hypnoticvamp · a day ago
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me and the girls
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
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nonbinarytheatrekid07 · a day ago
I came up with a new game so here it is
Try to describe two of your favorite musicals in under 3 words and tag 3 people
Spring Awakening- Sex
Be More Chill- Gender Drugs
Tags woohoo @angry-inch @dear-mimi-marquez @0ffbeatqueer
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hereliesbeetlejuice · a day ago
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kitspeaks · 2 days ago
Musicals I like but I describe them badly
Spring Awakening: mentally ill and horny teenagers try to get through school without killing themself or dying. they fail.
Heathers: mentally ill and horny teenagers try to get through school without killing themself or others. they fail.
Ride the Cyclone: mentally ill and horny teenagers try to get through school without dying. they fail.
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phantom-retrospective · a day ago
Hey guys, this is really important.
As some of you may know, Art Seen Films is doing theatrical screenings of a Korean production of Yeston & Kopit's Phantom musical starring Kyuhyun.
They have a survey going which asks about interest in a streaming & blu-ray release. They also ask if anyone is interested in having another musical called Werther featuring Kyuhyun.
So whether you're interested in Phantom or only a fan of Korean theatre/culture in general please fill it out.
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atomatollamasworld · 17 hours ago
not sure where I first saw it, but someone made a point that if dream ever saw hadestown it’d be nothing short of pain and angst galore and I love it
but what if hob and dream went to watch something rotten! a.) im sure hob would get a kick out of their shakespeare-is-a-sneaky-ideas-thief route b.) he would be playing “god i hate shakespeare” on loop enough to drive dream a little crazy and c.) dream getting all the musical references vs. hob showing/telling dream where the references came from is just an adorable lil way to bond
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animatejournal · 8 hours ago
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Directors: Phil Nibbelink & Simon Wells | Studio: Amblin | USA, 1991
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vampyrerock · 13 hours ago
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from memory doodles during class. when i have refs these bitches are going to get the best interpretive glow ups of their lives
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greenghostlyjekyll · a day ago
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Electra the Electric Engine - Light at the End of the Tunnel - Bochum 2015
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joyfulsoda · 2 days ago
Sometimes I think about Jimmy and Donny's dog tags flying out from underneath their shirts when they preform Welcome Home (Finale) in the pro-shot and it hurts every single time I think about it. All of the guys have lost friends, but Jimmy and Donny are the only ones who actively say something about what happened to the people they'd lost during the show, so it means a lot to me that they specifically have this happen.
They were the only ones to make it out of their respective situations, too (the grenade accident and the ship explosion). Their dog tags were ALSO the only ones to make it out.
When the tags fly out, it makes me think of the line "sing because you need to sing". They've all gone through so, so much. And with the Finale, they're finally allowing themselves to let go of *ALL* of the rules because they just *NEED* to.
This leaves them vulnerable, and their tags are emblematic of that. We only see other tags from the guys in the band when they are equally vulnerable (Counterpoint/Pie Jesu, Proud Riff).
Welcome Home (Finale), for Donny and Jimmy, while it makes them feel vulnerable and the dog tags visually represent the people they've lost... They continue to push through and play just because they *NEED* to. They don't *HAVE* to do anything for that competition. They could have walked away. But they went up there and played their hearts out not just for themselves, but for EVERYONE they've lost.
They did it for Michael. They did it for Jimmy's crew. They did it to take care of Julia, like Michael wanted. They did it for the people Davy lost, the people Nick lost, the people that Wayne and Johnny lost. But Jimmy and Donny were the characters whose losses were directly, verbally, specifically established to have directly influenced their waking thoughts, and THEY are the ones whose dog tags fly out.
Because just like they were the only ones to get out alive, their tags are some of the only ones that came back from their respective tragedies (the grenade incident/the ship explosion). And they are letting themselves be vulnerable, they are letting their tags fly out because they *NEED* to play; they *NEED* to tell not only their stories, but the stories of their lost loved ones, whose memory they carry with them with their own tags, since they weren't able to get their fellow servicemen's after their deaths.
God, I know this fandom is super dead, which is unfortunate, but I hope this makes sense.
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sarakipin · 3 months ago
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for @gallerynucleus
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one-time-i-dreamt · 20 days ago
Listening to Old Town Road became illegal but everyone loved Old Town Road so much that everybody rather went to jail than stop enjoying it.
Somehow, somebody hacked the police intercom and started playing Old Town Road over it and everyone started doing a coordinate dance to it like in a musical.
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nonbinarytheatrekid07 · 2 days ago
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filmcentral · 11 months ago
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This is our home We've got every generation So full of music A rhythm of its own design
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kitspeaks · a day ago
Ironically, spring awakening is a fantastic winter album
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dailyflicks · 2 months ago
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Little Shop of Horrors 1986 | dir. Frank Oz
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