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Here me out here me out poly hermits are all fae hiding outside a village that have a hatred for them and Grian is their human that always seems to find them no matter where they’re hidden
Grians village hates him because he’s the poor boy that steals food from stands and bakery’s, they don’t care if he has too the fact he does is what matters to them.
Grian has no clue that their fae only thinking that they’re just some loners living out in the woods. the hermits want to keep it that way so they don’t scare him off.
Funnily enough even though their brutalised and shunned by the village Grians from for being evil and manipulative beings who only want to harm you there the only people who have ever shown him respect, who don’t make fun of his torn and dirty clothes, who give him food when he’s hungry, who don’t take what little things he has
The hermits hate the fact that people are treating their human like that, he doesn’t deserve it! He’s the only human who have shown them kindness, who can light up a room with his smile, who made them genuinely believe not all humans were evil
Eventually Grian starts to get hints that they’re fae and instead of being mad or uncomfortable he just simply asks them and when they tell him the truth he tells them that it’s fine and he trusts them to not hurt him.
And they keep with peace for a few weeks to months, Grian making the small hike from the village to the small ‘abandoned’ cabin the hermits all live together in that is until someone finds out that he’s been ‘conversing’ with fae.
They see him as a traitor to his kind and to them that’s something punishable by death, so they decide to try and use him as a message to the fae to not come after their village and to not ‘take one of their own’ again.
The village stalks to the abandoned cabin that had a fairy ring surrounding it, the hermits all watch in horror as one of the villagers bring out a knife and place it at their humans neck
But the hermits aren’t weak and they are not letting any harm come to their human.
And if the village needed a reason to be scared of them? They were going to give them one.
They hunt down those who had harmed him, as he is theirs. They will kill each villager and make their death public, well they were going to until Grian begged them no to. They will listen to their human
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I found a 16-page Google Doc with MDZS au ideas, and the last one (Streamer AU) is literally just "Someone breaks into WWX's house on stream, and he fucking kills them on stream. Banned."
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months
Elon Musk took me into the back of a Musk brand department store where I was sure he was going to kill me for shoplifting but instead he took me to this gungy room with a dirty mattress on the floor and told me he could only fall asleep if someone rubbed his belly like a puppy. And he expected me to do it.
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dycefic · 8 months
The Late Traveller
I should have known, of course.
A little old hotel in the middle of nowhere, with a creaking wooden sign instead of neon? Red flag.
A hollow-eyed, weary-looking young woman at the desk who seemed hesitant to let me get a room? Red flag.
A picturesquely old-fashioned room with a patchwork quilt on the bed that smells a little too musty? HUGE red flag.
Only they’re actually not. Not the first two, anyway. I travel a lot. There are a lot more seems-haunted old-house-turned-traveller’s-rest places than most people think, and in my experience most night auditors are hollow-eyed, faintly eldritch, and disinclined to let someone check in just before dawn.
Of course, the patchwork quilt should have been a dead giveaway. Tired 80s decor and a chenille bedspread? Entirely normal. Patchwork quilt and nineteenth century charm for less than $100 a night? Sus. Very sus. Should have warned me then and there.
In my defense, I was really tired. I’d been driving for two nights and a day, I was exhausted, all my car snacks were gone, and I just wanted to close my eyes and get horizontal. I handed over some cash, stumbled upstairs, made sure the blinds were down, and passed out.
I didn’t wake up until late afternoon, and I felt like shit on a shingle when I did. It took me a couple of attempts to put on my pants and stumble out of the room to look for some sustenance. My expectations weren’t high, but most places at least have coffee-making facilities, and in a pinch a cup of coffee and chugging all the available milk will keep me going for a while. There might even be some of those little packages of cookies, which usually give me an upset stomach but are better than nothing.
There wasn’t a coffee station. What there was was a vending machine with a buzzing, flickering light inside it that made the dusty snacks look even less appealing than they already did.
