#naruto ending review
Did you know I got my start writing Naruto fanfiction?
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mikeyfuckinway · 1 year
gonna be extra cringe this year and tie a naruto headband around one of the straps on my backpack
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Tumblr media
I have now
Tumblr media
I just thought the song was okay, but the animation and stuff was really pretty...wish Naruto wasn't there.
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kunoichihatake · 2 years
just finished my last actual classes of college (,:
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searchforanotherway · 1 month
Dark!Organized Crime Leader! X Surgeon!Reader
Okay, I keep going back and forth between Steve and Clark, so switch it up if you want to, but for now, I'm just gonna play around with Clark.
This is a fic idea that I originally intended to write for Naruto back in 2016, but since my interests have changed and my recent obsession with Who is the Prey, just hear me out.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You've been on shift at the hospital for two days straight when they rushed another patient into your unit. It was becoming a common occurrence, the hospital keeping you on overtime more recently with the influx of patients.
You reviewed his records before; the man, Clark Kent, needed urgent care due to his recently discovered malignant tumors in the lower right lobe of his lung. The hospital had him listed for a transplant, but you made the argument to the higher-ups that you could remove the cancer by surgically cutting out the lobe. 
You fought them for a month on it, but you finally won the battle after arguing that a lung transplant would take too long to wait for and that it would be better used by someone in more immediate need.
You barely met the patient before they placed him under sedation for the surgery, and you silently wished that you could enjoy the same slumber. Just one more surgery and you could finally go home to your fiance… 
There was delicacy and pressure while you operated on his lower left lobe. With the skills of you and your team, you had been able to operate with minimal incisions and a microcamera. You had done many cardiothoracic surgeries like this before and with a combination of radiation and chemo, most patients would be free of cancer by the end of the year.
So it came as a shock to you and the other nurses when the patient flatlined.
It was a miracle…
It was a miracle…
You had operated on the wrong lobe…
Clark was placed in a medically induced coma following the surgery. You couldn’t explain how you had completely removed the wrong side of the lung from this man, leaving him with a missing healthy, lower lobe and a growing tumor in the other one.
How could you mistake it?
The hospital had no choice but to suspend your medical license and put you on unpaid leave. You begged them for any chance to earn it back, but they only told you to prepare yourself with a malpractice lawyer while they decided your future. 
It came as a shock to your and your fiance, but he reassured you, saying that you’ll both get out of this together.
But it was difficult to find a lawyer. You weren’t sure why. It seemed like every lawyer you approached would scamper away.
Had you dug your grave that deep?
The paranoia and guilt soon embodied you. You had nearly killed a man thanks to your negligence, and if that wasn’t enough, this man could die at any moment if he didn’t get the lung transplant needed.
The guilt had plagued you to the point that you had to go back and see him.
You were only allowed to come in as a visitor, nearly almost escorted out by security because of your recent mistake, but they allowed it, one of the nurses telling you that the patient didn’t have any family members in the state to care for him anyway.
You sat by the bed gripping his hand, barely able to look at the man you left in a coma.
“I’m so sorry.”
You visited Clark more often, changing the flowers and talking to him gently. Even assisting the nurses you previously worked with to give him a bed bath and trim his beard when it grew too long. 
You heard before that in some cases, people in comas could actually hear those around them, so you spent the time with Clark filling the empty void. Occasionally, you would sit back and read aloud for him, 1984 being your most recent reading. There would be other moments too, while you mustered up the courage to finally look at him, brushing his curls out of his face while you held his hand, crying silently as you begged for forgiveness.
You cared for him as much as you could, sadly without a job and awaiting further news from the hospital. 
He suddenly awoke after two months, and you rushed to the hospital right when you heard it. They said he wanted to speak to you directly.
You found him in the director’s office, absent of your superior.
He stood up at the sound of your voice, two other men following his lead.
He stood tall in his suit, his hair styled and figure imposing. He barely looked like the man you had previously cared for.
“Leave us.”
The two men behind him left the room, closing the door behind them, and a sudden rush of alertness ran through your form as you watched them go. You looked back to Clark.
“I thought I was dreaming,” he said, stepping closer to you. “Y/N.”
You stepped back when he called your name. Never had your patients addressed you on a first name basis before. 
“You’re real,” he said, eyes wide and near tears in disbelief. 
He stepped away at your obvious panic, his face returning to a neutral expression.
“What is the meaning of this? Why did you call me?”
He stared you down, silent.
Clark suddenly turned away and moved his attention to the desk.
“I heard your voice.” His fingers grasped a glass paperweight over the desk, twirling it before he glanced back at you. “I heard everything.”
You hesitated.
“I… I did come visit you—”
“No,” he cut you off, moving himself away from the desk, and back in front of you, “you didn’t just visit me. You cared for me.”
His hand reached up for your cheek, but you slipped away before he could touch you.
“What do you think you’re doing? Who do you think you are?”
Clark stared at his hand, his fingers curling into his palm.
“I’ll call security—”
“Miss L/N, in my coma I recall you telling me that the hospital suspended your license. And I believe you still owe $140,000 in your student loans, am I correct?”
Your heart dropped when he grasped your arm, face hairs away from you.
“I would not want to anger the man with the authority to sue you and the hospital for malpractice.”
Your soul nearly ripped away from your body, and you fell to your knees. 
“You won’t get out of this unpunished. You will do what I say, or lose everything.”
Had you heard him right? You couldn’t believe it. How would you ever explain this to your fiance?
The man you had nearly killed and saved, was now in possession of your life.
Just who did you save?
- - - - -
I shouldn’t even be asking this with how much fics I still got in progress—not to mention the fics I haven’t even started!!
But who you guys wanting to see? Because personally, while I think I could use Steve (and maybe use Lloyd Hansen as Steve’s true identity) I think this would be a great fic to finally start writing for Clark Kent, but you all decide. At this point, the fic won’t be out for another 12 years—I’m not joking. 🥲
This is also another desperate cry to those who might like this fic: READ WHO IS THE PREY MANWHA NOW!! YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON HIGH-QUALITY DARK CONTENT! If you need a link, I’ll send one, BUT JUST READ IT!
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leaving-grapefruitss · 9 months
Obey Me Characters’ Reaction to MC Rick-Rolling Them
I honestly don’t even know if people Rick Roll anymore but regardless, I think it’d be funny to see their reactions.
Looking back, I don’t know why I did this. I thought it’d be funnier than it turned out to be. 
You send him a video at 2 in the morning asking him to review the video for you
You get an incredulous response along the lines of “MC, what in the Devildom is this?”
You proceed to spam the song to him until he gave you a ‘valid’ response 
Valid response insinuating: “It’s not bad? Why are you sending this to me repetitively?”
He sends the song to his brothers in their group chat only to get a flurry of confused and amused messages
You’re done, you’re done
You think you can Rick Roll the Mammon? He Rick Rolls you before you even get a chance to send him the video
It was a video he edited of Cerberus before the clip slid into the opening instrumental of Never Gonna Give You Up
He proceeds to spam videos of him cackling and one of him…twerking?
He said he’s trying to ‘get in with the trends’
Since when did Mammon turn into Solomon? 
Maybe the white hair was wearing on him.
Regardless, you do end up sending him Never Gonna Give You Up entirely blatantly. You just sent him the music video the next morning and he fell for it.
Rip he choked on his omelette at the dining table.
