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bamsara · 24 hours
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Some scribbled stuff to get back into drawing + possible future scenes in SL
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chimkin-samich · 3 days
Tumblr media
Anomaly/The Lioness and her bandits boys
Yes. I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with yallvs cowboys aus and I just..
I justhhh
Ngh!!! Ghstjbgeg
*bites and shakes like rabid animal*
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naffeclipse · 2 days
Chapter 11: The Episode Of Glowing Eyes Part 2
FNAF Cryptid!Sun/Moon x Cryptid Hunter!Y/N (SFW)
It’s a long walk back to the truck through the downpour of sleet gray showers and the distant, sharp flaps of the occasional crane taking flight in the distance. You almost step into a muddy puddle in your mindless, numb distress but Sun is here. He’s still with you. He gently touches your shoulder and advises you to go around instead of through the mud. Murmuring thanks, you meet his gaze. The one sun ray crowning his head is jagged and broken.
He’s okay. You force yourself to repeat the mantra until you can breathe.
Word Count: 10,000
Warnings: Blood, violence, death, and heart-eating.
A/N: I've had a whirlwind of a time between the last chapter and this which resulted in editing going terribly slow. I've stared at this chapter for too long and need to post it before I go nuts. I hope you enjoy it!
You and Sun take care of each other, Moon puts his nightcap on you as you two go for a drive, it storms during an encounter with a cryptid, a photo is sent late at night, and you ask for a vow.
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joyfullyacat · 3 days
Sneaking Affections
hehehoho, based on @cacaocheri 's latest work here (i realized i dont think i actually wrote a kissing scene yet so thats wat inspired this- just a lil over 1k words) CW: none?? p sure- sneaking kisses and the like, fluffy!!
You like to think of yourself as patient. After all, you signed up to work with children all day in an establishment made to entertain and service others. So you dealt with a number of things in the day-to-day work week.
Yet you found that patience being tested, not by bratty kids or by badgering parents but by your very own coworker you happened to enjoy just a bit more than platonically.
He knew it too. Shared it even!
Sun, the daycare attendant, was an absolute charmer. A shining delight much like his namesake with a warmth to him that made your heart flutter, especially watching how he handled toddlers of all needs yet he had one glaring flaw.
He had zero idea how to handle affections. Physical or verbal, he’d often try to weasel out of them or redirect them to you if not outright avoid you entirely.
You had tried your best to be careful, respectful about the boundaries he was seemingly setting up. Just grazes of the hand here or there along his hands, et cetera.
Moon, his “brother” that shared the same body with Sun, was similar yet somehow he was all the more impish and teasing about it, downplaying your feelings entirely into seeming nothing more than some infatuation. Your closing hours with him often were bittersweet.
Which at first stung - but now it has only inspired a fire within you to get what you wanted out of him. Out of them as a whole.
A kiss. They had begun to dodge your hugs at this point! So you were upping the ante. They wouldn't give you a straight answer?
You'd pry it from them instead.
Now would be the perfect time to do it, the last child had been picked up, you had been on your best behavior the last few days - sparing the animatronic from hugs and touches and so on… Which, thinking about it, may have made them suspicious of you but you’d see if your plan would backfire or not.
It’s just you and him and your cleaning supplies, you had thought all day on what you’d say to him to get his attention and get him in range without necessarily inviting him over.
“Hey, Sun?” You begin, looking up from your hunched position to the animatronic and smile when he looks down at you from where he stands, seemingly none the wiser to your antics.
He’s sweetly lit up by the blaring lights of the daycare. It makes him shine, almost appearing ethereal as his rays practically glow in the surroundings.
With a spin of his rays, his smile brightens, “What do you need, Daydream?” 
The nickname never fails to make you giddy inside and the warmth in your cheeks only serves as motivation. “I was just wondering… Oh-” You stand, reaching a hand towards him some, “You got something on your face…”
Your words spur quite the reaction, his rays doing an endearing flex outwards in his surprise before he’s all but putting his face right into yours, his own hands coming up towards his head, minding the rays while he touches around.
“Where is it - oh tell me, please? Did I miss a sticker? Could you get it? Please, oh tell me it isn’t marker-” His voice box cuts out with a sharp note as you lean in and it seems you’re caught in your ruse as he shoots back upright.
Now it was undeniable, despite his flirtings and jests - with Moon’s teases and prods. They were avoiding you. Getting close to you.
It’s left you stunned and wide-eyed, practically short circuiting, leaned forward with your lips pressed into a thin line now as you stare just past Sun instead of at him.
Meanwhile, Sun was having quite the internal dilemma.
“Shouldn’t have done that, Sunny… They look ready to cry.” An echoing snicker puts the pin in the teasing words, “I wonder how long it’ll take for them to learn you don’t like sharing. Can’t hold them from me for much longer, can you?”
If you weren’t actively in front of him right this second, Sun would be having quite the one-sided verbal argument with the other AI in his head presently. He could definitely share! He teaches kids how to after all and oh-...
Sun wasn’t sure how he felt about the look you suddenly shot at him, utterly determined to do something with a fire in your eyes that has him stunlocked where he stands.
“Oh, you’ve done it now! Their claws are bared, look at them. I’m trembling in my bells!” Moon outright cackles now, absolutely ready to see how this would turn out.
On your end, you’ve had enough. 
