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馃槓 ...
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THANK YOU SO MUCH for 15K followers锛侊紒 I've been using my tumblr account since 2011. And to be honest, I never thought i would reach this far鈥︷煉 I am truly thankful to all who loved my art and kept supporting锛乊ou guys really don't know how much that means to me鈥 ILU ALL 馃檹鉁煉栶煉栶煉栶煉栶煉栶煉曫煉曫煉
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Inspired by the song鈥檚:
Cake and Play Date by Melanie Martinez.馃崊馃崶
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VotE2 Vibes ;-;
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I've seen people say hinata and sasuke are his type 馃槷鈥嶐煉 mostly hinata stans, but sadly sns too
Lol sure.
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He says in the raws:
鏆椼亸銇 kurakute = dark, dull
鍦板懗銇 jimide = plain
澶夈仾濂 = henna yatsu = weird guy/fellow (pretty offensive way to refer to someone)
When he saw her stand up against Neji (without knowing she did it so he would watch her) he started to respect her more. But his initial reaction pretty much says he doesn't find her attractive. And there's never any canon indication he does.
As for Sasuke:
Tumblr media
They were talking about Sai's face, yet Naruto says Sasuke is much more kakkoii. It means attractive, often translated as handsome/cool. It can be used of both men and women, but it's more often used of men.
銇嬨仯銇撱亜銇 (Kakkoii) is used to describe the Physical Appearance of something and not a Situation. So you can't say "that's cool!" and use kakkoii there. Especially in this context, it clearly refers to Sasuke being attractive.
Tumblr media
Here he says ikemen 銈ゃ偙銉°兂 which basically just means a hot guy. Like if someone is really a snack. Lol.
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sasuke to pink girl: you're annoying, *murder attempt no.1 with karin*, *murder attempt no.2 with poison kunai*, lava hot don't care, I have no reason to love her nor see any reason for why she should love me, *genjutsu arm through the chest*
naruto to lady h: weird girl!, ignores her confession, lol not even anything else to say really
naruto and sasuke to each other: I wanted to reach out when we were young/I thought bonds made me weak/it's only you I need to kill to be truly alone/ my one and only... friend/I'll bear the burden of your hatred/whenever I see you take on pain, it hurts/wow sasuke u r so handsome haha so much better than sai/he is the person that accepted me more than anyone else/ etc etc etc *insert 72 volumes of Naruto manga here*
but go off ig on how ss and nh are true love
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鉁煃 Naruto Cookbook: Contributor Applications Open 馃崪鉁
The Naruto Cookbook is a fan project centred around food as the heart of any community and the relationships within it. Cuisines, characters and relationships of all kinds will be featured. If this sounds like a project you'd like to be a part of, our contributor applications are now open!
Contributor Roles
馃崶 Authors 馃崶 Artists 馃崶 Chefs 馃崶 Bakers 馃崶 Mixologists
馃崶 Cookbook 馃崶 NSFW Mini Zine 馃崶 Recipe Box + Cards 馃崶 Apron 馃崶 Prints 馃崶 Stickers
Please visit the carrd for further information and application links 馃А
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16 day of #snsmonth22
鈥淔antasy AU鈥
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drawing session w @mintysammys hehehe i love drawing w friends and also drawing my babies lmaooo
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I love that post about Gaara setting up a dinner and poetry for Naruto just to be outdone by Sasuke鈥檚 bare minimum and then making a reddit post about it because I can imagine it:
I (18M) have been in love with this dear friend (18M) of mine for quite some time. We have some history; when we were fourteen I wasn't in the best headspace mentally (daddy issues) and he really helped me get out of that dark place. I have liked him since then, though admittedly it used to be a shallow crush, it has only developed into genuine love. Despite caring for me, my friend (let's call him Nicky) has been obsessed with his other friend (18M, let's call him Asshole) for the longest time. Asshole does not deserve his affection or attention at all. He left Nicky and the town altogether to join a terrorist group (that's right!) and Nicky has been bending over backwards to bring him back and make it right between them. He has never given up on Asshole, despite everyone around him (and me!) advising him to, and eventually brought him back. Nicky turned 18 recently and I went all the way, made him a nice dinner and even composed some poetry to accompany the meal; it was all going well and I had even worked up the courage to confess my feelings until Asshole showed up and you know what he did? Gave him a stupid frog wallet. He looked completely disinterested and even asked if frogs were still his thing! (They are but I know because I pay ATTENTION to him!) and after that Nicky lit up and completely lost any interest in everything I had done, he could only fawn over Asshole. What did I do wrong? Why do stupid inconsiderate Chads get all the attention?
