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so now is a good time to get caught up with the comic!! Ride or Die is a queer supernatural mystery comic about demons, cults, and street racing with multiple canon gay relationships.
Here's a few pages from chapters 1-2 that i like
Rideordiecomic.com (also available on webtoon and tapas!)
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I ran a very interesting one shot for my players the other day and thought I might share the premise!
A King has proclaimed a challenge to find the best tinkerers in the land to celebrate a festival. Whichever team could build the best fighting machine will win a portion of a recently slain dragon hoard!
Three teams seem to be the front runners of this little contest.
A Dwavern master smith and her two bickering apprentices who enter in a bronze golem.
An entire family of gnomes who submit a rather “interesting” contraption that looks somewhat like if a crab and an octopus got stuck together in a clock factory.
And surprising everyone a team of kobolds determined to win back their deceased dragon’s hoard with a mechanical dragon of their own design.
The party got a tip that one of the teams were going to cheat and they had to investigate each team to get their motivations and intentions to prevent the cheaters from ruining the festival and contest.
Neat adventure to be sure, but let me throw out a couple Daily Adventure Prompts Twists:
The kingdom has a proud history of using combat constructs, the standard issue of which are large statue like warriors piloted by the astrally projected spirit of a particular warrior. That's why they have this competition every ten years trying to see what new models/improvements they might adapt/what workshop they might commission for a new round of constructs.
The party have been hired on by the artificer-to-the-crown, a man who's enjoyed great success in previous decade but was forced to withdraw from the competition after he suffered an accident in his workshop,an incident that he admits to the party he believes was sabotage.
Using the spirit-projection magic, three of the partymemebrs get to pilot one of the kingdom's old-model war constructs in a 3v3 endurance match. This allows those partymembers not involved to sneak about and gather information that they weren't able to obtain while the groups were in their repair bays.
Depending on how you want the story to go, the artificer to the crown may have faked the accident knowing he couldn't compete with some of the designs presented, having peaked in his abilities and wanting his old design to remain the standard for another ten years.
The kobolds should totally win the horde, it's theirs after all, and the party can coordinate to throw the fight at the end to ensure the rightful return of their plundered wealth.
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Chapter 1
BTS Jeon Jungkook x fem! reader
Hero Jungkook x Villain reader
Summary: all you want to know is why your parents were violently killed and why there was no proper investigation done. Odds are against you when a promising hero Is willing to do everything in his power to put you behind bars.
W: 2404
Future warnings: probably angst, emotional damage, commitment issues, trust issues, future smut?, heavy themes and adult language, dark story?
Tell me if I forgot anything, I'll change the warnings in the course of this fic.
My masterlist
Tumblr media
You can feel him before your eyes can even register him, his presence radiating a strong musculine dominance. The hair on the back of your neck stood up in a sudden rush of adrenaline. He tracked you down again.
With an uncomfortable feeling settled in your stomach, you realized that he gets better with each new hero raid and slowly, but surely, starts to come at your heels. You didn't have time to play cat and mouse tonight, so you decided to take a tactical retreat without him even knowing. 
You can feel your hair standing to attention and you straighten your body to its full heigh, releasing your grip on the male collar laing beaten under your feet. You brushed of your hands and breathed in while the heavy boots behind you were closing in on you. 
“Are you stalking me bunny?” You address him while you let your bloody knife disappear into the shadows of your cloak. Tiny stones cracked as they were pushed on the asphalt under his sole, and you knew he had stopped with his unit just a few feet away from you, keeping enough distance in case you decided to attack. You didn't need to look to know it was him, because it was always your cute, muscular bunny.
“Put your hands up so we can see them and turn around slowly!“ He demanded in a firm voice and you did what he asked with a quiet giggle. You were greeted with a pistol barrel aimed between your eyes. 
“Tsk, tsk,” you sigh at him as if you were scolding a misbehaving child. “What did I possibly do to receive such a gentle welcoming?“ You raised an eyebrow at him, a smirk tugging at the corner of your lips when you noticed his frowning face. You have a talent at getting him riled up.
