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world’s first normal girls
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you know steven would have a giant cumload and he’d be so embarrassed maybe even tear up and whimper and apologise profusely abt it
anonnnn i have class in like 15 mins you can't be doing this to me (NSFW)
especially if you edge him first!?!?! because fuck he's begging to come in your mouth but he's so worried about what you're gonna think and if you could even take it all down your throat and he'd feel so terrible if he made you uncomfortable-
"I want it, Steven, come for me, please..."
and your mouth is back on his cock and your words push him over and Steven can't stop himself anymore.
"Pleasepleaseplease, love, I'm coming! Fuck, I'm sorry, oh God, I'm sorry! I- I'm, fuck-"
but you've still got your mouth on him, swallowing every last drop as you reduce him to a whimpering, blushing mess.
And it's so hot that Steven just wants to keep watching you, but he's getting way too sensitive to keep going, squirming away from your touch and tugging at your hair.
You pop off of him and praise him for being so good, coming for me just when I asked, sweetheart.
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kittyofalltrades · 22 hours
Requests open you say darling?
Can I request some Marc Spector loving bc you’re feeling icky for no reason 🥹💗
Feeling Icky? Marc Spector to the Rescue
Tumblr media
Marc knows something is wrong when he returns from a mission for Khonshu and you don't bound over to greet him.
He finds you in Steven's shirt from three days ago in almost the exact same place he'd left you in the bed. That was very unlike you.
He crept silently to your side of the bed in case you were asleep and knelt down. He found you looking completely disheveled.
"Oh baby, whats wrong?" Marc cooed softly while he pressed a hand to your cheek. He recieved a mumbled reply of feeling icky and he knew what he needed to do.
Marc left the flat and proceeded to the store picking up your favorite snacks and a copy of your favorite movie.
He picked up a sunflower for you as well wanting to brighten up the flat with the cheery glow.
Once all his supplies were had been gathered he returned to you and the flat.
His first stop was to pull you out of bed despite your protests.
While the water for the shower heated he got the bed stripped and the bedding in the wash. He remade the bed in fresh sheets and blankets knowing that was one of the first steps to help you feel better.
The second was a shower. He undressed you and himself before climbing into the shower to help you wash.
The hot water seemed to help and you gave him a small smile.
Once you were clean and dressed he hustled you back into the the bed making sure you were tucked in against the chill.
Marc filled a tray with your favorite snacks, the sunflower and a glass of water. He knew you weren't going to be happy about the water so he brought you an electrolyte drink as well.
He sat the tray next to you in the bed and started up your favorite movie.
After a few minutes of consideration Marc shifted the pillows that where behind you and took their place so that he could cuddle you.
"We are going to stay like this until you don't feel icky anymore."
You huffed out a small thanks, knowing that he meant every word. And you loved him with your whole heart for it.
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them4r · 8 hours
We started the month well with new photos of Oscar, how good is this man? 😩
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copingchaos · 6 hours
just realised the roof looks like a compilation of mini pyramids here
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kittyofalltrades · 17 hours
Random HC in the middle of typing this post: Marc’s favorite flower is the sunflower, because when it’s not sunny enough they turn to other sunflowers for light and comfort.
That ended up sadder than i mean it to be once you take Steven into account.
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stevenspector · 2 hours
Happy Moon Knight wednesday to everyone like me who is still in denial
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ethanhawkelover01 · 24 hours
Not Alone💗
Warnings: mention of miscarriage, mention of not wanting to live anymore, yelling and crying.
Tumblr media
You were lying on Arthur’s chest as you cried. It had been a week since you lost the baby. “I don’t want to live anymore Arthur” you said crying. “Please don’t say that, my love” Arthur said sadly. You lifted your head and looked angrily at him. “You don’t know what it feels like!” you yelled and jumped up from the bed. Arthur also got up from the bed.
“I haven’t even seen you mourn our baby!!” you yelled and sobbed. Arthur looked at you in shock. “I’m not mourning our baby? Do you know what I do every night after you go to sleep?!” he said angrily. You shook your head. “I cry my damn eyes out! I cry when you’re not around!” Arthur yelled and started to cry.
You started feeling very bad. “And the reason why I don’t cry in front of you is because I don’t want to make you sadder than you already are” he said as he wiped away his tears. “Oh Arthur” you said sadly and walked over to him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and held him tight.
Arthur dug his face into your neck and started sobbing. He held you so tight, it felt like he would never let you go and you didn’t mind at all. “I’m sorry, honey…I didn’t mean to yell at you” he said and lifted his head. You took his face in your hands and smiled at him through your tears. “It’s okay…it’s okay…I’m sorry too baby” you said and stroked your thumb over his cheek.
“I love you, y/n” Arthur said. “I love you too, Arthur” you said and kissed him. The two of you went back to bed and held each other until you fell asleep. It was going to be hard to work through your miscarriage but Arthur wasn’t going to let you go through it alone. He would never leave you to face this on your own.
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my-secret-shame · 5 hours
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(please blame @pleasurebutton)
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tiptapricot · 22 hours
Calling it now because I’m pumping up my confidence and no one can stop me: I think MK season two is going to be announced on or very near the one year anniversary of the show airing. We’ve gotten so much info on there being More planned, some rumors even of the type of content in the season, so it makes sense to announce soon. And doing so way before the anniversary would be missing an opportunity, and waiting a ton longer doesn’t make sense if, again, there seems to be a lot planned and decided on already, at least on a conceptual/It Is Happening level.
Maybe they’ll wait until preproduction/production has already started in which case it could be a lot longer but! One, I don’t want them to do that, and two, confirmation has already been a joke known by the production staff/Oscar n therefore should be known by marvel, so I’m assuming they’ll give us something if it indeed is already in the talks and confirmed to be happening.
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the-archxr · 18 hours
Dear Readers,
I know I’ve been MIA for a while and I feel like I should’ve done this a couple months ago, but for the foreseeable future I’m not going to be writing or interacting with this page anymore. I might in the future, however, I find that within my first year of university my time has had to be allocated to other things. Within this, I feel as though I’ve grown past writing and no longer find as much enjoyment as I used to.
However, as I know that so many people have been so incredibly supportive and thoroughly enjoy my works I will not deactivate my account (I personally know how much it sucks to want to go back to a fic and have it be unavailable because the account was deactivated/deleted). So I wouldn’t want to take that away from you guys, especially considering how so many of you have been so wonderful and have expressed so much appreciation for my works (and continue to do so, which is absolutely mind-boggling!!).
I love and appreciate you all so much, for everything you’ve done—for all the influence, interest and recognition.
As always, take care of yourselves, you all deserve the best.
Thank you,
Faith <3
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