Top Comment:
Nicky is in love with Asshole buddy, sorry to be the one who breaks it to you (猬嗭笍1.2k)
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artist: https://mengyoubuxiangbiye.lofter.com/post/1f383249_2b7796e93
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kakashi: why are sasuke and naruto sitting with their backs to each other?
sakura: they had a fight.
kakashi: then why are they holding hands?
sakura: they get sad when they fight.
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why is it that when the panel of sasuke鈥檚 family is shown after he reject sakura鈥檚 love confession it means she 鈥渞eminds him of the love of his family鈥 and loves her endlessly but when that same panel is used in VOTE1 and after VOTE2 sasuke says naruto reminds him of the love from his family鈥 it鈥檚 because naruto is his brother? other than delusional SS hypocrisy LOL
Like I said, SS are foolish hormone filled bags of mush who conveniently skip or misinterpret anything that doesn't work in their ship's favor.
Let's take a look at these moments.
Tumblr media
At this point of time, Naruto has already processed, that Sasuke is trying to actually kill him. He has already said - Can you kill me calmly, Sasuke?
He has already drawn from Kyuubi's chakra (not to be confused with Kyuubi chakra cloak), he has already introspected about his repressed feelings for Sasuke.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He has already tried to process Sasuke's words when he told him that Naruto was his closest friend. Naruto has already thought of those moments that solidified his feelings for Sasuke during the course of team seven's missions, he has already been reminded of the moment when Sasuke finally acknowledged his strength during the Chuunin exams and told Naruto he wanted to fight him. Naruto has already remembered how it made him so happy to be finally acknowledged by Sasuke, something that he had craved for a long time, as long as he knew him. Naruto thinks about how even though he didn't want to admit it to himself given his stubbornness, but he always looked up to Sasuke and wanted to be like him, reach his level, because he admired him so much. He wanted to befriend him but seeing how they were at such different levels, Sasuke being so popular and skilled, and Naruto being the outsider, the loser, Naruto was dejected but him being him, he simply redirected his energies at being just like him, and made Sasuke his rival. He trained and worked hard and finally reached a point where Sasuke started to take him seriously and then at Chuunin exams, acknowledged him. Naruto knows that Sasuke is not the type of person who would do or say things just for the heck of it. Naruto was under the impression, this whole time, that Sasuke really valued him, cared for him, thought of him as important. So Naruto is obviously devastated that Sasuke would try to kill him. Without hesitation. Naruto couldn't believe that Sasuke would try to kill him, even if he were under darkness.
Sasuke is operating on pure resentment and jealousy towards Naruto at this point. He is reminded of how Itachi wasn't even thinking of Sasuke when he arrived with Kisame to retrieve Naruto, the jinchuuriki. And then the fact that Naruto has gotten even stronger than Sasuke, which is underlined with the hospital roof fight, acts like salt over Sasuke's wounds created by Itachi.
In vote 1, Naruto keeps telling Sasuke that he won't let Sasuke to go over to Orochimaru because Naruto knows Oro's intentions are evil and he wants to take over Sasuke's body. Sasuke is frustrated with Naruto because Naruto doesn't understand what led Sasuke to his decision to go to Oro in the first place. Btw, this was all already envisioned by Oro, who knew Sasuke's goals and motivations, and he knew Sasuke would eventually come to him for more power. Sasuke was vulnerable and Oro did take advantage of that.
So at this point where Naruto is just hell bent upon not letting Sasuke leave, even if he had to break every bone in his body to stop him, Sasuke explodes with frustration and anger. So he remembers his family, because that is the root of it all. His family and his clan are the reasons why Sasuke was so vulnerable in the first place, they are the reason why he wants to get strong, to avenge them, to punish the person, Itachi, who killed them. And so after the family panel, we see this.
