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you don’t have to answer but which line did you get tattooed?? been really loving louise glück lately and i’m curious
I got “You exist as the stars exist” tattooed! It’s from the poem Telescope in her collection Averno!! That poem has a special place in my heart ❤️
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ten years from now [AU. drake walker x camille montespan] [part six: emerald green]
Tumblr media
Master List if you want to catch up
Warnings: NSFW.
Another day of lockdown, another chapter!
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Liam and Camille had a very awkward breakfast with the Walkers - it seemed that everyone had heard Camille the night before. Bianca had teased them by saying, ‘enjoy your nightcap last night, then?’ Liam was slightly hungover and demolished the eggs and bacon set out for him, making sure to shower Bianca with compliments. 
Drake focused on drinking his coffee and avoided looking at Camille. If he did, he knew he would be dealing with a boner under the breakfast table.  Camille studiously ate her toast while trying to make small talk with Savannah, to no avail as Savannah kept shooting daggers at her and Liam. Because she hadn’t been able to sleep due to Camille’s groans and cries, Savannah had been awake since 3am and she was not happy. She had her hands full with Bartie, who was being particularly demanding this morning. 
Bianca was reading the Applewood Gazette and announcing the news in a bid to lift the mood of the room. ‘Oooh the Beaumonts are hosting a Bash this weekend!’ Bianca cooed. ‘It says invitations will be posted asap.. I wonder if we’ll get one?!’ 
Bianca had been hopeful ever since her chat with Bertrand. 
Drake rolled his eyes. ‘I hope not.’
Liam frowned. ‘What’s wrong with the Beaumont’s? I liked them.’
Savannah laughed dryly. ‘Nothing,’ she said. ‘It’s just Drake. He hates social events. Such a loner.’
‘I prefer to be a loner than a desperate social climber,’ Drake muttered. Savannah’s eyes narrowed and she kicked him hard in the leg. 
‘I’ll aim higher next time,’ Savannah hissed. 
Camille kept her eyes on her toast, ignoring the sibling squabble. She knew that Drake had overheard her last night and she wasn’t proud of herself. He had been right next door! Why hadn’t she just stopped Liam before he started to get her all worked up? How embarrassing. 
Once breakfast was finished, Liam and Camille bid goodbye.  Drake was relieved to see them go. He was about to escape to see Lone Star when Savannah grabbed him by the arm. ‘Come into town with me,’ she said. 
‘Sav, why?’ he groaned. ‘I need to sort out the horse-’
‘I need your brotherly opinion about what to wear for the Bash!’
Drake sighed. ‘We haven’t been invited.’
‘Yet,’ Savannah corrected him. ‘Yet. I need to be prepared.’
Drake closed his eyes. ‘I know nothing about fashion-’
‘Duh, I know that,’ Savannah said. ‘But I still need a second opinion.’
‘Ask mom!’
‘No!’ Savannah protested. ‘She’ll pick something.. Floral. Or dull. I need someone with me who has younger taste. Besides, we can catch up.’
Drake clocked what she was doing. This wasn’t a shopping trip. This was an interrogation about him and Camille.
Savannah was picky. Incredibly picky. Anything Drake suggested, she would shoot down in flames. 
‘What’s wrong with that one?!’
‘It looks like something a 50s housewife would wear!’ Savannah cried, pushing past Drake to inspect another rail. Drake exhaled, trying to gather patience. 
‘It would help if you told me what you’re looking for. Gimme something, Sav.’
Savannah sighed and perused the rails. ‘I want something that says I’m more than just a mom who got knocked up aged 18.. Like, I am so much more. I am sexy and intelligent. I deserve a seat at the table.’
Drake blinked. ‘I meant a colour but yeah, whatever you say..’
‘I will know it when I see it,’ Savannah said, picking up a dress before putting it back. ‘It will speak to me.’ 
She continued to look through the rails. Drake sat down on a chair, defeated. He would just be patient and wait instead of suggesting anything. Before he could take his phone out of his pocket, Savannah spoke.
‘So, Camille…’
Drake sighed. ‘Yes?’
‘You’ve been hanging out a lot recently..’
God, her tone was so.. probing.
‘Yeah, well, we’ve reconnected,’ Drake muttered. 
Savannah held up a blue dress against her body before tutting and putting it back. She glanced at her brother. ‘I can see that,’ she said. ‘All the inside jokes are coming back. The flirting-’
‘We aren’t flirting!’ Drake interrupted.
Savannah scoffed. ‘You absolutely are! Oh my God, Drake, it’s so obvious! The banter! Calling her by her last name! The looks.. Oh my god, the looks.’
