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The Showstopper
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emma myers as enid sinclair
wednesday (2022 -)
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~~~Last smoke before a deep dive~~~
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Xavier and Wednesday's relationship is my favorite trope
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Everyone else gets to live but Eddie gets bit by bats and he’s automatically dead… How does max get to live after getting FOLDED by vecna but Eddie doesn’t?!? It doesn’t make sense to me.
Btw I’m 90% sure they left his body in the upside down. Wtf?!?
My sweet boy deserved so much better
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Ok I love this movie even more now.
Go off Queen
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jenna ortega in wednesday (2022)
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Please tell me someone else has seen this film
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“You’re a Hell Maiden” 💀💚
So excited for this film!! I adore Henry Selick’s work 💖
Alt under cut
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my fav thing about stranger things 4 is how annoying robin is. like ohhh my god. last season she was stuck with himbo steve the whole time so she always seemed comparatively smarter but this season she's out in the real world with real people and she's such a dumb little lesbian. i want her
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Fuck Sophie and Agatha, I want what these bitches have
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book lovers (emily henry) as a netflix original
Maybe it’s possible to have more than one home. Maybe it’s possible to belong in a hundred different ways to a hundred different people and places.
| template @storytellerdorian
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Bows ۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚ Gwi Nam x Reader
Gwi Nam x Reader
warnings: wounds/cuts, and gwi nam ofc :)
Gwi Nam’s a bit of a softie in this one, since most of the fics I read abt him tend to make him a really smug asshole. (which he kinda is, lol)
Tumblr media
Y/N steadied herself against a table, taking a breather and clutching the stitch at her side. Damn, these zombies were fast.
She had been in the library, studying for a test when the outbreak started, a few zombies racing into the library, attacking anyone closest to them. The squelch of flesh being bitten into, and the screams of the terrified students engraved into her memory.
She had run, run all the way to a classroom that was the closest, and had no zombies in it. She didn’t know where she was right now. She didn’t care. The zombies that had been chasing her pressed themselves against the sliding windows, animalistic in their need to get to Y/N.
She stared at them, finding a few familiar faces in the crowd. A boy she sat with in her biology class, a girl she often said hi to when she walked down the halls. These people, she knew them before, to be living, sensible humans, but now they were mere shells of what they used to be. Human looking, be it a little deformed, but all animalistic instinct. All brutal cannibalistic monsters, without a shroud of humanity or sense left within them.
She only hoped that her friends, Cheong San, On-Jo and the others were safe.
She looked around the class, trying to find something to cover up the horrors that lurked outside the room, the only barrier between her and death mere sliding doors and windows. On the other side of the class were more windows, where zombies began noticing her and began pressing themselves against the glass.
Spotting posters and papers around the class, she looked through pencil cases, trying to find something that could be used to stick the papers on to the windows. She fished out a glue stick from one, and began her work. As she stuck them flat on the windows, she could feel them continuously bang harder and harder, and she feared the glass would fail on her and break, letting them in. She rushed to stick the last piece of paper in, and backed away, cautiously eyeing the now covered windows. Finally trusting that she’d be safe, she heaved a relieved breath.
Y/N sat on the floor, back against a wall with her knees to her chest. What the hell was she going to do now?
9th grade
Y/N was sat near the tennis courts, having her lunch and finishing up her physics homework.
She told her friends to go on without her, to leave her alone so she could actually finish it all.
“Y/N! Come on, let’s go eat together, please?” On-Jo protested, grabbing her arm.
“You guys always distract me, I need to do this!”
“Your grades are already high as it is, one unfinished assignment isn’t going to ruin them!”
“I’ll see you at home time later, okay?”
On-Jo stuck her tongue out at Y/N, crossing her arms and turning back to Gyeong Su and Cheong San.
Now she was here, alone, the serene tranquility calming as she tried solving the headache inducing questions.
She heard a groan come from somewhere near her, causing her to look up from her paper and to the source of the sound.
