps of her dress had fallen off her shoulders, exposing her breasts to the older man before her. Norman smiled at the sight, taking one breast into the palm of his hand while he began sucking on the other.
鈥淣orman..鈥 Y/N moaned, the sensation of his tongue on her nipple sending a wave to her core. Suddenly, she felt Norman leaving a soft yet harsh slap across the side of her face. She was embarrassed to admit she liked the pain.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l address as me Sir tonight, understand?鈥 He commanded, his eyes dark with lust.
鈥淵es, sir鈥 she responded. Norman smiled down at her, kissing her again.
鈥淕ood girl鈥 he praised, caressing the cheek he had slapped just a moment before. 鈥淣ow, get on your knees鈥 he unbuckled his pants as he spoke, allowing them to drop the floor before pulling out his cock from his boxers.
Y/N complied, almost instantly falling onto her knees before him. She looked up, her eyes level the tip of Norman's cock. The size scared her, knowing she had never been with someone who was so well endowed.
Norman pumped his shaft, grabbing the back of Y/N head to bring her closer to his member. He pulled on her hair, forcing her to look up at him. Another smile appeared across his face, admiring the sight before him. 鈥淪o beautiful鈥 he whispered, almost too quiet for her to hear.
In one quick motion, Norman loosened his grip around her hair allowing Y/N鈥檚 head to fall back down. With his hand still on the back of her head, he pushed her mouth onto his cock. Y/N gagged as it hit the back of her throat, still unable to fit the entire thing in. Norman let out a low growl at the feeling of her wet mouth, eyes rolling back in ecstasy.
He bobbed her head as he grabbed another fistful of her hair in his hand. What Y/N couldn鈥檛 fit in her mouth was now placed in her hand, pumping as she swirled her tongue around his shaft. 鈥淕ood girl鈥 Norman moaned, 鈥渟uch a fucking good little girl鈥.
Y/N looked up at him with teary eyes that had become wet from the constant hammering of her throat. Her dress had pooled around her waist, exposing her entire upper half. 鈥淭ouch yourself for me鈥 he spoke, removing her hand off his shaft.
She did as she was told, placing her under her dress and in between her legs. She could feel the wetness that had pooled beneath her as she pulled her underwear to the side. She began rubbing a circle on her clit, allowing the sensation to build slowly.
Norman continued forcing her head down onto his cock, watching as she pleasured herself under him. It was a beautiful sight to him. Tears stained her face as she moaned against his member. Her eyes never left his.
Suddenly, Norman had stepped away. Y/N gasped for air, still sitting half-naked on the floor with her hands under her dress. 鈥淪tand up,鈥 he said, taking off the dress shirt that he had still been wearing, exposing his well-toned body.
Y/N, again did what she was told, standing up from the ground which allowed her dress to fully fall off her body. Without prompting, she decided to take off her panties. Norman watched as she did so, mouth agape and drooling like a hungry lion.
He didn鈥檛 speak before kissing her, mouth open and hands grabbing her skin. He placed one harsh smack on her left ass cheek. Y/N yelped into their kiss.
鈥淥ver on the desk鈥 Norman commanded, pulling away from the girl. He watched as she did so, watching as she sat upon the wooden table. He approached slowly, each footstep sending a shiver down Y/N鈥檚 spine. Again, his eyes never left hers.
He leaned down and placed another rough kiss upon her lips as he stood in between her legs. Her body was speaking for her, legs opening wider as their kiss deepened. She was screaming out to be touched.
Norman could tell this, she wasn鈥檛 being very subtle when she pulled his body closer to hers allowing his cock to prod her core. He reached down, two fingers slipping into her with ease. She sighed at the small stretch. He didn鈥檛 take time with teasing her, he wanted to make her scream with just the touch of his hand.
His fingers curled inside her as he pumped with a rough force. A loud moan escaped Y/N鈥檚 lips, allowing their kiss to break. 鈥淪o fucking wet for me鈥 Norman cooed against her ear, 鈥淚 could make you cum right now, just with my fingers鈥.
Her breathing was becoming uneven as she felt herself building up to coming undone. She buried her fingers into Norman's back, bucking her hips against his hand to feel more friction. However, just before she came undone, he had removed his fingers leaving her feeling empty. 鈥淏ut,鈥 he started, 鈥淚 need to feel you cum around my cock鈥.
Without any warning, he plunged his member deep inside Y/N鈥檚 cunt. A loud moan echoed throughout the room as Y/N felt herself stretch more than she ever had. He didn鈥檛 bother with going gentle, he didn鈥檛 care to. He needed fuck her, he needed to have his way with her.
His pace was fast and harsh, his hands gripping her waist as he moved her body in time with his rough movements. Y/N鈥檚 moans echoed around the room, loud enough for anyone in the house to hear. It was now she glad Harry wasn鈥檛 home.
鈥淵ou like that don鈥檛 you?鈥 Norman growled, his hand now gripping tightly around Y/N鈥檚 neck. 鈥淵ou like getting fucked like a whore by an older man鈥.
She didn鈥檛 answer, too caught up in the feeling building to bother. Another slap was placed across her cheek, harder than the one before, snapping her out of her daze. 鈥淎nswer me鈥 Norman almost bellowed, his grip around her neck tightening.
鈥淵es, sir鈥 she managed to cough, 鈥淚 love when you fuck me鈥. She moaned in between her words, 鈥減lease don鈥檛 stop鈥.
He couldn鈥檛 get enough of her, hands grabbing at anything he could. His pace hadn鈥檛 changed, constant thrusts of harsh pounding. The motions were driving Y/N crazy, the same pressure from before building up again. She was so close, and something about the way he stared at her like a piece of meat made her almost come undone right there.
But Norman was finished, he wanted more. He needed more. In one quick motion, he had flipped her over onto her stomach, ass facing him. He had pressed himself back into her just as quickly as he had before, hands falling onto her hips as he did so.
Her ass bounced against him, her screams getting louder as the position allowed for his cock to go deeper. He spanked her, multiple times before grabbing at her hair forcing her back to arch. The new angle gave Norman easy access to lean around and rub tight circles upon her sensitive clit.
She couldn鈥檛 hold it back any longer and Norman could tell. She was tightening around him, he wanted to feel it. 鈥淐um for me, darling鈥 he growled, 鈥淚 need to feel you鈥.
His words drove her over the edge, allowing her body to fully succumb to pleasure. Her cunt pulsated around his cock, feeling herself come undone beneath him.
Norman kept fucking her at the same pace, overstimulating her body. She was now shaking beneath him as he let her body fall forward onto the desk. He was close now. He picked up his pace, sloppily grabbing at her ass as he came inside her with a moan of her name.
He backed away, removing his cock from her dripping cunt. She sighed at the sudden emptiness, almost as if she never wanted him to stop being buried inside her.
Norman admired the sight he had caused, his cum dripping from his son's best friend's pussy. He was proud of himself.
Y/N had turned herself around, leaning to face the man who had just fucked her. Her legs were unstable, needing to rest against the desk for support. 鈥淗arry can鈥檛 know about this鈥 she spoke softly, causing a deep chuckle to leave Norman's lips.
鈥淚s he really the first thing you thought of after I just fucked the life out of you?鈥 He questioned, picking up Y/N鈥檚 dress off the floor and handing it to her. She shrugged as a response, not knowing what to say.
Norman walked towards her again, now clothed as was she. He caressed her cheek as he did before, placing a soft kiss upon her forehead. He was being so gentle as if he wasn鈥檛 capable of mercifully fucking someone against the same desk Y/N was still leaning against. 鈥淗arry will never know鈥 he whispered with a smile, pushing a stray hair behind her ear.
Y/N cleaned herself up before exciting Norman's office, kissing him before doing so. She walked down the long hallway then made her way downstairs. Her heart stopped when Harry rested on the couch in front of the fireplace.
鈥淥h, Y/N鈥 he spoke once he saw her, resting his elbow against the armrest.
鈥淗i, Harry鈥 she coughed, 鈥渉ow long have you been home for?鈥
He smiled at her, 鈥渘ot long鈥.
A wave of relief settled over her. She allowed herself to rest comfortably next to her friend, sighing as she did so.
鈥淵/N?鈥 Harry looked directly at her, eyes fixed on hers with a serious look. 鈥淒id you just fuck my dad?鈥
鉁 鉁 鉁
submission box 鉃 here
authors note 鉃 just like the entire internet, i鈥檝e become a simp for this man. plus, knowing the fact that willem dafoe is packing heat doesn鈥檛 help
the things i would this man to do me
tags 鉃 @druigswh0ree @journeyrose @dazedkrosupreme @politicstanner @sugarbutterbailey @mick-on-mars
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dorkfilmz 6 months
You: sneaking into your room through your window
Otto: wanna tell me where you were?
You: Uh鈥 I was with Dr. Osborn?
Norman: *flicks on a light* wanna try again?
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Norman Osborn x Fem Reader
Smut warning 鈿狅笍
When you get dumped by Harry you decide to pay a visit to the Osborn mansion
That moron had it coming. Dating Harry was confusing to say the least. One day he鈥檇 show up to your work with flowers the next he would get angry over every little thing you did. It was starting to get on your nerves. You made the mistake of confronting him about it at a party. It started quiet asking him if he was really happy with you and it ended with him shoving you aside and yelling that the two of you were over.