I was debating whether to risk a can of soda of unknown brand and vintage - sugar and caffeine don’t readily go bad, and I was starving - when I heard a little cough behind me. “Are you a guest, dear?” the old woman said when I turned around to blink at her. She was thin and tottering, faded-looking, and while there weren’t actually cobwebs on her, she looked as if there should be.
“Yes. Is there a kitchen or something where I can get some food from this century?”
Her eyes flicked away. “There’s a diner,” she told me. “Not far down the road. You should try there. I’m afraid the facilities here aren’t what they once were.” She sighed deeply.
Belatedly, my sense for the uncanny started to tingle. “So I should check out and keep moving, huh?”
“Yes, dear. If you can,” she added, and she glanced over her shoulder. “Before sunset.”
I could have been more tactful with the old dear, I suppose, but I didn’t have it in me just then. “Lady,” I said, folding my arms and glaring at her, “I am very tired, and very hungry, and being tired and hungry makes me very cranky, so I’d really appreciate it if you could get to the fucking point. You’re a ghost. This is one of those haunted hotels that lure in travellers to sacrifice them to demons or beg them to break curses or whatever. Fine. That’s on me. Shouldn’t have been suckered in. But enough with the veiled warnings. Just tell me what you want.”
The old woman hissed softly, like a startled cat, but she didn’t vanish on me. That was good. The really timid spirits did, and it was annoying as shit. Then she shook herself and cocked her head. “I see,” she said, her voice stronger but less human-sounding. Ghost voices don’t have the body of a human voice, unless they really work at it. “You’re not… ordinary.”
“That’s an understatement.” I pinched the bridge of my nose. “Okay. You’re here. You’re trying to warn people off, so you’re not a willing participant in whatever’s going on here. I don’t mind releasing you, because I personally find the binding of unconsenting spirits to be a disgusting abomination, but if you don’t get to the point I’m going to get even testier than I am now.”
“We’re bound here.” The night-auditor was in the doorway, three or four shadowy figures behind her. I heard a faint murmur that suggested there were more further back where I couldn't see. “He traps us, and kills us, and then we’re still trapped.”
“Okay, there’s a he. Necromancer?”
“Not exactly,” the old woman said grimly. “It’s the fear that sustains him, the fear and the suffering. Do you know how long it takes someone to starve to death?”
“About a month, usually.”
“He can usually drag it out to at least two, by allowing a little food now and then. An illusion of hope.” The old woman looked bitter. “I was the first. This was my house. He came, one night, and I opened my door to a lost traveller. I’ve had many long years to regret that.”
I allowed myself a small growl. That wasn’t just evil, it was rude. “Well, he made a mistake this time, just like you did.” I paused. “He’s not a demon or something is he? Because that takes special equipment, and I’m not sure I have enough wormwood in the car.”
“No, he’s no demon. Only a mortal magician who draws power from the suffering of others.” This was a spirit who hadn’t spoken before, a man with the pouchy, drooping look of a stout man who’d lost a lot of weight before he died. He looked shrewd, though, and the look he gave me was assessing. “He’s living.”
“Oh, good. In that case, lead me to him.” I felt in my pockets for the charm I’d picked up six small towns ago. I tend to tap out protective charms fairly quickly, but this one still had some life in it. She’d been a gifted witch, that one… and a good kisser, too. I’d try to stop by there again soon.
They led me down to the cellar, and showed me the hidden door. In theory, the door couldn’t be opened from the outside. In practice, most doors open once you put your fist through them and then rip them right off their hinges. That sounds impressive, but behind the disguising layer of dried clay it was one of those flimsy modern doors that’s basically made of laminated paper and plywood a toddler could break through.
I went through the door fast, not wanting to give him time to get a spell ready if he didn’t already have one going. He hadn’t been expecting me to come through the door - I got a look into his scrying mirror over his shoulder, and he was watching my car. Probably getting ready to pixie-lead me back to the hotel when I tried to leave, the normal next step in this game.
