mjpens · 20 hours ago
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Day 2 - Nico
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somanydreams · a day ago
Thinking bout the fact that - apollo was hiding from zeus on delos and then zeus made him mortal and that it would mean apollo had no mortal partner in those two years he was suffering so 7-9 years in the future there will be a time at camp when no apollo kid will appear and there is always a possibility of another fatal blow lingering over camp at all times and apollo kids take the blows really badly so maybe there would be a time at camp when the apollo cabin is totally empty. - for no reason
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pjo-arrowverse4ever · 2 days ago
Percy: *dies*
Jason : Alright Timer starts now! I say 2 months!
Nico : Bullshit. I say 1 month
Thalia : Nah, I say Half a month
Chiron : *Scratching his beard* A week
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browersbody · a day ago
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Nico by Billy Name
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musicktoplayinthedark · 2 days ago
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Nico – The Drama Of Exile
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books-and-tears · a day ago
Why are people saying we'd meet Jason in the solangelo book like he's,,, a hero? Shouldn't he be in elyusim or even the fields? What did he do to deserve tarturus??
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sweetbabyjanee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Exploding Plastic Inevitable - the Velvet Underground and Nico plus dancers (Mary Woronov and Gerard Malanga), with a light show over the whole works.
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makeithappenandreal · 2 days ago
"Okay, honey bunny, be on yout best behaviour alright? You are about to see your aunt." Percy cooed at the bundle of baby while holding her secure and walking through the hospital corridor.
"Oh yeah, your aunt. You got Estelle as your aunt but that is another kind of aunt. The cool aunt. Estelle would kill ne for that quote you know, oh, there she is." Percy spotted Thalia walking up, her bow not present as it would be a sight to barge in a hospital with a bow, wearing the tiara and silvery clothes.
"I can't believe you had the audacity to bear that child before I could get to you." Was Thalia's first words which Percy scoffed.
"Cause out of Annabeth and I's genetics would be born any patient child. Hello to you too." Percy said, walking there with fast steps.
"How's Annabeth?" Thalia asked.
"Sleeping on a few painkillers as Will kinda forced on after she wanted to spar after the birth. And I was taking the baby around, you know for her to ease into the world." Percy said with a softened look and Thalia snickered.
"Sounds like what Annabeth does. So, this is her huh?" Thalia said curiously, as Percy grinned and touched the baby's cheeks to get her attention and the baby blinked.
"That is your one and only niece Thals." Percy placed her in Thalia's lap, and the baby fussed slightly and opened her eyes. Thalia's lips titled as she took in the blond wisp of hair, beautiful sea green eyes and Percy's nose looking at her with a curious look.
"She is yours alright, both of you. And so beautiful too. Do you know who you are little girl? You look like you do." Thalia looked at Percy's loving gaze looking at the baby lighting up a little at Thalia's words and tried reaching with little hands.
"She knows her aunt Thalia." Thalia said proudly.
"Annabeth talked a lot about you while she was in her, so she definetly knows. Right, peanut? Of course you do. Daddy's clever girl." Percy said, in a softer way than Thalia ever knew.
"I have to say that she is the prettiest thing that you did. Well you didn't do a lot." Percy scoffed.
"I believe I helped. I quite recall the part I did specifically and can describe to you that it was, actually a great part.." Percy teased.
"I will strike you if you talk about your bed abilities." Thalia warned as they started to walk in the corridor.
"While holding your niece like that? Right." Percy said laughing.
"There is always breastfeeding hour." Thalia shrugged.
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festus-the-happy-dragon · 2 months ago
Frank: jellyfish have been living for 600000 years without brains.
Nico: a ray of hope for Percy.
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apollosspawn · a month ago
Nico: oh my gods
Will: what is it?
Nico: we're doing that thing couples do and wearing matching clothes~~
Will: for the third time this week, it's THE CAMP T-SHIRT and we're ALL matching
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satorugojjo · 7 months ago
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I’m dying like look at how amazing they all look but my bb Percy help how dare he be so fucking precious???
(dying at the Zagreus outfit on Nico it’s so PRETTY)
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phyroblue · 3 months ago
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campfire sing alongs
also!! its kinda late but happy pride!! 💗💗💗
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somanydreams · 14 days ago
I want what rick is smoking
Tumblr media
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pjo-arrowverse4ever · a day ago
Jason : Nico Kissed Me!
Piper :  Oh my Gods! Oh my Gods! Oh my Gods!
Jason : It was unbelievable!
Piper : Oh my Gods! Oh my Gods! Oh my Gods!
Percy : Okay, we wanna hear everything, get the wine and unplug the phone. Jason, does this end well or do we need tissues?
Jason : Oh, it ended very well
Piper : Do not start without me! Do not start without me!
Percy : Okay, alright, let's hear about the kiss.Was it a soft brush against your lips or was it like a, you know, “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
Jason : Well, at first it was really intense, you know? And then, oh God, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
Percy : Ohh...So, okay, were they holding you? Or were their hands on your back?
Jason :  First they started out on my waist and then they slid up and then they were in my hair.
Piper and Percy : ohhhh.
Nico, At cabin 13 : So uh yeah I kissed him
Annabeth : Tongue?
Nico : Yeah
Reyna : cool
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reallifesolace · 2 months ago
i know yall say nico would be the little spoon, but i find that to not always be the truth. nico has lost so much in his life, and he has an urge to protect whatever he has left. you better believe that he just holds will so tight to his chest while they sleep to try and protect the one good thing he has left in life
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spookycora · 6 months ago
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PEDRO PASCAL behind the scenes for Miu Miu 'House Comes With A Bird'
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hyacynta · 4 months ago
nico.... why did you like the camp half-blood orientation film so much...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the film that apollo directed...
Tumblr media
that was literally just apollo showing off...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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