He got slightly pissed and sent Baka Mitai as a (slightly valid) response
“How could you Rick Roll your best boy!” Or so he dramatised in his flurry of messages to you.
He was just acting all babyish since he fell for it 💀 it really wasn’t your fault that he was intently watching a rhythm game’s dancing scene before Rick Astley started singing
He then began bombarding you with the lyrics and a bunch of sad face stickers such as: “yOu KnOW THe RulEs ✨ aND sO dO I 🥲”
“I THoUgHT yOu WOuLD NeVer GiVe Me Up, mC-ChAN! tuRNs Out I WAS mIStAkEN!”
🙄 Mans spends too much time with Asmo
You walk past his room only to hear Never Gonna Give You Up blaring from underneath the door.
You enter, only to find out that after you sent him the song to Rick Roll him, he ended up liking it so much that he was playing it on repeat (much to Lucifer’s dismay)
You figured he was just doing it to irritate Lucifer, however, he claimed that it was ‘good accompaniment’ to his ‘reading material’
Says the man that was reading Naruto 🙄 no one come at me, I just don’t know why he was reading that of all things.
Case and point, Satan had apparently gone as far as to putting it in his playlist alongside ABBA and The Bee Gees…poor Levi had to listen to ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ and ‘Honey Honey’ for the whole night.
Spams fake gasps in his messages and sends crying emojis accompanying texts such as “hOw CoULD yOu, MC! I HaD fAiTH iN YoU, DaRlIng 😭” and simply just “😩 😭”
He admitted later on that he was being slightly dramatic (incredibly, but it’s not like he has an ego or something.) and ended up laughing at the video that you sent him
He came up with the idea of cosplaying…? As Rick Astley.
So guess what the two of you spent your Friday evening doing.
He took mirror selfies of the two of you in your shitty Rick Astley cosplays and filmed videos of the both of you making duck faces to the song before sending it to Solomon.
Lucifer somehow found out about the video and was…unamused, to say the least.
Confused asf but didn’t really care 
Decided to pull up with a plate of food and play the video of Rick Astley doing his funky little dance before he asked if you wanted to recreate it
The two of you potentially looked especially stupid when Belphie and Lucifer walked into your room to ask you something only to see you two dancing like divorced parents.
Belphie placed mugs of hot cocoa on the table before flopping back into his beanbag with his phone in hand and asking you two to “Continue please lol.”
You didn’t. Beel hauled you over his shoulder and ran out of the room before running back into his room to grab the snacks.
Baby’s got priorities 
😀 preparing your funeral brb 
He was…not inherently amused, to say the least
He decided to pay you back by stick-bugging you
“Haha you fell for it lol?” “Stfu bitch you’re the one who fell for my Rick Roll first,” Is essentially how your conversation with him went afterwords
He decided to dig his own grave by forwarding the video to Satan and asking if he should send it to Lucifer
He ended up doing so and every time his older brother queried what the heck was going on, he just ended up sending another link to another version of Never Gonna Give You Up.
Lucifer’s last straw was the Japanese version.
He was amused? I think…
He was confused over anything else but assumed that he was supposed to find it funny.
Babes no-
He ended up sending you a video of him with powdered sugar on his face whilst he stated: “MC…what- I love you but what-“
You spent 15 minutes on a video call with him attempting to explain the concept of Rick-Rolling before giving up and spending a ridiculous amount of hours rambling on call instead 
He ended up covering the phone screen in powdered sugar and you blared Never Gonna Give You Up just for funsies whilst he cleaned his screen.
Got all excited like: “I’VE FINALLY BEEN RICK-ROLLED! YES!”
He began spamming the link to Barbatos and Lucifer much to their dismay.
Rip then he began spamming you like: “MC, LOOK! THE SONG-“
Yes honey, the song. 
You end up going over to the palace where you see him and Asmodeus of all people dancing to Never Gonna Give You Up and asking you to join in
…oh boy
Oji-chan Simeon couldn’t figure out how to click the link.
Press the link, Grandpa.
You had to end up going to the Purgatory Hall to teach him how to watch links and how they work.
Eventually, you did end up showing him the video, to which he asked if you wanted to have a dance party.
Oh babes…that’s really not the point.
Regardless, the two of you DID end up having a party of sorts, opting towards making soufflé together.
He may be a grandpa but he still knows Never Gonna Give You Up…unfortunately
Mans started a whole lecture about how he was around when the song was released and so on and so forth 🙄 we get it, Gramps, you’re old.
He decided to send you and Asmo a video of him ‘dancing’ to the music video you sent him to which Asmo had half the right mind to call the cops whilst you swore you could hear his joints creaking (that was such a self-callout 😭 it’s ok, Solomon. I’ll be the Grandma to your Gramps) 
You saw a bowl of batter moving suspiciously in the background so you had to ditch your plans of teaching Solomon how to dance and compromise by going over to the Purgatory Hall with Lucifer in order to eradicate the living matter Solomon had created.
Solomon ended up finishing his Grandpa dance whilst trying to convince Lucifer to make a pact with him. 
In the meanwhile you, Asmodeus, and Simeon cackled and filmed them only for the videos to surface on Devil Tube.
This got incredibly unhinged incredibly quickly.
You know, I could’ve done this with any other song but I had to do Never Gonna Give You Up, huh?
This was slightly unnecessary but here I am with your daily dose of brainrot.
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captnjacksparrow · 11 months
Do you think if naruto was an underground shonen (on the lvl of idk, arslan senki or Nabari no ou), would we have gotten sns as endgame? Cuz narrative was pushing forwards it and it was the only paring that made sense, given their emotional connection (which is unparalleled within the series).
Do you think popularity played the main role in sns not being canon (I mean explicitly stated as canon)?
I think a big YES.
I recently completed a Manga named Ao No Flag (Blue Flag). It's a slice of life genre Manga which was released by Shonen Jump Plus. And you know what?? Surprisingly It had a Gay ending even though it was hinted towards a regular hetero ending with unrequited feelings from the deuteragonist. However, It's not a crazy popular Manga though. I liked it very much.
Tumblr media
But do you know how people felt about this Ending?? I don't know about the Eastern Fandom. But Western fandom is just downright repulsive as always.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is after all a Slice of Life, Coming of Age story which happens in a High School. It's not even an action Shonen Manga. But look at the Homophobic comments in 2017😒😒😒.
Especially, in the Right most pic, In the second line, it says, "All the building up of the relationship as well as the friendship between Taichi and Touma just to trash it in four fucking sentences?"
Friendship???? Seriously???
I bet this person is a clear Homophobe, when you have an explicit panel like this in the Manga.
Tumblr media
The tall guy is the deuteragonist named Touma who proposes Taichi here that 'I Love You'.
What the fuck is wrong with that person's eyes??? How is this called friendship??? But anyways, in the end, both the boys marry each other. So, it's all well and good.
If this small Manga with 54 chapters was getting such kind of reviews, imagine how harsh it might be for Naruto with 700 chapters, which is freaking popular in so many countries???
So, Yes... I think popularity played a big role in SNS not becoming canon. That's why I think Kishi intentionally started to destroy the popularity by screwing up everything that came after chapter 699. He messed up The Last and he released a gospel called Gaiden.