She found Gwi Nam, well known for being a bully, clutching his arm in pain, leaning against the gate of a tennis court and wincing.
Somehow despite all the rumors and talk around school about him beating kids up until they bruised and bled, she still felt bad for him, still felt bad for him feeling an ounce of the pain he had inflicted on to others.
She sighed, gathering her things into her tote bag and walking over to where he was.
He flinched at the sight of her standing in front of him, quickly regaining his composure and clearing his throat. “What do you want?”
“You hurt your arm.”
“I’m not blind, I can see th-”
“I can help wrap it.”
She reached into her bag and took out a small bag, her own little first aid kit her mother always bugged her into bringing to school, in case anything ever happened.
He didn’t say anything, stunned that he was even being offered help from someone he didn’t even know. An ounce of actual care being put in his direction, it felt nice, made him feel warm inside.
“You’re gonna want to take off your jacket for this.”
Gwi Nam felt as if he was in a trance, curiously watching Y/N and following what she said. He wanted to savour this moment for as long as he could.
Y/N took out an alcohol wipe, carefully lifting Gwi Nam’s sleeve up to get a better look at the cut. The blood was beginning to dry in some parts, but it was still very fresh.
“Get ready, cause this’ll sting.”
She pressed the alcohol wipe down, eliciting a hiss from Gwi Nam as he held back the insult he was about to shout at her. “Okay. Now I’m gonna wrap it.”
Taking out a gauze roll, Y/N began wrapping it around the cut gently, as to not hurt him any further. It was quiet, albeit the awkward kind. The two were so close to each other, and barely even knew each other, which made it all the more awkward.
Y/N decided to take initiative in veering the whole atmosphere into something more relaxed for the two of them, playing the small talk card, one of the things she was pretty skilled at when it came to social interactions.
“So… how’d you get this cut anyway?”
Unlike Y/N, small talk wasn’t Gwi Nam’s strong suit in any way shape or form. He was more direct with his words, more on the nose, so to speak.
“I was fighting some asshole, and somehow he got me pretty bad on the arm.” His bluntness caught Y/N off guard.
She hummed in response, concentrating on bandaging the wound as neatly as she could. “Why do you fight people anyway? I mean, all it does is lead to unnecessary injuries like this.” Gwi Nam shrugged, not saying anything more. The heavy silence returned, but now more relaxed than before.
Once she was done, Y/N tied it into a nice bow, smiling to herself, and turning to look at Gwi Nam to tell him she was finished. She was surprised to find him staring at her, a fascinated look on his face.
“I- I’m done.” She cleared her throat, rubbing her thumb across the wound, something she did to whatever ‘project’ she was finished with. She retracted her hand, realising what she had done, but felt it being pulled back by a warm hand.
Her mouth fell agape as she glanced at their hands, then at Gwi Nam. “Thank you.” He thanked quietly, a small smile on his face, before letting go, the warmth gone as quick as it had come. Getting up, he left Y/N crouching there, sneaking one last glance back at her before heading off, thoughts of the girl that had helped him filling his mind for the rest of the day, and for the 3 years he hadn’t seen her for.
Present day, 7 hours after the outbreak.
Gwi Nam stalked the halls of the school, keeping his eyes (or, um, eye 😃) out for Cheong San. The little imp who had taken his eye out. His hands itched in need to get to that eye of his, to make him feel what he felt when he gouged his eye out.
Zombies limped around him pathetically, and he kicked one in the back just for the heck of it. God, these guys were idiots.
A foreign smell hit him then. Except, it wasn’t that foreign; rather, there was a hint of familiarity laced in it somewhere, though he couldn’t place where he had smelled it before.
He decided that Cheong San could wait. After all, where the hell could he and his idiot friends could go right now? He scoffed, and continued to track the scent, finding it leading to a random classroom.
He couldn’t look inside it though, as the windows had been covered up with paper. There were probably more zombies here before, but the halls were relatively clear now, save for a few of them at the end of the hall.