12:45, Harry鈥檚 curfew was 2:00 AM. It gives you just enough time to take back the night. The Osborn mansion was huge, like nothing you鈥檇 ever seen before. You didn鈥檛 grow up rich and took every moment you could to enjoy the luxuries life spared you. Opening the large wooden doors you stepped into the front hall looking up at the stair case, bottle of jack in hand. Now or never. Just as you began your ascend a voice called from down the hall,
鈥淵/n? Shouldn鈥檛 you be out with Harry?鈥 It was Norman Osborn, Harry鈥檚 father. He probably didn鈥檛 expect you so late at night which explained why he wore only a silk robe. He looked nice, much more relaxed than when he was working. He stepped towards you and looked you over,
鈥淎re you alright Y/n?鈥 You only laughed and took a sip from your bottle,
鈥淵our son publicly humiliated me and then left me without a ride home. So no, I鈥檓 not alright.鈥 Sitting on the steps you offered him your drink which he accepted as he placed himself close to you,
鈥淗arry鈥檚 well meaning, even if an idiot at times. Does this mean you two are鈥︹ He gestured vaguely and resged his hand on your leg,
鈥淵es, we鈥檙e no longer together.鈥 The way his hand touched your skin made you take a deep breath. Then you had the most evil and brilliant idea. Your boyfriend had just made you look like an idiot in front of everyone you knew. It was time to return the favor,
鈥淢r Osborn, may I ask you a personal question?鈥 Taking the bottle out of his hands and setting it down you turned towards him, shifting closer,
鈥淲hat do you think of me?鈥 He stayed silent for a moment,
鈥淵our wonderful Y/n, in fact I鈥檓 surprised Harry was even able to catch someone like you. You鈥檙e gorgeous and smart,鈥
鈥渁nd鈥 think you can do better than my son to be frank with you.鈥 Normans hand inched up your leg and he licked his lips before looking away and mumbling to himself,
鈥淒o you need a ride home sweetheart?鈥 Oh, they way he said that pushed you over the edge. Leaning, you grabbed his face and kissed him softly. The moment felt as if it went on forever. Your soft lips against his as his hand squeezed your thigh. Norman pulled away and there was something different about him鈥omething sinister. It was attractive.
He pulled you up to your feet and walked you to his large bedroom. He placed you on the bed and threw off his robe. He got on the bed, kissing down your neck and biting small marks into it,
鈥淵ou wanted this all along didn鈥檛 you.鈥 He laughed. All you could do was sigh and run your fingers through his hair. He paused and looked up at you, something dangerous was happening behind his eyes, you could tell.
鈥淔lip over.鈥 Doing as he said you buried your face in the duvet and waited patiently. The ripping of fabric and cold air on your ass made you gasp. His warm hands pressed to the inside of your legs and massaged small circles on your thighs. He dragged a finger along your folds,
鈥淭ell me to stop and I will, dear.鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 You said perhaps a bit too quickly. Heat flooding in your face from the precarious position you were in,
鈥淰ery well.鈥 You felt his finger dip inside you, letting out a moan you gripped the duvet in your hands. A slow pace was all he gave you but it was more than enough.
What are you doing? Just take her already!
The voice was too loud for him to argue with, yes鈥e would give in. Just this once. You couldn鈥檛 see him pulling himself from his boxers but you could certainly feel when he replaced his finger with the tip of his cock.
Make her beg.
鈥淏eg for me.鈥 Desperate for any relief you lifted your head from the covers and moaned,
鈥淧lease! Mr Osborn, please please please-鈥 Cutting off your own voice with a loud whine you felt him thrust deep inside you. Fuck, he felt so good. His pace was much quicker now, grabbing your hips and pulling them against his own. He groaned and leaned forward to kiss behind your ear and whisper to you,
鈥淚鈥檓 sure Harry never fucked you like this, did he?鈥 It was strange being jealous of his son. Something he certainly never felt before he saw you hanging around with Harry. He felt the need to prove he was better. Turning you over he kissed all over you chest and continued to please you. A sudden higher moan and the way your legs pulled him closer let him know he had hit the right spot. The bed was creaking now with the urgency of both your orgasms approaching. Arching your back the older man buried his face in your neck. The sudden feeling of release had you crying out his name while he continued to thrust. With a staggering moan he stilled. When he pulled out you both laid there for a moment, staring at each other and realizing what you had done.
Revenge is petty, but it suited you well. Harry was supposed to meet his father after a meeting today. When Harry saw you in the work hall he was shocked to see you in a classy outfit. When his father came out and gave you a kiss before taking his coffee from your hands he fell silent, even more shocked and confused than before. Norman walked past Harry and patted him in the shoulder,
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it, kiddo.鈥
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tonystarksfabulousass 7 months
otto: darling, you are the light of my life and i love you mind, body and soul, but if you've eaten the last piece of chocolate cake i will throw you out the window.
otto: and i will NOT let norman stand outside to catch you.
norman: thats mean :(
norman: pumpkin i would always catch you.
otto: what if they had eaten the last packet of jelly babies?
norman: ...then i'd hold open the window
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endofthelinegang 1 year
up and coming fics (meaning tomorrow)
- doc ock x fem! reader: after coming home from a long day he comes home to you singing and is immediately stunned
- tasm! peter parker x fem! reader: after the crazy time he had he realizes that he has to move on with life but decides that breaking into your house and scaring you is a good choice
- tobey! spider-man x fem! reader: you had a really hard day and him asking you is what made you finally cry but he understands and takes care of you
- all spider-man鈥檚 x fem! reader **: what better way to celebrate and bring the boys together than fun night
- norman osborn x fem! reader: confused and hurt as memories flood his brain he needs someone to help him through the darkness
- tom! spider-man x gn! reader: fluff alphabet
- stephen strange x fem! reader: he left you in a panic worrying you to death. but he is sure to make you safe and call you
comment to be tagged :)
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greatlydelirious 2 months
Tumblr media
Below is the Masterlist of all my works:
The stories for each character start at the newest and end with the oldest.
鈾 = Smut
鉁 = Ongoing Series
鉁 = Finished Series
鈾 = AFAB/Female Pronouns
鈿 = Gender-Neutral Friendly
Tumblr media
Eye for an Eye 鈾 鉁
Chapter 1
You quickly gain the attention of the infamous 鈥淓ye of Zaun鈥 as your ever-growing influence starts to create problems with his plans. Although you fought for the same cause, you didn鈥檛 see eye to eye on how to go about it. If only you could get Silco to see what you see.
One in the Same 鈾
Living behind a mask for years was easy until Silco makes you slip.
Tumblr media
饾悂饾悁饾悑饾悆饾悢饾悜'饾悞 饾悊饾悁饾悡饾悇 饾煈
Your Choice聽鈾 鈿
You try to help Astarion come to terms with his past.
Tumblr media
饾悅饾悮饾惀饾惀 饾惃饾悷 饾悆饾惍饾惌饾惒: 饾悓饾惃饾悵饾悶饾惈饾惂 饾悥饾悮饾惈饾悷饾悮饾惈饾悶 饾煇
What Ghost Team Dicks Look Like聽鈾 鈾
鈥淎n extremely detailed description of different Ghost Team dicks.鈥 Hex Color Codes, predictions of exact measurements, what sex would be like; basically, I went crazy with it once again.
Simon聽鈥淕host鈥 Riley:
Doberman in the Streets, Kitten in the Sheets聽鈾 鈾
The night that death granted you mercy you swore to never let yourself become vulnerable again. That was until you started to be haunted by a man who knew your feelings all too well.
Tumblr media
饾悆饾悜饾悁饾悊饾悗饾悕 饾悁饾悊饾悇 饾悎饾悕饾悙饾悢饾悎饾悞饾悎饾悡饾悎饾悗饾悕
Cullen Rutherford:
Missed Opportunities聽鈾 鈾
Not only was all of Skyhold seemingly cock blocking you, but you were also having a hard time voicing your feelings to your lover.
Tumblr media
饾悜饾悇饾悞饾悎饾悆饾悇饾悕饾悡 饾悇饾悤饾悎饾悑 饾悤饾悎饾悑饾悑饾悁饾悊饾悇
Lords Dating a Dragonborn 鈾
鈥淗ow the Lords would react to the reader being a Dragonborn.鈥
Karl Heisenberg:
Crucible of Desire 鈾 鈾 鉁
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
As the town鈥檚 only healer (the title 鈥淲itch鈥 used by your detractors) you try your best to save those under the foot of a false prophet. A wicked agenda was growing its roots and unbeknownst to you, you were at the center of it all. This is a tale of two unlikely people coming together in the name of lust, love, and retribution.
Haven鈥檛 I Given Enough 鈿
You reach your breaking point after months of isolation.
Little Fantasies 鈾
This is a short fluffy drabble.
Home is Where the Heart is 鈾
Amid chaos, love blossoms.
Static Electricity聽鈾 鈾
You and Heisenberg play a not-so-friendly game of chase; which leads to a powerful discovery.
