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omegalomania · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
what are we? real friends
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tahdashi · a month ago
i have such strong feelings about my moots but not in the bad way. like in the “i love talking to you so much i could cry” way
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briarhips · 4 months ago
Positivity post for voluntarily, contentedly religious ppl who are constantly targeted with casual spiritual abuse by those who should be reinforcing that faith instead of trying to shake it loose with their absurd backwards self serving ideas and pettiness
#mine#:))))) my mom and her hideous habit of quoting Facebook posts of Hadith and random mufti statements whenever we’re at peace together abt how#u MUST get married as a woman#it’s just straight up not true but she wants it to be soooo bad#I sent her 15+ screenshots in retaliation knowing she’d not read them all or perhaps any just bc well. if she’s going to stoop so low why#cant I. I’ve endured it REPEATEDLY and I am tired#fuck context fuck everything right? suddenly islam is totalitarian and black and white#bc it suits her bc she wants to bother me. and then she tells ME to stop and ‘do whatever I want’#and it took so much willpower not to say more#but she starts it. every damn time. 40+ and SHEEEE starts it and I KNOW god sees and I do hope god asks every parent like her why they had#no fear of driving their children away from Islam w their constant convenient fucking misquoting#I told her however I leave and whenever I do will be my business between god and I and I’m not ruining my life over a FB post by an#insensitive irresponsible mufti who faces no repercussions for whatever he may say on the Internet#if I follow the advice of a clearly unnuanced out of context decree how is that going to be anything but my stupid fault? how can I pin#tangible blame on an internet stranger no matter how allegedly qualified when so distant? god gave me brains!!! god gave me brains and if#that makes me my mother’s personal torment rather than the coolness of her eyes I’m SO sorry but I actually can’t be#the FB post was talking abt more than not getting married. it said if ur parents are abusive and ur a girl how can u escape and does god not#care abt ur pain in the event that u stand up for urself? and ofc the mufti didn’t touch any of that. no reassurance no comfort just cold#get married or just fucking die. except that’s not how God works at all and anyone w half a brain knows it
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satanfemme · 8 months ago
I'm sure there's better schools out there, but I've attended about 4 different art schools (1 high school, 3 college) and all of them had a focus not on "how to make art" but on "how to be an artist". it wasn't a hobby it was a lifestyle. how to market your art, how to market yourself, how to make the art that industry professionals will want to see; the colleges, the employers, the professors. how to make bigger art, more art, quality and quantity all at once. and, because of the limits of time: how to skip sleep, how to skip meals, how to skip socializing, how to isolate yourself in your room all weekend doing nothing but making something for someone else.
these are all major elements in their curriculums, if not in some schools even more of a focus than the art itself.
from a capitalist's viewpoint this makes sense. if you're going to art school intending to get an art job, you're gonna need good job skills. you're gonna need to know things like how to sell yourself on all the major social media profiles and then some, both small scale for commission work and large scale for your jobs at major corporations. (you will, of course, most likely be doing both. neither job pays enough by itself). you're gonna need to know how to "grind", nonstop, you're gonna need to know how to grin and bare it. you're going to need to know how to mass produce schlock cause that's what a job is, and that's what you've signed up for. this is all logical.
but if you take a step back from that lens, it all falls apart. most of these students are still kids or young adults in their early 20s (which isn't much more than a kid, let's be real). so, a kid enjoys art for the love and joy of creation, a kid enjoys art because humans enjoy art, they want to make things for themselves, for their friends, to relax, to feel good - so they're coerced into an art institution.
And I can 100% guarantee you that ANY and ALL criticisms you have on the commodification of art on social media, absolutely applies to every single art institution I have ever been a part of, if not more so. Art institutions are not a safe haven away from capitalism, consumerism, and the domination of corporations - they fester it. They survive off it.
competition within the algorithm is brutal. competition instructed by your guardians, between yourself and your real life peers - as a child, teen, and young adult - is even worse. this is very literal competition by the way. I have, multiple times, had my art ranked in value against my peers. our art (if not our names) listed from worst to best.
the "you can sleep when you're dead" mentality is also very literal, I need you to understand. this is one of the things that haunts me the most. why does a child (as young as 14!!) need to sacrifice their health for creation - creation so forced it doesn't even have any passion or love attached anymore. you could say my teachers and professors didn't know what they were encouraging, but you'd be wrong. a student who sacrifices their health for art is more than applauded, directly for that fact. likewise a student who prioritizes their health, at the sacrifice of "better art", is called lazy ...at best.