“For starters, you attacked the man behind you, notwithstanding all the other charges raised against you AND you are one of the most wanted criminal.” He answers calmly and nods to his companions, who immediately surround you, making it impossible for you to find a way to escape. If they only knew...
“Don't you know the saying innocent until proven guilty?“ You smile at the man before you who is still holding up his rifle steadily pointing it at you. His coal black hair flowed in small ripples on his forehead, falling into his dark brown eyes. He was dressed in his typical black uniform with protectors on his joints and chest, although he certainly didn't need them thanks to his ability to strengthen his body into graphene. His insurmountable close combat style has earned him a top rank amongst the heroes when he was still a young teenager and you were his first case.
“You look more handsome with your hair up,” you said with a flirting tone. His eyes widened just for the briefest of seconds, not expecting from you to openly flirt with him like this. The oxygen thickened every time the two of you shared a space together and today was no different. There was tension in the air and you couldn't tell if it was sexual or just an escalation between the hero and the villain. Yet you could not deny the irresistible attraction you had to the young hero from the first moment of your encounter; they came at you because of your own carelessness and you knew it. It was months of hard work and years hidden in the shadows that turned to dust overnight...
You finally found out where Park Li-Su's gang was located and after weeks of trickery, you got in as one of the dancers. As one of the new girls, you were on the first floor, in the public club functioning as a shield, but you knew Su was with his close cronies on the lowest floor underground where only the most desired companions have access to. So when you were offered one of the pole positions in the attic, you immediately jumped at the opportunity.
The space below was divided into 3 sections. When you walk down the stairs leading from the top floor, you get a view from the balcony of the round bar in the middle of the room, which was surrounded by a dance stage. There was always a raised stage a few metres apart, measuring one metre by two for the dancers, with private compartments against the walls. This was a place for the lower members of the geng who had no power and were just an extension of their elder brothers.
The second part was reserved for all the senior members and the third part was all talk until your lovely, drunken clients couldn't see into their mouth and told you everything you needed to know after a few drinks and drugs - most of the time the boss resided in his personal red room where he took with him the most corrupt officials and women who provided physical entertainment. Getting into his personal room of paradise was difficult given the fact that there was only one path to it, lined with bloated bodyguards and selling your body for sex was an option which you refused to acknowledge, and that's when you decided to use your inner ability - a rookie mistake which costed you a lot.
You should have known that in a world where there are select people with superpowers, even a geng boss with no inner strength would have set up protections against violent intrusion caused by inner strength. The moment you passed through the wall separating the corridor from the lust paradise, you set off the alarm and it didn't take long before you were standing in the middle of the room with several guns and knives pointed at your vital organs. You weren't particularly fazed, you were sure you could overpower them the moment one of them let their guard down. In fact, the bigger problem was the latest addition to the bodyguards team, who thoughtlessly called the local police.
Before a hero is officially inducted into the Heroic Legion, he operates as a scholar among the police force. There, they learns the basics they need for their future profession, not to mention how advantageous it is for ordinary people to have someone with supernatural strength and an unbreakable will to protect others at the cost of their own lives at their side. He was there.
You were both in your late teens at the time. At that time he was still just an ordinary young boy who had barely come of age and wanted to spread goodness while you were a slightly older girl dressed as a prostitute who had the police called on you for forcibly entering and assaulting an influential man. He was doing his job, just like you.
The men in black uniforms surrounded you almost immediately after Su, with a warning punch to the man's face accompanied with loud, colorful profanities, instructed the others present men that the police were not to be called without his permission. He didn't have connections in their ranks for nothing.
"Fuck!" Su screamed as he delivered the final blow to the hapless scapegoat. The blood pouring from the broken face soaked into the red carpet beneath the motionless body, and only now did you realize why the carpet was so spotty and why none of the women had screamed at the sudden commotion that followed your arrival. The Red Room was not a metaphor for the orgies held behind closed doors, but an apt name for the torture chamber.