Tumblr media
What Slasher Dicks Look Like聽鈾 鈾
鈥淎n extremely detailed description of different Slasher dicks.鈥 Hex Color Codes, predictions of exact measurements, what sex would be like; basically, I went crazy with it.
Brahms Heelshire:聽
Natural Pillows聽鈿
Chests were made for comfort.
Billy Loomis:聽
Not Close Enough聽鈾 鈾
Your boyfriend is another girl鈥檚 boyfriend. Safe to say you didn鈥檛 imagine your high school love story to go like this. Although it was all for the sake of revenge you couldn鈥檛 be more jealous.
Bo Sinclair:
For I Have Sinned聽鈾 鈾
Bo has never been a righteous man, but when he notices your affinity for priests, he makes plans to revisit the church. (Based on the Catholic Religion)
In a Bind聽鈾 鈾
Learning how to tie rope takes an unexpected turn.
Forever Guilty聽鈾 鈾
Bo鈥檚 world shatters when his eyes land on you. For the first time in his life, he is the one who has to pick up the pieces.
Forever Obsessed聽鈾 鈾
A breakfast date goes wrong when you catch the eye of another man.
Forever Yours聽鈾 鈾
You had a special connection with Bo Sinclair ever since you were kids. Your relationship becomes unsteady when Bo pushes you away 鈥渇or your own good.鈥 Years of suppressing each other鈥檚 emotions boil over during one fateful night.
Mark Hoffman:
Office Hours聽鈾 鈾
A late-night call ends in satisfaction.
Only Exception聽鈾 鈾
After a rough day at work, you鈥檙e left drained and upset. Luckily for you, your boyfriend Mark Hoffman reminds you of your worth.
Love to Hate You聽鈾 鈾
Becoming another one of Jigsaw鈥檚 apprentices immediately creates tension between you and the controlling Mark Hoffman. Your loud mouth and venomous tongue don鈥檛 do much to de-escalate the situation. One particular argument rolled in temptation seems to only add more fuel to the fire.
Being Mark Hoffman鈥檚 Partner聽鈾
鈥淲hat it would be like to be Hoffman鈥檚 partner in crime.鈥
Norman Nordstrom:聽
Hear No Evil聽鈾 鈾
Teasing Norman is never a good idea.
Vincent Sinclair:聽
One of Your French Girls聽鈾 鈾
Posing nude has never been more erotic.
No Words Needed聽鈾 鈾
After an incident with a victim, Vincent takes care of you.
Tumblr media
Norman Osborn:聽
Not Just Another Car Ride聽鈾 鈾
A limo ride to a Gala takes longer than normal.
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shangchiswife 1 year
norman osborn- dark paradise
summary: norman fights his feelings for you even though it's wrong since you're much younger than him.
norman x fem!reader some harry x fem!reader
warnings: alluded smut, making out, and age gap
word count: 1843
It was wrong for him to look at you like that.
It was the annual Oscorp gala to raise money for the Oscorp company, and Norman had invited a large number of people he considered important and had a large bank account.
Since you were one of Harry's best friends from childhood it was a given that you were invited.
Now there you were, dressed in a skimpy blood-red gown that cut across your thighs and showcased the valley of your breasts. Your hair was pinned up and a diamond necklace decorated your neck.
His own son stood behind her with his hand on her bare back drawing circles into it. The pair had decided to go as friends. Well, Harry obviously had a crush on you but you had only seen him as a friend.
He watched as you talked with your other friend Peter Parker who was laughing at a joke that you had just said.
You looked just like a dream.
It was wrong for Norman to stare at you like that.
You had known him since fifth grade when you had run up to the older man with your hand in Harry's, a big smile on your face. It was time for Harry to go after a long day at the park. Norman had heard wonderful things about you from his son and he was interested in who his new friend was.
You had looked sad as Norman put a hand on his son's shoulder.
"Come son, it's time to go home,"
"I don't want to go, father," Harry whimpered as he stared up at his father, his lips quivering.
You ran up to the older man and jumped onto his legs urging him to stay.
"Please let Harry stay, only for a couple of minutes, please," you begged, your big eyes looking up at the unknown man.
Norman sighed and then stared at his son who pleaded with his eyes.
"Fine," he had said as the two children ran back into the park with loud cheers.
Over the years he had watched you flourish into a beautiful young woman. You were extremely intelligent and grounded and would help Harry with his schoolwork.
While you were at the Osborn residence you would flirt with Norman occasionally.
At the time Norman didn't think much of it since he still thought of you as the little girl from the park but now, seeing you in this mature dress made his heart stir and realize that you were all grown up.
He watched as you and his son approached him.
"Ms. Y/L/N how lovely to see you, tonight," Norman tried his hardest to avert his gaze from your chest as he extended a hand for you to shake.
Look at her putting on a show just for you a voice cackled in his head.
"Mr. Osborn, it's so nice to see you, you look great!" you ignored his hand and pulled him into a hug making him yelp slightly and his heart pounded madly.
You pulled away with a large smile on your face.
"Come Y/N, we have more guests to greet," Harry spoke softly as you turned to face your date.
"Oh yeah sorry about that, Har," you used your best friend's nickname as pink tinted his cheeks, and then glanced back at his father.
"Well, I'll see you later, sir," you smirked and offered him a playful wink before Harry led you to a group of older people.
Norman still had his eyes on you as you conversed with people, talking animatedly.
The way you called him sir made something wild light up in him.
He watched as you diverted your attention off of them for a second to sneak a glance at him.
Seeing his previous attention on you, an embarrassed look formed on your face as you turned away.
See she wants it as much as you do the voice urged in his head.
Stop! It's clearly wrong I've known her since she was young he argued with his alter ego who simply cackled in response.
Is it so wrong when she flirts all the time with you and looks at you in a certain way? I see the way how lust coats her eyes his alter ego questioned.
Norman felt himself succumb to the words of his alter ego as he walked towards you with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
You had your eyes on Norman Osborn all night.
He was dressed in a well-pressed black suit with a matching black tie. His white button-down shirt was unbuttoned from the top. He looked irresistible.
It was so wrong to stare at him so lustfully.
He was the father of your best friend, and everyone had been urging you to get together with Harry. That was what was supposed to happen.
You had felt this way for Harry's father for a long time.
Once you had entered your junior year of high school you had noticed how attractive he was. You tried hard to ignore this silly crush but soon you would start to flirt with him.
After you had graduated, your crush turned more into an obsession and you were so obsessed with Norman Osborn.
He was so kind to you and there was a sort of mysterious side to him that you found alluring.
Suddenly a tap on your shoulder interrupted your thoughts.
You turned to see Norman himself making your heart pound.
"Hello, Mr. Osborn is there something you need?" you asked, your eyes glittering.
"Y/N can I speak to you for a moment?" he questioned.
You glimpsed at Harry who threw his head back in laughter at something a guest had said. He was distracted.
"I'm sure it's fine," you told him as he offered a hand for you to take.
Eagerly you placed your hand into his and he led you over to an abandoned hallway that was decorated with multiple bright chandeliers, multi-colored tapestries, and large portraits.
"Is there something wrong, sir?" you asked as you looked at the man in front of you as he let out a sigh.
"Y/N, I cannot control myself around you. The moment I saw you tonight I had this sudden urge and I need to satisfy it...now," Norman practically growled as he looked up at you, his pupils blown out.
"But sir I don't understand?" your red lips parted as your eyes flickered from his blue eyes down to his lips.
Was this a dream? There was no way that this was real life you thought.
"After seeing you tonight I've noticed that you've grown up into a beautiful and intelligent young woman and it's so hard not to tear off your clothes right now," his gaze wandered down your body.
You didn't say a thing as you were lost in thought.
Norman Osborn wanted you.
Just the thought enough made you weak at the knees.
"Do you want this or not?" his voice was assertive as he stared at the young woman in front of him.
"Yes," she breathed as he immediately went feral and pinned you against the wall.
"This is what you wanted at the end of the day huh? For your best friend's father to do this," he mocked as he traced your red lips with the pad of his index finger.
You whimpered under his touch and you immediately felt attracted by his newfound sense of confidence that washed over him.
This was so wrong but it felt so right.
He kissed you harshly as you immediately melted into the kiss and brought your hands up to fist his hair.
Your hands in his hair just spurred him on further as a groan elicited from his lips and he attacked your lips.
Norman didn't know if it was him or his alter ego in control.
"You're so beautiful my darling, your lips are just enchanting," he whispered as he kissed you once again as you got lost in his skill as he nipped at your lips making a moan come out of you.
"Mr. Osborn where are you-" a voice started but immediately stopped.
The two of you sprung apart as you both were face to face with a frightened man in a suit.
You felt anger radiating off of Norman's form.
"What is it?" he growled as you put a gentle hand on him, calming him slightly.
"You're needed back in the grand hall, Mr. Osborn I apologize for interrupting you," the poor man squeaked as he scurried away.
"Looks like this will have to be continued," Norman said as he glanced down at his suit and started towards the direction of the ballroom.
"I guess so but there was no need to terrify that poor guy!" you cried as the older man shook his head slightly.
"He interrupted us, my dear, I was having a good time," he put an arm around you as butterflies filled your stomach.
