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♡ When they give you head pats  // headcanon
❝fluffy hcs of reader getting head pats from kenma, nishi, and hinata… 🥺👉👈 ❞
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* requested by: anonymous *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
𑁍 Characters: Kozume Kenma, Nishinoya Yū, Hinata Shōyō
»»—Trigger warning(s): none —-««
➶ Genre: fluffffff
-ˏˋ A/N: I was kinda worried on how this would turn out but I think it’s really cute 🥺 ˊˎ-
Tumblr media
you and kenma met in your first year of high school when you were paired together for a project
things were really awkward at first because he like,, never talks lol
buuuut when you went to his house after school to work on the project you noticed all of his video games lying around and thought that it would be a good conversation starter
and oh boy were you correct
you could ask him about any game and he could talk about it for so long, like a solid 2 minutes
you had just met kenma, but something about him intrigued you and it made you happy to see how passionate he was about his games???
you didn’t know much about video games, and hadn’t really played any, but you wanted that to change
minecraft was the only game you knew anything about since it was fairly popular and a friend of yours had shown you a video or two
kenma told you that if you wanted to get an account, that he would teach you how to become a master
sooooooooo that's what you did
you bought the game (spending a whole ass $27 just so you could bond with kenma smh) and hung out with him a lot just so you could get the basics down
he decided that it would be fun to play on a public server instead of creating your own world, so you hopped on the server of kenma’s choice and followed his lead
he insisted that you guys play survival games first since the point of it is straightforward: collect items from chests and try to kill people. simple.
you somehow managed to die within the first 15 seconds, so you demanded that you play another round
each round came and went, all of them resulting in you dying without being able to so much as hit another player, and kenma coming in top 3 each time
you were starting to get frustrated that you couldn’t even complete the simple task of playing this game correctly, but you were not going to quit
you made it your goal to get at least one kill, no matter how long it took
you and kenma played this game for longer than you’d like to admit, but you gradually got the hang of it and came closer and closer to your goal
on game #3545632 you finally managed to kill someone!!!! and after that, you got another kill!!
you couldn’t help but jump up and down with excitement, so happy that your hard work paid off
“kenma!!!!! did you see that??!?!?! i got two kills that round, TWO!”
“i’m so proud of you”
he gave you a soft smile and a smol pat on the head
you froze and nearly passed out on the spot
you hadn’t known kenma for long, but you knew him long enough to know that he never displayed any physical affection with anyone and that it took a lot for him to even give the smallest smile
and you just managed to get both of those things from him
now that you reached your goal of getting a kill in minecraft survival games, your next goal is to now receive another head pat from kenma
Tumblr media
you and noya have been friends since you were in 4th grade
he lived across the street from you, so you guys would do everything together
his energy and bright personality were infectious, causing you to be the same way when you’re together
but recently, life has been kicking your ass
it started to feel like nothing was going your way, everything you did just didn’t seem to work out
you failed a test that you studied so damn hard for, you got caught in the rain walking home from school and all of your notebooks got ruined, you had two pieces of bread left so you threw them in the toaster and they burnt
the list just keeps going on and on
you were usually one who didn’t have a problem with keeping your emotions under wraps, but they started to pile up and one night, the dam broke
you were at noya’s house for a movie night when it happened
there you were, watching Paul Blart Mall Cop when you suddenly burst into tears
poor noya was so flustered at the sudden change of emotions and had no idea what was happening or what to do
it had been years since he had seen you cry
of course, like a lot of people, you had your fair share of cries throughout the years, but you always made sure to do it when you were by yourself, scared to burden others with your emotions
noya was SO sad to see his best friend this upset, he knew that you had to have been going through a lot to make you suddenly cry in front of him
he kinda just sat there staring at you at first lol because he didn’t know what to do?????
usually he would just crack some stupid jokes to make you smile, but something told him that this wasn’t the correct time for that
he decided that what you needed most was comfort, so he scooted closer to you and pulled you into a hug
a memory flooded back to him from when you guys were kids and you were upset
he would hug you and give you little pats on the head and it made you instantly feel better
it had been years since he last did that, but he thought it was worth a try
he raised his hand and gave your head a comforting *pat pat*
he could feel you smile against his chest and your breathing become calmer
noya continued to pat your head gently, making a mental note that this was the key to your happiness haha
Tumblr media
you had just met hinata recently since you were in the same class and were assigned to sit next to each other
you guys clicked instantly, loving his bright and bubbly personality
he would tell you about his life; hobbies, family, passions
and of course, the thing he told you was most important to him was volleyball
that sparked your interest because you always loved to watch volleyball on tv and even go see some local matches
but you had never played, mostly because you never had anyone to teach you
sooooooo now that you have hinata by your side, you didn’t waste time in asking him to show you the ropes
he was so excited !!!!!!!