I don't think people understand how hellish art schools are. I don't even think most art students themselves realize it amidst the plague of self-deprecating humor that spreads thru those buildings (which I've also seen encouraged by college professors). maybe some other schools are better. I don't know.
When I was still a child one of my classmates made a piece about how suicidal our art classes were making her. (they made everyone suicidal. this was known. there were surveys done about it, and nothing else). but, my teacher told her not to talk about that kind of stuff during crit, or he'd be forced to report it to the guidance office. although he wanted her to keep making this art (so personal, so meaningful, it was - by his standards - better than most our class's), he didn't want anything to be done about the suicidal tenancies of this child he was in charge of. he didn't want anything to be done about the art classed he helped plan and teach. he didn't want any solution to the problem, he just wanted her to keep making art about it.
I know this is long, and I've spoken about this before, but it feels important to understand. It's not just social media that's "ruining art". But it's not these art institutions either. you could reform this system as much as you'd like and I promise it'd do all but nothing for you. because these flaws, for how traumatizing, life changing - and to be frank: life ending - they are, they are not the root cause of this commodification. these institutions are the physical manifestation of capitalism. it's capitalism and the very lens in which we view art that's the problem here. maybe that's a grim note to end this rant on, when there's not much we can do about that on a personal level. or maybe there's better schools out there. I don't know.
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transvigilante · 9 months ago
I'm not gonna apologize for mcu posting I think I should be allowed to be dumb and obsessed with Spiderman for a moment
#anyway heres nwh thoughts noone wanted.#it was fun!#not... perfect. dodgy shit especially at the start#some things looked weird. electro looked fully cgi including his face at points. which? why?#lizard came across weird. idek what it was but it was weird. lots of flop jokes in the first half#not a fan of how easily taken down otto was at his first appearance... hm. oh fuck goblin was great tho#the moment where tom!peter is punching him in the face repeatedly and hes cackling and the lights are darker and peter is dirty and bloody.#mwuah. first moment i was like. hey this is SPIDERMAN. this is a FILM. perhaps something good can come from this#alsooo its soooo funny how it seems like marvel was lile#'oh god they dont like that peter isnt poor they dont like that we never saw uncle ben die they dont lile the stark suit'#'oh my god the few thousand tumblrinas who dont like us arent giving us money we need to FIX IT'#and went for a full retcon dhdhhshshsh please its so funny. maybe the next spiderman films will be better then#tom hollands still annoys me but i think hes more tolerable now. i felt too bad for his peter. he was going through it.#andrew and tobey tho 🥺🥺🥺 why is tobey lile a fucking dad or smthn 'youre amazing' sir I'm going tho hug you#also not andrews oeter being lile 'yeab i suck ass compared to you guys. ive eneve even fought an alien :('#hes got guilt issues AND self worth issues???? bestie we need to get tobey!peter to your universe you need a hug or smthn#no way home spoilers#mcu#also a win for venom fans tonight. venom remains un-mcu-ified.#lovewins !!
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blushouyo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
do you ever just think about zhongli’s shoulder to waist ratio?
Tumblr media
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good-night-space-kid · a month ago
I’m really gonna have to put some serious time into learning how to cook this year cause currently I only know how to make the whitest foods known to man which is. Not what I want to eat really most times but I’ve never cooked the kind of foods I want so it’s definitely going to take some time and effort to learn
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sarellathesphinx · 3 months ago
In all ways except physical I am laying on the ground thinking about Thancred Waters
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daforged · 2 months ago
i am so so so so so so tired of like. not being able to just force ppl to make positive change in their lives. i have spent waaaay too much of my life having the “people only change when they are ready” lesson smacked into my brain and it is soooooooo annoying from every angle
#this is the THIRD time . somebody in my life has been in a long-term bad situation#and will just. not do anything about it. and i GET that its hard enough just getting through the day nvm like … making changes#but. its so frustrating from an outside perspective as someone who has watched this exact thing over and over and over with other ppl#especially because the first time it happened ended with a successful suicide attempt. so ! lovely. great.#like i GET it i know i cant fix ppls lives for them its arrogant to act like i can its infantalizing i know. but like. god.#there’s only so long u can keep offering ppl a hand to climb out of the pit before like. they yank u down with them. and holy shit i dont#wanna do that again. i did that for the second person this happened to bc i was like well. id prefer if u didnt die by ur own hand#soooo guess ill just. make myself miserable catering to every avenue that would make ur life easier.#and then it took me an eon to dig myself out of the pit i dug for myself & the. incredibly toxic mindset i had adopted. like.#its just so frustrating i am tired of hearing venting about things u can change i am tired of flexing empathy muscles i dont have im tired#of watching ppl be miserable and then DROWN themselves in more misery willingly. like stop!!! stop feeding it!!!! do ANYTHING ELSE#in conclusion: hell.#freewheeling bitextual#oh and its hard to balance like. my own brain & being a good support. like i dont want to deal with your upset rants 5/7 days of the week#because it makes ME miserable! and im having a hard enough time keeping a positive outlook on life as it is!