"What am I going to tell, Harry?" you questioned aloud, a sense of worry building in your system.
"Just tell him that you were powdering your nose," he smirked down at you as a heavenly sigh came from you.
"Oh, Mr. Osborn," you scoffed.
"Please call me, Norman, Y/N, there's no need for a sense of formality between us especially when what we'll be doing later won't be so formal," a sultry smirk formed on his face as you rolled his eyes.
"We'll see," you said.
"Oh, it'll happen," Norman stroked your back as chills went up to your spine.
"I'll walk in first and then you can follow," he said as you arrived at the entrance of the hall.
You nodded.
"What about that guy from earlier, the guy that caught us. What if he tells someone?" you asked worriedly.
Norman put a hand to your cheek, his thick eyebrows furrowing.
"My dear I will make sure that he is taken care of, we'll be safe," his voice was gentle as he walked into the hall without another word, making you miss his sweet touch.
You walked in a few minutes later as Harry ran up to you putting his big hands on your shoulders.
"Are you okay? Where were you all this time?" he asked, his eyes clearly concerned.
"Oh just freshened up in the bathroom, I'm alright Harry there's no reason to be upset," you coaxed.
"Alright I was just..." he trailed off as you grabbed his hand and drew circles on it.
"Come, let's go get a drink, that'll make you feel better," you led him over to the drink station.
From across the ballroom, you could see Norman talking with other scientists who looked eager to meet the infamous man.
He paused for a moment just to stare at you, a smirk plastered on his face as he nursed a glass of champagne.
Lord the things this man did to you.
You kept your eyes on him and he kept his on yours.
This was going to be a fun little exchange.
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greengoblinswifey 11 months
So this was originally posted on my wattpad(paulwalkerswidow22) but I decided to also post it here :)
Warnings: Threesome, Voyeurism, Anal(m+f)
You'd been working at Oscorp for a solid three years as the secretary and had been witness to your bosses Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius' competitive nature. This 'rivalry' blossomed even more when you began dating Norman a year ago. You never asked if they were this competitive before you began working at Oscorp but it sure was rampant with you there. Sometimes you felt as if you were coming between their friendship as you were the main thing they butted heads over but you brushed it off, lowkey liking the remarks Otto made referring to you.聽
You walked to Otto's lab to give him your completed manuscripts for the day and as always he flirted with you.
"I bet I can make you scream so much louder than he can Y/N," he said frankly,聽"Do you get as wet for him as you do for me?"
You gave him a middle finger as your response as your boyfriend, Norman walked in.
He gave you a kiss and slapped your ass, an act that made Otto feral.
"Is he bothering you again darling?" Norman asked into the kiss.
"When is he not?"聽
"I'm just saying, I can make her feel so much better than you ever could," Otto interjected.
It was like this almost everyday on the job, it was entertaining to say the least but you did get curious about his statements. There was a rumour going around that his dick was ten inches once, it was extreme but you did wonder about the legitimacy.聽
You and Norman left, hand in hand and went about the rest of your day, laughing and arguing with Otto in between.
At around seven, Norman had sent everyone home and only you, him and Otto were left in the building.聽
You sat in Norman's lap, your head leaned back against his chest as he typed away. "I think I have an idea princess," he said.
Before you could inquire, he flipped you around, wrapped your legs around him, cleared his desk but not before pressing a button on the telephone to indicate that Otto was needed in his office.
Norman laid you down and attached his lips to yours, tongues dancing together as you felt his bulge against your crotch.
He rode your dress up to your waist and tore your panties, throwing it aside and collected your juices on his fingers then used it as lubrication, inserting two fingers inside you.聽
You forget all about Norman requesting Otto to come to his office until he cleared his throat at the door. You gasped and your eyes widened but Norman continued to finger fuck you infront of him.
Otto's jaw hung low as he watched the sight before him, the growing bulge painfully visible in his black pants.
You clenched around Norman as you looked over at Otto, licking your lips.
"You're free to take care of that little problem you have down there while you're here," Norman said, pointing at his friend's bulge. With that, he freed his painfully hard cock from his pants and spread the pre cum over it, pumping himself.
Your eyes widened at the size of him. He looked big. The rumour was definitely true. He seemed to be an inch bigger than Norman which was quite impressive in your eyes.聽
Otto continued to pump himself as Norman's fingers went in and out of you rapidly. He rubbed circles on your hood which caused a moan to escape your lips.
"Sweet sounds she makes doesn't she?" Norman asked rhetorically.
Right when you were about to cum, he took his fingers from your soaking cunt.聽
"Not so fast sweets," he said as he pulled you in for a hungry kiss.
"Hm, all that talk these past few months Otto, why don't you come and prove yourself? Norman sneered, "Fuck my girl, make her moan your name."
Otto made his way over to you as Norman stepped aside. He looked into your eyes as if to ask for consent and you smirked and nodded, curious to feel his largeness inside you.
He spat on your cunt and used his spit to rub it all over before slowly entering your folds. You let out a pornographic moan as he stretched you and picked up the pace.
"Guess I really can make Y/N moan," Otto said, causing your boyfriend to chuckle as he played with his balls.
You fingernails dug cresent moons into Otto's back as he brought himself out of you only to slam back in with full force. He looked down at your lower abdomen smirking as he saw his cock moving.聽
The stretch was insane and you felt amazing, you couldn't get enough of it. He was hitting all the right spots and now you were desperate for a release.
"Gonna cum little slut?" Norman asked you, as that familiar look of pre orgasm came on your face.
You didn't respond as you were too engulfed with the feeling of the tip of Otto's cock touching your cervix over and over.
You knew this was a competition between your boyfriend and his friend and to push it further and push Norman's buttons, you moaned Otto's name.
"Oh fuck, fucking hell, I- I'm gonna cum Otto!" you cried.
And with that, you came all over Otto's cock, screaming his name and pulling him into an intimate hug.聽
Coming down from your high, you pulled him into a kiss and explored his mouth with your tongue, loving the taste of him. Norman sat in his chair, watching as you sloppily made out and pumped his shaft. He threw his head back and tightened his hold on his cock as you swirled and sucked on Otto's tongue.
"Not so fast baby, I want you to cum in my mouth," you said to Norman, motioning for him to come towards you.
You got off Norman's desk and went on your knees as both him and Otto came to you with their cocks out. You couldn't possibly fit both of them in your mouth so you decided to blow them individually.聽
You swirled your tongue over Norman's mushroom as you fondled Otto's balls then moved to his shaft, pumping it up and down slowly. Your boyfriend grabbed a fistful of your silk pressed hair and face fucked you, throwing his head back. You continued to pump Otto's cock, and took Norman out of your mouth, ready to now take Otto in. You began pumping Norman as your head bobbed on his friend's cock, savoring their sweet tastes on your tongue. You moaned which sent a vibration throughout Otto's whole body, causing him to also let out a moan. You hollowed your cheeks and continued to bob your head at a faster pace, desperate to make Otto cum in your mouth. He took hold of your hair and pushed himself into the back of your throat causing you to gag and tears roll down your brown cheeks. You just knew the next morning you were going to have a sore throat. Otto continued to face fuck you, moaning, until you felt his warm load shoot down your throat. You wasted no time in swallowing it all as he dragged you up from knees causing you to let go of Norman's cock and pull you in for a kiss.聽
"Now I want you both to fill my holes at the same time," you said, pulling the men by their ties.聽
Hearing this, they quickly rid themselves of their undergarments. Norman laid down on his desk, pulling you on top of him while Otto stood at the foot of the table. You arched your back to give Otto a good view and position of your ass and Norman a good position for your soaking pussy.
As if planned, they simultaneously entered your holes, causing you to let out a hybrid of a gasp and moan. You'd never felt this full in your entire life.聽
They both went at a fast pace as Norman slammed into your pussy repeatedly, causing tears of pain and pleasure to roll down your cheeks. Otto slapped your ass cheek as he picked up the pace and slammed in and out your ass.聽
"Fuuuck," you moaned.
"You like us fucking your tight little holes huh?" Norman asked, his hand on your throat while he ruthlessly thrusted upwards into you.
"Yes, I like your cocks in my holes," you moaned.
You were enjoying every minute of this.
"Your little ass is so tight for me Y/N, bet Norman couldn't fuck it like this," Otto said, slapping your ass cheek once more, causing you to moan.
They both picked up their pace even faster, and that familiar knot in your stomach began building up. You began clenching around their cocks which caused them to both hold on to you. Norman kissing your soft lips and Otto sucking on your neck as you convulsed and came all over them.聽
None of them stopped however and they both continued thrusting into your holes until Norman's cock twitched and his warm cum coated your walls.
You threw your head back onto Otto's chest but he just pushed your neck into a kiss from Norman and continued thrusting in your ass. He let out a moan as he came inside your ass and collapsed in the chair.聽
All that could be heard for a while were your pants and the cars passing by on the busy New York street.聽
You sighed in contempt, looking down to see Otto and Norman's cum leaking out of your ass and pussy. You felt filthy and you loved it.聽
"Fuck Otto, you lived up to what you've been saying, that was amazing..both of you," you said, Norman stroking your hair.聽
"That tight little ass belongs to me now," Otto replied.