he’s never had someone ask him for help with volleyball, and he was determined to be the best damn teacher in the world
it took a lot of practice, and you started off slow
you practiced receiving, diving, serving, and lastly, spiking
suga helped you guys out with being your setter (kageyama refused to spend any more time with hinata than he already had to, plus, he had to go to supplementary classes lol)
the first fifty balls that suga set for you were missed
whether it was because you got the timing wrong, you didn’t jump high enough, or you just completely miss the ball (lmao me)
hinata would give you tips and pointers in between tosses, not wanting you to feel down about yourself or give up
after many many missed chances, you finally got a spike in
and it was a pretty damn good spike too
you felt ecstatic, but hinata seemed even happier than you
you could practically see the sparkle in his eyes
runs over to you and tackles you in a hug and give you a pat on the head, his eyes squinting into crescents as he gives you the biggest smile
you blush when he pats you on the head aww
every time you hit a really good spike he give you a little *pat pat*
and you LOVE it, it makes you feel all nice and warm inside
you use that as your motivation to hit every ball that suga sets as if your life depends on it
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Poptropica Island Ratings
okay I saw a post on here a while ago and someone rated the Poptropica islands. I remember agreeing with a lot of them, but they only went so far so a lot of the newer islands were missed out. I came across it again recently and got hit by a wave of nostalgia so I’m gonna do my own now. Unoriginal content very good. i’ll put a keep reading link to stop it from taking up too much space
Early Poptropica - mega nostalgia but kinda boring. I like the original Poptropicans being pixely and there is a goth gf in the sewers however the giant green spider scared the shit out of me as a kid and the idea of an aircraft graveyard made me sad so 6/10
Shark Tooth Island - also nostalgic but I didn’t complete it for a long time for some reason.. very short. it has a story but its there is nasty shark and people stuck on an island so make a calming potion. the medicine man looks like he is from viva pinata so 6/10
Time Tangled Island - VERY GOOD AND FUN AND HISTORICAL FUCK THAT AZTEC THO DICKHEAD. quite lengthy for an island but this is good because that means more time periods to explore. it’s also educational but i just care about restoring time. very legendary the iconic just jumped out - 10/10
24 Carrot Island - stupid pun point taken off. introduces Dr Hare and people are THIRSTY. you can dye your hair with milkshakes. i thought it was creepy as a kid honestly. i think its mind control or something. but i like it, it still has nostalgia value 8/10
Super Power Island - very legend like. i loooove the antagonists, especially copy cat but i think i had to look up a guide to beat her because i was dumb af. you need a licence to be a superhero but you are a superhero!!! very fun i like this one a lot 10/10
Spy Island - i remember sucking at this one as well as a kid.  i think it fucks with peoples hair and i only remember because my character looks fresh 100% of the time and this island fucked it up i think. i don't really remember it tho. 5/10
Nabooti Island - it’s based on a Choose Your Own Adventure book so good premise. go around the world is also good. you have to get jewels i think. ngl i didn’t finish this one because i sucked at it so i’m just going off the wiki and how far i got into it. fuck the animal puzzle 7/10
Big Nate Island - who the fuck is Big Nate. i only remember the school climbing frame and a stink bomb. fuck you big nate we don’t have your comics in England 1/10
Astro-Knights Island - medieval knights.... IN SPACE?!?! COUNT ME IN. crazy jester bard guy antagonist. people are thirsty for him too. i’m pretty sure you end up in another dimension or something. cyborgs and shit 9/10
Counterfeit Island - bruh i loved this island. pretty sure antagonist is also making people thirsty. you have to go back to Early Poptropica Island to complete it, very cool. investigating crime is cool idea it’s l.a. noire in poptropica. the wiki says there is a glitch called anti-social clown and i have to say relatable 9/10
Reality TV Island - i think i completed this like twice and i remember jackshit. you get to see past characters tho so very good. it’s just doing challenges. 4/10
Mythology Island - VERY GOOD. LEARN ABOUT MYTHOLOGY. you can fight hydra and other creatures, you meet Zeus you meet Hades, Aphrodite is a bitch. 9/10
Skullduggery Island - pirates are always good no matter what. apparently it is one of the hardest islands which explains why i never completed it but you fight other pirates and sea monsters for doubloons or some shit sounds cool to me 8/10
Steamworks Island - steampunk is good. i remember completing this and thinking it was interesting and weird to look at. i think the atmosphere is was lonely tho. there’s a boss battle against a plant i think. otherwise i don’t fuckin remember 7/10
Great Pumpkin Island - it’s Peanuts so it’s nice. very nice and simple. it’s just about the great pumpkin except you’re there. 6/10
Cryptids Island - GOD TIER. CRYPTIDS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. some of it is scary tho. the jersey devil just fucking staring at you from the window was a shit the bed moment for a kids game. also before the islands got rebooted, it was one of the only islands to have sound effects, i.e. when the chupacabra bursts out the box. honestly because of the balls on this kids game to scare children and also being good island 10/10
Wild West Island - the only thing better than pirates is cowboys. i don’t really remember it but you do go against an outlaw gang. i like cowboys 10/10
Wimpy Wonderland Island - Jeff I know you made doawk and poptropica but did you have to show it. ngl i liked it because i like doawk. but it’s kinda... creatively bankrupt i guess. 3/10 2 points because Rodrick is there
Red Dragon Island - i think more time travel but just to old Japan. you have to save a girl. that’s all i remember. also i think there is a nasty samurai guy. but also evil dragon. i can’t remember because for the longest time this was a premium account only island so i never got to finish it for the longest time. that was a dick move 7/10 for that alone.
