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radically-lesbian · a day ago
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Are the ladies waking up?
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bunnii-slut · 2 days ago
imagine being tortured and you get so thirsty, your throat aching from the lack of water. You begin to beg your dom for a break, just for a sip of water.
The look on their face turns sinister. Suddenly, they unfasten their belt, smiling down at you the entire time.
"Awww, is my little love thirsty? You'd do anything for a drink, right?" You nod in response. "Then I guess you better swallow."
They force themselves into your mouth before relieving themselves, warm piss flooding your throat as you work to choke it down. They let out a sigh of relief, sweetly patting your head as they finish.
"Good job, baby. You make me so proud. Such a perfect little piss whore."
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cavillanche · 2 days ago
Hear me out…
What if these two exist in the same universe…
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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free-my-mindd · a day ago
Committed to bettering myself and moving on from things that don’t matter.
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brown-eyes-golden-skin · a day ago
Cute concept:
We spend hours making sweet, romantic love as aftercare after I spend hours violently forcing my way into you and abusing you.
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lesbianjolllly · a day ago
People always say that Grantaire woke up and went to die with Enjolras, but no! He didn't! It is worse than that actually! Grantaire had no idea that Enjolras was still alive when he woke up! He was surrounded by his dead friends, broken furniture, blood and complete silence. He didn't leave and save himself, but he also wasn't trying to die with Enjolras. Grantaire got up to find Enjolras' body.
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thestarsarecool · 2 days ago
Here’s something you didn’t ask for: an (almost!) four minute long compilation of Paul McCartney mouthing the words to various songs. It’s a habit he just can’t seem to kick!
NME Poll Winners’ All Star Concert (1964) // The Beatles Anthology special features // The Making of Liverpool Oratorio documentary (1991) // Kennedy Center Honors (2010) // The Beatles Royal Variety Show Performance (1963) // The Making of Sgt. Pepper (1992) // The Making of Liverpool Oratorio documentary (1991) // Get Back (30th January 1969) // The Beatles at Palais Des Sports Paris (1965) // Kennedy Center Honors (2010) // The Making of Liverpool Oratorio documentary (1991) // The Beatles Anthology special features // Kennedy Center Honors (2010) // The Making of Liverpool Oratorio documentary (1991) // The Ed Sullivan Show (23rd February 1964) // Get Back (30th January 1969) // The Making of Liverpool Oratorio documentary (1991) // Kennedy Center Honors (2010) // Desert Island Discs (1982)
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paranormal-blvcktivity · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rewatching-sam-and-dean · 2 days ago
The Pilot (Part 2)
Thanks so much to everyone who checked out my Part 1 post!
To see Part 1, if you missed it and are interested, you hand check it out here. Now, on to the next section of SPN S01-E01, and the grown up brothers reuniting. This is probably my favorite aspect of the episode.
Reunited and It Feels So … Awkward
(But, in a good way)
Tumblr media
If you’re interested in my more detailed commentary, check it out under the cut
Tumblr media
JARED, JENSEN, and EXPOSITION: Jared and Jensen had a tall order to fill with the Pilot, needing to both give the audience an idea of their relationship as brothers, as well as delivering a good deal of exposition without bogging down the episode's momentum. They do an amazing job with the former and a very decent job with the latter. Their acting choices and chemistry paint a very full picture of who these guys are and what they mean to each other, which I’ll go into more chronologically as examples come up. The exposition of filling us in on the family situation, their dad in particular, and the fact that they are monster hunters is done quite well for the most part. However, while a good deal of it comes across quite naturally, some moments do stand out to me as a bit too rehearsed (the scene with "… Dad gave me a forty-five." "What was he supposed to do?") and can feel a little too expositiony to me now, but that's probably partly because I’ve seen them so much now. However, the scenes are necessary, and as far as the telling vs showing ratio goes, the Pilot does a lot more showing, so overall even this aspect is handled quite well regardless of some moments scratching for me now.
Tumblr media
JESSICA: So … where to start on this introduction to the adult Sam and Dean. Actually, let’s start with Jess. She seems great: responsible, punctual, loving, supportive, encouraging, funny, and beautiful. And Sam looks at her like he can’t believe how lucky he is to be with her. Generally, I like her, though we don’t get to see a lot of her. However, I wonder if she would be as supportive if she knew who Sam really was and what he did. The fact that Sam never told her about his past could just be because he wants to put it aside and pretend that part of him doesn’t exist, but given how quickly he givens in when Dean asks for help, he must have known he couldn’t avoid it forever. Denial is not just a river in Egypt…or whatever. Maybe, he’s just trying to protect her, but something could come for him whether she knows about the danger or not (and it does, sadly….damn you, Brady!). On the other hand, maybe he didn’t tell her because he didn’t believe she would have been okay with it. And as Dean sarcastically points out, "That’s healthy." The irony of Dean commenting on healthy relationships, and withholding important information, is just too much knowing what’s coming for the guys. Anyway, regardless of Sam's motivations, Jess does seem great, but she’s so great that it was pretty obvious to me that she, the relationship, or both, were doomed. Sam may as well have jinxed them when he asked what he would do without her, and her "Crash and burn" response … well, sadly, the boy does burn. How much she could have helped him avoid his Season 5 fate is not possible to know, but it certainly didn’t help him. I’ve commented on my previous Post, The Pilot (Part 1), on how this episode sets up so many things that run well into later seasons and Jess is no exception. Sam still thinks of her, misses her, loves her years later. I can’t remember right now just how late his last mention of her is…is it all the way into Seasons 14 or 15? Regardless, I love, and it makes me sad, to see her in the Pilot and know that she and her tragedy will pretty much impact Sam for the rest of the show, if not his whole life. Talk about building strong foundations in this episode.