Li-Su knew the police meant trouble, always sticking their noses in everything. And although anyone can eventually be bribed with the right amount of currency, why would he take the risk when he already had his people among the senior cops and sheriffs? Plus as long as none of the peace officers present were corrupt, you had a chance. But even that tiny sliver of hope was taken away the moment one of the officers spoke.
"Mr. Park, good to see you again." Mr. Choi as you read on his nametag, most likely the highest ranking cop among the attendees, extended his right hand to your target. A big, triumphant grin spread across that snake's chubby face as he realized who had come to resolve the situation, and you immediately understood they were old business partners as they exchanged greetings with a friendly gesture.
"Ki-mun! Nice to see you. How is your wife doing?" Bald Li-Su replied, the gold teeth in his wide smile reflecting the overhead lights. The knuckles adorned with large rings on his right hand were scraped and reddened, but the policeman across from him paid no attention to this and politely answered the question, thanking him for asking.
'I have to get out, fast...' You thought to yourself, and your eyes began to scan the room for the best escape route - something you should have done before you walked in. As you jumped from one possible scenario to another while trying to recall the layout of their secret underground lair, your gaze collided with another.
His young pupils were dilated with consternation and confusion. He was told that they were after a dangerous individual who was endangering innocent citizens, yet sitting on the floor in front of him was a girl who had far too much make up on for her age, wearing a bright wig and looking like a doe caught in the claws of predators. It didn't escape his notice that you weren't armed in any way while every man around you was carrying at least two different weapons. His eyes didn't even miss the injured man who was painfully holding his dislocated lower jaw in a corner hidden behind the backs of his colleagues, nor the fact that your hands were perfectly clean. His instincts told him that you were innocent in this and you were the victim, not the chubby Asian guy with a series of tattoos covering the entire left half of his face and probably his body.
So when he noticed you looking around, he deliberately drew the attention of his senior colleagues to himself to give you room to escape. You still, till this day, don't get why he did it, but you took advantage of the sudden opening and ran to the right wall of the room, where you knew the sewer systems were behind. In your mind, you focused on your power and forced the molecules in your body to dissolve into nothingness, and before anyone could recover, you slipped silently through the wall to the other side, revealing to the world you are one of the chosen ones.
A few decades ago, human evolution moved to the next level, or they say. According to some evolutionary theorists, human genes have never changed, they just spread to a larger portion of the population a few years ago than they have so far. Some enthusiasts, theorists and fanatics point to recorded cases of supernatural events that they have begun to attribute to people with genotype X, in other words, people with inner strength. They say that people with supernatural powers were alive long before the general population learned of their existence and accepted this fable as fact.
Once official heads of state worldwide confirmed the existence of a new type of genes that induce supernatural abilities in humans, new laws and studies were put in place. If a child does not manifest the X gene during their first 10 years of life, it is confirmed that they are a "normal human", as there has not been a single case of superpowers manifesting later than age 10. Once a child has awakened their inner strength, which varies by type of X-gene (over 100 different types of X-gene have been recorded so far) their designated guardian is required to report them to the Office of X-Persons. If a child is not reported for any reason during the first year after displaying their force, they automatically fall into the unregistered persons file and are recorded in the system as possible criminals for disobeying the law.
You were unreported by your parents when your power showed, and until tonight, no one knew you were an X-gene person. Today, when the stars in the sky were almost invisible, a new unregistered villain was born, who came to be known as the Vanishing Lady.
Jungkook watched with his peripheral vision as you disappeared in the blink of an eye and only ran after you when his superior angrily ordered him to do so. He was amazed by your speed but what surprised him the most was your inner ability. He had never in his life heard or read of a case where one's power was spontaneously passing through walls. As he focused his amplification on his right arm and waited for the whole thing to turn to hard material, he forcefully punched through the wall you'd walked through as if it had never been there. As soon as his path cleared, he ran after you.
"I'll check the left side, you take the right!" He managed to shout at his colleagues over his shoulder before disappearing into the darkness of the sewer. He didn't know why, but he was sure you'd turned left and not right, and he wanted to be the one to find you. Not only because it would get him a better position in the Legion, but also because he had a lot of questions for you he needed answers to.
