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idkrnnn · 5 months ago
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nandoryaoi · 7 months ago
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wwdits exchange gift for @mxducktective !! the prompt i had was “Vampire!Guillermo going full-blown Hannibal Lecter”! so i made a little vampire dinner party hope u enjoy :) 
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walnutcookie · a year ago
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ladybugboots · 6 months ago
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*places a little cardboard crown on him*
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secretarykang · 2 months ago
You had a Nightcore phase?
i had a yt accounting where i would post nightcore but never got famous with it 😔
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artificialcaretaker · 8 months ago
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Sleeping in a big bed can be something so personal.
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spockvarietyhour · 7 months ago
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It’s 4am on a Saturday morning in Montreal, it’s some point in the 90s, and there’s nothing on air.
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scheduled-techno-content · 2 months ago
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…yknow how when someone comments on a channel you can click on that comment and it’ll tell you if they’ve commented other times on the channel?
technoblade has 3 comments on NightcoreReality??
all i know is the accelerate one joking about how the song might not be about cars which means there’s two more…
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spectral-coyote · 3 months ago
dude ur art is so so cool. do u have any tips 4 drawing in mspaint (im pretty sure u use mspaint?) i use it too and the way u use the 1 pixel brush is so impressive
tysm!! i have a lot of fun making it :D
I do use an mspaint, but with an emulator cause i’m a mac user (jspaint.app)!
and uhmm as for tips, 
- I like to sketch in saturated colors to get neat undertones when i go over it. I forget to do this a lot though haha. But it usually shows up less well the cleaner your sketch is
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- To get that scratchy look i almost exclusively use the 1 pixel / pencil brush along with flood fills, You might be tempted to use the bigger ones for thicker outlines but i way prefer how going over it a couple times with a smaller one looks. Helps with the faux pressure sensitivity look too.
- I also like to do some dithering and screentone by hand for the good texture :) ( You can see the former very clearly on the davepeta and roxy one lol) i try not to leave too many blocks of color wholly untextured.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thats all i got lol
i could throw together a step by step if anyone would be interested in that
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chunkysoup22 · 2 months ago
how would you say your music taste has changed over the years? we all started with nightcore amvs and build up from there but im just wondering how you judge what is/isn't good to you music wise. also I lalalalalove your banner eek!!
LOL.. let me think. A thing about me is i was a freak/dork/nerd/weirdo as a child so i was blissfully unaware of real music(+pop culture in general). i discovered good music only very recently. let me try to bang out a rough timeline
0-7: disney songs
8-13: brony fan songs/songs i heard from MAPs or furry animations and speedpaints on yt
14-16?: ajj, lemon demon, lil peep and soundcloud rap
17-now: discovered the joys of music
as for how i judge music..! ill listen to pretty much any genre, but im not sure how i decide whats good and bad. heres the thingtheres something wrong with my brain so i listen to music like all day every day so the song just has to stimulate my brain stems or whatever thats the only requirement
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digitalfriend08 · 5 months ago
Mystery Nightcore Hororscope
♈ Aries
(March 21–April 19)
♉ Taurus
(April 20–May 20)
♊ Gemini
(May 21–June 21)
♋ Cancer
(June 22–July 22)
♌ Leo
(July 23–August 22)
♍ Virgo
(August 23–September 22)
♎ Libra
(September 23–October 23)
♏ Scorpio
(October 24–November 21)
♐ Sagittarius
(November 22–December 21)
♑ Capricorn
(December 22–January 19)
♒ Aquarius
(January 20–February 18)
♓ Pisces
(February 19–March 20)
⛎ Ophiuchus
(November 29 to December 18)
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dumbass-tm · 5 months ago
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hi tma fandom!!! so uhh the other day i made a warrior cat jon (motheye!!!) for a roleplay and i started thinking ab jon a lot... and then i started thinking about how ppl like to hc that he was punk in like college bc of the mechanisms and THEN i was like.... what if he was scene/scenemo at one point... and one day the archive assistants convince him to dress up again and hes like "ugh fine..." and i spared him (and me. i cant draw legs) from the skinny jeans BUT THEN i gave him that green streak and i scribbled "its not a phase, elias!!" next to it and so i was like "lol imagine if he went to america met gerry and just... poof!!" and so i doodled!!!! there were like three other drawings that had martin in them but he looked bad in them so i erased them,,, (and then theres placeholder martin for the corner one bc i thought jon looked too yass to erase)
tl dr: scene jon!!
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m00dboards · 11 months ago
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frostednight234 · 10 months ago
Some Zim Music
I'm addicted to nightcore that sounds like Zim. I don't even like nightcore that much, but I really like Zim singing for some reason.
Anyways, I made some of my own. I don't know if you guys will think they're any good, but I like them. It really only works with Ronnie Radke's voice, I think, but I could be wrong. Here's a link to my YouTube channel if anyone wants to check it out.
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mianeko · 4 months ago
have you ever loved a song so much that you wish you could inject it into your veins and have it flow through your body?
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number1milfloislover · 5 months ago
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Just 1 of thos nites... XD
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chaosintheavenue · a year ago
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