‘The looks?’
Savannah placed her hand on her hip and gave Drake a steady stare. ‘You both keep looking at each other when you think the other isn’t looking.’
Drake reacted in the worst way possible to this information; he blushed.  Savannah pointed at him, looking triumphant. ‘I knew it!’ she cried. ‘You love her!’
‘Shhh, Sav!’ Drake hissed, as if worried the dresses on the rails were going to spill his secrets.  ‘I don’t!’
‘Oh please. The feelings are coming back.’
Drake stood up, shaking his head. ‘Alright. You can get the bus home.’
Savannah grabbed him by the arm. ‘I’m just looking out for you,’ she explained softly. ‘I don’t want to see you get hurt. Or do something stupid.’
‘Like what?’ Drake asked. ‘What would be stupid? She’s getting married, Sav. I’m not an idiot.’
Savannah sighed. ‘Look, I’m sorry. I’m just worried. I don’t think you both realise how big this could get if you’re not careful.’
‘She leaves in a week,’ Drake told her. ‘I won’t see her again until the wedding and then I won’t see her again for the rest of my life so to be honest, Sav, I think I’ll be fine.’
Savannah didn’t look like she believed him. She told him so. Drake let out a frustrated groan and began to walk through the store towards the exit. ‘Get the bus back, Sav!’
‘Drake, wait!’ Savannah rushed after him and continued to walk beside him as they strode through the mall. ‘Drake, stop walking so fast! I was just looking out for you. I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret-’
Drake spun around to face her. ‘Savannah,’ he said, his voice firm. ‘I’m an adult. I can make my own decisions. I’m not an idiot. Just trust me, okay? I’m not going to do anything with Camille. She’s getting married. That’s it. Now, can we please just find you a fucking dress so we can go home?’
Savannah sighed. ‘Fine,’ she finally said. ‘But don’t say I didn’t warn you-’
‘I get it, Sav.’
The siblings entered a new store and didn’t discuss Camille for the rest of the shopping trip. 
The coveted Beaumont Bash invitation arrived in the post two days later. Bianca and Savannah had jumped around screaming happily while Drake dragged himself outside to look after Lone Star. 
She had been his horse since he was twelve. He loved her so much; always had, always will. The horse was keen to get out of the stable for a ride and Drake was happy to indulge her. She needed the exercise anyway. 
He rode her gently down the dirt path, deciding to go for a trip around the ranch. Drake wore a checked shirt loose over a white vest and his grubbiest jeans. ‘There’s a good girl..’ he coaxed her as she cantered down the path. ‘Feels good to be out, right?’
Lone Star cantered further down the road until Drake could see Camille’s grandma’s house. He was about to turn the horse back but stopped when he saw Camille was sitting out on the porch. She waved at him. 
‘Yeah, look, it’s your old friend,’ Drake murmured to Lone Star. ‘Remember Camille? You loved her.’
Lone Star wickered in response. Camille stood up and began to walk towards Drake and Lone Star. Drake swallowed as his eyes studied her; she was wearing tiny denim shorts and a black vest that hugged her breasts and showed a strip of flat, toned stomach. 
‘Hey Drake. Oh my gosh, is this Lone Star?!’ Camille cried, running towards them now. She reached the horse and held out her hand for Lone Star to sniff. 
‘It’s your girl,’ Drake confirmed. 
A wide smile broke out on Camille’s face. She looked delighted to see the horse; her eyes were dancing. ‘I don’t have any apples for you, babe,’ she said softly. 
Drake reached into the bag that was slung around his body and handed her an apple. Camille giggled and held it out for Lone star. ‘Or do I?!’
Drake chuckled and watched as Camille fed Lone Star the apple. ‘You are so gorgeous..’ she whispered, her eyes fixed on Lone Star. ‘I missed you.’
‘She missed you too,’ Drake said, trying to be light. He saw Camille blush and wished he hadn’t said anything. He smiled though as Camille continued to speak to Lone Star in hushed tones, the smile remaining on her face. 
She looked up at him now. ‘Having a nice ride?’
‘Yeah, it’s good,’ Drake said. ‘You just hanging out on the porch?’
‘Yeah,’ Camille said. ‘Liam is napping, grandma’s planting more flowers. I have a few hours to spare until dinner.’
Drake nodded, letting a silence descend on them. He was not going to invite her to join him for a ride. He was not going to give Savannah any more reasons to lecture him. But the silence between them was excruciating..
‘Can I join you and Lone Star?’ Camille suddenly asked.  ‘Me and my girl gotta catch up.’