Tumblr media
SAM: So, Sam is the first of our main characters to show up on screen, signaling that Supernatural is going to be about Sam's journey, and while it’s also clearly Dean's as well, Sam is the character who goes through the biggest transformation. It starts with Sam and ends with Sam in the audience's "current time," while it starts with the brothers and ends with the brothers if we include the past and the future/heaven (or what amounts to the prologue and epilogue). Anyway, Sam popping into the scene through that doorframe is pretty cute. It’s a very definite shift in tone. Sam playfully whining about going to a Halloween party is a huge contrast to where we left off before the title card. This scene with Sam looking adorable and so happy is downright wholesome after the scene we just left with the three Winchester males huddled together in misery over the loss of wife and mother, while their home burns. The Sam we see today appears to be very well adjusted (though he doesn’t like Halloween … interesting …) despite the tragedy his younger self lived through: he is tall, handsome, in university, in an a seemingly fairly serious relationship as he appears to live with his girlfriend, and as we find out at the party, he’s smart and ambitious. Sam, in short, is thriving. The first hint that things aren’t great for him is when we find out that his family, John and Dean, don’t even know how well he is doing in school, and with the way Jessica comforts him, this is clearly something that upsets him despite the casual attitude he tries to project about it.
At this point in the episode, my first impression of Sam was that he was cute (I didn’t really find him sexy until later in the series because in Season 1 he feels like a boy), loyal, smart, and maybe a little bit of a stick in the mud. Jared, at this point, is starting to give off his puppy energy, especially with his devoted heart eyes for Jess, but I feel like it takes him a minute to give Sam more nuance; but once he gets there, he kills it. When we meet Dean, more aspects of Sam, a fuller picture, starts to become more clear. He is the one who chose to leave his family. He grew up fighting monsters, but clearly just wanted a normal life. He was clearly out of sync with his dad and brother. With these bits of new information, when I first watched the show (this has changed since then) it originally made me feel like maybe Sam was a little bit selfish or maybe he didn’t care that much about his family. For me, him being so dismissive of John being missing (or "going overtime on a Miller Time shift") pointed either to Sam being a bit of an uncaring dick, or to their dad being a bit of a careless drunk. Neither, as it turns out is exactly the case, but the Pilot definitely drops info bombs on us, and some of the debris is left for us to sort through for now. We see Sam go from flippant to to concerned real quick when Dean rephrases his message to, "Dad's on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days."
Visually, this scene is set up very well. Particularly from just before Jess turns on the light to Sam’s reaction to Dean’s words above, we see Sam struggle to fit into the world he chose. First, we have Sam and Dean appear as a joint silhouette, all in shadow (the dark hunting world, their traumatic past). When Jess flips on the light, we see her wearing a Smurfs pj top (in the lighter, more care-free normal world). There is a clear contrast between the brothers on one side in the dark and Jess on the other in her cartoon jammies. Sam hastens to leave Dean's side and ally himself with Jess when Dean says he has to tell him something. Sam literally joins the other side as he crosses the room and gives off the vibes or building a brick wall between them and Dean. Two college kids in their jammies vs a rough adult in street clothes. But as soon as Dean clarifies that dad is on a hunting trip, the camera tightens in on Sam, effectively cutting Jess out of the picture altogether. Sam compounds this by asking her to excuse him and Dean. The scene ends on a visually isolated Sam, who has just verbally allied himself with Dean. Anyway, I just really like how this scene uses the blocking, lighting and language illustrate Sam's conflict. As much as he’s tried, it already seems clear that Sam can’t escape his old life, and he’s even complicit in it because he won’t fully abandon Dean.
DEAN: Minutes ago in the episode, we got Sam's entrance with him popping around the door frame, happy, domestic, practically wholesome (and cute as heck). In contrast, Dean enters the scene as a mysterious figure who we can’t see clearly, at first. This is apt given how Dean puts up walls and uses humor to deflect when we first meet him, and for a long time to come, actually. So, it’s hard to know exactly who he is. Just like in the fight we see glimpses of his and Sam’s faces, we can’t see either of them fully or consistently, and they can’t see each other, until the lights are switched on. I like the symbolism or metaphor of the way the fight is shot; we don't have a full idea of who either brother is yet, and they don’t fully know each other anymore either, after years apart.