Shrink Ray Island - cool premise but this island expects me to learn morse code 3/10
Mystery Train Island - detectives? on a train? very nice. basically murder on the orient express except no murder and thomas edison is there and also various other 1700/1800 nerds
Game Show Island - basically Reality TV except it’s to save the world from robots. 5/10
Ghost Story Island - wow iconic. this is the only island with voice acting and it’s to fucking jumpscare you i shat myself.  ghost hunting, very cool 10/10
S.O.S Island - it’s basically Titanic mixed with Moby Dick. it’s ok 6/10
Vampire’s Curse Island - i reaaaally like this one. i like vampires. it has a vampire daddy in it so. he kidnaps a teenage girl tho because he thinks its the love of his life who is dead. kinda weird. he does stop being insane at the end tho and says sorry and dies. the girls bf is a dickhead tho. 9/10
Twisted Thicket Island - i think you’re saving a forest from becoming housing. i really like it because it introduces various folkloric creatures like the nokken. i only remember the nokken because i went on akinator to see if he knew what it was and i don’t think he did so i added it and it’s photo to his database. or maybe it was just his photo but i remember uploading something to akinator. 8/10
Poptropolis Games Island - i don’t think i liked this one 3/10
Wimpy Boardwalk Island - Jeff. 2/10 1 point added because Rodrick is also there
Lunar Colony Island - space is good. do i remember this island tho? no. i think theres aliens tho. 5/10 because i like space and aliens.
Super Villain Island - it brings back the most memorable villains like binary bard and black widow. you find out why they are evil. pretty chill 8/10
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Island - what do you expect 5/10
Zomberry Island - the last of us except i think people are just eating nasty berries really. i like it it’s spooky 7/10
Night Watch Island - Paul Blart Mall Cop 6/10
Back Lot Island - you make a film. i can’t remeber it like at all. 6/10 because it sounds ok
Poptropolis Games Island Part 2 - fuck off 2/10
Virus Hunter Island - i don’t think i completed this one either. however it is one of those inside the human body things which is always cool if cliche. 8/10
Mocktropica Island - very satirical what if about if poptropica was run by assholes. ironic since a bunch of islands were made premium only for a while. pretty sure the bonus missions still are too which is why i’m not mentioning them. funny tho 7/10
Monster Carnival Island - spooky yes. people thirst over the ringmaster raven guy too. theres a spooky clown on the ferris wheel. i don’t remember much other than i liked it because it was about monsters in a theme park. 9/10 i remember it was surprisingly short tho
Survival Island - castaway except it’s you. i don’t remember it either lmao. i got out of touch with old poptropica real bad by this time so my next ratings might be unfair sorry. pretty sure it also becomes the most dangerous game tho and some guy wants to actually fucking kill you. ballsy. 7/10 because it sounds ok i should maybe play it.
Mission Atlantis Island - i like atlantis but i didn’t play this one either. you see deepsea creatures which are spooky so extra points 8/10
PoptropiCon Island - poptropica’s answer to comicon. now i did play this one for some reason but i don’t remember it too well either. i was 14 when it came out so. sounds like yu-gi-oh so good. 7/10
Arabian Nights Island - didn’t play it i think it’s just telling the story. it’s a cool story so 7/10
Galactic Hotdogs Island - what the fuck 1/10
Mystery of The Map Island - vikings are cool. island seems very short tho. 5/10
Timmy Failure Island - who the fuck. this would be more impactful if i read these fucking things but i don’t. who the fuck are you timmy. i guess it’s called failure for a reason. (that was mean sorry) 1/10
Escape from Pelican Rock Island - prison break, nice idea. you have like a twin in this one. seems a bit repetitive sometimes tho. theres like 7 days of doing similar things. 6/10
Monkey Wrench Island - it was created to be the new tutorial, i.e. an actual tutorial rather than Early Poptropica. very fast and boring, especially if you already know everything. 2/10
Crisis Caverns Island - i know nothing about this. even the wiki is incomplete. maybe that means its shit then. 1/10 the wiki doesn’t even care too much about this one.