"And that warm, tight pussy belongs to me," Norman interjected.
You smiled at the both of them, laying in comfortable silence on Norman's chest.聽
Tumblr media
Not my gif!
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Norman Osborn The Curious Scientist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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-Spiderverse Preferences-
What is their favorite thing to do with you?
Peter Parker: Tobey Maguire
Tumblr media
This Peter Parker loves to take you on picnics. He loves packing a picnic basket with his aunt May and surprising you when you get home from work.
Not only does he loves preparing the picnic basket, he also loves choosing the spot. He likes to mostly do it at night since he can make a spider web hammock and can hold you close as you both look at the night sky.
He'll usually put some music on and you both would talk the night away.
Peter Parker: Andrew Garfield
Tumblr media
This Peter loves to play board games with you, he loves when you both go to the store and will grab a board game that interests you both and you play.
It's the only time Peter feels as if he's normal, that he isn't the heroic Spider-Man but just your boyfriend.
Though be wary if you win, he's kind of a sore loser. But kisses from you sure do lift his spirits.
Peter Parker: Tom Holland
Tumblr media
And this Peter loves to watch movie marathons with you. You'll both go over to Peter's place on a Friday after School and you'll both decided on a movie franchise.
Before you go to his house you'll stop by the store and grab popcorn, M&Ms, you name it. You'll stock up and when you sit on the couch no snack is safe.
Peter loves when you fall asleep on him and he can brush his fingers through your hair while he is also munching on popcorn.
Norman Osborn: Willem Dafoe
Tumblr media
Norman favorite thing to do with you is dance. He loves to play music on his record player and smile at you. He'll place his hand out to you and you'll smile back at him and he'll pull you in close.
Norman stresses over working at Oscorp and when he holds your hand and kisses you while listening to "dream a little dream of me." It takes all the stress away.
Otto Octavius: Alfred Molina
Tumblr media
Otto's favorite thing is cooking with you. When he decides to put off work, he'll spend the whole day making a meal with you.
First you'll go to the farmer's market and you'll grab fresh ingredients, even buying a snack or two to share.
He would definitely buy a nice bottle of wine and when you two get home, he'll play music and you'll both get to work.
Though sometimes it'll cause you both to become a mess and you'll be covered in flour and kisses.
Max Dillon: Jamie Foxx
Tumblr media
Max's favorite thing to do is going on walks with you. He loves to go explore and just go outside and see the world.
He always wants to treat you like a queen, opening doors, getting you anything you want. He wants you to feel noticed and appreciated since he never got that before. So the last thing he wants to do is make you feel unwanted.
His favorite part of walking with you is talking with you. Getting to know everything about you makes him happy.
Flint Marko: Thomas Haden Church
Tumblr media
Flint's favorite thing with you is gardening with you. He loves all the hard work you both put into it and seeing the flowers bloom.
He loves seeing you in your overalls and big sun hat, planting the flowers and watering them.
He'll even bring his daughter with him and you'll make flower crowns with her and the three of you will laugh and smile as you enjoy your small garden.
Eddie Brock & Venom: Tom Hardy
Tumblr media
Eddie and Venom both love to bake with you. Eddie and Venom don't know what it is, but you make the best bake goods.
Of course Venom loved chocolate and when you made a chocolate lava cake, Venom was willing to change hosts.
Eddie loves to come up behind you and hold you, while Venom licks the spoon that's filled with batter. They are so lucky to have you and would never miss the chance to bake with you.
Hope you liked the new post! 鉁ㄢ湪 If you want me to do more of these let me know!! Have an awesome day 馃挄馃挄
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fqjth 11 months
obsession (2)
Tumblr media
pairing 鉃 norman osborn x reader
summary 鉃 after weeks of being unable to see her, norman finally gets some more alone time with y/n
warnings 鉃 smut, age!gap, oral (m & f receiving), fingering, rough sex, choking, slapping, hair pulling, spanking, dirty talk, sir!kink, unprotected sex
words 鉃 2719
other parts 鉃 part one, part three
鉁 鉁 鉁
Three weeks passed. Three weeks of awkward conversation, of Harry avoiding eye contact. Three weeks of Peter being confused about why the two barely spoke when the three of them hung out, confused about why Harry stopped inviting her over to his place.聽
Shame and guilt were the only emotions she felt when around him. Her thoughts were plagued by their conversation, Harry's voice echoing over in her head.聽
鈥淵/N?鈥 Harry looked directly at her, eyes fixed on hers with a serious look. 鈥淒id you just fuck my dad?鈥
She felt her heart drop, stomaching knotting. Her mouth was agape, unable to form any words. The sight was enough of an indication, answering Harry's question.聽
"Fucking hell, Y/N!" He exclaimed, jumping to his feet in frustration. "I was gone for what? An hour?" He started pacing, his shadow flickering on the walls from the light of the fireplace.
"I'm sorry," Y/N spoke softly, unable to look at Harry. "It just sorta happened".
Her excuse caused more anger to rise in him, face twisted in rage and disappointment. "Just happened? How does something like that just happen?"聽
She didn't respond, unable to think of an answer that made sense or didn't make her sound crazy. She shrugged her shoulders, letting the couch engulf her.聽
Harry rubbed his forehead, turning his attention back to Y/N. "You can't come back here" his voice was stern, face straight and almost expressionless.聽
Y/N's eyes shot up, finally daring to look at her friend. "What?" she questioned, "You can't be serious? It was a mistake, Harry. It won't happen again".
"I trust you, Y/N. I do" He stated. "It's him I don't trust", the way he spoke of his father, with such anger and bitterness made 聽Y/N's heartache. She couldn't help but think she had caused a bigger rift between the two, all because she fell to Norman's spell. Something she couldn't bring herself to regret.聽
Harry sat down, the seat cushion slumping as he did. "I saw the way he looked at you, I should've protected you from him" his tone had shifted, now sounding weak and depressed as if he truly thought he had failed her.聽
Y/N wanted to argue. She wanted to tell her friend that she didn't object to his father advances, that she was to blame just as much as he was. Yet, looking down at Harry as he held his head in his hands, she couldn't bring herself to do it.聽
"I'm sorry, Harry" she spoke weakly, reaching out to comfort him.聽
"I think you should go" He whispered. His words broke Y/N's heart, but she understood his request. She apologised again, leaving the Osborn mansion with a soft goodbye as the large wooden doors closed behind her.聽
She hated how awkward the two were now, unable to be left alone in a room for more than a few minutes. She hated herself for the pain she had caused. She hated herself even more for not living up to her end of their promise.
Norman had reached out, finding her address and sending her a letter. She didn't bother questioning how he found out where she lived, too distracted by the words he wrote.聽
He wanted to see her again,聽needed聽to see her again. He wrote about how he missed her, how he missed the way she felt underneath him. His words pierced her like a knife, beckoning her to respond.
She wanted to throw it away, burn it so she wouldn't have to think about what happened ever again. But that turned out impossible. She spent every night thinking about the way he made her feel, the way he made her scream. He invaded her dreams, her thoughts, almost every waking moment of her existence was consumed by him. She needed to respond.
So she did, agreeing to meet at the Osborn mansion at the time he proposed, promising Harry would be gone for the night as he was staying at his new girlfriend's place. She remembered a brief conversation between her, Harry and Peter where he had mentioned his new fling. She trusted that Norman was telling the truth, leaving her apartment at 8:15 pm to arrive by 9:00.
She looked up at the Osborn mansion, the same way she did all those weeks ago. It seemed taller, more menacing than before. She felt anxiety arise in her, nerves stopping her from knocking on the front door. She took a deep breath, collecting herself before placing three soft knocks against the wood.
The door creaked open almost instantly, as if Norman had been waiting there the whole time. "Y/N," he greeted with a smile, his eyes digging into hers. She suddenly felt self-conscious, the same way he made her when they first met. Was wearing this skirt too much? "Come in" he stepped to the side, allowing the girl to walk through the doorway with ease.
He shut the door behind her with a thud, sending a shiver down Y/N's spine. He guided her into the living room, the same one where she had that conversation with Harry. It was now she felt guilting for being here, for allowing herself to weaken.
She stood in the middle of the room, eyes looking everywhere but the man. "You look beautiful" he hummed as he took a step towards her, now only inches away from where she stood.
Y/N smiled weakly. "Thank you" she spoke softly, heat rushing to her cheeks at the compliment.
Norman reached out, placing his fingers under her chin, forcing her to look at him. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you" his words mimicked those in his letter. "You've consumed me, Y/N. Every part of me yearns for you, begs for you to return".
His words made her feel weak. She could feel herself melt as he caressed her cheek, bringing her face closer to his. He placed a soft kiss upon her lips, pulling her closer as his hand fell to her waist.
"Norman," she hummed, unable to keep her composure as his lips left soft kisses up her neck, attacking her sweet spot. "We can't" her arms pressed against his chest, trying to push him away.
Norman chuckled against her skin. "Why did you come over then, sweetheart?" His question made her stomach flip, guilt rising in her once more. He was right. She wanted this. She wouldn't have answered his message otherwise, wouldn't have shown up at his front door as he asked.
