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one thing about me is that i love pretty much any female character that men hate
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Just learned Michael Waldron is gonna be writing Avengers Secret Wars 馃槱 What dirt has he got on Kevin because there鈥檚 no way they鈥檙e hiring him on merit after Loki and multiverse of madness. Honestly hope Wanda isn鈥檛 in it so he doesn鈥檛 get his grubby little paws on her again.
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I'm not throwing shade at the MCU or their deeply overworked and underappreciated visual effects team here, but I think it says something that there are, in the world, two movies, each about two and a half hours long, one of which looks like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and the other of which is basically just this for two hours:
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and of those two, I almost never think about the first one and kinda keep forgetting it exists, but I keep getting the urge to rewatch the second one.
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鉃 pairing: doctor strange x fem!reader / sinister!doctor strange x fem!reader 鉃 warnings: spoilers from mom, one-sided feelings, angst, mention of injury, blood 鉃 words: 3.9k 鉃 [chapter l] 鉃 a/n: Hello everyone, guess who is back?! I鈥檓 so sorry for taking so long to update, life happens and you know how it goes, but alas, here it is! I hope the wait was worth it. Also, i made a playlist for this fic, if you want to check it out!
chapter ll. all alone at his golden temple
鈥淗ello?鈥 You ask, voice small due to the pain, 鈥淚s there anyone here" 鈥淒epends on who is asking.鈥 The deep, calm voice sends a shiver down your spine. And even at the end of the world, where the sky spun around swallowing everything it touched, even when the silence was the only sound you could hear in a reality where humanity was extinct, there was no doubt.聽 Oh, you knew too well who that voice belonged to.
Read on Ao3
The ice-cold dribble of the winter rain running down your clothes was the first thing you felt as your eyes struggled to open. Your body was heavy against the harsh floor, too batted and bruised to move a single muscle; even your lungs had to put an extra effort to keep the oxygen pumping in your veins.
But above it all, everything hurts.
You grunted when the idea of moving was met with a sharp pain at your side. So, instead of fighting against your very nature, the idea of resting for just a few minutes was more than welcome. As the fogginess from the pain slowly dissipates, letting the synapses on your brain run free again to finally make a coherent thought, the pain that comes makes you sick 鈥 like a punch in the stomach, all the memories flood your mind in a relentless wave of agony.
The invasion of Kamar-taj. Your fight with Strange; the last thing he said to you. America. The screams of your friends and allies while being torn apart. The blood, so much blood running down the steps of a sacred place. Red painting your vision, the pure horror of not knowing what was lurking in the shadows, in your very reflection. The fear of dying so soon.聽
The portal.
Suddenly your eyes open, and the dread soaking your bones is so much colder than the water from the shore washing over your body.聽
The last thing you could remember was Strange鈥檚 calling your name as the Scarlet Which opened a portal while controlling America鈥攁nd throwing you right into it.
The scenery that your eyes captured could鈥檝e come from a nightmare. One that you would remember for days on end; every tiny detail still vivid in your mind as you went through your life 鈥 that type of nightmare that would take weeks until the eerie feeling at the back of your neck would go away.
As you push yourself from the water 鈥 crawling through the sand until the waves were put at a good distance 鈥 you watch in disbelief at your surroundings. In this new reality that Wanda had thrown you in; New York, or rather, the world collapsed in on itself.聽
Buildings floating through the air, crashing on each other. The particles swam in the sky as if the sea made its way up there 鈥 spinning, forever in a flow until there was nothing left to be seen. Although, the snow particles still fell from where it was supposed to, bringing with them the melancholic feeling of New York鈥檚 winter and Strange鈥檚 cologne.聽
The light from the nearby building, still in the process of deterioration, flicked a few times before going completely off. Your head turned in the opposite direction, contemplating the devastating scene of the Brooklyn Bridge being swallowed by the sea, so close to where you lay that for a moment your heart stopped. But even though the waves kept coming, the crumbling bridge stayed afloat in the distance.
The world was silent. And completely lonesome.
What the hell happened here?聽
Gathering all the strength you had left, legs trembling with the weight of your body, you lean on the nearest tree for support. There was enough blood running down your waist to be worried, but you didn鈥檛 dare take a look at it just yet. Instead, you ripped a bit of the fabric from your uniform and wrapped it around the wound. That would do.
