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randanopterix · 2 days ago
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Sketchamania Day #1: Return
Hiromu’s 2019 Return ✨🧨💣
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joearlikelikeswrestling · 7 months ago
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jonmoxleys · 2 months ago
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I’m back here, icing my knuckles after bouncing my fist off Brody King’s skull to defend the AEW World Championship, and then I get a message. “You know who called you out...” Desperado.
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knifepervert · 9 days ago
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It’s the zoom in for me 💀
(GIFs created by me ✨)
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changochamango · 4 months ago
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This was so fun to draw! Bless my commissioner for getting me in on this!
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sybilius · 2 months ago
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Reaction memes for your G1 needs :)
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yoshihashismattebum · 2 months ago
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A Block | B Block | C Block | D Block
I made a thing! A powerpoint guide to the G1 on twitter was what got me into NJPW in the first place (3 whole years ago), and this year I decided to return the favour. There are jokes in it! But also facts! And pictures of men in their undies looking Very Serious!
Hopefully you find it helpful/amusing/all of the above. This is just the A Block, but you can find my guide to the B Block here and links to the other blocks at the top of this description!
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hangmangang · 3 months ago
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tarratastic · 5 months ago
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My god.
Photos by, Luke Paron
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takerfoxx · 4 days ago
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Antonio Inoki, pro wrestler turned politician and the man who literally founded NJPW, my favorite wrestling promotion, has passed away. He was 79.
In a way this should not be a surprise. He was old, his health had been deteriorating for years, and no one can deny that he lived a rich and full life.
But even so, it is odd when one of the great titans of something you love, who is personally responsible for one of your favorite parts of it, is here one day and then gone the next. His influence is legendary, and his accomplishments, both on and off the mat, are undeniable.
Rest in Peace, Mr. Inoki.
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joearlikelikeswrestling · 18 days ago
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writtingrose · 3 months ago
In Charge
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SUMMARY; Soft, needy Jay based off the Gif loosely
WARNINGS; READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Smut, Mommy kink, lactation kink (Kind of?)
BETA’D BY; @abadamn and @sophiewolfheart-blog​
His shoulders slumped as the strap of his IWGP title drug along the carpet in the hotel hall. He’d been quiet since his interview before they left the venue. Just ahead of him, Y/N slid the door to their suite open and waited for him to step inside before following and shutting the door. 
“Do you want to talk about it?”
His usually mischievous eyes met hers as he stepped towards the couch and  shrugged haphazardly. She offered him a small smile as she sat the keycard and her phone on the shelf. 
It wasn’t often Jay withdrew into himself. Matter of fact, in the four years they’d been together she’d seen it once. Usually he was the cocky, dominant, arrogant switchblade everyone knew and loved. She was the only one allowed to see this side. To see him vulnerable. 
A clattering drew her attention to the couch and Jay’s frustrated intake of breath. He had tried to set the title on the couch but it slid off and now rested at his feet. She could feel the explosion coming, could see the tension and frustationing in the way he stood. 
“Fuck the title, Jay”
She stepped towards him and reached out to slide her hands under the hem of his white t-shirt. Just as they began to slide up his stomach, Jay moved and buried his head in her chest. His arms wound around her to pull her tight against him as he drew in a breath. She stumbled slightly but steadied herself as her hands slid around to drag over his back.
Jay moaned softly against her, the first sound he’d made in hours and she took it as a sign to do it again. She slid her hands down his back, tracing each muscle as she pressed a kiss to the top of his head. His hands moved, too, sliding around to cup her breasts as he gently pushed her back towards the bed. 
“Oh no,” she giggled and pushed him back gently. “Clothes off, first baby.” 
He whined gently, the sound barely reaching her ears, but complied as she pushed the soft material up and over his head. As it hit the floor, her fingers moved to hook in the waistband of his joggers and boxers, slowly pushing them down as she sank to her knees. She tapped the back of each thigh, pulling both items free as he lifted his feet. Once his socks had been sat aside to join his clothes, she stood, hands trailing up his calves, then his thighs, his stomach, and last his chest before resting over his pecks. She leaned forwards to kiss him gently, lips ghosting over his as she turned them.
“On the bed, baby. Get comfy while I undress.”
“Yes, mommy.”