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victorsandvanquishers · 2 months
Red Bangles, Black Anklets - Chapter 24
Fandom: Naruto
Ships: eventual Mito Uzumaki/Madara Uchiha, eventual Hashirama Senju/Kakuzu, one-sided Hashirama Senju/Madara Uchiha
Rating: Mature
Summary: In a world of warring clans and roaming beasts, a small island struggles to survive. Thousands of miles away, the Hokage loves another man so deeply, he almost forgets his duty. Deep within a jungle, a tailed beast rises. In another world, the island would die, its children scattered throughout the elemental nations, a beast shackled to its descendants for the rest of eternity. In this one, Mito Uzumaki decides to fight back.  [Founders Era AU, Alternate History Rewrite, eventual Mito/Madara & Hashirama/Kakuzu, one-sided Hashirama/Madara, ongoing]
Chapter Summary: Even Death mocks them.
Oh lawwwwd they be sufferin, AND I broke 100k. Still on target to finish publishing by the end of the year. Don’t forget to leave a review! See y’all next month. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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lemony-snickers · 4 months
Title:  To Die.  To Sleep.  To Dream.  (AO3 Link Here) Summary:  The Infinite Tsukuyomi was a misguided dream.  But Kakashi still wonders what his might have looked like. Word Count:  1,233 Warnings:  none, really.  rated T for references to canonical character death .
Sometimes, Kakashi wonders what his Tsukuyomi dream might have been.
He was never caught in the genjutsu himself, so he can only speculate.  And while he’s pretty sure he knows what it would entail, there is no real way to be certain.  Far too often when he is alone in the Hokage office late at night, having dismissed the remaining ANBU surveillance team after much ado and a severe—and hollow—threat of dismissal, his mind often drifts to Obito’s idea of a perfect world.
It was a misguided dream, of course.  A kind thought twisted and mangled until it was no longer good, but wretched.  Obito saw that, in the end, but Kakashi wonders if he’d lived longer whether he would have circled back to that same dream in some other form, hideous or lovely—to trap the world in an illusion of perfection to keep it complacent and protected.  Kakashi knows how difficult it can be to let go of such strongly rooted ideals.  Obito surely would have had a hard time letting go of his dream if he hadn’t sacrificed himself once more upon the battlefield.
Kakashi hopes, if he had survived, Obito would have found a purer version of his future, a better way forward.
Tonight, as he reviews budget proposals for everything from the Ninja Academy and Hospital to the cleaning services for T&I, Kakashi’s mind drifts, coaxed by the soft breeze blowing in from his open window to wander.  He imagines what his Infinite Tuskuyomi might have been, a serene smile obscured by the fabric of his mask, reserved only for himself in the solitude of his office.
Obito, alive and well, wearing a patch over his left eye, maybe, Hokage robes billowing behind him in the breeze at his inauguration.  Rin at his side, beaming.  Later, welcoming him home from a long day with a swollen belly and bright eyes.  A waddling toddler making his father cry ridiculously at his incoordination.
Sakumo at home, his wife dozing with her head in his lap as he reviewed mission scrolls for clarity correctness.  It would be nice if he could retire, but the administrative position he holds is enough for him—quiet and unobtrusive to his home life.  Kakashi visits and they eat dinner together while they catch up as a family, laughing in the room where Sakumo once spilled his own blood.
Kakashi shakes his head. No, he thinks, that did not happen in this version of the story.
His perfect world would not include the death of his loved ones—he would not allow it.
He returns to his paperwork, head bent over yet another convoluted spreadsheet with type so small his eyes water.  He takes a red pen to the line requesting a twelve percent budgetary increase for the maintenance and upkeep of the Hokage’s residence and adjoining buildings.  He knows it’s a ploy by the Elders to expand their housing and his fist tightens in irritation at having to schedule yet another meeting to remind them it is a bogus and unnecessary expense.
The Hokage Mansion is already an eyesore, too large and ridiculous, not at all well-fortified.  Built for aesthetics and status rather than defense. Most nights, Kakashi sleeps in his office or back at his old apartment instead, places he knows are well safeguarded and not as easily breeched in the event of an attack.
He knows eventually he will need to oversee a renovation of the compound—he will not allow Naruto to move in with his family until he is certain they will be safe there.  It’s ridiculous, he thinks, that no one else has done anything about this before him.
It is this thought that drags his mind back toward his would-be Tsukuyomi—to his unfinished imaginings of what a perfect world might look like for Kakashi Hatake, renowned Copy Ninja and Rokudaime of the Hidden Leaf Village.
He chuckles.  Because of course none of the titles matter, they never have.
But thinking of the Hokage’s residence induces memories of Minato-sensei and Kushina.  In his dream, would they still be alive?  Able to hold their son and teach him powerful jutsu in their backyard as Minato continued to protect Konoha as the Fourth Hokage?  Would the Nine-Tailed Fox still have been sealed within Naruto as an infant, or could Kushina have carried that burden for her son until he was ready?
Would Tsunade have still become the Godaime, or would Minato have lived long enough to pass the mantle directly to his son?
To Kakashi?
Kakashi chuckles.  It’s a ridiculous notion.  If Minato-sensei were alive, it is a certainty that Kakashi would not have been made Hokage.  Minato knew him better, would have seen straight through the accolades he earned on the battlefield to the scared, incomplete boy at the center.
But then, in his Tsukuyomi, would Kakashi still be so broken?  If Sakumo and Obito and Rin were still alive, perhaps he could have become something greater—a better man, whole and unguarded.
As the sun rises and the golden rays of it reach through the open window, warming the side of Kakashi’s face, he wonders if his perfect world would include not only his friends and family, but someone at his side with a more intimate title.
Would he be married? A father?
Would he know how to love wholly and without fear—a thing which has eluded him all his life?
Kakashi stretches his neck, rubbing his palms over his face a few times to rouse himself from his daydream.
The world is not perfect—a fact made clear even in the budget reports Kakashi still needs to review.
He decides they can wait, however, and shrugs off his oversized robe so he can travel home more easily, leaping over rooftops toward his apartment to capture a few hours of light rest before returning to his office to continue working.
As he watches the village rouse awake beneath him, Kakashi cannot help but smile.
The world is imperfect. It always will be.  No dream—not even the Infinite Tsukuyomi—could ever return his loved ones to him.  No matter how real it seemed or how much he wanted it to be true, it would always be a hollow, half-hearted mirage.
Perhaps Obito would have made a better Hokage.  Maybe if Minato-sensei were still alive, there would have been no need for Kakashi to fill the role before Naruto could be ready to don the ridiculous hat himself.
But Kakashi will never know for certain.  All he can do, as the last of his genin team and his clan that remains, is work toward a more perfect world—a better village for the children of his students and friends. He can strive to create a future as closely aligned with Obito’s vision as it can reasonably be.  That has to be enough.
Kakashi collapses onto his bed bone-weary and emotionally exhausted.  He closes his eyes and falls easily into a dream.
Obito, grinning with his arm around Rin’s shoulders.  Minato-sensei coaxing them all toward the training field with baby Naruto asleep against his chest in a carrier emblazoned with the Uzumaki clan symbol. Kakashi holds Sakumo’s saber in his hands, wields it against a shadow clone while his teammates cheer him on.
It’s not perfect, but he sleeps better than he has in a long time.
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Naruto drabble request: Temari forcing Kankuro out of his puppet cave (I mean workshop) so he can actually do human things, like eat sleep and bathe.
Temari and Kankuro, in their somewhat neglected youth, had organised a few rules between them to take care of one another. At that point it had just been the two of them against the world - their mother was dead, and their father was preoccupied with what Gaara may or may not become, so this was their way of having a family.