The first step sent a sharp jab of pain that made you see white. The fight had left you debilitated and for a moment you can鈥檛 help but curse everything that lead you to this moment. And most of all, your weakness.
If you had been faster, smarter, stronger鈥 Maybe none of these would have happened. You wouldn鈥檛 be now fighting to put a foot in front of the other. You wouldn鈥檛 be in a completely different reality that it was doomed to destruction. You wouldn鈥檛 be alone.
Maybe Strange was right after all.
Trying to ignore the ache in every inch of your being, you start to walk. It wasn鈥檛 just your bones that were broken, but your heart too. The fight with Strange was still fresh in your mind, his words cut deeper than anything ever could 鈥 even when your waist had a gash from one of the Scarlet witch spells. The skin would eventually heal. But the heart? You weren鈥檛 so sure.
There was a feeling of loneliness creeping into you as you made your way to the only place you could find solace in a world about to collapse. If you were lucky, Strange would defeat Wanda before the inevitable end of this reality, then America could come to pick you up, and maybe you could go home.
The amount of 鈥渋fs鈥 and 鈥渕aybes鈥 piling up as you try to come up with a plan only contributes to worsening your mood. The panic of being forgotten invades your mind, making your heart race in anxiety. But at the time being, your focus is solely on the task ahead.聽
Finding the Sanctum.
It took some time to find it, the streets of a destroyed New York kept changing, leading you to dead ends. The snow falling wasn鈥檛 helping either as you felt the water freezing your clothes against your skin. However, once you spotted the place amongst the dense fog in the distance, a sense of relief 鈥 even though small and weak 鈥 washed over you.聽
It was impossible not to recognize the tall and intimidating building. The place you called home for so many years, was now on the edge of the world; old and haunted, disintegrating inch by inch.
The relief quickly vanished when you heard the sound of something cracking. You felt an uneven object underneath your feet, and when you raised your foot to look at it, the panic in the corner of your mind came to hit you at full speed.
Death surrounded the place; a looming shadow covered the field full of skeletons. Stacks of bones and ashes pilled up in the front of the gate, and more of them were scattered around the Sanctum. Suddenly it wasn鈥檛 the cold that made you shiver; it was the sign of complete devastation surrounding the place you considered the most peaceful in the world.
There was almost no strength left in you, everything was spinning so fast that the sound of your heavy breathing was the only thing echoing in your ears. The surroundings only got more disturbing; a sense of dread almost suffocates you like the fog gathering around the building. Whatever happened here, it had been a massacre. And even though the signs were obvious, you refuse to spare a single thought on the matter.聽
Slowly, and trying to avoid stepping on the skeletons dispersed around the path, you made your way to the gate, still feeling your heart in your throat. There were black, thick vines growing alongside the tall walls; a sigh of abandonment, or resignation.聽
The pain at this point was numb compared to the mess of emotions messing with your heart. There was too much to process, too many implications and revelations to categorize and make some sense of it. Taking a deep breath while trying not to think too much about it, you push the door open.聽
For a moment, you take in the sign in a strange state of calmness.
If wasn鈥檛 for the fact that the only reason why everything you were seeing was possible only because reality had collapsed and the world around you was crumbling down by each minute, you would have found it beautiful 鈥 terrifying, but still beautiful.聽
The room opened to a huge staircase that kept going infinitely towards the sky 鈥 there was no end to it. Behind it, a big red moon shone through the clouds. The sea breeze hits your face strangely warm. It wasn鈥檛 very often you had the opportunity to listen to the sound of waves crashing into the shore, much less watch the tide come in gently, lulling you to sleep.
Your eyes suddenly water as melancholy makes its way to your heart. How strange, to remember the chaos you encountered during your small trip to this place, only to find a strange sort of beauty in the wake of destruction.聽
The chair right next to the stairs calls for your name, to sit down for just a moment and enjoy the view, to sink your feet into the sand and close your eyes to the melody of the sea. However, as another sharp jab reminds you that there was an open wound needing attention, you turn your head towards the staircase again, biting the inside of your cheeks so hard that not a single sound would escape your mouth as you make your way up.聽
One step after the other.
After what seemed like forever, you reach the top of the stars.
