kaportka · 2 days
Close your eyes.
How do you feel when you think:
"I am everything I wanted to be". 
At peace.
This is the state of your wish fulfilled.
Meditate on it.
Maintain it.
Come back to this state whenever you start doubting yourself.
Your state of mind is your power.
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lionfloss · 1 day
Tumblr media
by Rich Herrmann
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hannesflo · 3 days
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sanctuary iv by hannesflo
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dyrkwyst · 18 hours
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Magic Light
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thegoodmorningman · 2 days
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May it ever!!! Good Morning!!!
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leilakgfinterfused · 3 days
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lie-lue · 3 days
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mostlythemarsh · 8 hours
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This New Morning
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justanothermadgirl · 3 days
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happy saturday morning coffeee comeback.
(been having trouble logging into this account, i’m so sorry i’ve been away so long 😔😭🙏🏻)
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badpanda83 · 2 days
Tumblr media
Waking up to the world
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kaportka · 19 hours
There is nothing more for you to do.
There is nothing more for you to prove.
You don’t need to be or do anything right now.
You are already whole.
You are complete.
This is the state of the wish fulfilled: satisfied, joyful, grateful and excited about life.
You are IT. Nothing outside of you can make you happier, healthier, prettier, or better.
Tune into your light within. Find your magnificence within.
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theladyalicent · 3 days
I've been thinking some Rhaena Targaryen thoughts lately and even though she didn't get the screen time she deserved in s1, the fact that the camera lingered on her face when Daemon was talking about the wild dragons gives me some hope. Like, in the books Rhaena didn't do much in the dance - she was sent to the vale with Joffery, where an egg finally hatched for her and she claimed the dragon Morning, and she remained there until the end of the dance.
But again, the camera acknowledging her in ep10, and the fact that Laena had talked to her in ep6 about becoming a dragonrider and "claiming that right," it definitely makes me think that they are going to give her a plotline where she attempts to tame a wild dragon. I don't know how it's going to work out, I just think that's where it's going. I highly doubt they're going to have her replace one of the dragonseeds like some rumors have suggested, they're way too important to be written out/replaced, so what I think they could do is make Morning a young wild dragon instead of a hatchling, and have Rhaena go out and end up claiming her. She can have some conflict and confrontation with her father, and then at the end get her victory with a dragon. Depending on how old they make Morning in this case, she could either actually participate in a fight (although since Baela and Moondancer didn't either until the end, I'm guessing maybe not) or they can then send her to the vale with Joffery. It might not be that much, but it would at the very least give her more to do than in the book.
that’s actually a lovely idea!!! turning morning from a hatchling to one of the wild dragons that rhaena could claim is great and i would love to see that. i would also love to see her have at least one word to say to her father about him ignoring her for not having a dragon 
writers, listen up to anon right now immediately 👏👏
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anna-iren · 18 hours
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Happy start to the week ... I wish this wonderful week to be full of joy, peace and happiness ...
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vitalola · 14 hours
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Reblog me and I'll drop the towel 😉
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thegoodmorningman · 3 days
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I'm rooting for the home team!!! Good Morning!!!
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dk-thrive · 2 days
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Daybreak. 36° F, feels like 29 ° F. 6:19, 6:55, 7:09, 7:16 am. December 4, 2022. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. (@dkct25) 
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