Drake swallowed. ‘Uhhh..’
Camille turned red. She had realised that it was an awkward suggestion. ‘It’s cool,’ she said. ‘Are you going to the Bash? I’ll be there so we can talk then-’
‘Montespan,’ Drake said, interrupting her bluntly. She stopped talking and looked up at him nervously. 
‘You wanna ride Lone Star?’ Drake asked her.
Camille’s eyes darted to the horse. ‘Uhhh..’
‘She’d love it,’ Drake murmured softly. 
Camille blushed again. ‘Okay,’ she said. ‘Let me up.’
Drake jumped off the horse and helped Camille climb up onto Lone Star. He held her hands as she steadied herself and helped her fix her feet into the stirrups. ‘Not the best horse riding wear,’ he teased.
‘Says you who is wearing jeans?’ she shot back, raising an eyebrow. Drake chuckled and watched as Camille leaned close to Lone Star’s head.
‘Shall we get him to chase us, girl?’ she asked. 
‘Don’t you dare..’ Drake breathed.
Camille gave Drake a wink and dug her heels into the horse. Lone Star began to trot up the road before increasing her speed, breaking into a run.
‘Camille!’ Drake shouted. ‘Give her back!’
‘Gotta catch me first!’ Camille hollered over her shoulder. 
Drake cursed her and raced after them, trying not to laugh as Camille whooped and cheered.
Camille brought Lone Star to a stop further down the road and waited for Drake to catch up. He was panting heavily as he reached them. ‘You dick..’ he muttered.
Camille giggled. ‘Sorry, I couldn’t resist.’
Drake shook his head, smiling, and took hold of the reins. He began to lead the horse up the road, letting Camille relax astride her back. He and Camille chatted easily, like old times. 
As Drake guided the horse, Camille looked down at him and felt her heart flutter. Clearing her throat, she tried to settle herself and stop the fluttering that she hadn’t expected to feel.
Savannah had chosen a fuschia bodycon dress to wear to the Beaumont Bash. To her, it said she was sexy and intelligent. To Drake, it showed too much of his sister’s skin. 
Bianca was wearing an elegant teal trouser suit with nude heels. Her hair had been blowdried by the best hairdresser in town and she was ready to go three hours before they were due to leave the ranch. Bianca was that prepared. 
Drake had hired a suit. He refused to wear the too small suit in his closet and so had enlisted Savannah to join him at a tailor shop. With her help, he had found a black suit, new black shoes and an emerald green pocket square that added a surprising pop of colour. The suit fit him perfectly, accentuating his broad shoulders and chest. As Drake examined himself in the mirror, he imagined being a bodyguard because that was what he looked like.
He whistled ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston as he trundled downstairs to join his mother and sister. They were waiting for the taxi to pick them up and they had agreed to pick up Gisele, Camille and Liam on the way. 
‘Wow, look at you!’ Bianca shrieked, clapping her hands as she saw her son. ‘You look so handsome!’
Drake grinned. ‘Thanks, ma.’
‘Taxi’s here!’ Savannah hollered. ‘Let’s go!’
The taxi drove them down the road to Gisele’s. Drake clambered out of the car and went to the front door to ring the bell. He waited until the door opened to reveal Camille. He let out a breath as his eyes took her in. 
She was wearing an emerald green silk bias cut dress and rose gold strappy heels. Her hair was arranged into a chignon and she wore emerald earrings that dangled from her ears just above her shoulders. 
‘Wow..’ Drake murmured, taken aback. ‘You look.. Wow.’
Camille blushed. ‘Thank you,’ she said softly. She studied Drake now, her eyes roaming over his body. ‘You look pretty handsome yourself, Walker.’
Drake was about to reply but was interrupted by Liam and Gisele who joined them. ‘Sorry, sorry, we’re ready now mon cherie!’ Gisele said quickly, arranging her red silk shawl around her shoulders. 
Liam clapped Drake on the back. ‘Looking good, Drake! You clean up nicely!’
‘You can be my date for the evening!’ Gisele teased, taking Drake’s arm and letting him lead her to the taxi. ‘All the girls will be so envious!’
‘Grandma…’ Camille groaned. 
Gisele shot her a wink and climbed into the taxi, cooing as she complimented Bianca’s hair.  Camille and Liam arranged themselves to sit beside Savannah. Savannah studied Camille and said with a knowing tone, ‘Camille, your dress matches Drake’s pocket square!’
Liam laughed and looked back and forth from Drake and Camille. ‘So you do!’ he said. ‘How fun!’ 
Drake wanted to throw the pocket square out of the window. 