Greek Sea Odyssey - more ancient greece is always good. you get to beat the shit out of zeus this time 8/10
Snagglemast Island - all you do is collect coins. another tutorial one. 1/10.
bonus: home island. legit just a hub. points added because you can do a lot of customisation here and pick up a pet that doesn’t cost credits. 4/10
DOUBLE BONUS: the little haunted house mini thing. very good because spooky costumes, spooky house fun little monster party. 10/10
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Podcast Challenge Catch-Up
Quick recap below the cut of the episodes I’ve listened to since I stopped posting! Featuring: The Flop House, Conversations with People Who Hate Me, The Orbiting Human Circus of The Air, My Brother My Brother and Me, Sawbones, My Dad Wrote a P*rno, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Bright Sessions, The Adventure Zone, Shmanners, and Critical Role (which is new!!!). No times since I’m not tracking my goal. There will be a normal post tonight with the ones I listened to today!
Podcast: The Adventure Zone
Episode: Amnesty - Episode 9
Commentary: I have... thoughts and questions about the crystal. Many thoughts and questions
Episode: Amnesty - Episode 10
Commentary: The water parks bit was so fucking wild I don’t even know man just. That was the epitome of TAZ insanity.
Episode: Amnesty - Episode 11
Commentary: Kay so that whole simulation was maybe a bit traumatic, Minerva. I’m worried for Duck and what this whole ‘chosen one’ thing actually entails
Podcast: The Bright Sessions
Episode: S4E13: The AM
Commentary: This entire episode was just me clutching my phone and whispering “oh god oh god oh god please let them be all right”
Podcast: Conversations with People Who Hate Me
Episode: Facts and Feelings
Commentary: A lot of my reactions to these episodes are just “Oh BOY is that a lot to unpack”
Podcast: Critical Role
Episode: Episode 1: Arrival at Kraghammer
Commentary: Okay, I sat down and made my whole cheat sheet. I have many many many loooooong episodes to go but I am. Determined.
Episode: Episode 2: Into the Greyspine Mines
Commentary: Coming from TAZ it is so genuinely bizarre to me that they are like... negotiating. And planning. That they had a thing they wanted to do and the person wouldn’t let them inside his house so their reaction was just *shrug* “oh well, guess we can try and come back later” and not someone getting socked in the jaw, charmed, and the house probably blasted with magic missile
Episode: Episode 3: Strange Bedfellows
Commentary: Damn, I really though that pile of rags was going to be the halfling lady they were looking for. Curious to see where this outcast mindflayer person is going though
Episode: Episode 4: Attack on the Duergar Warcamp
Commentary: That was some badass fighting ngl
Podcast: The Flop House
Episode: Movie Minute #28 - Criterion Collection
Commentary: I have never heard of any of those films and I don’t think I want to.
Also what WAS that
Episode: #42 - Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Commentary: This just made me want to go look up that Paul Blart annual watch that the McElroys do tbh. Also I’ve never in my life seen even clips of this movie but at the same time I feel like I have seen it, you know? Like it’s just... such a meme. I’ve seen Space Mall and that’s the most important thing.
Episode: Movie Minute Klassic - Comic Heroes
Commentary: I don’t know who or what Ziggy is. Also he forgot Man vs Self
Episode: #43 - Righteous Kill
Commentary: To be honest I didn’t take a note on this one and I forget what I wanted to say about it, but I think it was something about the fact that putting De Niro and Pacino in a buddy cop movie is one of those things that sounds good for like five seconds and then you think about it and... nooooooo
Podcast: My Brother, My Brother and Me
Episode: 145: Three’s Company High
Commentary: The bit about 5-year high school reunions was some weirdly coincidental timing considering I just passed my own 5-year reunion
Podcast: My Dad Wrote a P*rno
Episode: S1E2 - “The Leather Room”
Commentary: That drinking game is the kind that will give you alcohol poisoning in five minutes
Podcast: The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air
Episode: Season 1, Episode 5
Commentary: GOD Julian deserves none of this they’re so awful to him
Episode: Season 1, Episode 6
Commentary: “The kid thinks I’m Santa Claus! I mean yeah I got the white beard, but I’m a JEW!”
Episode: Season 1, Episode 7
Commentary: “My first boyfriend was a polar bear” Wut
Also YIKES Julian
Episode: Season 1, Episode 8
Commentary: There is nothing about a platypus I can take seriously
Podcast: Sawbones
Episode: Fertility
Commentary: Justin raises an interesting point here – I wonder how much a general perception that medicine is supposed to be bad or uncomfortable or gross influenced what people thought would be effective.
Podcast: Shmanners
Episode: Holiday Special: Saint Patrick’s Day
Commentary: I happened to listen to this on the day of Ireland’s Yes vote, which seemed appropriate :D
Podcast: The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Episode: #98: The full Christmas episode from December 3, 2011!
Commentary: I was advised to listen to this out of order with other episodes to keep the Sparks Nevada story in chronological order - shoutout to the TAH wiki
Episode: #74: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, “Hypercattle Overdrive”
Commentary: This intro without Croach. I don’t like it.
Episode: #75: War of Two Worlds, Part 4
Commentary: Okay I’m still not a huge fan of War of Two Worlds but “I’m on a wheatgrass diet” did crack me up
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Virgin Singer Madonna Befriending Rosie O’Donnell (ROD) in “A League of Their Own”
I met someone who really inspires me named Rosie. I’ve thought a lot about her for the last 2 days to where I couldn’t sleep. I’m probably running on maybe 3 hours of sleep total in the last 3 days.
