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rkahnso · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
November Eval
sohee was nervous. she didn’t want to set the bar for herself before even doing the mock interview but at the same time she didn’t want to disappoint despite having previous experience in this exact area. she was born in the spotlight; modelling at an early age gave her the advantage of knowing what it’s like to be in a professional interview. despite this, she couldn’t help but remind herself not to get overly confident. modelling and being an idol were two different spectrums. some things she could say in those interviews wouldn’t fly as an idol.
entering the room with coaches didn’t make her anxiety spike as it once did. she’s long since gotten used to the intimidating eyes that honed in on her the minute the door opened far enough for her to be seen. though it does trigger some form of flight or fight response in her, sohee has become adjusting the aversive stimuli enough that she can clamp down on the nervous response before she could freak out. it was a vast improvement, honestly.
she bowed respectfully, as she always does when entering the room, and introduced herself once again. there was no countdown, no reassurance; they dove right into the interview. she had all but a single breath to take before she was asked the first question and before she knew that her facial expressions would give away her true feelings.
there is a distinct lack of a camera. there’s no hot camera light shining on her as the interview is being conducted. it feels a little less legitimate because of it although sohee knows that many trainees wouldn’t notice the difference. it’s a bit harder for her to immerse herself in the facade because she knows what an actual interview was like. regardless, she gave her soft and sweet smile that she would sport while on camera.
“Please rank your members visually. Where do you fall on that spectrum?”
the pressure is on almost immediately. sohee chuckles, albeit a bit nervously, and tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear. “truthfully...” she begins, taking a moment to imagine who would (realistically) be in her group. in this case they obviously meant other female trainees in the company. “i think my members are all very beautiful. it’s hard to rank them when they all have unique physical qualities that make them attractive.” it was a very beauty pageant-esque answer.
“though if i had to pick one member who is the most attractive to me, i’d pick jessica. she has nice skin.” this time she can’t help the giggle. her answer sounds a bit weird, she realises this, but it’s true. “i don’t know where i fall compared to my members but i hope that i rank well because i take care of my skin too.”
“What are your charms in the eyes of the other members in your group?”
sohee flashes a bright smile. “i think they’d all say that i’m very cute and huggable,” she confesses. it didn’t seem like speculation. she’d honestly expect that kind of response from any of them. “i’m not the oldest nor am i the youngest member but many of them treat me like i’m the cute maknae.” she purses her lips for a moment, thinking about what else she could add. 
“eum, i think at the same time i’m not afraid to be embarrassing?” it sounds like a sort of question. she chuckles near the end of the sentence, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “a lot of people are worried if they look ugly in front of others but i believe in having fun. i don’t care if i look a little weird if it means i’m having fun and being myself.”
“You were a model prior to being an idol. Why did you stop modelling to pursue a singing career?”
“ah!” she responds, definitely expecting this question. “i actually always had an affinity for singing. i used to sing on youtube and in interviews. in england i was known for my singing talent as well as my visuals. many expected me to be an artist in england but when i moved to korea, i decided to use it as my opportunity to be an idol.”
there’s some shuffling of papers before they ask the next question. their eyes briefly scan something on the paper and it sparks fear into her. what were they referencing? were those notes? why were they suddenly so important now?
“You have some friends. You’ve posted on social media before that you’re close with uh... Yoo Changhyun, correct?”
it’s a simple question. her heart pangs, squeezes and then speeds up all at once just at the mention of his name. her smile doesn’t falter -- years in front of a camera taught her how to keep a brave face. her eyes blink a few extra times however and she nods. “yes, i am. we’ve been friends since we were very little.” it’s an easy deflect. a part of her is terrified that the questions will go too deep and hit too close to home. she can only wait with baited breath to see what they’ll ask.
thinking about ricky hurts but she holds back everything in her that says to cry. the only thing holding her back from her eyes tearing up is the fact that she’s looking into the face of someone who is a staff member and would most definitely question why she’d break down randomly in an interview.
“Has you friendship with any of your friends faltered because of training?”
she could almost sigh in relief that the question was diverted from ricky and onto friendships in general. “sometimes it’s very hard because i’m a trainee and most of my friends are as well. though we always try to keep in touch. we use social media to check up on each other. i like seeing that they succeed.”
“You’re also quite close with your label mates: Youngjae and Jiwon. Describe your friendship.”
“i met youngjae oppa through jiwonnie,” sohee began. thinking back to her early days in trc always left a smile on her face. talking about the first time she met her close friends that she still talked to now left a lingering feeling of nostalgia. “he’s very caring. we all look out for each other. they always made training fun. i have many fond memories with them both.”
her answer seemed satisfactory enough. there were a few more questions thrown in her direction. things like describing what the concept was and what habits member have and such. her heart remained heavy for the duration of the interview. her thoughts never strayed away from ricky or his face. although the questions never completely circled back to him, she felt shaken by the fact that they brought him up at all.
nevertheless, the ends the interview with a (fake) smile on her face and a small bow. the minute she’s allowed to leave, she gets as far away from the room as possible.
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aplusangels · 7 years ago
Tumblr media
15.2.27 || to my dearest and sweetest little ricky:
HAPPY 3rd 21st BIRTHDAY MY SON!!! ♡AHH WASLKDASMDJ  I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE 21 STOP BUT YOU STILL LOOK LIKE YOU’RE 5 ITS AMAZING YOU’RE SO AMAZING!!!  i feel so incredibly bad i didnt make anything for your birthday;;~;;  but instead im just writing you  a lame cheesy letter along with posting the very first gif i ever made bc its of youuuuu !!! aka my most favorite person in the whole entire world !!!(人´∀`)♡  AND YES IF YOU MUST KNOW YOU’RE REALLY TURNING 3YEARS OLD OKAY I REFUS E TO BELIEVE YOU’RE 21 IM WEEPING ALREADY! Anyways, i hope you have an amazing day fill with lots of love and adoration bc you deserve it all! you are so very precious to me will always have a special place in my heart because you have brought so much joy into my life! i dont think you will ever know how much of a happier person you’ve made me. just watching a 30 second fancam of you puts the biggest smile on my face ugh i just love you so muchhh!!! im always so thankful for you. you have grown into such a handsome and wonderful young man even though you still have a face of a baby but that makes me love you even more c: i cant even describe how proud i am of you!!! you’ve improved tremendously over the years! its always such a joy to watch you perform bc you’re so full of passion and you give every performance 150%!!!! and when you sing it damn near brings tears to my eyes ;;; your voice and existence is too precious for words. i hope you know you are loved and appreciated by many bc you give angels so much life! you’re like the sunshine that comes after a rainstorm.. nothing but light and warmth (* ♡´艸` *)pls stay the way you are forever, just being your cute self! i wish you nothing but happiness and heath forever and ever. you are a happy virus i hope i will never get rid of! i will love and support you always and forever my sweet bb have an amazing day ! ♡
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could you be any more obvious, changjo...? ಠ_ಠ
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aplusangels · 8 years ago
alright angel prayer circle for ricky to have even more lines this upcoming album
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