The Bash’s theme was simple: Jewels. Everyone in attendance had to wear an outfit that was a rich jewel jone, hence why Drake had gone for an emerald pocket square. He refused to wear a green suit; fuck that. Pocket squares were as far as he was willing to go. 
Bertrand and Maxwell greeted their guests wearing matching suits made of gold brocade. Maxwell had golden glitter pressed on his cheekbones while Bertrand held a walking cane with a gold diamond set on top. He didn’t need a walking cane; he used it purely for decoration.
‘Drake Walker, you look so suave!’ Bertrand cried, shaking his hand. ‘Good to see you. And Camille, my beautiful little gem stone! Stunning! Green is absolutely your colour!’
Maxwell squealed. ‘You’re both matching!’ 
Drake and Camille both wished everyone would stop commenting on the fucking green. 
Liam was wearing a purple suit paired with a canary yellow tie. He usually wore reserved colours of grey, black and blue but as this was his first Bash, he wanted to push the boat out. As a result, Bertrand instantly fell in love with him. 
‘You look GORGEOUS! Where is this suit from?’ Bertrand asked. ‘And the tie? Liam, we simply must talk. Come to my table.’
He grabbed Liam and pulled him away. Bianca and Gisele were looking around the ballroom of the Beaumont Manor, excited to start dancing. Savannah was looking for people she could talk to that weren’t her brother; she found Madeleine and rushed over to bow at her feet. 
Drake and Camille smiled at each other, now that they are alone. ‘Bar?’  Drake suggested.
‘Lead the way,’ Camille said. Drake chuckled and placed his hand on her lower back as he guided her to the bar area. His touch burned through the silk of her dress. They stood at the corner of the bar and Drake raised his hand at the bartender. Camille let him order; he chose champagne for her, whiskey for himself. 
‘I want whiskey,’ Camille said softly, tugging on his sleeve. 
Drake chuckled. ‘Really?’
Drake swapped her drink and watched as she sipped the amber liquid. He tried to ignore the butterflies that were flying around crazily like they were on acid in his stomach. But right now, she looked beautiful. 
Camille looked up to find him staring at her. ‘You okay?’ she asked.
Drake blinked as if brought back to earth. ‘Yeah, yeah..’
They drank their whiskies in silence. Camille looked around the room, watching people dance and laugh. They looked like they were having so much fun. 
Taking a chance, Camille cleared her throat. ‘Let’s dance.’
Drake laughed. ‘Uh, no. Thanks but no-’
‘Drake, come on! Let’s have a good time. We’re here to party, right?’
Drake groaned. ‘You know I hate dancing,’ he said. ‘I’m awful at it.’
Camille shrugged. ‘Who cares?’
She wasn’t going to give up. Knowing he was defeated, Drake tossed his whiskey down his throat and grabbed her by the hand. Camille let him drag her to the dancefloor as if he was approaching his execution. 
Drake aged 17; Camille aged 16
‘Come on, Drake, shake that thing!’ Camille hollered over the music. ‘The song is telling you to!’
Drake rolled his eyes as he stood with his feet planted firmly to the floor in the middle of the ballroom. ‘I am not shaking my ass because ‘Sean da Paul’ wants me to,’ he told her. ‘Nah, I’m happy to just stand, thanks.’
Camille stuck out her tongue and proceeded to shake her ass. She ignored all the guys who were watching her with their mouths hanging open and she danced for Drake to make him laugh. 
They were at a party being thrown by the Beaumont brothers. There was no reason for this party other than Bertrand was feeling extra fun this weekend and so invited all the people he knew. 
Well. Drake hadn’t been invited. But Camille had and she had been given the option to bring a Plus One so of course, she dragged Drake along. He had told her that he was happy to just stay home, watch crappy TV and play video games but she insisted that he accompany her. 
So, here he was, watching Camille shake her ass. 
‘How about you just go home, Walker?’
Drake turned to see Neville standing behind him with a smug expression on his face. Drake and Neville never got along, mainly because Neville treated Drake like shit on his shoe. Neville’s family were upper class and rich, while Drake’s were… not. That was the black mark against Drake’s name in Neville’s opinion. Camille would have been tarred with the same brush, except Neville wanted to see her naked one day so he didn’t treat her like garbage, in his opinion. 
‘Neville. You’re here. Yay,’ Drake replied sarcastically. 
Neville’s lip curled. ‘Seriously. Go home. You’re not supposed to be here.’
‘He’s my friend so yes, he is supposed to be here actually,’ Camille piped up, ceasing her dancing. ‘So how about you fuck off?’