Tumblr media
After which Naruto relents and talks about how even if he doesn't know how exactly it feels to lose one's family, he does know something about how it feels to have a family for a person who never had one. He considered Iruka to be his father because Iruka cared for Naruto how Naruto saw other parents caring for their kids. So he projected that on Iruka. And with Sasuke, he projected the idea of having a brother on Sasuke because that's what he thought brothers were like, playing, fighting, teasing each other, getting into trouble together, supporting each other, heh. Sasuke is puzzled because he thinks Naruto's effort in trying to bring Sasuke back is disproportionate with how Naruto acts around him. Which leads to Naruto telling Sasuke, that for Naruto, Sasuke is part of his FAMILY. That he finally was able to make. Someone who was never given one.
The same reason that leads Sasuke to go to such lengths to get strong (even if it means killing Naruto and abandoning Konoha and going to Oro who certainly has evil intentions that Sasuke already knows of) is the reason why Naruto won't let Sasuke go.
And this finally moves Sasuke emotionally to such an extent that he awakens his third tomoe.
Family is the crux of Naruto finally admitting what Sasuke means to him in words that he never admitted to himself before this moment. And family is the crux for Sasuke who is trying to understand why Naruto is going to such an extent to bring him back, when Naruto doesn't really understand why Sasuke is trying to leave. Family. Lack of it for Naruto and loss of it for Sasuke.
Naruto's focus is on the present and future because he finally has a family of which Sasuke is a part, the other being Iruka. And Sasuke's focus is on the past because he had a family to begin with and he wants to get justice for what happened to his family. That's why he says that his dreams are in the past.
In vote 2, the battle has already taken place and Naruto has already confessed to Sasuke (That he hurts beyond belief when he sees Sasuke get messed up carrying those heavy burdens of his) and Sasuke is taken aback by Naruto's admission which then leads to him thinking of his family wherein the emphasis is entirely fixed on the origin of his feelings for Naruto.
Tumblr media
I don't really think it needs to be spelled out, it's pretty self evident, but SS are not so bright. The context is about how Sasuke is finally admitting to himself in so many words what he felt for Naruto from the start. Before this, we didn't really get to see Sasuke's inner thoughts about Naruto like this. Kishimoto had kept it for the end, so as to build intrigue and mystery around Sasuke's character because he is inspired by the bishounen archetype that is typically characterized to be mysterious. It's part of his allure. Sasuke feels very tender for Naruto and he always has, he loves him, which was the entire reason why he wanted to kill him off.
Tumblr media
Here the context was that killing his closest friend would have given him access to Mangekyou Sharingan, as Itachi had instructed him. But in the end, he decides not to. To follow his own path, not dictated by his brother and also because he just couldn't kill his most precious.
But when Sasuke saw Naruto trying to get attention from people, the way Sasuke tried to, from his own brother, the way Naruto would try and connect with people, someone who was as lonely as Sasuke was at that point, Sasuke started to relate with him. His feelings started to resonate with Naruto's. Their backgrounds might have been different but all it takes is that spark, doesn't it? That point of intersection where you feel connected with someone? That point that makes you feel vulnerable? A certain kindredness? Humans are emotional beings at their core. Sasuke and Naruto were kids who were starved of love. They couldn't relate with anyone else around them. They couldn't talk about their feelings, and it took them a long time to even find the words to articulate them, to even cross that barrier of denial.
Tumblr media
Sasuke admits he felt warm and fuzzy looking at Naruto because here was Naruto, striving for a connection, a bond, that Sasuke once had but had lost, and it made him think of his family. What is this manga about if not about human bonds in the midst of strife? Human ethos and the desire to connect? Naruto and Sasuke's bond being the most elusive type of bond. Most desirable. Rare.
Sasuke considered it a weakness because he knew from experience that connection by nature is double edged. The more you experience love, the more you experience grief when it's lost. It's also true vice versa. The stronger a connection is, the more one suffers at the loss of it. That's why people build defence mechanisms and develop preservation techniques as they grow old. To protect themselves from things that have the potential to hurt them.