Eventually he managed to catch up to you but he was sure you had let him; as he came to a stop, you stood facing him, your breath steady and your gaze level.
"What do you want?" These were your first words meant only for him to hear and despite the harsh words your voice was almost friendly, showing you mean no harm.
"What were you doing there?" His first question was asked, but even before it was, he expected no answer. "You don't have to worry about that, kid." You replied and Jungkook frowned at your use of words.
"You're not that much older than me," he protested, regretting how irritated he sounded - just like a little kid. But your amused smile was endearing to watch and all he could do was replaying the sound of your little giggle in his memories over and over again while he watched as your figure merged into the darkness behind you, only your eyes still glowing until they too, disappered.
"How do you know I look better with my hair combed up?" The young man in front of you asks before he can change his mind and you smile in amusement. "You should pay more attention to your surroundings. I like watching you." You confess and watch his body tense with shock as he tries to figure out when you were secretly watching him. However, he is not going to admit any weakness in front of you especially when it comes to who is better and so he decided to strike back: "Shouldn't I at least know the name of my stalker?"
The air is knocked out of his lungs when he sees the gentle smile on your lips for the second time after six years.
"Vanishing Lady." You say in a hushed whisper while shortening the distance between you so much that you're away from him at the length of his lowered rifle. "But if you really want to know more about me and my true name, find me yourself without your colleagues backing you up and without any listening devices. Whenever you can find me on your own, I promise to answer one of your questions truthfully. One meeting - one question."
You offer and let one of his colleagues come after you. As soon as the older man touches you in an attempt to roll you to the ground, he flies right through your ghost and onto the cold ground below. Jungkook watches with interest as the image of you before him ripples and slowly dissolves into grey shadows.
"How can I trust the word of a villain?"
"You can't. But who determined that I'm a villain?" Your words resonated in the wind like a final farewell before your face, too, faded into nothingness.
One of Jungkook's older colleagues who has been in the Legion a lot longer will stand next to him: " I thought her ability was walking through walls, not creating delusions."
"I thought so too, Suga-hyung." Jungkook replied absentmindedly, while his mind was already gathering the threads of how to make the best use of your careless offer. He will track you down and get you. For sure.
To be continued
AN: I know this episode is very short, but I honestly don't know if there would be any interest in reading a story like this. If so, I will post more episodes over the coming months. I have the story all planned out and I'm honestly quite happy with it, but I don't want to write something that no one will be interested in. Until then, I bid you farewell.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
1. Fresh picture of the spinning Phantom Galaxy by the new James Webb Space Telescope *• 2. Nautilus shell cut in half. | Golden ratio.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I thought I was burning up, but now I see that I’m actually the flame.
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the feral desire to disappear from life as i know it and completely reinvent myself in a city where nobody knows my name.
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Tumblr media
Out of Space and Time
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Tumblr media
Ally: Dhruva, The Celestial Brightsmith
However brilliant you think my work might be, remember that I learned my craft at the feet of those who wrought entire worlds from the void with nothing but their hope and intent. I adore them as all students adore their masters, as a candle must adore the dawn 
Wondrous weapons made of some radiant material have begun appearing in exotic markets and the hands of the party’s foes, allowing their bearers to transform into intangible colour while in motion or sear through the flesh of creatures made of dream. This raises the question of just where these weapons originated and how the party can get their hands on them, leading to a journey across the planes which culminates in a visitation with a most extraordinary artisan.
Where they once forged weapons for heavenly legions, the celestial Dhruva has spent several eons perfecting an art of capturing, channelling, and tempering light they refer to as “brightsmithing”, which they now hope to propagate across the multiverse. They do this in dedication to the starry goddess Urania, as the process of creating a “lightwrought” weapon requires one to seek out and bask in the vivid brilliance of the cosmos, which is in itself a form of prayer to the little known goddess.
Pilgrimages across the infinite are all well and nice, but the actions of the celestial smith are inadvertently at risk of kicking off an arms race as the various factions and free agents of the cosmic sea scramble for this new power. Will the party turn this upheaval to their advantage, or will the chaos convince them that mortalkind is not yet ready for such gifts?  Will they even care so long as they can get cool glowing weapons from the kindly space angel?