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cursegf · 5 months ago
THESE ARE A LOT OF QUESTIONS I APOLOGIZE but i’ve been on a musical binge lately— which song(s) from popular musicals do you associate with chrysi and her bfs. or alternatively, what musicals do you think they would like/dislike
((btw, i made a spotify playlist for all the songs i mentioned for each ship because you chose the perfect question to make me go feral and make. many playlists. in order: chrysijacks, chryzure, chrysigil))
this got long, so it’s under a read more. the playlists may include more songs than i mentioned, simply due to me thinking Thoughts while making them. 
songs i associate with ships: chrysijacks
since this blog is currently chrysijacks moulin rouge themed ( :> ), from moulin rouge, the songs come what may, el tango de roxanne, and the show must go on make me think of them! just overwhelmingly dramatic and painful and fun :> :>
lately i’ve been rlly rlly obsessing over a newsies chrysijacks au for no discernible reason, so from that musical (but the movie version, because i’ve got bad taste <//3 i mean this very seriously), i’ve been thinking about drama to santa fe and once and for all. just… chrysi trying to escape to another place and jacks being a selfish bastard that doesn’t want her to leave… yeah :) also king of new york is them half-flirting, half-ignoring it all while jacks is trying to deny the fact that he wants chrysi to stay with him so bad.
addams family makes me think of chrysijacks as gomez + morticia to emery + her bf’s wednesday and lucas, so the songs that make me think of chrysijacks are crazier than you (… immediately gives a wednesday/lucas song after saying they were gomez/morticia 😔😔😔 they’re gomez and morticia in the sense that jacks is screaming, crying, etc. the MOMENT chrysi’s like “not today”. he’s totally that one line in morticia where he’s like “i’ll end my life” after chrysi doesn’t kiss him one (1) time), and also tango de amor because jacks is canonically a good dancer 😌✨
from the scarlet pimpernel, into the fire, when i look at you, the riddle, only love, the duel—JUST LIKE. OKAY. I HAVE A VERY SPECIFIC SCARLET PIMPERNEL CHRYSIJACKS AU THAT’S FUNNY BECAUSE JACKS THINKS HE’S BEEN PLAYING CHRYSI THE ENTIRE TIME (with an increasing feeling of guilt, since he’s slowly been growing feelings for her) BUT TURNS OUT SHE’S HIS FUCKING BOSS AND HAS BEEN THIS ENTIRE TIME 💀
dr. horrible’s sing-along blog,,, thinking of chrysijacks SO HARD every time i listen to it. i’m making an au btw, but it’s more for fun thinking than actually doing anything with it. ANYWAY, the songs slipping, everything you ever, and horrible credits—MAKING ME THINK VERY HARD ABT JACKS ACCIDENTALLY KILLING CHRYSI IN AN ATTEMPT TO GET EVERYTHING HE WANTED… EXCEPT NOW HE DOESN’T HAVE WHAT  HE NEEDS :(((( yeah….
