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HAHHA... it took 100 yrs but I finally finished my dragon life cycle overview for oathbreaker. Dragons occupy the space between demons and flesh but start off life as a weird fish
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A 500-Page Book Explores the Japanese Folkloric Tradition of the Supernatural ‘Yōkai’ Entities
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Corrupted Life - AnatoFinnstark
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Milicent Patrick: actress,makeup artist,special effects artist,animator and illustrator ✨👑
one of the first disney female animators and universal studios first woman to work in a special effects and makeup,she designed Chernabog featured in the last sequence of the film Night On Bald Mountain (1940) and at universal studios she designed the gill-man creature for the film Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) ,special effects makeup for the pirate faces in Against All Flags (1952) ,the makeup of Jack Palance in Sign Of The Pagan (1954) ,part of the design of the It Came From Outer Space (1953), Mr Hyde in Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1953), the metaluna mutant in This Island Earth (1955) and mask maker for The Mole People (1956).
the first woman responsible for design of a monster in a feature film in Hollywood 🥇
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Beetlejuice (Animated Series) Creator: Tim Burton | Studio: Nelvana | USA\CA, 1989
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A creepy cryptid I made up... Depth Maiden. Goblin shark and hagfish inspired
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Yes, Possums ARE Built Like That
But they don’t want to be friends.
As everyone knows, possums are extremely busy creatures carrying out top secret missions on a day to day basis.
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A few more pages.
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funny lil demons all cuddly and gluttonous with love aheehee..
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Great Old One III - JJcanvas (Jorge Jacinto)
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rivalriotrenegade · a day ago
Does that mean jason has horns and wings? Or thsts just at reader's interpretation? Im just curious at how he looks like
So yea im gonna be thinking of fluffy demon boi jason for the rest of the week thank u again for these wonderful stories!
Thank u for ur timr, hope ur taking care and lifes treating u well!
(Oh my goshhhhhh this is the first ask I’ve ever gotten. You are literally making me so dang happy rn. I could cryyyyy!!!!!!!!)
Honestly, I haven't thought about it! I've mostly focused on the werewolf aspect of him. (If you’ve read my werewolf Jason Todd pt 1&2) But now that I'm definitely going to do some more  things with his demon side!
What do you think about his demon side being mostly dormant for most of his life until one day his mate gets hurt and then BOOM. Beast unleashed and he unlocks a new sort of demonic form! I’m definitely going to have to write something about that!
I think I’m going to leave what he looks like up to you guys for the most part… 
Buuuuut since this is my first ask, I’ll write a small scenario just for you! <3 (I’ll also post it later as a plain write lol) 
Jason was angry. The night had been rough and he had lost himself once again. Controlling this new form was hard. Incredibly so. He had been so blinded by rage that he hadn’t even noticed himself slipping. It wasn’t until the red haze of bloodlust had lifted that he even realized what he had become. 
“Shit!” He thought. 
His mate was going to be so disappointed in him. God, he hated this new power. There was a time when Jason would have done anything to gain this kind of strength. A power so raw and uncontrollable. There was a time when he wouldn’t have wanted to learn how to control it. A time when he would have embraced it and let it consume him from the inside out. But now he had them. 
His sweet little mate. The love of his life. The reason he wanted to be human. This new ability only seemed to make that goal seem even more unobtainable. How was he supposed to be good enough for them when he couldn’t even keep the monster inside of him at bay? Jason had been so caught up in his self-deprecating thoughts that he hadn’t even noticed his feet carrying him home. 
As Jason walked inside through the door made specially for him, he could hear the tv he left on already talking about the vicious attack near Gales Brook avenue. Didn’t those guys have anything better to do than rubbing his fucking mistakes in his face? Fuck. Bruce was going to be so pissed. He was definitely going to get an ear full from him. Hell he’d probably have to listen to one of his long winded lectures… Again. The thought of Bruce made his blood begin to boil and once again that red haze started to creep in.
“Deep breaths Jason. Deep breaths.” He reminded himself. 
Unfortunately that didn’t last long as his wing caught on the edge of the table sending the vase full of flowers his mate had gotten him crashing to the ground. Just like that the urge to sink his fangs into something came back full force. He reared up only for his horns to scrape against the top of the ceiling. He hated this form! He felt so clumsy in it. But as if that wasn’t bad enough the monotone voice of the news reporter just seemed to sink into his ears and rattle around in his skull. He needed them to shut up. Why wouldn’t they just shut up!? 
Before he knew it the tv was flying across the room. The couch was next, the fabric torn to shreds. He barely heard the door open over the sounds of his own carnage. 
“Jason, is that you?” A soft angelic voice called out to him. Jason froze, his body tensed up even more. What were they doing here? They weren’t supposed to be here! He didn’t want them to see him like this. Not to mention he wasn’t in the right state of mind. He needed them to leave. 
“Jason, what’s wrong?” They asked, walking closer to him, hand stretched up towards his muzzle. In a panic he snarled and snapped at them, his giant bat-like wings flaring up in defense. They drew back in shock. The momentary ‘fear’ in their eyes only caused him to spiral deeper. No. No! He didn’t mean it! Don’t look at him like that! Jason staggered back, nearly tripping as his wings flapped in distress.
“Woah, woah! Jason calm down.” His mate pleaded. Jason's chest heaves up and down. He feels like a cornered animal. Before he even knows what he’s doing he lunges, teeth snapping around their neck, but his fangs don’t even come close to drawing blood. He just holds them there unsure of what to do next. Carefully they bring their hands up, gently running them through his fur. “Your alright love.” They whisper. “Everything's okay. You’re going to be alright.” Slowly Jason melts into their touch. His jaw unlatches from their neck and his body crumples to the floor. 
Jason feels like crying. What was he thinking? He could have hurt them! The only good thing in his life. How could they even stand to be in the same room as him let alone love him? But it’s almost as if they could read his mind, because before he can react they have his large furry head in their hands. “I’m okay Jay, see? You didn’t hurt me. You know I still love you.” Slowly Jason reaches out, before quickly drawing his hand back. “Jason, love. You're not going to hurt me.”
With a bit of coaxing Jason gingerly moves them so they’re sat on his lap. His massive paws hold them close to his furry chest and his snout rests in the crook of their neck. He inhales deeply, trying to use their scent to help calm himself down. His large bat-like wings circle protectively around them. Gently he begins to lap at their neck, a wordless apology. They just sit there in silence for a while as his mate plays with his fur. Slowly they get up taking his large paw into their comically small hand. “Come on love, let’s go to bed.”
Carefully his mate leads him to the bedroom. Jason takes his time to curl up around them. His wing spread out like a blanket over their small form, wrapping around them and tucking them even closer to him. A soft purr rumbles in his chest as his mate whispers sweet words of comfort. As he drifted off to sleep he knew he still had a lot to learn about this new ability and it was going to be a lot of work to learn to control it. But he also knew that as long as he had them by his side he could overcome anything. 
BOOM! DONE! I hope you liked it. :)
Please comment on my works. I really do love interacting with people.
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Wolper-thinger's up on the Webtoon place.
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Conversation by the fire
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