His hands gripped her waist tighter, forcing them closer. The tips of his fingers grazed the skin under her shirt, making her weak at the knees. He planted kisses up her jaw, stopping before reaching her lips "If you don't want to do this, tell me now" his tone was both soft and dominant, a weird mix that made her pool.
She didn't speak, instead crashing her lips in his. It was enough permission for Norman to continue his work, hands roaming her body as she draped her arms over his neck. Their kiss was needy, hungry as if the last three weeks had been building up to this moment.
Y/N's hands moved to Norman's pants, unbuckling them with ease as she slipped her hand under his trousers. He moaned against her lips as her cold hands wrapped around his shaft, pumping slowly. Their kiss was broken momentarily as Norman removed her shirt, pulling it over her head with ease. She stood before him in a lace bra, mini-skirt still sitting beautifully on her hips.
She fell to her knees as if it were second nature. She freed his cock from the restraints of his pants. She smiled up at the man before placing a small kiss on his tip, precum danced on her lips. Y/N wrapped her hand around his shaft once more, pumping with more ease than before.
Her mouth surrounded his cock, sucking slowly before pushing her head down until his tip hit the back of her throat. Norman moaned at the pressure, hands grabbing fistfuls of her hair as she forced her to move. She ran circles around his shaft with her tongue, driving the older man crazy.
"Fucking hell" He groaned, bucking his hips to cause more friction between his cock and her warm mouth. "Such a pretty little mouth".
The constant hammering of her throat made tears swell up in her eyes, falling as mascara stained her face. She looked like an angel to him, gagging on his dick.
His cock twitched, indicating he was close to release. Y/N hummed, backing away from the man as spit dripped from her lips. Norman forced her to her feet, wiping her saliva around her face before slapping her cheek. "Good girl" he hummed as he kissed her softly, contradicting his rough actions.
He guided her back until they hit the wall, deju vu rushing over her in waves. His hands reached up her skirt, pulling her panties down in one quick motion. A small sigh left Y/N's lips as he pushed his index finger into her wet core. "Always so ready for me" he whispered against her ear, slipping another finger inside her, pumping at a steady pace.
He placed a harsh kiss on her neck, sucking until a mark appeared. His lips trailed down her body, as Norman fell to his knees. He looked up at her with hungry eyes before disappearing underneath her skirt.
His lips attacked her core, tongue soaking up her sweet juices. Y/N's head rolled back in pleasure, hands tangling in his brown locks as she pulled him closer. His fingers were still pumping away, the sensation sending heat through her body.
It was becoming difficult to stand, legs weakening as she tried to keep herself from crumbling to the ground. A string of moans left her lips, echoing throughout the room. She sounded so sweet, innocent as Norman licked away at her clit. It was music to his ears.
Pressure began building inside her, waves of heat rushing to her core. "I'm gonna cum" she moaned, unable to stop her legs from shaking. The only thing stabilising her was Norman's free hand that had been resting on her thigh.
He picked up his pace, wanting to taste her in his mouth. He pumped his fingers with force, sucking her clit. Her nerves were on fire as she clenched around his digits, coming undone with the sound of curse words falling from her lips.
Norman smiled as he stood to his feet, licking his lips as his eyes bored into hers. "Taste so sweet, sweetheart" he hummed, stepping closer to her as he unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the ground. He took his shirt off, now naked in front of her.
She unclipped her bra as he watched, breasts falling freely from the materiel. Norman admired the sight before him, grinning as he pulled her closer. His throbbing cock rubbed on the inside of Y/N's thigh as he pressed a rough kiss to her lips.
His hands gripped her legs, lifting her as he pushed her back against the wall once again. Without warning, his cock slipped into her core. A moan escaped her lips as he stretched her out.
His hips thrusted into hers with force as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, stabilising her. "Such a good girl for me" Norman growled, leaving a bite mark on her shoulder. "So good at taking my cock".
"Fuck" Y/N almost yelled, "Please don't stop".
Norman chuckled at her pleas, thrusting into her with a faster pace. He knew she was getting close again, still sensitive from her previous orgasm. He could feel her walls starting to tighten around him, begging for release.
He lifted his head. "Look at me" he demanded through gritted teeth, "I need you to look at me while you cum".
Y/N obliged his demands, opening her eyes to meet his. She felt her second orgasm flood over her, body shaking as Norman thrusted into her a few more times before placing her down on the floor.
He wrapped one arm around her waist, making sure she didn't fall to the ground. He took a soft grip of her hand, walking her over the leather couch situated in front of the fireplace. The same one where Y/N promised Harry she would not return to his house.
Norman took a seat, guiding her onto his lap. With a soft moan, she slipped his cock back inside her. Her pace was steady, rocking her hips back and forth as Norman gripped her waist. She ignored the pain that was coursing through her sensitive cunt.
Her tits bounced as she picked up speed. Norman wrapped his lips around her nipple, sucking gently as his tongue made circles. "Such a good little slut for me" He groaned against her soft skin, biting down on her sensitive nub causing a whimper to escape her lips.
"Yes, sir" she mumbled, "I'm your good little slut".
Norman groaned at the way she addressed, missing the sound as if it was a drug. He watched as she struggled to compose herself, third orgasm creeping its way towards her. He placed his thumb on her throbbing clit, just the pressure of his placement enough to make her scream.
"Come on, sweetheart" he chuckled, "You've got once more left in you". He rubbed vicious circles as Y/N's vision blurred, braining going foggy as her third orgasm hit her. It was more intense than the previous two, causing her body to fall forward as she collapsed against Norman's chest.
She was exhausted from the overstimulation, unable to move. Suddenly, she was jolted back as Norman pulled on her hair, forcing her away from his chest. His free hand wrapped tightly around her neck, not enough to hurt her but enough to make breathing difficult.
"I'm not done yet" he spoke harshly, "keep fucking me, sweetheart".
Y/N did as she was told, struggling to keep a steady pace. Her slow movement were frustrating, causing Norman to take control. His hand's dropped to her waist as he shifted his body slightly, getting a better angle to fuck her from underneath.
He thrusted deep inside her, screams pooling from her mouth. Norman slapped her again, rough enough to cause a prominent hand mark behind. Something about the way she whimpered drove him crazy, feeling himself get close.
He fucked her at a harsh pace, smacking her ass a few times before pleasure flooded his body. He came inside her, moaning her name as if it were the only word he knew. He allowed her to fall forward, resting on his chest as she did before.
Both their breathing was unsteady, gasping for air. Norman rubbed her back, comforting her as she whimpered against him. He shushed her, cooing in her ear. "You were such a good girl" he whispered, placing a kiss upon her cheek. "Did so well".
He gripped her hips, moving her off his cock and placing her softly next to him. His cum dripping out of her as he did so. He pulled her into his side, caressing her arm.
"I think we should make a habit of this" Norman chuckled, looking down at the girl who was drifting asleep. She hummed and nodded in response, unable to speak.
Norman shifted himself from the couch, leaning down to pick up Y/N into his arms. He carried her bridal style up the stairs of his mansion, walking to his master bedroom before placing her down on the king-sized bed. She rested her head against his pillow, snuggling up to the cushion as Norman draped a blanket over her naked body.
She looked so peaceful, asleep in his bed. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead before turning off the light and exiting the room with a close of the door.
He cleaned himself up in the adjacent guest bathroom, wondering to himself how was going to explain this to Harry when he got home. He knew it would bring their friendship to an end, that she disobeyed his trust. But Norman didn't care, not really. He wanted the girl all to himself, and this was the only sure way he was going to achieve that. By breaking his son's heart.
鉁 鉁 鉁
submission box 鉃 here
authors note 鉃 thank you to everyone who supported the first part! it means so much to see so many people enjoying my writing :)
tags 鉃 @druigswh0ree @journeyrose @dazedkrosupreme @politicstanner @sugarbutterbailey @mick-on-mars聽@blufblucake聽@irlbeaniebabey @sadclowngorl @nunnihunniedesu-blog聽@golddenlioness @levoisaah @smilesfromabove @plutobarnes @ellean0r @mclting @wilder-fangirl鈥 @mintspidey鈥
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dearlawdimasimp 10 months
okay so I finally finished the fic- now this is the first ever fanfic I've written and I will gladly accept constructive criticsm!
"Our darling"
Warnings: i think..none? but uhm..this does talk about depressing stuff- OH and there might be grammar errors, english isn't my first language lmao馃槶 AND this was not edited, beta'd whatever so im literally just posting this blindly kahdhs 馃拃
Summary: It was one of those days, where the bed was much more comfortable than anything else and you just feel numb and the two scientists, Norman and Otto, helps you feel better.