Neville smirked. ‘Charming. Camille, babe, how about you just keep dancing for us and little Drake here can run along back to the trailer park?’
‘I live on a ranch,’ Drake said tightly, clenching his fists.
‘Ranch, trailer park, same thing..’ Neville droned, examining a fingernail. Camille stepped forward, her eyes blazing with fire. 
‘You’re such a fucking asshole,’ she said. ‘Seriously, can you just leave us alone? What did we ever do to you?’
Neville chuckled. ‘You haven’t done anything to me, darling. Shame. I can think of some things you can do for me if you were so obliged-’
Drake shoved him hard, making Neville stumble. His eyes widened and he ran a hand through his coiffed hair, making sure it was still fixed in place. ‘How dare you!’
‘Nah man, how dare you?’ Drake muttered, advancing on him. ‘You talk to her like that again and I swear to God, I will come after you.’
‘Drake, it’s okay..’ Camille murmured, trying to pull him back. People were staring now, finding this showdown much more entertaining. She could see Bertrand and Maxwell walking towards them, Maxwell looking terrified while Bertrand looked like he was close to losing it. 
‘You feeling brave, Walker?’ Neville sneered. ‘Hit me.’
Drake smirked. ‘No need to ask me twice.’
Clearly, Neville had expected Drake to stand down. After all, Drake Walker was this quiet boy who stayed in the background. He didn’t stand up for himself. He was an easy target. So when Drake’s fist connected with Neville’s face, it was a complete shock. Neville fell to the floor, clutching his face and swearing. 
Drake stepped forward to do more damage but was stopped by Camille. ‘No, Drake! Stop! Please!’ 
Bertrand had reached them now. ‘Drake, Camille,’ he said in a low voice. ‘My study. Now.’
He grabbed Drake by the arm and together, the three of them strode through the ballroom and out to the corridor where the Beaumont study was located. Bertrand opened the door and shoved them both inside. 
‘Stay there until everyone is gone,’ he hissed. ‘I will come get you. I just don’t want Neville to cause more drama.’
He shut the door, leaving Drake and Camille in the study. 
Drake closed his eyes. ‘Camille..’
‘You idiot,’ Camille said bluntly. ‘You actual idiot.’
She was pacing the floor now, her heels echoing around the room. Drake listened as she began to rage. 
‘I didn’t ask you to hit him! You could have just walked away but instead, you hit him and now he’s going to target you at school on Monday! Do you realise how much I want you to make friends with other people who aren’t me? I’d love it if you could make more friends and be happy but with Neville out for your blood, there is no chance of that happening!’
Camille whipped around to face him. Drake was shocked to see tears glistening in her eyes. ‘‘I want us to just enjoy our last years of school together! I don’t want people insulting you or calling you trailer trash! I want them to see the Drake Walker I see! The kind goofball who has awesome taste in films but shit taste in music! The guy who can ride a horse and is so much fun to hang out with! It makes me sad, Drake. I want the best for you, that’s all I want..’
Drake was over to her in an instant. He grasped her hands tightly. ‘Camille, nobody is ever gonna see me the way you do,’ he told her, his voice thick. ‘Nobody. They see a guy who lives on a ranch, who wears clothes from discount stores and doesn’t have a dad. They see a loser.’
‘You’re not a loser-’
‘I am,’ he interrupted. ‘Camille.. Kids are evil. They make their mind up about you the first moment they see you. This is it for me. I’m gonna be the guy who is under the radar but will still get picked on when they feel like mixing it up a little. You have the potential to be anything here, you could be a fucking cheerleader or prom queen if you just stopped being my shadow-’
‘I’m your best friend,’ Camille bit back, venom filling her voice. ‘I am not your shadow. I don’t hang out with you out of pity, Drake! You’re the best person I know. You’re my best friend. I don’t wanna hang out with anybody else. You’re it for me. You’re Drake Walker, my best friend.’
Drake swallowed. ‘I.. I bring you down.’
‘Stop thinking that,’ Camille said. ‘You are amazing.’
Drake opened his mouth to protest but Camille pressed her hand against his mouth, silencing him. Drake looked into her brown eyes as she continued to speak. 
‘You are clever and kind and funny and cute. You make me laugh all the time and you tell me when I’m being a dick. You protect me and I protect you, that’s how we work. We look out for each other. You have my back. We’re partners. You make me feel like someone, you make me feel like I can do anything. I wish I made you feel that way too, Drake. I want you to know that you can do anything you want and you shouldn’t listen to a damn soul that tells you otherwise. I’ve got your back, always. I’m not leaving you. Okay?’