@fillyreports recommended this song, but green green dress is PEAK chrysijacks, grown in a lab all for me! also sibella is chrysijacks, also recommended by filly! 
from anything goes: it’s de-lovely, anything goes, and all through the night!
hadestown, but as a hades/persephone chrysijacks au: chant, chant ii, epic iii
someone in the crowd from la la land, jst because of au reasons.
anastasia: in my dreams, once upon a december, quartet at the ballet, everything to win
okay, hear me out—greatest showman has many good chrysijacks songs, but mainly rewrite the stars. yes, i’m unapologetically going to talk about my newsies/greatest showman/prestige franken-au. this is a them song. 
songs i associate with ships: chryzure
OH MY GOSH, PARADE, PARADE, PARADE… the songs do it alone, this is not over yet, and all the wasted time is very chryzure. very very.
you are my home from the scarlet pimpernel makes me want to cry because. them. chrysi and azure. lovers. SIGHS. 
from 1776, he plays the violin… hmmmmm. yep! yep yep yep!
literally cannot and will not explain this one, but extraordinary girl from the american idiot musical. chrysi and azure. don’t look at me. 
from carousel, i think of the carousel waltz!! and from my fair lady, the embassy waltz.
*clenches fist* CAN’T FORGET DUST AND ASHES FROM NATASHA, PIERRE, AND THE GREAT COMET OF 1812, as well as no one else. 
now hadestown… alright, alright (depressing chryzure au, which i’m VERY happy abt for my bday): wait for me, epic iii, way down hadestown ii, chant ii, wait for me ii, doubt comes in,,,, heart been broken so many times, i sob—anyway, i like the original recording in general, but yeah!!!
johanna from sweeney todd
songs i associate with ships: chrysigil
weirdly, i think of madame guillotine when i think of them, from the scarlet pimpernel musical! since chrysi uses basically a scythe, i can see her killing ppl with it :))) and vivez!!! storybook as well!
this isn’t specifically a chrysigil song, but the song momma look sharp from 1776 makes me think of gil. like… yah :)
pretty lies from the count of monte cristo is chrysigil! sobs…
what would i do if i could feel? from the wiz gives me gil vibes for some reason and i’m unsure why! but anyway. also you can’t win, but that’s because gil seems somewhat pessimistic. 
*clenches fist* okay, TOP chrysigil song is raining from the rocky musical. don’t look me in the eye. it’s chrysi singing about gil, barring the “sad brown eyes” line. imagine she says gold. it’s about gil. 
OH MY GODDD, OKAY, THE MUSICAL AMÉLIE.. times are hard for dreamers, stay, and where do we go from here are all on my main chrysigil playlist, actually. it fits them. 
from venice: if only and willow and. tbh. wings. why not. those songs work. GOD, ACTUALLY—IMAGINE A CHRYSIGIL VENICE AU WHERE GIL ACCIDENTALLY KILLS CHRYSI 😭😭😭 i want to hurt him.
charas’ fav musicals (bcs i don’t think any of them have a Hated Musical, besides chrysi, but i personally don’t Despise any musicals, so i won’t say anything)
chrysi: the addams family, phantom of the opera, wicked, parade… pretty much any musical she’s taken part in or seen. she’s a theatre kid (affectionate).
azure: phantom of the opera, sweeney todd, hadestown, les misérables (*points* french)
jacks: also wicked, moulin rouge, maybe little shop of horrors? perhaps.
gil: he’s just happy to be included in an interest of chrysi’s. he doesn’t care.
archibald: i don’t have any musical songs i associate with him, but i feel like he’d be like chrysi—any musical he’s seen, he loves. hate him. theatre kid (derogatory).
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pepprs · a year ago
#NOT to admit this but like. i was going to the bookstore to buy some school supplies and as i was walking in i randomly started thinking abt#the first person i ever lkke…. idk almost d*ted and i was like ‘it’s so tragic that the first person i ever like. k*ss and h*ld h*nds with#and stuff isn’t gonna be him bc it should have been’ AND THEN NOT 45 SECONDS LATER WE PASSED EACH OTHER AS I WAS GOING IBTO THE BOOKSTORE#ABD I DIDNT SAY HI BC IM A DUMBASS BUT I WAS SHAKING SOOOO BAD AND A FLUSTERED MESS WHILE SHOPPING SND THEN I TEXTED HIM AND NOW WE ARE#GLING TO CATCH UP ABD. DHSDJSGDJDVSKDVSJDBSJDBDJDBDJSHDKDGDJFHSJDHDJFH#god was like girl u want that k*ss we’re gonna get u that k*ss!!! AND LIKE WHO AM I TO ARGUE…. BUT ALSO I WASJT EVEN BEING SAD ABT NOT#K*SSIBG HIM BC I LIKE THINK WE CPULD BE TOGETHER FOR REAL it’s just i loved him so much and for so long and it’s not fair that when i#finally got what i wanted (him liking me back after 3 yrs of me liking him and hiding from him that i did) i ran away and it would’ve been#like. good closure if i had actually gotten to… you know. AND NOW HERE WE ARE AND . LOSING MY FUCKING MIN#like that was the first time i have seen this kid in FOUR YEARS. HELP. and i always quietly knew he would come here and now… INSANE. HELL ON#EARTH. im afraid to check snap bC i don’t wanna like UAHFJSVDJDBDKSHR talk to him but also i do. 9th grade me is HYSTERICAL#purrs#delete later#? idk. kinda cringe to still have feelings for this person when we are literally never going to be together but like. i. 🤢
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greywritten · 7 hours ago
I just saw my local universtiy put on The Lightning Thief musical and GUYS. IT WAS FUCKING INCREDIBLE. LITERALLY ALL OF IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD. Like the casting was good, the jokes landed, everybody stayed in character, all of the singing was fucking great (CHARON/MISTER D/HADES HAD LITERALLY SUCH A FUCKING PERFECT VOICE FOR THEIR ROLES I WAS LITERALLY IN AWE ANY TIME THEY WERE SINGING IT WAS THAT GOOD), all of the visual gags paid off, it was genuinely so fucking good!!!!