The problem with very little sleep is that you get cranky and short-tempered. My crazy ex-girlfriend Rebecca and I have had nasty fights as a result of lack of sleep.
I asked Rosie to give me an honest opinion on my situation. She gave it to me. I thought about it while she went off to get something to eat. I had to write some thoughts down.
I had told her that it’s hard for me to keep what I want to say down. I feel I have to express myself. However, it’s different with me. If I don’t vent or release pressure, it triggers my Psychic Abilities. If I just sit on information or something gnawing at me, it starts to leak.
Since my Psychic Abilities behave like a Microphone plugged into Earth’s Electromagnetic Field as a PA System, it will get blared out across the news.
One of the things I said in my letter to Rosie was about the fights Rebecca and I used to have.
One of the people I didn’t mention was Aimee on Second Life in 2013. The TV Show “We Are the Millers” with Will Arnett was on for a brief time.
I had only known from 7/13 of 2013 to 11/30 of 2013 when Paul Walker died in his car crash. News for 1/17 of 2020 talked about Walmart under fire for a joke about the late Paul Walker.
I haven’t really told Rosie about how it works with my Psychic Abilities where I echo the news every 24 hours. I just realized that the news about Paul Walker points back to Aimee.
I really liked Aimee born 4/23, but I had to cut ties with her. We had only known each other 4 months. When you know someone for less than 2 years in the Psychic Field, you can’t really tell them to stop what they’re doing because it’s disrupting the Psychic Field.
Since Aimee didn’t really know what happened, I had to voluntarily leave. I talked to her about the Psychic Field, but it was very superficial.
I just realized where Rosie surfaces in history. It’s the friendship of Virgin singer Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell. They were kind of an odd pair but they hit it off.
I think it’s because I’m Virgin and align with Virgin singer Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell is Rosie who’s Atheist. The two of us get along even though we really shouldn’t.
However, Rosie also had a daughter tag with me as her Daddy. Rosie O’Donnell’s initials as “R’O.D” for my name is that parent theme and how Rosie’s daughter won’t speak to her.
That’s kind of muddled because Rosie in the daughter position is mingling with Jordan as my other daughter.
I know Jordan as my adopted daughter doesn’t want to talk to me and has muted me on Social Media, but I can’t tell yet what that means about Rosie.
I had mentioned in my letter to Rosie about how news for 1/17 of 2020 said the son of J. R. R. Tolkein passed away.
Tumblr media
I told Rosie about the “Lord of the Rings” Two Towers Prophecy that is surfacing. While I may not be important, that is something that is moving forward.
It’s unfortunate that the person who spotted it is not getting support and is forced to get a part-time job to afford food and a roof over his head while other people and organizations are raking in tons of money.
For something this important, there’s no funding.
This isn’t a dig at Rosie. She’s being practical and realistic. But it’s just so unfortunate that this is the how things are. Things that really needed to be funded just die on the vine.
If people don’t get it and if you don’t give a good enough explanation, you miss your shot. And that’s it. Even if it was something that could impact the world and have devastating repercussions.
Because people didn’t know what Cryptology was or that there was a Math Language that Earth uses, people just shrug it off as something low priority or not very important.
There’s this disconnect. I once flagged Greta Thunberg down on Instagram with the information, but it just got lost or ignored. I suspect it’s just because I don’t have have any Liknes and only have 30 Followers. So what I say has little or no value because you get graded by how many Followers you have determining whether you have something worthwhile to say that people should listen to.
People say you have to be upbeat and bright. You attract more flies with honey. You need your slick polished video so you look legit. You try but you get other people’s work dumped on you or told to do other chores like Cinderella.
I actually know where Rosie is when I was in Elementary School. This was back in like 5th or 6th Grade. So I was about 11 years old around 1986
I went to Manchester Elementary that was on California Avenue. I’m in California. Rosie ***tea lived right by the school. The Rosie I met on Second Life is in London where they drink tea.
Rosie on California Avenue had a huge crush on me. My mom was the one who told me how the mother said something and Rosie would always say hi. She really liked me.
I was only 11 so puberty hadn’t kicked in. Rosie was Filipina like me. It was weird having someone like me that much. She eventually outgrew her puppy love crush on me and she married my classmate Dale B.
So somehow that has to do with Rosie.
I also realized that Rosie on Second Life is my Aunt Nonita’s Rosie. My mom had to make a title page for one of her ebooks.
I didn’t want to do it or didn’t have time or something. But Rosie who had some kind graphic design business offered to do a book cover.
So Rosie did it and E-mailed it. My mom wasn’t really keen on it. So I said, “Fine, I’ll make it if I get a chance then.”
So I whipped something up in about 2 hours with the family picture and a rose that symbolizes the family with the petals. My mom fell in love with that one and how much time and thought I put into that.