Eventually they expanded their rules to include Baki and Gaara; after all, it's hard to live with people for days on end, fighting side-by-side, without developing some sort of bond. But it started with them. They were each other's people.
And that's what brought a disgruntled Temari from her own lavish and well-maintained room to the hole-in-the-wall dungeon Kankuro called home.
"Kankuro?" She called, rapping her hand against the door three times. She waited for a response -- five seconds, that was what they agreed on.
No answer, so she opened it hesitantly, and had to jerk her hand back to cover her nose from the smell.
"God," She had regrets for letting him hole away for so long at a time. They may need to review his rules for being brought out of hiding, this was beyond unhygienic. "Kankuro, I'm coming in."
Kicking aside a few pieces of rubbish that littered the floor, Temari approached Kankuro's desk, where he sat hunched over the body of a puppet, arms moving very gently as he worked. When he got truly invested in his work it was easy for him to miss even the most obvious of threats.
Which is why he didn't even try to defend himself from Temari's hands pulling him off his stool.
"Hey!" Kankuro protested as his sister lifted him by the armpits, losing his centre of gravity to her.
"Hey yourself," She retorted, "It's been the full three days," she helped him stand in front of her, and put her hands on her hips. "You and this room stink. And you haven't eaten."
"I had water," Kankuro muttered, but his heart wasn't in it, and he looked at the ground awkwardly. "and you spilled my paint,"
Temari sighed, and put her hands on his shoulders. "Good. To both of those. But you know what the rule is."
"Yeah, yeah," He rolled his eyes at her, but looked towards his dresser, which had comfortable puppeteer blacks stuffed into various drawers, hanging out wherever he'd been too lazy to neaten them. "Shower. Food. Sleep."
"Shower. Food. Sleep." She agreed, and pushed him towards the drawers. "I'm going to clean up here for a bit - there's curry in the kitchen, I ran you a bath, and you should sleep in your actual bed." He had a habit of sleeping in his piles of puppet pieces when he had the chance.
Kankuro started towards his dresser to grab something comfortable, but his step faltered slightly.
"What is it?" Temari had moved to pick up the paintbrush on the floor.
"I love you," Kankuro admitted quietly, before he started gathering his things.
Temari scoffed, and rolled her eyes fondly. "I love you too,"
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rayshippouuchiha · 1 year
Tumblr media
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My Top Posts in 2021
After literal decades of dealing with Konoha's disaster shinobi, that finance specialist probably wouldn't even know what to do with Naruto, who saves his receipts, doesn't expense everything, and brought home more resources than he used on a mission.
Finance Shinobi: *in tears and clutching a mission report*
Co-worker: *wincing* Ahh Kakashi-san again?
Finance Shinobi: *sobbing* N-Noooooo. It's Uzumaki
Co-worker: *scoffs* Ugh I can only imagine. Don't know why Hokage-sama let that one make it onto a team. Especially Team 7.
Finance Shinobi: *abruptly stone-faced* If you ever talk bad about my personal savior and future Hokage Uzumaki Naruto again I will gut you like I gutted ANBU Squad 6's budget after that fuckery with the chickens and the cabbage cart.
Co-worker: * pale-faced and sweating* w-what?
Finance Shinobi: Did I fucking stutter? That boy is going to single-handedly fix our economy. Did you know Team 7 got sent out the other day with incorrect paperwork that gave them a third of their normal Team budget? Did you? Huh? Did you know that?
Co-worker: ...n-no I did not
Finance Shinobi: Well they did! And normally that means Hatake, curses upon his name, would come back still somehow massively over budget and with bills. Uzumaki Naruto not only managed to get them back under budget but he brought in a new trade contract with a coconut merchant. I don't even know what coconuts look like but apparently, we'll be getting them at 1/4th the price for as long as Uzumaki Naruto wears a headband. The merchant wrote the contract on silk, included a marriage offer for Naruto with all of their children and then signed it in blood. If anyone ever stops that boy from handing me the most detailed and perfect financial reports I have ever seen in my life I will go rouge, murder everyone in this village and Hatake twice, and then run directly into the sea. Neither the gods nor Tsunade-sama could stop me.
1695 notes • Posted 2021-07-07 06:14:40 GMT
AU where Harry says Fuck It with his entire childhood trauma filled chest, takes a fist full of gold to muggle London the summer after 4th year, gets his hands on a pistol, and then gives Dobby a call.
Imagine Voldemort chilling in Malfoy Manor when some house elf in 16 hats and 27 pairs of colorful socks rolls up with a .45 like "Mr. Harry Potter sir sends his regards."
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It's better than I could have ever imagined.
Tumblr media
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Reblog and tell us in the tags what the weapon type you simp after is. Like what weapon do you see a character use and it automatically elevates them in your eyes? Mine's a scythe.
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I remember back before the MCU when spoilers were things like who died in the end or who the real killer was. Now spoilers culture is like someone accidentally lets the cast list leak and is instantly shot dead by Disney
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happyocelot · 25 days
Hello! 💥 and 😳
send me an emoji 💥 - The fic you’ve read with the most drama!
Definitely White Lilies by you 😅. So much relationship drama! Naruto developing a life-threatening illness in response to seemingly unrequited love.
And in terms of drama as in, something extremely over the top, I would say The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men by Lucillia, in which Naruto accidentally learns Edo Tensei, summons Madara, and accidentally (again) flattens Konoha with a massive explosion lol.
😳 - The sweetest thing a reviewer has said to you.
A little list 😊
I appreciate all my sweet reviewers, so please don’t feel upset if I didn’t mention your review here…I just wanted to list three, though I’ve received a lot of good wishes and I love them all.
“You never fail to brighten my day. Thankyou so much”
“This was AMAZING HAHAHAHAHAHAA i seriously couldn’t stop laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing haha. Definitely a very healing way to end a day”
“I always enjoy reading your works. They never fail to make me smile and give me warm fluffies in my heart. Thank you!”
I just feel happy that I made someone, somewhere, smile.
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primnroses · 6 months
— Most reblogged Naruto characters/ships according to Tumblr
The information presented in this post has been checked and revised. My aim is not to hate or to discredit any of the characters mentioned. Please read about me for further information.
Tumblr is a social media network that allows users to post images or other content in a blog format. Since the 2010s they have been posting yearly reviews called Tumblr Year in Review by their account Fandom, in which they compile lists of different themes based on reblogs and the tagging system. This informative post will explain who are the most popular Naruto characters and ships according to Tumblr’s yearly review.
This meta will not crossposted in AO3.
I give my permission to use or share this thread with informative purposes as long as you credit me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This lists started in 2010 but Naruto entered the top in 2015 right after the manga ended. They also stay inside the list after Naruto anime ends in 2017 and Boruto starts. 
• Most reblogged ships (30 in total):
#7 Sasusaku (new)  #17 Naruhina (new)
Link to post.
• Most reblogged ships (20 in total): 
#14 Sasusaku (-7)
Link to post.
• Most reblogged ships (30 in total): 
#17 Sasusaku (-3)
Link to post.
• Most reblogged ships (100 in total):
#30 Sasusaku (-13)  #98 Naruhina (new)
Link to post.
• Most reblogged ships (100 in total): 
#28 Sasusaku (+2)
Link to post.
• Most reblogged anime characters (50 in total): 
#17 Uchiha Sasuke (new)  #21 Haruno Sakura (new)  #25 Hatake Kakashi (new)  #50 Uzumaki Naruto (new)
Link to post.