The place was exactly like the Sanctum, but there was an eerie atmosphere to it that you couldn鈥檛 put your finger on. The lights were all off; the flames from the chandeliers and candles had all been extinguished, causing the place to look much scarier than it was supposed to be.
You look around, knowing exactly where to go, where to find the things you needed. You could blindly make your way through the room with full confidence, each detail of the Sanctum craved in your mind just like the lines in the palm of your hand. And yet, each step felt wrong, as if you were invading a place you weren鈥檛 welcomed.聽
And that feeling was the worst of it all.
Leaning into the nearest wall, you try to catch your breath. The dark spots dancing in your vision are getting bigger and never-ceasing. You would faint before you could do anything about your wound if you keep forcing yourself like this. As you look around, trying to form a plan in your head that didn鈥檛 involve bleeding to death, you spot a single empty teacup on the table.聽
And it鈥檚 still stimming hot.聽
鈥淗ello?鈥 You ask, voice small due to the pain, 鈥淚s there anyone here?鈥
鈥淒epends on who is asking.鈥
The deep, calm voice sends a shiver down your spine. And even at the end of the world, where the sky spun around swallowing everything it touched, even when the silence was the only sound you could hear in a reality where humanity was extinct, there was no doubt.聽
Oh, you knew too well who that voice belonged to.
There is a creaking on the stairs on the right. You immediately follow with your gaze to where the voice comes from. A type of expectation that makes your hand clammy and your heartbeat pumping so hard that it hurts your ribcage.
And then, you see him.聽
鈥淪trange?鈥 The disbelief is clear, even though you knew very well who was the owner of that voice before laying your eyes on him.
鈥淪o you know my name,鈥 He says, calm and composed, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I can鈥檛 say the same.鈥澛
There鈥檚 a pang in your heart having to hear those words. However, you try to brush it off, there was no point in dealing in what you were here鈥 Right? You belonged to another reality, to another Strange.聽
Tilting his head back as he glances over you from the top of the stair, Strange brings his hand to his chin, and you don鈥檛 dare say a single thing as his gaze is fixed on you.
And you can鈥檛 help but do the same.聽
His long, slim fingers tap the wooden rail in a slow rhythm as he makes his way down the stairs, but time seems to stop when your eyes land on his face. The light that comes from upstairs illuminates his features and all you can see is the shadow of the man you thought you knew.聽
Your eyes follow each of his movements, and even when you should be scared by the man who carries the same face as the one you love, the terrifying curiosity that comes with it is undeniably mesmerizing.
His presence was still the same, tall and imposing. Proud. But there was something different in the way he carried himself. As Strange approaches, looming darkness follows him, frightening you with the amount of dark power surrounding him like a shield.聽
You can鈥檛 keep your eyes off of him, a strange fixation pulls you to him as Strange approaches. His clothes are worn down, and you notice you have never seen him wearing them before.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e hurt,鈥 Strange points out. His hands remain at his back as he points with a tilt of his chin to the place where you have been pressing ever since you stopped by the doorframe.
Snapping back to reality, you flinch involuntarily at the mention of your wound. Now wasn鈥檛 the time to worry about that, there was a variant of Stephen Strange right in front of you, a more dangerous and fatal than you could鈥檝e ever imagined. All the dread you felt when entering this place was justified by the way his magic conflicted with the one you knew.聽
Now it was purely dark and sinister.
鈥淲hat happened? Why is鈥,鈥 You bit your lips, suppressing a painful moan escaping your lips. The piece of cloth you wrapped around your waist was now soaked, a mixture of blood and water that felt disgusting to the touch.
Strange glances at the place your hand is pressing, raising an eyebrow in the process, but doesn鈥檛 say anything else. Your grip on the doorframe turns your knuckles white, but even when your conscience began to falter and your body loses the strength, you stay put.聽
Eyes always glued to the man in front of you.
鈥淲hy is this reality collapsing?鈥 You try again, voice so fragile you can鈥檛 recognize as your own.
The sorcerer pondered for a moment, probably wondering if he should waste his time on someone like you, someone he didn鈥檛 know 鈥 nor cared about.