So my mom thanked Rosie for her services, but my mom felt bad and still paid Rosie while I didn’t get paid anything and even though my mom thought my book cover artwork was better.
I suspect that Rosie doing graphic design taking a few days to make up a cover that my mom didn’t care for and me who was busy but whipping something up together in 2 hours back in 2012 was talking about Rosie on Second Life.
It’s comparing Rosie’s skill level with the Psychic Field and her stuff about Meditation and things she was suggesting I do compared to my experience and skill level that is higher that hers.
I think the reason why Earth would point that out is because Rosie and I switched positions, Rosie with her meditation techniques would still leave her ill-prepared for managing the Electromagnetic Field on an international scale.
While I may come across as flaky, depressed, and moody, I have strong Mental Discipline when it comes to stabilizing the Psychic Field. If you don’t have strong Mental Discipline, you’ll broadcast and it will cause disruptions or a shock wave where you’ll see shooting, a plane engine falling from the sky, or a fire that is marked with those tags.
With all due respect to Rosie and the conversations I’ve had with her, she didn’t seem to indicate that she’s had any experience with using Psychic Abilities or the Occult like a firearm that can inflict injury or death. You need a steady mind because if you’re jittery or nervous, you could accidentally squeeze the trigger on your mind as a firearm and kill someone.
Talkin to Magical and Mystical people worldwide who have never used their Abilities to injure, maim, or kill someone is not the same as actually talking to someone who does and actually doing it.
It would be like Paul Blart as a Mall Cop giving James Bond who has a drinking problem advice on how to calm his nerves. While it’s true that James Bond has deep rooted psychological issues, brooding, and getting wasted, James Bond is still a trained assassin with a higher skill set than Paul Blart the Mall Cop.
Although Rosie meant well suggesting Meditation, that is what it feels like.
I know Rosie was just trying to help. But I believe the reason why I’m shown this is because Earth has a very specific program She showed me. She doesn’t want me questioning my judgment.
If I allow Rosie to get in my head where she establishes that her skill set and abilities supersede mine, she could end up giving me bad advice when she really doesn’t understand the caliber or level that I’m working at.
I didn’t tell Rosie the whole story or the extent of how far my Psychic Abilities reach. My Abilities go behind Planet Earth. I’ve seen it go as far as Jupiter.
Tumblr media
Rosie doesn’t realize that I’ve had the Sun that is 109 times the size of Earth acknowledge me.
The day I made my Second Life avatar profile picture 5/5 of 2014, I superimposed an image of Superman on the surface of the Sun.
I posted the quote from Jack Kerouac
"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
The quote cited “square holes” and that’s when NASA scientists were surprised that a square hole appeared on the Sun. I could’ve explained why that square hole is there if people asked me, but people don’t.
That’s what it looks like when the Sun acknowledges your post and your Superman title.
I’m very proud of that accomplishment where the Sun acknowledged me.
But it’s also mixed with sadness because it shows how people really don’t appreciate things I know or what I have to say.
If people realized that the Sun and Earth are both alive and they acknowledge me, then it hints that I must be pretty special to have earned the respect of the Planet you stand on and the Sun in the Sky.
There was another Rosie whom I met who was really sweet who I met in 2000. It was a year after I ran my branch office Summer 1999.
Rosie and her brother were new employees at my old manager’s office. My old 1998 manager looks like actor Brett Jordan Dier as Michael Cordero in “Jane the Virgin.”
I’m willing to bet that’s Rosie again. Our boss Pat born 2/6 when the 6th State of Massachusetts was ratified means 6th State Postal Abbreviation MA or Virgo Mother as the Virgin Mother. That’s the Virgin Symbol tied to me.
I like Rosie a lot but I wonder if I made an error in judgment in telling her too much.
It could interfere with us blossoming a decent relationship if Rosie thinks I am being lazy and spoiled when I don’t carry out the things she suggests.
I just feel it’s like “Spider-Man 2″ where Mary Jane is unhappy with Peter Parker. Doctor Connors  as Peter’s college professor is disappointed in Peter’s failing grades and alawys being late to class. Peter can’t hold down a job.
But if you knew that Peter is Spider-Man who is like a firefighter on call and has to drop everything he’s doing to go save someone, people wouldn’t be so hard on him.
There’s that scene where Peter has to get an order of pizzas to an office in less than 30 minutes. Because he had to stop to save someone, the receptionist isn’t going to pay for it. So Peter loses his job.
Peter was saving lives and doing something really important but to everyone else, he just looks like he was slacking and not taking his job seriously.
It isn’t until Mary Jane sees that Peter is Spider-Man that she sees him in a new light and that he wasn’t as irresponsible as she thought he was.
I tried to explain to Rosie in my exhaustion that there’s something terrible brewing. There’s a movement to create another “Lord of the Rings” 2nd tower to be set up by the 1st tower.
When I tried to warn people about it, my Twitter account got suspended.