She lifted her hand away. ‘Okay?’ she repeated.
Drake couldn’t stop looking into her eyes. He hadn’t noticed that they were brown and decorated with gold flecks. They were beautiful. 
His eyes flicked down to her lips. She was standing so close to him. Camille’s cheeks turned pink as she became aware that he was studying her now. 
‘Drake..’ she whispered. 
Drake leaned down, his eyes remaining fixed on her mouth.  She tilted her head up and closed her eyes, parting her lips as she did so. 
The door burst open and Bertrand entered in a flurry of silk kimono. Drake and Camille sprang apart before their lips could touch. 
‘Right, everyone is out!’ Betrand announced. ‘Neville is gone. Now please, get out of my study, thank you.’
Drake and Camille’s faces were bright red and their hands were shaking. They left the manor together and never spoke of their near-kiss again. 
Drake and Camille had danced but he really didn’t want to. He felt self conscious and awkward as they danced to the music, despite Camille’s attempts to make him feel better. 
‘You’ve definitely improved since high school!’ she cried over the music. ‘Like, much more smooth!’
‘I am embarrassing myself!’ Drake said. ‘Fuck it, I’m going..’
He turned on his heel and rushed off the floor to leave the ballroom, not realising how rude it was to leave a woman standing there. He needed space and time away from the crowds and pulsing music. 
He opened a door and let himself in, relieved. 
It was the Beaumont study. It hadn’t changed in years. Drake wandered over to the bay window to look outside at the courtyard, pretending he owned this manor and that this was his study. If only he had a glass of whiskey in his hand..
‘You can’t just abandon me, you know.’
Drake turned to see Camille standing at the door with her arms crossed. She didn’t look impressed. 
Drake winced. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘I just got overwhelmed-’
‘I get it,’ Camille said. 'You hate dancing, always have. I should have remembered.' 
She smiled weakly and stepped further into the room, looking around at the paintings of Bertrand and Maxwell's ancestors. The fireplace was lit and the lamps in the room cast a warm, cosy glow. Bertrand's desk stood in the corner, impeccably neat. 
Camille moved towards the desk. Drake watched her body as her silk dress clung to her delicate curves. She always moved smoothly and fluid, like a swan floating on water. Camille leaned against the edge of the desk and faced him, giving him a soft smile. 
'It's been a while since I've been in this room..' she said quietly, looking up at the ceiling. 
Drake chuckled. 'Same. Think last and only time I’ve been in this study was when I punched Neville and Bertrand imprisoned us inside here.' 
Camille rolled her eyes. 'You and Neville, my god.. He was such an asshole.' 
'Still is,' Drake told her, smirking. 'He hasn't changed.' 
Camille pulled a face which made Drake laugh. Camille grinned and pulled herself away from the desk to wander across to Drake. She looked out of the window. There was a comfortable silence until Camille broke it. ‘Can I address the elephant in the room?’
Drake frowned, curious.
‘Last night,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry if you overheard..’
Drake turned red. ‘It’s okay-’
‘No, it’s not,’ Camille interrupted. ‘It was rude and I’m sorry. You were next door. I feel embarrassed.’
Drake’s jaw set. ‘Nothing I haven’t heard before, Camille.’
Now it was her turn to go red. ‘Drake..’
Drake awkwardly ran a hand through his hair and chuckled despite himself. He looked out of the window again, placing his hands in his pockets. He sighed. ‘I remember the last time we were in here,’ he murmured softly. ‘I nearly kissed you.’
Camille looked down at the floor, a blush creeping up on her cheeks. ‘I know,’ she whispered. ‘I nearly kissed you too.’
Drake closed his eyes. He didn’t know why he had mentioned that. What was he trying to achieve here? More awkwardness? 
‘If you had..’ Camille said, her voice halting, ‘do you think we would have had more time together? Like.. as a couple?’
Was that a trick question?
Drake bit his lip. The two of them were keeping their eyes focused on the window, refusing to look at each other. For some reason, it made them more honest.
‘I think that if I had kissed you,’ Drake said, ‘it would have been the best decision I’d ever made.’
Camille let out a breath. She listened as Drake continued to speak. ‘We would have been together for longer. We would have had more time to establish a relationship before we went to college. Maybe I would have realised how special we were… instead of fucking it up.’
He was aware of Camille edging closer to him. He could smell her perfume that had notes of jasmine and musk. He took the chance to look at her from the corner of his eye; Camille was staring out the window with her chin raised and her jaw set. 
‘I’ve missed you,’ Camille suddenly whispered. ‘Now I’m back in Texas, I just keep remembering everything. Seeing you again brings it all back.’