All my "theater" knowledge up until this point has been High School theater, and not great high school theater, so I was going into it expecting to have a pleasant but not overall mindblowing experience, you know, kinda trying to be chill about it. BUT THEN???? LIterally as soon as it fucking started I was like "Oh, oh this is like REALLY real."
And it was blackbox theater, which idk if that's a regular term of if it's just what my mom was calling it (she used to perform in this same theater that we were in, she's an alumni of this place) so it was super small, no real "stage", just a slightly raised platform and then chairs on risers along the perimeter. I kept making eye contact with the actor playing Ares/Gabe SOB that was really funny tbh. But I really loved it in that format because it felt way more intimate and like, real, if that makes sense? like it felt very On Brand for the musical to be taking place that close to the audience, and it genuinely sucked me in soooo much, sometimes I would register that there were other people across the room and I'd jolt like oh, right, this is a musical in this room we're all in aosiduaoisdu
I think Grover and Chiron were my favorite parts, though literally all of it was so fucking good I don't even know if I can say that. But Grover was jsut SOOO well done, like he was exactly how I envisioned him and also his faces and the physical gestures and everything were so Grover!!!! and Chiron of course was like, the perfect mixture of "I know everything and am your leader" and "i am a slightly bumbling idiot". His "tail" was a bunch of yarn stuck to the back of his pants and his "hooves" were the chorus making clopping noises every time he stepped (AND HE TOOK HIGH KNEE STEPS EVERY TIME IT WAS SO FUNNY. there was a gag where dionysus led him out of the scene by dangling a carrot and IDK if that's in the original musical or not but it KILLED ME)
I was so impressed by Percy and ANnabeth too!!!! percy's actor was for sure struggling near the end because, duh, it's a fucking hard musical, but the way they worked in water breaks for him and also the way that he handled it all was phenomenal! And Annabeth too, she had SUCH a hard role to play and she played it really fucking well, and confidently, and I believed that she and Percy's character genuinely were friends and liked one another. AND SALLY TOO!!! LIke she was soooo well played I really felt like she was Percy's mother, like she was there for him and loved him. And all of the scenes where there were like, interruptions, IE a character breaking into another character's lines like interrupting what they were saying, it worked out perfectly and was so natural which like, even in PRODUCED TV SHOWS AND MOVIES sometimes shit like that feels unnatural and that was genuinely part of what drew me in so much, it just all felt so NATURAL. Like I cannot even IMAGINE all the practice and hard work that these guys must've put into this production for it to be THAT good and well rehearsed. (again, all of my history of productions is high school productions so SOB BUT STILL!!!!!)
The fucking minotaruw as just two dudes running around in an enormous bathrobe on top of one another and THAT WAS ALSO SO WELL DONE LIKE LITERALLY
I could go on and on. I probably will go on and on (my friends and parents have already borne the brunt of my rambling because I want to REMEMBER THIS GODDAMMIT) in reblogs but wow. wowowowow. I HIGHLY encourage anybody who feels comfortable to go out and try and see a production of the musical if it's near you. Support your local productions and colleges and stuff. that was a damn good time.
oh damn and the fucking medusa scene? PErcy's actor literally running around waving his sword like a maniac WITH HIS EYES CLOSED and yet he didn't hit any of the people in the front row, who were on the same level as him. That was SO impressive, I was slightly in awe.
oh and YES, they did do the toilet paper visual. which ruled. obviously.