Being with Naruto and team seven, Sasuke, a child deeply missing his family, started to heal. The only cure to the pain of a broken heart is love. Like Yashamaru tells Gaara. One cannot fix one's own hurt. You need another person to do it for you. There's just no way around it. Emotional rehabilitation happens when one experiences love and care from another person. Trauma experienced at a formative stage of one's life defines a person in a very crucial way. Disconnect is the core of traumatization. Trauma is not only about what happened to a person but also what didn't happen. What was ignored, denied and not nurtured. When basic emotional needs such as safety, connection and authenticity aren't met, one tenses and disconnects as a survival strategy. For Naruto, it resulted in a destructive behaviour and he got his break when Iruka cared for him to the extent of putting his own life in danger, hence healing Naruto to the extent that his behaviour changed. For Sasuke, he found his emotional needs being met in Naruto and team seven, so he started to recover a bit. But then Itachi visited and it all went to hell, and Sasuke regressed. But Naruto gave him the inspiration and care he required in order to find comfort and emotional support that he had once felt with his family. So he is reminded of his family looking at Naruto. So he felt happy when Naruto was happy. And he hurt when Naruto hurt. Isn't that the meaning of true connection? This intimacy? Oneness?
Now to come to Sakura.
Tumblr media
Let me just say it right off the bat that if you want to know what Sakura is truly like, listen to what Kakashi says about her. And invert it. That's what Sakura is actually like. The exact opposite of what Kakashi thinks about her lol. No seriously. Kakashi is dumb like that. More on it later.
He tells Sasuke, who was just so annoyed with her self absorbed ramblings and suspected she would pointlessly interfere in his business with Naruto, that Sakura was not trying to make him hers (LOLOL), and that she only wanted to save him, she feels for him because she suffers from loving him. Kishi, without fail, treats Sakura's character like this, like I have written in other posts. He would make several characters, Kakashi especially, to say things about Sakura that simply defy what Kishi shows Sakura 'doing'. Storytelling is about show, not tell.
Consider - If a hero is supposed to be super powerful and an awesome leader and the writer shows supporting characters admire him for it, but then establishes the hero getting defeated over and over again, with unsuccessful strikes and worse strategies, what would happen? What impression would it create in the audience's mind? It would certainly cancel out the impression that the hero is strong or clever or a good leader, won't it?
Narrative and visual language are intuitive by nature. Always. That's how stories are written. What are stories but intricately designed psychological manipulation? A story works on the principle of suspension of disbelief where a talented creator would create such a universe and a narrative that it wouldn't matter if it's fantasy or sci fi, not only the reader would find it immersive but would also relate to the characters and the story, resonate with them and as a result, get really invested. That's how a reader would enjoy a story. What is shown and how it's shown is an inherent building block of this suspension of disbelief which is, without a doubt, required for the reader to interpret and correctly understand a character in a given narrative. So what does Kishi do with Sakura (and Hinata but that goes without saying) in this regard? He subverts it. How? Show don't tell right? But Kishi? With Sakura, he tells. But shows the exact opposite. Lol. He tells, aka, makes several characters 'say' positive things about Sakura, but then right in the next panel, or next page, or the next chapter, or three chapters down, makes her do something exactly the opposite of it. Lol. It's true. He does it so fucking consistently but so shrewdly, that most fans aren't able to clock it. This is why so many fans hate her character. Because they are so disappointed in her. All credit to Kishi. This is ALL Kishi's doing. That clever fox!! Lol. If you were irritated/frustrated with her, it's because Kishi wanted you to. It's not coincidental or accidental. Nothing is. It's all psychological manipulation. He understands perception very well, any creator in the written/visual/audio-visual field is literally taught to manipulate the reader/viewer. That's why you like film makers like Nolan or David Fincher or Hitchcock or Tarkovsky. Because they know how to manipulate the viewer, as they understand the concept of perception so well. So they will use narrative/literary/audio-visual tools and tricks to manipulate you. This is all textbook btw. If you go to film schools, that's what they would teach you there. Deconstruct any film by a good film maker and you can tell exactly why and where a moment hit you hard or affected you. Always, always ask - Why?
And soon you will understand the How of it.
The 'why' of it is based on the effect of a certain moment or moments on the reader. With Sakura, the effect on one's mind (if one is truly following the story for the story's sake and not shipping) is always irritation, frustration, dissatisfaction, and disappointment. Because barring a couple of moments, she always ends up ruining the heightened expectations, that Kishi deliberately builds up with such effort, with some anti climactic action that Kishi makes her perform at the last moment.
