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awwtysm mika realness
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narumikas awieeee
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happy easter (and holidays)!
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i think theyd be so cute together
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pov: they are robbing you on the 13th of august
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Late posting here but narumika sketches friend's bday!
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welcome to the writing community of enstarsblr! can i req hcs of poly mika x arashi x reader going shopping at the mall?
Arashi x Mika x Reader - Shopping at the mall HCs 
Characters: Arashi Narukami, Mika Kagehira
Genres: Fluff
Smaller "tags": Shopping, Polyamory relationship, She/Her pronouns for Arashi, Dates
TW: None!
A/N: First poly relationship request! I hope I got the feeling right - haven’t had much experience writing poly (⌒_⌒;) Arashi’s also kind of an unfamiliar character to me, so I hope I wrote her correctly! Enjoy, anon! Thank you for the welcome~ 
Tumblr media
— Shopping was one of the top activities for the three of you! Stressful day? No idea what to wear for an event? Simply want to spend quality time with your lovers? Shopping was the answer to all of that! 
— Since the Pretty 5 circle goes out quite often, Arashi and Mika have a loooong list of shops they think you'd be interested in going to! During your dates at the mall, you willingly let yourself be dragged around by your excited girlfriend and boyfriend, trusting in their decisions. 
— Arashi, being in a unit that is considered one of the "big three" of ES, is all too willing to use her deep pockets of money when shopping with you two! You and Mika occasionally insist on paying, but against this stubborn blonde, there was no other choice than to accept her spoiling you two. 
— If any arguments or inconveniences arise between either you or Mika and a member of the public, Arashi is quick to step in like the honourable knight that she is, defusing the situation or arguing back in your steads. 
— Mika, despite not speaking up as much as Arashi, starts rambling when the three of you shop for clothes, giving advice and suggesting different styles for all of you to try. He's the reason why you have matching clothes and colour schemes when the three of you go on a date! 
— They love trying on outfits and seeing you try all sorts of styles! You may not be as much of a fashionista as they are, but you enjoy how they fuss over you, adjusting parts of your outfit and discussing what would look good on you. 
— Other than clothes, Arashi, Mika and you love buying food! Mostly desserts and snacks rather than everyday groceries, but you get the idea. 
— You would all go to your favourite cafe or try out a new shop from time to time, as long as they serve sweets! 
— While the lilac-eyed blonde is more strict with her diet due to her unit's modelling jobs, she cannot resist when you or Mika offer to spoon-feed her desserts, prompting her to open her mouth wide with little “Ahhhh” sounds - which Mika comments, is “too darn adorable!” 
— On the other hand, the heterochromia boy gets extremely flustered and shy when you or Arashi try to feed him. So, when he eats the dessert from the spoon offered to him, you and the blonde pepper his face with kisses as a reward - though it only serves to bring the boy closer to fainting with tomato-red cheeks.
— Being the shopaholics generous people you are, the three of you often buy enough sweets to share with all of ES, including the staff! 
— The last stop for a day of shopping would be toy shops! Mika loves stuffed toys, and you and Arashi are definitely willing to indulge him. 
— You also pick out little matching trinkets for you and your lovers - a necklace, bracelet, keychain, ring or earring! They always wear whatever you choose proudly, showing off to their unitmates and friends. 
— Although you had all agreed on sharing the bags after the three of you were done shopping, Arashi carries most of the bags - mostly clothes and food - allowing you and Mika to carry only the lighter goods. (The two of you make it up to her by giving her massages and cuddles)
“What d’ya say we go again… Tomorrow?” 
“Sounds good! My unit’s activities end early tomorrow, I can be both of your knights for the rest of the day~♪”
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.・゜゜・narumika cafe ・゜゜・.
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narulita. pt 1 of god knows how many. i have made. so many of these.
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one of these except aimed specifically at my friend group
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flash! :)
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