#the lightning thief musical#Percy Jackson#PJO#Annabeth Chase#Grover Underwood#i'm not gonna tag everyone I promise#my throat hurts from cheering for everybody at the end#I did wear my CHB hoodie but it was too hot (and I got embarrassed about it) so I took it off LMAO#and obviously it wasn't perfect or faultless#but I can excuse literally all of the mistakes and everything because of how fucking good the rest of it was#Did Grover miss a cue? yeah absolutely. did it 100% work with his character for him to hesitate at that moment so it actually felt natural?#yeah absolutely#(you could like tell that it was an error though bc he sort of broke character for a second about it)#BUT THEN HE ABSOLUTEly nailed TREE ON THE HILL AND I LITERALLY WANTED TO HUG HIM SO BAD BRO#Medusa almost tripped and fell on her shoes. also very on brand.#god that was just such a good time#and this is coming from a person who is SOOOO nitpicky and I generally latch onto all the negatives and bad things#I don't even care about all that. i loved it genuinely SO fucking much. oh my god.#I wish I had a recording of it so I could watch it all again rn not even lying#do i perhaps have a tiny crush on Chiron's actor? yeah of course I do don't at me about it he was cute and his voice was perfection#like percy almost flying off into tartarus was even so good. just all of it it was FUCK it was literally so good i'm just i'm crunching i'm#i love PJO so much man. it is UNHEALTHY how muc I adore this franchise.#i am also incidentally now 12 times more excited for the actual show to come out#but until then those stage actors are going to be how the characters look in my head fr fr
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mycannibalromance · 5 days ago
for the album asks: death spells nothing above nothing below !!!
fantastic bastards
diluted (this IS my passion my calling and my prison. god damn!)
why is love so disastrous
end of life
i don't know much, but i know i loathe you
send me an album and i'll reply w my top five songs!
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despiteherself · 6 months ago
Thoughts on the next Jurassic World film and/or Camp Cretaceous?
my immediate though upon seeing the jurassic world dominion trailer was to make this meme
Tumblr media
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corvidcall · 25 days ago
i saw a good post abt how fatphobia comes up in fat peoples sex/dating lives (which I'll probably reblog later, when i have time to add stuff to the tags) but hooooooh boy it did dredge up some stuff for me!!! and now im upset!!!!
#anime life#ive been fat my whole life and it's!!! its been rough!!!!!!#its been traumatic!!!!!#and the fact that it really feels like no one has ever truly desired me and nobody ever will is. ugh.#i wish it werent part of it bc it feels soooo pathetic#and when ive asked ppl for advice about it what ive gotten in response has been almost insulting#thin ppl spending a lot of time telling me how bad they feel for me. how sad hearing about my personal life made them.#a lot of 'have you tried dating a fat fetishist?'#which like. 1. no they dont want me either 2. theres a good chunk of ppl who fetishize fat bodies but still hate fat people#and 3. idk do other marginalized people get that advice?? that actually they should try dating chasers??#i feel like i havent seen it#or i get told i should try dating fat men. like i wouldnt if given the chance????#i love fat men. they just also. historically. dont like me#ive known a lot of fat men who view dating a fat woman (or whatever i am) as disgusting and demeaning!!! at best its 'settling'!!!#god. one bit of advice i got was i should try dating nerdy guys. incredible#once again: they don't want me either!!!!! im TOO nerdy to the point it's off-putting!!!!#YES im a nerd. NO i dont watch mcu stuff. or dcu. or lotr. or star wars. or got. i dont like any of the big things#my main fandom was and always will be a 12 year old free browser game#im wildly unrelatable and i hate most really big tentpole nerd properties. except dnd that ones ok. but ive also written ttrpgs so like.#idk i think im disqualified from being the nerdy gf* people would actually want lol#anyway. its not a big deal i guess#just the kind of advice that makes you feel even more hopeless.#when i think abt it i cant help but laugh..bc i mean. what else can i do lol
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t4tjmart · 7 months ago
girl HELP The sensation in my chest is coming back but that sensation is PAIN
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trans-xianxian · 10 months ago
that poem that's like I don't want you to be sorry I want you to come home is ymg bros,
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