Gwi Nam tried sliding the door open, but found it locked. “Fuck, of course it’s locked.”
He knocked on the door, tapping his foot impatiently, and putting on his best pleading voice he could muster.
“Please, help me! Open the door, please!”
Y/N lifted her head from her arms. She had fallen asleep, but was awaken by the cries she had heard outside. She felt torn. Her mind told her no, sensibly reasoning that they could be infected, but her heart told her to let them in, reckless and blinded by pity.
The knocking became more hurried and desperate by the second, and before she could give it a second thought, Y/N was in front of the door. If she was bitten, then this was on her. She unlocked the door, sliding the door open a smidge.
She was met with a boy, bloody all over and his eye…
His eye. She went to slide the door back in place, but he grabbed it, stopping it from sliding back.
She whimpered, lip quivering as she tried pushing it shut again. He was shockingly strong, sliding the door open with his one hand even as Y/N tried sliding the door shut with all her might.
“What, what do you want?” Y/N asked, carefully backing away, trying not to sound scared.
She scanned the guy’s face, thinking of who the hell this guy could be, but her mind felt cloudy in panic. The boy slid the door shut, locking it behind him. Oh god. She was going to die, she was going to die.
“You seem familiar…” he remarked, walking toward her, an inquisitive look on his face.
Could it be who he thought she was?
“Who the hell are you?”
This girl was brave, very brave, and she smelled so sweet…
Y/N’s back hit the wall, and now she was trapped, with some guy who was vaguely familiar to her (and kinda hot, although she would never ever admit it.)
Gwi Nam leaned in closer, and Y/N tried pressing herself closer to the wall, a feeble and foolish attempt at getting further away from him, as he leaned in closer to her, reeking of the sharp smell of blood.
He stared into her eyes, those familiar eyes, warm and full of emotion.
No, it couldn’t be her, could it?
Gwi Nam was about to say something when the girl’s eyes widened, and a look of familiarity hit her.
“Wait… you’re Gwi Nam, aren’t you?”
Gwi Nam smirked. “The one and only.”
“I can wrap that eye for you.”
Gwi Nam froze, the smirk being wiped off his face instantly. Those words…
It was her. It was really her.
“It’s you…”
Gwi Nam approached Y/N slowly, mouth open, not knowing what to say. They were so close again, like they had been 3 years ago.
He placed a hand on her cheek. “Are you alright?”
“I-I’m good.” She whispered, giving him a small smile and looking into his eye. His other gouged out eye looked horrible, and she thought of repeating what she did all those years ago…
“I meant what I said. I can wrap that eye for you.”
Gwi Nam nodded, taking in her features all at once. Those 3 years she had been on his mind, day and night. It was kind of the bare minimum, what she did, yet it felt like the world to him. He liked how it made him feel; warm, happy and loved. And now, he had the chance to experience it all over again.
“I actually have a few more serious wounds for you to look at.”
Y/N nodded, taking his hand and bringing him over to where there were two chairs for them both to sit on. “Wait here.”
Y/N looked around the class, trying to find something to use to wrap Gwi Nam’s wounds, or a first aid kit, even.
She spotted one hanging on the wall near the teacher’s desk, and grabbed it.
Sitting back down, Y/N felt deja vu as she was about to ask a question that mirrored her own in 9th grade.
“You’ll need to…”
“Take off my jacket for this?” Gwi Nam smiled.
“Yeah.” Y/N breathed.
He shrugged his jacket off, revealing his black long sleeve shirt. “I have a lot of wounds on my shoulders too.”
“Oh. I guess you’ll also have to, you know.”
Taking his shirt off, Y/N tried her best not to stare at his six pack, and instead focus on… his… wounds…
His wounds…
Oh god.
She got up from her chair, slowly backing away, much to Gwi Nam’s confusion.
“What’s wrong?”
