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aroacesafeplaceforall · 3 months ago
Having trouble?
Are you having trouble figuring out if your asexual, Aromantic or both? Here are some signs to look for!
(You don’t have to have all or any of these signs to be ace, aro or aroace, these are just some hints to help, hell you don’t have to relate to any! Your always valid!)
You may have little to no interest in sex or intimacy
You may find others attractive but not be attracted to them
You might enjoy platonic to slightly less platonic (kissing or more) but not want to go further
You may not being intrested in the whole “sexy” thing
You may not find the idea of romantic relationships appealing to you
You may have trouble relating to or understanding media and more about love.
You might have a physical attraction to people but you might not develop a crush on them
You may also present as not understanding why people behave they way they do when "in love" (This was a big on for me)
You might not find any or most romantic plots in books/movies/media interesting or needed (another big one for me)
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the-lighter-jedi · 27 days ago
@beskarprincessjenny @klarex
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barbaricjester · 14 days ago
Hey y'all. I'll keep this short and sweet:
I'm in some serious trouble. My paycheck got fucked up big time and while I'm sorting it out, I'm in a desperate need of assistance. I need $1,300 total to make up bills and rent.
If anyone can lend anything, my p*yp*al is here.
I hate to beg but I'm just coming out of a year of homelessness and need a bit of help before I'm stable again.
Thank you. -Conan.
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thehealingplum · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Update July 23.
I don't really feel great about begging for donations anymore. It's just not a realistic goal to get enough money for a dental procedure. Hopefully I can get some assistance through the university, but until then i think im done begging for help. Thank you everyone who shared. Thank you everyone who donated. Thank you everyone for your love and support. 💕
Art done by lovely friend @blinkpen
I've been homeless for the past uhhh month or so I guess? but I'm not homeless anymore.
Still trying to get some sort of government assistance for things. The dental bill is unfortunately still there. Everyone's donations have helped me get transportation and food and thankfully, stuff for my brother's apartment. Yall are so sweet and helpful I love yall.
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randomreasonstolive · a year ago
A cry for help...
Hello to all of our beloved community. N here.
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, COVID-19 has brought hell upon the last few years for many people - C and myself included. We’re both disabled and immunocompromised, so this entire thing has been terrifying.
With the eviction protection ending recently and our apartment raising rent again, we're terrified of losing our home. We’ve been staying afloat thanks to stimulus money, but it's run out. We don’t like having to ask for help, but we’ve run out of options...
Our account is now negative and we’re in a bit of a panic.
We could use your help, dearest community!
Our paypal account is [email protected], anything you might have to send our spare is appreciated!
We also have an Amazon Wishlist, where we have things for our animals, if you prefer to help that way. Link is here!
I (N) will be selling commissions if you’d prefer to get something for your money. Contact our regular blog @randomreasonstolive-c-n for more information!
This blog has given us so, so many reasons to make it through these past few years and not give up, despite how tempting it has been. We appreciate you all, your support, and your love SO MUCH!
We hope your September starts looking up!
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sinnabonka · 14 days ago
The last time I was in need you guys literally saved my life. This time it’s not such an urgent matter, but I do believe in the magic of community, so
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nightfury114 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So I have searching around for shadowpeach comic and/or pictures and I found this. Now I spend like 2 hours try to find the name of this movie or show. Also if u are wondering I found it in pinterest but it doesn't have an actual name of it. So I am wondering does any one know if so tell me so I can watch it. Please and thank you.
Tumblr media
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americangodstalk · a year ago
Honestly I don’t know what to do with the Wiki
Or rather I know what I can do for now, and it isn’t much.
For those of you new to the whole thing - I am basically the only high-ranking staff on the American Gods Wiki still left. I was dumped a lot of duties on and then the old admins, mods and all that ran away. Not that I dislike it - I could correct a lot of mistakes and introduce a lot of improvements.
But here is the thing... a Wiki can’t be taken care of by only one person. I enjoy that people come from time to time to correct an information here and there, thank you. On my part I can only fully invest myself in the Wiki from time to time - not only do I have other center of interests my mind and energy wander to, but I also have my own personal life to lead outside of a computer. My studies, my work, my family, all that is a lot and in my position I can’t dedicate my whole life to this Wiki. I still look at it every morning to see if there is no vandalism. And I hope that soon I’ll be able to implement more to it (I still have a lot of concept arts in my computer, I bought the official companion book for season 1, there are interviews and first drafts of episodes to get through...)