• Most reblogged ships (100 in total): 
#29 Sasusaku (-1) 
Link to post.
• Most reblogged anime characters (50 in total): 
#21 Hatake Kakashi (+4)  #24 Haruno Sakura (-3)  #30 Uchiha Sasuke (-13)  #40 Uzumaki Naruto (+10)
Link to post.
• Most reblogged ships (100 in total): 
#50 Sasusaku (-21)  #78 Sasunaru (new) 
Link to post.
• Most reblogged anime characters (50 in total): 
#29 Hatake Kakashi (-8)  #32 Uchiha Sasuke (-2)  #37 Uzumaki Naruto (+3)  #49 Haruno Sakura (-25)
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zerochanges · 11 months
2021 Favorite Anime
Tumblr media
It’s that time once again for me to list my favorite stuff from the year, and oh boy, what a year it has been. It sucked, okay, let’s just cut to the chase. The anime I watched the most this year was probably One Piece, like I discussed just the other day in my media binge reviews. If you wanna see my thoughts on some stuff that isn’t from 2021, check it out, if you don’t give a crap, and really who can blame you, just keep scrolling down. I am once again going to include sequels and long running animes in my ranking this year, and yeah, the list is just in alphabetical order so there isn’t really a number 1 to say, although if you ask me, it’s Muteking! Muteking is my favorite anime from 2021, that was the best show. Well, you can read why down below, but let’s get started. 
Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside
Tumblr media
You can tell this one is based off a light novel with that title, for simplicity sake let’s just call it Banished from here on out. Banished is a somewhat interesting concept, instead of being about the classic JRPG Yusha (Hero) character it instead focuses on a temporary party member. If you have played a decent amount of JRPGs I am sure you know what I am talking about, Red the main character isn’t a permanent party member, just someone that joins the group temporarily then leaves at some point. Red, being a former companion of the hero’s party, makes him worldly and interesting but he’s also down to earth and just wants to live a quiet life with his adventuring days behind him. When he meets Rit from his old adventuring days he is initially worried that his cover will be blown but she instead decides to settle down with him. What follows is pretty standard fantasy anime schlock but it’s held together really well because of the great chemistry between Red and Rit that make an adorable couple. It’s refreshing to have two adults actually openly dating with no “will they or won’t they?” antics.
Black Clover
Tumblr media
Of all the things for 2021 to take, it had to be Clover! How cruel! I kid of course, and with the current state of anime I have no doubt it will one day return, hey even World Trigger did and I never would have believed that. For now though, Black Clover is over, and it ended pretty well for what it was. We got absolutely fantastic battles towards the end, Asta and Yami vs Dante is a true highlight of the entire series and really shows how much Asta has grown up now in the time skip and how important he has become to other people in his life. Hearing Yami finally call Asta by his name gave me goosebumps, it’s a beautiful moment. It hurts to have this one leave, it became a pinnacle of my Saturday nights on Toonami for some 4 years but Asta will return to save his friends again, I’m sure of it. 
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Tumblr media
Last year Boruto began delving into manga content, both adapting story arcs from it directly and creating new content around it that further elaborated on material left vague in the manga. It was a great year for the series and it’s awesome to see that it pretty much kept that momentum for the entirety of 2021 as well, adapting almost the entire manga by this point. It was this year that finally revealed the secret behind Boruto’s curse mark and the cruel fate that awaits the youth as well as finally bringing the secondary protagonist into the series, Kawaki. Kawaki really shook up the status quo, a misunderstood youth that was being chased by a criminal organization, he had the same curse as Boruto and took crap from no one. 
Over the following story arcs we watched both Boruto and Kawaki grow a lot and share a deep brotherly bond because of the dark fate they have been given. And the battles, holy crap, the fights were incredible. The Boruto staff truly outdid themselves, animating some incredible fights that went above and beyond spectacle into almost cinematic quality fights. And it was absolutely earned, as these fights were tied together nicely with some really great story telling. Overall, I know the following year will probably be a bit slower since the anime has more or less caught up, but I don’t even care, it was one hell of a great ride these past two years, and I can’t wait to see what comes in the future. 
Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress 
Tumblr media
Last year the third series of Vanguard finished after a nearly two year long run and 2021 has seen the start of Overdress, the new fourth series that celebrates the ten year anniversary of the franchise. OD is both something new and a return to form, and it was kind of an odd start to me; much of the first season simply did not click for me like I hoped it would. And that is one of the big differences OD has over past entries as the series has shifted to a much older demographic and airs late at night and in single cours. Gone are seasons that last 50-65 episodes and instead in their place are beautifully animated 12 episode seasons. The series having such a smaller episode count however didn’t vibe well with the same old kind of slow pace storytelling Season 1 presented and often had to sacrifice the titular card fights of the series in order to tell plot. I’m watching a card battle anime because I want card battles, that shouldn’t be too complicated to understand, right? 
Season 2 thankfully delivers in many ways and made me realize that a lot of the former season was all done for set up and finally getting this pay off felt great. Card fights become much more regular and said fights in general become really enjoyable with great strategy and wonderful animation. The story really picks up in this season and the cast finally feels like it all has fallen into place. Overdress was a rocky transition but I think Bushiroad has managed to bring a really great and well crafted card battle series to an older demographic. I’m looking forward to future seasons of the series now.
Dr. Stone: Stone Wars
Tumblr media
Season 2 of Dr. Stone picks up right as the war between the two different factions of the stone world, Senku’s Kingdom of Science and Tsukasa’s Empire begin their war and it wastes no time in getting to the good stuff. Old characters return, Senku unleashes some great science on us, and most importantly the chemistry of the entire cast is top notch, even for the villain side. Every character is really well realized and written. It says a lot when the end of the season makes you empathize with the villain just as much as you did with the main characters. It’s sadly hard to talk a lot about Stone Wars since it is just one story arc of the series, going into details is pretty much just spoiling the story arc, but it’s a great continuation of a really fun and different Jump manga.
Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020)
Tumblr media
Toei’s modern adaptation of Dai no Daibouken is a dream come true, and one I never thought I could get. It brings back the same feelings I had when Madhouse began a new Hunter x Hunter adaptation in 2011, and I simply love that so many beloved 90’s Jump series are finally getting their due. This year the anime finally surpassed where the original 1991 anime left off, and seeing these story arcs get animated is incredible. And the animation is top notch! The staff working on the series really bring a lot of talent and creativity that brings the fights from the series into new light. Most importantly, I’m just having so much fun watching this series every weekend like I’m a kid again. Dai no Daibouken at one time in my life I considered my favorite manga, and to this day it really holds up so strongly. The anime finally entering into the second half of the manga has been one of the most exciting things for me this year!
Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!
Tumblr media
For me it’s kind of hard to do a comedy isekai (another world) series nowadays. It’s probably just because of how dry the isekai well is in general but there’s also just some really great competition, like Konosuba kind of already did everything and did it so well it’s hard to find any more humor from this. But then Full Dive came along and oh boy, I usually don’t find mean spirited comedy that funny but this is gold. The series really takes the piss out of so many power fantasy series, making a VR fantasy world that is too realistic, meaning that if you are weak IRL you are weak in the game, and it’s such a one trick pony but it works just so incredibly well. Watching the main character constantly fall over and over again because doing even the simplest of things in a JRPG is herculean for real life people. Hell, I think one of the funniest jokes is that he doesn’t even leave the starter town until the very end of the season! The thing that usually happens in a couple of minutes in an actual JRPG. 