(god i suck at this 馃槶 and noo it aint smut)
Gifs are by @my-starfox
Tumblr media Tumblr media
having one of those days that you just feel nothing but..numb. You don't want to do anything. you just want to lay there, unmoving, undisturbed by all of the hustling and bustling of the world. staring at the wall or ceiling, head empty.聽
but you have to eat, drink, take a bath, clean your room, do the laundry, pick the sock up from the floor, arrange your closet..and yet here you are..on the bed..wrapped like a cocoon by the sheets and staring unblinkingly at the space in front of you.
you hear hushed mumbling at the other side from the other side of the door of your room. familiar voices filling your ears. you panic. you don't want them to see you like this. a fucking mess. a broken vase. you don't want them to see you in such a pathetic state.聽
hearing the small creak of the hinges of your door made you close your eyes. maybe if you feign sleeping, they'll leave you alone.聽
a soft sigh fills the silent room. you also hear the clinking of..glass? metal? you have a slight clue of what those mean but you didn't ponder too much about it. a gentle thump of metal meeting wood behind you and a waft of something mouth watering confirms your suspicions.聽
look at what you did. you made them do work. you made them worry. you should be ashamed of yourself-
your bed dipping behind you made your thoughts halt. two people making themselves known that they are sitting at the other side of your bed.聽
"hey, honey.." the voice with a gentle rasp that you have gotten accustomed with ever since they have become your housemates called out to you. you kept your facade, even if you felt a warm tingle from hearing it. not that you hate their guts, it's just that you don't particularly want to bother them more. you don't want to put another burden on their shoulders seeing as they already are carrying too much.
"we know you're awake, darling.." a different voice spoke this time, still familiar though. one that always gives a warm chill down your spine. soft and also a little raspy. their age catching up on their physicality.聽
"Norman cooked you your favorite soup." that's why you smelt something delicious when they came in.聽
oh how bad you want to turn around, greet and thank them for their efforts and eat Norman's dish. but you're afraid. you're afraid to see tired and disappointed faces, like what you have always seen before. you're afraid that when you eat it your stomach will refuse it and make another mess and embarrass yourself further.
"If you don't want to, it's fine!..maybe just take a sip of water?" Norman suggests as he places his hand on your arm. "for us....please?" the former CEO pleads, a little crack in his voice.聽
oh you could imagine the look he is giving to your back right now, that sad, puppy look face and slightly parted lips as his eyes gazes at you oh so softly.聽
instead, you shifted and raised your knees to yourself, shoulders pushing inwards as you curled your body. trying to make yourself non-existent as the back of your throat let out a silent, hollow whine. "im fine.." a voice so hoarse and dry and ugly spoke. oh wait..that was yours...
"yet all evidence points towards the opposite of that, dear.." Otto sighs as he lets his fingers trace..shapes? equations? maybe just random squiggles on the broad of your back, the touch sending shivers to your body.
"a small sip of water...that's it. and maybe we could...i dont know....cuddle afterwards?"
it was silent as the proposition hangs in the air.聽
you were reminiscing about the late night cuddle sessions you had with the two scientists the past weeks. Otto's warm pudgy bod and Norman's lean and also warm(but not as warm as the squishy scientist) on your sides. you want that feeling again. you really do.聽
and so, driven by your last, draining will and...need for cuddles.. you finally turn and face the two men sitting on your bed. You slowly open your eyes as your negative thoughts come back and make you doubt yourself. but all you see are warm smiles and proud glinting from two sets of eyes.聽
"there they are..." you felt a gentle squeeze on your leg, you wouldn't have noticed that Norman had placed his hand on your lower limb if he hadn't done that. Otto's hand have also shifted and placed on the crown of your head as he moves strands of your hair that have covered your face. he smiles down at you and kisses your forehead. you close your eyes at the warmth. Norman's gentle caressing on your leg adds to that.聽
"c'mon, sit up a little.'' Otto says as he gently lifts you up, you were expecting to just sit up from your lying position on your bed, but it seems that dr. octavious has other plans as he instead settles you down on his lap. with a little help of his actuators you are now sitting sideways on Otto's lap. another whirring of his mechanical limbs made you avert your questioning look from his face to your front and you were met with an actuator holding a glass of water. you mumble a small thanks as you take the glass from the mechanical appendage and take a small sip. the liquid alleviates your sore throat. you drank a little more, now realizing how thirsty you actually were.
as you were drinking you felt their eyes on you, warmth creeping up to your cheeks and the tip of your ears. their attention makes you flustered. and without knowing it, you actually finish the whole glass. " look at you, doing such a fine job! how about a little sip from the soup, hm?" Norman asks as he stands up and walks over to your nightstand, where the tray of a warm-now turning cold- bowl of soup sat. the things on the small table were carefully set aside to make room for the thin rectangular metal.
you looked at the soup, currently being gently stirred by the former green goblin, contemplating whether you should or not. otto takes the glass from your hand as you worriedly gazed at the food. the thought of just barfing up and wasting good food gnaws at your brain. though your stomach had other plans as it rumbled loudly. the sound making you blush and their small chuckles made it intensify. you groan, covering your face in the process and hiding on Otto's chest.聽
"you need to eat, sweetie.." you heard Otto speak, his chest rumbling and vibrating on your ear as he spoke. "i know.." was your meek reply. your hands were gently removed from your face and you did not resist, "but...i'm...i don't want to vomit." you voice your concern, keeping your gaze down. you see chubby fingers weave with your own and it makes you smile just a little bit.聽
"is that why you're reluctant to eat?" asked Norman as he set down the spoon he used to stir and kneeled down to meet your eyes. you didn't look up to meet his gaze and just bobbed your head up once, you didn't see the silent talk the two scientists had.聽
"well, we could.. try? if you feel nauseous after one spoon then we'll find another way to at least fill your empty stomach...okay, honey?" the man in front of you waits patiently for your answer, and lays his hand on top of your's and Otto's.聽
you hum in thought, in this situation the phrase 'it wouldn't hurt to try' could backfire pretty easily. things can go south in just a blink of an eye.聽
god you hate this.聽
you hate having a brain that constantly jumps to conclusions and make-up scenarios that may or may not be possible. these thoughts are what's keeping you to yourself. and you loathe it so much. it keeps you from enjoying and doing stuff. and right now, it is keeping you from eating Norman's delicious soup.
"i guess鈥.yeah, we could..try.." you mumble loud enough for the two men to hear. doubts still clouding your brain, thoughts that disables you from meeting their eyes.聽
you didn't see the relief that replaced their worry. it seemed that your lack of reply had them on the edge. "good, good! alright, here.." Norman took the bowl from the tray, once again stirred the food as he held it carefully with one hand and scooped a spoonful of the lukewarm dish.聽
"say ahhh~" teases Norman, opening his mouth widely. an action one would do to a toddler. this made you giggle slightly and also earned a chuckle from Otto. you open your mouth and let the scientist feed you. the taste of your favorite soup coats your taste buds as you savor the lean scientist's cooking. it never ceases to amaze you.聽
you swallow the glutinous nutrient and wait for your stomach to betray you. the scientists in your room are doing the same.聽
but it never came. you felt the substance settle in your stomach instead. this made you a little teary-eyed. it did not come back up and lurch out from your mouth, like what you had expected. this earned praises from both men and softly cheered you on to continue eating. and you did, slowly eating the home cooked meal. if you weren't able to finish the food, it's alright! if you were able to finish the soup, then they would be very proud of you. they'll reward you with tons of kisses and praises for doing amazing! if you were not able to, it is completely fine! they are still proud of you and you're still rewarded by lots and lots of kisses and praises.
After you ate, Norman sets the bowl down back to the tray. Otto's actuator handed him a tissue and he wiped your mouth clean. "i got it, Otto. thank you..." you give him a grateful smile as you take the tissue from his hands. You finally gained the courage to look him in the eyes. they were as soft and caring as ever. the amount of love in his gaze made your heart swell more and you can't help but let a tear fall.
they have been so patient and gentle with you the whole time and it just made you cry in happiness. to have people like them in your life was something you never thought you would be able to have and yet here they are.聽
Otto cups your face with his human hand and gently swipes his thumb on your cheek, wiping the tears that fell from your glossy eyes. you lean in to the warm touch of the scientist. "There, there, love."聽
"Now, we did promise cuddles." Norman reminds you as he takes off his footwear and climbs on the bed with you two. chuckling, you joke, "and here i thought you'd forgotten about it." making a pouty face to add with your reply. the two laugh at this, "We may look like withering old men, darling, but our minds are as sharp as a blade." Otto comments as he settles you back down the bed and between him and Norman, "Nor is our strength any less weak than when we were young." the latter added with a hint of something suggestive in his tone as he pulls you to him, proving his point.聽
blushing furiously, you hid your face on his chest, weakly hitting him in the process with a flustered, "shut up.."
you heard them chortle at your actions. you then feel the soft material of your sheets covering you, peeking out from Norman's chest you see the actuators and Norman pulling it over to cover you three. you then feel Otto snuggle behind you as he drapes his arm over you, Norman doing the same. you three shifted positions until all of you were comfortable.聽
a content sigh left your lips as you snuggled between the two. "thank you, so much for this- for everything, Otto, Norman." you look up to them as you mention their name, "i owe you guys big time."
"you owe us absolutely nothing, dear." says Otto as he kisses the crown of your head. "this is the least that we could do for you, love. and know that we'll always be here for you. no matter what." Norman adds with a gentle squeeze on your side.聽
"you're not alone, our darling." "we'll always be by your side."聽
i really hope you guys enjoyed that kajsjsj like i've said, pls feel free to leave comments and suggestions!!馃槶馃げ馃げ thank you for reading and have a nice day/night!!馃挒馃挒
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doopdevil 10 months
I have to say this how would Otto react to reader having Venom (the character) with her/him/them?