Drake swallowed. ‘I’m sorry.’
He jumped when he felt her pinkie finger hook through his. Her eyes remained fixed on the window and the courtyard outside. Drake could feel his heart beginning to hammer against his chest. But he didn’t pull his pinkie away from hers.
Camille looked up at him now, her eyes filled with anguish. ‘Everything is coming back to me, Drake,’ she told him, her voice wavering. ‘Everything.’
Drake’s voice cracked as he replied, ‘Everything?’
Camille nodded. ‘Everything,’ she whispered.
The universe cracked open. Drake’s mouth crashed against hers in a moment of sheer adrenaline. His teeth caught on her lip, making her hiss, and his hand reached up to cup the back of her head as he deepened the kiss, his tongue twisting with hers. Camille let out a groan and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in closer to her. 
Their bodies were up against each other. Drake’s hands swept down from her hair to run down her back, bunching up the silk fabric of her dress in his fists. Camille tugged on his lower lip with her teeth, making Drake let out a strangled groan. 
If they thought this was wrong, they didn’t say so. All of the passion that had fused their old relationship had ignited again, reminding them of how they had been. Their kisses were desperate and their hands fought to touch as much skin as possible, roaving  like wildfire. 
Drake pushed Camille towards the desk and picked her up to sit her on the edge. Camille pulled up the hem of her dress so she could move her legs to wrap around his waist. Her fingers pulled at his suit jacket, throwing it to the floor, before making quick work of his shirt buttons. 
The strap of her emerald dress had fallen down her shoulder. Drake kissed the bare skin of her shoulders, his lips trailing down her arm to make the strap fall down further. Camille’s head fell back as she closed her eyes to focus on the feel of his lips on her skin. He kissed the inside of her elbow which made her breath hitch.
He felt his body react as he heard her breathe his name. It had been so long since he had heard her say it in those low tones. His name was delicious on her tongue.
Drake reached for his belt buckle and unclasped it quickly. He pulled his trousers down, Camille watching him with wide eyes as he stripped. He stood before her now and he could see her eyes darken as she took him in. Without a word, Camille hitched up her dress and pulled down her lace thong. 
She spread her legs.
Drake’s lips crashed against hers again, the heat and desperation engulfing him again. He felt her hand wrap around his hard length, furiously pumping along the shaft.
‘Oh god, Camille..’ he groaned in her ear. 
‘Fuck me, Drake,’ she murmured in his ear. ‘Please.’
Their eyes met. This was the moment to stop. To think about what they were doing and the consequences of this. They needed to breathe, take some time, pull themselves back. 
But as he looked into her brown eyes that were decorated with gold flecks, Drake knew he was too far gone. Camille was too. 
Outside the study, due to the music coming from the ballroom, nobody could hear Drake’s low groans and Camille’s cries. Nobody could hear Camille shouting out Drake’s name. Nobody could hear Drake’s heavy breaths and pants as he brought himself closer to oblivion.
It was just Drake and Camille, caught in this illicit moment, lips desperately seeking each other, hands gripping onto skin, breaths hitching and catching as momentum built. Their clothes lay in an emerald green pile on the floor, leaving Drake and Camille stripped bare. 
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1. What is Your Name? Elise
2. How old are you? 20
3. Tag 5 other people to take this and then let’s start? Going with my top 5 suggested tags: @imnotweird-imalimitededition​, @magicaltimelady44​, @potatotorch​, and @phantasmadiangelo​
4. Where are you right at this moment? sitting at my desk in my beautiful student house in my beautiful student room
5. Choose 5 adjectives to describe yourself? emotional, introspective, nervous, creative, stubborn
6. Do you smoke? no
7. Do you drink? no
8. Do you swear? yep
9. Do you have low self-esteem? not about my appearance/personality/abilities but about my decisions/choices yes
10. Do you get online a lot? hahahahahahHAHAHAHAHA yes.
11. Do you like taking pictures? I don’t take a lot really
12. Do you like to have your picture taken? yessss but it never happens, I love to have photo records of me and my life and my friends
13. Would you ever date someone 5-10 yrs younger than you? well someone 5-10 years younger than me rn would be a minor so no, but I do tend to go for guys who are younger than me by maybe 2 years ish, so in the future, I probably would.