I’d taken him completely by surprise. He managed one hex-bolt, which I shrugged off, and then I had hold of him. Like most of the spider-types, who let their webs do their hunting for them, he wasn’t physically strong or fast. I am.
Much more so than any human.
It felt fitting, that a man who starved and tormented his prey should find that he’d caught a bigger predator than he was. I didn’t drop the body until I’d drained it of every accessible drop of blood. We don’t usually do that, despite the stories. We’re still equipped with all the usual human organs, and a human stomach is not designed to hold five liters of fluid in a hurry. Ours do get a bit bigger, over time, taking up some of the space in the abdomen that the atrophied bowel doesn’t need any more, but I still felt as bloated as a tick when I finally dropped him.
“I needed that,” I admitted, licking a trace of blood off my lips and tucking the feeding fangs away behind my teeth. “Thank you.”
The ghosts might have feared a vampire in life, but they all looked delighted now. They clearly appreciated the poetry of the man who had starved them being devoured before their eyes. “At least he left someone with a full belly,” the girl who’d posed as a night auditor said with satisfaction. They were already looking less… real, and less human. Without magical anchoring, ghosts who have been dead for a while can’t usually pass for living any more. There were at least thirty of them, all up. He'd been here for a long time.
“His spells still bind us here,” the formerly-stout man said, tugging on something I couldn’t see with spectral hands. “Can you undo them?”
“Technically, no. Most vampires aren’t magicians.” I grinned at him. “But here’s an interesting fact. Phosphorus fires burn magic. That’s why so many vampire and magician strongholds are burned down.”
He grinned back, a deaths-head grin that would have frightened someone mortal. “And you have phosphorus?”
“Got some in the car. I’ll go get it as soon as the sun goes down and set this place alight.”
We had a nice chat until sundown. The old lady showed me around, and I filled a few boxes with antiques and other valuables or items of sentimental value that she didn’t want torched. I put all the identifiable stuff the wizard had taken from his victims - IDs, rings, engraved watches, that sort of thing - in a separate box, and buried it with enough juice from the corpse that any dog, sniffer trained or otherwise, would go straight to it. The ghosts’ bodies were all buried under the floor of the cellar, they said, so once the fire was out and the investigation started, they’d be found.
Of course not all vampires are alike. We’re as different as any humans are from each other. But most of us feel a certain kinship with our fellow dead, especially the ones who didn’t go by choice. I volunteered to be turned, but I know plenty who didn’t, and I don’t care for that any more than I do for binding spirits. It was a pleasure to be able to help them out, and make sure their families found out what happened to them.
It doesn’t take much phosphorus to set a fire. When I drove away, the house was already ablaze, and the ghosts had vanished.
Or so I thought. Three miles down the road, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a familiar face. “Haunting the photographs, huh?”
The old lady shrugged. “I can if I want to.”
“I’m not judging. Anywhere you want me to take them?”
She beamed. “Somewhere interesting. A museum or something, where there are a lot of people and interesting things to see.”
So yeah, I’m basically the reason there’s a haunted 200-year-old patchwork quilt hanging in the Texas Quilt Museum. I donated it, along with the picture of my old lady’s grandmother (who made the quilt) and the old lady (who I credited with the donation). Nobody seems to have noticed yet, except a local witch who’s started hanging out there to get knitting advice from the old lady.
You know, vampires get a bad rap, but we really do a lot of good for the community… in our own way.
Note: To my knowledge, there isn’t a haunted quilt in the Texas Quilt Museum. But the museum itself exists, which is very neat, and it looks well worth the visit even without a ghost.
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hldailyupdate · 9 days
We are absolutely heartbroken at the evil murders that happened last night at Club Q in Colorado Springs.
We grieve for the beautiful souls lost, and send our deepest love and strength to all those affected by the senseless attack on our community.