Y/N pointed at him, horrified. “You were bitten.” Her voice went hoarse, and she found herself frozen in place.
“Oh.” He simply said. “These? Yeah, I was bitten, but that was hours ago, so I think I’m immune.” He got up, taking a step toward her, but she took a step back in turn.
“Look, I’m fine, people turn in less than a minute, so I’m all good. You don’t need to worry, okay?”
Her back hit a wall again. This was the end.
She submitted to it, closing her eyes, awaiting the cracking of Gwi Nam’s bones, and for him to charge at her, sinking his teeth into her.
“I would never hurt you.”
“Stay away from me.”
“Please, let me hold you and prove I won’t.”
Y/N reopened her eyes, looking straight at Gwi Nam. He looked hurt, desperate; her heart ached at his display of raw emotion.
She barely knew him, yet she felt like she had known him her whole life. He had that effect on her, knew how to hit her heart in all the right spots.
Despite all the things he’d done, she felt like this. Despite her mind telling her to push him away, her heart yearned to finally do this.
Y/N nodded, stepping forward, and Gwi Nam wrapped his arms around her. He felt as though everything he had found everything he needed now, as if new beginning had found it’s way to him.
They stayed like that for a while, and when Y/N was finally sure he wouldn’t turn, she pulled away, her arms still around his torso as she looked up at him, Gwi Nam, some random guy she helped wrap a wound for in 9th grade.
“Do you believe me now?”
Y/N nodded.
He smiled at her, one of his most genuine ones in the past few years, then cleared his throat.
He slowly let go of Y/N turning to grab his shirt and jacket from the chair. “I’m glad you do. Maybe you won’t need to bandage me up then, I’ll just-”
Y/N grabbed his wrist, stopping Gwi Nam in his tracks. He turned back to Y/N, who had her mouth open slightly.
“It’s fine, I can still wrap them for you.”
She led him back to the chairs, sitting down, and opening the first aid kit, taking the gauze roll out. She could almost feel the warmth of spring, the season when she and Gwi Nam first met.
She took out a couple alcohol wipes, tearing the packaging open, looking to him before cleaning the first wound. He gave her a small smile, and she took it as a sign to start. The acohol wipe felt cool on Gwi Nam’s wound, a slight sting accompanying it after, but he could bear it a little better now. Rolling the gauze around the bite, Y/N tied it into the same bow she did the last time she wrapped him up, rubbing her hand across her ‘handiwork’, a habit she still kept to this day.
Gwi Nam’s smile only grew wider at this.
It was quiet again, but more welcoming, more comforting. It was when Y/N was on the second bite on his bicep that Gwi Nam finally mustered the courage to ask her a question he’d been meaning to ask her ever since that day she’d tended to his cut.
Y/N looked up momentarily from her work, and Gwi Nam took her features in, the way her eyes widened upon being called, her slight pout, her brows rising.
“It’s funny, you know. We’ve done this same thing twice now, and I don’t even know your name.”
Y/N smiled, looking back at Gwi Nam’s bite, “Well, I suppose now is the time for us to finally do this first impression thing right, hm?”
Gwi Nam grinned, and Y/N looked up after tying the gauze into a bow then, sticking her hand out to Gwi Nam and grinning. “Hi, I’m Y/N L/N.”
Gwi Nam took her hand in his, the grin still prominent on his face. “I’m Yoon Gwi Nam.”
After Y/N was finished tending to Gwi Nam, they finally had an actual conversation with one another, learning things about the other and enjoying each others company, as if there weren’t blood thirsty zombies a door away from them now.
✧.* ·˚ ༘
“Yes! I’m telling you, I actually saw it happen!”
Gwi Nam scoffed, “You’re such a liar.”
Y/N shoved him playfully, earning her a laugh from him.
And then the quiet returned.
Right now they were both leaning against the wall behind the teacher’s desk, with Y/N’s knees to her chest, and Gwi Nam with a knee up, and his other leg lounging on the floor.