Grabbing him at his forearms, he hardly has the time to react to you pulling him down more to your level. He is a hapless mess to your whims, barely getting out a “Daydream wha-” before your face is smooshed against his in the best way you can offer for a kiss while on your tippy toes with closed eyes.
He goes stiff as stone, the once pliable animatronic is now no more than a nifty marble statue and you can feel his inner mechanical workings go into overdrive. A distinct vibration that holds an all-too-audible hum in the air around you.
Maybe you should have asked - eased him into this and just as you’re pulling away to apologize, your hands peeling away with a lingering touch, Sun moves.
A hand carefully cradles your jaw, his thumb just at your chin to coax you into staying in place while his other hand settles respectfully on your waist and he’s pushing your head back with his own.
In another moment, the hand at your waist is digging into the skin and carefully guiding you backwards.
The kiss remains unbroken, your eyes flutter open just to see his half-lidded gaze peer back down towards you.
You’re up against the wall now and it’s a real good thing you chose the closing hours of the daycare to initiate this scheme as you have just enough room to pull your head away. 
The look of unabashed adoration has you floored and for a moment you’re left floundering, that confidence in you finally burnt up and all that was left was quivering ashes. “Sun I-”
Sun, still holding your face tenderly, hushes you simply as his other hand abandons its hold on your waist and raises up. 
You don’t realize where you’ve been placed.
You think he’s going to tuck hair behind your ear or, heaven forbid, hold your face in two hands but instead you’re met with a practically deafening click of the light switch and the startling darkness washing over you and the animatronic.
In the blink of an eye and the hold along your chin tightening momentarily, red eyes look at you, forming crescents of clear amusement. 
His silvery voice is clear in your startled silence, “My turn…” 
You ended up getting not one, but two kisses this closing shift at the pizzaplex.
You’d have to scheme for more in the future, evidently.
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marimonana · 19 hours
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Im not making any promises anymore regarding deadlines lol just pray for me so I can complete the next parts.
Switched styles for the comic, so I can work faster. And I actually like this style more than the grayscale one from the last pages…hated that grayscale.
Moon and his anxiety make an appearance! And my little baby girl that I hope you all like as much as I like her :,D
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sortvaniliekrans · 1 day
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Doodles to tide y'all over while I move into my new apartment :V
Last one is a silly continuation of this
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noxdelta · 4 months
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Hey Y/N I think you broke him
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cacaocheri · 13 days
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I think sun gets to be a little cheeky <333 as a treat
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moonjul · 12 days
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He doesnt get many compliments, plz be nice
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smoonswoon · 2 months
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i just wanna snuggle the lil music man. let me treat him like a baby.
inspired & based off of Solar Lunacy by @bamsara
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paper-lilypie · 1 month
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have a silly discord ccrt art dump I made last night
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vurelly · 3 months
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small sketch dump for an afton virus y/n au because i feel like we all deserve to be just a little unhinged
plus a bonus:
Tumblr media
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joyfullyacat · 2 days
Sneaking Affections (Under Moonlight)
Tumblr media
ask and you shall receive @celinolesunshine (im sorry if i shoulda asked before the @-) sequel to this part here
CW: more kisses this time for moon, very fluffy wheredidweleaveoff...sorryitmaynotbeverylong- -
His silvery voice is clear in your startled silence, “My turn…” 
The left hand that was used to turn off the lights returns to it's rightful position which is somewhere on you and currently? It cups your face with the right hand that had not left its spot on the respective side, framing your face and easily drawing you in to him for another kiss.
While your kiss with Sun was eager at best and clumsy at worst, this one is far more delicate, careful. Mindful of your apparent softness as his thumbs absently press into the apples of your cheeks and gently drag downwards.
It doesn't last long, maybe half the time of the one you shared with Sun and there's a sneaking suspicion you hold that Moon took partial control into getting this ending...
But he was never going to tell you evidently as he pulls away with an appeased glint in his lidded ruby red eyes that speaks volumes of what he wont.
"So... Starbright." He begins in a purr, hovering his faceplate just over your face and you swear that typically unmoving smile becomes sharper as he continues.
"What was that on our face, hm?" Moon asks with an coy tilt of their head to the right.
Of course he'd be able to see through your ploy and you only have to think about it for two seconds at best before...
You plant a playful kiss on his cheek, giggling at the the way his eyes shoot open wide like he's been shocked.
"It was me, I was on your face."
"...So you were... And we were on yours." He notes after a moment, leaning down before pressing his mouth to the crown of your head and nuzzling the spot some in an apparent kiss.
He still hasn't let go of your face and is still idly petting it. "But you're not getting out of cleaning the rest of this daycare."
"Wh- Moon!"
Your pleads fall on deaf ears as he chuckles, "The fun is over."
Just like that, the lights were back on leaving a frazzled Sun in Moon's absence and a bewildered you as your eyes adjust to the sudden brightness.
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themuse-artcorner · 3 months
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eclipse's hands have many uses :)

based on this post
@bamsara reblogged this, so naturally this happened :/
hi bam, you're amazing :D
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roerayren · 3 months
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They said please so he had to respect it.
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tuzesdays · 3 months
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even before the virus moon had a hard time getting the guards to let him do his job. cool to see the new one is nice about it.
upcoming scene in my fic “you move to dayshift but aren't paid any more, go figure“ (aka #dayshift go figure)
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