The words fell effortlessly from his lips as he crawled onto the bed, not even thinking. Y/N, to her own surprise, never missed a beat as she slid the clothes from her body. 
.Once naked she joined him on the bed. Starting at the foot, she crawled over him. Her breasts ghosted over his skin before coming to rest on either side of his cock as she gently kissed the tip. The smallest gasp slipped past his lips as his dark hazel eyes met hers. She smiled at him, breasts gently sliding over his stomach and chest until they hung over his face.
“Go ahead, baby.” She licked her lips, one hand running through his hair as her folds slid along his cock, tip resting against her entrance. “You can suck them.”
Jay’s hands flew to her breasts, kneading the soft flesh in his fingers as his lips wrapped around her nipple. At the same time, Y/N rolled her hips, sliding onto his cock as a breathless moan fell from her lips. 
“Good boy.” Soft eyes stared down into his as she rolled her hips, sliding along his cock as she ran a hand through his hair and tugged gently. Jay groaned against her causing her nipple to vibrate as his hips bucked to meet hers. 
He switched breasts, one hand coming to pinch the one he’d just released as his other hand slid down her side. She moaned her praise, nails gently scratching his scalp as she rocked her hips against him, sound starting to bounce off the walls around them.
“Feel so good, Jay.” She shuttered, walls pulsing around his thick length. “Always fuck me so good, baby.”
She adjusted her weight against him, pulling her knees under her to ride him better. She slid almost completely off his cock before bringing her hips back to meet his. Jay growled under her, the sound soft and unsure in his throat as his hips bucked. His hands wrapped around her, digging into her shoulder blades and pressing her chest harder against his face. Teeth and tongue teased over each nipple as his cock swelled inside her.
“Tell me again, please.” He groaned into her chest, hands sliding down her back to try and cup her ass. 
She slid her hands under his arms, pinning them above his head as she circled her hips. 
“Mommies in charge, baby.” She moved far enough to kiss him, tongue pushing past his lips to stroke against his. “Wanna make my baby boy feel as good as he makes me feel.”
Jay groaned, helpless under her as he looked into her eyes and nodded. “You do, baby. Your so fucking good to me.”
“Have to make sure my King knows how much I appreciate him.” She nudges his head to the side, running her tongue along the shell of his ear as her cunt squeezed his cock. “Make sure my baby knows how much I love him.”
Jay cried out gently, hips jerking off the bed to rock his cock into her as it jerked against her tight walls. 
The force of him thrusting himself up into her caused their chests to clash together, her tits squishing against him as she nipped the soft flesh of his skin. Jay took the opportunity to change things, maneuvering his hands to intertwine their fingers. He pulled his feet up slightly for better leverage, lifting his hips to meet hers with each bounce of her ass.
“That’s it.” He squeezes her hands, hazel eyes darkening as he licks his lips. “Tell me.. Fuck, control me, baby.”
Y/N moans into his neck, teeth sinking into the skin to leave an impression behind as she bounced against him. The sound of their skin filled the room as she moved to kiss him again. This time their tongue met, Jay taking dominance for a split second before relinquishing it to her.
“Take me,” He muttered against her lips, chest heaving as his eyes searched hers. “Use me, please. Make yourself cum on my dick.”
Y/N cried out softly as she fluttered around his length, hips rocking against his so her clit drug against his pelvis. Gazes connected as her nails dug into the back of his hands, squeezing as her tits rocked against his chest with every bounce. 
“Gonna make me cum, baby.” Her forehead pressed against his, their breath mingling as they moaned into each other's mouths, kissing sloppily.
 “Know you wanna cum too, Jay. Wanna fill mommy up like a good boy.” She nipped his lip before sucking the bruised skip, pulling it between her lips. “Do it. Fucking fill me up.”
Y/N crashed her lips to his as their hips slammed together, orgasms curling each of their toes. Their mixed cum oozed over his balls to drip onto the bed as she crashed on top of him.
Jay moved his hands to rub down her back, hips still rocking gently up into her. Neither of them said anything as they laid there, soaking in the afterglow. Y/N moved just enough to lay on his chest, the thumping of her heart matching that of his. She wanted to ask what had been bothering him but thought best of it. He would tell her when he was ready. For now, though, she would enjoy the softer side.
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knifepervert · 3 months ago
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(GIFs created by me ✨)
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