鈥淚t鈥檚 called an Incursion,鈥 He says nonchalantly, looking at the opposite side of the room, 鈥淚t happens when two realities collide.鈥
Following his gaze, you find half of the room being swallowed by a black hole; gradually collecting broken pieces and incorporating them into its spiral of clouds and debris. It鈥檚 hypnotizing the way it spins, slowly but never faltering. It brings some sort of awe in the face of the inevitable, to watch from this close, a reality being eaten little by little 鈥 and not being able to do a single thing but watch it end.聽
You return your gaze towards the man again, but his eyes are still fixed ahead. At least the very characteristic stripe of white hair that you鈥檝e always found charming was still there. However, the dark circles adorning his eyes are deeper than you鈥檝e ever seen before. As far as you could remember, even on days where Strange would stay up for hours studying or keeping the universe safe, there was always a worry about his image that at the beginning of your friendship, you would call narcissism.聽
However, this Stephen Strange was different. Something was off from the way he carefully walks, eyes sharp as an eagle, ever so observant. His shoulders never left the position that one would take expecting a fight to break out. Even his hair and beard, things that were always trimmed and perfectly tamed, were now grown and uneven on his tired face.聽
No, tired wasn鈥檛 the exact word for his state. It ran deeper than that.聽
鈥淚 asked why. Not what it was.鈥
The man who looks so much like Strange doesn鈥檛 answer at first. Instead, his attention turns to you, and goosebumps break through your skin as his gaze met yours 鈥 the intensity of it is enough to bring you to your knees. It felt like reaching for air only to be held down by a strong hand around your neck, which you laid bare to him considering your state.
The sense of danger goes off in your mind, sirens blasting through in your ears, telling you to run and put as much distance as your could from him. This Stephen wasn鈥檛 the one you knew, far from it.聽
In this reality, If Doctor Strange himself was an identity which force was obscure and wrapped around in the darkness, then what does it say about the cause of the destruction you keep seeing around here?
The atmosphere grows heavier by the second, and all you can do is hold your breath.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a rude little thing, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 He finally says, running his hand through the dusty table, 鈥淵ou come here, uninvited. Ask question after question but won鈥檛 even tell me your name?鈥
The pang in your chest doesn鈥檛 lessen when the concept of being someone unknown to Strange is mentioned a second time. The depth of your feelings for him is so rooted in your soul, so raw to your very being that even in other realities you imagined that it was still the same. To be aware that your love wasn鈥檛 special, that you were just someone he would mention on the footnotes of his story 鈥 if ever 鈥 hurt.聽
It hurts so badly that you have to swallow the lump forming in your throat before speaking. 鈥淵/N.鈥
Strange nods, 鈥淎nd why are you here, Y/N?鈥
He walks closer, steps so light you can barely hear 鈥 a wolf ready to devour its prey. The sirens are still loud in your mind, but the only strength left in you was the one keeping you standing. Sweat runs down your temple, and by the minute you feel your skin become feverish; so hot it could dry the dampness of your clothes.聽
鈥淎 witch threw me through a portal.鈥
Unexpectedly, Strange chuckles, 鈥淐harming.鈥澛
Oh. How easy it was to picture your Stephen in front of you. The color of his eyes was still the same, even when the wrinkles around them were deeper 鈥 more prominent against the purple undertone of his under eyes 鈥 making him look older than he supposedly is. His laugh sounded the same, though a little rough at the seams. Even his lips were鈥
鈥淲ere you happy, in your reality?鈥
The question almost goes unnoticed when watching this other version of Stephen Strange 鈥 as you keep having to remember yourself 鈥 portray the exact image of corruption. The sparkle in his eyes has a twist in it; the light had long ago been swapped by the darkness running in his veins. Even his skin emitted a strange sort of coldness鈥
You blink once, then twice. The fever must be slowing your responses because you had never let your guard down like this. Strange is now standing in front of you, so close you can feel his powerful aura wrapping its icy fingers around yours, consuming the last sparkle of light from the magic within you.聽
And yet, when he moves his hand towards your face, you let him.聽
鈥淚 suppose,鈥 You softly whisper as if spoken any loud the spell of the moment would break.