Adventure Hooks:
The Brightsmith is just the entity you want to talk to if you need a peerless weapon to take down an untouchable rival, a tyrant, or a hostile celestial body. The construction of such a weapon will of course take expenditure on the party’s part, sourcing the materials from dangerous reaches, journeying out into the cosmos to capture just the tight light, and most importantly of all, convincing Dhruva their cause is just. Given that they’re a being made of mortality, The celestial is unlikey to be swayed by selfish arguments, and the heroes might need to do some soul searching before they earn their shiny new toy.
Dhruva’s forge is a tiny world unto itself, constructed by the celestial over millennia of trial and error as they refined the process of brightsmithing from a theory into an actual craft. As such, beneath the surface there seem to be an endless gallery of disused workshops, vaults, and armouries full of failed experiments. Occasionally they’ll need someone to pop down into one of the forgotten lower levels and bring them something, necessitating the party fight through constructs, plasma elementals, and the sort of shadowy void creatures that feed upon light.
On a subsequent visit to Dhruva’s forge, the party end up encountering another traveller, begging for Dhruva to take him back as an apprentice and show him the true secrets of brightsmithing. After banishing the newcomer, Dhruva will tell the party of his fallen apprentice who had a real talent for the art but sought to rationalize the process by cutting out the spiritual elements in an attempt to mass produce light based weapons. As the campaign goes on, the party will encounter some of these “falselight” weapons in the hand of villains, a pale imitation of a true lightwrought weapon, but affordable for your average merc or pirate. 
Mechanic: Brightsmithing
Like all talented artisans, those who which to create lightwrought weapons need superior materials in order to realize their aims, the same way that a master smith wouldn’t use the same metal to construct nails as they would a sword.
To this end, brightsmiths make use of special crystalline prisms that can drink in light over a matter of time to later be extracted by the smith with the use of special lenses and mirrors. Prisms typically resemble a colorless piece of rock-quartz with a starry sparkle about their edges, and as brightsmithing propagates throughout a setting it’s not unusual to see travlers, sailors, and adventurers all carrying these stones (or atleast fragments of them).
There are two sorts of prisms: Stable and Volatile, each ranked along the same rarity access of regular magic items.
Stable Prisms need to soak in the specified light in order to abzorb its properties, requiring a total of 24 hours of exposure to a specific arrangement of light in order to gain a charge.   Once that charge has been used to create a lightwrought item, this prism is reusable, though the rarity of the item produced will always be one step in rarity below that of the stable prism itself
Volatile Prisms are fast acting, requiring only a minute of exposure in order to develop a charge. This speed comes with several downsides, in that the prism is single use and must be stored in dark conditions lest it drink in the ambient light of a room spoiling its potential. The charge of a volatile prism is always equal to that of an item of its rarity.
The other thing brightsmiths need, obviously, is light: the more potent the better, thought what exactly determines the potency of light is highly subjective, relating to any number of factors:
The light is part of a display that could be considered uniquely beautiful
The character trapping the light is feeling some level of personal poignancy, associating it with a strong memory or emotions
the source of the light is volatile or dangerous
Few have seen the source of this light in living memory
there is something primal, divine, or otherworldly about the source
For every factor a source of light matches, the charge it generates in a prism is counted as one level of rarity (starting from common) to a max of the rarity of the prism.
When given over to a capable brightsmith, a charged prism counts as the raw materials required for an item of the corresponding level, with the particular quality and source of the light determining a thematic link with the item to be crafted.
Lightwrought weapons by default also deal magical radiant damage in addition to their other types, making them a sought after alternative for expensive enchanted weapons when dealing with those beats of the astral sea that might be resistant or outright immune to mundane steel
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Midsommar (2019) dir. Ari Aster
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GRACE KELLY as Frances Stevens in TO CATCH A THIEF (1955) dir. Alfred Hitchcock
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The gang of mystery posters
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) dir. Mary Harron
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