To the five that lost their lives last night, and the hundreds that have been killed over the years, we remember you. 🤍
Below are some links to help the victims of Club Q, as well as some resources for any affected:
Support for the Club Q Families and Survivors
Victims of Club Q Colorado Springs Mass Shooting
Classroom of Compassion in Colorado Springs, CO
If you’re in Colorado, please consider donating blood to help the survivors.
Donate to One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization dedicated to advancing equality for (LGBTQ) Coloradans and their families.
Resources and updates for those affected can be found here.
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politicsofcanada · 2 years
reminder that george floyd wasn't a martyr who sacrificed his life for the betterment of white people
he didn't choose to die. he didn't sacrifice himself. he was murdered in cold blood
white people are already twisting this, thanking him for his sacrifice like he decided to be brutally murdered by a white cop for existing as a black man
like. stop thanking him for being killed just because it made you open your eyes! it was never his responsibilty to make you take a stand against police violence and racial profiling in the first place
you want to make something out of his death? acknowledge that it was senseless and never should have happened in the first place! stop glorifying this murder
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The (After) Life of the Party by @metamatronic Chapter 16: 2 Birds
the winner of my fanfic contest, where I asked for folks' fic recs and their fave scenes and picked one at random to draw
All credit to @metamatronic head over to their blog to check out their fics and wonderful art! They've got a bunch of extra ghost au interactions, as well as just tons of great stuff in general!
“ Don’t ,” Mondo said. His voice sounded weak, and for once he didn’t care. “Please, Kyoudai, please. Just don’t go in.” 
For a moment, Taka hesitated. Mondo held his breath, watching as the prefect’s hand hovered over the doorknob. Then, mechanically, Taka leaned back and checked his watch.
“Right on time,” he said with a twinge of relief, before grabbing the knob and pushing his way into the room. Mondo’s feet felt like bricks, but he followed.
For a moment, it looked like Taka was alone. Taka huffed, checking his watch and straightening up. No amount of white hair or fake curse words could change his thoughts on punctuality, it seemed. Mondo let out a choked laugh. 
Maybe Hifumi chickened out , Mondo thought. Maybe the plan fell apart, or Chihiro got through to him. Maybe, maybe, maybe.  
But the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up, and that unease in his stomach hadn’t settled. His eyes darted around the room, before catching the glint of glasses as a figure stepped out from behind the open door. 
Hifumi was wielding a large hammer as he shuffled over to Taka. As he lifted the mallet over his head, Mondo let out a snarl and went in for a tackle. 
As he phased through Hifumi, he heard the nasty crack behind him and felt his blood run cold. 
Mondo fell to his knees at Taka’s body. He paid no attention as Hifumi let out a small noise of disbelief before shuffling out of the room. He watch Taka’s eyes flutter— he was still alive, he realized, bile rising in his throat. 
“C’mon, somebody, anybody ,” he whispered, trying to will a witness to come through the door and help the man bleeding out on the floor. 
Taka groaned, trying to push himself up before collapsing. Mondo watched as his hair slowly darkened back to its natural color. Mondo reached out, before recoiling. He was terrified that he would actually make contact, that he’d somehow drag Taka into this ethereal hell he and his other classmates were living in.
“Don’t die, just hang on. Someone’ll come, someone’s gotta come,” Mondo said. There was so much blood. It was just like Chihiro, just like Dai—
Mondo shook his head, trying to violently shake the thoughts out. He couldn’t do this, not again, not now.
Taka murmured something and Mondo snapped to attention.
“It’s okay, Taka, you’ll be okay. Just hold on,” Mondo said.
“Mon…do…” Taka’s voice was quiet as his eyes slowly fell shut. Mondo stomach twisted. 
“No, no, no,” Mondo whispered frantically. Just as Mondo leaned in, something flew up with such force that it smacked his chin and sent him reeling backwards. 
Sitting up and rubbing his chin, he looked over. He froze.
Taka was sitting up, rubbing his head and frowning deeply. His eyes opened before locking with Mondo’s. He stared for a quiet moment before the tears started. 