Anyway, Dean enters the scene cloaked in shadows and literally brings chaos and violence into Sam's previously cozy, domestic, and structured life. It’s a pretty iconic introduction to a character and the brother dynamic, and a reunion all rolled into one. Dean comes in hot, and I don’t mean physically (though, yeah), he’s practically buzzing with manic energy. He wrestles with his brother, asks for a beer and hits on his brother’s girlfriend all in the matter of a couple of minutes, before dropping his info bomb on Sam.
My first impression of Dean was that he was hot, lacked boundaries, really cared about his dad, and was a bit of a dick. I really don’t like him telling Jess that she’s out of Sam's league while he gives her the eye because, come on, Sam is adorable, and it shows a lack of respect for both of them. I get it’s a short hand for showing Dean is a "ladies man" but it just makes him seem a bit gross, to me. Really, I think this is supposed to just be a healthy dose of screwing with his brother, but it’s not for me.
Also, Dean showing up at night is totally weird, and he never gives a real answer for this (besides beer). We find out in the final episode of the show that he waited outside for hours because he was scared Sam would tell him to "get lost or get dead," and it truly gives me all the feels when I watch this part of the episode now, and it makes absolute sense given some hints we see of Dean's feelings later in the episode. I just wonder if that was always the intended reason for Dean showing up in the middle of the night, him being afraid and breaking in so he could tell himself Sam blew him off because of the way he showed up, if that happened. Or was it more for the horror, bump in the night, aesthetic and to simply add to Dean's cool persona. Also, I find Dean's energy almost manic in this scene, but this also makes sense if he’s worried and just trying to brazen out the situation, pour on the careless bravado to avoid this worry and nerves.
At this point in the episode, I think Dean is fun, but kind of a jerk. Jensen is definitely a scene stealer, though, and he’s lively and compelling to watch. Dean is exciting. When I start to genuinely like him more though is when he lowers the walls a little and admits to Sam that he doesn’t want to look for their dad alone. It’s clear that he just wants Sam with him. We can see his vulnerability as he avoids making eye contact as he admits this truth to Sam. And Dean being honest works on Sam immediately, when suggesting it was his duty to help or that his dad was really in trouble this time didn’t. This moment is pretty quick, but it starts to show us that the brothers do have definite soft spots for each other despite the issues they clearly have.
(The Pilot Part 3 coming soonish … this one took me a while …)
Tumblr media
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maddiebuckleymybeloved · 5 hours ago
Do you ever just sit and think of how far Maddie has come?
She moved across the country to escape her abusive husband, only had a few bags with her belongings in them, and the only person she truly had was her brother. She was scared to stay in one place for too long, in fear that D*ug would find her to either:
a) bring her back with him.
b) kill her.
She wanted kids, but she didn't want to bring new life into a house that never felt safe. She had to put her dreams on pause because of the situation she was.
NOW she has things she never thought she could have. She has friends who love her; she has a found family within the call center and the 118; she has a boyfriend who supports her in every decision she has made and loves her unconditionally and can't picture a life without her; she has a DAUGHTER, something she thought would not be possible; her and said boyfriend are buying a house together for their little family to grow.
If you would have told season 2 Maddie this, she definitely would not believe you. All these things she could never have are all hers and she's truly living her best life.
I'm going to miss her so much until Spring.
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 2 days ago
I dive deep in the river
Of kadieoscophic lights,
Chasing threads of golden
Sunshine, to weave my
Broken heart a crocheted
Shawl, I plea to my shadows
To not trace my marks, I don't
Want to collide, I want to dance
Like moonlight on soft ripples..............
*the world is phoney, so am I*
everytimeyousaygoodbye ©
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radically-lesbian · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Apparently if you’re a woman existing comfortably and/or with small breasts, you are actually a man.
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bunnii-slut · a day ago
oh no, I'm too high.
it would be a shame if you came and took advantage of me while I cant fight back ♡
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enjoythebutterflies21 · 23 hours ago
All this talk about ‘it’s just the car’ and ‘it’s all the driver’ is getting seriously annoying. Of course it’s (partly) the car. There’s a reason they are racing in cars and not running.
I am by no means a Lewis Hamilton fan but there is a reason that he went from winning 8 races in 2021 and fighting for the title, to not winning a single race this season and ending p6 in the standings and it’s not because he lost his talent or his ability to drive. It’s simply because he had the 3rd best car. (Not a shit box, just the 3rd best car.)
Kind of like Max in his early seasons with Red Bull, you know. A car that might be able to fight for the occasional win, but will not win a championship.
But in the end two drivers are driving the same car. Only one of them can win the WDC.
There’s a reason Max won 15 races this season and Checo just 2. There’s a reason why Lewis beat Bottas every season.
Lewis and Max, with their driving, make the difference over their teammates in the same machinery.
It’s not just the car and it’s not just the driver, it’s both!
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free-my-mindd · a day ago
Don’t underestimate my ability to cut you off, my peace is more important.
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brown-eyes-golden-skin · 22 hours ago
Cute concept:
We fuck so often on a long hike trail that we can mark all the spots where it's safe for me to drop my pants and have you worship my cock with your holes without anyone noticing.
Every single hike we take now is full of breaks where I can take in the scenery while you take my cock into whatever hole I choose to use atm.
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