Subversion. It's not only that which happens in a narrative, but also what doesn't happen in the narrative (something that the plot was building towards) that affects the reader/viewer and forms their impression of a character.
Anyway. So here, you see Kakashi failing to see Sakura's faults, which he does very consistently (don't even consider that Kishi was doing it unintentionally lol, it is testament to Kishi's talent as a writer that he does it not only consistently but so cleverly, that most fans aren't even able to tell how it happened but it does happen) and tell Sasuke that Sakura suffers from loving Sasuke. So when Sasuke says - "Perhaps those are ties of a failed past", he means to say the same thing that has been established before.
Tumblr media
That Sakura 'suffers' because she is still hanging on to the past. A past where Sasuke still cared for team seven. And Sakura is also shown to consider a Sasuke from the past, where she thought he cared for her.
Tumblr media
Of course, Sakura also has a selective memory because she only remembers what she wants to remember and forgets the rest, and if not forget, certainly dismisses it. Narcissism works like that. Anything that doesn't speak in a narcissist's favor will be dismissed/forgotten/repressed by the narcissist. It's important for that to happen so they can keep believing in what they want without question or introspection. If you don't think about it, it's not there. Lol. Sakura was obviously working from the memory of some past moments where Sasuke showed consideration for her. She obviously forgot that in the same scene, Sasuke also mocked her for her inability to change and for being the same shallow person she always was, who hadn't changed at all from when she had insulted Naruto for being an orphan, when Sasuke had mocked her the first time. Sasuke knows that she is a person who wouldn't change. I think he hoped, when team seven was still working together, that Sakura would change and become a better person, but then she confesses to Sasuke (when he is leaving Konoha) by making it ALL about herself while totally erasing Sasuke's own concerns. Which makes him say - Heh, I knew it. You will never change.
And she doesn't.
Anyway, coming back, Sasuke thinks of his family because what Kakashi says to him reminds him of his own family and how ties of the past can make you suffer. Like how Sasuke suffered.
Just like how Sakura 'suffers' (lol, maybe that's why she decided to kill him in Kage arc but then obviously couldn't do it) because she can only remember the Sasuke who once cared. Yes, it's true that she very conveniently ignores all the other moments that went along with that moment but lol, it's Sakura. She was written as self absorbed, imperceptive and shallow so it is totally in character for her. Even here, she makes the confession all about her, as if Sasuke would care. She wants to go to the old days, just like how Kakashi thinks that everything is back to how it was in the old days in chapter 699, when so many things actually have changed. Sasuke has changed, he is more mature, more knowledgeable, more aware of his reality. Naruto has changed, he is not the same person, emotionally. He has met his parents, he has saved the world, he has resolved to make the world a better place, he has understood the vicious cycle of love and loss and hatred. Nothing is the way it was. Which is highlighted even more in Gaiden and Boruto. Naruto and Sasuke are just the husk of the people they once were. But both Kakashi and Sakura had to be imperceptive, characterization wise, because if they were more perceptive, they probably would have not ignored how Sasuke and Naruto really felt for each other, Sakura would have treated Naruto and Sasuke much better, and Kakashi would have been more perceptive of Sakura's true nature, and empathetic towards Sasuke, given he knows the truth of Uchiha massacre. Like it would have been a narrative problem if Kakashi and Sakura were written to be emotionally perceptive people. A narrative at the end of the day, has to be believable, or else the psychological manipulation wouldn't work.
So yeah. These are the different contexts to these different moments where Sasuke thinks of his family.
SS would benefit a lot if they just paid attention to the story and let their intuition do its job. But I think their intuition was sacrificed at the altar of pink cotton candy girlboss Sakura that Sasuke the hot and popular boy 'loves' so much. Lol.
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I love you I hope you never leave the sns fandom. Will you do more analysis? I really like your long ones and you're one of the few who always make sense and uses actual evidence. I particularly like the one where that dudebro was super passive aggressive and you answered beautifully. Also your art is a gift from the divine (see what I did there? Lol hashimada) anyway I hope u share ur thoughts more often coz they're great!
Tumblr media
Thankyou so much Non.e馃挄 This doodle is for you 馃グ
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