“Mondo!” Taka shouted, tripping over his feet as he practically launched himself into Mondo’s arms. Taka buried his face in his shoulder, and he could feel his hands clutching onto the back of his jacket so tightly he thought it might rip. He was sobbing. 
Mondo, for a brief moment, let himself be selfish. He wrapped his arms around Taka and squeezed. He’d never wanted this to happen, not to Taka, but there was a small, terrible part of him that was so thankful to at least get one more conversation with him. God, he’d missed him.
“What happened?” Taka asked, finally pulling away. “H-How are you here? I saw you…die.” He choked on that last word. Mondo stared at him, mouth agape. 
“You, uh…You’re not…Um.” Mondo stuttered. Taka seemed to have noticed Mondo’s eyes flick briefly over his shoulder, and slowly turned. 
Taka screamed. 
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genderkoolaid · 3 months
There's news about Malte. Apparently when he went in to calm down the situation the perpetrator recognized him as trans and threw transphobic insults towards him before punching. He's now in custody.
I fucking knew this was a transphobic attack. I'm so fucking angry
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
From the article linked in the German tweet (translated by Google translate, I'm gonna get my friend to check it later):
Malte C., also a CSD participant, got involved according to FOCUS online information. "Where's the problem?" The transman tried in vain to calm the situation down. According to the investigation, Nuradi A. and his companion are said to have freaked out further and insulted the twenty-something. According to the tenor, he wasn't a man at all because he was transsexual. Without further hesitation, the migrant from the Russian Federation struck Malte C. and immediately sent a second, targeted punch. The victim fell unconscious on the back of his head on the asphalt. The thug and his buddy then fled.
So we were fucking right. He was murdered for being a trans man. Malte was recognized as a trans man and he was killed for it. Never let this be forgotten; Malte C. was murdered for being a trans man defending other queer people.
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montammil · 1 month
whumper dialogue
1. “Come on. Don’t make me do this again.” 
2. “Oh, darling, don’t scream. You’ll ruin your pretty voice!”
3. “Go ahead, tell them. No one will believe you. They all think you’re crazy, so it’s your word over mine.”
4. “This is for your own good, Whumpee. I’m just trying to help, after all!”
5. “I’ve waited so long... You have no idea how much I wanted this.”
6. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.” 
7. “Don’t worry. I’m almost done.”
8. “You’re not going anywhere until you learn some damn respect. Get over here. Now.”
9. “This is your last warning. Next time, you’re dead.”
10. “What did you say? No, no, repeat that for me, dear, I didn’t hear you. Tell me what you said.”
11. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you forget. Then we can start over again.”
12. “Oh, Whumpee, I’m not leaving this world alone. You’re coming with me.”
13. “I’m not done yet.” 
14. “You shouldn’t have done that.”
15. “Just relax. It’ll be over before you know it. And like I said, you probably won't feel it anyway.”
16. “Oh, don’t cry, pet, you’ll make yourself sick! I don’t have to calm you down myself, do I?”
17. “You think you’re so smart, don’t you?”
18. “Now, sleep. Sleep and forget.”
19. “I told you I’d come back.”
20. “I’ve got a little surprise for you, pet.”
21. “You’ll have to stay down here. It’s for your own good.”
22. “You’re still my favorite.”
23. “I didn’t think you’d be such a challenge. That’s okay, just makes things more fun for me.”
24. “You’ve done such a great job today. Good pet.”
25. “I bet you loved that.”
26. “You think you’re so special.”
27. “You’re not afraid, are you?”
28. “You should have just stayed silent.”
29. “Go ahead, scream. It’s just music to my ears.”
30. “Honestly, you should be grateful you’re still alive, darling. If anyone else said that to me, I’d snap their neck in an instant.”
31. “What are you going to do? Kill me. Go ahead. I’ll even give you my knife! I know you won’t, though.”
32. “Interesting, isn’t it? That you don’t remember anything? Well, let me fix that for you.”
33. “You and me. Forever.”