Girlfriend, Girlfriend
Tumblr media
Speaking of great comedies this year, Girlfriend, Girlfriend is another one. Instead of the usual “will they or won’t they” love triangle, the series protagonist Naoya is way too pure and doesn’t want to cheat on anyone so he somehow ends up in an utterly bizarre three way poly relationship with two other girls that is way too hard to explain to normal people and often leads to fairly funny outcomes. It’s just your regular high school romance between one dude and his two girlfriends. The humor is often really absurd, and the characters are sometimes too stupid to even function. The whole thing is held together by just how pure and sincere Naoya is in being the perfect two-timing boyfriend.
Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan
Tumblr media
“Hey, that’s me!” is pretty much how I describe Uramichi-oniisan. Do you hate your job? Is life in your thirties depressing? Is your body starting to age and fall apart? Have you given up on ever achieving personal happiness? Are you going to be single forever? If you answered yes to all these questions then this is you too! We are all Uramichi-oniisan! The fact that this show aired on mondays too was way too perfect, I think it had to be intentional; vegging out to work time blues and your depressing 30s on the harshest day of the week really helped to get me through.
Muteking the Dancing Hero!
Tumblr media
In what is probably the most creative and ingenious reimaging of a classic property I have ever seen, Muteking the Dancing Hero, takes an old cheesy early-80s Tatsunoko superhero show and transforms it into a modern spectacle that still pays homage to the era of origin. It’s such a clever idea that I can’t get over–poaching one of their many, many, dime-a-dozen Gatchaman clones and transforming it into … well pretty much an old school goofy rhythm game. Anyone familiar with the classics like Gitaroo Man, Rhythm Heaven, PaRappa, and the like, will know what I am talking about: Muteking the Dancing Hero is pretty much just one of those games if they were an anime. Gone are the mechs and the toyriffic gadgets, and in their place are epic dance battles against kaiju that seek to destroy the city. 
The music is phenomenal in the series, naturally, the dance battle portion of every episode is just so much fun, and way too enjoyable, but the soundtrack brings a lot of weight to it outside of just those tracks and there are even some old school classics from the era of the original Muteking; I nearly lost my mind when the show played the legendary (or maybe infamous now) Plastic Love, and somehow made it work for one of the saddest scenes in the series. Then there is also Aurora the most popular celebrity in the city and a dark idol that Muteking just can’t seem to beat for most of the series. Their dance clashes bring some of the best music in the series.
Besides the great idea to take a cheesy old property and reinvent it, and besides the great music that came with this new dance battle aspect of the series, besides all that, my favorite thing about Muteking the Dancing Hero is just that it’s loads of fun. The series is one of those rare shows that every episode feels insanely fun, the characters have fantastic chemistry with each other and no matter how small a role everyone gets something to do, the world is so well defined and cartoonish enough to seem magical, and 25 minutes just go away in a blink of an eye. This was the most fun I had watching anime all year, and easily my favorite show of the year, I will forever go up to bat for this weird, creative series. Two best buddies really can save the universe with the power of dance!
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Tumblr media
I originally watched this show because a lot of people were dunking on it for being super pervy and dumb, and hey, oh shit, a stupid perverted dumb isekai series, sign me up, bro. This wasn’t what I was led to believe, as it slowly became a really well written and heart wrenching series, I guess the twitter mobs never know what they are talking about, oh well, at least I watched a great show for once. Mushoku Tensei is a really interesting beast though and I can see why people might be grossed out at the start, it feels like the author probably played a lot of eroge back in the day before writing this series, and hey, me too, so it didn’t ruin the experience for me personally. Eroge, or erotic game in laymen, is probably the best comparison I can think of for Mushoku Tensei, as just like many famous eroge (think Yu-No or Fate/) the horny content is there but an incredibly deep and well articulated plot is just under the surface (and the boobs) too.
Remake Our Life!
Tumblr media
This show I really felt on a lot of levels, being a burned out 30-something with a dead end job. There are a lot of fantasy titles in Japan now that seem to focus on escaping to another world or redoing a pivotal part of your life and it makes me imagine there’s a good chunk of the population there just as burned out as me. Remake really did a great job at not only making me extremely jealous of protagonist Kyouya for getting such a great opportunity to follow his creative dreams again in his youth, but also made me feel insanely inspired again every episode. Anybody struggling to become an artist in their adult life can relate to this series, and it really shows how the best of intentions sometimes can lead to the worst results. Nobody ever said second chances are perfect but I can’t help but to think how great it would have been to chase more of my dreams in my college years.
Tokyo Revengers
Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers feels like it might be the last big title from Crunchyroll and that made it extra special to me. We had this big 2-cour long mega popular show with a fantastic Crunchy commissioned dub in the vein of their other prior major gems like Jujutsu Kaisen before it. Now that they are owned by Funimation I had no clue going forward what will happen so this may really be the last of its kind. I can say though, it was a damn fun series to end on. 
Just like Remake Our Life! Tokyo Revengers features the protagonist time traveling back into his middle school self, on a mission to save his childhood sweetheart from a cruel fate in the present. The time travel aspect originally threw me off a bit, as it is kind of poorly written but after a while I came to actually really appreciate it for what it is. This is not a hard sci-fi fantasy series, at its core this is a fun yankii battle manga: the time travel aspect is just a narrative device that helps set stakes and creatively gives you exposition. We know why Takemichi has to succeed so badly because we get glimpses into what will happen if he doesn’t.
TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy-
Tumblr media
This is a guilty pleasure of mine. Tsukimichi does nothing extraordinary nor is it really that well made but there is just something there that I can’t quite put my finger on that makes me enjoy it a lot. Perhaps it’s that the series has a somewhat older feel to it, the original novels it is based on do date back to about 2012. For whatever reason this show makes me nostalgic and I really don’t have any prior experience with it. Feels like something I would have watched in high school. If you told me it was from 2006 I would believe you, as it firmly feels like Zero no Tsukaima to me. Anyways, guilty pleasure, but I would be remiss not to mention it since I spammed my friends with screenshots from this one quite a bit over this year.
World Trigger (Season 2 and Season 3)
Tumblr media
Seeing World Trigger return like it has is honestly something that still surprises me. I was there, eight years ago, I watched since episode 1 aired back in 2014, and never could I have imagined that we would get past that cliff hanger the original first season ended on way-back-when in 2016. Seeing the anime finally finish the story arc it left on is really satisfying in a lot of ways but seeing how much care and effort was put in these new seasons is even more satisfying. It’s no secret the original first season had a rocky start and was right at the peak of Toei being kind of a disaster so seeing them have such an amazing output recently is a true underdog story, Dai no Daibouken and World Trigger are some of the best animated series around right now. Beyond the stellar animation (seriously this is the best I’ve seen in so long) World Trigger always holds a special place in my heart as the best Jump series from the 2010s. To me World Trigger is just where it is at for that decade, and this isn’t some diss on the many other great Jump titles of that era, I just think this is my favorite one; it has the sharpest writing, uses real world combat tactics, a huge roster of amazing characters, and is just a fun sci-fi series all together. 