While Rosie may have a point about having to take a part time job, it’s just so sad that everything has to come to a grinding halt because Rod needs to work to buy food and put a roof over my head.
That’s why when I saw news 1/9 of 2020 about Jojo Siwa showing off her $10 million dollar mansion, I just felt this crushing defeat.
Tumblr media
Jojo = Jordan’s nickname
Siwa = SI/WA = Is not WA
Rod is from WA
7-Eleven = Virgo Psychic = Virgin Psychic
People just want to be entertained. If it’s not something fun, then they really don’t care or don’t want to see it.
I don’t know Jojo Siwa. She may be a nice person. But you still can’t help but ache knowing that you get shoved to the back and have to go get a part-time job while a 16 year old is living in a mansion wearing your computer program tags.
I even suspect that Rosie is my Aunt Rosemarie. She’s my mother’s younger sister born 10/3.
I suppose that’s nice because it means that Rosie is a major part of my Life if I can see her name surface in my Family Tree.
She actually goes by the nickname Sarie. Jordan links Aphrodite Statues for Love found in the country of Jordan. My aunt is born 10/3 as the 10th 3rd Letters JC for Jordan’s initials.
Love is never having to say you’re “Sarie.”
Rosie asked if I was autistic. I did my last post about the Valentine, Texas Earthquake 8/16 of 1931.
The film “Everything’s Rosie” came out the same year 6/13 of 1931, which is the birthday of my stepdad’s eldest son born 6/13 who is autistic
That movie came out 80 years ago. If I’m reading that right, it means Earth already knew about Rosie.
That’s how I use my 6th Sense to read people. Earth knows who will be born on what day and what kind of personality that individual will have.
Some people may think I’m trying to be a smart ass toward Rosie who was trying to help. But it’s just me reading the Math Language.
This is how it’s supposed to work when you confront and address sly politicians and corrupt world leaders who don’t think they have to answer to anyone.
Rosie compares herself to Greta Thunberg.
You need stuff like this to lay down the law and be firm with slippery politicians. THey’ll try to wheedle out of things or give you the runaround.
By showing a date in history of a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake, it establishes that Earth knows what people are doing.
I told Rosei in the letter about the song “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John where I’m like a Virgin version of Marilyn Monroe.
It would be like Marilyn Monroe who is downtrodden and lonely and turns toJoe DiMaggio for comfort. But instead, Joe tells Marilyn that she should go on a diet, take fewer pills, and drink less. Instead of Joe being a shoulder Marilyn can lay her head on, Joe just starts trying to “fix” her.
But then again, maybe that was my fault. I just asked for her open and honest opinion and she ran with it and started to lay out a plan.
All the while, you’re bleeding or hemorrhaging financially. You’re exhausted all the time. You set aside time to do stuff but other people don’t think you’re doing anything important so they shove chores and tasks on your plate. By the time you’re done, you’re just wiped out.
You don’t have enough money to buy food so you have to eat whatever is served or you’re made to eat other people’s leftovers. This is while other people are making money off of you using stories based on your Life or where if you knew how to read the Language, it points to the person’s identity.
I even likened it to a pregnant woman. It would be like someone criticizing a pregnant woman for not working hard enough.
The pregnant woman is really supposed to be resting and trying to get ready for the birthing process, but instead, the pregnant woman is branded as a spoiled and lazy.
That’s why you can’t relate to anyone and you just go it alone because it’s better to be alone than be around people who make you feel bad about yourself and feel even more isolated and alone.
That’s how you get Rodney Dangerfield as “Rodney who works with the Dangerous Electromagnetic Field.” I get no respect! I be Rod who gets no respect Maybe it was hinting that someone VIP named Rod was coming and nobody would give him the respect he deserved :)
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope had a comedy duo. Bing Crosby is for the Bing CHerry as Virgin. Bob Hope is born 5/29 on my birthday. It’s the Virgin 5/29 Symbol for me as Virgin born 5/29. Bing Crosby was from Washington State like me.
Bob Hope said of Bing Crosby “For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Crosby’s career, and there must be millions of you, let me say that no one has ever done so much with so little for so long for so much.”
I just keep working like an intern. People get paid millions for doing a fraction of what I do and I don’t get paid anything. I’m not even worth a dollar on Patreon LOL
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things i think about season 4 (or 34 points i feel compelled to make, shoved under a readmore):
1) every named blade except keith and kolivan has died so CONGRATS IF YOUR NAME STARTS WITH K UR SAFE
2) literally shiro has a bayard for the first time in FOUR SEASONS and we couldn’t have even three seconds of coran asking him to show off during their showbiz episode?  literally what the fuck is wrong with y’all
3) they literally fucking wrote keith out of voltron and it makes sense how it happened and it sets him up for a DOOZY of a char arc 
involving him learning his own form of leadership (he was directing those rebel fighters and talking back to kolivan you CAN’T tell me he’s not a good leader after that) (he just wasn’t good at leading voltron) (PROBABLY BECAUSE HE KNOWS HOW MUCH SHIRO NEEDS BLACK) (and also because of how out of place he’s always felt with them RIP)         
........my fucking heart hurts
4) people are saying they don’t like the showbiz ep but like... if you look at the way worm!coran distilled their characters, you can tell how self-aware the writers are.  like, they’ve written hunk as a joke and in the episode coran wrote him as a joke.  they favored keith’s development over allura’s last few seasons (...she has magical powers and can shapeshift and they mentioned it once and then not again until like... now) and coran LITERALLY made allura be keith, like that is pretty obviously some shade at something.  maybe the fandom’s complaints?  idk, but it seems like they Know what they’re doing.