34. “Please, Whumpee, don’t look at me like that. You’re almost making me feel bad for you. Almost.”
35. “Oh, you poor thing.”
36. “You should have ran when you had the chance.”
37. “Think of how much better life will be for you now. A free roof over your head, free food, free clothes? You should be a little more thankful, honestly.”
38. “You won’t be needing this anymore.”
39. “You remind me of someone...”
40. “Maybe you need to be taught some manners.”
41. “If I weren’t so in love with you, I’d kill you.”
42. “You’ve had your fun, now it’s my turn.”
43. “Have a nice sleep, dear.”
44. “Don’t ever try that again.”
45. “I’m not going to waste any more of my time on you.”
46. “I still remember the first time I saw you.”
47. “You’ll never leave my side again.”
48. “I like those little noises you make when you’re scared.”
49. “Oh, you didn’t argue this time! That’s progress.”
50. “You know, even when you look like you’re dead, you’re still beautiful.”
51. “Why did you run? You know how much I love you. You know how much I need you.”
52. “Okay, now you’re just asking for it.”
53. “Now? Now you just sit here and bleed out.”
54. “I know you won’t remember this, but I thought I’d tell you, anyway.”
55. “I can’t hear you, Whumpee~ Mind repeating that for me?”
56. “I’ll give you to the count of three.”
57. “Just think, maybe this will all be over soon!”
58. “You’ve ruined everything.”
59. “You’re making me do this.”
60. “Oh, darling, please be still. This won’t take long.”
61. “The only reason you’re still alive is because of me. Remember that.”
62. “You can’t scream. Not here.”
63. “Do yourself a favor and give up. You can’t escape.”
64. “I told you to shut your mouth.”
65. “You should have seen this coming.”
66. “Be quiet. You don’t want to wake the others, do you?”
67. “The fun has just begun!”
68. “Just because you aren’t beautiful anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t be useful.”
69. “Now, clean yourself up. I’m not doing it for you.”
70. “Look how pretty you are... Red’s really your color.”
71. “Now that you found your anger... it’s time to play.”
72. “You should have thought about that before you started screaming.”
73. “I didn’t break you, did I?”
74. “Either you apologize this instant, or you’ll be seeing nothing but the basement walls for the next week.”
75. “I’m disappointed in you, Whumpee.”
76. “Shh, don’t struggle. It’ll be easier this way.”
77. “You want to sleep? Beg for it, then.”
78. “I never tire looking at you, darling.”
79. “Now, why’d you go and do that? Look at you, now you’re hurt! And not by me this time...”
80. “I suppose I could always just toss you aside like yesterday’s trash.”
81. “Don’t be scared, Whumpee! You’re back with me now, why would you be scared?”
82. “Oh, my dear. Don’t tell me you think you’re the first person I’ve done this to.”
83. “Careful now, don’t tense up. It’ll just hurt more.”
84. “You’re not the first, and you definitely won’t be the last.”
85. “Let’s say you did escape. What would you even tell them?”
86. “I want to kill you slowly, but even that might be too kind for you.”
87. “Next time, I won’t knock you out first.”
88. “No one will ever know.”
89. “I can tell you’re not really asleep. Your breathing is different.”
90. “Don’t be sad, little one. I’m putting you out of your misery just like you wanted! You should be smiling!”
91. “Now you’ve really gone too far.”
92. “Do you see how completely useless you are now?”
93. “Sit up straight.”
94. “You have a visitor, Whumpee!”
95. “You better hope you’re worth it.”
96. “I’m going to take you apart slowly, and then... I’ll put you back together again.”
97. “Let’s see... where to start, where to start...”
98. “My friends will take great care of you.”
99. “I heard that you like pain. I won’t disappoint you.”
100. “I’m going to let you in on a little secret, darling...”