The Vampire Dies in No Time
Tumblr media
The Vampire Dies in No Time is a really great “buddy cop” kind of comedy, where world class Vampire Hunter Ronaldo somehow ends up partnering with the most fearsome and powerful vampire of them all, Draluc–except all that is total bull. Draluc’s legend is greatly exaggerated and despite his best efforts to be the stereotypical Dracula kind of vampire, he’s completely harmless, if anything he only hurts himself not humans. Pretty much even the smallest flick of your finger is enough to kill Draluc, who thankfully can revive endlessly but that’s about all he’s good for. Ronaldo and Draluc bicker constantly, are a terrible vampire hunter team, and each try to betray the other at every chance they can get–but somehow they are stuck together. It’s never a dull moment with these two idiots.
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (Season 2)
Tumblr media
Iruma-kun is back and this newest season covers some of my favorite content in the series like the Evil Iruma story arc and the Walter Park arc. It’s nice to be able to settle down more into this series and see it continue, and knowing there is a season 3 in the upcoming future makes me hopeful we might get the entire series animated one day. Iruma-kun really fills in that void that Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Left in my heart after its ending. It’s funny, has some great small character moments, and can also handle battle manga material very competently. Watching young Iruma and his friends of demon misfits grow to rise above their misfit labels and become the most respected class of the titular Demon School is just too much fun. 
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bestruction · 2 years
How it’d be to watch animes with them
A/N: While i’m working on my Mikasa x reader royal au, this little idea came to my mind. I tried to put the links when i mentioned a specific scene and speak a little about the anime in case you don’t know it.  So here it’s: 
Warnings: Me exposing my otaku self, mentions of 18+ animes (Not hentais) 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eren -  Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen (13+)
A / N: The main characters like each other, but none wants to confess because being the person who takes the first step would also represent being the defeated person. The anime develops in a series of plans that both elaborate to make the other confess their love.
Warnings: None
It was his idea to watch an anime together since the two of you liked it a lot. You saw no harm and agreed to go to sleep with your boyfriend on Friday night. So, you would have the dawn and the weekend to see everything.
“We could watch One piece! Everybody likes"
“In three days ?! We will not finish even if we do not take breaks ”
"Naruto then?"
“Haven't you seen it all five times or more?
"But it is a classic!"
"It is also too long!"
He would sulk when he saw you reject each of his suggestions for being too big animes. The truth was, he was trying to convince you to stay longer. After much searching in the catalog, you choose to watch a short comedy of 12 episodes.
Biggest mistake ever
Eren is already annoying by nature, and after watching Kaguya-sama's two seasons he would spend the day and night trying to get you to confess to him EVEN IF YOU'VE BEEN IN LOVE FOR TWO YEARS AND HE HAS BEEN THE FIRST TO DECLARE. HIT HIM, PLEASE.
"Do you think that using such a low trick will make me give in?"
“Eren, I just got out of the shower. What trick? Wear an outfit? ”
“Showing off your skin won't make you win”
If you wanted to play with him, great. You are going to spend the day in this little game until he gets tired and just hugs you or something because he can't spend a lot of time without touching you. But if you didn't want to, just you could use that touchy side of him against him too.
"Maybe I shouldn't show you anything else then"
"Yes, of course, do- Wait what?"
"You heard"
Watching anime with him would be quite an experience. For being very verbal, Eren would be the type of person who doesn't shut up watching anything. Especially, something that makes him laugh. You would see him laughing out loud and throwing himself back on the couch or on you, whether you were with him or not. You may even complain, but it would be fun to see him react to everything as immediately and naturally as an unfiltered child.
He will sing ALL the openings for the rest of the days around the house until you are humming some without realizing it.
For some reason, can I imagine him doing Chika dance ?? Yes, please film this big bear dancing like a little girl.
Tumblr media
Levi - Death parade 
A / N: Do you want to cry and hurt yourself? This is the right place. Death Parade is a story about what happens after death. The characters are sent to mysterious bars where they will be judged to decide the fate of the souls themselves. (18+)
Warnings: Suicide, depressive themes, mentions of rape and domestic violence
I don't see Levi watching many animes. In fact, I don't see him watching much anything at all. He would be the type of person who can't spend a lot of time in front of the television without feeling like he's wasting time. Which would result in a very selective and demanding taste.
He would always read the reviews about the film, and after watching it, he would make his own. Ever. No exceptions. Unlike Impossible-to-be-quiet-Eren, Levi would be silent to be able to capture and understand all the details. This is interesting because getting his attention is a difficult task. But once it's done, he is 100% focused on the story and immersed in the characters.
So, after reading about it, he would agree to watch Death Parade with you.
He would have low expectations at first, and if the anime failed to hold his very difficult attention in three episodes, he wouldn't even try with the rest.
So when in the first episode, all suspense and doubts left to the viewer entered Ackerman's head, he would finish the other 11 without realizing it.
As a rational person, he would love things that make him think and reflect on the proposed theme. In the case: Life and death.
For some reason, I imagine him as someone who would like to study and read philosophy as a hobby and that he would love Nietzsche? So, you could expect deep conversations after each episode.
But without any arrogance, humanity's strongest soldier might not be the most talkative man in humanity, but surely when he opened his mouth to it, it wouldn’t be to show himself off with something that he knows and you don’t. On the contrary, he would be more than happy to explain if you asked and added your opinion.
He wouldn't cry, but he would be touched by the way the emotions were shown and created in the characters.
He would probably see the scene where Decim cries more than once for being impressed with how the pain of a character who is supposedly not flesh and blood is expressed so well.
And after the anime is over, you would always see him listening to the music of the ice skating scene around the house while doing something.
When you were finished watching everything, you would talk again about the anime. You lying on his chest and he touching his hair, smelling him.
"Do you believe in reincarnation, Levi?"
“If so, I wouldn't go back to this shit a second time. No matter what they offered me ”
"Unless it was to have you again"
“What a cliché” He would roll his eyes after hearing your response “But I like clichés”
Again, he wouldn't cry, but he would be thinking about how ephemeral things can be, including being alive. Then you can expect a more touchy Levi for a few days.
Tumblr media
Jean - Banana Fish 
N / A: Another one to cry and get hurt. Banana Fish is way more than just a story about one character just is hard to define. So in case, you didn’t watch it, here’s the trailer. (18+)
warnings: pedophilia, rape, violence, drugs, your heart being destroyed
You know that guy who says that no yaoi is good, it's just a way to feed a bunch of fujoshi and stuff like that? Jean. It's him. I just know it. So when you suggested Banana Fish and said it was a BL / yaoi, he would probably laugh and ignore the idea.
But after insisting a little and showing him the many compliments that both the anime and the manga received, he would accept.
At first, he wouldn't pay much attention. He really thought it would be just another bad anime. But by the end of the first episode, he would be too involved in the story to stop.
I think he would love crime novels for the same reason that Levi: To think. Try to find out how things are going to end and pick up any clues that the author has left about the ending. So the plot would hold him so much because he would make a ton of theories about the end.
He will ship Ash and Eiji with all his soul. I mean, how can he not ship? To see an anime in which the physical touch between the couple doesn't really happen and still builds a well-developed and healthy relationship would be a new experience for him.
Jean is somewhat similar to Eren in this respect. So you can expect to see him huffing in anger, cursing one of the characters, throwing a pillow away, or using it to hide a tear or two that he would let go of you. The kind of person who gets emotionally involved with the things he watches.
He would cry an entire river after watching the last episode and deny it later.