Your eyes meet again, and electricity runs through you, awakening something anew. Strange has an odd look on his face, twitching his eyebrow just slightly. It would鈥檝e gone unnoticed if you weren鈥檛 paying attention to every tiny detail of his face 鈥 if you didn鈥檛 know him as much as you did.聽
However, at the last second, when the coldness of his finger is close to refreshing the boiling heat of your skin, he pulls away.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not an answer,鈥 Strange steps back, retreating his hand to his back, adjusting his shoulders in that same imposing manner as the first time you saw him.聽
鈥淎pparently, you weren鈥檛,鈥 Out of nowhere, a sense of boldness takes over. You snicker at the man while motioning at him with your free hand, 鈥淎 wild guess if I may add.鈥
And again, the fear creeping into your mind comes back with the tilt of his head. The way Strange鈥檚 eyes close slightly, followed by the sound of his hands closing in a fist. The lights around you seem to flicker even though there were no lights to be turned off.聽
This shows how easy it is to make this Strange angry. How you鈥檝e been walking in a thin line ever since stepping into this place, at any moment a single blow could make you drop from the high you鈥檝e been holding yourself so tightly.
The moment goes away just as quickly as it came, and you finally release the breath you鈥檝e been holding the entire time, feeling your heart beating fast against your chest in trepidation. The man touches something in his belt, but you can鈥檛 see what it is.
鈥淵ou are correct,鈥 Strange says, voice rough, laced with sorrow, 鈥淏ut I never meant for this to happen. A guilty I鈥檒l live with until this place is gone and forgotten.鈥
As the man speaks his words, apprehension forms in the pit of your stomach. A very similar image flashes through your eyes, a memory you wanted to forget as soon as it made its way home into your mind. A sadness that never went away; the grief that kept corroding Strange on the inside.
鈥淎nd does this happiness have a name?鈥 Your voice trembles, and the misery you鈥檝e been cultivating for so many years, now drips through your words as the truth is handed to you on a silver plate.
鈥渋t does.鈥澛
It鈥檚 hard to breathe when you fall. As the clouds pass you by and gravity pulls you to the ground. You鈥檝e always meant to meet the rocks instead of his hands. To always look at his back, never his face. The chest you kept all the warning signs burst open, and each of them comes with a knife, stabbing your bleeding heart.聽
鈥淵ou destroyed a reality because of Christine?鈥 It comes almost as a whisper, it鈥檚 hard to put into words the question, your throat burns with the tears begging to be shed.聽
鈥淣ot only one,鈥 Strange doesn鈥檛 look in your direction, sparing you his pit that inevitably comes with rejection, 鈥滲ut multiples.鈥
The final blow lands its hit.
Everything was spinning. Everything hurts.
There was no point in staying here, you needed to go. You couldn鈥檛 stay here, a place that was living proof to what extent Strange would go to have his true love back; a confirmation that no matter how much you tried, his heart was never meant to be yours.
It wasn鈥檛 fair. It wasn鈥檛 fucking fair!
The rage and bitterness flowing through your veins are the sole reason why you manage to gather the willpower to walk away. Blood runs through your fingers, creating a red path underneath your feet. But you don鈥檛 care, you would rather die than spare Strange another glance.
The man follows right behind you, holding your arm to stop you from reaching the stairs.
鈥淵ou selfish, narcissistic, bastard!鈥 You scream, trying to pull your arm away from him. It鈥檚 agonizing, the pain inflicted into your old wounds, open yet again with a cut so ugly it will definitely infect. 鈥淚 hate you鈥o much.鈥
The last shred of strength leaves your body as your legs give out, and everything fades to black.
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They seem to be having so much fun tbh
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This is my art
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Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS 2022 | dir. Sam Raimi
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 鈫 Sam Raimi Reviews
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she can do whatever the hell she wants!! you go girlie <3
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Multiverse of Madness + Text Posts 鈾
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Disney: So Wanda is the antagonist of MoM. She wants to steal her children from another universe-
Fans: Oh I get it! It鈥檚 like a reverse 鈥淗ouse of M鈥, right? Wanda tries to pull Billy and Tommy into her universe, and accidentally brings mutants into the MCU, easily integrating the X-Men franchise you got the rights to from the Fox merger with the Avengers. That explains why Professor X is in the movie.
Disney: Oh. No, that isn鈥檛 it鈥
Fans: Oh. Well, what鈥檚 the plot of MoM then?
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Stephen: Hey this evil magic looks just like my friend Wanda鈥檚 magic. I should ask her about it聽馃榿
Wanda: Surprise! It was my evil magic! 馃槉
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two wizard dads protect adopted daughter from deranged soccer mom.
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That's it. That's the movie.
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