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robbrhaenys · 2 months
girl my country is in the hands of fascists. actual moustache-twirling fascists. 700k dead in their belts fascists. GENOCIDAL FASCISTS. i don’t know how else to stress how desperately sad and tragic it is to be brazilian tonight. they won. they actually fucking won again. i mean. lula had the majority of votes, it was like over a 5 million difference, so there will be a second round for presidents, but they still won PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ELSE. please please pay attention to what’s going on in brazil for the next 28 days. we’re desperate. we’re dying. people are being brutally murdered because of bolsonaro’s fanatics. there are people who have been stabbed to death for over 70 times. a pregnant woman was assaulted and beaten in the middle of the fucking STREETS. it’s so ugly already and it’s only gonna get worse for us. please pray for brazil yall.
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hmshermitcraft · 2 days
Based on the ask about the cypted au where all the hermits are cryptid and Grian is a cryptidhunter (polyhermits)
Imagine if the hunter group that Grian hangs around with finds out that he was been “hanging around with” the monsters and cryptids that they’ve been trying to catch and get fucking pissed, as in they kidnap him and maybe decide to go full Salam witch trials on him, like try to burn him at the stake
They think they’re getting with it two just as the flames reach him and he starts to scream and the crowd is finally getting rid of the town “traitor” they get ambushed by his very fucking pissed boyfriends/girlfriends
Grian might have assigned himself as their protector but that dosent mean they won’t move heaven and earth for him as well
Some of the hunters were killed off before the other realized, then it was an all out massacre as Xisuma pulls Grian into his safe hold. Xisuma hid Grian against his chest, just to make sure their protector won’t see the carnage that’s happening around them
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mindblowingscience · 1 month
Maternity health care in the United States is in a dire place, as outlined by a string of recent studies and reports.
An analysis published this month found one-third of the nation's counties do not have access to a hospital or birth center that offers obstetric care – essentially making these regions maternity care 'deserts'.
Meanwhile, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report more than 4 out of 5 women who died during pregnancy, or shortly thereafter, could have been saved with proper health care, according to data collected between 2017 and 2019.
Earlier this year, the CDC also reported that Black people are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than White people – with variation in the quality of healthcare they receive, structural racism, implicit bias, and underlying chronic conditions contributing to the stark disparities.
Now, two epidemiologists from Harvard University T. H. Chan School of Public Health and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are highlighting an even larger cause of maternal death in the US, one that is shockingly overlooked.
In a recent editorial for the BMJ, Rebecca Lawn and Karestan Koenen point out that pregnant people and new mothers are more likely to be murdered than they are to die of pregnancy-related complications such as hypertensive disorders, hemorrhage, or sepsis – the three leading obstetric causes of maternal deaths.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 8 months
There was a limited amount of Gender available in the world. You could only obtain some by either being given it, or killing the person who already had it. Assassins were notorious for their large amounts of Gender, and would double as traders.
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selfshippingquotes · 3 months
F/O, talking to someone: Okay then, I understand.
F/O, leaning over and whispering to S/I: We have to kill this clown right fucking now.
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turnerssyndrometomboy · 3 months
laur i'm so hurt, i'm fucjing devestated. a trans man was killed in germany today after defending two lesbians who were being harrassed by a homophobe. he died to protect them and all terfs can think about is deadnaming and misgendering him. the quote retweets are flooded with terfs saying that a woman was killed and how it further proves their point how trans men can't "escape misogyny". it's eating me up inside and making me sick to my stomach knowing that our death means nothing to them. they will use every single opportunity they get to use OUR PAIN, SUFFERING, ABUSE AND DEATH to prove their point. they're fucking vile human beings. it's so disgusting to think about it and i'm so scared that i will be brushed off the same way when i die. i'm sorry this is a loaded ask but i wanted to share it with you because i think it's important.
That is truly disgusting. I’m so sorry you had to see that awfulness 💔 it shows they’re not anti patriarchy / society how it is if they’re using a trans man getting deadnamed and misgendered by the media as validation of their stance.
May he rest in peace, I hope the lesbians he was defending are okay and may his killer and those assholes misgendering him fucking rot.
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