Tumblr media
sinister 5 villains x g.n.!reader | s/o with venom symbiote hcs
warnings: cursing ; venom eating people
pairings: otto octavius x gender neutral!reader ; max dillon x gender neutral!reader ; norman osborn x gender neutral!reader
word count: 1,376
summary: it鈥檚 time to let the man you love know about another person in your relationship. Or rather, alien.
a/n: venom is an icon. i forgot to add them to my masterlist but i do accept rqs for venom and eddie, so when rqs open again, feel free to send one in! I hope you like this, thanks for reading! <3
Tumblr media
As much as he loved you, Otto had to admit that your behavior at the beginning of your relationship strook him as peculiar. At first he thought you were just one of those people who talks to themselves. But then it would seem you were referring to some invisible presence in the room.
鈥淒on鈥檛 say that. You know I don鈥檛 like it when you eat people!鈥
To say he was worried was an understatement.
鈥淒ear? Who are you talking to?鈥
鈥淯h,鈥 you mumbled, 鈥淚鈥檓 using bluetooth! Yeah!鈥
鈥淲hy the hell are you talking to a cannibal?鈥
Once you and Otto had established a strong foundation of trust between each other, you decided it was time to tell him the truth. Of course, there was no easy way of telling your boyfriend you had bonded with an extraterrestrial symbiotic organism that likes tater tots.
鈥淥tto. You know how like, aliens are a thing?鈥
鈥淎h yes, Peter鈥檚 mentioned several invasions. Why?鈥
鈥...There鈥檚 someone you should meet.鈥
Before he could inquire upon your strange behavior, hell broke loose.
鈥淗ello, Y/N鈥檚 boyfriend,鈥 a deep voice growled, coming from an obsidian ooze forming from your shoulder.
鈥淲HAT IN GOD'S NAME IS THAT-鈥 The man jumped, his metal tentacles on high alert, whirring protectively at the sight.
鈥淥tto, it鈥檚 alright. This is Venom. Venom, please stop baring your teeth like that, you鈥檙e scaring him.鈥
鈥淪orry. I was trying to smile.鈥
It was a pretty big adjustment to say the least. The shock took a while to wear off, considering that learning about your s/o鈥檚 alien symbiotic relationship can be a tad absurd. Once he had managed to compose himself, he certainly had a lot of questions.
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you tell me?鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 want to freak you out, I really like being with you, Otto. I just feel comfortable sharing this part of me with you now. I鈥檓 sorry, I know this is a lot to handle,鈥 you frowned, averting your gaze from him.
鈥淲ell, I definitely didn鈥檛 anticipate this,鈥 he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, 鈥淗ow does this relationship between you two work, exactly?鈥
You continued to explain how you and Venom operated, giving him the gist on the Klyntar; other people with symbiotes; your powers; Venom himself, and the important note that you two work together equally.
鈥淪o I鈥檓 in a relationship with you and your alien?鈥
鈥淥nly if you want to be! Venom likes you a lot, actually.鈥
The two of you had talked for hours, Otto鈥檚 confusion eventually evolving into intrigue. His scientific side had been incredibly excited at the prospect of meeting life from space, especially one as unique as Venom.
鈥淗ow would you like to talk with Venom for a bit?鈥
鈥淎s if this situation could get any stranger. Sure, where is the parasite?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 incredibly offensive!鈥 Venom snarled.
鈥淰! Don鈥檛 be mean, he didn鈥檛 know!鈥
鈥淯h. Apologies - Venom, is it?鈥
鈥淵es. We are Venom.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚鈥 nice to meet you,鈥 Otto said, hesitantly reaching his hand out to shake. Suddenly a dark slimy arm formed from yours, grasping his hand tightly.
鈥淭hank you for your hand,鈥 Venom replied, 鈥...But why are you giving it to me?鈥
At first, things were turbulent between the two. Frequently, Otto would find himself annoyed by the alien鈥檚 brash nature.
鈥淰enom, please don鈥檛 be so messy when you鈥檙e here. You鈥檙e destroying the carpet.鈥
Despite their differences they eventually grew close, Otto joining you in teaching him about human life. He had to admit, living with an alien could be amusing. And Venom in return would answer all of Otto鈥檚 scientific questions; even begrudgingly letting him analyze a sample of him. With time, the three of you became quite the trio, Otto learning to love Venom as much as you did.
鈥淚 made us dinner,鈥 Venom boomed. To your surprise, it looked edible. One could actually consider what laid on the table to be food.
鈥淰enom, this is wonderful!鈥 You grinned, taking a seat in front of Otto.
Otto couldn鈥檛 help but smile at the gesture. Venom more and more began to show Otto his caring side, and he truly appreciated the fun Venom would bring.
Tumblr media
You had luckily told Max before you started dating, back when you were close friends. The only people you鈥檇 tell about Venom were those you trusted the most, and Max was quickly ascending to the top of the list. He met you at your apartment when you broke the news to him.
鈥淢ax. I鈥檓 bonded with an alien symbiote named Venom. I鈥檓 his host. I turn into him and sometimes we fight crime and sometimes we cause it. He鈥檚 very big and scary but also kind of sweet.鈥 you rambled on, anxious to see his reaction.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e joking.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not a joke!鈥 The symbiote shouted, suddenly defensive.
鈥淥H.鈥 Max replied simply, eyes widening at your form slowly transforming into Venom.
鈥...Wow. You鈥檙e big, huh?鈥 His eyes were still wide, his voice stuttering, taking in the imposing creature.
鈥淵es. We are quite tall.鈥
鈥淎nd you鈥檙e an alien?鈥 Max asked, Venom replying with a nod.
鈥淗oly shit!鈥 He laughed, 鈥淭his is awesome!鈥
Max assured you that he鈥檇 keep Venom a secret. All in all, it didn鈥檛 seem that crazy. The multiverse existed. Magic was a thing. He had electric powers. Who鈥檚 to say you couldn鈥檛 bond with an alien?
Before you started dating, Venom would be your number 1 wingman.
鈥淕et Max red velvet cupcakes. I think they鈥檙e his favorite.鈥
鈥淢ax is really cool. We, are really cool. We鈥檙e perfect for each other!鈥 Venom proclaimed proudly.
After you and Max shared a particularly electric first kiss, before you could give him another, you were interrupted.
鈥淲ow Max! You are an excellent kisser!鈥 Venom shouted.
Venom and Max got along incredibly well. He would warm up to Venom quickly, asking him questions and gushing over how cool he was. Venom absolutely loved the attention.
鈥淎t least Max appreciates me!鈥
鈥淚 do appreciate you, Venom. But I can鈥檛 be your personal chef right now.鈥
鈥淚s everything okay?鈥 Max asked, popping his head into the room.
鈥淰enom鈥檚 hangry.鈥
鈥淥h. I鈥檒l go put some tater tots in the oven.鈥
If anyone is ever rude to Max, just like how people could be before he turned into Electro, both you and Venom are livid.
鈥淚 know I say not to eat people. But maybe you should eat that asshole!鈥 You snapped angrily.
鈥淚 think that鈥檚 a great idea,鈥 Venom grinned, pouncing towards his next meal.
You, Max, and Venom were attached to the hip. With his electricity and your alien symbiote, you鈥檙e unstoppable.
Tumblr media
Norman isn鈥檛 one to judge. He has an evil alter ego with super strength and murderous tendencies. It seemed he wasn鈥檛 the only one with another voice inside his head. Of course he was a bit shocked, but in truth, he was mostly excited. He was meeting an alien!
鈥淚ncredible. The alien can speak! How did it come to Earth? What does he eat? Is he-鈥
鈥淭he alien can hear you,鈥 Venom interrupted, his ooze masking your figure.
鈥淗ello, there. You鈥檙e quite something, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 Norman chuckled, despite being more than a bit intimidated by Venom's form.
鈥...Y/N said you鈥檇 pester me.鈥 Venom sighed.
If you ever encounter conflict with Venom, Norman is quick to sympathize. He knows how hard it can be, trying to balance two entirely different trains of thought.
鈥淰enom. Y/N is right. Please don鈥檛 eat the mailman,鈥 Norman pleaded. 鈥淚n fact, eat the chicken in the fridge instead. Once you鈥檙e done, could you give Y/N a break? They鈥檙e quite tired.鈥
Although he knows not to anger Venom, the goblin doesn鈥檛 necessarily understand that. Sometimes the two will clash and inevitably, chaos will ensue.
鈥淲e could rule the world together, Venom. You, me and Y/N can do anything with our minds put together!鈥 The goblin cackled.
鈥淚鈥橫 TRYING TO LISTEN TO ENYA. LEAVE NOW, GOBLIN MAN,鈥 Venom roared, his patience wearing thin with the super-villain.
But he tolerates Norman. Venom is a bit annoyed by his constant scientific questions and prodding, but he appreciates Norman鈥檚 quiet demeanor.
鈥淰enom, may I take another sample? Please-鈥
鈥淚f Y/N weren鈥檛 here, I definitely would鈥檝e eaten you by now.
Tumblr media
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notpikaman 11 hours
Tumblr media
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