“I was not crying. The cushion fabric made my eyes itch a lot ”
Show him again and he will cry the same amount and intensity
Tumblr media
Armin - Haikyuu
A / N: Considering all the texts on Tumblr for haikyuu characters, I’m pretty sure you know what anime it’s lol (10+)
Armin is an otaku with a license card and no one can change my mind. He would probably start watching it as a child. So, his first animes would be everyone's classics: Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, etc.
So it would be normal that as the vast majority, he would continue to have a preference for shounen when he grew up. So it would be your idea to see Haikyuu.
He would have low expectations because he thought it would be just another anime with cute characters for everyone to be thirsty as an inverted harem. And also because the synopsis does not create a strong impression, especially for those who consume shounen daily.
"So we are just gonna see a little boy trying to catch a ball?"
“It's gonna be good! Everyone is talking about it now ”
"Does he have some superpower?"
"Something scary?"
"Armin, just give a chance!"
He would like it. Did I say he would like it? Because he would love it. The atmosphere created and well developed with such a simple plot would hold his attention well. (Is it possible to dislike Hinata in the first episode?)
It would be a great anime for him to watch because 1. It is different from what he usually sees. Unlike shounen, Haikyuu deals only with real and tangible scenarios. Of course, still with that touch of anime, but it is very easy to recognize yourself in the characters and learn from them and therefore reflect on yourself as well.
It would be great to make him think about his own insecurities and how most of them were inside his head.
He would be so immersed in the anime universe that he would have to pause the game scenes because he would be too nervous waiting for the ball to fall.
You will probably see him taking a deep breath in each drawing scene of the characters and see him truly cheering for the team as if it were a real national game.
More than that, you will see his eyes full of tears when Yamaguchi hit the serve in the match against Aoba johsai.
In fact, Yamaguchi would be his favorite character. No discussions.
"I said it would be good"
"Shut up"
"Make me"
Tumblr media
Mikasa - Heaven’s official blessing 
A / N: I'm going to leave the trailer here because I don't know how to define it very well. It's a novel, but the story doesn't focus ONLY on that. (14+)
Okay, you didn't suggest. She did not suggest. So how do you end up watching together? You catch her watching when you come home by surprise lol
Until then, you would know that she watched some anime, but nothing romantic. Never. In fact, that was her little secret.
Although common sense is that Mikasa would be cold even in a modern au (and I agree in parts). I think she would be the type of person who loves to see the sweetest and softest things to melt alone on the couch without anyone seeing. A moment for herself and a part of her that she would not show to anyone.
You would already know about her romantic side, but seeing her under the covers sighing while watching the Netflix special episode is a totally different story.
Please don’t mock her!!. She would be red enough by the time she was discovered.
When she was less shy, she would ask if you want to watch with her. She would say she saw no problem watching it with you again since doing it with you would be a different experience.
If you accept, you would spend the rest of the night in the room sharing a blanket and absorbing the soft atmosphere, the soundtrack, and the Chinese culture so present in history.
She would not speak a lot because she was paying attention, but she would hug you all the time. In the romantic scenes, she would tighten her arms around you a little and sometimes left a kiss on your shoulder.
I think she could relate to Hua Cheng's way of loving. He is always there to protect, care for and see his lover even if sometimes Xie Lian doesn't even know.
And that is what she wants to show you, that more than a girlfriend, she is also someone you can count on.
Days later, you will see her reading the rest of the work around the house because she couldn't stand to wait for a second season.
And later, SURELY melting and vibrating while watching Mo Dao Zu Shi.
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captnjacksparrow · 10 months
Sparrow, recently I saw youtube video pf Naruto reviewer and he said that "kids who love big explosion like VotE 2 than VotE 1. Those who was invested with emotion in the fight like VotE 1 than VotE 2." What do think about this statement? Do you think it's true? As SNS shipper I adore VotE 2 especially the ending speech 😣 but as regular fan I indeed more invested emotionally with VotE 1 than VotE 2. Maybe because VotE 2 is at the end of the series and we all know that the fight will end in the way Naruto wants, as MC. Somehow VotE 2 lacks of emotion than VotE 1, even I am more emotionally invested with Kakashi vs Obito fight than VotE 2. What do you think about emotional aspect of VotE 2? And which one you like the most?
I've wrote about this in one of my very earlier post. You don't have to read that entire lengthy post but scroll till the very end and you can see that I talked about this Battle in detail. I’ll just requote it here... 
Considering all the battles in the Naruto universe, I categorize them as follows:
Best Calculated (and emotional) battle - Itachi vs Sasuke
Best Hand-to-Hand combat - Kakashi vs Obito (what a fight it was!!!)
Best Mega Powered Up battle - Hashirama vs Madara
Best Emotional battle - Naruto vs Sasuke (1st valley of the end)
Best Unpredictable/Entertaining battle - Naruto vs Pain
Despite having all the potential to fulfill the above categories, The Final Valley of the End Battle never bested in any of them.
So, it seems Anon, We both are on the same page...
Kakashi Vs Obito battle is something I would pay any money to watch it in Theatres with 3D/IMAX... A Final fight worthy battle with all the emotions filled in it. In the Manga, it was really short.... But Anime added plenty of details which just made me go squeal “Wowww!!!!!”
Tumblr media
Kakashi throwing Kunai to Obito face is Perfection.... An Art.... **Whistling Loudly**
Tumblr media
And when Kakashi falls down but kips up without the help of his hands... Weeee!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Especially that time, when Kid Obito and Kakashi was about to make the Seal of Reconciliation which was cleverly juxtaposed with Adult Obito preventing it..... I teared up. 
This is exactly how a battle between two friends should be... Keep the emotions on the back burner and fight according to the plan.. Which both Kakashi and Obito did amazingly well. Obito’s plan was to make Kakashi to struck his Heart and Kakashi’s plan was to kill Obito.... They just get to the business right away but at the same time, they both didn’t want to do this in the first place.
Emotions - Check
Cleverness - Check
Stunt Choreography - Check
Perfection - Check
Even in VoTE1, We got to know many things about Naruto and Sasuke for the first time in that Battle.... One says, ‘I won’t let you go’ and another says ‘I can’t turn back’... Layers and Layers of repressed feelings got leashed out as the battle progressed... Woah!!! There’s so much going on.
And what did I get in VoTE2 as compared to all the Battles I mentioned above??????
Absolutely nothing.
All I got was Naruto and Sasuke were fighting without any plan. Naruto who used to be unpredictable in his battles became Quiet and Predictable. Sasuke who used to fight in a long range and calculative became totally dumb by fighting in a close range with Naruto and was overtly Noisy.... 
VoTE2 battle sucked at many levels... There’s no proper Taijutsu, no perfection, no battle plans.... It’s just 2 boys punching each other in veeeerrryyyyy close range... Which undeniably gave a certain sexual tension...
Tumblr media
This scene is where I got the ‘Lovers’ vibe which I was intentionally denying myself for so long on my first watch... The Lighting, The Colour palette, The Angle, The Closeness... Ooops!!! Too sensual. 
And I think, VoTE2 battle was never meant for Readers/Audience. It was totally for Naruto and Sasuke alone because all the things that readers ought to know about these characters were conveyed for 695 chapters.... What’s left is just the characters needs to get as close as possible and touch each other which they could never do if not for a Battle. They want to share their feelings through their fists in a messy way (total contrast to the pixel perfect fight we got from Kakashi vs Obito fight)... 
And that explains why Kishi was so hellbent on convincing his Editors that he wanted to end the Battle with a Fist Fight rather than going for a Grand Ninjutsu and stuffs.... Because it was never meant for us.
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