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deadlypoetacademia · a day ago
real world isn't enough for any reader
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chromiequeen · 2 days ago
I Hope one day you will get everything you have ever dreamed of
You achieve every goal you’ve set
You receive love
And it’s only good people you will have met
I Hope you only see great things
Experience only good days
I want the best for you
Because you deserve it
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sonreyes · 2 days ago
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//photo courtesy of: Angela Deane on Instagram//
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panic-in-the-attic · a day ago
Today, I watched the clouds reach down for their mother.
Soft fingers clinging through gaps in a chain link fence.
Even the earth yearns.
Even the sky.
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jordynhaiku · a day ago
I read your letters
again; I remember now
why they stay hidden.
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followcb · a day ago
It's Not a Dream
inside, love
simply flowing
love is my river
come from high above
snowcapped mountain streams
come from clouds from heaven
from the sky to the peaks
running down,
running river through me
love is my serenity,
my constancy
great flowing magic
around me
on its way, on its way
to the sea,
to the beautiful bounty
running down from me
to the sea
and the crystalline water
surrounding, love
surrounds me
it's all I,
all I'll ever be
love, surrounding
now I know
it's not a dream
©️ @followcb ☆ September 29, 2022
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poetic--elixir · 10 months ago
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Art is to console those who are broken by life. —Vincent Van Gogh
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misscrappy · a month ago
That feminine urge this, masculine urge that ….
Yeah, okay , cool
But what about the Lunar urge to ritualistically disappear every couple of weeks ?
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crimesofapoet · 6 months ago
get in loser we’re healing and loving ourselves
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polishgirlinamericaaa · 5 months ago
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hiirraethh · 2 months ago
the soft love, where you put your hand on table corners so they won't get hurt, where you bring them coffee everytime you go over to meet them, where you pass by a florist and think of them because they love flowers, where do you find that kind of love?
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deadlypoetacademia · 2 months ago
handwritten letters, old libraries, vintage aesthetic, neck kisses, coffee shops, rainy days, annotated books, unorganised bookshelf, fictional crushes, sleep deprived eyes, love poems for moon
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ladytrist · 3 months ago
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she-writer · 2 months ago
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Damn those pretty little forget-me-nots!
I had one pressed in my book, on the same page with the paragraph you had underlined for me back when your love language was still loud and unhinged. But then you forgot how to talk and I went blue realising those damned flowers never meant the same thing to you.
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•pictures not mine, credit to the owners, but the text belongs to me•
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thehoax · 2 months ago
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ficklethoughtss · 2 months ago
I wasn't born to be happy. Maybe the purpose of my existence is just to support other people's happiness. That's it.
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followcb · a day ago
Create with Me
wander with me
hands holding hands
explore with me
interpersonal shorelines
wonder with me
let's cross the cosmos
blossom with me
we can flower on the vine
consent with me
yes to mutual admiration
reveal with me
show me all your colors
open with me
take me to your temple
create with me
let's paint the world
express with me
we can share a little magic
ascend with me
join me enroute to the sky
©️ @followcb ☆ September 29, 2022
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