The thing is, the Wiki is ENORMOUSLY late. I am talking decades late. On one side, the exploration and articles for the television series stopped in the middle/two thirds of the second season. So currently there is the bare minimum of info on season 3 (though personaly I don’t mind it much since I disliked season 3). But the articles for the book American Gods are not even done either - articles need to be created, information to be added... But the biggest thing is that, despite how old the book is, Anansi Boys (who is part of the AG universe) was not at all covered and needs an entire bunch of articles! WE NEED TO COVER A SECOND BOOK! Plus all the short stories and novellas that will tie American Gods and its yet unreleased sequel.
It is an enormous amount of work, and it is impossible for one person to do this on their own. 
I guess this is a last call for help? If anyone wants to become part of the staff of the AG Wiki and help me complete its pages, create articles, ban vandals and answer comments, you are welcome aboard, I SERIOUSLY need all the help I can for the Wiki to finally be up to the work of Neil Gaiman. 
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shikihan · a month ago
This maybe a major favor but I just made a GoFundMe page for getting bottom surgery would you mind sharing my link ?
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riamariatwo · a year ago
Hello everyone. Its been a tough month for all of us, as you all know I've been raising funds here for my brother's medical needs for food and for my family to have a safer house to live. Unfortunately, my brother died last Nov 10. Even though we are still grieving, I need to move on for my mother and 8 children (my nieces and nephews who are orphans) Im sincerely asking your generousity again to continue supporting and helping my family to finish our house. I already used all the funds i gathered here for my brother's medical needs and funeral. I only need a few more help as its almost done (thank you to everyone who make it possible) and the rest is for my mother's medicine and the kids nutrition and education. My mother always cries at night asking how can we cope up with this loss 😭 it always broke my heart but i need to be strong for ther remaining love of my life.
Please donate if you can and i will understand if you cannot but please help boost reblog this post please to get more traction and to reach many people. 🙏🙏🙏
Please send it as " FRIENDS AND FAMILY" in paypal payment option not as ' goods and services' because it deducts big amount please.
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the-lighter-jedi · 12 days ago
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upthebibliopunx · a year ago
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hello this is my best friend bri and her mom tonya. they live together, along with bri's two kids and a few younger cousins. on wednesday night tonya's boyfriend was murdered. between raising kids and surviving capitalism they were already struggling, and the addition of deathcare costs and loss of income has them hanging by a thread. if you can donate, please do it. if not, sharing this helps. they deserve to grieve in peace.
cashapp: $bressusart
venmo: bstevenson25
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barbaricjester · 11 months ago
Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us out. We made the goal in time to extend our rent another month, and while the goal has been met, I certainly won't turn away any extra help while we scramble to find new jobs and a new place to live. My paypal is here, and I thank each and every one of you for your donations and reblogs.
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brokemama412 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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narrowtriangle33-blog · 6 months ago
Emergency! This is very important please help.
A Black trans family is in a very dire situation. They need hundreds of dollars in cash by tomorrow at 11:45 PM EST on Sunday. This person named Robbie Lee wants to kill herself. Please I ask of all you to help. This is very important for you all to hear. This person has a partner and their daughter even has been going horrible times even puking out blood a lot. To help out go to cashapp at @ $djvmusic. The person name on here is @diehardblm and to find out more please see this post
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hopefully you do the right things and PLEASE HELP Robbie is begging you for help.
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ohlazyoh · 6 months ago
**goal reached**
pls help a neurodivergent filipino finally get formal autism assessment and support
in the philippines, mental health and neurodiversity is heavily stigmatized.
it took me literally 10 years of struggling to be heard by psychiatrists to finally get a referral for a formal autism assessment. and now that i have it, i’m grateful, but..
...it costs 15,303 philippine pesos or around $300. and i need it by next month at the earliest.
if you can help, it will quite actually mean my whole life. 
(visit my gogetfunding page for more details)
donate to my gogetfunding page via paypal
p*ypal direct: [email protected] (please check friends & family or else it'll be seized by the p*ypal gods)
gcash qr (dm me for the number if you prefer) | bpi qr (dm me for acct number)
buy my stuff on carousell
thank you for reading this. please help me.
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thatsthewayimmade · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Have you seen a hot mommy today?! 😍
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