5) THE REUNION EP goddamn that was so good, that setup with the code books and the flashbacks and then the CEMETERY!!!  THAT MONUMENT!  god the monument was beautiful... 
6) matt is such a fucking meme oh my god.  okay who wants to bet that lance is going to get super jealous and insecure over the smart boy who acts like him but that people appreciate more?  (this could go on a bingo card: LANGST OVER MATT) the heart eyes over allura thing pisses me off but.... i’m so ticked off about how they handle her like OOOH every boy is obviously fawning over her because EYE CANDY fuckin 
7) the alteans trying to get milkshakes by talking to the cow was fuckign wonderful and THAT WAS WHAT I MEANT BY SEASON 3 LACKING ANY FUNNY BITS.  like s3 had a few one off jokes but the whole rest of the time was die-hard angst and it... was not good
8) “keith’s tearing apart the team” LIARS.  the team is tearing apart keith and i will not STAND FOR THIS SLANDER.  also???  ‘we’ll always have your back’ or whatever bull shiro pulled out of his ass i’m.  you literally did not?  if one single one of y’all had stopped to talk to the boy you would have realized how awful he was feeling about everything.  but no, shiro’s brilliant words of advice were ‘suck it up and be the leader even tho i can clearly see that no one likes you as the black paladin, least of all yourself’.  god they were just... so cold to keith.  blah blah i’m a keith stan but like... dudes.  did you see how much he was hurting?  and NO ONE wanted to talk to him.  he’s still the loner to the team he would DIE FOR, WITHOUT HESITATION.  this kid STOOD IN FRONT OF ZARKON, all alone, on the miniscule off chance that he could save the universe and be done with it.  i’m
9) still need that hunk/lance development (allura’s is starting to pick up, thank god, but.........)
10) what the fUCK is up with shiro?  he has never been this angry before.  i can see how hard a blow it was to lose the support of the black lion, but it’s literally never been his MO to angrily order people around.
11) god no one is... talking to each other?  no one but the holt sibs.  fucking rip communication.
12) WHERE.  THE FUCK.  IS SLAV.  bye bye to literally the smartest person in the universe i guess???
13) ...keith was the first actual paladin to make a paladin vlog, so where does that fit in with the timeline?  also RIP MY HEART
15) dudes... voltron still has a sword.  WITHOUT keith.  in both of the last formations, keith’s bayard, either the black or the red, made the sword.  what is up with that??
16) NARTI.  
17) i REALLY 100% expected axca to be diehard lotor fangirl but her loyalty is greater than that.  i’m love her???  she’s literally lawful good and I WON’T HEAR ANY WORDS AGAINST HER.  I WANT HER BACKSTORY.
18) they left the goddamn cat behind.  also, for real, i thought he was gonna murder the cat.
19) something’s up with jack haggar.  can she consciously turn her face blue?  or is it somehow linked to her memory?
20) zarkon is a zombie now wrapped in a tin can and im DYING
21) RIP galra command tbh.  lotor is rogue, zarkon is relying on quintessence to stay alive, haggar currently gives NO fucks (we’ll handle it ourselves now lets BLOW UP THIS ENTIRE THIRD OF THE EMPIRE i’m???)
22) what the goddamn fuck is lotor’s backstory???  does he know who haggar even is?  is he also 10 thousand years old???? hOW???  I NEED TO KNOW DAMMNIT
23) pidge’s room is so GOOD.  plus the gaming system???  heck yeah.
24) pidge and hunk showering each other in compliments gives me life honestly
25) I LITERALLY JUST WANT KEITH TO BE OKAY if someone gets mad at him again and ignores the literal, like, four times he was about to GIVE HIS LIFE for the cause i’ll just.... explode
26) lance and his aerial dancing I’m?????
27) paul blart mall cop has voltron figurines that is all
28) how did that unilu trader become a war vet??
29) how is sam holt going to fit into this???
30) my dudes the galra ships can go underwater that is TERRIFYING
32) how did matt get the scar on his face HOW DID IT GET THERE
33) ....and there were some good hugs in there.  keith/shiro hug, pidge/matt hug, matt/shiro hug, group hug with KEEF :”D
34) IF ONLY THEY EVER TALKED TO EACH OTHER LMFAO.  aside from lance’s sudden speeches mid-life-or-death-situation i guess???  like wtf dude.
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