The world seemed to still as they shared this moment together, where they could just forget of all their troubles and enjoy being in the others presence. It was dark out now, the moonlight shining in through the small cracks where the paper didn’t stick well.
It all felt… strange, to Y/N. All of this, her and Gwi Nam, the fact that she felt some sort of attraction to him, it felt so weird, yet so familiar to her.
He was a bully, mean and an asshole in so many ways, yet when he was with her, Y/N could barely imagine him actually hitting a person. He was sweet, loving, understanding.
He told her of how when he was a child, his mother had died after getting into a car accident, and so he was left in the care of his stepfather.
He told her of how his stepfather acted as if Gwi Nam wasn’t even there. Sure, he cared for him, bought him clothes, fed him, put a roof over his head; but he never once acted as if he were even a child of his, never once spent time with him. Gwi Nam tried everything to gain his attention, and yet, no matter how much he tried, it never worked. He was still nothing to his stepfather.
Y/N felt for him, understanding why Gwi Nam was the way he was. No, she wasn’t justifying it, all the things he’d done were horrible, period; but now she knew the root of why he became who he was today.
Maybe that’s why he had looked so weirded out when Y/N offered to help with his wound that day.
Maybe now, she could help him through his issues, and love him; because underneath the hard crust that was the mean bully Gwi Nam, were all his best qualities, awaiting their moment of glory.
Maybe she was the one who could help him shine.
Love was strange when it came to Y/N, a friend, but an enemy all in one. It treated her badly at times, but would reward her kindly at others. Now, she felt like love was rewarding her. For what deed it was repaying her back for, she didn’t know, but she knew that she loved every second of it.
He took a deep breath in, and Y/N followed, closing her eyes. Gwi Nam took her in again, how at peace she looked, how joy was etched into every inch of her face. It was like she was made to bring happiness wherever she went, spreading it to others lucky enough to be around her.
Y/N, now feeling like she was being stared at, reopened her eyes, looking to Gwi Nam with curiosity. “Can I help you?”
“You already have.” Gwi Nam whispered.
He placed a hand on her cheek, and Y/N leaned into it.
“Y/N, I…”
He looked to her lips, then back at her eyes. Y/N’s breath hitched as she awaited his next move.
She closed her eyes again, letting the moment happen before her.
Gwi Nam smiled before kissing her, their mouths moving in sync with each other. He placed his other hand on her cheek, and she moved closer to him, tangling her hands into his hair, both smiling throughout the kiss.
It felt like everything else didn’t matter in that moment, as if shooting stars began showering down, making their moment all the more magical. Love had never seemed more real than now.
Y/N pulled away, both of them gasping for air, eliciting giggling from the two of them. “I love you, Y/N. Thank you, for showing me what love feels like, thank you, for being so loving.” Gwi Nam rested his forehead against hers, appreciating everything that led up to them meeting, even the asshole who had given him that cut 3 years ago.
thanks for reading <3 ₊˚ପ⊹
i promise i’ll work on requests asap! i’ve just got alot going on now that’s keeping me busy.
anyway, requests are still open, so request now before i close em <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my fav bojack quotes
(written out quotes under cut)
ii. bojack: "i really wanted you to like me, diane."
i. bojack: "you don't love me. we're just two lonely people trying to hate ourselves a little less."
diane: "i know."
iii. diane: "i wake up in the morning and i feel like i have no purpose."
iv. bojack: "life, right? goes by, stuff happens. then you die."
v. bojack: "i spend a lot of time with the real me and believe me, nobody's gonna love that guy."
vi. bojack: "i don't belong there, i don't belong anywhere."
vii. diane: "i'm sorry i'm not the person i thought i was."
viii. honey: "i can't be with people and i can't be alone."
ix. captain: "it's so cruel to let people love you. all you're doing is promising that one day you'll break their hearts."
x. eddie: "i don't want to live!"
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