14. Would you ever date someone 5-10 yrs older than you? probably never, I’m not into ‘the older man’ and I don’t like the idea of the power imbalance being out of my favour
15. Do you think you’re weird or normal? I’m weird but then, everyone is weird in some way - I’m just my own kind of weird, probably above average weird but not crazy super weird
16. What do you like least about your body? that it always gets colds or allergies, and unwanted hair I have to keep getting rid of (especially my monobrow lol, I respect Her but she doesn’t fit my aesthetic so she has to go)
17. What do you like most about your body? atm I’m really into my hips, I like the curve and that I can kinda feel the bone (but not in an underweight/unhealthy way dw) and they have awesome lighting-stripe stretch marks! honourable mention to the boobs though, all boobs are good boobs and who doesn’t like a bit of squish
18. Has there ever been a rumor spread about you? I’m not sure tbh - I think there was briefly a rumour that I liked a certain boy at high school but I actually did like him lol so it was true
19. Do you prefer to hang out with one friend or a group of friends? a group, I find one-on-one to be a bit intense unless we’re super close and I love having the Whole Squad together 
20. Who knows the most about you? my mum probably
21. Who do you trust the most with your secrets? atm I’m not really sharing my secrets with anyone so...? no one? is that sad? It’s not that I don’t trust people to keep them secret it’s just that I don’t want to talk about them
22. Name one person whose arms you feel safe in? I’m not a huge friend hugger but my mum and dad 
Have you ever? 23. Been in love? I don’t think so, not totally sure but I’m going with no
24. Had your heart broken? nope, I was the heartbreaker lol
25. Spun until you were so dizzy you couldn’t walk? many times when I was a kid I LOVED spinning
26. Screamed so much you lost your voice? probably, my throat is so delicate one scream would do it
27. Done something extremely unexpected? yeah all the time tbh
28. Been caught doing you weren’t supposed to be doing? only stuff like talking or texting in class, never a big deal
29. Been called a tease? not to my face. behind my back? probably. I have been known to be one.
What what what?
30. What is your biggest fear? I have crippling emetophobia it’s ruined my life tbh I really need some kinda therapy
31. What was your scariest dream? I often have dreams based on the above which are the wORST, but when I was little I had a recurring dream I can’t explain but it contained lots of fast flashing images and sudden loud noises and confusion
32. What was your best dream? I have a lot of great dreams, my brain always seems to dream in full, complex plots and most of them would make great novels. recently though, I dreamed someone I’d pushed away in the past met me again and I got to apologise and we were together again, that was bittersweet
33. What is your greatest strength? probably words or smarts 
34. Do you have any bad habits? all my habits are bad
35. Do you think life has been good to you so far? has life been good to me? yes. have I been good to life? no. 
36. Do you have any piercings? no
37. What does your underwear look like? grey floral silk with lace trim, cheap from primark lol
Which do you prefer?
38. Jeans or dress? dresses!
39. Pizza or pasta? I don’t like either whoops
40. Rich or happy? happy obviously??? who would choose to be rich and miserable what’s the point of being rich if it doesn’t make you happy too
41. Shower or bath? shower
42. Family or friends? why not both?
43. Kiss or hug? hug 
44. Bright or dark room? bright af, I need daylight and so do my plant friends
45. Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate af
46. Laugh out loud or chuckle quietly? laugh out loud
47. Foreign movies….dubbed or subtitled? depends on the dub quality; usually subbed
48. Last furry thing you touched? my white faux fur rug (with my feet)
49. Song you listened to? All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera
50. Last person you talked to on the phone today? not today, but my mum the other day when the bathwater came through the kitchen ceiling 
51. Watched on TV? on actual tv, Time Team I think (love me some archaeology), but online, Nat and Elise from Carmilla making each other wedding dresses from toilet paper (as you do)
52. Compliment you received? My friend said she liked my hat today? We went to see fantastic beasts so I wore my 20s hat
More random thoughts… 53. What are your first thoughts waking up? usually what the weather is like, I’m so british
54. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I loved the crayons Cerulean and Spring Green as a kid.
55. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Probably hair
56. Are you too shy to ask someone out? too unwilling morelike
57. Most memorable experience with a friend? I’ve had a lot of big experiences but all the ones that I remember clearest are little ones like on the bus and stuff. Maybe our trip to Teignmouth, or school residentials? 
58. Do you believe in soulmates? not sure - I don’t believe in the ‘one perfect person’ rule and I’m not sure how much I believe in true love lol, but I do believe in fate so...?
059. Do you think that it’s possible your heart doesn’t give you a choice with whom it falls in love? I know you can’t choose, but I think it gives you veto rights - you can choose who not to love or who to stop loving, but not who to love. 
60. What is something about you that people would be surprised to know? I have one glaring thing but I’m not really willing to share it yet. 
61. What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself in the last year or so? That I am way more houseproud than I thought
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